March 11th, 2009

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Guise, what movie should I watch on Netflix On-Demand?! Nothing scary or too sad, plz.

I already ate one of the cherry fruit pies I got at the convenience store earlier. Should I eat the other one now or should I save it for tomorrow? Nevermind. I am weak. D:

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omg speaking of anime

I watched this horribly sad anime movie in 2007 about a girl who had to go on this space mission, and left her boyfriend behind. They communicated via text, and he kept getting older and older while she waited for texts back. Finally, I think they both die in the end? (He of old age, she from whatever space battle it was) DOES ANYONE KNOW WTF THIS THING IS???

In other less annoying news, what was the last great book/story you read? I'm getting into Quiroga right now myself.
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On the 17 Kids and Counting Duggar show, what is with Josh and his new wife wearing matching shirts Every Single Day Ever?

Do you wear matching outfits with your SO?

Do you wear matching outfits with ANYONE?

What is your opinion on matching outfits?

What show(s) do you watch that you hate yourself for watching?

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I just wrote a paper that is a cross between "Oedipus Rex" and "A Modest Proposal." It's about how since Christians are interpreting the bible incorrectly (read: Quiverfull movement), they are inadvertently leading to overpopulation in the United States, and the only solution to curbing the population growth is by introducing homosexuality to children at a younger age by the parents having sex with the child of the same sex. The child will then be more likely to become a homosexual and will not reproduce.

So what should the title be?

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TQC, I now have the option of driving down the Florida Key on Saturday and spending a week there OR driving up to Chicago to stay with my Aunt who is awesome and staying there until April 8.

Where do you think I should go? Why?

ETA: I used to live in the burbs and visit Chicago quite frequently. I've never been to the Keys and I live in Florida.
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let's not make this a debate...

Every time I ask a question I end up asking one that has two very opinionated sides.  I appreciate how strongly you all argue for what you believe in and I've been delighted to read all of your thoughts.  But I'd like to ask that this time, there is no debate.  If you are a firm believer in everyone having the right to do this, great, that's your opinion.  But it's bothering me, so I'd appreciate answers on what to do to make it stop rather than 'just let them do it, legalize it, okay?'

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According to Mother Goose:

Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go.
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
But the child born on the Sabbath Day,
Is fair and wise and good and gay.

What day of the week were you born?

Do you feel the desciption is true or untrue? Why?

ETA: what day of the week did you suspect you were when you read that?

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How do I unfriendrequest on facebook?

I just added one of my creepy ex-therapists for lulz when I was stoned. It's not that funny anymore & I REALLY don't want the fucking douche as a friend or to see that I tried to add him.
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What is your favourite "played out" or "overplayed" song? It doesn't have to be modernly overplayed or played out-- for example, you could say 'Rockin' Robin' is played out/was overplayed.

What played out/overplayed song do you think was the least appreciated/most overlooked?


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Do any of you use agave syrup as a sugar alternative? How's that working for you?

Any recommendations for yummy-but-healthy breakfasts?

What's your favourite soup?

What kind of unusual animal would you take for a pet? What would you name him/her?

iii) It's a tie between French Onion and Mulligatawny soup
iv) An Indian elephant! If it was a boy it would be Alonso, and if it was a girl I'd name her Alice.
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My Math class is split into two sections by a break. When we have an exam it takes place at the second half of class. My question is: should I skip the first half and study (which I probably need to do), or go to the class as scheduled?

ETA: What's your favorite AC/DC song?
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Those of you who use internet abbreviations: Do you think in the abbreviation? Do you say "Em-tee-eee" in your head as you type out "mte"? It always seems like it takes more time (for me) to think of what letters I need to use than it takes to just type out the words, especially for the long ones. Does this just seem difficult to me because I don't ever use those abbreviations?

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I haven't been around since like Friday night, did you miss me?
Some of you remember from Friday that I was having computer problems, my dad took it to a coworker who fixed it for $100, he ended up having to start it new so I have to put stuff back on my computer, and I need to ask him how to get onto our wireless but it works and he put some new programs on there I didn't have-he also put Windows XP on where I had Vista before. Was/is it a good deal?
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Have you noticed that fast food places have been going "OMG! WE HAVE FISH SANDWICHES!!! YAY!!" lately in their commercials?

The trend started last month and now everyone seems to be getting in the act.

Why the hoopla over fish?

What's the best place to buy a fish sandwich?

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Is there a way to make my hair grow faster? I am greatly regretting my cut from back in like late September but it hasn't grown far at all.

Does anyone want to chat? I'm terribly bored and been having a weird week/month and I would love to just joke around with someone for a while.

Why is no one in the TQC chat right now?

Does anyone have any cokerewards they will never use? I only need a little under 100 before the end of the month and I can get a 6 cup food processor. I desperately want this food processor!

What should I put on my list of crap I want for a wedding? You know the wedding gifts people get? I don't know what to put on there, and when I suggested we just don't make one Chris said "Free stuff! C'mon!" and my married friend said "Put a bunch of expensive crap on there and see if anyone buys you any of it" But really I'm a simple person and I would dig on like a best buy gift card. What should I do? What did you put on your wedding lists? How much of the stuff did you get?

Why is it when I'm in the tub my hands float? Do your hands float?

Do you like Taco Bell? What do you normally get from there?

Why is PetSmart being lame? I put in an application like a million years ago and I have been bugging them and doing all the right stuff. What the fuck, TQC? I desperately need a job and I know I can do the work at PetSmart easily. I'm totally qualified for any job there. I worked at PetCo for a year so I have good experience in the field. Where else should I apply? I am great with a computer but I have no office experience. I type 63 WPM. That's good, right?

How can I keep myself from feeling rejected by these people not hiring me/not calling me back/so on?

My cat is mean and aggressive without reason. I was asleep and he jumped up and bit me hard enough to break the skin on my forehead. I have scars all over the place on my arms and legs from him attacking. I've had him since the second he was born, and I took utmost care of him. Why does he do this? What can I do to make him stop? He was fixed when he was 5 months. I wanted to wait until he was 6 months but he was a big boy and I spotted him humping my sheets so I got him fixed right then. So I know it's not some weird un-neutered male thing.

McDonalds or Burger King?

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At this point in your life, have you accomplished everything that you thought you would by now? If not, how do you feel about that?

A few weeks back, there was a post in this community about a girl who couldn't get a hold of her best friend and had no way of contacting anyone in his area. Was there an update about this? I hope her and her friend are okay. Posts like those make me sad.

Decions, decisions...

So I was thinking of going abroad to teach ESL but I realized that the main reason I want to go is to get away from my neurotic family. I know that I could use the time I'd be teaching abroad to get my Teaching Degree here - so that I can already start having a real career - but the long to escape is so much greater than the desire to go back to school again. *sigh* I was hoping someone could give me some advice - maybe motivate me to try getting into Teacher's College or assure me that going abroad is good idea despite my main motive.

What kind of advice would you give?
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Is anyone else constantly being logged out of Google? iGoogle is my home page and whenever I click on it I'm told to log in to see my stuff. I always check off the "Remember me" box, but I still get logged out all the time. This just started happening recently.

I'm using Windows Vista and the latest version of Firefox.

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The biggest roach I have ever seen is in my office kitchen (like 2in long). I'm all alone. I'm sure as hell not going to squish it myself because it's enormous. Anyway that's not my question.

My question is, is one roach enough to call building management and ask for them to spray for bugs? Our office is supposed to be professionally cleaned by their janitors and I feel like it might just be one that wandered inside from the cold. Is there ever just one roach?
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My partner and me are planning a holiday to Florida for next year. Problem is that I'm only going to be 20 when we go and would prefer to hire a car.
Anyone know of car hire places that don't have suppress charges? Or that do but are so cheap it doesn't really matter? I don't actually care what I drive as long as it moves lol.

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 How much do you spend a month on beauty treatments? I just worked out that I spend around $400 p/m. I'm appalled. 

Hair; trim and deep condition treatment- $150
Eyebrow shaping- $30
Manicure- $70
Waxing- $50
Pedicure and bio-gel nails- $125

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Is there such a thing as seeing a career counselor when I am not in school? Someone who will assess my actual skills rather than just telling me to go for my dreams or try to do something I'm not capable of?

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Whats the attraction to ANIME?

Dude in the office is ADDICTED....and IDGI??

(DEBATE is welcome and encouraged. In fact fisticuffs would be good.)

OK...EDIT: MANGA....ANIME? Whats the difference?

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1. What has made you sad today?

2. What are you looking forward to?

My answers
1. I'm sad because my ipod is officially dead/broken/gone to heaven :( The Genius's at the Apple store declared it at 8:23 last night.

2. The weekend, seeing my SO for the 1st time since Jan 30th, and having a weekend at the water parks and hopefully working out what's been troubling us for the past month.
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laptop monitor died...

my HP laptop just wouldn't work the other day. Soon found out that it's just the monitor that's not working. The screen at times is a complete greyish glow or it does turn on but flashes and jerks about a lot. I haven't gone to a tech because my warranty has run out and afraid of expenses. Would it be worth getting it fixed? Or just get a separate monitor and hook it up or put this for recycling and get a new laptop altogether? The laptop is just two years old and last year as well I had a big issue with it (but then I still was under warranty).

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Not so much a question as a request...

I had a big brainstorm a few days ago while in the shower (seems to be where I get my best ideas). So I plan to do a pretty grand art project but need used, expired gift cards. Does anyone have any that they would like to mail to me? I can msg you with my address. Alternatively, does anyone know how I can solicit a shit-ton of cards without randomly posting to LJ communities?
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Poll #1363725 Question for the ladies

You've been finding yourself sick a lot lately, throwing up. You go to the doctor, and your doctor tells you that you're pregnant (if you're single, just pretend you have a SO). "Not only are you pregnant, but you're carrying quintuplets!" Considering however and whatever you're doing in your life right now, what will you do?

Give birth. Become a mommy of 5
Give birth. Give them up for adoption
Drink and do the other things pregnant women shouldn't do in the hopes I miscarry

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1)what is wrong with you today?

my legs hurt. at least I have no chills today.

2)today is my day off, what should I do? difficulty: I think I am sick.

3)What is something that the ratio of complaining about it far outweighs the actual instances of it?
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I need some help with grammar!

This is what I need to say:

The article goes on to say that "A standard blood gas machine will not detect methemoglobin."

Should the "A" be capitalized? Or should I make it lowercase and like this: "a standard blood gas..." But then that's not right because in the original article, it was capitalized. Or should I put brackets around the lowercase a like this: "[a] stand blood gas machine..."? Or maybe I could put this: "... standard blood gas machine[s]"?

I'm probably overthinking this. :( What do you think is the best choice?
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If your mom had MS, and you didn't know the medical history of either parent, would you be worried about getting it?

I'm going to Scottsdale tomorrow, and haven't packed. Should I just wait till tomorrow morning? We're leaving around 2.

Why is my cat running around my apartment like the place is on fire and meowing like he's dying?

Reply with your favorite userpic?
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Hi there, TQC!

Have you ever made up either a) a scapegoat for something that consistently goes wrong or b) an entity to explain some other repeated occurrence?

When I was little and the house got particularly trashed, my parents said it was because the imaginary butler and maid (Jeeves and Maria respectively) had run away together.

Also, in my first semester of college I kept losing things and I started blaming it on the Verruca Gnomes. My friend and I eventually built up a whole mythology around the VGs - they lived in the sewers and steam vents and were dwarfish in size and fearsome in appearance (big noses, pointed ears, lots of facial hair and sometimes piercings, beady angry eyes). They carried around all the stuff they stole from poor helpless students like ourselves. We still blame everything on the VGs.
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it's ON now.

my company has announced that next week, we will be celebrating Spring Break by getting to wear casual clothes every day.

on FRIDAY...there is going to be a costume contest.
$50 to whoever wears the best Spring Break costume (we have to "keep it clean")

Haruhi disappearance
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1) I'm working in the dark because the electrician is replacing lights. He's right in front of me on a very wobbly looking cherry picker. Am I going to be crushed to death when it topples over onto me? Do you think he's looking down my shirt right now?

2) Do dark, rainy days make you tired?

3) Where's grandpa's automobile?
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This question is regarding the show 'Hells Kitchen'

I watched the first episode of some new season yesterday and they were assigned a simple task, namely to make up some burgers and chips and bits of chicken and pasta for a bunch of kids.

They completely fucked it up. I mean these guys struggle to cook basic shit like pasta and make burgers... one guy sent out a plate of chicken which was clearly uncooked (very dangerous).

How do they select people for this show? Do they purposely select contestants who were voted most useless in the kitchen by their co-workers/employers? Most of them seem completely and utterly incompetent. I've never worked in a kitchen like that, but surely if you were a chef you would have cooked alot of pasta and made alot of burgers, so surely the added pressure of being on tv wouldnt be sufficient to cause someone with reasonable skills to screw it up to such a degree.

Maybe they require idiots as contestants... because it probably wouldnt be as entertaining if everyone wasnt incompetent and chef didnt flip out all the time.

Clip art

We're hosting my brother in law's engagement party, and I found a lovely piece of clip art that would do really well as the background for the invite. It looks like antique stationary. Is there a way to write on top of clip art/layer it with text on top of it or is it impossible?


I don't know my flatmate well at all. He tends to make food and then leave the dirty dishes sitting in the kitchen for two days. This is not good. It's already started attracting insects and as the weather gets warmer it's going to get worse. It would be so easy for him to just rinse off the stuff and throw it in the dishwasher, but he doesn't even do that.

Is there a nice way to tell him to clean up after himself without seeming like a control freak?

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I just got my donor card because I donated blood a short while ago, and on it it has my blood group as A rhesus negative. However, my documents from when I was born says my blood type is O rhesus positive. I do?

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what is one thing well-known about your hometown?

where is the last public place you took a poo?

what is your favorite flavor of ben & jerry's?


1) weed-producing capital of the country
2) work
3) cherry garcia
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If you had a totally unlimited amount of money to spend on one dinner (AND ONLY ON DINNER. The money is only for paying for dinner and not travel or anything else tricky like "oh a solid gold giant pot roast which I would then sell, instead of eating it"), where would you go and what would you order?

I would go here because this place looks and sounds amazing.
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Females, when you feel pukey do you immediately jump to OMG PREGNANT?

For those of you who have kids, were they planned or "happy surprises" (as my mother liked to say)?

If I'm pregnant, should I give my baby to suzermagoozer?

What's your favorite animal at the zoo?

Do you like applesauce?

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That old Chevrolet commercial went baseball, hotdog, apple pie and Chevrolet

I think it's a bit outdated.

1. What things should the new Chevy commercial list?

2. The commercial was supposed to represent a bunch of all-American things. What's the revised list for 2009?


1. bankrupt, handouts, plunging stock and Chevrolet
2. football, tofudog, pizza pie and Toyota
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i'm going to a poetry reading tonight (by myself)... i tend to do a lot of things by myself.. it's cool... most of the time.

do you usually do things by your lonesome? if yes, what are these things?
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me and my partner moved in together about 6 months ago.  we both have 2 cats.  so far, 3 of the 4 cats get along great.  the one pain in the butt cat (my cat) hates her 2 cats.  he doesn't try to fight them necessarily, more bullies them.  he will chase them and swat at them if they come near him or he hides in places they will walk by and then jumps out and chases them.  we thought it would stop once they got used to each other but not so much.  does anyone have any ideas???

Your 'beyond stupid' poll of the day

It's around the holidays, and your boss flat out tells all you employees that in order to stay on his cool side, you should make a small donation to one of his favorite charities. He passes out a list of his favorite charities. Which do you pledge to, or do you incur the wrath of your boss?

The Bulemia is Natural Foundation
Breast Implants for the Underprivilleged Fund
The Flat Earth Society
Redistribution of the Remaining Wealth to the Upper Class Fund
Yes on Prop 8 - Preserve Marriage Fund
Cellphones to the Amish outreach program
'The internet should be regulated' Group: ban computer nudity
The Stop Planned Parenthood and their Filthy Ways Association
Intelligent Design Awareness Society
Church of Scientology
The Tax Masturbation Funding Group: you play you pay
Support for Bill no. 18392918 - right to build bridge from Alaska to Hawaii
Support of Iowa's right to secede from the Union
Society for the Addition of George W. Bush to Mout Rushmore
I give nothing and get on my boss' bad side

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Do you think people who only ever have one serious relationship/SO and/or only ever have sex with one person will ever be content in that relationship?
Do you think they would always wonder whether it could be different?
Thinking childhood sweethearts here.

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1)Is human cloning acceptable for scientific use?

2)what about reproductive use? explain why for each question.

3)Do you like gross stuff?

I guess so, because I am enjoying the audio book of Stiff

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What have you accomplished today?
What have you NOT accomplished today?

My boyfriend and I are both virgins and have been dating for 13 months this friday. We're ready and it will probably happen sometime soon, I just want it to happen when it happens, not planned or anything but what am I really missing?

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My SO and I are meeting up for a weekend together. We'll be in the Wisconsin Dells hopefully going to see Watchmen, going to the waterpark/theme park. What items, foods, drinks, etc should we bring (we always bring a cooler)?
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Eyebrow piercing

TQC, I'm thinking of getting one or both of my eyebrows pierced.

If yours are pierced, does it hurt? How do you care for them? What are the best posts? Is one side better than the other?

If you don't, what do you think of people who do?

If not my eyebrows, what other visible piercing could I get? I'm not going for the nipples or nether regions!

The Receptionist Classic

Woohoo! I'm rich!

Do CA Lotto scratchers expire? I just found a stack of them that I forgot to cash in. From 2006 and 2007. It's not much money, but $21 is $21.

I'm looking at the backs and all I see is "claim all prizes 180 days after the announced end of game date" but there are no end of game dates on these.

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When you describe someone (or hear someone described) as "independent"... what does that mean to you?
What do you think are the unique characteristics of an independent person?
What kinds of things does an independent person do that earns them that label?

The more detailed your answer (or examples), the better, please!


I blew up the oven again :/

I need to change a fuse, TQC. Can you help me?

Firstly, what do I need to know to buy a new fuse wire?
Ok, my fuse... console bizzo says "440V" on the top, and "30A-U" at the bottom. It also says 10AAC1 above the console pull-out bit. This means that I need a 440 volt/30 Amp wire, yes?

What household handy things can you do?

I can change light bulbs (when I can reach), and fix things that can be fixed with screws or gaffer tape. I could fix sink plumbing, but that's icky so I let my housemate do that.

EDIT: I found this video which seems helpful.

Not signing e-mails

Do you find it rude when someone you don't know well (or someone who is writing into the business you work for) doesn't sign their e-mail?

Edited to add: Their name also appears nowhere in the e-mail (address, nickname, or otherwise) so you have no idea who to address your answer to.

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Do you have "one who got away?"
Have you ever taken the stereotypical Caribbean vacation? If I wanted to seriously just get away from it all, and take a real vacation, where should I go?

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What are some less commercialized, quality Men's shoe brands?

'underground' if you will.

I'm looking for a gift for a friend and would like to shop around. I have something casual/dress casual in mind. Worn out to dinner, shopping, maybe even work.  However, tell me about your favorite Men's shoe brands regardless of style.

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a freak flood just hit your town and it's pouring down the streets and into your home. you have five minutes to grab some sort of flotation device from your room. what do you grab?

also, what's the best kind of tree to build a treehouse in?

banged up

My 2 year old boy has been picking up phones and whatever is around and shooting me with it like it's a gun. My man and I don't like guns and my question is should I get him a toy gun?

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Out of the Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing games available for Nintendo DS which would you choose if you could only buy one?

Additionally, can you tell me your experiences with any of those games you happen to have?
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My choices for dinner: Fajitas (which I've had for the past few weeks) or Bacon and Pancakes (which I haven't had in awhile)

Which would you choose?

What are you having (or what did you have) for dinner?

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My friend and I went to a show last night for her birthday and I ordered her first drinks since it's her bday and all. The night goes on and the bartender keeps re-filling us. By her fifth and my sixth, I finally turned to her and said, "look, I love you but can this be the last drink you put on my tab?" She wasn't mad and even bought me a beer later, but my other friends said this was rude.

Was I out of line? And keep in mind I'm a student that makes less than $10 an hr.

For the "idgaf" crowd", have you ever had food poisoning?

How many STD's have you accumulated in your sexual career?

Do you like The O.C.? If you do and watch Gossip Girl, which one of Josh Schwartz's shows do you like more?
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Serious question?

What's an appropriate gift for my boss saving my life? ...Seriously though. He recognized me going into anaphylactic shock yesterday at work, and knew how to properly respond. Anyway! I think just a thank you card that's like "Hey you remember that one time I almost died at work? Yeah me too." doesn't seem significant enough. Ideas?

Harry Potter!

How many times have you read the Harry Potter series?

What are your favorite and least favorite Harry Potter books? (Please put the books in order from favorite to least favorite)

Who is your favorite character in the series? Least favorite?

What book(s) are you reading right now?

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I know the answer really is "whatever is right for the couple" and "it depends on the situation," but I'm looking for ballpark ranges here...
1. What is the longest a couple should be engaged?
2. What is the shortest amount of time they should be engaged?

Let's say they're not planning a huge wedding or eloping, but more of an intimate affair with few important family members.

3. To you, what is the point of engagement?
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i have to study for my management class because i have a midterm tomorrow, but i'm so overwhelmed with the material i don't even know where to start. there's TOO many topics. what should i do?

how do i make a game plan?! what do you do?

thank you~

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How do you deal with sleeping next to someone who snores?

Last night I put in earplugs, wore big headphones over them, and went to sleep in the foot end of the bed. Not an optimal permanent solution.


Some money just went into my bank account, and I have no idea where it came from. I was expecting money from my job, but it's WAY too little for it to be that, and the depositor information is different from what it would be if it were that. It's not my tax refund, I don't think, because it's still too low and too soon... and it's too soon and too low for my paycheck.

(it's about $700, from something called NTE*PMT*LOCAL T5, and then a bunch of numbers)

What the heck is this?? It says something about FED PAYMNT, so is it.. from the government?
Baro Bitch Stare
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My sandwich tastes like bum

1. When was the last time you made something to eat and it ended up tasting awful?
2. How often do you make what people are talking about on here? (I just made a sandwich w/some chips because of that post).
3. Do you believe in buttering your bread before you put the toppings on for a sandwich?
4. Favorite kind of potato chips?
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ladies of tqc:
What do you use when you shave your bikini area (ie, your vag hairs) so that you dont get razor burn or bumpies afterward? Is it worth it to just wax instead?

how long do you have to pee before you think to yourself, "man I've been peeing forever!" ?
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I get off work in 1/2 an hour, and I can run by the grocery store.

What should I make for dinner (that is vegetarian and wheat free)?

If you can't think of anything both veg and wheat free, what are you having for dinner?

Bite me mechanics.

So, I got sick of paying mechanics and watching friends pay mechanics for check engine lights.

I went on amazon and bought a Car 0B2 or OBII reader that reads errors for cars.

You think this thing will be EASY to use?

Will my mechanics cut me a break know that I know whats wrong with my car and code AHEAD of time?

Eh, I think I rock today.
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Do you have to pay back the GI Bill or is that money given to you after you fullfill the requirements?

I'm not thinking of joining the military or anything.

Anyone have stories about the GI Bill?
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For those of you who have seen the movie, give me your thoughts.
Why do people make such a big deal that Dr. Manhattan is nude in a few scenes in Watchmen? In my opinion there wasn't anything bothersome about it. And it wasn't like there were close ups or it was constantly showed throughout the whole movie.

(no subject)

1. Can you think of any movies that open with scenes without dialogue?
I can only think of one - There Will Be Blood, but I know there must be more.

2. Have you ever seen the movie Dead Man? If so, what did you think?

3. What's your favorite movie (of the moment)?

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You know how animals sometimes seem to have a guilty expression on their adorable little faces? Well, that's what my rabbit looks like right now.

What material possession or aspect of my apartment did my bunny just chew on, TQC?

What's the most important thing (in terms of sentimental, monetary, or other value) your pet has ever destroyed or at least heavily nommed?
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 If you were me--

say you have two options. 

You have two options for spring break. 

You can either go camping/go explore the state you're college is in (and since you're a freshman you have never explored Washington State, full of trails and cool things) 


you can fly home (which you really should be doing because you are very stressed, need to catch up on work, see family, get sleep, stop getting sick...except not many friends will be there.) 

Fun explorations with new friends OR relaxation and catching up on school work so you don't fail? 
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Treats for the Sweets

Dear TQC,
I am going into the hospital tomorrow afternoon to have a baby! My husband and I have spent a lot of time at the hospital lately because of complications and we love the nursing staff and my awesome doctors. We want to bring something with us to make nice and show how much we appreciate what they'll be doing for us over the next couple of days.

What should we bring? We live near a bagel shop that makes the best home-made bagels and cream cheeses but it will be afternoon when we get there so maybe it's not quite the right time of day for that. We also live near a bakery which has all sorts of treats. Should we bring a Birth-Day cake or pie or just a bunch of little goodies and let them choose for themselves?

If you were a labor & delivery nurse, would you be extra nice to me if I brought you treats?
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What is an underrated city?

What would you do if your son was at home, crying all alone the bedroom floor cuz he's hungry, and the only way to feed him is to sleep with a man for a little bit of money?
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How likely is it that my laptop, with a warranty through 2011, will be replaced by Dell if I bitch at them long enough and threaten them with "taking my business to Apple" remarks? Any tips on how to get them to cave and replace it? (The damn thing needs everything replaced anyway - it would be cheaper for them to give me a new one).
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Yay presents

So my fiance and I are working on putting together our list o goodies for the registry. We know about all the basics like sheets, towels, dishes, yadda yadda, but I'm trying to think of less common stuff. Like I found this crazy awesome looking toaster oven with bricks built into the sides for more even cooking, it's fancier than a lot of full size ovens I've seen, lol.

What crazy awesome, kinda pricy (like anything over 100 bucks basically) things should we register for?

And are Dyson vacuums worth the big bucks?? We'd get the Animal one (no pets currently but let's be honest, as a girl I shed a ton of hair, and I'm sure we'll have pets someday) but it's like 500 dollah which is insane. And how about the Roomba? I think they're really cool but don't know how well they work, but I think they'd be nice for vacuuming more often minus the hassle of dragging around a huge vacuum all over the house.

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I got Fable 2 for my Xbox 360 and it looked awesome. But it keeps freezing. I did get around 20 mins of play there before it froze again but it's getting tiresome.

Anyone know of any cure?
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When you get homework over the weekend, do you:

a) Do it Friday after school, so that you have two full school-free days

b) Do it on Sunday so that you can enjoy your Friday, and so you can get back into school-mode

c) Do something else?
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What do you do to entertain yourself in the bathroom while you're doing your business?