March 2nd, 2009


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Will you tell us about the last time someone from your past contacted you? How did it go? Was it good to hear from them or was it a negative experience?

My ex BFF I haven't talked to in four years messaged me on Facebook and I randomly logged in Myspace for the first time in forever and this crazy chick sent me a friend request. Again, haven't talked to her in probably 5 years. Two in one week, and truth be told I cannot stand either of them.

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1. What's the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you? (I don't scary or gross just weird as in it makes people doubt that you are telling the truth.)

2. Years ago, while driving on the highway, my sister and I spotted a guy dressed up in a giant pink rabbit suit holding a sign that said, "Florida."

What I want to know why did he want to go to Florida and what has he going to do there?

3. Inspired by The Art of Manliness, this is for all TQC, men and women, what's the manliest thing about you?

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Another travel related question..

Will taking my straightening iron on my carry-on bag be a matter of national security?

And are there usually power outlets on planes? My laptop battery only lasts like 20 mins and my friend is super scared of planes, so instead of drugging her, I rather keep her occupied with movies.

Any interesting airplane/travel stories you care to share?


AIM question! I think I changed something weird but I can't IM people and have an Away message up? Everytime I IM somebody, if I have an away message up, it gets taken down. Where can I change this? I've seriously had this problem for a week and I've gone through my settings like 80 times to try and change this back but it won't!

MALL-- crash


Since Domino just died, I'm switching my subscription to one of the following magazines:

Bon Appetit

They're all blah to me but I have to pick one. Which one would you choose?

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So tqc...

Who or what is bb? I keep seeing people use it and at first I thought it was just someone's name, but it's used so frequently, I'm beginning to wonder if it stands for something?

And what's with people using "ETA" as like an edit? As far as I know, "ETA" stands for "Estimated Time of Arrival".

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Do you dislike any foods that many other people love? So that, when they hear about it, some people say "you hate BLANK???!!! Are you crazy?"

For example, some people can't understand how I could hate doughnuts.
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If you were a.....

If you were an official copy of a college transcript that a former student ordered and has somewhere in the house, where would you be hiding?

Edit: Found it. :) Lo and behold, it WAS in my mom's vagina! Thanks!

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1. What do you think of authors who churn out novel after novel after novel? Think James Patterson for example.

2. Do you allow smoking inside your house?
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robots are awesome, y/y?

What/who is your favorite robot? Video/pictures?

I would have to say mine is Keepon, because he's super cute, dances better than me, and apparently enjoys dancing to music by Spoon in particular.

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This one is a close runner up, mostly because it's a little disturbing and also ON FIRE.

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I feel as if my wardrobe is really plain and want to try getting some new things and playing with my look a bit. I was thinking about getting some sort of vest just to try layering more and stuff-when like they are not something I'd ever thought of wearing yet sometimes, when I see others wearing them, I think it looks good. My question is, are their any rules/guidelines on getting a vest that flatters your body type?
technical difficulties

Fuck Spyware!

Since last night I've been getting Spyware messages sayig my system is being infiltrated and there's a virus. That may be true and it's spyware! Never installed it, it installed itselfand it won't go aaway. Thought I had it licked yesterday afternoon but it popped up again this morning.

How the fuck do I get rid of it permanently?!?
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On LJ, how do/did you make friends?
Are the majority of your friends people you know in real life, or did you meet them via the interwebs (gaming/communities/etc)?

Do you add people that you do not know at all?
If so, what do you base the "add" on: interests, other groups, userpic, etc?
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Subdrop sucks ass. I need some good music to listen to put me in a good mood so I don't go all lame and emo. What do you listen to when you're sad/pissed off?

I was watching Cops earlier today and got really pissed at all the people talking ebonics/street. Does ebonics/street make you see red? Do you speak ebonics/street and if so why? What do I have to do to make you stop speaking ebonics/street?

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How long (weeks? years?) does it take for self-induced vomiting to do permanent physical damage to your body?

Serious question. The pressure at my college is eating me alive lately. It's all hitting me my junior year, especially over the past two weeks. I haven't even dated anyone at this amazing school, and there's only one and 1/4 more years till graduation. There's must be something wrong with me, even though I've always been pretty confident. People here are obsessed. Ugh.
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Dear Dr. LJ,

Is my ear going to fall off?

I have a cartilage piercing that's probably 10 years old. It was pierced by a professional and has had the same jewelry in it forever (a CBR). Last week, my ear started hurting and I figured I slept on it wrong. This morning I woke up and it is swollen.

When it gets to be a reasonable hour, do I call my piercer or my doctor, or both?
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What are your favorite random ______ generators?

He's a Bilateral Thinking Puzzle Generator (which pairs a random question from a riddle with a random answer from a riddle). She's a Band Name Generator with some ridiculous suggestions. They fight crime.

And, well, I just found this.

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what's the best way to get the smell out of stinky shoes?

i wear flats a lot and after a while they start to smell really bad. the only option i can think of is to wear socks but that is not too attractive.
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A question for those Mama's out there...

When you bought your baby home, did they sleep in a basinette or go straight into a cot/crib?

I've been told a bassinet is the way to go for at least 6 months. Some people have told me they have had longer (length wise) babies that can only go in there for a few months, or some go in for one month. Some mothers just put their newborns straight into a cot/crib in the first place. I'm a bit worried I'm going to be wasting money on a basinette, since they are quite expensive. I just wanted everyones expierences/thoughts so I can feel more comfortable in getting a bassinet if I do get one (even though I probably will, just incase!)

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ok, not to sound evil but a club at school is sponsoring a pool playing night at a local bar to support a 6 year old girl with huntington's disease. it's through the ronal mcdonald house. this doesn't seem to make sense to me... huntington's doesnt affect you until like, your 40's i thought? what do you think TQC?

what's going on today for you? how's the weather?

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Quick guys, give me advice! I am e-mailing my resume to a potential employer and the instructions simply say "e-mail your resume to (give an addresss)" Should I include a cover letter even though it wasn't asked for or do you think by omitting the word from the request/instructions they are informing us they don't want to read cover letters?

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What's worst, unfriending an old friend on facebook without giving them a reason for it, or opening up a can of drama worms by asking them to stop being annoying?

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And if you don't care, anyone seeing Watchmen at midnight?
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Excuse me?

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Inspired by the post below!

What's the crappiest way you've heard of someone ending a relationship?

My dad told my mom he wanted a divorce in a St. Patrick's Day card.
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I want to start saving some money by purchasing food and household items in bulk whenever they go on sale (sulfur free shampoo, cleaners, detergent, soap, sponges, dish-washing soap, toothpaste, etc.) so do any of you have advice about which online sites that sell bulk items for a real good price? I would prefer to also get green products without any major chemicals in them, etc. So what are some of your favorite sites for these food and household items?

Forgetful friends

Do you have any friends who forget every single detail of your life the second you tell them?

I have a few friends who ask me the same questions over and over every single time they see me (which is once every 2 - 6 weeks). The most elementary questions, like if I'm still in school (when I tell them over and over I'm not), what kind of degree I have, if I have siblings, where I live in the city, etc.

Should these types of people be considered real friends or just annoying acquaintances?
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In continuing with a sort of theme:

Please, tell me something shitty about your life so that I may feel better about mine?

srs, non-srs, flames welcome

EDIT: is blocked where I work, and thanks for trying TQC. I don't feel any better... Lol.
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I buy a lot of different berries and fruit that come in the thin plastic clear boxes with tiny holes on the side.

I have like at least 8-10 of these things that are thrown out weekly but I really hate throwing them away, so there must be something that I can do w/ them. And YES I already know that I should try to stop buying produce in them, but sometimes it's unavoidable

I have started to grow my own herbs and I was thinking that I could use them to sprout the seeds in, but some of them have holes that are a little too big on the side for irrigation, also I don't really want to use such flimsy plastic for growing organic plants because I don't want anything from the plastic to leach into the soil.

I could use these things for keeping random things in it, but I don't want extra clutter around the house

do any of you have any other suggestions?

By the way are there any sites with any suggestions on how to reuse household items that are regularly thrown away? I am just really trying to cut down on the garbage and have already begun to compost but I need some other creative things to do with stuff I just toss

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On which day is your neighborhood garbage pick up?


Can you recommend a pair of headphones that have a nice sound quality but won't break the bank? I hate comparison shopping so much.

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Since downloading StumbleUpon, I have not had any desire to leave the internet for quite some time. Everytime I think I conquered the internet-there's more to see!

Is this normal? I can't stop stumbleupon'ing.
Do you have stumble upon?
What are your favorite search words? I like sites with "Architect"

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You just won 50 dolla (or 40 euro. or 35 quid. or 64 canadian/monopoly bills)

You also have instantaneous shipping. If you buy something online, it'll warp right in front of your face.

What will you get?
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So I'm making Mushroom Steak & Linguine for dinner, where the mushroom steak "mixture" goes on top of the linguine. But I'm only making half of it with steak, and the other half with chicken because my mom doesn't eat red meat.[

So, should I prepare the chicken the same way I'm making the steak (with the mushrooms + the mushroom sauce) or should I make it more like a chicken marsala, and then put that on top of the linguine?

EDIT: I'm gonna prepare it the same way as the steak. Thanks <3

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Do you live in an area of the U.S that is being blanketed with snow at the moment?

Since I am currently living in Florida and haven't seen snow in over 5 years, would you please post a photo of the current snowfall in your area?

I miss snow. =/
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WTF is up with this Cash4Gold crap that LJ keeps being directed to? I know I'm not the only one because a few others mentioned it elsewhere on LJ.

Things to do in bed

Say someone is confined to bed for the next 3 weeks. Getting up to go to the bathroom is about all the effort they can exert. Sex is not an option.(but the occasional blowjob is) They have no laptop, but they can sit at the computer for a little while sometimes. Most time will be spent alone. Aside from books, magazines, movies, and tv...what are some things this person can do to keep himself sane?

Should I be embarrased?

I have really bad ADD, and don't take my medication. I am NOTORIOUS at my dentist office for forgetting appts or cancelling the day of/a few hrs before.

I've done it a few times. Should I get a new dentist? Is this one sick of me? Or does it really not matter that much to them?

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i'm going to visit one of my very bestest friends that i met on the internet six years ago in a buffy forum when we were 15 lulz. she lives in western canada and i'm in ny, so this will be our first in-person meeting! i'm excited but nervous, idk why. i'm spending a week.

will you share with me your e-friend meetups? were they what you expected?

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In a couple of weeks my boyfriend, his mom and aunt, and I are going to NYC. His mom and aunt live in Wisconsin and they've never been to the east coast before. They want to take a day [or 2 day] trip out of Manhattan to go somewhere [preferably] less than 2 hours away. They considered Boston but decided it would be too much of a hassle [they were going to stop at my place in Connecticut before heading up there]. Now they want to go to Bethel, NY [where Woodstock was held]. But I looked up Bethel and it doesn't seem like there's really much to do there except go to where Woodstock was and look around.

Where would be a good place to go on a couple day trip that is less than 2 hours away from Manhattan? Or should we just go to Bethel?

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1. Does Dayquil make you tired or can you honestly stay awake after taking it?
2. I'm quitting my nail-biting habit. why is there so much dirt under the nails? Nobody else I know cleans out their nails as much as me.

Delicate matter

Best underwear for a girl?

Boy shorts/hipsters
Girl's boxers

Best underwear for a boy?

Boxer briefs

What underwear are you wearing now?

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This morning I forgot my glasses, so I went to work and class not wearing glasses. This completely ruined my day. Apparently I can't function properly if I am not wearing my glasses. (My eyesight is not really bad, but I guess I have gotten used to wearing glasses all the time).

Is there anything that you can't function without unless you wear it or have ritual you do every morning before leaving the house?

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My birthday is in 2 weeks. What should I ask for?
I thought about a video card for my computer, or a Netflix subscription, but I don't think anyone will actually get me those.
I'm turning 25.
i say, old bean

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what do you think is the most beautiful song you have ever heard?
if possible, is there a reason why?

oh duh: will you post videos of said song, if you can find it?
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GUYS, I'm going to build my FIRST SNOWMAN EVER. This is the most snow I've ever seen/experienced in my life! TQC, let's build a snowman together.
Tips for snowman makin'? Creative ideas?
I want him to be BADASS. I'll take pictures afterwards!

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my boyfriend's mom bought about 297276827 of these:

She's a compulsive buyer of things that nobody likes to eat so every time I go to his house I try to cook things out of the items she's stocked up on :-/
What can I make with these (besides cinnamon rolls, obviously)? I don't really like cinnamon rolls. Be creative and give me some interesting ideas, TQC?
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What song best describes your love life at the present moment?

Mine: If You're Not The One by Daniel Bedingfield

Is anyone watching the Bachelor finale tonight? Who do you think he chooses? Or since they claim it is so OMG, what do you think the OMG moment is?

Yes, I have to for work and my radio segment tomorrow.

If you don't care, have you ever had Italian Rainbow Cookies? Why does it seem like NY is the only state that realizes how truly awesome they are? I cannot find them anywhere else and no one here knows they exist!

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Do you think being an introvert or an extrovert is inherent or constructed?

Do you think it's possible to genuinely change whether you're introverted or extroverted 'by nature'?

Not in the sense of becoming a really socially active introvert who genuinely enjoys other people's company (but still needs alone-time), or being a really socially awkward extrovert who suffers for the lack of interaction; but actually changing that whole recharging paradigm?

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I'm seeing people in TQC that I haven't seen in ages.
Does that mean I'm about to die?
The Apocalypse is upon us?
The internets is gonna self destruct?


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Will you tell me about a bad day you had at work or about a dumb co-worker?

If you don't work, will you tell me about a dumb teacher you've had?

If you don't like either of those question, what is your favorite snack?

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1. Does anyone have any experience with the Air Force? Specifically, in terms of joining post-BS as an officer or their Graduate Medical Education program?

2. I started researching for my 10 page term paper last night. I present in front of my class tomorrow. How fucked am I, exactly?

3. What's a nice little way to let someone know you appreciate them? My SO has been really great lately, and I want to do something sweet for him, but he's far away... any suggestions?

4. What's your favorite method of caffeinating yourself?

No, really, it's glandular

Have any of you actually had hypothyroidism?

I have a tendency to blow it off as being an easy excuse for not being able to lose weight, but I'm looking at the symptoms and it seems like it could explain a lot of what's been going on with me lately - the thing is, all the symptoms are catch-all kinds of things: depression, fatigue, weight gain, irritability, loss of libido, etc., etc. I could just be tired and fat, it's hard to tell.

What personal experience do you have of hypothyroidism? Any?

I will be going to the doctor either way, but probably not until next week when I have a little more free money. I wish to continue my wild speculation until then.

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At some point today, a little bird flew into my window and died and is now lying on the porch. What should I do with it? I can't bury him - there's like 10 inches of fresh snow covering the icy ground.

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If you are married, do you wear your wedding ring(s) all the time? Why or why not? My aunt says it's disrespectful that I basically only wear mine when I'm not at home. I say my husband doesn't care and she's been divorced 3 times so I don't really need to listen to her relationship advice.

What accent do you think is most pleasant to listen to?

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i posted yesterday about my heart rate, which i thought was high. today i took my resting heart rate, it was 140. am i going to die TQC? i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning.

what are you currently worried about?
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Tech Support plz kthnx

Okay so my friend has some problems with her flash player. She was told to update it, then she did and suddenly it stopped working. Now she is trying to fix it but she is constantly given a site where they say to deinstal it. She already deinstalled it and reinstalled the program and clearly, it didn't help.

What should she do?
She uses Internet Explorer if that makes any difference here...

srs 'nd non-srs answrs plz
preferable srs, she no likes dis


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What would you say was the most recognised song in the world?

Classic or a Recent Song?

You know, in the way that tribes-people etc. are said to be able to recognise Mickey Mouse ears as Disney, or the McDonalds 'M'.

My friend thinks it's 'I've Had The Time Of My Life', but I think it would be something like 'Yesterday' or 'Born To Be Wild', I don't know...

BONUS: Do you like grapefruit juice?
Kill Bill - Elle

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My mother instructed me to watch and feed my younger brother. She left out some defrosted hamburger for dinner. What should I do with it?

How many times have you had to pee today?

Relationship Questions

After how many dates (weeks? months?) would you consider being someone's "boyfriend"/"girlfriend"? Is dating and being someone's boyfriend/girlfriend different to you? And lastly, if you're currently single when was your last relationship and how long did it last?

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question for the bisexuals of tqc.. do you find yourself being primarily more attracted to one gender than the other?

eta i am not tryin to diss bisexuals.. just a legit curiosity.

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1) Have you ever cosplayed before?

2) If you haven't, would you ever try it

3) Have you ever gone to an anime convention?

4) If you haven't, would you ever go to an anime convention?

5) What is you favorite flavor pie?

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I was wondering if you guys would be willing to help me out. My brother apparently doesn't know anyone else besides me who goes to college, and he needs to interview at least another two people who do. I'd appreciate it a whole damn lot if some of you could fill out this questionnaire.

1) What college/university do you go to?
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Or, if you're bored by this, what bizarre, non-edible things make you hungry?
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do you think lesbian relationships are far more dramatic/troublesome than gay or heterosexual relationships?

if yes, do you think the fact that it's two girls and girls are apparently more emotional than guys is the main reason?

or is it something else?

or no, and it just 100% depends on the people and their compatability/chemistry?

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My feet are sooooooo sore because I stand all day teaching, which I'm not used to, I have trouble with dry skin and my shoes are not the most comfortable. While I'm trying to take care of the dry foot problem and the standing all day, I need recommendations for very comfortable, yet professional looking shoes.

Can you link to what you think is the most comfortable yet professional shoe? 

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guys, we're out of bread and (drinkable) water. i also want ramen in different flavors and probably a few other things. the store is 15 minutes away and i have zero desire to get dressed, let alone get in my car and drive to albion. should i go anyways?

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do you use firefox?
if so, have you upgraded to firefox 3?
i'm afraid of upgrading because i dont want to lose my bookmarks n extensions and everything.. did anyone have this problem?

if not, what browser do you use? how do you like it?

why am i feeling so tired today?

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers?

My husband works at a very busy store as a cashier. He lost his expensive wedding band (we're talking a 6mm, white gold ring) while checking out a customer. He's pretty sure it fell into the guy's 12 pack of Dr. Pepper. We can't afford a new one since we used our tax return for our rings. He has no idea what the guy looked like since he hates his job and ignores people.

I'm scared the guy is going to think it's his lucky day, that some poor guy lost it at the soda factory and not think that the only MALE cashier could be the guy who lost it. My husband says we should just check ebay because it's probably on there already.

Here are my questions:
What would you do to go about getting the ring back?
If you're the guy who finds the ring, what would you do?
Have you ever lost/found something of value? What happened? Did you get it back/return it?
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A. Do you use itunes, or a different media player to store/listen to all your music? Which one?
B. Would you be upset if you lost all your play counts?
C. Unrelated to music, when it snows: do you hate it or go outside and enjoy it?

I use itunes and my music is scattered across my computer and desperately needs to be organized. I'm thinking of reloading it all through itunes so decrease the file size, and to be organized, but I can't stand having all my play counts reset! :(

Also, it snowed about 6 inches last night/today and I am debating to go outside and sled. It is unbearably cold.

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a few days ago I updated JavaScript. ever since then though, firefox WILL NOT keep my log in information to any websites. so, every time I close firefox and reopen it, I have to log in to every single website I use, which is such a pain in the ass, and it's fucking infuriating. I already checked the privacy settings and everything is accurate, and the same before I updated Java. both IE and Chrome are having no trouble keeping my information, only firefox.

how the fuck can I get firefox to remember cookies or whatever this fucking issue is?

edit: it's the java plug in? or something? I didn't even know there was a difference ugh
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 How would you rate the healthcare system in your country on a scale of 1-10? 
What country do you live in? 

I'd rate it at a 3. I'm in the U.S.

Totally unrelated. 
A girl my daughter was friends with suddenly said her parent's won't let her play with my daughter anymore, yet her parents keep sending her over to beg for everything under the sun, mostly cigarettes.  Would you be pissed?
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Store Credit Cards.

The other day I was amamzed and rolled the dice. Radio Shack gave me a 900 Dollar limit Credit Card too!

What store cards did you get on the spot?  Did you close them days after?
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I'm making a TasteBook of desserts, breads, and pastries. I can use up to 19 characters for the title, what should I call it?

Do you own slippers? Do you wear them regularly? How about a bathrobe?
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I have to write a love poem for homework  but I don't want it to be about the sappy love between two people in a relationship. Do you have any other suggestions of what type of love poem i could write? i'm a little stuck!
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I have a guitar that a band smashed and they want me to make some type of memorabilia out of it. It is broken into two pieces, right at the base of the neck. I was thinking of printing a bunch of pictures I took at the show and putting them in a shadow box along with the guitar.

What do you think I should make with it?

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For "Being Human" fans.. when does episode six come out?!?! Is it new this week or something? I've watched 1-5 on megavideo this weekend and I'm dying to see six. Help an American out!!!
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The bazillionth ipod question

Hey guys, my friend got a virus on her computer and lost all her music. She has her ipod but doesn't know how to get the music off the ipod and onto the computer? How is this done?

And for those of you who ate ipod questions, do you like Slacker or Pandora better?

What kind of headphones do you use?

And what color are your favorite shoes?
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Me and my mum just got back from a few days in Paris, which was lovely. We've decided we want to do more weekend breaks to cities.

Which European city would you recommend?
I've had so many different recommendations [Verona, Barcelona, Rome, Venice etc etc] and we're not looking for anything in particular. It can be sunny or cold, full of ancient culture or modern as fuckery. We ain't bovvd.

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What was it like the first time you had really intimate, slow,gentle sex?

ME: i am  rough and tumble  kinda girl all the way but it was just mindblowing! Never felt anything so nice in the world!!

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Say you're talking to someone you just met online (a friend of a friend, they introduced you cause you're single, he's single and it might work)
You're messaging him saying "Hey Thanks for the compliment! It made me blush.. How are you?" (he complimented you on how gorgeous you look) and he ask why you blushed, and you said it's cause the compliment.. to what he says "Ok :)"
But he does not answer the "How are you" part, which kinda kill the conversation..
What do you do, What do you say to restart it?

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How much exercise do you do in a typical week?

What kind of exercise do you do?

You are now my fitness coach, what kind of program am I on? Are you a tough coach?
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Up, up and away

Have you ever flown on a turbo prop plane? Was it noticeably quieter than a jet or whatever the proper name is for a plane that is not turbo prop?

Would you try hang gliding if given the chance and if you somehow could be guaranteed to not crash land?

Would you go on a hot air balloon?

Would you go parasailing?

Would you co-pilot a small private plane?

Or have you done any of the above? Were they amazing? Would you do them again?
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When I graduated in May, my godmother gave me a $100 gift certificate for The idea is that then I go divvy it up into gift cards for several different places (or just one). Thanks for making it complicated and not just giving me $100 cash, but whatever.

1. So I think I've narrowed it down to Starbucks, AMC movie theatres, Banana Republic, and Old Navy. How should I split my $100 across these places? (You don't have to pick all four, or even more than one.)

2. Looking at the whole list here, where would you personally redeem your gift card(s)?

3. Real Simple magazine told me that the average amount people spend on clothes every year is something like $750. Does that seem too low, too high, or just right?