March 13th, 2009

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I'm drawing the Vatican...

1. What has been the most beautiful man made site/building/structure you've seen with your own two eyes?

What was so beautiful about it?

2. Tea Lovers, would you ever visit this tea house for a cuppa? Better yet, are you brave enough to visit that house for a drink?


Are there any stores that you will never buy anything from?

I have a huge aversion to Hollister, Abercrombie, American Eagle, Victoria's Secret, and other stores. I think Hollister and Abercrombie are understandable but for like AE and VS, I don't know why. I just don't like their aesthetics I guess? And that fucking annoying butterfly on everything from American Eagle, but it breaks my heart when I see things that are cute from these places and I just can't get them!


What would you think of a vegetarian wearing leather?

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How can you tell which one, of three, light switches turns on a light in another house, if you are only allowed to enter the other house with the light once?

You can flip the switches any time. You cannot destroy the house, or get X-ray glasses, or do anything to SEE the light. You cannot have a friend in there to tell you, or open up the switch to see which one has wires connected to you.

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quick I have 8 minutes

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does anyone know where i can watch season 1 & 2 of big love online? i've looked everywhere :( is it a lost cause?

what's your favourite tv show?
mine are weeds, big love, dexter, how i met your mother and the big bang theory
Big Love

Who's that girl la la la la la la la la la

So, as I'm sure everyone knows, if you're sending a picture from your cell phone and enter an e-mail address instead of a phone number you can e-mail the pics to someone.

Yesterday, someone e-mailed me a picture of themselves from their phone. I have never seen this person in my life and I don't know anyone from the Pittsburgh area, which is where the exchange is from.

What should I say back to this person? I'm nervous that it's someone I'm supposed to know.

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ideas for road trip!

 Does anyone have any good and free/cheap suggestions for fun things to do this weekend in Minneapolis?

I'm visiting a friend from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon and while I'm sure he has some ideas for what to do, I thought I'd bring it up to this community and see if anyone had other ideas.

Thanks for any ideas, I appreciate it :)

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Do you want to come behind the Green Glass Door?

There you can eat peanut butter, or rasberry jam- but you cannot eat margerine or marmalade!

Do you know anything else you can do behind the Green Glass Door?

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how do you get your mind off of someone? i'm supposed to be writing a paper but this is just too distracting.

eta: i need to be not high or drunk to write the paper, so those are not options.

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It's 6 AM, and I'm at college. I don't have a car. I googled it, but my results sucked.

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Thanks for all the help! I'm going to try to go back to bed. I think I'm waking up my roommate. I'll keep everything you guys have said in mind!
I can see Russia from my house!

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I'm going to start an after school gardening/nature stuff class for the kids I work with at the school for the blind! I think I'm going to call it the Green Thumb Club.

I've already got some good ideas, and I've found some neat websites about gardening with kids, but I'd like more. Anyone have any good ideas for easy activities or projects for kids to do related to gardening and nature? The kids in question would be between the ages of 7 and 13, and are visually impaired, so simple but fun are best. :)

*lol* I'm about to leave for class so you'll probably all get responses to your answers several hours from now, sorry. :D
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Date Night

Every Friday possible, my boyfriend and I have "date night"

Dinner, movie, etc.

Dinner choices for tonight are:

Olive Garden
PF Chang's

Where should we go to eat TQC?

And what else should we do on our date night?
Got Rat

Red Nose Day

Are you doing anything for Red Nose Day today?

Everyone in my office is wearing red and there are loads of red decorations hanging up. A few people have dyed their hair red and the guy who sits next to me is dying his beard red (that he grew especially) to raise money for Children In Need.

Some guy with long hair is shaving his head and another is waxing his chest in the office. Later we're going to have a raffle and cook red food to be sold (pizza, tomato soup etc).
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How come my MacBook just doesn't seem to like certain CDs? I was trying to import "Buster Poindexter's Happy Hour" last night and it was taking FOREVER and kept freezing up. I also have a Ramones box set where it seems fine and then freezes up on the last track of one of the discs.

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I just found out a big application packet for a work abroad program I sent to NY (from MA) last Friday has yet to arrive. It has a check in it which I have to cancel if there's a chance it got stolen, along with documents that make me nervous someone could steal my identity, not to mention trying to put together a new one would take at least a week (up to two) and more money and could delay me too long to even still take part in the program.

I talked to the post office, there's not really anything they can do. It had my return address, the destination adddress, and the right postage- so the best I can do for now is pray it turns up in the next few days- either with them or with me.

I'm panicked. =(

What was the last thing that made you panic/feel incredibly stressed?
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Embarassment galore

So here's what happened. I was in my meteorology class at my university. Class is in an small auditorium with long rows of desks, so I always bring my laptop to multitask while in the class. Before class I was watching youtube videos, and I forgot to turn the sound back off when I went to class. I have Avast Anti-virus, and if anyone has used it, it talks to you when it is doing something, and I have the anti-virus as my screensaver. While in class I was taking notes, and the screensaver comes on, and while the professor is talking, the computer screeches out warning beeps, and says "WARNING, WARNING! A VIRUS HAS BEEN DETECTED!!" The class brusts out laughing, and I am properly embarrassed. I have had my phone go off before in class, but this is a new one! Anybody here want to share an embarrassing college moment?
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I keep having these fucked up dreams that I'm trying to kill someone. It's not always the same person or the same situation. But so far my only two methods of killing the person in my dream has been by stabbing or by choking them.

What the fuck does that mean TQC?

Will you tell us about a fucked up dream you've had?

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So I'm about to go register my vehicle in a new state. I know that there's an inspection that it has to go through, but I haven't been able to find anything on what the inspection consists of. The only thing that worries me is my front headlight is out- will this fail me on the inspection?

Is anyone a chocolate covered fruit expert?

I want to make chocolate covered strawberries using the simplest method possible. I've looked it up online but some of the instructions confuse me.

Will it come out all right if I melt the chocolate directly in a saucepan? And which heat setting should I use? Should I add cream to it? How long does the chocolate take to harden when refrigerated?

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what is something that happened to you that is considered really lucky that doesnt happen to other people usually?

this would be my senior year of high school but i dropped out last year and now here i am getting a job that pays 100k a year splicing fibers cause my dad has connections wooo! im still going to college though but damn it feels good. ;D
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Work Music

I share a cube with solostforever

Our work recently banned headphones so we have to listen to our music out loud.

Since having to listen to our music out loud, I have noticed we have very different music tastes.

Do you and your friends have tremendously different music tastes? Or is it generally similar?

hypothetical q

Okay, so let's say there are two good friends who are wanting to go on vacation together sometime around the Xmas holidays. They want to go for a week but there are some issues...

friend A: works for a company that requires people to be at work on Dec. 24, 26 and New Year's Eve, so those are black-out dates for vacation. Employees who really need the time off can get it -- but they need the okay from upper management and it has to be arranged way in advance. Friend A is reluctant to ask for the time off b/c she has only been there for a couple of years AND she doesn't want to NOT be able to get it off in the event she really needed to. She would prefer to go sometime in late November or early December.

friend B: is on a contract job with the school board. Whenever she doesn't work, she doesn't get paid. She already has two weeks of unpaid holiday during Xmas and is reluctant to ask for additional time for financial reasons. She would prefer to go during her two weeks (around Dec. 20 - Jan. 4 or so), even though it clashes with her friend's black-out dates.

In your opinion, how can the two friends come to a compromise? Do you think one person should make the sacrifice over the other?

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For the past couple of days now, I keep hearing whistles outside. They sound like referee whistles. They happen 3-4 times a minute, all day long. It's getting on my nerves!

There is a logging operation up the road from me and this is the only place I can think of that they would be coming from. What are they using the whistles for?

For all you college kids- when is your spring break? Have any fun plans? Tell us about them!

My boyfriend and I are going down to the SF Bay Area and are going to relax, do some outdoorsy stuff, and see the sights. I'm excited!
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I will be going to China this summer the week after I get out of my finals to visit some extended family-- I also have a 2 month internship in a different city in China.

aka options~
1) US > Tianjin (internship) > Shanghai (visit/play) > home to USA!
2) US > Shanghai (visit/play) > Tianjin (internship) > home to USA!

Which option should I choose?


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I think my 12 o'clock math class has been cancelled. Do I:

A) Sit here until noon, just to see if anyone is coming?
B) Go sit in the comfy grad student lounge, and maybe get some coffee, and F5 TQC?
C) Say fuck it, skip my 2 o'clock class, and start spring break early?
D) Other (explain in comments)


(no subject)

1)How long do you have to be sick before calling the doctor?

2)I don't want to eat anything, and have been eating soup for every meal for a week. what should I eat?

3)I have a cold, yet my legs hurt. what';s up with that?

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I got a six year old Dell Monitor and tower without a hard drive, a keyboard, and a printer. I could use some extra cash. Should I bother selling this stuff at a pawn shop, or is lugging it all to my car and into a store useless?

And, when's the last time you cried?!
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Inch By Inch...

For you folks in the Northern hemisphere, are you going to have a vegetable garden this year? If so, where do you live and what are you planning to grow? Do you buy your plants or start them from seeds? Have you started any of this years plants? Are they in pots or in the ground?

For you folks in the Southern hemisphere, did you have a garden this year? If so, what did you grow and how did it work out?
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(no subject)

Would it be a bad idea to turn in job applications at retail stores in a mall on Saturday? I really don't feel like walking the whole mall right now but I know that's a good bet for me D:
What do you do to pay your bills?

(no subject)

Should my husband and I call in sick to our respective jobs on Monday to drive 3 hours away to an open casting call for The Amazing Race?

Tonight our tattoo shop is doing $13 tattoos for Friday the 13th. How should I pick mine out? Close my eyes and point? Point to a part of my body and tell the artist to draw what he wants until I have $13 worth of ink on me?
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hay TQC,
I graduate next term, and I don't feel like I have enough Illustrator work for my print side of my portfolio.

Can you give me suggestions of things to create in Illustrator? like, demonstrating something, a flyer for some event, etc.

(no subject)

I've made a red heart shaped cake for my boyfriend. Its in a heart shaped case and im just about to ice it.
Should i use red icing so the whole thing is red, or coat it in white so he only sees that its red when he cuts into it?
OR paint a red heart outline on it with dye?
Eternal Sunshine


Why do men take forever in the bathroom when they take a dump? Maybe I'm a high-speed pooper or all the men in my life are delayed poopers but I cannot figure out why it takes men 10 minutes to do what I can in 1.
hate pimentos

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So, Husband just bought me 3eb tickets for  their show in May.  I AM SO DAMNED EXCITED IT'S PROBABLY NOT HEALTHY!

What was the last nice thing someone did for you?  That you did for someone?

How did you repay someone for doing something nice for you?  What should I do for him?

(no subject)

For about the past month and a half, I've been getting calls from a toll-free number on my cell phone. I don't answer, and they leave an automated message saying that it's a debt collection agency trying to collect an old debt. I'm 20 years old, have never taken out a loan, and pay my 1 credit card off in full, on time each month. I did a credit check on equifax that comes up clear. Google says that it is NCO Financial and that they're the scammiest of the scam-ey. How do I make them stop calling me?!

(no subject)

How do you tell someone you feel quite depressed without using the phrase 'I'm depressed' ? I want to explain to my boyf why I'm not my usual self but I hate saying I am depressed. It sounds so emo.

Srs & non-srs answers please!

(no subject)

Why does a question about religion, or the bible, spark so much discussion/argument/anger, especially in people that apparently don't care about it to begin with?

I find it intriguing that people get so passionate and dedicated to arguing their side, regardless of their actual beliefs. I didnt even want to come off preachy there and I found myself getting way more defensive than I care to be. SORRY BOUT THAT. For all LJ purposes, I'm not even 'religious'.

If I would have asked about the impact Canadians have had on the rest of humanity, I would have got like, 15 responses. Yet something about Jesus pisses people off to the point of to the point of 150 comments.

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TQC, ever since I spilt a little rum on my laptop, it has been randomly scrolling down. I can be reading, and it'll just start to scroll, which is shit for concentration. Is there a way to fix this? If so, what?

Do you find Marcia Cross attractive?

My fur-child has had around oh, $2,200 dollars of medical treatment for a severed Achilles tendon and the complications encountered afterwards...what are your fundraising suggestions?

I just turned 21. What is your favorite alcoholic beverage? I reeeeeeeeally like juice, so stuff like pineapple rum is my favorite, but I haven't had a lot of exposure. What drinks should I try when I go out?

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Goosey Goosey Gander,
Whither shall I wander?
Upstairs and downstairs
And in my Lady's chamber.
There I met an old man
Who wouldn't say his prayers,
So I took him by his left leg
And threw him down the stairs.

The stairs went "crack"
He broke his back
And all the little ducks went "quack, quack, quack"

What's this nursery rhyme primarily about?

Oliver Cromwell
Drugs and the trippy things you think about while on them
Abusing the elderly for not participating in organized religious functions
Henry VIII
One goose and wicked evil that brews inside him and his animosity towards humanity
What happens when you let barnyard fowl into your home
King George I
Bestiality with a little S&M thrown into the mix
Black nail polish rose

(no subject)

TQC, I feel the need for a nice, cleansing question. A question with no backstory and no butthurt. A soothing question with no emotional attachment whatsoever.

THEREFORE, TQC, which do you like better: buttons, or zippers?
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liking the silver and red look

brain goes where it wants...

...I'm just along for the ride!

7:15 PM 9/1/08 · Was kinda thinking goofy advice, in the way of a sorta brain·fart distraction, for a lovelorn type. It usually works, busts her into gigglefits, and I wasn't even thinking about it when car terms hit my head. Tend to flirt with her, both of us knowing that it will never go anywhere...and I do it nutty.

Was thinking car terms that could vaguely be related to sex as though she were coming in for a tune up. Subtlety is key! All I've got so far are change your oil & rotate your tires.

Could you come up with some more for me?
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Do any of you have blockbuster online with total access?

I had it in 2007 now I wanted to go back to it but according to the website it might not be like it used to be for me. When I had the three at a time unlimited in store exchange plan I would take all three envelopes to the store exchange them for new movies and that night the next dvd's in my queue would be shipping to me and I typically got them the next day or two days later. Now according to the site if I exchange movies in store, I won't get new movies from my queue until I return the movies I rented instore. Is this true for you? Or will you get the new movies from your queue while still having the in store rentals at home? Thanks.

Also, what is the movie where there are prisoners in this camp or sorts, and they all have collars on and if one prisoner ever tries to escape, if they are x ft away from their partner they start to die because the collar kills them (or something like that). So this guy ends up finding his partner and they try to escape. I can't think of it, any ideas?

(no subject)

This is a long shot in this community, but were any of you in a gifted program at school? How did you like it?

If not, what were your experiences (if any) with gifted students? As simpletons, did you interact with them much?

(no subject)

i paid off my credit card a month ago. it had a limit of $600 and a balance of $723. yesterday, i was assessed a finance charge even though the balance has been $0 for a month. what the hell?

(no subject)

I got a speeding ticket and I just got a letter saying I have to appear in court....
(I was going 104 on the freeway, and it is my first ticket)

TQC... do you think they are going to suspend my license?

(no subject)

Some times I think I have it bad.
Then I hear a horrifying divorce story.
Will you tell me a TERRIBLE divorce story so I can be glad with who I

EDIT: I prefer stories where the woman is the douche and leaves the man with oposed to where the man leaves. I mean we KNOW the MEN are pigs anyway. M I RITE?? (well except where the one guy wanted to be a woman...thats so not me.)

(no subject)

Based on the previous question:
Will you tell us about your internet dating shenanigans? Basically things revolving around sites like eHarmony, not facebook or myspace. Unless you use your social networking profile for dating purposes only.
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(no subject)

graphic design tqc'ers: what's a good book or website on setting up designs to be printed? something like this. i can't get that particular book locally, though (and by "get" i mean "read and stealthily take notes from"). i'm a broke unpaid web design intern--we don't do any print--but i want to do a branding package. woe!

EVERYONE ELSE: what's the last book you bought?

(no subject)

I'm going on a first date with someone tonight that I met on a free dating website. I'm a little skeptical about it (hoping he's not a psycho- you never know with people these days). Do any of you have experience with dating people you met online? What's something you'd suggest we could do? (definitely something out in public)


Everytime I see that Comcast commercial where people are hanging out and singing along in the cartoon city, I always think everyone sounds so unhappy. Like they forced these actors to sing that dumb song.

Do you agree they sound unhappy?
Or are they just trying to keep harmony?

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(no subject)

This is a technical question.

I'm doing a video project, and I want to give the viewer the sensation that they're swiftly moving backwards (like having a rear-facing seat on a train). What would best give this sensation?

So far, my main idea has been to project velocity or speed in some way and project in on both sides of 2 walls that are close together and having the audience seated in between. I don't know.
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(no subject)

My older sister and I have been watching a lot of movies together lately, and we're trying to verify a pattern we've noticed, but we're having trouble thinking of movies which feature sisters. We've recently seen Rachel Getting Married, 27 Dresses, Knocked Up, and In Her Shoes. Can you think of other movies in which sisters are the main characters?

I just moved to a new city and I'm going to a BSG showing tonight. It's my first time, and I know no one. I'm trying so hard to be social. It's going to be OK, right? I can talk to someone and not be terrified and maybe even make a friend?
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(no subject)

I just found out that if I get the job I want, the government will pay all of my student loans for me eventually.

What's the last awesome thing you found out, TQC?
I don't know what this is.
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(no subject)

I'm going to shit.
I have a paid flickr and 1,000+ images on it. Obviously the organizr takes a while to load. BUT NOW IT'S NOT FUNCTIONING PROPERLY AT ALL and I'm trying to mass edit pictures. I have flickr uploadr. Anything else I can download that will let me batch edit like organizr does?

For those of you who don't give a flying shit, what's your hobby?
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(no subject)

TQC, have you ever had a completely awkward and inappropriate conversation with someone like a teacher or boss or somebody you're not supposed to have these conversations with?  What was it about?  Did you start it, or did they, and what were the general reactions?
Joker Heath 2

Any photographers?

Photographers: To encourage my hobby, I found a website that lists themes to inspire picture-taking. I decided I would randomly do one after another. My current theme is "double exposure". I understand what a double exposed photo is, but I don't know how to take one. The camera I use is a film camera, Sears brand.

My question: Can you help me understand how to do double exposure?

(Note: I was gonna try asking this in a photography community, I tried joining one but am waiting for a moderator to accept my request. I'm feeling impatient and don't want to have to wait to understand. D: I've tried reading what some webpages have to say on it, and it didn't make much sense to me.)
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(no subject)

What are you procrastinating by being here right now?

I'm supposed to be studying for this state science competition thing tomorrow, but I don't really care what the names of the arteries that supply the heart muscle are called.  (And please don't lecture me to get working)

(no subject)

Are you angry today?

yes, i found out today that at some point in the past month my cat was shot. he was at the vet today for a health check and the vet found a BB pellet under his skin just at his collar bone. an inch higher and it would have hit him in the throat. thankfully its not caused any damage but im furious.

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Apolo flag

(no subject)

What do you think of the Hillsire Farms commercials? What kind of drugs (if any) do you think they are on when they write these songs?

Do you like Bruce Jenner? Why or why not?

Who is your favorite Family Feud host?
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My last post made me realize that Girl Scout Cookies are serious business and not to be taken lightly. So here is a more in depth follow up.

Poll #1365170 Girl Scout Cookies

1. Which Girl Scout Cookies do you like?

Thin Mints
Lemon Chalet Cremes
Sugar Free Chocolate Chips
Dulce De Leche
Daisy Go Rounds
Thanks A Lots

2. Which Girl Scout cookie is your favorite?

Thin Mints
Lemon Chalet Cremes
Sugar Free Chocolate Chips
Dulce De Leche
Daisy Go Rounds
Thanks A Lots

3. I've never heard of Daisy Go Rounds, Lemonades or Thanks A Lots but they were listed on a website as current Girl Scout Cookies. Which, if any, were available for you to purchase?

Thanks A Lots
Daisy Go Rounds

4. Why weren't they available for me?!!

EDIT: OMG! I forgot Trefoils!!

Consider them a write in.. like em? Fave?

(no subject)

My mom just fed my dog a lemon wedge as a joke, thinking he wouldn't eat it. He swallowed it whole instead. Now he's gonna be sick.

Does my mom hate my dog? (She might be drunk.)

How sick do you think he'll get?

ETA: Thank God all of you think he will be alright! Lemons are just so acidic and gross, I was really worried. Thanks for reassuring me.

(no subject)

what happens if you don't pay a speeding ticket? i tried paying it and the lady was just like YOU MUST TALK TO THE DA NAO, I CANNOT LET YOU PAY THIS, YOUR PARENTS' INSURANCE WILL GO THROUGH THE ROOF. i no longer have the actual ticket and she insisted she couldn't look it up. wtf do i do? i'm sort of driving in fear that one day i'll get pulled over for something dumb, only to find out my license is suspended.

eta: HOW DO I PAY THIS THING? i apparently can't pay it online, i don't have the paper ticket, and the lady at the town hall told me she can't look it up without the actual ticket. wtf do i do?
oak apt

Continuing the Theme

I got a speeding ticket last night.   It's my very first ticket, unless you count the speeding ticket I got last year in PA for going 36.5 mph.  (Yeah, PA's Cheltenham Police can suck it.)

I was driving back to NY from PA, and, after being tailgated for much of my four-hour trip, decided, "Hey, I know where I'm going now.  Why don't I just hurry back?"  Coming off a parkway where EVERYONE was doing at least 70, I was caught doing 80 and pulled over.

The entire day was just a massive fail.  I'd gotten lost, I had to pee for hours, there were NO rest stops for the last 3 hours of my trip, I was tired and cranky, I was driving with new glasses, and, fyi, after he wrote me a ticket, the cop pulled into traffic without signaling, changed lanes without signaling, and then turned.  Without signaling.  For those counting, he broke a NYS traffic law three times.  

Pleading guilty means $110 fine and six points on my license.

Pleading not guilty but convicted is a $170 fine.

Pleading not guilty and not convicted is obviously the best scenario. This could happen if the cop doesn't show up.  He has it on record on the ticket that I was going 80 in a 55, so I'm not sure how I can say I'm not guilty, heh.  Could I say that I was being tailgated for most of the ride, plus EVERYONE just getting off the parkway was speeding?  I was also slowing down before he got me.

1. Do I plead guilty?
2. Have you ever gotten a ticket?  How'd you plead?  Did it turn out well?
3. WikiAnswers said I should keep postponing the court date until I finally show up and see that the cop didn't even show, so the case would be thrown out and I'd be ok.  Have you done this?  How'd you postpone it?


(no subject)

A friend and I were just discussing how theoretically awesome it would be if everyone had surnames that had to do with their professions, like in days of yore. Granted, "Jeff Sysadmin" and "Mary Certifiednursingassistant" don't quite have the ring of "Smith" and "Miller", but at least it'd be funny. And "Bob Burgerflipper" is pretty cool.

What would your full name be if we returned to such a convention? Feel free to get creative, if your job title is something boring.

(no subject)

My sister and I are starting a diet on Monday.
(She just gave me a book that we're going to follow)

Have you ever tried to diet with someone else?
Any tips to ensure that we don't kill each other at some point?
Or any tips in general?

(no subject)

What do I do if I can't stand to be at work anymore? I mean I physically can't stand to be there, I lose all concentration, I get fidgety, and now my co-workers are starting to notice. All I do at work is go on LJ and watch my supervisor come in and out of the office and talk to people and be annoying and I really can't stand it anymore. Quitting is not an option.

And if you say "find more work to do", well, there really isn't that much work to do, but I have to stay in the office and wait for people to ask me to do tasks that take me five minutes to do...what can I do? I'm only here for five and a half more months but the days creep by soooooooo slooooooowwwwwwwwwllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy.

(no subject)

Does anyone else ever feel alone in caring for your aging parents and other loved ones? I feel like there should be some place to give you the information and other resources you need to make better decisions, save time, and feel more supported. Anyone know of any good places?


Has anybody here ever used hijackthis? I once used it, and managed to find a site where you could upload you logfile, and there'd be a community assessing risks of things there. do you know of anything like that? What should I do?

The reason is: I have a problem with my internet connection: Sometimes it suddenly stops working when I'm in the middle of browsing. ad-aware, spybot, and windows defender aren't finding anything. :(
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(no subject)

Say you work with someone and she calls in sick at least once a week. Now you work a job where if someone calls in sick it directly affects all of you because it's retail. So it's one body less, the same amount of people will come in the store.
You find out she used to have cancer and has a really weak immune system. But regardless every week you're short staffed because she calls in sick.
I mean the girl needs a job, is it fair to deny her a full time job because she's always sick?
What do you think the right thing to do is in this situation?

(no subject)

Why do I always forget the questions i want to ask?

Ever feel a little retarded when you have to walk when your leg is numb?

If you could look 25 for your whole life, but die 10 years early, would you do that?
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(no subject)

Do you ever go out to a bar/club by yourself?

How do you avoid looking awkward?

I'm bored and don't want to sit at home, but all of my friends are busy. Should I go out by myself?
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Cascader Hangers

Have any of you tried the Hanger Cascader that are on the infomercials? Basically, you can 6 garments on one "hanger" and then cascade it down so it only takes up the space a single hanger would. My closet is a complete mess and I find it hard to fit everything in. Even AFTER I did a huge purging of "stuff I haven't worn in over a year, doesn't fit, etc"

So, if you've used them are the worth it??

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I had a Japanese speaking midterm yesterday. For the midterm you are supposed to use certain grammar rules and vocab taught since the beginning of the semester to construct a little four minute skit with a partner. Your lines must be memorized. My friend forgot a line twice and proceeded to say "fuck" and "I don't know what the fuck I'm saying" in front of the class and professor.

I talked to her the following day and it turns out the professor failed her. My friend's partner's grade was not affected because everyone is graded individually.

Last semester I had the same professor and accidentally said shit during the speaking midterm. I was not marked down at all, in fact the professor chuckled.

Did my professor make the right call by failing my friend?

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1)Do you think everyone is born with the same abilities or do you think there is a great deal of diversity in abilities?

I worry there's diversity- for example, my stamina has always been low.

2)How big should a serving of key lime pie be?

the size of a deck of cards.

3)I wish I could put alcohol in my hot chocolate. what do you put in yours?


I think my roommate just took his laptop into the bathroom with him to drop a deuce. Normally I don't care when people do it, but for some reason this is SERIOUSLY grossing me out.

Why am I so randomly grossed out by this, TQC?

What should I do tomorrow until 7pm (when my ex is coming over so we can hang out)?

Chuck Taylors (aka Converse): Hi-tops or low-tops? This is a very heated debate in the student organization center at school. I am definitely in the hi-top crowd, as hi-tops are the only chuck taylors I've ever owned.
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What is making you laugh, TQC?

My husband is playing Halo 3 against some 10 year old (seriously, I can hear him on the headset), and the kid is totally kicking his ass.
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In Loveless, how does the word-fighting work? I know that they are spells of some kind, but what are their operating principles? They don't seem like traditional spells.

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1. what's the sweetest thing a significant other has ever done for you?

2. could you state your feelings towards katy perry in two words or less?

3. if you saw the watchmen, what did you think?
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What the hell is up with the 'first!' comments people make? What's so important about making the first comment? Can someone please explain this to me, I just don't understand why it!
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Okay, please forgive the stupid nature of this question, but I've never worked one job that gave me full time hours, I've always been part time and supplemented them with some other line, so:

I work at least 32 hours a week, usually closer to 35, sometimes up to 38-40, just depends. They refer to me as their full time receptionist. I work at least five days a week, sometimes six, but I'm not full time. I don't get paid time off, I don't get floating holiday, and I don't get benefits. Is this shady? Should I complain? I mentioned it briefly, and was told it was because they "couldn't afford" to make me full time. Umm...can someone explain that to me?

Do you like thin crust pizza? What do you top it with?

Does Zyrtec work for you? (Zyrtec D, specifically!)