March 6th, 2009

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I'm on a song search!

This girl played a song for us in my History of Popular Music class, and for the life of me I can't remember the name or lines from the song.

Here's the rundown of it:
There is this old lady who has no one who cares about her, except one little boy. And the little boy brings her food [it said stew in the song... some kind of stew XD]. He leaves to the city for some reason, and many years later, the old woman is wandering through the streets [with a cart, maybe?]. She sees the boy, who is now a grown man, and who is a police officer. He treats her very poorly even after learning who she is.

It's pretty much a song about how society/police force corrupts you. It's a ballad, and it's amazing.

Anyone know it?

Food cravings

Is there a scientific reason for food cravings? I've heard it's your body's way of telling you you're not getting enough of a particular nutrient, and I've also heard it's psychological. It seems to be both for me.

Do you get cravings a lot? I constantly get strong ones--particularly for sugar and protein. I was eating entire jars of peanut butter for a few days. Then it was multigrain toast with strawberry jam. Now I'm craving multigrain toast slathered in butter. I just had some. Yum.

What have your recent food cravings been?

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can someone who knows spanish rather well translate this into something sensible for me? :D

"damn, there are a lot of white people here."

if you can't, what languages DO you know? and how well do you know them?

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So tomorrow (aka today, it's 1ish-am) I'm giving blood. But at this precise moment I am a tad intoxicated which means my blood has now gained some insecurity and become thinner.

Will this effect me giving blood?!

Oh, do you have a account?
Username on there plz? yes, i will add you, sorry.
Did you know there is TQC group?! tqcscrobblers!!

Oh, and my feet stopped bleeding btw. I just stained my friends little carpet a bit.. she didn't notice while I was there though, it's all good.
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1. For those with silver hair, when did you start going gray?

2. Is it weird that my hair has skipped the gray stage and went straight to white? I'll see a strand go from brown, brown, brown to suddenly ghost white. Where is my silver tinsel?

3. Young people with pepper gray to silver hair; nice looking or dude, here's a box of dye?

(I don't even have a single crow's foot and yet, I have Andy Warhol white. It's weird.)
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Similar to how some argue that The Blues Brothers played a major role in introducing and mainstreaming blues music for a white audience, can anyone come up with another example of comedy (not necessarily movies, any form of comedy) that played a role in mainstreaming...something, anything? Some kind of satire?

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Which nationality do you presume (or from experience, TQC sluts out there) would be the best in bed?

Does 'sex addiction' exist?

Have you ever been in an 'incestuous'friendship group?
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Say an art student/artist hangs the carcass of a cow in a gallery (as a reference to some apparently famous painting of a carcass) and calls it art.

1. Is it art? Is it gross? Is it a waste of meat/resources? Something else?

2. Pretend that artist is your friend. What meaningless things could you say about a dead cow that sound arty?

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I believe there is a direct correlation between the country you live in and what kind of licorice you like. Will you please prove me right?

Which do you prefer?

Red Vines
Other (??)

Where are you from?

Other - please specify in comments
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kut kut kri kri

TQC, I just fond the picture I accidently deleted earlier today in my e-mail, in the wrong folder, and just about lost my mind with happiness.

What was the last very important thing you thought you lost?

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Poll #1360610 Satan loves cheese whiz.

It is 3 in the morning. What should I do?

go to bed
fail at doing hw for another hour and then go to bed
stupid fuck why aren't you done with this shit yet
i like turtles

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So you know your watching Cribs and Mariah Carey or whatever walks into her kitchen and goes 'okay here's the kitchen, it's real big and really it's where we all hang out mostly'.

Do you hang out in your kitchen?
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Because I haven't done this in FOREVER.

Are you not sure what haircut/hairstyle works best with your face shape? do you want some suggestions to take to your hairdresser next time? would you like me to help? POST A PICTURE, and i'll take care of the rest.

ETA: Better luck next time! done @9:20pm ET.

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 I started getting sick with a cold last night, and woke up this morning feeling absolutely miserable. My throat is killing me, I do phone work all day, and I can't afford to take the day off. What can I do to make myself feel better? I took a dose of Dayquil as soon as I got up. Thanks, everyone. 
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What's the latest minor thing that pissed you off today?

My school finally blocked Pandora from the network, so now I can't get my musical fix in class. D: At least Last.Fm isn't blocked though, I guess.
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Stress much?

Suicide bomber and car bomb day before yesterday, mortar attack last night and sporadic small arms fire and explosions today....
what was the last thing to raise YOUR stress level???


Guys, it looks like I eitherhad a dodgy veggie burger on Tuesday. Since Wednesday my tummy regions have not been really good. Plus all my energy appears to have been zapped out of me. I'm drinking water but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

What (non-meat stuff) could I eat or drink to help boost my energy levels? I have some work I need to do this weekend (partly because I was off sick) so the sooner my bouncy self returns, the better!



It's about 50oF in Toronto right now and the temp will climb up to 59oF. It's going to be a great day today, y/y?

Whatya having for breakfast?
What are your plans for today & this weekend?
When was the last time you did anything charitable? Why & how?

title or description
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Good morning!

So I am weird, and a loner, and I am looking forward to having the whole day to myself to do what I want.

So: Its cloudy but dry, i have about five bucks to spend, and I live in Salem Oregon. I am very easily amused.

TQC, where should I go and what should I do with my day?!?
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What would you wear to a call center interview? I'm going out today to get a nice blouse, I have a past-knee length skirt that looks professional enough, but I don't know if I should grab a nice jacket to go with the blouse or not :(

Have you ever worked at a call center? How was it? The one I'm interviewing at calls people about fundraisers.
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If  you quit the internet, for an entire month(omg), in what ways do you think your life would change?

Do you answer your own questions? I never do and I'm thinking about starting <--see, starting. 

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Anyone know the song/artist playing during the opening scene of Watchmen? It's bugging the hell out of me because I know it, but I'm having a mind-blank. I've tried Googling for it, but all I can find is the song playing in the trailer.

* FOUND IT. Jesus, I have the song on CD, I don't know what was wrong with me last night.

Anyone else find this a very average movie? Really liked the style, but the content fell short. The movie was really long, dragged out in too many places and the female characters made me want to puke.

(Sorry, apparently it's not out in other places yet? I'm not used to getting movies first down here in the ass-end of the world!)

The confusion, it hurts

I'm in charge of booking rooms for people who need to use them at specific times. One of the rooms was being used on Fridays from 1:30 - 3:00 for tutoring.

The tutor and the tutee decided to change the lesson to Tuesdays, so I had to change the booking.

The tutor sent me this e-mail:

Subject: Tuesday 11.30-13.00
Body: blah blah blah moving the (lessons) from Friday to Tuesday 10.30-13.00 permanently

So I responded back:

Thank you for letting me know. It’s from 11:30, not 10:30, correct?

Then the tutor responded:

It is 2x 45 min = 2 lessions!

I'm so confused I don't even know how to respond to this. First of all, the subject of her e-mail said 11.30, yet the body of her e-mail said 10.30. Then when she responded back she claimed it WAS supposed to be 10.30 to 1, but then she also said it was only supposed to be 90 minutes, which would actually support the fact that it started at 11.30, not 10.30.

WTF does this chick mean? She is not a native English speaker but...these are numbers we're dealing with.
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What is your first name?

How often, if ever, is it misspelled and how?

How touchy are you about people misspelling your name?

If a co-worker emails you and Outlook automatically populates your full name in the To: field, then there is no excuse for that person to misspell your name in the body of the email, y/n?

What is the most exciting thing you're doing this weekend?

Collapse )
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what are some illegal things that you think should be legalized and why?

1. marijuana (because it's no worse for you than cigs or alcohol.)
2. prostitution (it would clean up the streets, creating brothels that are clean and safe for the women. i think people should be allowed to fuck for money if they so choose.)
3. gay marriage (cuz im a homo. i don't necessarily believe in gay marriage but it should be available for those who do.)
4. bringing liquids on planes (that shit is just real annoying)

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For those of you who have graduated high school, did you ever go back to visit your teachers? After how long? Was it awkward?

I graduated 3 years ago, and my little brother, who currently has one of my former favorite teachers for study hall or something, just told me to go visit her while I'm home next week coz she'd like to see me. She taught my sociology and anthropology classes, which were the only classes I really liked in high school, which is why I studied sociology my first 2 years of college... until I realized that I didn't really like any of those classes and switched majors. How awkward will this be?

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How should I keep myself busy for the next two hours? I'm getting antsy waiting on the dog adoption lady to come do a home interview. My house is spotless and so is my yard. I only have some math homework and I really don't feel like doing that right now D:

Should I name her Dahlia? What about Denali? Ugh, I hate trying to work around already established names!

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Does anybody use Twitter?
What's the deal with it?

My BF loves it so I joined this morning. I don't really know what to do with it.

How do you decide who to follow?

Also, have you ever had a teacher who was just impossible to please? The type of person who doesn't give out As because there's always room for improvement? Can you tell me about him or her?

I have a hybrid writing class right now where the workshop is a mix of people in the course and the online part is all grouped by major. They're two different professors, and my major has the worst online professor. She grades arbitrarily and doesn't give constructive feedback in the least. She also takes several letter grades for a single syntactical error (which she won't point out), but regularly uses emoticons in her comments.

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I own a pc and a rainbow Ipod. I took all the songs off my computer since i had it on cds and on my ipod. I'm trying to ADD more songs to my ipod but it wants to delete the songs already on my ipod. How do I do this?

Is there a way I can take all the songs on my ipod and move it to my computer, add the new songs and then move it back to my ipod?
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Can you tell me about a class you never should have taken? I am currently in a Constitutional Law course and it's frying my brain. I don't know why I took it.

I have two huge papers due next month for that class and can submit them for early review this week and I'm trying to motivate myself to start them. Should I at least make an effort to turn something in early?
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Dear TQC,
I'm going on a 4 hour car ride home for a week. It's windy, and the road is very twisty. I'm fairly certain I'm going to get carsick. 
What are you not looking forward to?

Love, Dragon<3

Sup Dr. TQC

hey ya'll

i posted several weeks ago about having really awful back pain... after extensive testing, we discovered 3 herniated disks and nerve damage (that is possibly reversible).

my question is this: have you experienced nerve pain/damage or herniated disks? what was your method of treatment? meds (if so, which?), physical therapy, spinal shots, or surgery? did it work? any side effects?

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I saw a job ad in the paper that says "Caregiver - sls" - what does the sls stand for? Google returned little results.


Looking for some information for my sister:

She is about to break up with her boyfriend. She is nervous because she will be alone, but we both agree she needs to time to heal emotionally from all that has happened. She is seeing a counselor, which is good. What I want to help her find is web sites and book on finding enjoyment in being alone.

Can anyone who is single point me in the right direction?

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What apps do you have for your ipod touch?

For social networking sites like fbook, myspace, twitter, lj, would you rather:

use a computer?
use your phone?
use your touch screen ipod/mp3 player?
is a beaut

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what films are you looking forward to seeing this year? i can't wait for inglorious basterds and the boat that rocked, i have gone beyond excitement and into extreme nervous anticipation.

what key elements would your perfect film have to include? i think mine would have to include some kind of war or disaster, have really irrelevant and funny dialogue at crucial moments, star christina ricci (at least fleetingly), make me laugh and have probably be partly set in the future or an unrealistic reality. and it would probably be directed by kubrick.

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YAY, the bubba and I are (FINALLY) considering on purchasing a new computer chair ( he broke his 15 yr old computer chair last night after leaning (far back) on it..)

I've always been fascinated with Herman Millers Eames series, but that can wait ( it's more of a WANT then a NEEDed piece).

We're thinking of getting a high back chair to cushion his poor back. Any recommendations for an excellent computer chair?

Thanks in advance tqc :D!
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TCEB (Taking Care of Evil Business)

What's the best kind?

The best kind of elf can be found ________

Baking cookies
Making toys
Slaying orcs with arrows
Falling for Zooey Deschanel

The best kind of troll can be found _______

Hiding under bridges and baiting billy goats
Naked, genital-less and sporting multicolored hair
Driving livejournal communities crazy
In Mordor

The best kind of fairy can be found _______

In Queen Titania's court
In San Francisco or West Hollywood
Reaching under pillows, looking for enamel
Carrying people across the river (I'm bad at spelling)

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I have a buffalo 500GB external hard drive. I keep my photos and videos on it.

Yesterday I tried to access my files and instead of my folders called "videos" and "photos" it had two folders called "m" and "n". Both were empty instead of containing all my files.

What's gone wrong with my hard drive? Have I lost my videos and photos for ever? Is there any way to get them back?

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What's the last thing that made you LOL IRL?

I'm cleaning my bathroom, and there is bleach involved, and I am wearing black sweatpants... I am a dummy and wiped one of my hands on my butt cheek and now I have a rust-colored handprint on my ass. hahahahhaa.

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So 13 days until my babys due date and I'm starting to freak out! Especially because all the doctors and my family think he'll be early for some reason
I'm so nervous about the pain (because I want to have a natural birth).....

What are some good coping mechanisms to use when you're very uncomfortable/in lots of pain? 
If you've ever had a scary was it when you started going into labor? I don't want to be alone but I bet I will be.....eep! 

Want to share a birth story with me? 

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1. My friend is having her dog put to sleep today. :( She got me a HUGE box of Godiva chocolates after my miscarriage. I can't afford that. What should I get her?

2. How good of a wife would I be if I kicked my husband out of the house tonight so he can go see Watchmen?  He's been DYING to see it, and I wouldn't mind, but we can't go together because we don't have a babysitter.

3. Who are some celebrity butterfaces? Pictures are bonus points!
Paul Dano
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Aww, post bahleetion.

What does your mother do for a living? Or what did she do?
How about your father?

Do you have any interesting stories to tell about your formative years?
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TQC, do I have to put allllll of my past jobs on this application for a retail job, or is it okay to leave out the two jobs I quit three weeks in because they fucked me over? I have decent references already from my other jobs.

How are you today?
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I don’t know what to buy. Ipod touch or ipod classic? I'll mostly be using it for music and videos,but i do like the idea that the touch has all those apps.

Which ipod/mp3 player do you have?
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For the meat eaters out there: Corned beef and cabbage, incredibly delicious: Y/N?

Aaand, because I know there are a lot of non-meat eaters out there, another question (open not just to the non meat-eaters):

Assuming the world WILL someday know, what do you think will end up being the number for how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
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Job Interview!

So TQC, I posted Wednesday about how I got shitcanned from my job.

Well, Wal-Mart called me today and I have an interview on Monday! It isn't what I really wanted, but I'll take it (damn bills and whatnot).

So..any tips for an interview at Wal-Mart? Does anyone here work for them?
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The UK is a socialist nation, yes? 

Edit: My bad. I was confusing socialism with socialised healthcare. Sorry about that! (It was a long day. I'm not thinking clearly)
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Poll #1360810 I can't decide between Indian and Chinese takeaway.

Which should I get?

Indian: Veggie samosas, chicken tikka balti, and naan bread
Chinese: Grilled pork dumplings, chili crispy beef with rice

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earlier people asked if we had exciting plans today and i kept replying about how excited i was for two of my best friends to come to my apartment and to see them for the first time in months. they both bailed. i'm really really really disappointed and feeling pretty terrible and lonely (also going through a very long break up, also working 7 days a week so i almost literally never see anyone but my roommate). looks like my roommate and i will be going to the bar alone instead of having a bunch of people at our apartment. we get free drinks EVERY WEEKEND when we go there, one night we got seven free drinks and only paid for two (between three of us). so here's the question- how should i hit on the bartender? my roommate has been trying to convince me to (half as a joke) for a few weeks and i could use some absurd hilarious cheering up.

one of them keeps asking what other day we can hang out, because he's only in the state for like a week. i told him i work 7 days a week and only go out on friday nights. i told him i work all night saturday and all day on weekdays (i left out sunday because i get out at 4). why did he just ask me if i'm working on wednesday?
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I've had my neighbors drill for three DAYS. SINCE TUESDAY. NOT YEARS. I should give it back: y/y?

Do you love power tools? Are you a lesbian?
How're your lips right now?
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Have you ever taken a "break" in a relationship before? Did it help your relationship or just make things worse?

Why is there a sudden scabies break out spreading throughout all the public schools in my town?

How do you get through lonely nights?

How do you get rid of sore-ness?
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scbahucha friended me. Who is/are they?

It seems to be some sort of combination bot/fiction journal, and one of the entries contains this sentence:

"Masha couldn’t take it anymore and decided to do something that not every person would go for, and that was to end her life."

That's good writing, y?
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Need Ideas!

My mom is going to be turning 60 this year and I can spend up to $150 on her. What is something special that I can get her?

We live cross-country, so it has to be something that I can send to her. Also my mom has had a really rough time this past year with my dad losing his job if that helps any.

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1)what do you do with your journal if you have one?

write story bits, write to do lists, make fun of people.

2)what is going on in dollhouse tonight?

3)why do I crave sugar, salt and fat today?
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so i'm watching (haha) my roommate's 2 1/2 year old daughter and she's mistaken a jar of icy hot for diaper rash cream.

what the fuck do i do?

keep in mind that "kissing it better" is not the most appropriate response right now.

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When people post long quetions/stories about them and their lives- do you care?

If you post those: Do you think we care?

No, I only like posts that are short & interesting.

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The photographer who did my engagement pictures last year contacted me yesterday and said she is going to give us the disk of our pictures for free tomorrow!!
I don't want to be tacky and just hand her a twenty as a 'tip'. What kind of small gift or token should I get her?? she likes yoga and sea turtles - if that helps :/

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If you didn't have the internet or cable, what would you be doing?

Do you ever wish you didn't have either of those things for a while?

Does death scare you?

I think I'd be doing something wayy more productive..
Sometimes I want to smash my laptop. I've just about become addicted to the glowy screen I think.
No, I find the fact that anybody can die at any moment to be really exciting and oddly comforting.
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So, TQC, what happens if you reach a toll booth and you don't have money to pay the toll? Seeing as this toll booth is: 1- on a bridge and 2- on a clearly one way, 4 to 5 lane freeway.

(Prompted by us arriving near Martinez,Ca)

Father in law votes they throw you off the bridge...

Husband votes they ticket you...

What say you TQC? ((Hahaha my fail for putting TCQ first go-round!))
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Hay, so trashy TQC, what should I trashy have to trashy eat?

B. WEIRD WHITE PEOPLE TACO (lentils & barley instead of meat/beans/rice, and weird white people salsa [PACE, lol] instead of good salsa, + cheddar and maybe some olives and lettuce [wtf, IDK, for some reason it sounds decent right now D:<])

What weird trashy things have you been wanting lately, TQC (doesn't have to be food-related)?
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I am going to Margaritaville (Myrtle Beach) to celebrate my 21st birthday. What should I order? I already know I do not like beer, but other than that, I'm open to suggestions.

I am housesitting/dogsitting right now, and the dog is a chronic remote chewer. I got here (first night) this evening, and there is a note with instructions on how to deal with the tv blahblah, and it indicates that I'm supposed to use a Sony remote. All I see is a Comcast remote. Where is the other one? Did the dog eat it?

Which do you prefer: Safari, IE, Firefox, or something else?

Should I be disturbed that the movie "The 18 Year Old Virgin" is due back to Blockbuster on Sunday, considering that I'm on an account (hence the e-mail) with my 56 year old mother and my 58 year old father?

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I bought my brother these balloons he needed for a Physics project. Now all he wants to do is blow up the balloons and then release them in front of my face so it makes a lot of noise and flies around the house.

WTF?! What do I do to make him stop?!

When's the last time you did something nice for someone and then it blew up in your face?
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for people who use ticketmaster...

if you buy concert tickets for a few people and the tickets have your name on them, and you print them off, do you have to show ID or anything to prove they're your tickets?

thanks guys!
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This will probably sound dumb because I am not technologically knowledgeable at all, but at any there any way i could stream cable television on my laptop? I'm getting pretty tired of Hulu, Surfthechannel, etc. and I'm hoping there is an easy way to do this.
Thanks in advance.

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people who eat hot dogs: how do you like your hot dogs prepared? (i.e. boiled, grilled, fried, microwaved) with what toppings?

people who don't eat hot dogs: what would it take for you to eat a hot dog?