March 8th, 2009

109 - degrassi adam 3

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Will you tell me some good stories about your college admissions process?

How was your applying process?
How did you decide on a school? Was it a tough decision?
Are you/were you happy with that decision?
Any good/bad/funny/weird stories about the whole thing?
Any advice?

I'm going through this right now...I just got my first news today and it was good, thankfully, but I'm started to get all nervous about the decision, and I have to wait till April to get the most of the rest. At least the hard part's over...

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I have my nephew's christening early tomorrow afternoon.

Will I end up dropping him in the holy water?
Is he going to cry the whole time?

Are you a godparent? How are you related to your godkid/s?

Should I wear my cross to throw off the priests?
Baro Bitch Stare

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Suddenly I was just plagued by the question of "How much do my boobs weigh?" much do you think boobs weigh? I wear 34D bra...they feel fairly heavy but I wouldn't know how to weigh them individually.

Any good guesses?
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For those Watchmen fans out there :

Rorsarch talks about this joke that he once heard; in which a depressed man asks his doctor what to do about his depression issues and the doctor tells him to go see a clown and the man says that he is that clown.

Anyone remember the joke specifically?
I appreciate it :)
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How come none of my friends are ever online when I am? D: especially late at night?

What do you think when people tell you about the amazing hour and a half long sex time they had with their boyfriends?

What is your favorite intrnet picture? POST IT AND ENTERTAIN ME!

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Poll #1361817 Tabloid Terror

Who would you rather see Jennifer Aniston with?

John Mayer
Brad Pitt
Ross Gellar
A porcupine on ecstasy

What does Jessica Simpson most need to do to fix her life?

Lose 20 lbs
Dump Tony Romo
Marry Tony Romo
Fire her dad and get a restraining order
Just go away
Get back with Nick

Who should the Jonas Brothers end up with?

Wholesome girls who'll appreciate how special they are
Wholesome boys who'll appreciate how special they are
Naughy girls who'll teach them to sell their promise rings on ebay
Prison inmates you'll take their virginity in the showers

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt need to ______?

Have more kids
Stop having kids
Give all their kids away in some kind of auction, and go back to being a sexy couple
Go away and take their brood with them

Tom Cruise should ______?

Free Katie Holmes
Have more babies with Katie Holmes
Go away forever
Stop being such a whore for Scientology
Just admit that he likes wang and that that 'vanilla sky' moustache he's wearing isn't milk

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Dear Dr TQC,

Is it possible or common to become nauseated from being exhausted? I am just curious, as I am super exhausted but also really queasy, but I didn't eat anything weird. And for what it is worth, dear internets, unless the baby daddy is Señor Almighty himself, I am certainly not pregnant.

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If you're in a relationship, how often are you with your SO?
How often do you see your friends?

Okay I'm gonna add another question:

Do you think that once you're in a relationship, it's pretty much assumed you'll be with them more often than not? [given that you do live near each other and distance isn't an issue]

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I just want to be clear before I make an arse of myself.

What exactly are deviantart notes? For example, are they private or can anyone see them?

I want to contact my ex-boyfriend with private content, but I have no other way of doing it. So, deviantart notes are my last resort... but I'm not sure how they work.

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Silly question: What do I have to do to get someone to grant me sexual favors?

Not as silly question(s): Are you ticklish? If yes, do you like being tickled?
I am ticklish, and I fucking HATE being tickled, no lie.

Edited the first question!!

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In order of how often you use them, what are your top 3 methods of transportation?
To clarify: walking counts as a method of transportation.

For me:
1) skateboarding
2) bicycling
3) public transit

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It's 7:46am on a Sunday. We got to sleep about 4am. It's probably a bit early to wake the guy up and kick him out just because I have personal space issues, isn't it? :p

Ugh, I think I need to shower and go for a walk.

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What's the weather like where you are?

What's for breakfast?

Will you post a picture of something you typically wear to work/school?

Wanna go to the mall with me?

Do you have a comfortable bed?

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In most of the hugs you receive, the other person's hands are around ________

Your neck/shoulders
Arms and torso, squeezing the life out of you
Throat, cutting off the air


What do you think about traveling by yourself?

I've never really considered it, cause I'm slightly insecure. But these girls came into work yesterday and they said it was a great idea and they recommended it. Seeing as how I want to travel the world but have no friends to do it with... this seems like it might be a good idea.

Have you gone traveling by yourself? Would you care to share what that was like for you?
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I just realized I should probably be keeping track of my community service hours,for future reference. I already have about 200, but I don't need them for anything yet.
I'll be updating fairly frequently, because I have two committee meetings twice a week for 2 hours, so on the computer probably isn't the easiest.
TQC, how do I track my service hours in an organized fashion?

If you don't care, What is your favorite breakfast cereal? do you put anything on it? What kind of milk do you like?

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I have really really bad stomach pain and think that I have the stomach flu along with the two icky things that go with it. what food is good to eat and stay away from? what kind of soup? I need help, ouch!!
Isobel Mahariel

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Is it possible to know what something smells like without being able to actually identify it?

Example: I know I've smelled weed before, because someone who's smoked it was with me and mentioned it ("I SMELL WEEED!"). This has happened twice (at concerts, lol), but I obviously didn't learn to associate that "weird smell" with weed, even though it was pointed out to me on more than one occasion. So basically, if no one points it out to me, I won't realize that the "weird smell" is weed. If that makes any sense. D:

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What's your favorite use for duct tape?

What's the most attractive feature on a person?

Do you like Taco Bell?

What would you do if a Bell was actually made out of tacos?

Did you believe in the Tooth Fairy?

Does the smell of tomatoes make you want to vomit?


The best kisses are planted where?

Back of neck
Side of neck
Back of knee
Between fingers
Dr Finitevus

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1. If you currently live/own a townhouse, how do you like it? Would you compare it to being in an apartment but just living side-by-side instead?

2. If you don't live/own a townhouse, would you ever consider buying one? Why or why not?
( movie ) steve3.

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i woke up and i felt fine. i ate a poptart and drank some iced tea. a few hours later i took my vitamin & my prozac pill. now i feel nauseous, my head feels cold, and i feel like the pills are lodged in my throat.

wtf is this? and what do i do? i'm drinking water right now

does this chair have a name?

I'm trying to replace one of my kitchen chairs. I have no idea where the original ones came from, but they seem fairly common. However, I cannot find them online at all.

They are shaped kind of like an S without the top part. The frame is metal and the back and seat are made of wicker on a wooden frame. I'm wondering, do you guys know if that type of chair has a specific name? or have you seen it around at all?

If you have no idea what I'm talking about or don't care..... are you currently enjoying this "heat wave" that is affecting the southern/eastern part of the US? What's it like where you are today?
TCEB (Taking Care of Evil Business)

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Edit: this poll should say 'Ladies, in a guy, which one of these affectations or quirks would be the biggest WTF thing to you?'

Ladies, which one of these affectations or quirks would be the biggest WTF thing to you?

Has a gold tooth
Has a tramp stamp
Collects My Little Ponies (he says it's an investment)
Has no hair anywhere. Not even eyebrows. Shaves everything. The idea of having hair sprouting from his body gives him the willies
Is wary and untrusting of all restaurants that aren't McDonalds
When he laughs, it's so loud, shrill, feminine with unusual staccato that he sounds like a loud female billy goat on helium
Has one lazy eye that's so lazy it looks like he's peering at someone right beside him
Has a biggish gut that's gotten bigger in the past year and hasn't bought new clothes in a while, so none of his shirts can contain the belly. It always hangs out
Has shaggy yeti-like chest hair which he's proud of. All his shirts are button-down and at least 4 buttons are always undone to showcase his fleecy cheset
Has big, bushy muttonchops, but doesn't like any facial hair because he thinks it'll look 'weird' on him
Has a mullet. The sides are cropped close to his head, has spiky bangs, and the tail part of his hair extends down to the middle of his back
Very gassy. He belches periodically throughout the day. Loudly and proudly, regardless of what he's drinking
Has bad dandruff
Is a white guy who dresses, talks and acts like K-Fed. Wiggerlicious
Rarely washes clothes. He'll wear the same clothes days in a row. You always notice food or other stains on his clothes at any given time. They stink a little too
syringe + redeyes = comedy gold


How many whiny/indignant TQC posts will there be when Facebook changes the Home feed page layout? (it's coming "soon")
Care to take a guess??? Winners will be awarded with.....winning.

Can't we all just agree to mock these posts into the ground?


Is Watchmen worth seeing in IMAX? Has anyone seen it yet in IMAX? I just saw it in the regular theater last night and wasn't sure if it would be worth seeing my second time in IMAX.

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if you don't already know, and without looking it up:

since the first tournament in 1930, how many countries would you think have won the World Cup?

if you want some statistics:
1930-1978 had 16 countries competing
1982-1994 had 24 countries
1988-present has 32 countries

FML, seriously.

Do you know of any good automotive/car communities on LJ? All I keep getting in my search results is the crazy russian communities...

How heavily do you rely on your car? I rely on mine for EVERYTHING. I hate having other people (public transportation included) take me, I hate it to the point where I will have a breakdown if my car does not work.

My car decided to take a giant shit as I was trying to drive to school. Thankfully, I was only about a block from my house, so I was able to turn around and get back safely. The thing pretty much...convulsed. Shuddered. Won't accelerate smoothly, and it feels like I had no assistance in braking, just my own weight on the pedal. What's wrong with it?

I'd prefer more srs answers for the first, since idk when my parents can make it down here to check things out...but be as silly as you'd like for the rest. :P

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LADIES....your SO of 5 years asks you to bump your bra size a cup.
From an A or B to a B or C.
He says he won't love you any less. But he'd be happier with a bigger boobie.
What do you tell him? Why?

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I'm a Windows user but I'm on my sister's Mac for the day.  I don't see any games like Solitaire to keep me occupied, so I want to play around with it.  Obviously since it's not my computer, I don't want to download anything.

What are some cool things Macs can do that Windows can't?
Laura - Pink

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What is your favourite Bollywood movie?

:) I have a hard time choosing mine..

For those who aren't into Bollywood - what kind of computer do you have?

I have an imac as well as a compaq laptop from like 5 years ago haha
Smoky hallway

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Do you prefer your SOs be ______?

More attractive than you
Less attractive than you

If given the choice, you'd prefer your friends be ______?

As attractive as you, so you garner the same amount of attention and no one gets jealous
Less attractive than you, so you get all the attention
More attractive than you

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My friend's conservative Christian parents found out that he is gay. His father just wrote him an email saying: he is making the wrong choice, and it is unacceptable and inappropriate; homosexuals do not exist--they are just people with low self-esteem who cannot get along with the opposite sex, and it is just a cop-out; he is making his father look bad in front of the family; he will never experience the joy of having children or the meaning of love because he is choosing not to have a family of his own; his father and mother are praying that god will open his eyes and touch his heart.

If you were my friend, would you respond? If so, how?

Chocolate Safari

For sleepie_kid

What's the BEST thing to cover in chocolate?

Different kind of chocolate
Lover's body parts
I hate chocolate


has anyone around here grown out their natural color after dyeing for years? i want to do it but god damnit im so impatient and i always am wanting to change it. ive been dyeing for almost 7 years.

any words of wisdom or advice on how to be patient keep myself from changing it? 
cheesin' for Disney

movie theater snacks

Poll #1362049 movie theater snacks!

what is your favorite movie theater snack?

popcorn (name size in comments)
candy (name type in comments)
ice cream
something else i buy at the counter (name in comments)
something else i sneak in (name in comments)

what do you drink at the movies?

soda (name in comments)
bottled water
tap water in movie theater cup
water fountain water
something else i buy at the counter (name in comments)
something else i sneak in (name in comments)

when do you consume most of your movie theater snacks?

before i even enter the theater
before the previews start
during the previews
during the movie
after the movie

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I'm writing a paper. If a paragraph I'm writing is basically all citing one source, do I need to cite the source after every sentence or can I have one citation at the end of the paragraph?

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My husband and I are bored. Soon we are going to have drinks and watch Weeds, but for now:

TQC, can you please recommend something interesting to look at on the internet? An interesting or scandalous website?


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i am drinking a can of American Cream Soda. What I want to know is is there such a thing as Cream Soda in America? Here its a vanilla flavoured clear soda. Does it exsist in America or do Barrs (the brand im drinking) just stick 'American' on the front to make me feel like I'm drinking a cool drink?
Hurry up and look back

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why would you decide to go to ASU?

I mean beyond living in AZ or thinking that it's a party school

EDIT: what I should have written is, what is ASU known for besides being a party school? and why else would some people decide to go there?
yummy beer!, yummy

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I'm wondering and esp for those of you who remarked on it in this post, what is the scariest or most dangerous part about traveling by yourself?

If that fear or worry could be negated, would you then be more apt to consider the idea?

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I used to know this site where people posted homemade things they had made, kinda like a crafts site. I remember you could search the site through holiday, (they had a section for valentine's day gift ideas etc.)

Does anyone know what I am talking about?

edit: It's not etsy
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Do you ever dislike it when people randomly visit with no notice? 

I do sometimes. I have an anxiety disorder that is getting better, but it sometimes creeps up when I'm really unprepared for a social situation. Tonight I'm in my sweats after I've finished working out and my brother shows up with his girlfriend I've met once before. 
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back corset

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This is also inspired by the bathing suit question. Where are some good places to buy inexpensive but cute one-piece bathing suits or tankinis? Online or offline.
Can you show us a picture of your bathing suit, either from a website or of you?

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My friend just dared me to eat Taco Bell everyday, for 30 days, spending $5 or less lunch and dinner. She will pay me the full amount *at the end of 30 days if I do it.

Should I do it?

What do you think will happen?

Yay! Pets?

1)what do you think about pitbulls?

My cousin has an adorable one, like the one in little rascals. reported to be a 'sissy dog'

2)Brunch anyone?

Love it.

3)Are you dating?

No, I am too lazy.
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for the ladies:
if you wear a one-piece bathing suit, what made you decide to?
if you wear a two-piece, what would drive you to wear a one-piece?

for everyone:
when should someone quit wearing a two-piece?
what if the person is pregnant? only if they are really overweight anyway? when they get stretchmarks?

for boys:
do you wear a bathing suit with the net inside it?
if not, what if anything do you wear under your bathing suit?
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( movie ) steve3.

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i'm eating Archer Farms' Zen Part trail mix (it's AMAZING btw.)
there's almonds in it and when i chew them they make a squeaky sound, and it's fairy annoying.

what's something that's annoying you right now or recently?
28 days later

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Have you ever considered having sex with someone you shouldn't (would screw up friendship, possibly create DO NOT WANT dating, make you look like a slut, etc. etc.) just because you're lonely and you know they would?

How did that work out for you?
James Franco joint

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What cellphone do you have? Pics? What can it do/what do you use it for (web, texting, email, just calling...)?

I am getting a new plan with AT&T in May, and I am looking at phones already, I'm so excited.
model → rad boys


Hickory dickory dock, there's a mouse in the stove.
What do I do?

Edit I think I got him out. I went to make my attempt, but as the trash bag was in front of the stove, I had to move it out of the way first. I considered that he might be in there, heard some tiny noises when I moved the bag about and took that to confirm that he went trash diving. So I tied it up and took it outside. Afterwards, I rapped on the stove and heard no noises in return, so I think he's out!

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On a scale of 1-10, one being an easily tolerable headache or something of the sort and 10 being "THIS IS WORSE THAN EVERYTHING BAD EVER," how bad was your last hangover?

I was a little hungover this morning. I'd put it at maybe a 2.
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1. How do you usually dress? What colours do you wear and what colours you never wear?

I like bright colours -electric blue, purple, green, pink, white, gold- mixed with black and graphic shapes. I like short skirts, hoodie dresses and cowboy boots. I could never wear anything with a paisley pattern, ugh. I also never wear yellow, orange or brown.

2. What kind of style do you like your men/women wear?

I've started to like guys in simple black suits. Idk why.

lost in translation

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Just wondering, is there an effective way to prevent yourself from getting sick if you're trapped sleeping in the same room with someone who is sick?

I just spent two nights sleeping in a hotel room with my very sick mother. Now I am back at school with a lovely cold. I washed my hands a lot over the past few days... lots of sleep... yadayada. But I am still sick. :(

injustices-also may be a spoiler for apprentice fans

i was passing by the living room where my mom is watching the apprentice.

their task today was to come up with a comic book type character for zappos. the one team came up with a really good idea. one girl came up with the concept, and another came up with a slogan. one of the donald's assistant people came in to check on them, and the girl that came up with just the slogan claimed she also came up with the concept. i was appalled. the other girl layed low because she didnt want to be inappropriate in front of the guy that was checking on them.

isnt that so fucked up?

has something like that ever happened to you?
how did you handle it?
did the other person get what they deserved for doing that to you?


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How do you pronounce the word "Dachshund"? DASH-HOUND or DOXEN?

Am I the only one who thinks the TV show "Big Bang Theory" is horribly annoying?

Will you please throw some lyrics my way? Who are they by?

i had a chick flick jones.

Poll #1362197 songs from a chick flick.

I saw "he's just not that into you" today, and the soundtrack made me want to make a poll. Which of these movie songs are you familiar with?

I'd Like To - corinne bailey rae
I'm Amazed - my morning jacket
Don't You Want Me - the human league
Supernatural Superserious - r.e.m.
Madly - tristan prettyman
This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) - talking heads
By Your Side - the black crowes
I Must Be High - wilco
You Make It Real - james morrison
If I Never See Your Face Again - maroon 5
Can't Hardly Wait - the replacements
Fruit Machine - the ting tings
Smile - lily allen
Last Goodbye - scarlett johansson
oh suzer, dunno some of these, but i hope you satisfied your chick flick jones.

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Whenever me & my friend hang out, my friend usually drives. She lives about 15 minutes away from my house. Everytime that we hang out I have to give her gas money. (Around 5 bucks or so) This wouldn't be a problem if I had a job. Anywaaays, my bank account is getting lower & lower and I don't think I can afford to give her 5 bucks EVERY single time we hang out. Whenever I'm the one driving, she never pays me any gas money because it's my parents car & they pay to fill up the tank.

How can I tell her I want to hang out but seriously can't pay for it. Do you think this is fair?

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I have a paper to write and I cannot bring myself to care enough to chose a side. So, TQC, I ask you, let us say that a church wanted to use a public park for some Easter shit. The city council said no. It (somehow) managed to work its way up to the Supreme Court. Who should I side with? The church that wants to use the park or the city council?

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Since we just had a rather interesting poll about weird deal breakers in a relationship, I thought we should have a question about weird turn-ons. So, TQC, what is something strange or random thing that makes you instantly more atracted to a person?
I am instantly semi-attracted to guys who sing. I also really like guys who are close to other guys. Like, if any of you have seen the pictures of Ed Westick with that guy at the basketball game, I instantly found him more attractive after seeing those. Physically, I like nice eyes.

EDIT: I mean like a close guy friend, but the 2 for 1 thing is good also ;)
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Tomozawa Mimiyo's Octopus

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You work in an office building where there is only one bathroom.  This bathroom is haunted!  It's not a malevolent spirit, but it still moves stuff around, flushed toilets, and turn on the faucet, etc. at random.  Sometimes you can hear it talking!!  It freaks you out because you are scared of ghosts.

Say you are the only one at the office working, so there is no one around to go to the bathroom with you, and you are there for a 8+ hour shift.

What do you do? 
Maynard pen

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There's this stray cat that hangs around my house. We call him Uncle Biscuits. We came home today and one of his front legs is obviously broken. :( I don't know what to do. I can't afford to pay for his vet bill, but I really really want to take him to the vet. I also don't want to take him to the shelter because I'm sure they'll euthanize him. He's very sweet, and if I could, I'd take him in, but the shelter is already overflowing with cats as it is.

Do you think a vet would cut me a discount because he's a stray? What should I do? :(


Shit you guys, he's outside meowing. This horrible, in pain meow. :( :(

Edit 2:

I just tried to go get him, and entice him with food, but he's either not around or doesn't want to move. I'm going to pray that he's out there in the morning so I can take him to the vet.
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