March 5th, 2009

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dvd chapters

Is there a site I can go to that has the names of DVD chapters listed out? Right now I'm specifically looking for Dawn of the Dead, but I would love to have some sort of database to look up movies. I bought a DVD burner and I want to add chapters to some of the movies I'm burning.

IMDb doesn't have it, and Google's not helping :(

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Nintendo DS games -

I have and enjoy these: Brain Age 2, Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Professor Layton and the Curious Village, and The World Ends With You.

What others would y'all suggest?

Edit: Wow, looks like Phoenix Wright is my next purchase. Harvest Moon, Chrono Trigger, and Tetris are not far off. Thanks!

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A woman calls 911 three times when a McDonald's rings her up, takes her money, then tells her they don't have what she wanted.

Now everyone thinks this is the biggest joke ever. But what do you do when you walk into a store, buy something, and they take your money, but don't have the item you bought, and they refuse to give you a refund? That's theft. And when you get robbed you call the police. I totally see this woman's logic.

Anyone else think she's not totally crazy? And what would you do if a company took your money, yet didn't give you what you paid for?

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So. I have a history project due.

a) I don't remember what I said I was going to do it on, and I'll get points taken off if I do a different topic.
b) It's going to take an assload of time, and it's 1 in the morning.
c) I'm actually not entirely sure it's due tomorrow. So it probably is.
d) obvs I will get points taken off if it's late
e) I have a 100 in that class anyway or some shit.

What should I do?

Bonus: since it's 1 in the morning, I can't ask any of my classmates about it because they are asleep. I can send my teacher an e-mail now and hope she gets it before school. But I DO have a two-hour delay tomorrow, which allows me extra time in the morning tomorrow to figure shit out.
Extra bonus: I could probably cop out via doctor's excuse for withdrawal symptoms dealing with my medication, but I'm pretty sure they're tired of my medical excuses.

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It occurred to me today that my aim in life is to learn as much about the world and everything in it - not be a fountain of general knowledge, but have a broad understanding of many different areas.

What's your aim in life? Do you have one?

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My college friends and I are looking to rent an apartment. There are many listings on Craigslist as apartments for SALE that would be perfect for us - but, we are definitely not buying anything.

Is it possible to entice sellers to rent?? How do you go about doing this??

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I just painted my nails neon pink. So much brighter tha the bottle looked. headdesk.

What was the last thing you did that made you think "what was I thinking?!"

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What are some universal life experiences, particularly those that occur in the first quarter of one's life.

(By 'universal' experiences, I mean those which happen to more or less everyone; ie: losing your baby teeth, first kiss, etc)
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I have class in less than 6 hours, and I still need a shower.
Should I wait till after class or do it now before bed?
Getting up and doing it in the morning before is not an option.

Are you listening to music?
How can I delay my period for a week? I'm not on birth control.

My roommates have turned out to be pretty cool. This probably won't last. 
How long will it be till they start biting at each other and me?

ETA: "frankly your eyes look like ice shimmering with a warm glow from deep inside and it soo stuns me on occasion"
Best compliment ever, y/y?

efffff uuuuuuu

So, like, we have two computers, and they're far enough away in our house that you can't get a decent signal on the wireless (and it likes to randomly disconnect). We have an extra modem, so I decided to hook it up to the other computer and just, you know, have it plugged directly into the intardwebs. But you have to set up the modem through (asshole) comcast, and they tell me they're going to have to bill me for two separate internet accounts if we use a second modem (an extra $50 a month).

1) Anyone know any way around this BS?
2) Will you tell me how much your cable/internet provider sucks/kicks ass, and why (I hate comcast so very much)?
3) How are you tonight?

(no subject)

1. Inspired by these weird youtube videos;

First, came horse in a car, then came cow in a car and now camels in a car, what animal would you like to see jammed in a car for a ride?

2. In reference to this video article, to non-American TQCers , do we, Americans, sound like valley girl mall rats to you? It seems all the "I am from (fill in foreign country) and will be doing an American accent now" videos have people doing these sort of accents.

Canadians, you already know the answer since we are your pants. But I'd like to hear what everyone else says.

3. American TQCers, what is the one thing that non-Americans always get wrong about your country?

For me, it's that all Southern accents sound the same.

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Does anyone here understand lactose intolerism?
can you explain it to me briefly?
my real question is... is mt body gaining anything from the dairy I put in it? or are all the vitamins being shit out 10 minutes after i eat something?

I love dairy, but my body hates it :(

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do you know of a website, other than craigslist or ebay where i can find and buy used musical instruments? i'm looking for a mandolin.

do you play mandolin? if so, what should i be looking for, in terms of quality mandolins? i've done some research, but i'm not totally sure what i need to seek out.

how hard do you think it'll be for me to teach myself to play mandolin? i've played instruments before and was almost a music major, so i've got the background, but i'm hoping to learn with a few initial lessons and then playing with a friend who will be able to help me out.

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

Are you one of those people who thinks a certain amount of time has to pass before you can know you love someone? What is that amount of time?

How many times have you been in love?

Do you even believe in love, you cold-hearted a-holes?!


Weaning off meds

Doctor put me on Lexapro 20 mg for a few weeks. I told her I didn't feel it was working as well as the 10 mg I was on. She said that she didn't think the Lexapro was helping me as well as she thought. Put me on Pristiq yesterday. I was always weaned off of medication until I went to her..what's up here?! I was always told it isnt safe not being weaned off.


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I've been thinking that I want to organize myself better, and I thought having a smartphone with a calendar and address book I could sync with my MacBook would help.

Any thoughts on what I should get? So far I'm planning to look at the iPhone and one or two varieties of Blackberry.

What would you do?

What would you do if you knew you only had one day or one week or one month to live?

What lifeboat would you grab onto?

What wish would you fulfill?

What's the minimum in life?
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Decision time at last! Make up my mind for me, TQC.

Hi, TQC!

I've asked questions related to this one before, but I've finally officially booked the time off from work (yaaay!), so the once-wholly-theoretical question of where I might travel for five weeks is becoming very real.

I'm taking all of May and some of June off from my job. My original plan was to schlep around weird parts of the former Soviet Union for a few weeks, then meet up with my wife (who has less time available) for ten days in Turkey, then head home. If I do this, I'm sure I'll have an interesting time, but I'll also foot the bill all by myself, and Russia (where I'll spend at least part of the time) is very expensive.

An alternate plan would is to take two completely separate trips--one to Turkey at the end of May, and another to one or more of the 50+ countries where my company has operations. These include almost all of Latin America, many parts of Africa, and a few Asian countries (I'm less inclined to go to Asia, though, as I've spent a lot of time there already and want to go somewhere new).

If I do this, I'd get both six weeks off, and a $1000 travel stipend from my job, in exchange for doing a small amount of enjoyable work (mostly taking pictures and interviewing people). So I have two questions for you:

1) Should I take one long trip to Turkey and greater Russia, and foot the bill all by myself, or one trip to Turkey and another to somewhere in Latin America or Africa?

2) Where in Latin America or Africa would you go with $1000 of someone else's money in your pocket? Keep in mind that I'm on the West Coast, so Latin America is more financially feasible, but Africa's still a possibility.

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can i eat the popcorn that i popped last night and sat in a bowl overnight?

what's the most shocking news you've heard lately?
a kid who lives in my dorm building was killed in "some kind of accident" in the road/tunnel that goes through our complex. shit's scary, i walk through there all the time to get food at stuff. :-/

should i bus to campus to get breakfast or just pass on using my meal plan?

how's your day going?

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I share a workspace quite close to two other people. The past few days it has smelled bad. I don't know what they've been doing, but this morning it smells like something is rotting. I have a rather acute sense of smell and I need to do something about it.
What can I buy to neutralize the odor? I don't want to put too much perfume in the air or anything or have to spray anything around.

2) What are some of your favorite smells?
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If you want to cover the walls of a room with fabric, how many yards of fabric would you need given the following?
The room is 10x10ft.
The ceilings are 7ft tall.
There are four walls.
A yard's length of fabric is also a yard wide.
And what formula did you use?

If math isn't your strong point either, or if you just don't care, what colors are your walls now?
What are you sitting on and what color is it?

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Would it be weird to get a school janitor's name tattooed on you? I've been a "fan" of a certain janitor for about 10-13 years. I've met him and well hit a few bases with him. :) you think that would be weird? I just wanted it small, in a descret place, not like people would see it. And it's not like anyone would KNOW who's initials they were...just me, really, well...and him, if I ever showed him.

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I had a job interview on Monday morning. It is now Thursday morning and I haven't heard back yet, and my interviewer said that she'd call everyone to let them know where they stand sometime this week.

I should call this afternoon, y/n?

Do you have any physical ailments atm?

I have what I believe is a canker sore on the, uhh, crease? between my lower lip and my gum, inside my mouth. It hurts like a bitch.
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(no subject)

For those of you who have taken Loestrin-24: any weight gain or acne? Experiences?
How many of you just LOVE going to the gynecologist?

For everyone else and the, like, 20 males:
What does your hair look like right now?

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OKay, I posted this a couple of days ago but accidentally screened comments and then fell asleep. I know I failed big time on my first question.

anyway, I am asking this again

Do you think it's wrong to confront someone about something they did wrong, even though you only know by invading their privacy?

In my personal situation...
The wrong: My boyfriend signing up for online dating sites after we talked about it bothering me. He agreed he wouldn't do it anymore. Also, him trying to make contact with a girl that wants him to cheat on me with her, after he promised me he wouldn't talk to her anymore.

I invaded his privacy by looking in his internet history. He never deletes anything he goes to.
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Should I go to Panera for lunch or should I be a good budget minded person and eat the frozen Lean Cuisine I brought instead?

Mind you...I brought the frozen meal yesterday for intentional consumption but I went to Panara instead.


I'm having a bad day and am rather stressed, I was thinking I deserve Panera for a second day in a row.  :)
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Is there a TQC-type community that is for asking more serious questions? (i.e. Politics, wars, disease, global conflicts, other serious topics, etc).

Also, if you were an animal, what would you be? And not what would you want to be, but what animal is most fitting.

I'm a kitten.

I have this weird red infection in between my toes, that itches really badly but hurts when I scratch it. Its been there awhile. WTF? Anyone know what's going on there?

(no subject)

I brought a bowl of rice-a-roni for lunch but I'm super craving, like, crispy chicken from Jack in the Box or some crap. Should I eat my boring rice or satiate my craving?

What is a bad decision that you continue to make, that your friends give you grief for, but you do it anyway? (things like smoking, or dating a jerk, or spending too much money, etc).

I accidentally got the vision in my head of fingernails being ripped off by a soda can pop top and it's been haunting me all day. How do I get it out of my head?!
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On the new Pinocchio restored DVD coming out, does anyone else find it a little ironic that a main selling point in the commercials is the "Now you can explore Pleasure Island and play tons of fun games!" special feature? I mean....wasn't Pleasure Island the bad place with games where kids were transformed into donkeys or something?

It's been a while, but it just seems like a weird selling point. Or am I getting the story wrong?
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a band I really love is playing in two venues relatively near me. should I spend money on really good seats and only go to one venue, or get shitty seats that cost less and see both?

what band do you really want to see live?

what do you imagine the word 'schmooze' means?

why isn't there a copy/paste option on the iPod/iPhone?
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What is the best solution to being attacked by an army of self-aware robots? Please note that one of them has a camera, you already have no pants, and they're all named "Sodomy-Bot".

If a plane leaves Boston traveling northwest, and, at the same time, another plane leaves Los Angeles traveling southwest, how long will it take before a farmer in Kansas realizes that his plants have all been replaced with wax duplicates and he's going to die alone and hungry after his wife leaves him?

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What's a good online source for piercing jewelry in bulk? My wife's boss has a problem with her lip ring, so she when she goes to work she swaps it out for a small straight stud, but she doesn't like wearing the studs so she swaps the lip ring in when she gets back home, and she keeps losing the little jeweled heads off the studs, over and over again.


Vegas and Berkeley

So I'm headed to Vegas this weekend, and it's my first time - has anyone been that can recommend some awesome buffets/places to eat? High or low end, we're looking for a mix. Also, if you have any must-do's (places to hang out, cool views, etc), we're completely open to suggestions. But not gonna lie, most important is the food. (P.S. Do you think it's going to be warm enough to sunbathe?)

If you don't know or care, what do you guys think of Berkeley CA? I got into school there and I've been hearing some crazy negative stuff about the location (lots of homeless people, dirty, etc.)

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TQC, what are some bands you'd really really like to see live in concert?

Neil Young, The Tragically Hip, Metallica, and Roger Waters/David Gilmour (before they die D: )

I'm going to the midnight screening of Watchmen tonight. How much disappointment should I set myself up for?

Should I bring a camera in the event of shitty (and non-shitty) fan-made costumes?

What drink and what candy should I sneak into the theatre in my giant-ass bag?

What is the first movie you remember seeing in theatres as a child?

Mr. Humphries

(no subject)

Is it time to get rid of the Aretha hats? I am trying to because it was probably time to a long while ago, but I like this one.

Where can I get some leprechaun hats or bunny ears for my icons?

(no subject)

I'm going to this glitzy party that is supposed to be "Ocean Drive" theme. I'm not sure exactly what that means.
What does that theme mean to you?
What the heck should I wear with a black dress?
Baro Bitch Stare

TQC making important life decisions for years

So I'm in a class that I've begun to really really hate. The teacher seems to dislike me and I'm having a hard time with the class overall. But if I drop the class I'll be down to 9 semester hours, which feels quite lame. On the other side of that I went to talk to financial aid about it and they said it is late enough in the semester that dropping it will have no effect on my financial aid.

*ETA* Someone brought up a good point. I'm set to graduate in May without this class. It was a filler class just something to take up space in my schedule. I have more than enough credits to graduate.

Poll #1360359 Dropping

Should I drop my Business Writing class?

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My suitemate just came into my room raging because she had just gotten off the phone with her mother and was trying to make plans for this weekend. She (just turned 19 years old) would have been bringing her boyfriend of about two months home with her, however, and her mother apparently said something to her about making the sofa up, which confused my suitemate, until her mother told her that of course her SO wasn't going to sleep in the same bed as her. This really infuriated my suitemate because she's been sleeping in the same bed as him from the get-go, but if she were to bring him home, her mother would have made them sleep in separate rooms.

Is this a fair argument on either side? How were your parents about your bringing-SO-home policy? Is it reasonable for her to be pissed off at her family for separating them for all of two nights, or does she have no right at all to be whining? This reaction would absolutely be my own mother's, too, not that she'll hear it from me. How do I get her to quit whining at me?

(no subject)

What's something that you're absolutely HORRIBLE (dreadful!) at?


If you're just way awesome and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.. is Chris Brown going to jail?

If you're way above any of this celebrity nonsense.. what size are the shoes that you're wearing right now?

If you're a lazy bum and aren't wearing any shoes at this moment.. are you cold?

If you're not cold, how are you keeping warm?
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(no subject)

For various reasons, I've decided to ease into vegetarianism again. What suppliments/foods do you eat to make sure you get all the vitamins, protein, and minerals you need? I'm curious what YOU do, not what google says.

That being said, what vegetarian resources do you find helpful in meal planning, nutrition, support, etc?

(no subject)

How hard are my CPR practical and written tests going to be tomorrow? WILL I FAIL? I need an 80 to pass it!

Whats something you can't remember the definition of no matter how many times you look it up?
Hyperbole for me.
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(no subject)

My aunt was freaking out the other day because she didn't know Freddie Mercury was gay.  She has since talked to me irl, called me, and emailed me going "OH MY GOD, DID YOU KNOW QUEEN WAS GAY? WHY WOULD ANY MAN BE A PART OF A GROUP LIKE THAT???"  She now forbids her daughter from listening to them, which is hard since the song "We Are the Champions" is played at every soccer game her team wins.

TQC....what is wrong with the world?  Or more specifically, wtf is wrong with my aunt? (other than the fact that her mother doesn't believe in global warming, it's just God hugging the world closer, or something)

What is something your family does that makes you facepalm and not even want to fight it because it's not worth it?

The Girliest Taco

(no subject)

Please tell me how you feel about the way this question is phrased: "Have you a book?" (meaning "Are you in possesion of a book?")

It's fine. I'd say it.
Eh, I know what it means, and it doesn't strike me as something terrible like "You could was found has having what books now green?" but I wouldn't ever say it.
wtf that makes no sense

If you chose the "fine" or "eh" answer, where (in what country) did you learn English?

Do you have any language things that you'd like to talk about?

Do you like words?
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1. Does Octomom really want to kill herself?
2. What is your favorite bottled water?
3. What is your favorite tap water?
4. What are you going to do with all of your General Motors stock that's sitting in under your mattress?

(no subject)

Would you be embarrassed if your dad walked you to class in this get-up:

Collapse )

Yes, I know 99% of you would be embarrassed to have one or both of your parents walk you to class, period, but I need to know about this outfit.

What would you say to him?

Also, your dad is not Jake Gyllenhaal.
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(no subject)

My mom is losing her house on the 26th due to her inability to pay her mortgage. She's an emotional wreck right now and her marriage is suffering because of all of this. So who does she turn to for advice and support? Me, her nineteen-year-old daughter.

What do I even say or do for her in this situation? I'm at a loss.

ETA: Do you think there's any point in going to therapy if your therapist thinks you have a great capacity for assessing your problems?
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(no subject)

Okay, TQC ... I have a question that probably everybody knows the answer to but me. Next weekend, my boyfriend and I are going to go see Broadway's production of The Wizard of Oz here in our city. It's on a Saturday afternoon ... what is appropriate to wear to something like this? I have never been to a play or musical in my entire life and I am completely lost. My boyfriend doesn't know either because, well, he's a boy.



(no subject)

How do you get rid of chaffing caused by a recent trimming of ones pubes? I patted my dick down with baby powder and it's only slightly helping.

or if this post grosses you out, what is one thing you like about yourself?

(no subject)

What color eyeshadow would go with a red and black outfit? Not silver or gold.
I'm playing violin at a restaurant. I have brown-blond hair, very pale skin (with yellow undertones), and blue eyes.

What kind of background music would you enjoy listening to at a high-class restaurant (aka, $20+ dollars a plate)? What would make you more likely to leave the musician a tip?

(no subject)

TQC, I broke my foot in gym class because I am incredibly talented, obviously. Now I am on crutches and my armpits/upper arms/ribs hurt more than my foot. Is there any way to make crutches hurt less?!

When was the last time you did something that you were proud of? What was it?
I made my first print in photo today. It was awesome.

(no subject)

dearest TQC,
last night in TQC stickam chat, some weird creepy lookin' dude hit on me. when was the last time you were simultaneously amused and disgusted?

alternatively, what are you eating for dinner tonight?
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So my mom came home today and I left some movies downstairs that I had been watching:
Zach and Miri
Donnie Darko
Death Note (the live action movie)
The Nightmare Before Christmas

She flipped and told me to stop watching "negative movies" and said that negative movies are crap.

How would you respond to this TQC? (Sorry guys :P apparently I can't type :))
Do you agree with her?

Give me your tired, your poor, your linguistically competent.

Do you think this person should be kicked out of the Netherlands?

This person is a 5 year resident, originally from an English speaking country. This person moved here to be with a partner. After 5 years of living here, this person cannot even follow a simple conversation in Dutch. This person uses various excuse to explain this away. "I'm too old (mid-40s). It's too hard to work 40 hours a week then attend 6 hours of language class a week. I don't have a 'thing' for languages. Oh, I could learn if I could stay at home all day and do nothing like you housewives. The school was shit."

No matter what you say, it is NEVER EVER this person's fault that this person cannot hold a basic conversation in Dutch. This person is currently unemployed because the only companies that will hire this person are American, Canadian, or UK companies that have HQs in A'dam. And we all know those companies aren't hiring right now. This person's partner must accompany this person to all appointments of any kind because this person CANNOT AND WILL NOT speak Dutch.

So, TQC, your verdict? Deportation or Duct Tape?

**ETA: I'm an American that moved here about the same time as this person. I've passed my exams, which are truly simple Dutch. There is a reason those exams are called 'the grocery shopping language test'. I'm also now able to get my NL passport based on the fact that I *gasp* CAN SPEAK DUTCH.**
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what types of purses do you like?
you can use sizes, brands, colors, prices, pockets inside, and more.

where types of purses do you dislike?
again, you can use sizes brands, blah blah blah.

got any pet peeves about purses? what are they?
example, i dislike it when people put their purses on the filthy floor.

(no subject)

There's a high school sports team around here called "The Crimson Wave." I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING. There is also a middle school acronymed "PMS."

What was your high school's mascot?
What are some iiinterestingly named things in your neck of the woods?
(We also have a Lickinghole Road)


How do I stop myself from bleeding?!

I cut myself shaving (lol my feet) and seriously, my feet got rather bloody.

Collapse )

I'm suppose to be leaving for a gig in 10 minutes and my feet show in these shoes. Not good if they're red!

Totally not expecting srs answers, sheesh

ETA: I only used a normal Venus Divine razor. :((((
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(no subject)

 So my boyfriend's asshole parents have decided they're not paying for his education anymore and refuse to cosign a loan for him.  He does not have credit.  What are his options? Do you know of any loans that do not require a co-signer? Has anyone ever been in this situation. He's aware that the rates may be higher than they would be if he did have his parents to back him up?
I tried calling but they all have sticks up their ass.  Also, his parents still claim him as a dependent, if that affects anything.

(no subject)

TQC, say that you had an exam scheduled for one of your classes this afternoon, but your previous class (in which you were going to learn more material) was cancelled due to a crazed escaped inmate running around your campus. Spring break is next week. Today in class, your prof gives you two options for the exam:

A) Take version A today, which has less material on it
B) Take version B the day after spring break, which has more material on it.

Which would you choose?


What did you/will you have for dinner tonight?

It's gonna be grilled lemon pepper chicken breasts, over pasta with olive oil, garlic, green peppers, fresh cilantro, and sundried tomatoes, with steamed broccoli on the side.

english homework

I need ideas, because for some reason my mind isn't working. In my English class we are reading The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer. Our final is writing our own tale, that teaches a lesson or offers a moral about one of the seven deadly sins. I wanted to do the moral/lesson that "a wise man never plays leap frog with a unicorn" but I don't think that will work.

What sin would go with "a wise man never plays leap frog with a unicorn"?
Do you have any massively creative ideas?

What did you have for dinner? I had a peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwich, grilled in my hello kitty sandwich maker.
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(no subject)

So, out of curiosity, have you ever actually READ TQC's rules? Be honest, please. This is for science.


Do you feel an incessant need to break these rules?


Are you here for the sole purpose of trolling the community?


I understand the following rules as laid out by the mods in the profile page:

uh, none of them actually

I hereby swear to follow the rules, so help me Hookers and Blow.


(no subject)

Poll #1360474 i hate mah lyfe

I'm tired of homework. What should I do?

Your homework, lazy ass.
Go buy ice cream. For me.
Run away to Canada!
Run away to Mexico!
Play hookey for the rest of your life.

(no subject)

are imax movies worth it? i've never seen a movie in imax but i'm thinking about it for watchmen

ok it is unanimous that imax is awesome but WHY is it so awesome?