March 12th, 2009

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Absolutely no way of avoiding it, you will be strapped to a table by men much stronger than you and forced to intercourse with one of the following. You can not die instead, and have no opportunity to kill yourself before. They give you the choice though, who would you sex?

Rosie O'donnell
Roseanne Barr
Kathy Bates
Louie Anderson
Horatio Sanz
Nikki Blonsky
Michael Moore
Star Jones
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The vaugest question ever:

So. Scouring the internet has failed me, so I thought I'd bring my search to the good folks of this community.

I'm looking for a specific Japanese singer. While I was studying abroad in China, my Japanese roommate listened to her all the time, and I quite liked it, but I have no idea who it was.

So - a female Japanese solo singer, more rock than pop but definitely not full out rock. It would probably be considered pop in the US, but it's not the uber-cutsey pop one sometimes hears from Japanese music.

Can anyone help me even begin to narrow down the list of possibilities or direct me to a forum somewhere with people who might know somethign?

{wow} sin'dorei pride

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Have you ever been told that cursing was "unattractive"? Do you believe that?

How would you feel if the person who said that, about five years ago, is cursing like a sailor now?
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if you were on a date with someone and they said, 'i have a really cute dog at home, you look just like her!', would you be offended/pissed off?

i wouldn't really care. a dog is just an animal. it wasn't an insult. idk, my mom is arguing with me that 'women don't want to look like cute dogs' and 'who wants to date their pet?! that's fucked up'. it wouldn't bother me though. 

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1. What accessories (jewelry, watches, glasses, etc.) do you wear on a regular basis?

2. Who is your favorite Greek mythological figure?

3. How often do you shave?
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Are there any shows that drag on the romantic tension between two characters foreverrrr and when they finally start getting together it DOESN'T ruin the chemistry? I can only think of examples that anticlimax when they get together.

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Lately I've been having this issue with Google. When I search for something and try to click the Wikipedia link for it, it takes forever to load and then doesn't go to Wikipedia -- it goes to a commercial site or full-page ad or something, like This doesn't happen when I right-click and copy the Wikipedia address, only when I redirect from Google.

Is this happening to anyone else? Does anyone know WHY? It's really annoying.
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Adventure Day

My best friend and I have started having Adventure Day once a week and we can't think of anything to do this week. We use the term adventure loosely because last week we only drove (over an hour) to get slushes from Sonic. What should we do tomorrow for Adventure Day?

We live in Western NJ and the weather is going to be sunny and around 40 degrees if that's of any help. Also, as fun as it sounds, the winter tour of Eastern State Penitentiary is out. I would pass out from fear even in broad daylight.

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Does anyone know if there is some sort of list website for listing upcoming movies you want to see? Or maybe just making lists in general?

What was the last movie you saw in theaters? What did you think of it?

I saw "He's Just Not That Into You" tonight. It was cute, pretty much exactly what I expected it to be.
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Heya, TQC!

Do you have acne? If so, how bad is it and how do you treat it?

I've had cystic acne since I was 12-13 and after going to the dermatologist for SEVEN YEARS it's just recently started clearing up, even after eight months of isotretinoin (Accutane). I still don't think the drugs helped anything (though I've used pretty much everything they have to offer); by this time I'm probably just growing out of it naturally. Currently I'm on spironalactone, Retin-A Micro, and a topical antibiotic foam. I've pretty much lost all faith in dermatologists.

Alternately, what's your favorite hymn, if you have one?

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Who's your #1 artist on


Can we SHARE our's and be friends with each other?!


If you don't have,

Do you prefer a SO to have brown eyes or blue eyes?

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So.. I'm almost 22. In September.

I haven't gotten my AA yet.
I need to lose weight.
I am in a bit of debt.
I don't have plans of moving out yet.
I've never been in a relationship.
I don't really know how realistic my career plans are, or how to get started.
(Working in Public Relations for the entertainment industry)

All in all, I pretty much suck at life.

How can I get over this?
How can I motivate myself to get shit done? How do you do it?

Any words of wisdom to share?

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What the HELL I just found out 'The Boy In The Bubble' was a real person?! I have always thought this was a made up thing?

But then again, I never used to think Anne Frank was a real person either, doy.


Have you ever thought anyone was fictional to find out later they were real? Or vice versa?

How stupid am I for not knowing this Boy In The Bubble/Anne Frank business?

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So, TQC, have you ever taken nudez? Did you show anyone? Did they go beyond their intended audience? Plz tell.

Do you still drink out of juiceboxes?

What's the best color to paint your nails?

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Why do some people say US&A?

Have you ever become terrified of something highly unlikely happening because you saw it on TV?

On Big Love, one of the characters is driving in a truck with her braid stuck in the door. She hits a pole and her neck snaps because of the braid situation. I don't even wear braids usually but I have long hair so now I keep triple checking that it's not stuck in the door.

What's something you know is dumb but you believe it anyway?

I am stuck on the notion that the more thoroughly you brush your teeth in the morning the better day you're going to have.

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I just squished a huge spider what was making its way towards the bed. I loathe spiders. If I find one in the house, it's a goner. However, almost everything else, beetles, moths, crickets, etc, I will carefully scoop up and free it outside.

So, the questions are;

When you find bugs indoors, do you kill all of them or give some a pass while killing others?

If you give them a pass, which bugs do you give a pass to?

And what the last bug you found crawling around your place?
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Dear Dr. TQC,
I'm coming down with some sort of illness. I'm pretty sure it's just a basic cold or strep throat so I've been loading up on Vitamin C rich food the past few days to kill it asap. That's taken care of most of the symptoms. However, my nose is having problems. It's been producing a lot of mucus and keeping me from getting a good night's sleep. I've been sleeping propped up and coincidentally breathing through my mouth and during the day time I've been using saline spray. Still, the snot stays all lodged up in my sinus's and won't come out, damn it. I wake up frequently through out the night unable to breathe because my mouth is dry and my nose is stuffed.
What can I do to my nose so I can sleep? :(
Thank yooooou.

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In your ideal of a heterosexual, married or marriage-like relationship...

Who does his paycheck belong to?

Who does her paycheck belong to?

*edit: I guess I'm asking about your own relationships more than what you think other people should do..
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1.) Have you ever heard a pick-up line from someone that actually worked? (ie: it got your attention or surprised you with its cleverness) If so, what was it?

2.)(a) What's the LAMEST pick-up line you have ever heard? (b) How did you react?

3.) When someone buys you a drink at a bar, what do you do? Do you thank them, or just carry on with whatever you were doing?
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Hey you guys, I need the help of your witty and creative brains! I'm going to Cambodia this June for volunteering work, and I need to contribute 3 names for our project. And I can't think of any, so I need your help tqc!

srs and non-srs welcome!
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When was the last time you sat in a box?

What was your favourite thing to do with a box when you were a kid?

(inspired by my daughter sitting in a box to eat a pear, looking like she's reclining in the tub)

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If you received a sentence of life in prison, but were allowed the option of killing yourself before you had to turn yourself in, what would you do? Kill yourself or go to prison for life?

What anti-virus program do you use? I know this question gets asked a bunch but the name of this program that I've seen people mention they use is on the tip of my tongue- AVG Free is pissing me off so I'm looking for something else (free)

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Would you ever consider going in on the purchase of a multi-family unit with, well, family? For instance, purchasing a 2-3 family unit and living in one unit with your spouse/kids, your sibling living in the other with his/her spouse/kids, and your parents living in the other unit? They would all be completely separate units with individual doors, but obviously attached in one building. Imagine that it would also make everyone's commute much easier as everyone works in the same city and that it is impossible to buy an individual home that is affordable in this particular area.
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Anyone go to the University of Alaska or have gone there? It doesn't matter which one. Pros, cons? I was thinking of transferring up there to finish my Zoology major or I just might go up there for grad school.
I realize I might sound crazy to go to school there, but from what I've researched they have a really good wildlife biology program there and people are generally in doors there most of the time.

Also anyone who lives there, or has in the past or even visited there would be nice to know some stuff about the state.
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Bring on the cheeseeee!

It's my brother's birthday today, and I'm cheap, but I came up with a cute idea. I'm giving him two pictures: one of him and my son in the hospital when my son was born, and another of the two of them taken a few weeks ago. I want to include a poem/saying/something cute and cheesy to tie them both together and I have massive writers block today.

Anyone know of anything? Or any cool sites? I've looked but haven't found anything yet.

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Only a few weeks after breaking up with my ex, I met someone else. I have started dating this someone else, and I'm so much happier than I was in my previous relationship. Now my ex is being an ass and saying bitchy things like, "go have fun f**king your rebound."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a rebound someone you get involved with after you've been dumped?

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I was looking at applying at Shaw within 2 months. Does anyone here have any experience working for them? 

Also my birthday is in 6 days (I'll be 23!) My baby is due in 7. Why is my baby trying to steal my thunder? 

Whether I've given birth or not it looks like this is going to be one mellow birthday. What can I do that is still fun but not tiring and safe for an extremely pregnant lady or a new mom and dad with a newborn? 

Paper Lanterns


I'm making a CD for my church party tonight, it's birthday party themed (happy, bubbly and silly) Because it's for my church, the songs not only need to be swear-free, but can't allude to sex, drugs, or anything that would make a grandma blush. After looking through all my music, I've realized I have exactly 12 songs that fit those stipulations. (and 7 of those are rock-n-rollfied hymns.) What songs would 20something through 80somethings all enjoy? Is it possible to please everyone or should I hope the older ladies are just too deaf to hear all the words?

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when you try to run in your dreams, do you find that it is extremely difficult, like your legs are really heavy or you're trying to run through quicksand or something?

when you're in a public bathroom, and someone knocks on your stall to see if anyone is in there, what do you say?

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Poll #1364464 Would you rather...? a blind person or a deaf person? Assume the deaf person is great at reading lips


...shave your head, or dye it bright neon pink?


...make a graphic sex video and put it online using your real name, or watch your parents have sex?

Sex video
Parents boinking

...drink an entire bottle of vodka (or whiskey or rum) by yourself in a 24 hour span, or eat 10 lbs. of Peeps by yourself in a 24 hour span?


...BASEjump off a 30 floor building or swim a mile (between 2 yachts) with a sack of bloody chum on your back in a part of the ocean where someone saw a shark last week?

BASE jump
Swimming in maybe shark infested waters

...spongebathe the world's fattest man (you'll have 2 interns helping you lift him and you'll have to help with the heavy lifting yourself, and you'll have to delve into those flaps and folds of skin), or spongebathe a filthy homeless man they found lying in a gutter, soaking in his own bodily waste for 4 days?

Fat man

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1. Say a friend was being treated badly by another friend, and was very confused about it, and you knew the whole thing was due to a misunderstanding (ie the one treating your friend badly misunderstood something) and could really easily be cleared up. But you aren't supposed to know the information that led you to know that it is just a misunderstanding and you were told to never speak of it. How do you deal with the guilt of not being able to help? You wouldn't tell them, would you? I'm so torn.

2. What is your favorite ice cream?

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This question requires a little back story. Collapse )
What can I do, TQC? How can I tell her she can't have my money? How can I tell her that it's her fault she's in this mess and not mine? I'm really lost.


Sooo I'm attending a "Space" Themed party next week....I really don't like the costume hire places around in my town (everything is size XXL and very unflattering, this is a pAArty, people!) so I would like to put together my own and get a bit creative....
I'm thinking a hot female Jedi outfit...but I'm not sure how to execute it....
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should go as? Pics always appreciated =D

Help me TQC, you're my only hope!
This is so ridiculous.

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I have an interview next Tuesday with USAID to do basically the same stuff I was doing in the Peace Corps. It's a fucking dream.

What amazing, dream-like things have happened to you recently?

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Which aspect of a relationship do you personally enjoy more.... when you are super awkward and clumsy and nervous around each other but still get butterflies.... or when you are as comfortable as buddies but don't really get butterflies?

Which one more closely describes which you are in now (if at all)?
TCEB (Taking Care of Evil Business)

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What do you collect?

Toys (action figures, dolls)
Toys (other)
Sports memorabilia
Comic books
Accessories (shoes, hats, scarves, etc)
Clothes (jackets, etc)
Bottlecaps or bottles
Tourist memento stuff (from each place you've been to)
Bric-a-brac (like snowglobes, paperweights, etc)

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I'm in the middle of reading this article (somewhere in the middle of it....) and it struck me: how primitive are primitive cultures?

So, at an attempt at an extreamly non-scientific poll, at what point in your life did you stop believing in mystical creatures?

Poll #1364248 Dragons, Faeries, and Warts.

At what age did you stop believing in mystical creatures

i never did
i think i must some point
before the age of 5
before the age of 7
before the age of 9
before the age of 13
what are you talking about, homeboy? Santa Clause DOES exist!
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For those with biology knowledge...

Are there any cells in my body that still would have been in my body when i was 20 years younger? I'm talking about cells that have not been regenerated and replaced.

It is my understanding that the cells which make up my body today are completely different (different in the sense that they are not the exact same cell which has remained alive for the entire period) to the cells which comprised my body 20 years ago due to cell regeneration.

If this is correct, then which cells take the longest to replicate? Im using 20 years as an example, but what is the real figure?
If this is not correct, then which cells do not die?

Edit; This is not homework... i find this stuff very interesting.

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whats a good excuse to get out of my parents house (where im supposed to be staying til saturday) so i can drive 2.5 hours home and do my man INSTEAD?

I am just sitting around waiting for my mom to come home so we can go out to eat and she can annoy me with questions.

there is no cable here or anything ahhhh

i came home high/drunk last night and my mom is going to be mad if i just leave without spending "quality" time with her but GOD I HATE IT HERE

WHAT AM I EVEN TALKING ABOUT im so tired i want to go home wahh

i have cats at home, my ex is supposed to be feeding, should i lie and say he cant feed them for some reason and i need to get home asap?


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Did you know you should be hugged at least 4 times a day? There is good chance this is bullshit but whatever.
Are you getting enough hugs?
Do you even LIKE being hugged? 
Who would you like a hug from right now?

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TQC I need some advice here! 

My car just died! It's super old and it's definitely dead. Even if it could come back (which I don't think it could) I wouldn't want it too....because I'm tired of driving a piece of shit that randomly stalls in the streets.

What kinds of things should I know about getting a used car? 
From a dealership?
From a private seller? 


dead zone johnny & sarah

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Who is the chef in this video (Monster in the Mirror)? He appears at 1:36 and then again at 3:01? I remember my parents watching his show all the time on PBS when I was younger but I can not remember who he is and it's driving me crazy!

Collapse )

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1) I've been googling to no avail... my name is Kayla, and my friend claims she heard a rap song on the radio that ended every other line with my name. Her car stereo displays the artist and song but when she looked at the display it only said "J" and didn't change. Anyone know what this could be, or is she as full of it as I suspect?

Or, if you don't care and choose to ignore that question (understandably)...

2) Would you rather cough up a grape every 30 seconds or poop an apple every hour? (inspired by this post)

And will you post your own "would you rather?" so that we can answer?
The Little Mermaid

the name game

 because of a previous post a question came into my mind :)
ain't that what this community is about?

does anyone know multiple people with the same name and think they all have similar characteristic?
(ex. many Ashleys that I know tend to be more dramatic than average chicas, not that they are bad people but overly dramatic - yes!)

anyone got anything?
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i have a can of refried beans and a small bag of mozzerella cheese. i'm spreading the beans on tortilla chips and topping the chips with cheese then heating it in the microwave. how do you think muenster cheese will taste on top of this? i have a ton of muenster and i'd like to use it.
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Could you deliver more force with your strongest punch, or your strongest elbow?

Not taking into account real life fighting circumstances. Im talking about if you had a dummy in front of you capable of measuring force, and you could take your best shot, would your elbow or punch be harder?

I would go for the elbow. A surprising number of people i know say punch though.

Here's my logic for the elbow...

When you deliver a punch, your elbow isnt locked straight so when the punch connects, your elbow is going to bend a bit and take some of the force.

The other thing is that the force of the punch mostly comes from the body (putting your weight into it). That force travels down your arm to your fist. It make sense that using a shorter object from the source (the body and upper arm) would deliver more impact (i.e. an elbow)

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last night in my dreams, there was a part where someone was eating a live ferret. it was in one of those foil packs like hot dogs come in from vendors. the texture of the meat was like fish, and the ferrets head was still alive and it was moving and it looked all cute, and for some reason it was still happy like it didnt care it was being eaten. it was creepy.

whats the last disturbing thing that happened in one of your dreams? 
The Girliest Taco

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Which of the following do you use most often?

okily dokily

I think I'm going to have to pick a roommate for next semester in a few hours. I don't know anyone I can room with. (I'm in a smaller room selection group, since they're putting all study abroad people in one dorm, and I don't know anyone else studying abroad.) I have a crappy room-lottery number and will be picking my room very close to the end, so anyone who doesn't have a roommate at that point is "up for grabs." I will probably choose based on names, since all rooms are more or less created equal.

Are there any names I you think I should avoid? (For instance, my friend had roommate troubles with a girl named Helen, so she would recommend that I avoid rooming with people named Helen.)

Should I go for someone with a short name or a long name? Lots of vowels or few vowels?


so i have an orchid plant but i have no idea what type it is. the strange thing is that the flower only blooms in the middle of the night - a white color with many petals and a really pleasant aroma but by the next day it's all droppy. does anyone know what kind of orchid it is??
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What is the latest car maintenance you've had to do?

Oil change, booo.

Do you prefer your Raisin Bran with a higher ratio of bran or raisins?

ETA: does your car have a name? What is it? Are there any other objects you own that you've named?

My car's  name is Oscar, my computer is Marcus, my cellphone is Marcell, my iPod is Gary, and my carry-on suitcase is Betty.



Do you ever think that people in a particular party don't necessarily agree with their party's stance on some issues, but they go along with it because it feels nice to be part of a group?

It's just that you so rarely see anyone (talking about American politics now) strike a real opinion against something their party stands for, or even when some idiot in their party goes around acting like an idiot, they don't say anything about it. To me, it seems as if they/we have all gotten so used to saying "I am this! And those other people suck!" that your real identity becomes secondary. Groupthink, anyone?

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1/2. What was the last gift that you gave to somebody that you put a lot of thought into? And who was it to? (Stories of how you came up with it as a gift are always fun.)

3. If you've already decided, what is the next gift you are putting a lot of thought into?

4. How early in advance do you start thinking about gifts for those especially-special people in your life (like your SO or your kid)

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I added too much red chili sauce to my pad thai and now it is a little hot for my liking. Is there anything I can do to lessen the hotness of the food itself (I'd rather not rely on sipping water).

Do you like spicy food? How hot is too hot?

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my laptop is a peice of shit and my friend/coworker has been really awesome and has been working on it for me. i want to do something nice to say thank you, but i'm not sure what. i would give him money for his time and effort but i'm not sure if that would be weird. suggestions?

eta: he's gay so no sexual favors

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To those of you who tag your journal entries, what are your most frequently used tags?
If they're names, who are these people?

Mine are Ben (my SO), health, uni, housemates and Bluey (my car).
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Soo, I went downtown with all intentions of just looking for an anniversary gift for my boyfriend, and I ended up walking out with a $400 watch.

What other kinds of things would go good with a watch present? I feel like just a watch isn't enough.

Now, I don't really think gifts should be based on monetary value, but the ring he bought me for Valentine's Day was nearly $600... even though our one year is this coming March 21. I'm confused about that one.. Lol.

We are going for dinner, and of course there will be sex.

Any ideas, suggestions or beefs, TQC?
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What should I do with my tax refund?

Buy everything on my Amazon wishlist
Buy a new summer/spring wardrobe
Go on a solo vacation
Save it!
Something else (please leave a comment!)

I want to send my mom a care package to celebrate getting her cast taken off next week. I'm already including Nair and bubble bath. What else should I send?

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TQC! What can I add to my Rice-a-roni to make it tastier? I have a lot of crap so suggest anything!

Alternatively, what is your favorite boxed meal? I am so lazy tonight :(

EDIT: It is fried rice flavor. I also have Chicken & Garlic

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is it bad of me to still have feelings about my first love?
it's been 14 yrs since we were together and we still talk and check up on eachother.

Do you still talk to your ex's?
Do you still care about them?
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So, you're going down on your spouse/SO/sexual partner and you can distinctly smell their ass. Do you:

avoid direct confrontation and coerce him to shower with you
kindly suggest he go shower before continuing
humiliate him and tell him he's disgusting