March 3rd, 2009



When purchasing a money order, can you use a personal check as payment?

*This might sound dumb, but I tried to pay for a gift card today via check and this type of payment was "invalid", as they will only accept cash or debit for gift card purchase.


I need a new stove.

The one I have right now is a gas stove. When I go to buy a new stove, should I get electric or gas stove to replace it?
Gas stoves scare the buh-jeebers out of me, but I don't like electrics too well, either.

Choose for me, TQC.

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My newish laptop was just sitting there being beautiful one day and then the next second there are up to 25 billion internet explorer windows opening all by themselves repeatedly in some kind of unstoppable fit. After a minute of horror, i turned it off and rebooted and it's fine again.

It's done this twice since I have got it. Both times I wasn't actually using it, just sitting in front of it reading or something and then BAM.
My friend said it has happened to her laptop too. My boyfriend said it was a particular virus that I forget the name of.

Anyone else have anything like this occur? What did you do?
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ETA: Sorry; I am clearly useless at cuts, and the preview thing isn't working, so I deleted it.

What's your favourite Disney song?

Youtube vids are appreciated!
garua by famous
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For the freelancers/self-employed professionals...

Do you ever feel that the fact that you have no boss and no fixed schedule/hours makes people around you take your job less seriously?

Do you ever get one of the following?

- But you work from home, so you can have dinner/lunch/laundry/whatever ready when I come home (implied: when I come home from my REAL job).

- But your schedule is flexible and you don't answer to a boss, so why can't you leave everything for a week/forget about checking your email/disappear from the face of the earth?

- It's not fair that you make the same/more money than I do.

If so, how do you respond?

I hate the fact that, for many people, my schedule being flexible seems to translate to "she can leave everything and be at everybody's call, at any time".

I never got this when I did the same job I'm doing now, but with a boss. Somehow it seems that my job is now less meaningful and less REAL than everybody else's. Even people with crap jobs (or no job at all), and no education, do this.

I'm in a killing mood right now.
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Holiday dramas

What do you think are reasonable costs for an airline to cover for bags going missing for 48 hours while you're in a non-home city?

Do you think it's possible to use misplaced baggage as leverage for getting a better seat in the connecting flight?

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(no subject)

1. What was your least favourite subject at school?

2. In a Pulp Fiction way, are you a Beatles-man or an Elvis-man?


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Inspired by mrar's below post:

Is there any dish that you try to make over and over again but never turns out right?

Mine is mashed potatoes. Anyone wanna share how they make theirs? I know they're supposed to be one of the easier things to make, but mine always turn out lumpy (little tiny gross lumps). I've tried boiling the shit out of them and mashing them for close to an hour and NOTHING WORKS. Milk, butter, cream... NOTHING!
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random questions...

1.  what is the weirdest song lyric (or set of song lyrics) you've ever heard/seen?

i love foxy shazam, but this is just plain weird:

how 'bout i piss in your butthole/how about i admire your eyes?

2.  what is your favorite thing to wear around the house?  be specific.

any pair of pj's and my fuzzy green robe.  or my husband's red hoodie.

3.  how do you feel about immigration laws?  harsh or not harsh enough?

i hate them.  way too harsh.  it's destroyed my husband's family and i fear it will destroy ours as well.

4.  did you watch csi: miami tonight?  how did you feel about the big 'next level'?

it was cute, but i was thoroughly disappointed.  i've been waiting what, 7 seasons for that?  i dun think so!
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El Diablo

What do you think The Devil looks like? Pics?

Does he still look like an angel, is he a big red horned monster, a guy in red pajamas w/ a pitchfork?

I think he'd be a handsome man in a business suit with a beautiful smile and a firm handshake.


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i've missed 2 solid weeks of 3 classes for various personal reasons (some legitimate). i'm having almost unmanageable anxiety about returning to the classroom, any words of advice? anyone been in a similar situation?
i'm having a rough time sucking it up, i've been through this several times before and this is pretty much my last chance.
dianna agron ;;

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Do you ever get angry on the internet?
Whenever I read 'drama' communities or whatever, I always wonder if the people typing all in caps and being erratic all over posts are actually spazzing out behind their computers... then I lol.


I got home at 3 am, logged onto LJ, and have been trolling the TQCers ever since (it's 5:15am in Southern CA).

I should have been working on my Art notebook Title Page. My professor wants it to be "artistic."

He is the LEAST detailed professor I have EVER had, and it is the most frustrating class I have ever taken and NOT dropped. (I can't drop it or I wont be full time and the state will take my money away and fuck my life that would suck).

I need some "artistic" ideas on what I should do for my title page. Any ideas, still awake (or just waking up or in the middle, or end of your day) TQCers?
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I <3 TLV

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It's 6:15ish am. I have class at 9:30am, and so would need to be getting up at around 8:30am. IF my morning class isn't cancelled, which it might be (icy roads and whatnot).

Stay awake for the lulz or go to sleep for a couple hours? Halp me plz.

[Edit: Sleep time.]

(no subject)

1. How do you like your eggs?

2. What do you all think is the appropriate time to wait for someone to respond to an e-mail knowing that they haven't been dealing with any life crises on their end?

3. Does the ice cream truck still visit your neighborhood during the summer?

(no subject)

1) how do YOU deal with a bad kisser? do you say something? nothing? try to adjust? avoid them at all costs from that point on? laugh at them?!

2) seriously, how do bad kissers HAPPEN? its not that hard, people.

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How do you get rid of the hiccups?

Drinking water/holding my breath is not working.

eta; peanutbutter didn't work.
eta II;[info]jazzsaxgod scaring me didn't work
eta III; drinking water upside-down made water come out my nose and it was weird and gross BUT IT WORKED. Thanks guys.

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Sorry for the TMI ahead of time but I have to ask...

Lately I have had the feeling that I have to pee all the time. I will go to the bathroom and most of the time nothing comes out. I'll come back to my room and then feel like I have to pee again.

What the fuck is wrong with me? I don't feel any pain or anything. Just always feel like I have to pee.

srs answer please.


One of my co-workers smokes, eats a pound of bacon a day, and never exercises AND STILL LOSES WEIGHT.
I on the other hand, exercise, eat OATMEAL for breakfast and never smoke.
But I can't lose an OUNCE.
WTF am I doing WRONG????


When you refer to your siblings to people you don't know well do you say "my big brother" or "my little sister" or just "my brother"/"my sister"?

Do you clarify with step- or half- if they are your step- or half- sibling?

If you're an only child or this doesn't apply to you, how do your friends refer to their siblings?

This Sunday.

Did you know that daylight savings begins this weekend, before I just told you?

I only realized this morning when I happened to look at my calendar. Don't forget to move your clocks forward! (Yes, it sucks to be an American this weekend, since we all lose an hour of sleep.)

Any funny/crazy stories you'd like to share that have to do with daylight savings? Doesn't matter if it's "fall back" or "spring forward."

(no subject)

1)what do you hope to do on your day off?

craft in bed. all day.

2)what do you think of the high cost of insurance company bailouts nowadays?

3)Did you return all of your books to the library?

emoticon death
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(no subject)

Anyone here ever had the mumps or other wildly contagious illness for which you are meant to kind of quarantine yourself away?

Despite having the vaccine as a kid, I've just been diagnosed with mumps, which has an infection period stretching back a week before symptoms appear, and 9 days after. Most people who had the vaccine actually acquired some immunity, so it is at least looking like most of my friends and housemates, with whom I spent time before I even knew I was ill - will be safe. Trouble is, the only thing the doctor has really advised me to do is sleep, take ibuprofen, and not infect anyone else. I was wondering if anyone else has had anything similar to this and wants to offer some advice as to how to deal with the various symptoms of mumps (pain and swelling of the parotid gland, around the ear and throat), and also, how to get through life without causing infection. I'm down to my last tin of soup!
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(no subject)

Do any of you know of any good resources (books, websites, etc.) for vegetarians traveling in Europe? I need things like tips on where/what to eat, how to express that I eat NO meat whatsoever in various languages (including fish, in broth, etc etc since sometimes people think that certain things are not included) without being obnoxious and so on.

Any help would be great!

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last night i had THE BEST DREAM EVER. i dreamt that i was chillin with buffy and dawn and we were solving a mystery. then all this bizarre shit would happen and we'd hug. except their mom was a raging alcoholic trainwreck who kept calling us to bring her mcdonalds while we were trying to do our investigating.

will you BRIEFLY describe the best dream you've had lately?

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For those of you who do not live with your parents:

How far from them do you live?
How often do you see them?
Is that too often/not often enough for your liking?

Also, my bf and I got 7 boxes of Girl Scout cookies yesterday - 5 Thin Mints, 1 Tagalongs and 1 Samoas. 1.5 boxes of Thin Mints and the Tagalongs are already gone. How long do you think the remaining 4.5 boxes will last us? lol we are fatties.
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Mystery man

So a guy is 14ish in 1955 and lives in Nebraska. He gets into trouble and runs away to Oregon and changes his name and starts a whole new life. What happened in Nebraska that was so terrible he had to move across the country and start over at such a young age?
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So I've had lower back pain for a few weeks now, close to a month. I didn't go to a doctor at first because I assumed it would go away, but now it's getting worse, and I can't get an MRI or a CT with out paying $75 and going through hoops with my insurance, so I am waiting until I go home in 2 weeks to get it looked at. In the meantime, I've been taking NSAIDs like no one's business.

I had a test today, and I was rushing through it because sitting down hurt my back too bad. I'm afraid my grade was directly effected by my back. Should I shoot my prof an email now, or wait for the exam grade to be posted? I'm just concerned because I got a C on the last test (because I didn't study), and I don't want her to think I'm full of shit.

This song won't dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Has anyone here ever had less then 20 seconds of a song stuck in your head?
I remember in the 9th grade I suddenly got "around the world ah ya ya yah"
Which was 4 seconds long and I didn't even like it. This went on for at least 5 hours.

Almost slammed my head into a locker. On purpose.
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(no subject)

Why do people get defensive about the topic of vegetarianism or veganism? Meat eaters get all "Whoa don't preachy with me" and vegetarians get all "I am sooo healthy omg."

Have you, as an omnivore or vegetarian (or whatever you are) had any experiences that would lead you to assume anything about people who eat differently? Stories plz.

Also, have you ever met a fat vegan? (Just wondering.)
Baro Bitch Stare
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(no subject)

When was the last time you wrote a haiku?

Will you write me a haiku now?

When was the last time you were late for class, work, or a meeting? What happened and why were you late?
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(no subject)

 Do you like to run?

How many miles do you run a week?

What's your best advice for someone who wants to start running?

If you don't like to run, what do you like to do for exercise instead?

(no subject)

does it seem perfectly normal for boys to ask girls if they wear make up if they're not dating them?

Two of my coworkers have asked me this question. One is dating someone but is a generally nice woman-charmer, and the Q was asked while mixed company was discussing "what makes girls pretty?" The other guy asked me that question, and then proceeded to ask me out an hour later. I'm curious if I should be expecting this from guys in the future, and if they ask... what I can expect!

eta: I don't wear make up, and I don't hide that from anyone. I don't go around bragging about it, but when asked I don't act embarrassed. It just seems curious that they ask, as if it really mattered a lot.

(no subject)

If you send a package from Montreal, Canada, to Louisiana, and it's been 20 days and it still hasn't arrived, would you just assume it's gotten lost in the mail? During this same time, another package has been sent from Louisiana to Montreal and back to Louisiana. Is all hope lost?
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At least I tried to clean it up.

Is a bouquet of flowers an appropriate gesture of apology to a friend who won't speak to you because you puked whiskey, beer, cake, and nachos all over her boyfriend's bathroom floor and bathtub at her birthday party?

Don't you just get such a great satisfaction out of swabbing your ears?

What's something you will do today that has the potential to be very awkward?

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exactly what does a bar back do? i assume that they're the bartender's bitch person, getting new glasses and restocking all the liquor, stuff like that. is there anything really obvious that i'm missing?

have any of you ever had a job as a bar back? did you make decent money? do you and the bartender share tips?

i'm looking at an ad on craigslist and all it says is "Local night club is looking for a student to work one or two days a week being a runner/barback at the Necto night club. We are accepting applications in person ONLY. Monday - Wednesdays, 12 noon - 5 pm.", so it's not like i can call and ask more questions about it.

if you don't care about that, was there ever a time that you've been to see a medical/otherwise professional and you thought that you knew more than them? if so, what was the instance?

Job app help

I'm applying for this writer/editor position at a college, and I have to send in two writing samples. Thing is, I haven't done much formal writing for years--at least, not stuff that is published publicly. Just LJing and some private company stuff that I couldn't take with me when I left.

I have one sample down. For the other one, should I use:

a) A college newspaper article I wrote years ago, or
b) A recent LJ post that is well-written, topical, and witty? (I'd be pasting this into Word, not linking them to my blog.)

The first one is proper journalism, but it's ancient. Like eight years old.
The second one shows my personality, but I'm afraid they'll ask for a link to my blog, and I'd rather not give that out.


Yours, mine, ours?

Validate me, TQC. 

My boyfriend is buying a house.  Finally, after 2 months of us looking and failed offers, his offer was accepted last night, and we have a signed contract.

Well, actually, HE has a signed contract, and that's where the problem is.  I am not on the loan, I am not providing any of the up-front cash (unless it's an emergency at the closing table), but I will be paying a yet-as-undetermined portion of the monthly payment.  I will be living there, after all.

My issue is that he wouldn't be buying a house if I weren't so crazy and determined to get out of my aunt's house.  I know I am the only reason he is buying a house, even though he swears that he thinks it's a good idea anyway and blah, blah, blah...  I spent many months convincing him, and now suddenly he thinks it's a great idea?  whatever...

TL;DR  My question is this:  The man is buying a house for us, so why do I feel like I will need to ask permission to move furniture or buy plants or do any of the normal "this is my home" kind of things?   Am I being silly? 

Or, you can just tell me to suck it up and get over it, the man IS BUYING A HOUSE FOR YOU!

(no subject)

so my spring break is coming up in 2 weeks. i will have 8 days to absolutely whatever i want because all my classes have homework and tests next week.

so what should i do over my spring break? for reference, i live in MN and it will prolly still be coldish (30's and 40's F in the daytime)

ETA: i'm also pretty broke. so nothing too expensive!
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(no subject)

Why do BlackBerry-s taste like plastic?

No, really. Does anybody else feel really out of it and like today is a lazy Sunday?
What is on your list of priorities?
Any animals or people under your care that have been having issues or been demanding lately?
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(no subject)

Let's say you're going to see Watchmen this weekend. Would you rather see it in a theater that is close to the concession stand and restrooms, but has inferior (but not noticeably bad) sound or a theater that is up many flights of stairs, far from restrooms and concessions, but has awesome new digital sound?

Gastric Bypass

I just started dating someone who had gastric bypass years ago.

He took a while to tell me and has only mentioned a few of the foods that really agitate him.

Just curious about tips about food and any other thing that might affect him?
Or any random thing I might need to expect....


(no subject)

What are you bringing to the relationship???

I cook, I don't smoke, I don't sit in front of the TV watching sports all weekend...and I can fix stuff!!

EDIT: I will txt you a breakup message in a heartbeat.

(no subject)

I just received a call from this woman who found my resume on and she just set up an appointment with me at 11am tomorrow. Am I horrible for not being 100% attentive because I don't feel well and have NO idea what the position is? 

If you don't care, can you tell me about your last interview?
What is your favorite color of Starbursts?

ETA: Should I bring a physical copy of my resume or assume they don't need it since I already received a call?

(no subject)

 I'm taking a road trip to Danville, VA to visit my boyfriends' brother and his girlfriend. The trip is a total of 8 hours from where I live (plus the time it takes to stop and eat) so we decided we would drive part of the way and get a hotel. We are thinking of stopping in Winchester, VA. What's fun to do there? 

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Will you post your top 25 most played on itunes?

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Should I skip my last class? It's senior seminar and all I do is text/sleep.

What is something you have always wanted to happen but probably never will?

I would love to rip the earbuds out of my laptop and have everyone in the study center start jumping on tables and dancing crazy and shit.

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hey thequestionclub, have you ever heard this song?

my sister's friend with whom I have no contact gave us a few mix-CDs and a lovely song by a Feist-like-sounding lady has just fast become one of my favorites. it sounds like it's all done digitally on a synth or something, idk. i think it's super.

the lyrics are as such:

you've gone so far away
that it's been hard
to feel okay
i'll talk to you on the internet
the telephone
or carrier pets
so cheer up and smile for me
it hurts to hear that you're lonely
so cheer up and smile for me
it hurts to hear that you're lonely

any help would be great. i've searched on google and some lyric sites but snippets of the song lyrics get my nothing, and that is my method of choice for identifying unknown songs. :[ do you hate when this happens to you? or do you know all and see all?

ty in advance!

Grim poll

Poll #1359109 Based on the French horror movie Room of Death

You and a friend are driving along, with you behind the wheel. You take a blind turn faster than you should have and suddenly you feel a thump. You stop the car and check out what the deal is. You see a man in a fine business seat lying underneath your tires, dead on impact. You and your friend panic and freak out and contemplate what to do. As you analyze the situation, your friend notices that the businessman had a duffle bag. When opened, you find within it $5,000,000. Your friend urges you to drive off with the money and pretend it never happened. No one saw you (it's really late at night), you can't help the man and you'd only be compromising your own future if you called the police, and he obviously won't need the money anymore. What do you do?

Turn myself in and give the money over to the police, so it can be returned to his family
Turn myself in, but not before having my friend run off and hide the money. I'll say that I never saw any money. It'll be easier to serve my manslaughter sentence knowing I have millions waiting for me
Do as my friend says. We drive off and keep the money. I place an anonymous phone call to the police, letting them know where to find the body
Same as above, except I mail half or a portion of the money to his family. I keep the rest
It's possible they may be able to do forensics on the body, and track the incident to my car. I dispose of the body before keeping the moolah

For those of you that took the hear on the news the next day that a little girl who was being held hostage was found dead. Apparently, her ransom was never paid when her father was killed in a reported hit-and-run, where the money went missing. What do you do now?

Well, shit. That sucks. Nothing that can be done about it now. I make a donation to a charity for abused kids to help ease my conscience
I give all the money back to the family now, anonymously
I give all the money back and turn myself in. I can't live with this guilt
Life's unfair sometimes. I keep all the money. What's done is done and there's no point trying to change fate
Hire the best detectives and hunter mercenary types to find this kidnapper and bring him to justice. I keep the rest of the money


I want to extend a previous post that was made about finding your boyfriend or girlfriend the most physically attractive person.
I think it got a bias response because he made fun of unattractive people and other reasons, not alot of explaining. Anyway...

When you are in love, do you only have eyes for your person? even though you know deep down their not the most physically attractive person in the whole world (Because models & celebrities also live on this planet) do you still find them the most attractive to you personally because your in love with them? I do yet my boyfriend and most others dont because its unnatural and impossible to be with the most attractive person apparently. But even if they dont have that perfect face structure, your ideal hair etc, how are they not the most attractive to you? that person has the lips you kiss, the eyes you look at when your happy, the eyes that you look at while your doing the dirty, sharing moments etc, how can that not be the face or body that you would most want to look at?
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Keep your butts to yourself!

 I live in an apartment! A couple of months ago, some people moved in below us (a mother and her twenty-something son). We're the only two apartments facing the woods. We have a small yard in front of our apartments that we share. Anyway, the guy sits on their front deck and smokes ciggarettes. I don't care about the smoking, but I DO care that he throws the butts out into the yard. There are now at least 100 butts in the yard directly in front of the porch.  My dog isn't the brightest crayon in the box and I'm scared he might eat one, in addition to the fact that it looks really trashy. I'd mention it to them, but they're the type that do not even respond when you say "hello" when passing on the sidewalk. Do I call the landlord? Do I pick them all up, put them in a coffee can, buy them some ash-trays and leave a note that says NO BUTTS IN THE YARD PLEASE (my mother's passive-agressive suggestion)? Srs and non-srs suggestions, please! 
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(no subject)

I randomly found my dream engagement ring and wedding dress when both times looking for something else. (A necklace and a pair of shoes.) What does all this mean, TQC?

When was the last time you realized someone truly loved you and cared about you? (platonic or not?)

What TV pairing describe you and your best friend? Your significant other?

What did you think of all the Bachelor controversy last night?

If none of these interest you, what is your favorite coffee brand?

(no subject)

A boy who says that he 'doesn't ever get sad or hurt unless someone dies or something' is lying
(and only gets 'pissed off' at everything else and then smoothly 'gets over it')

Do all of The Killers songs sound the same or is it just me?

(no subject)

i have a sore in my mouth and i just put some anesthetic crap on it. it helped a little. but it made me think, what if i numbed my lips and tried to play oboe? would it sound weird or make no difference?

shoud i do it?
whats the last dumbass thing of this nature that you have done?

(no subject)

Your SO decides roleplaying is the only way to save your sex lives; but they are gracious enough to allow you to chose the characters for the both of you. What characters do you pick?

[eta; clearly there is something in the air tonight.]

Things to do with a 11 year old girl?

I have my Little Sister tonight and I need to think of something to do with her. It can't cost money because I've recently lost my job. My bottom element in my oven is also broken, so no baking. Normally we play cards and play wii. I was trying to think of a cheap/free craft or new game we could play. Any ideas?
Arrested Development

(no subject)

TQC, I have horrible skin because I was an idiot teenager who got sunburned and picked at zits. I want to care of it as well as I can now, but I'm not sure how to start. What's your skin-care routine like? Do you have any products you can reccomend?

Also, is there anything totally random that makes you cry? I'm watching Why Should I Worry from Oliver and Company, and it is making me BAWL and I have no idea why.

ETA: I don't have acne anymore, just suckishly textured skin.

(no subject)

I am getting a kitten on Saturday! (I promise not to ask what to name her. She already has an awesome name)

For those of you who have cats;

What is the best thing about having a cat?
What do you feed your cat?
What is your cat's name?
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benson and stabler

(no subject)

Is there a particular regional dialect that you find annoying?

Can you pinpoint a specific sound of this dialect that's like nails on a chalkboard?

If someone told you they didn't like a particular accent, would you assume they were making a value judgment on people who speak that way?

Hai look! I figured it out!

Poll #1359138 What do you really love about you?

Which natural bodily function do you enjoy the most?

Scratching an actual itch
Taking a really good dump
Having a really long pee
My body does really weird things and I'll share in comments
blue donghae

(no subject)

would you be offended if you found out that someone cleans up after you've brought your kid to their house?  or can you understand other parents desire for cleanliness?  have you ever done this?

my friend just came over and threw a surprise playdate between our sons.  he goes to daycare whereas my son stays with me, and that in itself had me a little on edge because i don't know what kind of place her daycare is and if its clean.  to make matters worse she walked on my carpet with her boots (there's snow outside- thus there's also street salt on her shoes) and i picked up a piece of her sons poop off the carpet with my HANDS!  (i wasn't quite sure it was poop until my whole living room started to smell)  as soon as she left, i had the vacuum out in thirty seconds.  i mopped, washed my sons face and hands, and got on the floor with a toothbrush and some disinfectant to clean the 'poop spot.' all the while, however, i was afraid she had left something behind and would soon be back to get it only to hear the sound of the vacuum cleaner/see me with a mop in my hands/etc. 

if you were her, would that bother you?  would it bother you if you knew that i had found poop on the floor?

she didn't come back, i was just wondering if this would bother some people.  i don't think it would bother me if someone did that after my son was at their house.  i don't take chances when it comes to my son.
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Colbert Is Not Amused

(no subject)

Inspired by this post:

How did the Trix Rabbit know what Trix tasted like if he never was allowed to have them?

Also, do you think he's an addict? Do we need to have an intervention? 

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(no subject)

are you a good judge of character?

are there people who just rub you the wrong way?

if someone does rub you the wrong way, do you trust yourself about it? or do you wait until you know them better? are you usually right or wrong?
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

Is there anything totally awesome sold in Canada that you can't get in the US? Or maybe just moderately awesome.

Are you a Jew? Will you be doing anything for Passover? I've already bought my chocolate-covered matzo.

(no subject)

You're in a computer lab, and when you happen to glance around, you notice the person next to you is on TQC. You don't recognize this person and you can't get a good look at their username without staring like a creeper.

Would you initiate a conversation with them?
Kill Bill - Elle
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(no subject)

Why would a video store carry discs two and three of a four-part documentary? DOES THAT MAKE SENSE TO YOU?

When was the last time your professor or boss made really ridiculous demands?

(no subject)

Is it ok (non-prengancy wise) to slightly delay the break period on the pill?
I.e., I am meant to stop taking it today for my pill free week, but would rather have friday as the first day of the pill free week.
Is this ok or completely no-go?
mornington crescent
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Can anyone recommend a good book about Thomas Jefferson? Typing "Thomas Jefferson" into amazon had way too many results. I'm mostly interested in something that examines his political philosophies, rather than a strictly historical biography. Nothing too dense also, I'm just reading this for the sake of curiosity and I don't want to have to work my brain TOO hard. :)
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Do you have a really interesting story to tell? It can be funny or fiction or sad or uplifting.. it can be whatever, it just has to be your own. It can also be a poem or short story you wrote.

I ask because I have a project for school to make a collection of personal stories and between me and a few friends, I've only got like 4 or 5. I'd greatly appreciate it!

If you don't or don't care, do you bite your nails?
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Heya, TQC

If you were going to name a new pet, what would you name it and why? Do you have any good pet-naming stories?

My family just got a new dog and we decided to name it Mulder (my suggestion), but my sister and I used to name all our pets (mostly hamsters and turtles) after Greek gods and goddesses.
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I have been invited to attend two different conferences for free through my university.

Conference 1
The first is a conference which is by invitation only and is a forum for underrepresented groups who will be attending graduate school. This conference will have workshops on preparing for the GRE, writing a statement of purpose, speakers from leading graduate programs throughout the nation, and panel sessions by some of the top professionals in various fields (etc).

Conference 2
The second Conference is the Autism conference. Various professionals and educators from throughout the country will be in attendance to share new findings, teaching techniques, programs of study etc. I will be getting my MA in Applied Behavior Analysis and will be working with people with autism for the rest of my life.

The problem: Conference 1 is on April 25th. Conference 2 is on April 24th and April 25th. Which one would you chose from the below options?

Option 1. One day of Conference 2 on April 24th and Conference 1 on April 25th

Option 2. Do both days of conference 2 and blow conference 1 off

Option 3. I don't care about your stupid little conferences

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Which is better: the Tempurpedic or the Sleep Number bed?

If you don't know, which one seems likely to be better to you?

Do you ever wonder which side of the Sleep Number bed couples would use to do the things couples do, when the bed firmness/softness is uneven? Which side would you use?

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I'm looking for purely anecdotal evidence here, none of your fancy "facts".

My husband and I currently have two cats. When we buy a house, sometime this summer, we are going to take my aunt's dog (she passed away in December and another relative is taking care of it for the time).

This dog has never been around cats, and I don't think my cats have ever been near a dog.

Is the (rather large) dog going to eat my cats as a snack? Any suggestions for them being friends?
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If you could make people pay you $20 every time they did one particular thing that annoyed you, what would that thing be?

How much money do you think you'd make in a week?
Oh Noes

Dog owners!

What breed(s) are your dogs?
I was told collie mix but he looks like a basenji

What are their names? And nicknames? Wher do said names/nicknames come from?
Sparky. Sparticus, Sparkily, Crazy Dog, Mutt, Muttly... The list goes on!

How old are they?
17 months

What tricks do your dogs know? (Other than basic things like sit, lie down etc.)
Shut the door, paw/other paw, spin, roll over, hide (put paw over face) and (since today!) take a bow! He also lets me balance almost anything on his head/nose

My friend keeps saying "backflips" to my dog and then moaning that Sparky doesn't do anything! What completely random trick can I teach Sparky to do to the word "backflips"? I thought about targetting the crotch region with either nose or paws but then decided that