March 10th, 2009

i say, old bean

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do you get as much sleep as you'd like?
if you don't is it because you choose to stay awake, you just cannot fall asleep or your bed* isn't as comfortable as you wished?
if it's something else, will you elaborate?

and for those who can't sleep:
do you ever get tired of people asking you questions about sleep?

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How do you act around people after they confess to have an unrequited crush on you? What if you're invited to their birthday party?

EDIT: How do you know if they got over you? Or are you one of those people who believe that no one truly gets over a crush?
O RLY???

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Is there any really good reasons that could potentially justify buying a Soviet Army dosimeter geiger counter, other than "holy fuck that's cool"?

Would you actually eat Soviet Army surplus food rations labeled "good until 2010"? Would you do it if someone triple-dog-dared you? Would you do it if someone bet you more than the cost of said rations that you would?

Forged communist documents certifying OP as a hardworking member of the Communist party -- funny or potential roadblock to obtaining passport?


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i'm thinking of a book but i don't know what it's called. the one i read was paperback, a book that was bigger than standard and had a blue notebook picture on the front. there were drawings and a name (along with the title of the book and the author) carved into it. the book is about a 14 year old boy who went away to some kind of summer retreat (in florida, i think?) and kissed a girl and how that was his summer of entering puberty/"adulthood. it's a hilarious young adult story written in diary form. i think the title had 5 or 6 words.

do you know what it is?

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There's a plate of food in front of you. There's the main item, and two sides. You like the main item, one side, and are fairly indifferent about the second side. How do you go about eating this? Which do you eat first? Do you take turns with your food, mix them all together, have a little bit of everything in one fork bite? Do you bother eating the second side? Do you save the best item for last?

Don't answer all those questions, just tell me your eating habits.

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How would you compensate if you never got weekends off from your job?
You can't get a new job.
What's your boss like? 
And what do you do?
edit: it's part time, so you work a couple days during the week and go to school
My boyfriend

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What is your favorite condiment?

What's your favorite meal that your Mother makes? If your Mother doesn't cook or you hate her cooking, what's your favorite childhood memory?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) Chocolate or fruit candy?

2) My employer offers tuition reimbursement. I'm being stupid and shy about inquiring about it, I don't want to ~impose~ even though I think I want to take advantage and pursue an accounting degree. How do I get over myself/what should a polite e-mail to my boss inquiring about this say?

3) Why do I keep getting canker sores on the inside of my bottom lip?
Quinn Twin

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My best friend (or so I thought) deleted me off her friends list, the day after my bday. She didn't come to my party, though she was invited, so I couldn't have drunkenly offended her. The only thing I can think she's mad about is I bought a new car that she thinks I can't afford it (which I can, and she doesn't know my budget anyways, so wtf). My husband was slightly less than happy at the time, though he got over it and I wrote about this in my lj, and she wrote a post about "people" airing their relationship dirty laundry and not respecting their partners in marriage - she even called me "them" treasonous (after she wrote one about "people" buying things they can't afford).

WHAT THE HELL IS HER PROBLEM? Should I delete her as well or just act like I don't care? My husband thinks she's mad I didn't involve her in every decision process and haven't gotten riled by her "vague" posts. Because of this, he thinks me not recognizing her behaviour will drive her crazy(er).

Oh, ps, LOL, she's 42 and "hates drama."

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I have lost faith in finding a suitable partner.
I have lost faith in "true love"

I believe that love is and always will be short-lived.
This is only through my own many experiences with men.

Am I alone, TQC? Do any of you think I should change my sexual identity from "homosexual" to "asexual"?

I hear that people who only like themselves sexually live very fulfilling lives. Is this true?
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what are you eating (or drinking) right now?
if you aren't eating or drinking, what are you craving right now?

i'm eating green olives and cheese on crackers. but i broke the cheese slicer, so no more cheese.
i really want chicken strips though. yummers.
dalek sex pistols

Moving, cleaning

1. I need to move a bedroom's worth of stuff from New York to Orlando. What's the most cost-effective way to do this? Renting a truck and driving down myself is not an option, for various reasons.

2. What's the best way to clean dusty, dirty stuffed animals that have been in a closet for a while? Would sticking them in the laundry work?

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Dr. TQC,

On Saturday night, my throat was slightly sore, like I was getting a cold. Sunday, it was a bit worse, but I figured I'd wake up sniffly and pain free the next morning.

I missed school yesterday because I could barely swallow. I didn't eat anything, but slept all day.

It is now 3:30 a.m. And I haven't slept since 7:30 p.m. I'm tired, but swallowing hurts too much.

I have some sort of rare disease, y/n?

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At what age would you consider yourself to be 'at your worst', be it from hard times, depression, substance use, promiscuity or just being an overall snot?

Why would you consider that 'your worst'?

What age were/are you at that you could consider your best or your high point?

Would you care to elaborate on your answers?
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My eyes are watering and my nose is so itchy I can hardly stand it and I've probably sneezed a good 400 times in the last 24 hours. WTF do I do? I don't have a cold and my allergies are never THIS bad. I'm fucking miserable.

Anybody want to come nap with me?
Kill Bill - Elle
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When you are feeling tired but your fingers are cold and your sheets are cold and your heart is cold, bitter, black, decrepit, and rotting what do you do?
Personally I stick myself into the oven and make like Sylvia Plath. Oops that wasn't funny. You'll have to pardon me.
Tomorrow I will go to church and cleanse myself of my blasphemous sins.
Goodnight and amen motherfuckers.
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Does everyone you know seem to be getting sick right now? There's a virus that seems to be touring the state of Colorado. It starts off with a hacking cough, and within 36 hours turns into a miserable cold. I don't know anybody who hasn't come down with it yet. 
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A bit of underhanded logic escapes me, and I'm usually pretty good at it, sooooo...

The Iowa Lottery is running an ad campaign letting customers know that retailers aren't supposed to check whether your ticket is a winning ticket unless the ticket is signed. Who are they trying to trick into signing the ticket, and what are they trying to catch them for that is either only effective or most effective to do in this manner? It certainly can't be to catch people who stole a winning ticket from someone before they could redeem it, because the clerk would point out that it wasn't signed, and it'd be signed on the spot - legally, according to the lottery rules (at least in Nebraska), now belonging to the person who signed it.

What would be your initial reaction to someone you've known for a long time (more than a year, three in my case) asking you on a date in an e-mail or other online medium, seemingly "out of nowhere"? Would your reaction be different if you know they've asked out other people of your sex in the regular group of people from which you know them? (Assume they didn't go around asking out everyone in the group in the past week, or even the past few months, heh.) Are you male or female? I direct this line more at the females, but the reaction from either side is interesting...

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It's been decided, by some crazy twist of fate, that you have to spend the next year of your life in solitude. There are two ways you can choose to do this;

A) Middle of nowhere. You're dropped off on an island. There is a small shack for shelter. For food you have egg producing chickens, a veggie garden, and a net to fish with. Theres probably some coconuts around to. You also have access to fresh water, but it's a good mile away from your shack. There is no electricity and no plumbing. So your survival depends on the garden, chickens,  your ability to fish and fetch water.

B) Heart of the city. You're in a studio apartment. But you're not allowed out and no one is allowed in (duh). You don't have a phone and or TV. And no books. You do, however, have the internet. But you can only use it to order food and wiki. You can order as much food as you like. You don't have to do anything, you can pretty much sit down and not move for days. You've got good views for people watching.

So which one would you choose?

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If I paid for something with a debit card on Friday, on Saturday and Sunday my online bank account read that I had a balance of xxxx and an available balance of xxxx - that amount and that I had that amount "pending approval", and then today my account is back up to a balance of xxxx with no mention of anything pending, does that mean the payment was denied?

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Incurable zombie virus sweeps the land.
You cant get infected, but will eitherl get eaten, or save the remaining human population.

What do you use as a weapon?
Can you bring yourself to kill zombified friends and family?

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I know nothing about sororities other than my mother was in one. I have one of her pins and a pendant that both have "pi K A" on them. I have a large ceramic mug that says, "pi K A Dream Girl 1968".

I've looked this up and all I can find is a fraternity.

Do any of you have an idea what I'm doing wrong or how I can find out what sorority she was in?

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Do you know if any of these stores drug test new employees: Vans? Hollister? American Eagle? Journeys?

What's the quickest way to clear marijuana out of your system?

Edit for clarification: I'm asking for my boy, not me.
Oh noes!
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What is your favorite band?
(Should that be '"Who" is your favorite band?')

Have you ever seen them in concert?
If yes, was it awesome or were you a little disappointed?
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 The bank down the street from me was just robbed, so I've locked all my doors and whatnot in case the robber needs a place to hide out.

TQC, what would you do if a bank robber broke into your house to escape the police? I want detailed escape/battle plans, people.
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chocolate milk?

made with chocolate syrup!
made with nesquik!
made with ovaltine!
premixed bottled.
strawberry milk!
chocolate drink! (yoo-hoo)
something else.


I interviewed for a job last Monday. I spoke to one of my references today for something unrelated and she mentioned she got a call from them last Friday. What are my chances of getting the job?

ETA: I just got a call from another position I applied to. I have done a phone screening and they asked me to come in for an interview with the Director of Health and Safety as well as the manager of Health and Safety. The interview is Friday at 11:30am. I would much prefer this job as it's more in my field and a better opportunity. The one that called my references is more administrative and would be while I look for another job. I company A (the administrative one that checked my references) calls and offers me the job, what do I do?

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Have you ever been in a "Who's Who" kinda book? What is the point? My husband is being courted for one for his profession, and $200 buys a 2 year membership, and while we would both normally consider this stupid, they're offering 2 free airline tickets for a membership. That's like a $700 value. Should we go for it?

Can I make cookie dough, freeze it, then break off chunks to bake and eat? Or do I have to let the dough thaw first?

correct term?

I'm trying to put together a registration form for a conference that I'm organizing and I need to know if the participant is disabled so we can make special arrangements for them. Is the term "physically disabled" PC and acceptable? Or is there a better term? Do you think I could just get away with putting in the handicap symbol and putting "I will need special assistance" beside it with a checkbox? It's probably not that big of a deal but I don't want to offend anyone.
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Was the recorder your first ever instrument?

How active of a child (between pre-k - 5th grade for the sake of this question) were you when you were younger? (sports, plays, band, etc.)
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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Dear TQC,

I am very insecure in romantic relationships. How can I go about not being so? It makes me hate being in relationships even if I genuinely care about the person I'm with.

halp me plox.

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Someone I had sex with is married and now having a baby. Its weeeeeeeiiiiiiiird. Has anyone you've dated or had sex with gotten married or had a baby?

How do you feel about it?

I blew up my oven again yesterday. What's the last thing you blew up?
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I know a laughably small amount about the rules of basketball, but I'm writing something that references the sport and I need to know if a penalty shot can end a game. Does anybody know? Is the clock running during a penalty shot? idk, idk.


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TQC, got any ideas on how to store an assload (seriously, like 200-300) magazines? Somewhere that they aren't piled up in every closet and nook and cranny in my house that someone can wedge them into, which is how they are currently "stored"? Should I just dump them in a bunch of giant plastic storage bins and put them in the attic?
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What would you get someone who loves languages for their birthday? I'm pretty sure he already owns every dictionary and book known to man, so I was trying to think slightly out of the box on this one, but I'm coming up short.

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Inspired by the previous post, what activities/extra-curriculars/sports/music whatever were you involved with in high school?

I was a contributor and editor of my school's literary magazine, I was a member of the French club (shut up) and I was in All-County, Regional and All-State choirs for all 4 years (man I was so badass, lol), aaaand that's basically it. Those choirs ate a LOT of time.
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I need to get a new vehicle, I've searched and searched and I'm about to pull my hair out, I'm so confused and don't know what to get!

I have 2 kids (6 years old and 2 years old)  I'd like something with 4 doors, preferably a SUV as I have a stroller to get in and out.  Something that is safe for me and the kids and I only have $6,000 to spend.  I can't afford a car payment (going through a divorce!)

So....what should I get?
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My co-worker is making me go to a play with her this afternoon. The play is in two languages I can't understand.

Can you give me an erotic story I can use as a basis to make up in my head so I can keep myself entertained during these excruciating hours?
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tell me about your last LOLtastic experience?

seeing people's relationship status changes overnight via facebook
11pm "so over it" > K is in a relationship to single
11am "happy 8 months!" > K went from single to in a relationship with H
odd enthusiasms

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I think my professor is full of crap guys. She says most people don't know what color underwear they put on every morning.

So, TQC, without looking, do you remember what color underwear you put on this morning?
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I don't care about how cute ladybugs look; I have an infestation in my room and they're biting me.

Short of squashing them (since that is smelly and gooey), how does one go about killing them?

Google is not being helpful. It thinks they're too cute.
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music question

Was Little Feat the first musical group to coin the phrase, "I'll be your dixie chicken, you be my tennessee lamb and we'll walk together down in Dixie land", or was there someone before them?

The song has been covered by Garth Brooks and quoted by Dave Matthews.


so, ive got the flu. im not sure whether im going to be able to make it through the few days left in the week of classes. ive already used up my 3 unexcused absences for the semester (go me) so im not sure what to do. the doctors office said they wouldnt be able to give be a note besides for just the days theyve seen me, so i feel like im a little screwed here. do you think if i emailed my teachers when i dont feel up to class, that they would count that as excused and not take points off my grade? because most of the time even standing up and walking makes me feel dizzy and like im just going to pass out, so if it gets any worse, i dont know if ill be able to make it to some of my classes. 
terrible last words

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 Under what circumstances do you think that the U.S government would reinstate the draft? 

Or what do you think of people who talk on their cell phones in the library instead of going outside or at least out in the hall. 

Let's say that you were getting married and your parents really hated the person you were marrying that they offered you ten thousand dollars not to call it off but to postpone it a year in the hopes that you'd come to your senses. Would you take it?

Collapse )
Catwoman and Harlequin

The 'not a real poll' poll regarding 3-17

Poll #1363264 Scavenger Hunt for Patty's Day!

Let's have a scavenger hunt with a St. Patrick's Day theme. Setting out at 10pm and concluding the hunt at 11pm, how many of these do you think you could capture on your camphone on March 17 within a one-hour period?

McDonald's Shamrock Shake
Green beer
Irishman brawling with someone
Label on a bottle of Irish whiskey
Someone who's passed out
A 'Kiss me I'm Irish' pin on someone's body
Green knickers (on a living person)
Picture of Bono
Corned beef
Flag of Ireland
Bowl of Lucky Charms
A shillelegh

Winner gets to kiss a replica of the Blarney Stone that I found on the street

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whats something ridiculous you heard today?

i was talking to a friend who spent a semester at a college in hawaii last year, and some of her classmates thought that the snow never melts in minnesota and that we live in igloos year round. she tried to tell them that the summers here are as hot as 100F, but they didn't believe her.... wtf?
Phineas and Ferb

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I was typing something a few minutes ago and made the typo Pritner without thinking about it. And I posted it. Being the medium that it was, I couldn't go back and fix my typo. So I have a question to all of you TQCers out there:

What IS a pritner? I need a cover-up story.
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Do you think a cute picture looks less cute if you can see the subject's arm reaching out in the frame to take their own picture? Does it make a difference if there is only one subject or if they are taking their pic with someone else? In other words, does the arm ruin the shot or do you just ignore the arm if it's an otherwise cute pic?

Will you post a pic of yourself [with or without others] where you can see the subject's arm reaching out in the frame?
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Should I go to work and get the purple hair dye that just came in for me, or should I stay in bed with no pants on?

The dye is all I have to go into work for, since I have the day off. On the other hand, my red has faded to pale orangy pink now, and I've been anxious for the new dye.
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Something in my room smells GROSS AS FUCK. I just washed my sheets, and it still stinks like dick! Any advice as to what it is/what to do?


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Can anyone here speak Russian? I was watching For the Love of Ray J (don't judge me!) and during the episode where they have a video chat with Ray, Caviar speaks a whole poem-thing of Russian. And I'm dying to know what she said. Anyone feel like translating?

(If you need me to find the link/send it, I will)

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Have you ever been to a fetish party in your city? Here we have one called "The Black and Blue Ball" and I've always been curious about what goes on.....

What's the most ridiculous thing you've seen in porn? Is there such thing as a good porno? 
What's the last movie you saw?

If your SO suddenly came out with information that they were into really weird sex stuff and wanted you to do everything and anything where would you draw the line?
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I have this amazing ability to bring up relationships that don't exist anymore. As in, I ask someone about their girlfriend's art project, and they just broke up and didn't tell me. I wished someone a "Happy Anniversary" to someone who wasn't with that person anymore. I invited someone to visit me next time she's in the area to see her boyfriend - it was over.

But most recently, I ran into my friend's husband, who I had never met but recognized from the wedding photos, and was all "hi OMG, nice to finally meet you, i've heard so much about you, tell R I say hi!" and when I went to post on her facebook wall that I had seen him, I saw pictures on her profile of her kissing another guy and noticed that she was no longer listed as "married".

1) Did I fuck up, or was it a safe assumption that after dating for 5 years, someone would stay married for more than 6 mos? Do I really need to preface every conversation about dating with "you're still with him/her, right?"?
2) Would you reassure me that I'm not the only one who does stuff like this?
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I got really drunk on sunday night and I have not seen my glasses since. I'm going out in a bit and I really need them. I have looked pretty much everywhere. I'm afraid I put the somewhere really weird and I'll never find them.

Where could they be?

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Have you ever dated an ex long after you broke up? (Not like, broke up and got back together a week later... I'm talking a couple years or so) How'd that work out for you? Was it awkward at all?

(no subject)

How do I convince my BFF to not move out of our house?   Brownies?  Flowers?  What would work for you?

What book are you reading now?

Wine or beer while watching hockey tonight?
Peace in the sand

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Do you like to take baths?

Under what circumstances do you usually take baths? To relax, to get clean, when you're sick, etc?

Do you add anything to your bath water? If so, what do you add?

If you hate baths, what's your favorite way to de-stress?

I flipping love baths.

Mostly just to relax and/or to shave my legs. I hate shaving my legs in the shower. And I also like REALLY hot baths when I'm sick.

I'm a Lush addict, so I almost always add something to my bath. Bath melts and bubble bars are my favorites. When I'm sick, I use the Ice Hotel bubble bar (lavender and peppermint) and it helps to open up my sinuses.

(no subject)

1 - What is your favorite car or auto from 1985 to 1994 ????

2 - What is the most fucked up thing you expect later this week? Or......a bad event that is scheduled to fuck your week up?
 Me......a bad doctors procedure is coming up. And........dreading all week.....

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It's only March 10th and I just saw the Ice Cream Truck. (Well, heard the music first then saw it.) This is strange because this time last week there was snow everywhere.

When does the Ice Cream Truck start making rounds in your area?

Do you still buy from it? If so, what do you usually buy?

What would you love for your Ice Cream Truck to carry?

(no subject)

I leave work in 25 minutes....
What kind of LULZ can I inspire in the next 24 minutes????
What kind of LULZ can I inspire in the next 20 minutes????
What kind of LULZ can I inspire in the next 15 minutes????
I'm leaving in 5 had your chance peeps!

(no subject)

Have you ever been on a roadtrip? Where to and how long was it?

Whats something you ate a lot of on the road?

Whats something you saw a lot?

If you could dress up as something relating to a roadtrip, what would it be?

IYDC..Have you used "street drugs"? Why or why not?
gasp zooey

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It turns out that I have only two friends who are interested in seeing Watchmen, and they've already made plans with each other to see it on a day I can't go.  There's only one day in the next two weeks that I have time to see the movie, but it'd mean I'd have to see it by myself.

Should I see the movie by myself, or do I NEED someone to see it with me?

If you saw me sitting by myself in a movie theater, would you feel sorry for me?
movie: eraserhead

Dear TQC

LJ icon and banner makers, what are your favorite tutorials? On or off of LJ. Favorite graphic making communities?

What's your favorite font to use?

And! My boyfriend heard that in Utah movie theaters, they blurred out Dr. Manhattan's penis in 'Watchmen'. We're both trying to find out if it's true, so if anyone is from Utah and saw the movie, is this true?
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(no subject)

1. Who is your favorite stand up comedian? 

2. I'm tired and coffee isn't working. I hate hate hate naps because they make me feel sick. What should I do?

3. My philosophy teacher hates Disney movies because he says they're sexist towards woman. Does he have a point?

4. I need new music. Will you suggest songs for me?
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You're in an elevator and the power gives out between floors. You're trapped, but at least there's someone else in there with you. A complete stranger of the opposite sex. What's the very LAST thing you'd want to hear them say?

"It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again."
"It's getting cold and I'm not wearing anything underneath this trenchcoat. Let's cuddle"
"This is embarrassing, but I have to go poop and I can't hold it in anymore. Stupid fiber"
"Thiss iss mosst unlucky, but it'ss a good thing I brought my lucky knife with me. Lucky lucky. Would you like to ssee it? I carry it with me alwayss"
"Wanna do some crack? I got a big rock right here and I hate getting fucked up alone. C'mon. I'm not taking no for an answer"
"Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior?"
"This is awkward. I was just on my way to follow you home. I'm still new at this stalking game"
"I hate this! It's making me panic. I get crazy and bad stuff happens. The only thing that calms me down is valium and handjobs, and I just ran out of valium..."
"1,000 bottles of beer on the wall, 1,000 bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around...."
This person says nothing, but simply stares at you behind his shades. Just stares and says nothing
"Have you heard of Dianetics?
"I know this is premature and probably a little odd, but I think I'm in love with you. Do you believe in love at first sight?"
"Hi, I'm earthlingmike, and I'd like to talk about my journal"
"Did that sound like a cockroch to you? No? about that? I think they're all inside this elevator with us, just staring at us. How about that?" The longer the wait, the more paranoid about roaches you get

(no subject)

How would you feel if you went to a friends house and they had company over who you didn't know...including a 2 year old and almost all of them were smoking pot around the little kid? 

What would you do/say?
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I am an idiot and somehow the cord to charge my Nintendo DS got stuck in my computer chair. My boyfriend had to pull it out because I couldn't figure it out and now the cord is all smushed and part of the wires are exposed.

My Google skills are failing me. Can I fix this or should I just buy a new one?

Thanks, I just wanted to confirm what I was going to do would be okay.. LOL.

(no subject)

List me some counterculture bands from the 50s/60s/70s [edited], please? (whenever they were).

My teacher didn't specify what she meant, so I'm coming to TQCers to help me out :D

(I have to research one)

(no subject)

My mom just found ExtenZe in my stepfather's medicine cabinet.  She proceeded to show me so we could both have a laugh about it.  Instead, I am insanely creeped out. 

Did your parents ever do something like this, expecting you to laugh but instead it had an adverse effect?
Have any of you out there ever bought male enhancement pills?

(no subject)

The girl in my Cultural Anthropology class that I was talking about earlier wasn't in class on Monday. The only logical answer is to drop the class, y/y?

Have you ever dropped any classes? Did you retake them?

Whens the last time you had a fun-filled night of hookers and blow?
saint with dagger


What happened to fmylife? :(

(Edit: It got hacked.)

Edit2: What do you think of the guy who took it over? (He's got his webcam as the front page now)

(no subject)

I'm trying to think of the name of this vegetable but I can't and it's bothering me.

What am I thinking of?

It has a long stem, like leeks, but at the bottom there is a bulb attached like an onion. I believe it's related to an onion.

Suggestions from friends, but this is what I am NOT thinking of:

Leeks (obviously)

Guitar... things

It's my dad's birthday this week and I'm not quite sure what to get him. Since he recently started taking guitar lessons I thought I'd get him something to do with that. Obviously he has a guitar and books, but are there any accessories or equipment etc that I could get him that would be useful for him to learn/play?

(no subject)

If your SO continually spoke about themselves on the phone, never asking how you were, how would it make you feel?
Would you say something?
Also, what would you do if they continually expressed doubt in the health/stability/happiness in the relationship, even though they themselves admit it is without cause or reason?

(no subject)

What was/is your favorite stuffed animal as a kid/right now?

Mine is a caterpillar named Lots O' Legs that I've had since I was, like, 6 mos old. I would die if anything ever happened to it because it means SO much to me! I'll probably even be buried with the darn thing, lol.

Do you still have it?

Hell yes.

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So, in a matter of..oh a half hour, I've found out that about five or ten people I went to school with/grew up with are either married or have a child or two.
I'm nineteen.
Should I find this odd?

In non-related question asking news.

Can I call you Sweetcheeks?

references for college application

OK so I am in the process of filling out tedious university application profiles. (You know, those ones that ask you to list all the activities you've done...UGH)

They want me to provide reference for all the activities and I honestly forgot the info or don't attend the school I did the activity in. (So it would be weird for my old coach to get a phone call from coughtorontocough asking to verify the fact that I fucking played field hockey in 2006! Oh, and I'm pretty sure my drama teacher left the country or something...)

This is starting to sound like a rant. But my actual question is: in your experience, do you think that universities actually give a crap about references? (Meaning, should I put effort into this) Have you had any bad experiences?
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What is your preferred method of ingesting medicine?

I prefer pills but I HATE nyquil in a pill. I always gag when I swallow it :( Too big.

Also, does Nyquil knock you out really fast after taking it?
Kill Bill - Elle
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I have to decide on my 2500 word research paper/final paper topic; it is due tomorrow at 1 pm. It must be related to Hurricane Katrina. My class' central theme is Hurricane Katrina and we have done assloads of research on the storm and the events surrounding it, especially the governmental (or perceived governmental) inadequacies and the treatment of citizens. So, if you were in my position, what would you write about?

Is it late where you live?
What do you think of Chik Fil A?
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Do you think the rhythm/speed of your speech affects people's opinions of you?

Someone told me that they thought I was a bitch when they first met me because I talk slowly and I "sound bored" when I talk.


what is your favorite meal to cook?

easiest meal to cook?

good meal to cook for an 8 month anniversary dinner? (eats practically anything)

Last few times I've made burritos, steak, chicken, corn on the cob, and a few other random things.