March 9th, 2009

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Would you be able to date and have a long term relationship with a person with a high amount of sexual partners? (high being more than 10 less than 30) Or would it constantly bother you and force you to inevitably break up?

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What is your opinion on spaying/neutering cats? I'm just asking because I seem to get hounded from people (Americans especially) when I mention that my unspayed female cat has just given birth to three kittens
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

i need my music!

I do not know what to Google...but recently I updated my Windows Media Player just to view a video I uploaded. And then I probably accidentally clicked the "open with windows media player all the time" or something. Now, I can't play some songs on iTunes anymore. It says that the original file could not be found when I try to play it. Is this because of the update with WMP? Or is it something totally different?
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There's a psychological effect or hypothesis for the phenomenon where you learn something, then keep hearing mention of it or seeing it. Basically you start to notice it because your attention was brought to it.

I know it exists, I just don't know the name. Anyone?
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editing comments?

I'm seeing a lot of people who have edited comments, lately. I don't see any way that I can do that, but I use the web client, exclusively (well, other than my Palm phone, but that's beside the point). Is editing comments allowed within the standalone clients? Or am I overlooking a button/screen somewhere?

EDIT: okay, paid accounts, gotcha. Thanks, y'all.

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so, i live in a city that borders detroit, michigan and my boyfriends mom works downtown. because we're so close to detroit, when you're downtown sometimes our phones switch over and start to roam.. which is dumb. my boyfriends mom has somehow racked up a 700 dollar phone bill because all of her calls and text messages from the month had been long distance, even though she was still in the city. because she can't afford to pay that much, all of their cell phones have been shut off. i've heard of friends who live near the area who've been completely compensated by the phone company because of this happening, but for some reason the company is telling her to stfu and go to another provider. unfortunately the other companies are SHIT and not worth the money.

what would you do?
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Guys, I just got a great deal on this really old house-- it's a classic. They say there was some kind of grizzly ritual murder, which is why I got it so cheap. Do you think anything bad will happen to me if I go to the basement with a flashlight and snoop around to see if the previous owners left any porn?

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I currently live in a small town in British Columbia, Canada. After I graduate and spend the summer living at home making money, I want to move far far away. Vancouver is not entirely an option because it is so bloody expensive/ I will be moving with my boyfriend who doesn't want to move there or Victoria. I don't want to move to Edmonton because I am a pussy that can't handle the cold, although this option isn't crossed off the list. anyways

What are your favorite Canadian cities? why?
What are you experiences with winnipeg/manitoba?
Where do you recommend I move to (in Canada)?

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Say I have a normal vaginal birth with no long until I can get my ass working out in a gym?
I need to lose the baby weight and then some!    10 days to go.....

What are some good exercises to rid myself of my belly? 
I've always had one and want to suspend some day so I need to lose some body mass. I also want to get more tattoos but don't want to get them until I'm happy with where my body is and I can safely suspend.
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found another Queen penny today...

Out of curiosity;

Americans, have you ever gone through your change, only to come across a penny that wasn't a Lincoln Penny (American) but a Queen penny (Canadian)?

Did you keep the penny or did you try to pass it on to some other poor sap?

Canadians, has the reversed ever happened to you? Did you keep it or pass it off?

Everyone else, does this happen in other countries? That you find foreign currency within your own after a transaction? What country are you from and what country was the money from?
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IF the girl in a relationship met a new person, she and he became friends, but she started falling for the new boy and was secretly considering pursuing this new boy whilst still in a relationship, would that be considered cheating?

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My friend and I just got out of a movie and decided to smoke some pot. We smoked in an alley way then went on the sidewalk, and then this cop pulled up to us and gave us a hard time.  "You smoke your dope at home! Get out of here." I'm shocked, this is Canada where pot is way less of a big deal than in the U.S.

Have you ever been stopped by a cop cause you were doing something you shouldn't have been doing?
How lame and pathetic is that cop for having nothing better to do than scare a couple of stoners?

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There's this guy who drives thirty minutes to my house on Wednesdays to hang out and sometimes visits some other days of the week. He was into me for awhile and he kept asking me on dates, however last night after we decided to stay up all night together, he says "I don't know when we can date, I'm still not over my ex". I text him back, but the conversation stops there.
What's he mean by that? Is he not wanting to see me again at all?

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i'm in the market to buy both an acoustic guitar and a mandolin. i'm still looking around and gathering links to look though with my guitar-master friend, but do you think this is a good deal, or no? it looks/sounds too good to be true and there are no reviews yet, so i can't tell if it'll be a deal or if i'm being naive.

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My best friend is looking at 2 camera's (The 1st one is the Nikon cool pix S52 and the other one is Fuji Film Fine Pix F45fd) and I was wondering what you thought/knew/experienced about/with them?

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some 41 year old guy just messaged me on myspace and said this: hope your open minded? ever consider hooking up for some extra cash? it might be fun lets talk what should i do?

also: i'm going here for lunch and here for dinner. if you were going to either of those places, what would you get?

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the most important piece of advice.

So if you were asked to give your advice for an article/research/book and you had to think seriously about giving the most important advice to the following questions, BASED ON YOUR OWN PERSONAL LIFE EXPERIENCES (YOUR SECRETS TO A HAPPY LIFE) what would you say.

1) What are 5 things that a girl can do to drive her man away?

2) What are 5 things a man can do to drive her woman away?

3) What are 5 things that a girl can do to stand out and make her man fall even deeper in love?

4) What are 5 things that a man can do to stand out and make his girl fall even deeper in love?

(apply same method to LGBT question)

5) What are your top 5 beauty secrets (i.e use sunscreen, moisturize, etc.) ??

6) What 5 things make you feel independent?

7) What 5 life secrets/advice do you think are very important to pass on?

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1. do you pronounce "bag" so that it rhymes with "leg" (L-AY-guh) or "lag" (L-AHH-guh)?
2. silverware or cutlery?
3. either ('E'-thur or EYE-thur)?

4. Who makes your personal list of the most hated people on television?
5. Who on TV do you like but everyone else hates?
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My friend Jamie gained about 70lbs over a period of 6 years and now weighs about 200 lbs.

she weighed like 220 and lost 20 in about 7 months by working out and stuff, we actually got a gym membership and she was doing pretty well. She also says that she's dealt with the issues that made her gain weight, and I believe her

The only thing is that her bf acts like he does not really physically want her since she gained the weight, when they first got together she weighed 130 lbs.

The thing is that he's moved her into an apartment building with an awesome gym in it, I actually go there to work out, and 3 swimming pools etc. etc. but she keeps complaining about how he makes her feel bad about losing the weight. He's straight up told her that she needs to do it or that he does not see himself having a long term relationship with her in the future or getting married (which is something she really wants to do)

I want to be supportive and do the right thing here. I tell her not to be in an abusive relationship, but she keeps saying that he's not being abusive, he's just letting her know how important it is to be healthy. To eat well and have a very active lifestyle (cuz he does)

so I don't know what advice to give her, I do think she's overweight and needs to continue being healthy and losing weight, but I don't want to be an ass either. What does one say here? tell her to be herself and love being fat if she feels like it? or tell her that yeah she should continue losing weight and that there's really nothing wrong w/ her bf reminding her of that?

if a guy says that he's not attracted to someone who is fat, is it her right to try and make him just accept it? shouldn't he heave a right to be with the kind of woman who leads a similar lifestyle as he does? I really don't know who is in the wrong here

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I applied to a job in early January. I didn’t get a response back until the beginning of February. The first interview went fantastic, and about a week and a half later I was called in for a second interview. The second interview occurred on a Monday, and she said she would check references and get back hopefully by the end of the week. At the end of the week I had not heard anything, so I waited until the following Monday and left a voice mail stating that I was checking in, still interested in the position and to let me know if there was anything additional she needed from me. That was last Monday, and as of yet I have not heard anything….


I am very interested in the position; should I call her again? E-mail her? I don’t want to be a pest…. But I am very, very interested in the position!!

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My dog is refusing to poop. She hasn't gone since SATURDAY evening, and it's frustrating the crap out of me. She usually goes first thing in the morning and a few times a day thereafter. She just won't go! She isn't even trying, which leads me to believe she's holding it in on her own volition. I've walked the hell out of her, and she's eating normally. WTF is wrong with my dog TQC? Has anything like this ever happened to you? What should I do?


I have an appointment for tomorrow at her vet if she doesn't go by then.

SHE POOOPPPPED. For my roommate. I knew she was just doing it to be a pain. I'm taking her to the vet anyway, she could use a wellness check.

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I'm planning a trip to Paris. While looking at hostels I stumbled upon this phrase:
This hostel imposes a lockout between 11:00 and 16:00 daily.
WTH does this mean? Is it prohibited to be at the hostel / in your room half the day?

Have you been to Paris? If so, where did you stay? Did you like it?

What did you have for breakfast?
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Is there some way to delete a bunch of post subscriptions at once?

Apparently there's a limit of 1000 subscriptions (both active and inactive) that I just reached today, but almost every time I go to the Manage Subscriptions page my browser crashes, and on the rare times I can get it to load, it seems that I have to delete the subscriptions one by one, hoping and praying that my browser doesn't seize up after each one. It would take hours and hours to delete even half of them, is there any other way??
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FACEBOOK FRIEND has been at the hospital all nite thanks to someone she loves. 4 hours ago
FACEBOOK FRIEND went from being "in a relationship" to "single."

what does this mean?

nonsrs only
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TQC, can you top my shitty weekend?

My apartment was broken into by my roommate's psycho ex while I was asleep in it, and I woke up in the middle of it. After dealing with the cops, my mother calls me to tell me that my brother was flown to shock trauma after driving his car into a tree while drunk as shit (he's okay, for the most part; they actually said that being so drunk probably saved his life because it kept him from tensing up at impact).

Did you have a really awesome weekend?

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If anyone else here reads thebbcnewsworld  feed here on LJ, do their headlines/bylines ever strike you as...facetious?


Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai says the car crash that injured him and killed his wife was an "accident".

UN 'protecting' Madagascar rival

N Korea warning over 'satellite'


I keep reading these and picturing Dr Evil doing his exaggerated fingers-as-quotation-marks thing.
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Why do I feel I need to validate my relationship physically?
Or is it that I really do want him all the time?
I feel like I have a problem.

How is your relationship with your SO these days?

No SO? Do you like being single? What happened?
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1.) What's your favorite song cover?

2.) What's a song cover that you absolutely despise?

3.) If you could pick up a song that would sum up how your life is going right now, what song would it be?
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My boss is away today, so it's like a 2.5 day weekend. Complete this adage: When the cat's away, the mice will ______?

Work on their excel spreadsheets like normal
Call in sick and see the Watchmen movie
Work a little, but goof off a lot
Start drinking before noon
Eat cheese
Probably burrow like mice are prone to do
Take a dump in the cat's bed
Rub the cat's coffee cup against their butt
Photocopy their mousy butts on the copy machine
Bang on the cat's desk
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This is so 1991.

All right, TQC, first post here, and I feel silly asking, but I MUST KNOW.

Does anyone know the song that plays in the very beginning of Beauty and the Beast? If it helps any, the piece is also used in the French movie at the World Showcase in EPCOT.

My Mom said she thought it was a piece by Claude Debussy, but my google-fu isn't helping me to find out which piece, or if that's even the right composer. I would be listening to YouTube videos looking for it, however, my sound has been flooey in my browser since I reformated recently >_<

Anyways... I need to know what that song is! It's so pretty and shimmery ! >_<

Also, do you have a favorite classical piece of music?
And do you like to hear any particular instruments in classical music?
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Do you (or would you) take a camera to major concerts?
Have you ever had a problem with doing so?
What's the last major concert you went to?
What's the awesomest concert you've been to?
Is there anything you want to tell me?
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I have 2 interviews this week (Yay!) and the problem is I've never been on a "real" interview before. I've had jobs, but it's always been the case that I come in, and because they needed someone I started real interview.

So what has worked for you during interviews? How do you answer those dumb questions that are meant to be pitfalls? What can I do to put my best face forward?

Will you send good thoughts that I get a job? :D
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So yesterday I made a thing to hang in the upstairs hallway. I like it but my dad thinks it looks stupid. So TQC, Collapse )

The ugly carpet is not my doing, the obnoxious paint is.

It's 22" x 7". I would have made it bigger but the fabric was not wide enough.

Edit: It's just fabric stretched over a wooden frame I made. I wish it were a painting.

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What phrases do you commonly use as acronyms?
What does it actually mean (this question is for some of the crazy ones I still don't understand)
Are there any acronyms you think are just stupid? Maybe it depends on the person using it?

I went though a phrase where I hated "lol" for a while and I thought it represented annoying dumb girls.. LOLZ! Now I don't really care, I just don't use it.
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TQC, I wasn't aware that McDonald's shakes come in the same sizes as their drink cups. I'm used to Sonic shakes, where the large is about the size of my fist. So I ordered a large chocolate shake at McD's, and it's bigger than my head. My mom always taught me to finish my food, 'cause there are starving kids in China who would love to have it.

So, should I:
A. Chug til I puke (which won't be long)?
B. Throw away the extra?
C. Send it to starving kids in China?

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what the eff TQC? i get a little lax on the viewing of this wonderful community and there are like a MILLION new acronyms! last time i was here it was like "iawtc, gdiaf, lol, TQC" and now there is like "imho, tbh, ngl, unicef, bbq...." what are these? what could they mean? i am so confused. i try to make things up but i end up with things like " i make hot omelets" or "timmy's bank hopping"... and i don't think that is what they mean. tell me what it all means TQC! what is with these new acronyms?

what is the weather like where you are?

should i have a grilled cheese sandy w/ bbq sauce? if not, what should i have?
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Asian Lady Beetle

I'm curious to know how many people on here have had (or currently have) an Asian Lady Beetle infestation? This past fall the little bastards took over our apartment... and they're coming back again. I called our landlord and he's supposed to be sending someone over to deal with it. I'm hoping he can do something to help. Our previous landlords wouldn't do shit about it.

And for those who have never had to deal with the swarm... what's your favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry's?

I adore Phish Food. I miss One Sweet Whirled, though.
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rap question..

what's the LL Cool J song that ends with something about 'but I don't gotta pay for it' or something like that?
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I was just talking to a friend from the US, and the following occurs:

My friend:  Who has a kettle nowadays
Orjazzms:   ... 
Orjazzms:   Who doesn't? 
My friend:  I've never even seen a kettle except for on tv 
My friend:  lol 
My friend:  Or like, painted on country decorations 
My friend:  Isn't that the thing with the spout 
My friend:  Like a tea pot
Orjazzms:   ... are you being serious? 

I own a kettle, for boiling water to make tea and the like. Everyone I know owns a kettle.

So, TQC...

1: Who has a kettle nowadays?
2: Do YOU own a kettle?
3: How many people do you know own a kettle?

ETA: I'm talking about electric kettles. Everyone has them here. For making tea, obviously. :D

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I learn something new everyday! :)
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I want an audio device that will let me listen to Rhapsody (streaming) but does not have to be connected to my computer. I'm looking for the least expensive one out there. Speakers would be nice, but if not I have speakers that could be hooked up... I just want to be able to play it wherever I have wireless internet, without being connected to my laptop.

Bonus points for ultra-inexpensive. (The best I've seen is the Soundbox Boom thing? Is there an MP3 player that streams it?

k thx.

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After a traumatic dentist appointment, i'm trying to have less suagar in my diet to decrease the chance of another!

Usually i'll drink lots of Fanta or Coke, but i've replaced this with 'slightly sparkling spring water drink with a hint of peach juice'.
Is this a good idea as per the less sugar concept?

ETA: Is it possible to have a plain working background on photoshop mac so that it looks like it does in windows, rather than whatever windows or desktop you have? It's really distracting, and I don't like fullscreen mode.
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TQC, the other day, my boyfriend was complaining about not having enough money for hookers and blow. This means he lurks here, y/y?

On a completely different note, I saw a really weird insect and google isn't giving me answers for my vague description. It was about an inch long, its back was an oval... It looked like a type of beetle. It was a pale green, kind of the colour of green grapes. I know it's vague, but does this sound familiar to anyone? Curiosity!

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It's 2:55 in the afternoon.

Which should I do?

Read a book.
Continue surfing TQC.
Finish some homework.
Find something to watch online.
Fill out scholarship applications.
Play Wii Fit.
Knit a hat.

fat attraction

This post made me contemplate the rules of attraction when it comes to today's modern society norms and fatness.

Do you think that we are trained to be attracted to certain types?
I'm really speaking specifically when it comes to "thin" body types in women?

If we haven't been told for the last 100 years or more that fat women are gross and lazy and ugly, would we (the collective we, obviously there are exceptions) naturally be attracted to those ladies with higher body fat percentage?

Take a moment, think of fashion and movies and television and the music industry, what if the humans in the upper echelon of those fields were fat? Would the typical public automatically be attracted to them? (Because that is what they see every day, that is the image they are inundated with, that is what we are told is attractive.)


Do you think that the reason those people are successful and highly regarded as attractive is because they are thin and humans are naturally wired to be attracted to thin women? (again, I realize there will always be exceptions)

Which came first?
The adulation of thin?
Or the automatic, organic, natural tendency to be attracted to thin? (Thus leading to adulation.)

(I'm using the term "thin" as an all-encompassing label. I think we can all agree that labels are subjective, but for the purpose of this question, we'd agree that thin is the desirable trait. I'm discussing the "WHY?" of this idea.)
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If a piece of clothing at, say, Urban Outfitters is shown on the webpage as an "Online exclusive!" is that code for "Everyone except the model looks terrible in this but we can't let you find that out" ?

There's this jacket that looks kind of nice, but idk if they're trying to trick me.

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Do you know of any programs that you can install on your computer, and it helps you get rid of an accent? Say, if English is your second language, it makes you repeat sentences or words and then tells you if you are saying them incorrectly, so that eventually your accent goes away.....or something along those lines.
I don't even know if this exists, and I don't know how to explain it properly. My parents were asking me about it. Their first language is Russian and although they know English, older people tend to retain an accent.

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My brother put some movies on my mac. They are in .avi and i need more software in order to play them. I went to a link that gives a list of the different softwares I can download but I don't know which one I should.

Could someone help me out?

This is the link I went to:

which one should I download if any?


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Are you the type of person who always gets sick or never gets sick?
I find there's not much in between. I hardly ever get sick so when I see people whining about being sick all the time, im like, geez buck up.
But maybe they have weaker immune systems. What do you think?

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Today is Barbie's 50th Anniversary.
Do you know of someone or do you yourself blame your insecurities on Barbie's "perfect" body?

I really do not understand how you can compare yourself to a foot tall piece of plastic. But then again, I decapitated all my Barbies in third grade and threw their heads into our trees. When we left my old house, a few were still there, lol.
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I'm trying to think of ideas for a new hairstyle. Can you post pics of some of your favorite haircuts?
Pictures of you, celebrities, people you know with awesome dos- whatever! I'd love to see!
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This is so ridiculous.

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TQC, I just got back from a group job interview where there were like, 30 of us. They took groups of 3 into different rooms, asked us the basics (about our resumes, what are our weakness, salary expectations, etc) and then, at least for my group, told us to come back this week from 10-5 every day for training, and we'd start work Monday. The job is a "training position with fast vertical movement," as they described it, starting in advertising, and working our way up through human resources, administration, and finally management. Apparently there is travel involved (4 trips a year).

Is this a pyramid scheme? I am assuming that tomorrow all 30 of us will be back, and the only other way I can see this making sense is if there's some kind of test at the end of training to filter us out.

Additionally, does anyone know anything about, or the Natural English program?

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do you resent your parents for something they did/n't do while you were growing up?

for example, my husband's parents never taught him to protect his skin from the sun. his sisters tan whenever they can, and his parents burn. he found out recently he has dysplastic nevus syndrome - a genetic condition where he has a ton of irregular moles that are likely to become cancerous and are made worse by being in the sun. 
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Do you live in a house, apartment or do you rent a room? 
Who lives with you?
When you're at home do you wear clothes or do you hang around in the nude? 

I live in an apartment, with my fiance and I'm pretty much always naked or just wearing a shirt/hoodie unless we have company.
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 What is your favorite day of the week, and why?

I've recently come to enjoy Thursdays. It's still a day to get stuff done, but it's just after Hump Day and you're excited that tomorrow is Friday, and the weekend is just around the corner. :o)
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I have TMJ and I'm getting a splint made on Thursday that I'll have to wear every night for...the rest of my life, I guess.

Who here has to wear a splint at night, for tooth clenching/grinding?  Is it hard to sleep with?  I can't really imagine having to sleep with something big and plastic in my mouth...that's what she I'm looking for maybe just encouragement and personal experience.  Halp?

(no subject)

How did you come up with your journal title, subtitle and friends page title?

Does your bed creak? Is it wooden, metal or something else?

Ever been to Disneyland in Paris? Is it any good?

Do you think that not doing anything other that sitting in the house watching tv can affect a relationship you have with your partner?
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Poll #1362711 Weird question

You're blessed/cursed with an unusual power. You can make any one type of thing disintegrate. Everything else that you touch that isn't this one thing is ok. It's just that one material. What can you make disappear?

Wood (you can get through fences and get rid of trees)
Denim/cotton/one kind of fabric. (you can no longer wear them, but you can make other people undressed)
Metal (you're invulnerable to bullets, knives and the sort. Might make it difficult to ride in most vehicles)
Flesh (I'm a living weapon as long as I don't touch myself. And I can rent myself out as a really low-budget crematorium)
Carbon dioxide (I'll help resolve global warming)
Plastic (I'll help clean up landfills)
Rock (the fastest way way from point A to point B is a direct line. China, I'm coming to visit)

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Dear Dr. TQC,

I haven't slept in 34 hours. I got a sample of Ambien CR from my doctor to knock me the f out tonight. What time should I take it tonight so it'll be out of my system by 6 tomorrow morning?

My husband has been warned of the sleep sex side effect and he seems unconcerned. Will he get lucky while I'm half-conscious tonight?

Whatever happened to...

Are there any TQC members you've noticed missing lately?


I myself am curious about rudezombie, generalwhitey, and scarybaldguy. And sunow, for that matter!

I'm way too lazy to make those names links. You know who I mean! What the heck happened to these people?

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i've had ricotta lasagna, but never made it.

i put an egg in a container of cottage cheese, then make the layers as such: noodles, sauce, cottage cheese, cheese.

how do you assemble ricotta lasagna?
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omg, TQC, I'm so glad you're (we're) back! I have an emergency question!
Okay, so not really an emergency but whatever.

Do you have delicious and fairly easy recipe for taquitos you'd care to share - pretty please?

Elsewise, what's a tremendous appetizer or side dish to serve with a Mexican foods-themed dinner? Recipes/links for those would be appreciated. (Chicken enchiladas are on deck for the main dish.)
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when you eat a packet of mixed flavoured sweets/chocolates (e.g skittles or revels),
Which flavour do you like to savour until last? Which flavour do you wish they hadn't put in the packet,also?

(no subject)

So I just told my ex boyfriend, who I love very much, that it was too painful to keep him in my life as a friend and we said goodbye. Needless to say, I'm not feeling too good right now. Can you tell me about a time you had to cut someone out of your life? Or could you tell me about getting over a hard breakup? Or if you want, you can just pity me and post cute kitten/puppy pictures.

Just so this isn't only just another 'X happened, can you cheer me up?' post, would you like to tell me about your favourite article of clothing and favourite accessory? Post pictures if you want I guess.

(no subject)

do you have a pet? if so, what kind? what is its name?

if you do not have a pet, do you wish you had one? what kind? what would you name it?

ETA: will you post a picture of your pet or your dream pet?
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I have a mole on the back of my head that itches. I should get that checked out- y/y? Am I going to die, TQC?
Have you ever had to have a mole checked? What'd they do?
What's the last thing that worried or scared you?

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What's the last stupid thing you did?

:( I bought and played a ton of Fallout 3 on my Xbox during my spring break, but offline... And then recovered my gamertag on my boyfriend's Xbox and lost 200+ achievement points because of it. Boo.

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 There's a guy that I'm on the fence about. He sends me mixed signals, overly-flirty at times. Not sure if he is one of those guys that is like that with all his girl friends? Anyway, he sometimes makes comparisons between myself and his ex-girlfriend (whom I have never met). He's a great guy and I don't know if I'm looking for friendship/something more with this person, have a feeling that he probably doesn't feel the same but also really want him to know that this is how I feel. Tbh had enough of being flirted with and want to find out how he really feels, but should I do so at the probable expense of my dignity? 
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Have you ever made promises to change yourself when you were drunk but then when you got sober realized that you didn't care? Anything to better yourself or someone else?

I always want to start exercising when i'm drunk but then when i get sober i realize i'm too lazy.

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When you rent movies with someone else, do you tend to get your way or not (in terms of which movie)?
Will you watch a movie again? Are you picky about the genre you watch?
What types of movies will you watch and what times won't you watch?

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My half sister is coming from Hawaii with her newborn this week to visit my family and I in California. She gets really hostile around me because I come off as cold to her.

My half sister has been an emotionally abusive and exceptionally manipulative person since we were young; we've grown distant, and I like it that way.

Should I be kinder to her now that she's a mother?
What would you do?

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I just cooked myself a lovely pot of pasta and was all excited about it. I opened a jar of sauce from last week and poured it all over the pasta, and then I looked at the lid and saw a huge amount of green mold all over it.

What was the last thing that really disappointed you?

Road Trippin'

I am driving from Los Angeles to New Orleans over spring break (next week!). The route on the way there goes through Arizona, New Mexico and northern Texas. Where should we stop? (we're already going to the grand canyon)

Oh, and on the way back I want to drive through Colorado? Is this a good idea or are we going to get stuck in a blizzard and die on the side of the road?

My friend asked me to ask..

My friend went on holiday and came back to find herr cat had peed on her (fabric) sofa.

Since she can't determine the exact place she's going to have to scrub the whole thing. What's the best way of going about this? What's a good product to use that will get rid of (old) cat pee?

hate pimentos

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So, I was watching NCIS reruns on USA and now I can't find the remote.  Professional wrestling (Smackdown?) is on.  Now, I haven't watched wrestling in, oh, 10 years.  BUT IT"S AL THE SAME DAMN PEOPLE!  Seriously, Shaun Michaels was fucking old when my best friend's brother watched that bullshit when we were in elementary school.  I can't quit laughing.  It's so awful.  It's dumber than reality TV.

ETA: It's even better because that Undertaker dude keeps flubbing his lines.  

Two questions;

I should continue watching this for the lulz, running the risk of becoming a whitetrash dirtbag, y/n?

What's the last thing that you found absolutely hilarious?
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so, i've been on a diet for a while now and today i've only eaten 850 calories or so. should i crack open a couple magic hat's to take me to 1300 or eat something ~*hEaLtHy*~ instead?

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Why is acceptance a word but unacceptance is not? Doesn't the English language know that I need to use it for my paper?

ETA: I am not using "rejection." I am campaigning for the acceptance of "unacceptance."

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Should I get a name change? I'm not sure, because I like this name, but people never know how to pronounce it. And I'm too cheap to buy a name change token.
Will someone buy me a name change token?  
How do you pronounce my username?

And a slightly less self-centered question, what are  your favorite shoes like?
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