March 7th, 2009

Bandit Driving

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What are/were your plans for tonight?

I was planning on spending a quiet evening at home by myself, but my friend just called and asked if she could invite a "few" people over for some beer pong. Appartently a few turned into about 8 others. Oh well.

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The ex just IMed me on facebook...last month we had a talk where we decided that we wouldn't be friends.

Why is he IMing me?
I should keep ignoring him right?
Do you have an ex like this?

Edit: It's not a booty call.
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You want to invite someone over to your place. HOWEVER, the only way to ask him this is to approach him face-to-face and ask him if he wants to chill.

The problem is is that he is surrounded by people you do NOT want to invite, despite the fact these people are also chill and you know them. Short of saying, "only this guy is invited," how would you get just him over your place?

aren't back rubs & scratches the best thing ever?

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Did you see the movie "Slumdog Millionaire"? Did you like it?

[Because I'm watching it now ;)....]

You can also answer,
What other Oscar movie winners/nominations have you seen? Did you think they were worth the win or overrated?

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I was out with my fiance and his friends and then I was all "I'm tired" so I came back home. Now that I'm here I'm fighting the urge to sleep because it's the weekend and that means I should stay awake later.

What can I do to stop from falling asleep?? Any good sites out there?
We don't have TV btw....and I can't think of anything good on the internet! lol! Entertain me.....

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tonight i was hanging out at my best friend's house while her younger sister (she's fourteen) had some friends over. at one point, the younger sister and one of her friends told us that they think it's real fun/funny to put your foot in the toilet and then flush the toilet. then they did it and got one of their friends to do it.

i think this is super weird and also gross. have any of you ever heard of anyone doing that? would you try it?


Do you give out your social on job applications?

I don't. I don't like to give it out more than necessary so I usually leave that space blank. I'm fine giving it after an interview, when essentially I have the job should a background check come back clear. However just now I tried to fill out an online application and it wouldn't allow me to proceed.

Do you think I am being overly cautious?

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Last questions of the night:

Do you have an IAM account? 
What do you like about it? 

I was thinking of getting one to try out for 6 months....


It's like a profile database on a giant body modification site. You make a profile if you have and are into body modifications and meet others who are as well. You need body modifications to join.

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About a week or two ago I met a guy through a dating site (shutup)
I get along with him really well but in conversation he referred to someone as "my Jen" and his myspace profile says that he's in a relationship but his profile for the website says that he's single.

It's safe to assume that he's dating someone right?
I'm going to ask him next time I speak to him but I'm trying to stay hopeful because I actually like him.
Would you be pissed if your SO had a profile on a dating site?

ex and new guy post on one page what whatttt.

and now deep thoughts with jack handy....

1. How would you define absolute evil?
a. Could you give an example of it?

2. You've heard of the phrase, "Only in America". What are some things that you can find or do only in America?

3. For the non-American TQCers, what are some things that you can find or do only in your country? (And, of course, what country are you from?)

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have you ever been to the florida keys? if so, what would you recommend doing/not doing there?
i've been before but not in like 6 years.

people under 21: have you gotten a hotel room by yourself before? i know friends of mine have done it, but i thought the law was 21 to get a room.


Do you take them?
Do you post them to your LJ?
What is a good LJ community for surveys?
Where can I find good surveys to take?
I want to post a survey in my journal on DA, what's a good "About Me" survey?
I also want fun, random surveys for FB, know any of those?


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When is the last time someone did something that made you go "WTF? Who does that?!"

On Wednesday, one of my coworkers brought her lunch to work and left it sitting on her desk while she turned in some paperwork and asked some questions about a case. While she was away from her desk, one of my other coworkers ATE HER LUNCH, *told* her when she got back in that she had eaten her lunch, and then acted like the coworker was acting crazy for being upset.

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I am pretty drunk still.

Should I walk my dog and try to stay awake?

Or go to sleep (prob until 2pm) and then try again tomorrow night?

EDIT: Until 2PM, not AM...I will most likely sleep until the afternoon and everyone in my house will hate me.

EDIT AGAIN: I am still VERY drunk.

EDIT AGAIN AGAIN: I am still PRETTY drunk, the dog is walked, it is 8AM and I'm not tired. Drinking more is not an option.
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Hypothetical situation: You're friends with someone on LJ, but they defriend you without an explanation. You haven't been in any fights or any other obvious reason that would cause it. It looks like the person is just doing a normal friends-cut. You still have other ways to contact this person (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, IM, etc). Do you take this person off those as well as LJ?
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1. How do I nicely tell my friend that when she's constantly self deprecating it's REALLY ANNOYING?
(not in that stupid girl thing where they fake it to get compliments, she's actually serious about it and it makes me feel really sad when she goes off about it but now I'm just sick of hearing about it)

2. What is your favorite Saturday morning breakfast?
I really love friend potatoes with some sort of scramble, but I'm out of taters and I'm bummed :(

3. If you're in the States and are over 21, what did you do for your 21st birthday? Was it bomb?
If you live in a legit country without this stupidly high drinking age law, or aren't 21 yet, what was your favorite birthday?

4. Is anyone else in here obsessed with Bloons Tower Defense 3 on Addicting games? It's so addicting!
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Help out the little old lady of TQC...

1. Would somebody please explain Twitter to me in a way that you would to your grandparents? I don't get it. :-/

2. Who are your favorite musicians that come from your state?
Probably The Flaming Lips and All-American Rejects. Oklahoma doesn't produce a lot of rockers, but boy when they do...

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How do you feel about arguing with somebody who is drunk? 
Any funny stories?
How do you feel about arguing with somebody who is high?
Any funny stories?
How do you feel about arguing with somebody who is asleep?
Any funny stories?

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alright, tqc.

last weekend i was at a party and i ended up hooking up with this dude. sometime between the beginning of alone time with him and the time i left the house, i took off my earrings and put them in what i thought was the pocket of my hoodie that i had taken off earlier. the next day i checked that pocket and t hey weren't there... leading me to believe that i put them in his hoodie pocet. they were my favorite earrings, kind of expensive but not a huuuge huge life shattering loss if i never get them back.

the only time i ever talk to this guy is when we are both drunk at parties (we party together a lot, though). he gave me his number that night. do you think it would be out of line for me to text him and ask him if i put my earrings in his pocket?

if i did put them there, do you think he thought i was some kind of crazy person when he put his hand in his pocket and found my earrings?

if i didn't put them there, where are they!?

i sent him a text and he said he didn't find them. and i already asked the guy who threw the party. they are gone forever, y/y?
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I'm at work and there's a mom and her teenaged daughter (probably 14 or 15) browsing around romance in the back. The daughter keeps raising her voice and saying things like, "MOM, YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING. I DON'T WANT THAT AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME GET IT." Over and over and over again. I can't hear what the mom is saying since, you know, she's not whining and being a dramatic teenager.

Question for the teens in TQC: Is it hard being a teenager? Is this girl just being a whiney little bitch?

Questions for older folks (like myself): Does the fact that I can't remember how bad it was being a teenager mean I'm getting old?
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My Netflix queue is pathetic and needs beefing up. Would you kindly throw some good (preferably newly released) recommendations my way? Bonus points if they're horror/thrillers or documentaries.

Thanks in advance! :D

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1)what are some trends that are popular in your area but nowhere else?

2)Do you adjust your personal style to where you are living?


3)How many times do you try again when you lose at video games?

usually 3, and then I put the controller down.
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Ever cook London Broil? Do you have any idea what London Broil is? Apparently it's regional. We couldn't find it in grocery stores in Columbia Missouri, but it is a constant in Rockville, Maryland.

[k.perry] watermelon

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So I get the "Worst Big Sister of the Year" award because I gave my little sister an old cell phone that I had acquired from a friend when MY phone broke, and on it were videos of blowjobs, and now she's traumatized.

ETA: obvs the videos were ones my friend made.. she just turned 10, and our family is pretty sheltered.

Have you ever been in this situation or one like it? How did you make it better? :(

Has something totally made your day terrible today? Want to share?

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what's a good place to make friends online? (not myspace/facebook)

what do you think will be the greatest accomplishment if your life? srs & nonsrs.

edit~ also i left a smoothie in the fridge so now it's all thawed out-- if i stick it in the freezer how long should i wait before i take it out? :/
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TQC, what is your favourite thing to do/way to feel better when you're sick? Usually I watch a bunch of Disney movies, but my VCR is currently not hooked up properly and I don't know how to fix it. =(
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im reeeeally bored, and i feel like getting in my car and going somewhere. where should i go? where do you like to go when you're bored and have nothing to do?
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1. I've been having my hair highlighted very blond for the past few years and I am thinking I want to go back to my natural color of dishwater blond. What sort of process would the salon do for doing this, would it be complicated or just slapping some hair dye of my natural on top of my highlights?

2. Is this the sort of thing that I would want to make sure I went to a really good colorist for or is it pretty basic?

Basically I am wondering both how expensive it might be and how much I should be willing to shell out for it, since if it is complicated I am willing to pay more to ensure it's done right.

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if my friend isn't sick she's coming over tonight to make dinner and watch movies.

does anyone know any good pasta dishes with a white wine sauce that won't be too expensive to make? i'm thinking $10 or less for ingredients(i already have a bottle of white wine).

OR PERHAPS YOU HAVE AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT STYLE OF DISH YOU WOULD LIKE TO SUGGEST! we're up for anything that isn't too terribly difficult to make(i can cook OK and she can't cook at all beyond boxed macaroni and frozen pizzas).

which movie should i go see at the cheap theater this afternoon?

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so the whole felony thing ith chris brown...
my mother said she doesnt think they sould play his music on the radio anymore
or anyone that has done any thing like that

i disagreed. hes talented and i dont think where and if his music is played should matter

what do you think?

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I was just cutting a habanero pepper and rubbed my nose before I washed my hands. MY FACE FEELS LIKE IT'S ON FIRE!

How do I make it stop?! D:

ETA: The milk worked! You guys are the best.
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How do you make friends?

I moved to a new town three years ago and I started dating one of the first new people I met. So, instead of making my own friends, I would just hang out with him and his friends. So now, three years later, we broke up and I don't really have any friends and have no idea how to meet new people. I'm 23, out of school, and my work friends are not people I want to socialize outside of work. So, how do I make friends?

Or, if anyone lives in Columbus, Ohio, want to be my friend?
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I woke up this morning and I could swear that my boobs got bigger. They're fuller and more perky :O
What was your last OMG WTF moment?
Do you ever feel like your farts are inadequate?
Do you get into weird moods, like, ever? LITERALLY? SERIOUSLY? OMG WHAT?
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I have to write a short story due at the end of the semester. I want to work on it while I'm on break. What should my story be about?

A story using a character based off my grandmother, involving suspicious kidnappings and aliens a la "Slaughterhouse Five"
The Life And Times of my hamster
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How irritable are you? What does it take you really get you angry?

One of my roommates makes EVERYTHING into a big issue, whereas if someone bugs me, I just get over it and ignore that one comment/behavior and move on with my life.
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1. I am 99% for sure buying a new(ish) car today for my birthday! Ok, ok, a really big part of it is that I backed into a tree yesterday in my new and still unfamiliar driveway because I was watching the front of the car in an attempt to not scrape the new and still unfamiliar car port. D: We found a great deal on a good car that we can easily afford the payments and full coverage insurance for. WHY THE FUCK AM I SO SCARED?! Help me be excited, as it will be the newest car I will have ever owned!

2. My husband has a really expensive old collector's toy that still works, is in great condition and the box is in 80% good condition (it's a Great Garloo that his mom saved for him from the very early 60's, if you care). One on ebay ends in a few minutes and looks like it will go for $300. There's another one Buy It Now for $579. Should I put a reserve on there to make sure we will get a good amount for it, or in an attempt to attract more bidders, should I do NR? For my expensive handbags I usually do NR, but this thing is worth more than my priciest bag!

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I'm house sitting. I don't know the area nor anyone in it. It's a kind of a country town. I don't really know how to work the TV. I may have already broken it. I am bored. I am very bored. And I am here til monday.

What should I do with myself? What would you do with yourself?

casual vs. relationship material

What makes the difference, or what criteria is there for whether you would date someone or just have a casual fling with them?
What determines it? Is it how they behave, what they are willing to allow, what they'll settle for, what boundaries they set?

Keeping in mind this is someone that you have a mutual attraction with, enjoy hanging out with, have things in common to talk about... where does the line fall between it being just fun or having potential for more?

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Have you ever done an internship or program in another country (that wasn't through your school?) When I graduate I'd like to do something like this.

If you were going to study or work abroad, where would you go?

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I have a pair of super cute shoes.. but they rip my feet up when I wear them. Any one have any blister avoidance suggestions?

(I can't wear socks with them, and I've tried bandaids...they are really too cute to give up, but I can't wear them for more than an hour with out pulling the skin off my little toes! :( )

oh .. ironic song :)
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I have a Mac, and I'm trying to copy image direct URLs from photobucket, but it won't work. It says "copied", but when I tell it to paste it won't work.

Has anyone else had this problem? How can I fix it??

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1. Inspired by seagulls stealing ice cream, have you ever had a run in with a seagull? What did it try to snatch from you? Did you have a "The Birds" flashback?

a. Is it me or are seagulls just scary birds? The only difference between a seagull and a hawk is that gulls have webbed feet.

2. And if not a seagull, have you ever had any sort of run in with a wild animal? What happened?
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Do you squeeze a tube of toothpaste from the bottom up (as many packages instruct), from the middle, or from the top?

If you squeeze from the bottom, do you roll up the toothpaste tube as it empties?

I squeeze from the bottom because I think it looks neater. I don't roll up the tube, though.

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I'm in a quandary, internet.

Last night at a bar the waitress brought me the wrong drink order but i decided to drink it anyway. I didn't know what it was, some fruity martini thing. I couldn't quite place the flavour. My boyfriend tried it, said "This tastes weird, it has a weird flavour in it.". Time passes, I scanned the menu to figure out what it was, only to discover that it mostly contained pineapple juice + chunks.
My boyfriend lives under the assumption that he is deathly allergic to pineapple. When he was a little kid he had his first taste of pineapple and his throat closed up/couldn't breathe/almost died, etc. He's never been formally tested since that was proof enough for his family.
It was at least 20 minutes since he had downed the pineapple juice when i realized what it was. i asked him if he felt okay, and he did. There seemed to be no point in me panicking and freaking him out. So i didn't mention it and still haven't.

When/how should i tell him that pineapples apparently won't kill him anymore?
Will i look like a psycho for not panicking right away?

Edit** changed first question slightly
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conflicting highs!

Do you have any horrific/interesting stories about people with conflicting highs?

E.g: At my birthday party a few years ago I got really drunk and stoned (pot), while a few other friends got high on E. Luckily I had other friends there because the E people ended up ditching me. Then showed up later to talk to me *meaningfully* about all the "red flags" in my relationship and how they were so worried for me. Which made me cry and end up upset, they disappeared again and I ended up smoking way too much, getting the spins and spending the entire night puking.
Sitting on a bench later with my head on my friend's shoulder to keep from puking, one of the E kids grabs me off the bench screaming "she has a boyfriend!" I answer by puking and my friend explains that it's platonic because I'm sick. They ignore him and start making out with each other and being generally all yayyy we're so happpy. (No joke) Then take a case of water my friend bought because I needed to rehydrate, and take off. I was supposed to stay at one of their houses so I had to stay alone in another friend's van in his driveway that night.

Any horrific drinking/high stories in general?
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For those of you with curly hair (and by curly I mean curly, not wavy):

What do you think is the best hair cut for curly hair?
How do you manage your hair?
How quickly does your hair grow? Any tricks to make it grow faster?

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Do you have any recipes that consist almost entirely of vegetables but are not boring?

I need to force myself to eat more vegetables and not just by throwing broccoli into my heaps of pasta.

take pills


TQC, how do you take your pills? Do you go pill --> water --> swallow, or water --> pill --> swallow, or do you dry-swallow, or what?

Do you take daily vitamins? What kinds?
What other kinds of pills do you swallow on a regular basis?
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Where can I find full episodes of Ghost Whisperer online? Or what are those websites that people swear by to watch full episodes of tv shows online? I forgot what they were. It's my mom's favorite show and I told her I could have it downloaded so she could watch it tonight but a ~certain community has failed me and hasn't uploaded it yet. :(

unfortunately very srs. :*(

My husband and I have one high credit card (about $2,000.00) and one small (about $200.00). We also have student loans and a car we are paying off.

A year ago we decided to put the bulk of our taxes this year toward our high credit card bill. The bank is out of the way, we have a hard time paying on time, and the interest rate is terrible. Even though we pay much more than the minimum every two weeks, it will still be VERY hard to pay off without getting a large sum of money. So all year I am stoked to pay half of it off with our taxes.

To make a long story short, my husband went ahead and paid only 200.00 toward the high credit card and the rest on other things. Without letting me know. Or discussing it with me. Or letting me know anything was changed at all. or saying, "Hey Wife, the plan we have had for the past year? Not happening." We cant get ahead much further in life without paying it off.

I tried to calmly tell him how I felt and all that happened was a huge fight and him saying, "Look, that's what I DECIDED AND IM NOT CHANGING. UNLESS YOU WANT TO DO OUR FINANCES IT STAYS THIS WAY blah blah."

We are equal, 50/50. That's my money too.
TQC, what do I do?

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1. Were/are any more of you Rotary exchange students? Where did you go? According to the study abroad post below, there are at least 3 of us!

2. Are any of you runners? How much do you run per week? Do you only run for fun, or are you training for something?

I like to run, and it's an amazing stress reliever and I feel wonderful afterwards. However, for some reason I need to have something to train for (this time, another marathon) otherwise I get lazy.

3. For those of you who do endurance training, what are your favorite snacks for immediately before or after your activity of choice? What about during?
I don't know what this is.

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TQC I'm giving you a field day with two WWYD's that don't need serious answers. Only kind of.
My dad and I never speak. He doesn't acknowledge me and I gave up on our relationship a long time ago. Yesterday and today he texted me three times out of the blue with scripture from the bible because he knows I'm not religious and he's trying to ~convert~ me or something. He told me he felt I was possessed by Satan about a year ago. I only responded to one saying "Glad to hear you are strong in your faith." very sarcastically. What would you do in this situation?

A girl in my English Composition course was supposed to text or e-mail me with what I missed in class on Wednesday. I texted her and no response. I also have her e-mail but I'm hesitant to fire one off just in case I'm being bothersome. What would you do?

Do you have a dilemma? Maybe TQC is feeling helpful.
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Asking for a friend, lulz

"My roommate is at a star trek marathon. He skipped the last movie marathon with this group of friends so they came up with a secret punishment. The punishment turned out to be wearing a star of David with "Juden" written across it, like in occupied Poland (he's Jewish).

He called for my advice--the drunker he gets the more he realizes what a terrible thing is going on. He wanted to know if he should keep wearing it or flip out and kick everyone in the face. I suggested some kind of clever revenge in between but couldn't think of anything specific.

How should he revenge himself on the gentiles?"

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ripping off the stoner theme-

if you smoke weed, when you see or hear those above the influence commercials do you get pissed?

i do because its so bullshit, weed is not what is fucking up kids' lives. also ive never met anyone who  ditched friends or  let someone take nudes of them just because of pot.

i especially hate the newer one that is supposed to be like a psa and the kids are all like "i ditched my  friends yay!" and at the end it says "what has weed done for you lately" 


Sorry, I know this has been asked several times before but I never had a need to pay attention then.  So I may or may not be needing a new computer because mine is quite fucked up right now-I won't know until sometime next week if I'll need to get a new one or not.  However, just in case, I thought I'd look around and do a little research as to what a good laptop brand is. What recommendations do you guys have? I was thinking an HP is that a wise choice?

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Will you play a game with me?

please condense what you are doing right now into a plotline. example; Tonya is house sitting in the country, she is alone and drinking and
talking to herself.  Aside from her voice, it is very quiet in that huge house.

now imagine your life is a movie; what happens next?????

SHould I keep drinking until my typing is uncomprehensible?

Idk if plotline is the right word or a word at all but wth you know what I mean.


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What kind of digital camera do you own?

How do you add more than one email on Facebook? It won't let me do anything but change the email I use for notifications and the like.

Nikon Coolpix S550.


(no subject)

When you write the letter "O," do you write it clock-wise or counter-clockwise?

I write it counter-clockwise and a friend of mine told me I was backwards. I don't think I am, though.

If you own your home, how did you come up with the down payment? Did you save forever, not put anything down, get help from parents, what?

My husband's on this house-buying kick right now and he's looking at these crazy expensive houses that we'd never be able to afford anyway. And we've got absolutely ZERO for a down payment right now. I keep telling him it's not going to happen until we have something to put down.

I'm home alone for about 3 hours and want to watch Requiem for a dream. I've never seen it. My friend is telling me I shouldn't watch it alone cause it's a real downer. Should I watch it anyway?
csi- brain hurts

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My friend and I are planning a backpacking through Europe trip for next year.

Where is somewhere we should absolutely visit? (i.e. shopping wise, restaurants, galleries, etc)

What are some good places to go in the Netherlands?

For those of you who might not be able to answer the first two...

Have you ever traveled to Europe?



What's the name of the mock herpes pill commercial on youtube that causes people to travel through space and teleport as a side effect?

Can you show me some other youtube mock videos?

(no subject)

What should I research?

Or what have you recently researched? And why?

Note: I'm not researching anything for a project, I just feel like learning something tonight :P I'm most interested in (at the moment) important historical events, such as the Holocaust. But hey, anything is fine with me.

And if all else fails, I shall read random Wikipedia articles! :D
Investigators - In the dark

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1. Do any of you guys have the Visa card?
If so, are you happy with it? What's your credit limit?

2. Is it considered taboo to ask someone's credit limit on a card in the way it's taboo to ask a woman her age or weight?


* I have this really nice pair of flats. I love them, they're reasonably comfortable on my feets. I've worn them for the past two days, and now for some reason I feel like I have shin splints from the shoes. What can I do to make my shins hurt less? Walking is painful. :(

** My roommate seems really sad lately. He doesn't really want to talk about it much, but I have the strong feeling it's either stress about money, his dad (dude's diabetic, his blood sugar's been all over lately), or a girl. Without forcing him to talk about it, what can I do to cheer him up? (I've already bought his favorite foods, and we went and played with retired greyhounds today.)

Hookers and blow aren't really good solutions. Sexing him may help, but he's not home tonight. He went to his mom and dad's to work on his taxes.

*** I'm starting on my massive pile of laundry. What should I do while the washing machine/dryer runs? I've already watched Season 4 disc 1 of The Wire (I have no more until my ex burns them for me)...and I have no booze, nor am I old enough to purchase it.
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Do you know of any decent cover songs in a language other than English? (Like, where the original is in English, but the cover is not.) Preferably not German ones.

Are you wearing pants right now?
Big girl panties

I need this woman to adopt me.

Have you watched Great Depression Cooking with Clara?

Collapse )

Isn't she wonderful?

Do you think today's generation is too pampered to survive a real Depression?

Can you cook 'on the cheap'?

Are you planning a vegetable garden in the spring to save money? I think I'm going to help my mom work on one in her backyard. Homegrown tomatoes are heaven.

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I recently got a new job with my own office. I'd like to get some more unique office supplies than what the Staples/Quill catalogs offer.
Right now I'm looking for a cute inbox/letter tray. Any ideas of where I could purchase one online? Links?
What about other quirky/cute office supplies?

Dictate my life, TQC

My uni is running a 2 week study trip to China in August, should I go?

- I'm a travel freak, I think it's one of the best things you can do
- Means I won't be in my hometown all summer
- A friend is possibly going

- £1300 and my savings have diminished significantly seeing as I spent January in India with uni and went to Paris straight after
- I should be looking for a job this summer
- I spent the last 2 summers abroad
- If I go away with uni, I can't go away with friends, something still being discussed
- I don't deal with heat at all well
- 14 hour flight = NOT good for chronic pain sufferers

My original thought was "No" but now I am re-considering.

(no subject)

I'm flying back to school tomorrow morning (With Southwest, if it matters).

I have a small dufflebag with a bunch of clothes/textbooks I'm using as a carry on and I don't want to check it if at all possible. Do you think they'd also allow me to take my messenger bag to hold my laptop?

ETA: Thanks guys. :D

In your closet, do your clothes all face one way or is it random?