March 4th, 2009


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1. When they walk in the bathroom, do you let your pets stay there with you or do you kick them out?
2. Do you use a Bluetooth device?
3. Would you rather live under water or under ground?
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Thesis money

A good friend of mine has asked me to read her thesis. She wants to pay me for my time and effort.

If you had to read ~100,000 words (9 chapters, each about 50-70 pages), what would you charge for your services?

ETA: No critiquing/feedback, just check her grammar/spelling as English is not her first language.
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I'm bored, TQC, and itching for a good MMORPG.

Have any recommendations for free ones?

How about free online games in general, if you can't think of any MMO's? What are you addicted to lately?

shit of a salesgirl

my grandmother commented that the porcelain bowls were dirty and the salesgirl gave her a blank 'so what ya want me to do??' look. following that, a (cute) guy came over to browse something. she immediately put on her ^_^ face and asked him whether he needed help. AND continued to elaborate the function of that product.

what was the worst customer service you've ever experienced? or provided, if you dare. haha :P
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I'm trying to grow my hair out, and it's at that awkward length where it just looks weird down, but I'm tired of wearing it in a ponytail.  What kind of up-dos do you like that are fairly easy?

What's your favorite way to eat veggies for a snack?  I personally like cream cheese on celery.

Which cartoon character would you ever want to make out with?
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why is it socially acceptable to hassle smokers about being potentially killed by cigs, but it's NOT socially acceptable to hassle fat people about potentially being killed by food? the logic is essentially the same. and seriously, if one more person tells me "smoking kills" i'm gonna flip out.

eta: im not talking about second hand smoke. im talking about people who randomly find out that you smoke and are like "omg yr gonna die.. thats soo bad for you.. yr gross"

what is my cat saying?

why does my cat meow like she is in pain or really pissed off when i go to touch her and then immediately start purring? what is her deal? is she trying to tell me something?

she has food, water, a clean litter box, toys. why does she meow so angrily?
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1. I was watching the English version of Law & Order today which stars Jamie Bamber. Now Jamie Bamber is also on Battlestar Galactica where he plays with a fake American-like accent. Honestly, I prefer his fake accent to his real one.

My question to you, which actor or actress out there sounds better with their fake accent compared to their real one?

Which actor/actress were you shocked to hear was putting on a fake accent all along?

2. I've been following a few of my favorite interesting writers and actors on Twitter just to see what they have to say. Turns out, not much which has left me disappointed. This reminds me of the old saying, "Never meet your idols."

Have you ever been disappointed by your idol? Who was it? What happened?

how do they fit the paper in the phone lines

I'm faxing my resume to two places tomorrow. One place gets their printed out application + my resume, the other place just gets my resume. Do I need a cover letter for either of them? I don't fax things, ever. (both applications are for jobs as a barista, one in a restaurant and one in a hotel)

Alternatively, what is your favorite kind of rice?

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Do you ever pee in the shower?

I do it, when I'm showering and don't feel like stepping out into the cold basement air and dripping water everywhere. And because it gives me a sense of doing something rebellious.


Okay so here I am sat snuggled in my bed when my light flickers.. okay, whatever. Half a minute later it flicks off then on, my router decides to restart itself and my TV turns itself off.. but yet my cable box stays on.. what..?

Why did this happen?
Am I going to die?

Or it could be a signal that it's 3am and I should gtfo and get some sleep

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When you break up with someone.... how do you know if it's grief and you're missing them, that it was a big mistake to leave, or if its just heartache and part of breaking up? How do you deal with it?

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did/do you parents allow you to drink?
did/do you parents allow you to smoke cigarettes?
did/do you parents allow you to smoke weed or do another kind of drug?

will you allow your child to drink?
will you allow your child to smoke cigarettes?
will you allow your child to smoke weed or do another kind of drug?

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Hai we really NEED a piece of paper that says we love each other?
Can't we just live together??
I mean...its been over 2 years.
Do you think I'll text you in the middle of the night and break up??
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Will you think up a something-or-other that would completely shock you, and tell me what it is in the comments?

It can be anything, but extra kudos if it is something really ridiculous and imaginative.
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Do you generally get a lot of spam emails (even if they're sent directly to your spam folder)?

I get about 50 spam emails a day.  It would be really annoying if the spam filter weren't as strong as it is.

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If you drink tea, how long do you let it steep for?

Purple or green grapes?

If you could create your very own theme park, what would your theme be?

If you could form your own Justice League-esque squad made up of book/movie characters (THAT WEREN'T IN THE ORIGINAL JUSTICE LEAGUE, PEOPLE, BE CREATIVE), who would you choose to be in it?

I usually let it steep the usual 4-5 minutes, but my uncle lets it sit there long enough for it to grow legs and walk away :|

Purple!  I especially love Royal Holidays.

Pirate-themed, o' course.  Yarr.

I actually have no idea for this one.  I just finished reading
The Black Dossier by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill and was amused/intrigued by the LoEG's previous incarnations (whose members included included Virginia Woolf's Orlando, Fanny Hill, Gulliver of Gulliver's Travels, etc).


Lucas Corso from The Club Dumas - For Research, Negotiation, and General Snoopiness
Abraham Van Helsing of Dracula fame - to fight against things Supernatural
Thursday Next from The Eyre Affair - for her experience with detective work literally inside of books
Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood - because they're just cool and Adventurous and academic-minded

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Solve a family crisis!

OK, it's not that bad- but here's the skinny:

I'm starting university in the fall, and am in need of a laptop- my home computer is 6+ years old, and I'd like to be able to bring my work with me, rather than having to save it on a flash drive or anything like that.  My Mom (who is helping me out financially a little bit, but not enough to have a say in things like this) is trying to convince me that I don't NEED a full size laptop, and that I would be just fine with a netbook (like this one)

Now, from what I can figure out, they're SORT OF what I'm looking for, but I've seen conflicting reviews, and I can't seem to find one with Word or other Office products.

So, the questions:
-does anyone have one of these pint-sized computers?  Do you like it?
-is it possible to get Word & Excel on one, and if so, would it eat up all my memory?
-if you think I should go with a full size laptop, do you have any recommendations, or things I should look for? I've never owned one before, so I have no clue.  My budget is around $1000.  Is this reasonable, or should I expect to pay more?


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So, let's assume you have to kill a massive amount of time (like 10 hours) with nothing but your computer / the internet. What do you do? Any fun games, websites, ... ? TQC/LJ is not an option.

Are you annoyed by something/somebody atm?

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Goooood morning, folks!

Do you have one sense (seeing/smelling/touching/tasting/hearing) that's more sensitive/better than the other 4?

Mine is smelling. I can smell when my dog shits inside from 2 closed doors away, and my bf will be in the same room and not be able to smell it. IDGI.

What's the last totally bizarre thing that you witnessed/happened to you?

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total geek question, sry.

I'm trying to get back into a guilty pleasure, and I need some help.

I'm looking to start playing Dance Dance revolution, but need to buy new games, because my boyfriend's brother lost mine.

So, those who share my love of DDR, what's a good one to buy? There's been so many that have come out since I stopped playing.

For those who don't care: What are you having for your next meal?

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What is your ethnicity? Do you like it?

I'm Cantonese/Taidam and I like it a lot. Other people (in the Asian community), however, always treat me different because I'm a mutt. :(

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Should people who have relatively debilitating mental or medical issues (narcolepsy, OCD, etc.) that impede their ability to keep up with the schedules of others be held accountable for at least communicating with those they are inconveniencing to tell them that they're going to be late, etc.?
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I have this friend. Or rather, I had this friend. She was my best friend in high school, we were inseparable. After high school, she went to college in a different state and just... I dunno, changed, I guess. She stopped responding to my attempts to keep in touch. She never told me when she'd be home so I wouldn't know she was here to hang out. Back around last November, she contacted me, said she was sorry for being a bitch, said she was coming home over Christmas break and was looking forward to seeing me. Christmas break came and... nothing. I've felt very hurt and angry about the whole thing.

Her birthday is tomorrow. Should I bother wishing her happy birthday on facebook? Part of me wants to write something kinda passive aggressive, like "Hey, I'd like to wish you happy birthday but apparently I don't exist, so I can't," while another part says I shouldn't be a bitch and just say "Happy Birthday!" and still another part says to just ignore her birthday like she ignores me. I don't know. :/ The entire situation makes me really really sad.

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I want a pocket-sized gadget with a non-terrible calendar system that will make noise at me to remind me of appointments and so on. My current cell phone has a calender with a UI so bad that using it is more trouble than it's worth. iPhones and Blackberries seem to have what I need, but they are rather expensive (especially once you consider the monthly plan, which is a lot more than I'm paying for my cell service now). An iPod touch might work, but I'm concerned about the price and the apparent lack of speakers loud enough to alert me of anything.

Does anyone have any tips? Or any idea of what I'm looking for?

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I'm supposed to pick my boyfriend up and take him to lunch today. How funny would it be to just not show up and leave him standing on the street?

Have you ever been stood up?
How hard did you laugh?

Depression hurts...a lot

I am having a serious bout of depression. My grandfather passed away last week. I did ok till last night. Since then I have been in pain. It feel like my bones hurt. Also, I feel like am going to throw up and a can't get warm.

Have any of you physically felt this way when dealing with depression?
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1.) Besides pregnancy what are some common reasons people get randomly nauseous?

2.) Think about the last fight you had with your significant other. What was it about?

3.) Should I wake up my husband now or let him sleep until noon?
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I am new to playing WOW on my sad 512 memory laptop. I think I can upgrade it to 1 gig over Spring Break. I know it's a slight improvement but just how much will the system still lag? :(

Maybe I should buy a new system. What's the best system for running games and having good graphics (that's not a mac)?

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How sick or shitty do you have to feel, on a scale of 1-10, before you take any medicine?

If I feel just a 1 or 2 with anything that can be cured by a small, tasteless pill, I take medicine straight away. But if I have to drink horrible tasting liquid in a cup, I'll wait til about 9 or 10.

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one. i just got a jury duty form in the mail. after i filled it out, i read these directions, "for your convenience, you may use this same sheet to return your questionnaire. just fold flap B over the top of flap A so the Jury Board mailing address appears in the sender area and place postage in the upper right corner. please tape to seal, affix postage and drop in the mailbox. no extra envelope needed."

so, not only am i most likely going to be summoned for jury duty, but I HAVE TO PAY POSTAGE TO SEND IT BACK TO THEM. when's the last time that you were annoyed with "the man"?

two. if you don't care about that, what songs do you think are overdone at karaoke bars? it seems that EVERY TIME i go, someone sings "what i got", "date rape", hero", "sweet caroline" and the like.

i always try my best to sing songs that people usually don't sing, but i'd love for some suggestions. my favorites are "it's tricky", "if i had a hammer", "hurts so good", "lip gloss", "just what i needed", things of that nature. so, i like some rap songs, lots of singer-songwriter stuff and some folk. i think tonight i might do "king of wishful thinking" because it's SUCH a good song that i can't handle not singing it.

three. if you don't care about that either, do you have a meal that, when you're done eating it, it feels like a rock (a good rock) in your belly and you end up feeling satisfied? think like thanksgiving dinner but something that you can make every day. those are my favorite kind of meals, and i'd like to make them more often. my favorite contains mashed potatoes. what's in your dish?
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guys i have been basically absent from tqc for like a month and a half because i was working 40 hours a week without my computer. then i got my wireless fixed and now i get to bring my laptop! how exciting is this? i don't think anyone noticed i was gone but i am so glad to have you guys back!

the front door to this office locks and people ring the buzzer and i hit numbers on my phone to open the door. yesterday i tried letting a guy in twice and my phone said the door was open but he couldn't handle it. i could also see him through a window. will you tell me something hilariously awkward that happens to you at work?

today i dropped my laundry off at the laundromat in front of my office. people are going to wash, dry, and fold two loads of my laundry while i sit here on livejournal. what teeny stupid thing is making your day awesome today?

most importantly! - what ever happened to the girl who had the crying bitch roommate in the kitchen yesterday?
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I like audiobooks

I have gotten the wife to listen to Steven King's The Stand while we are out and about. We listen to a little each day, and have been for the last few days. I like it, and she is slowly getting to like it as well, I think. Anyone here listen to audio books, and if so, what was the last one you listened to?
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ah, lamour

When you're in a relationship and you get that special feeling in your heart, are you usually the one to say "I love you" first or do you bide your time and wait for who you're with to say it?
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What's the oddest thing that happened in your house that you yourself missed out on for some reason or other?

Mine's this thing, which I may summarise as: bird in house. keeps coming back.

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What do you do with your hair? How many different styles do you have?

And because I desperately need to know, is there a bit torrent equivalent to Limewire if I just want to download one song and not an entire album?! I feel like their should be, but haven't found one.

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In response to this question...

Do you speak any of the languages in your ethnic background?

And for those of you who said you were white/American/dunno: what language(s) other than English can you speak?
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My dad found a cd at the college he works at. Its called, The grossest lab mix you'd ever want to hear....while filling pipete tip boxes & playing with formaldehyde.

What songs would you expect to be on this cd?


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1. Let's say you're working at an awful job. You hate it. You go out interviewing for new jobs, and voila! New job. Both jobs are full time, office jobs. The new job, however, wants you to start on Monday. Do you say "I need to give my old job two weeks notice?" or just go ahead and quit and start the new job?

2. Let's say you're casually dating two other people. You bump into an old flame that you still have feelings for, and they ask "Are you seeing anyone right now?" Do you reply that you are, or are not, seeing anyone?


I am debating donating plasma to get some extra spending money. I've never done it before, and was wondering how painful it is?  Any interesting experiences with donating plasma?
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TQC, there is an uneaten peach in my fridge. It had been there for about three weeks. It is soft, and as far as I can tell there are no bruises or mold or what have you. Is it still safe to eat, or am I going to get some rare, incurable disease?
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completely hypothetical; I have just been wondering this lately

So you're innocently making internet friends on livejournal and at some point you request a few of your closer friends as friends on facebook. You haven't seen their photos before, and they have been vague as to where they live.

After they add you on facebook you are shocked to notice that (OH NO!!!) they are an old teacher of yours, or an old friend.

Would it be worse if it was a teacher or an old friend or something else? Assume that they are someone you really wouldn't have wanted reading your lj from how you know/feel about them IRL.


Boyfriend and girlfriend buy a house.
BF name is on title DEED. GF pays BF rent.
They break up. BF sells house.
Is GF entitled to a part of the profit??

Because I want to know what you think. Relax. Its hypothetical. At least for me it is.
He even texted her that she was OUT. So it was all perfectly legal.
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I have to record a podcast for my invertebrate zoology class, and I am doing it on solar-powered sea slugs. What sorts of things should I include in the podcast? The more non-serious the better.

sorry guys!

But these two questions are really on my mind now.

Believe in drunk goggles?
Cause I don't. If you banged them it just proves you had some interest[unless someone got you drunk and you are just passed out on the floor and they just kind of attack you while you are like gone]but thats an only exception. You are just too embarrassed to admit it.

and 2nd~
Has anyone ruined a movie for you? My boyfriend once watched Trainspotting for 2 months straight every freaking night.During these hellish nights I'd try to give him hints by saying "OH WOW I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS I WONDER WHAT HAPPENS." and I'd always walk in the room and sit down at the most awkward parts of the movie. Like the shit blanket part, the toliet part and the soccer game sex video mix up part.
He has killed a lot of movie enjoyment for me.

edited cause I typo too much.

thai food

what thai food do you like?
why does everyone love pad thai? i think pad see euw is better. but i also think peanuts in food is weird.

do chickens have personalities?
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My friends are going to see Escape The Fate tonight & I was invited.
Problem is that I don't really like this band. I've heard a couple songs & didn't like it. AT ALL.

Is it lame if I still go to the concert?

I've never been to a concert where I don't really care about the band that's playing.

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If society suddenly breaks down, and chaos has taken over, what path would you choose to ensure your own survival?
Examples; Move into the forest and lead a simple life of hunting and gathering? Join a band of thugs that take what they want and live by no rules? Or try to rebuild something resembling the world you once knew? Etc.

Do you continue wear clothes?

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one of my guy friends asked me to text him and ask him out on a fake date just to make this girl he likes jealous.

I LOLed at him and refused. what would you have done in the same situation?

also, what's the last song you listened to?

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Do I add my friends husband to my facebook? We haven't ever spent a lot of time together, so I don't really know him. He's had reservations about me before, as he doesn't really know me. He thought I was weird and for a long time I didn't get to see the kids. But, I have been spending a lot of time with their kids now and have a lot of photo's of them on my facebook, do I add him? (I have his wife, my friend on FB)

Do you add friends of friends on social networking sites? There's a few people I've met several times but not sure if I should add them or not.
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should i make mac and cheese with my bag of veggies? or should i make popcorn with the veggies? or should i eat them alone? (the vegetables i have is a "baby potato blend" in the steam fresh bags... baby potatoes, baby corn, baby carrots, broccoli and red peppers)

how's your day going?

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If you think you're validated in your emotions, would you go to therapy to appease someone?

~totally hypothetical, you guys~

Edit: Would it change your answer if you lived with the person and they mentioned it fairly often?

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Ok, so what if you were down on, like, this boardwalk, and you saw this clown -- or maybe he was just a juggler -- and he was strangling this little kid with one of those big thick Red Vine ropes and you were like "Maybe I should do something about this" but the security guards were just standing around watching and your cell phone was full so you couldn't take any pictures and you had a natural childbirth class to teach in 30 minutes, what is the capital of North Dakota and how do I get my whites looking their whitest? Cuz I have this problem all the bloody time and its maddening, I tell you.
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Are there other communities on livejournal that are as active, as populated, and have as many recognizable users within themselves as TQC is or does?
I can think of ljsecret, ontd, sf_d, maybe sf itself, and places like housematehorror or badcustomers, but I, at least, haven't heard of many others.

How have your eyelids been today?

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inspired by this post - has anyone ever told you they haven't seen or done a certain thing and it completely shocked you? like it's pretty much common sense that everyone has seen/done this particular thing before.

or are you one of the above mentioned?

for example, the other night my bf told me he has never used bubble bath in his entire life.

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Say you go on a date to the movies. Your date keeps moving their leg closer and "accidentally" rubbing it against yours. Do you rub back? Put your hand on their leg? Reach for their hand? What do you usually do in this situation?

I've been on a few dates and have had guys do this. Most recently, a date with my ex last night at the movies. He kept brushing his leg against mine and I was like "IDK WTF YOU WANT ME TO DO MAKE YOUR MOVE IF YOU'RE GOING TO DO SOMETHING JEEZ."

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Would you please introduce some music to me? I haven't visited a music store in months and would really like to get some new CDs/music but I just don't know where to start. Or maybe point me to some site? :D I like The Cardigans, Damien Rice, Gavin DeGraw, Rufus Wainwright, The Magic Numbers, Iron and Wine(and no, not bc of Twilight!)..

jobs suck

I got fucking fired today.

It wasn't anything I did. My stupid ass boss ran his fucking business into the ground, so myself plus 5 others were given the boot.

So TQC, what should I do to get my mind off of being jobless? I've spent most of the day applying for jobs and filing for unemployment.

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I'm worried because I have to memorize about ten or so precalculus formulas.  Put a script in front of me and I can memorize that shit in minutes, but when you put mathematic formulas my mind shuts down.

So, TQC, can you give me some tips for memorizing precalculus formulas?  Specifically DeMoivre's formulas and Heron's formula, plus the Law of Cosines.  If you have a song, would you like to voice post it for me?

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are you the jealous type?

are you a man or woman?

what really just gets you angry jealous with your SO?

VALIDATE ME: right well my bf put up a pic of the night out he had the week after we broke up(were back together) and he got off with two girls that night(ok i have dealt with that fairly well) but there is a pic up of him kissing one of the girls on the cheek!! i want it down cause its upsetting me when we are trying hard to get us back on track the way we were. I have a right to want it down and im not being silly am i??

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Does it seem to you like all the cool stuff at your school only happen when you've graduated?

At my secondary school all the cool competitions I could've participated in started the year after I graduated; this year the choir is doing all the awesome stuff we couldn't do last year (plus SYF WHICH WE HAD TO SKIP IN MY FIRST YEAR 'CAUSE OF LACK OF PEOPLE WHYYYY ASKFHASUIFHI)

on a different note....

you know those letters winston churchill sent to his mother?
Anyone have any idea where i can get a copy of them? like do any of you know the name of a book they may be in...?
i cant find anything on amazon or ebay???

EDIT: i have stopped smokeing for nearly two weeks now but all of a sudden is WAY harder and the cravings are way worse. Past quitters is this normal??


when is the last time your best friend showed why they are the best friend?

have you ever posted just so someone else could see you were talking about them?

do you like eggs? which way do you eat them?
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When was the last time you slept over an SO's house for the first time?

Did you plan it or did you just kind of forget to go home?

Do you remember what kinds of things you did besides the bedroom natured activities?

What did you have for dinner? and/or breakfast?

(no subject)

It's my friends 18th on saturday. The evening consists of 'champagne cocktails' at her house, followed by a meal at a chinese restaurant (fully paid for =] ) then out partying at bars and a couple of pubs.
The invite says 'smart dress required'.
I have two choices of what to wear that evening, pics under the cut.
Which do you think is best?
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There's a guy I'm pretty fond of.  We're two years apart in age and I didn't really think it's a big deal because really isn't.  However, I just learned that he has a younger sister - who is my age.  In fact, she's in some of my classes.  She's also bigger than I am (not width-wise, just taller and skinnier).
EDIT: Although I must admit, we're nothing alike.  But I do sound and look much, much younger than she does because I'm so damn little.

Would it be weird for us to date, since I'm the same age as his sister?

Geico Sucks.

Is anyone else annoyed and on a geico hatred as much as me?

Their car insurance company sucks.
When I called them 4 months ago they wanted DOUBLE the amount for a 6 month premium....
Also..........those advertisements are corny, weird and suck. The squirrels one was cool and all
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 My coworker told me today that people who live in Socialist nations can't play video games, or just spend time doing what they want, because the government interferes with their personal time. 

What was the last thing you heard that made you say, "What the fuck are you talking about?"

How can you nicely tell someone they're full of shit? 

Am I the only one who tries to add "The" in front of certain band's names? Like The Foo Fighters, instead of just Foo Fighters? 

Edit: Have you ever gotten a rash while taking Amoxicilin?
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Why can't I travel to New Zealand on a boat?

Why is it so hard to find services for a wanderer with a deathly fear of planes?

If you don't care about my travel woes... if you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?

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I know this is just about the longest shot ever, but do you know of any bible verses that are, essentially, "childfree"? I am trying to see if there is a way to counter the whole "be fruitful and multiply" thing. On that same note, do you know of anything in general that counters this, whether it be christian or secular or just an article about it?
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Will you make me a list of things that are more idiotic than the Jonas Brothers?

If there aren't any (which I'm pretty sure there aren't),
Will you make me list of things that are LESS idiotic than the Jonas Brothers?

What's more idiotic: Purity rings, or the Jonas Brothers?


Jesus, I just want the comments to my email to stop.
if anyone really cares I'm sure it was screenshotted.

if you want it back it can be.

good night and once again, sorry to offend.

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1)I have a cold. Should I play board games for hours over someone's house, even though there may be traffic issues or go back to bed?

eta:I must go back to bed, as it is not safe to be on the streets.

2)Does anyone else have an opinion on the Chocolatier games?

3)what are your hobbies?

a strange find.

there's a grocery store near my house that has two parking lots: one in the front and one in the back. nobody ever goes to the one in the back, but the other night my brother and i drove back there and found something really weird and eerie.

there was huge pile of...crap just laying on the concrete. there was a mattress, some furniture, bags and bags of clothing, shoes, wall hangings, books, boxes of bootleg dvds, and some photo albums. it was the strangest thing ever. it had obviously been there for quite some time because a lot of it was dirty and water-damaged.

from looking through the photo albums, we were able to figure out who they belonged to. there was also a wedding invitation, an obituary of the woman's husband, and an appointment card for a psychiatrist. the photos were from the 80's, but the appointment was for 2007.

it was seriously the most bizarre thing. my mom thinks that maybe the woman died and her relatives had nothing to do with her stuff so they just dumped it there. i guess that's plausible, but it's really hard for me to believe that a woman who must have been in her mid-60's owned tons of shitty bootleg dvds, bags of men's clothing, and multiple pairs of sneakers. maybe the stuff belongs to multiple people..?

anyway, tqc -- why do you think that stuff was there? who did it belong to? how did it get there?
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Have you ever considered moving half-way across the country for no good reason other than you need a change?
Will you give a shout-out to a favorite member here?

Tell me if I'm overreacting...

So I look at my boyfriend's new friends on myspace. I notice that he adds a 14 year old "scene girl" (what he's into.... and what i'm not)
I notice another girl, I click on her pictures, she has one photo of her being really cool smoking a cigarette and holding up her tee shirt so you can see her whole, very thin, stomach. He leaves a comment on this picture that says "you tiny, girl"

... keep in mind that he did this to me a few years ago and i got all giddy and thought he was the cutest thing ever.( it did not tell me i was tiny, it was just some sort of compliment) would you be pissed or what?!

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I have the hiccups, and I've been having them off and on for the last four or five hours. Give me ideas to get rid of them. We don't have any peanut butter, though, so eating a spoon full of that (my normal method) won't work.

When was the last time you had hiccups? Are they normally quiet or really loud?
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Inspired by a recent question - which zodiac sign are you?

Oh hay thar

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1. Say you work in a department with only 3 or 4 other people, one of them is the boss. Whenever a birthday comes around, the others split the cost of a cake and you all have it after lunch. Now say you are about to celebrate your first birthday at this job. What would you think/do, if your boss tells you there will be no cake on your birthday this year because she miscarried on that day and it's too painful to celebrate?

2. I am 24 and have never owned a cell phone! Can you believe it? What would you suggest I get when I finally crack (which may be this weekend)

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1) Does it bother you when an artist has songs that sound similar to another song?

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2) What is something you read in highschool that you had to re-read in college? I'm dreading the 100+ pages of Romeo + Juliet I have to read by tomorrow.

3) Have you ever slept with a guest/client from your professional job? I work for a hotel and it's only happened once but it was amazing, omg.

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Do you like my icon?

Does soap expire?
My mom found this hand soap in our hall closet and it says "Expires 08/07"

Do you say "wtf?" and "lol" irl?
I say WTF when I'm around my parents or grandma.
I also say BUH when I run into something.
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anyone camped in Joshua Tree National Park? specifically either the "Black Rock Canyon" or "Indian Cove" Campgrounds? either way any suggestions/tidbits/thoughts, etc. would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much in advance :)
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"the memory keeper's daughter" is on lifetime tonight. i just started the book yesterday. should i watch the movie and ruin the ending for me? or don't watch, and risk not being able to see it for a long time? (if you've seen it: is it good?)

what do you plan on watching on tv tonight?

what tv show currently on the air is your favorite right now?
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I haven't heard a peep from my friend since she apparently lost her job two weeks ago. I started worrying about her when she hooked up with this loser jerk she's been supporting since October. He attempted to cut her off from all of her friends, but we emailed each other every day at work. Now that she's gone missing, I'm not sure what to do. She's not answering her cell or home phones, emails, or texts. Her parents haven't heard from her either, but they've always been pretty distant. I haven't driven the 57 miles to the house she's been paying the rent for in the boonies, but I can this weekend.

TQC... if this was your friend, what would you do?

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basically, i have this friend. she's a good friend and we've been hanging out for about a year, though we've known each other since we were about 7. we get along very well, have fun, etc. but she keeps saying these catty things to me once in a while, and i seriously can't figure out where they're coming from. like, stuff about guys, something that happened in high school that's kind of a sore subject, a friend of ours i had a falling out with.

i don't think she would see me as any kind of a threat. she's more attractive than i am and guys really dig her, she's always getting hit on while i never do. neither of us are in school at the moment or in competitive fields.

where the are these comments coming from? why?

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Ladies, what would you want a guy to do in this situation?

My Cultural Anthropology class started on Monday and today I recently started talking to this girl. We were making small talk throughout class, both of us were laughing, and I walked her back to her car after which she appreciated, we hugged each other, and said goodbye. Mind you this is the first time we have ever talked, I just want to know if there is anything in general I should/n't do/say next time we talk. I want to eventually ask her to get a bite to eat or something of that nature. I'll make sure to sit next to her next class I'm just stupid and am probably not being myself because all I can think about is how beautiful this girl is. The entire length of class. Help, please?