March 1st, 2009


does anyone here roll their own cigs, or have you ever?

if so, whats your favorite brand?

im going to start rolling and im wondering what kind i should get. if it helps, for regular cigs i love camel, and i prefer menthol but nonmenthol is fine too.


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for those of you (all two of you) who were interested in how my *internet first date* went....... he was super cute and it was GREAT and i cannot wait to hit that shit. oh and he didnt smell bad and i didnt notice any majors teeth problems. the only thing was he had a really dorky voice....... like he should do voice overs for nerds in cartoons or something, and he kind of had a lisp and talked a little like a deaf person.

anyway, i have a question so wev

WHO IS BETTER IN BED IN GENERAL: super hot people who know theyre hot or super/sort of dorky people who dont think theyre all that???

(my answer: the latter. every time.)

what a poorly worded question, but you know what i mean so fuck

im horny
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Is it sex if a person penetrates, with clothes, a hip into another person's crotch accidentally?

If so, can the person whose crotch was penetrated with the other person's hip donate blood if the person who penetrated the other person's crotch with his crotch cannot donate blood because he's had the man sex before?

A friend of mine wanted me to ask.

ETA: Non srs answers only.

ETA x2: Is it okay is best friends occasionally make out and engage in light bondage?

Non srs answers only plz

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I'm playing truth or dare via aim with a friend.
he's a guy. [ we're sending pictures to prove the dares.]

can you guys give me some good dares? because i'm coming up blank

edit: he doesnt have a webcam and i already did the nude pictures type thing.
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For the ladies and men who are so inclined,

When you wear make-up, what products do you wear? What brands are they?

(Inspired by this post.)

My answers in comments.

Edited because my HTML failed.
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Would you listen to a radio drama about a freelance detective involved in a murder performed by phone-sex operators?

When am I going to get my alien sex slave girls and flying cars?

Would you like alien sex slaves and flying cars as well?

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For a tattoo; which one of these do you think is the most interesting?

If you liked any of them, where on a womans body would that particular one look best?

Do you have a tattoo? Can I see it?

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1. Why do I feel a sense of jealousy about the fact that two of my boyfriend's friends had sex next to him on the same bed, while he was awake (lying there laughing apparently)? I can't work out why I feel jealous but I do? (we are long distance if that has anything to do with it at all) please explain, tqc, i don't make any sense.

2. does anyone else eat 'so good sanitarium' soy ice cream? good or bad and why? i can't really decide.

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I'm a little bummed out and it's too late to drink, so, can you pick me up? Can you comment with only the punchlines of jokes and let people wonder what the jokes could be?

The first couple of comments will be mine

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Dear TQC,

I'm having a debate with my friend. He says having anal sex doesn't count as losing your virginity (for the sake of the argument, the sexing is happening between a straight girl and a straight guy). I say he's wrong. What's your opinion? 

Unrelated questions: 

How was your evening? 

Did you do anything awesome? 


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i am a dork but stfu. which of these looks the coolest?
eta: the ones i am debating between are: eyrie, ixi, kougra, and lupe. kougras are SUPER popular though.

if you don't care: i am going to a dessert potluck party in a few weeks and don't know what to make! we already have cupcakes and cheesecake. what should i make? links to recipes are a bonus!
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Would you be interested in being in a relationship with someone if there would be no sex in it? ETA: This person isn't waiting for marriage, this person just has no interest in having sex period.

When was the last time you washed your hair?
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If you could pick a song to sum up your life what would it be? You can share the lyrics if you wish!

Mine is Sober by P!nk

I don't wanna be the girl who has to fill the silence...
The quiet scares me 'cause it screams the truth
Please don't tell me that we had that conversation
When I won't remember, save your breath, 'cause what's the use?

Aahh, the night is calling
And it whispers to me softly, "come and play"
Aahh, I am falling
And if I let myself go, I'm the only one to blame

I'm safe
Up high
Nothing can touch me
But why do I feel this party's over?
No pain
You're like perfection
But how do I feel this good sober?
raining leaves
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Have you had comments on Facebook mysteriously disappear? Or am I being lied to?

Meaning I was reading my wall-to-wall with somebody and my comments from his wall were gone but his were still on mine so it was displaying like half a conversation on our wall-to-wall. He said that Facebook must have glitched and lost them and that that happened to him with someone else too, saying it's weird.

I don't use facebook very often so I don't know if this can really happen or not?

What says TQC? Suspicious or glitchy?
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I have no idea where  I put down my phone tonight. Do you think I passed it to one of my friends that I got separated from and it'll turn up or do you think I'll have to pay £90 for a new one?
Evil Me

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Can any of you suggest a way for me to see the latest 18 And Counting episode?

I usually DVR it, but because the name changed this week and I hadn't updated the listing it didn't record! I've tried downloading it via torrents (searched and but haven't found a WORKING torrent yet, and it seems like all online tv watching places don't have it.

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Yesterday I received a warning in the mail from the city council because I failed to vote in some election held in November. I have no idea what the election was for.

Away, I need to give a detailed explanation on the back of the paper explaining why I wasn't there. Or I will be fined.

So tqc, what was I doing on November 29th that was clearly more important then voting for god knows what?


last night I had to call the police for the first time ever and it was really scary but also pretty lame. They didn't even come.

Have you ever had to call the cops? What for? Did they show up for you?

Voting is mandatory in Australia. I am in Australia.


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My sister and her family live downstairs from me, my mom and dad.
My mom ends up babysitting at some point, every day.
I don't really offer to babysit because I don't really know what the hell I'm doing, but I will help my mom every so often when she has the baby.

I feel SO guilty about this though.
Should I just grow up and babysit?
Is it terrible that I don't offer?


Does 7UP have caffinee in it?

(and I can't look, I don't have any)
blah, I didn't want to use google. I'm not a fan. also, I forgot to ask if people like the new 'all natural' taste. pardon me TQC.
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Are there any characters in TV shows that everyone else seems to love but you hate?

I hate Robert Barone from 'Everybody Loves Raymond'. The guy who plays him can't fucking act! He is SO OTT and it drives me MAD.. he won awards for that? urgh.

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Well, TQC, the time has come again when it is Sunday, and I have a 40 point history project, of which i have approx. one ninth finished, to complete. Anybody want to motivate me?
How do you work? Do you get work done early, or wait until the last minute like I do?
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What are some interesting things to do in the Washington DC / Baltimore Area? We've already done the National Mall and the Natural History Museum.

Also preferably indoors, it's snowing right now and we're looking for something unique...

Old Man game

Anyone else remember this game at all?[if you can even call it that]
It had a cane wielding old man that wheezed and hobbled across the room when he was clicked.
"old man wheezing" may be the title for this but it seems to be gone from the internetz.

ps. it looked like it was drawn  by someone who didn't draw much/ kinda sloppy [if that helps]

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What slang/shorthand do you hate? This can be online or in real life.

I hate when people call breakfast "brekkie." Hey, you're not 4.

Also when people turn "is" into "ish" and any other kind of ridiculous babytalk that isn't necessary.
28 days later

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I am 22, healthy and employed and I am supposed to be happy. Why aren't I happy? What would make me happy?


If you do, how do you motivate yourself to get out of bed?

EDIT: After I posted this I remembered and am feeling a little better.
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My dad's half-brother died yesterday. Neither my dad nor I had seen him in about six years, although my dad spoke with his children sporadically. I know I should call to offer my condolences, but I haven't seen any of his children (who are all 30-40 years old) in several years. What do I say to them?

If it makes a difference, I'm in DC and they're all in Detroit.
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My husband backed out of getting movers at the last second. The truck place was a hassle, the day we moved all our stuff from one house to the next it rained between 1-2 inches, today we're supposed to put all our seasonal crap under the house and it's fucking sleeting in Atlanta in March (oh, but maybe it'll stop before he gets home since he has the luxury of having to work today so I get to unpack by myself). Yesterday was our five year anniversary - why didn't he just man up and tell me he doesn't love me anymore instead of putting me through all this?!

*kri kri kri*

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I'm going (solo) to Middletown, NY this Saturday to see The Machine perform - it's a 2.5 hour drive for me. I have to pick up my ticket by 1:00pm but the show doesn't start until 8:00pm. If any of you live around that area, do you have any suggestions as to what I should do to bide my time?

If you don't care: When was your last hangover?


Why is it so hard to forgive and forget?

I do not have a problem forgiving and forgetting. Nothing is stopping you from forgetting but your own ego that just wants to hold on to painful things to keep making you relive it and identify with it again and again. IMO! :)

What is a grduge you're holding on to and why are you hurt/upset/angry?
Jane Asher, Calm

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1. What is one album you could tirelessly listen to every day?

2. What song is stuck in your head at the moment (or earworm, or LSS, or whatever you want to call it)?

3. Could you give me something to do so I could stop obssessing over a certain singer? I swear I'm losing focus in class....
lead me

rosetta stone

i'm sure there's somebody here who's at least had some experience with rosetta stone. my mom and i are interested in becoming more acquainted with spanish, and since ppl here tend to like answering questions... i'd like to pick the collective brain of tqc.

1) what language rosetta stone did you use, and did you have any prior experience with the language? if so, was that experience from formal classroom teaching or your own learning?

2) do you think your language skills improved over the course of using it? (listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking ability, etc.)

3) what did you think of the software itself and the way it works?

4) when you used the software, did you use it exclusively or did you supplement your learning with other experiences in the language?

thanks in advance :)

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I seem to not be able to operate simple headphones. Whenever I use headphones the sound either sounds f-ed up or comes out in mono instead of stereo or something. With my latest pair of headphones it couldn't have possibly been anything I did, either, because immediately after opening them I plugged them into my computer and started playing music and it still sounded horrible.

Is it possible that part of this problem is that I buy really cheap headphones because they never work for me so I don't want to spend much money on them? Is it too much of me to expect a cheap pair of headphones to play stereo sound? If I buy a more expensive pair is the same thing going to happen because I apparently have headphone-killing genes?


so yesterday i picked up the stuff id need for  fruit smoothies. i totally forgot about yogurt. if i make a smoothie with just milk and not yogurt, will it be crap?

should i just go and get yogurt? 

edit- i ended up making it with oj, milk, ice, fruit, and some tea powder stuff. its yummy =]

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I am in a directing class and have to teach an acting class for one week. I have no clue what I should do! TO make it worse, I start tommorrow. I absolutely can't think of anything to do!

What do/did you do in your drama classes? Do you have any ideas for me?

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Poll #1357873 For the straight ladies

Ladies, your SO decides to grow a handlebar moustache. How do you react?

A what? Hahaha. OMG that's hilarious. Do it!
No. Effin'. Way. If you do, there's going to be a fight
That's really hot. The relationship just got a shot in the arm for I won't be able to resist myself around him
Fine. Be an idiot. You're the one who'll have to live with it
I honestly wouldn't even notice, really
"Is this your way of telling me you're gay?"

holla to all my nerds

Pokemon Platinum comes out the 22nd of March! Oh my gah! I didn't realize it was so soon. Anyone else gonna get that shit?

If not, did you ever have any of the Pokemon games growing up? What about the card game?

I had almost all the games, which are long gone now.. as are my cards, which were a total waste of money. I wasn't even that good at the card game.

(no subject)

This weekend Box Office gross, Tyler Perry came in 1st place, the Jonas Brothers' movie came in 2nd, and Slumdog Millionaire came in 3rd

On a scale of 1 to 10, how proud are you today about being an American?
I don't know what this is.
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My English professor asked that we submit our research paper to in addition to printing it out and bringing it in. She forgot to add the assignment to
....should I just ignore this and only bring it in?

Furthermore, I haven't even started the damn beast (I did do the research though). What are you D:'ing at right now?

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Ok, so my friend and I are having a little discussion over text messaging about the meaning of life, and he comes up with this gem: "I believe we are here to kill ourselves. We're a test and a joke to other beings. Maybe just a game to be played." (edited for txt talk)

How emo is this?
Does this kind of talk make you roll your eyes, too?
What is your take on the meaning of life? (non-srs answers, please.)
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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How has your week sucked?

My parents claimed me on their taxes when they weren't supposed to, so instead of getting 750$ back, I have to pay in 150$, which means I can't go on my trip to Baltimore this summer.

And this morning, I was folding away my pull out bed, and it broke. I managed to put it away, but now I can't pull it back out, so it's just a sofa, and I have to buy a new bed.

Are you planning on taking a vacation this summer?
Where will you go/do?

Collapse )
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What are some words that looks ridiculous/misspelt right now because of the amount of time you have spent on reading/writing it lately?

Caffeine, ascorbic, programme, and table =(.

extremely random

do you pee a little when you sneeze/cough?
what popular music artist can you absolutely not stand?
whats your favorite color?
what do you love thats kind of embarrassing?
what type of guys/girls do you normally go after?

(no subject)

Which 'pitter patter' of little feet would you most welcome into your home right now?

A happy child
Cat with long claws
Verne Troyer in lederhosen
A hobbit
Your very own Oompa Loompa
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I oveheard these two girls talking and one mentioned how long hair is a woman's glory, and the second girl responded "eff that, a woman's glory is in her jean size"

What says TQC? hair or jean size? Also, if you're comfortable, will you include your jean size cause I'm wondering if your own size will reflect which you consider a woman's glory?

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Have you ever had one of these?

I love them.
Remember that post I made about being sad last night?
Well, thanks for those who remember and those who participated and WELL!
Though most of those made me want to pee my pants with laughter, the thing that capped the night off was..

I went into the kitchen to grab one of the forementioned uncrustables and my step dad got so excited! He said "OH! WHAT IS THAT?! CAN I HAVE ONE?!" Like he was seven year old who saw legos for the first time.

Now. I ask you ladies and gentlemen, what's the last thing that made you laugh ridiculously hard?


Today while at WalMart, I saw a bright orange tag on the ground that said BRIGHT.
I said "Uh..wut" then lol'd.
have you had one of those moments yet today? Will you please share?

(no subject)

What was the last thing you ate?

What was the last thing you said out loud?

Have you ever been to a meditational retreat? If yes, What was it like? If no, would you ever consider going to one?
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Why do people use ETA when adding something to their post instead of using EDIT?

ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival, yes?

Just curious, not trying to be a grammar nazi.

ETA = Edited To Add

I didn't know that! Silly me!
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(no subject)

Have you won anything from Tim Horton's Roll Up The Rim yet?
Have you won anything in past years? (that was a "bigger" prize than a donut/coffee/etc)

If neither apply to you;
What is your favourite colour of gummy bear?
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(no subject)

my heart rate when exercising is like, 170bpm... i'm not overweight and i'm only 18. AM I GOING TO DIE?

what are you looking forward to this week?

see any good movies lately? what were they?

(no subject)

If you were going to host a dinner party-- not a potluck-- what would you make? Say there are about ten guests and you have at least three days of prep. All are meat eaters, all LOVE food, and can't cook, so are impressed by anything.

(no subject)

Have you ever noticed that Clint Eastwood uses the same music in the movies he directs?

no, but now that you mention it, I do.
No, he doesn't.
I have not seen any movies directed by Clint Eastwood.

(no subject)

I need an really awesome place to look for heels. Different, awesome heels. I've tried all the regular places. Anyone have a great shoe site? I'm in need of colorful heels for spring.

ETA: I remember looking at awesome shoes thru a website....all I remember is that the shoes were from a british company, and they had little pictures on the soles. i would love to find those again. :)
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(no subject)

I always thought Def Leppard was saying "rockerageous," but I bought a cd with the song it and it turns out they say "rock of ages."

What song lyrics have you misunderstood? What did you think they were saying?

(no subject)

I am extremely confused as to the conservative way of thinking, so TQC, please help me if you can.

How the hell is it that Obama got so much shit for lack of experience, yet conservatives are ALL OVER Bobby Jindal's nuts and he was elected governor on 10/20/07? He is one who will probably destroy the "separation of church and state." Hyprocites, y/n?
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My boyfriend's computer has the energy saving feature activated for some reason and we don't know how to turn it off. The monitor won't go on and the power button is blinking green and it's model #107E66/27 philips monitor.
I've googled it and gotten the manual but I couldn't find how to turn it off. Does anyone here know how to?

ETA: It's a philips monitor but a compaq desktop model sr1520nx

(no subject)

I lost my job on Friday after working there for 7 months. Tomorrow my husband goes into work, but I'll be at home by myself all day. What should I do to entertain myself/make myself feel better?

Also (or if that doesn't interest you):

1. What is your favorite commercial/series of commercials currently on TV?

2. ...least favorite?

3. ...of all time?

(no subject)

I get cold easily. Last night I was wearing tights and my legs were so cold.

Do leg warmers actually keep one's legs nice and toasty or just make them look like a dork? I have short legs and really fat calves.

(no subject)

Did you have to read "The Great Gatsby" in school?

Am I the only person who never had to read it? I'm in my third year of college and have just been assigned to read it for the first time.

What was your favorite book from jr. high/middle school or high school?
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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(no subject)

I just painted my nails for the first time in probably three or four years.

What is something you've done recently that you hadn't done in a significant amount of time?

today is my 21st birthday!

Which year was the best for you in terms of birthday celebrations?  What did you do?

What's a good first drink for when my friend takes me to the bars tomorrow night?  I am such a lightweight.

Is it weird that my sculpture professor says he's going to buy me a beer after class tomorrow?

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being terribleawfulhorrible, how bad is it that I am spending the night of my 21st doing homework?

electronic cigarettes

have you heard of electronic cigarettes or tried them before, such as inlife or EVOlution? would you recommend them? do you know of a good one? reviews/experiences please.

i have looked online for reviews but its hard to find answers from people who arent distributors.

ETA: electronic cigarettes are devices that smokers use instead of cigarettes to get a nicotine fix. they are tobacco free and instead of exhaling smoke, the user exhales water vapor. they have nicotine cartridges and are flameless. supposedly they also don't smell. here is a youtube video of a guy explaining it.Collapse )

(no subject)

Is it possible to take some sort of drivers' ed course if you already have a license and aren't in danger of getting it suspended, but just feel like you totally suck at driving and are not confident in doing it?
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(no subject)

Inspired by a flash game:
Would you knowingly set a large group of people on fire for no reason other than your own enjoyment?

Whats your least favorite form of poetry?

If you don't read poetry because it's not your cup of tea: When is the last time you've tried to justify something by saying you were doing it "for science"?
stock::moon hug


Do you have an icon you absolutely love but hardly ever use?

This one. I love it, but it seems really...needy, and not really in a good way.

If you love it, why don't you use it?(also, spelling.)
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(no subject)

I colored my hair today.

My girl-cat came up behind me on the couch, took a whiff of my hair, and proceeded to pull me closer to her (using claws - yowtch) and nom on some strands of hair.


Non-related: Who wants to come to my house and help me fold laundry? I have beer...

(no subject)

So, my lights are doing pretty much the opposite of flickering. They'll get like WHOA A LITTLE BRIGHTER THAN NORMAL for a second and then go back to normal. It has happened twice in the past five minutes.

How should I prepare for the alien invasion?
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(no subject)

Which of these is closest to how you feel?

Poll #1358010 #000000

Black is:

a masculine color
a feminine color
a neutral color

And I deliberately left out the "not a color" option, because I don't even want to get into that debate.
I <3 TLV


I'm planning on visiting Toronto for a few days next week (9 - 11). I'm looking for a cheap place to stay for just two nights, preferably in or close to Mississauga. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive hotel or hostel in the area? All I'm concerned about is price and that it's in a safe location (I found a hostel for $9/night in Chinatown which sounded great, but was advised not to stay there because of safety issues...)
Neopets - Petpets - Candychans!

(no subject)

1. Is there something you've never eaten or drunk that most other people probably have?
2. On the same lines, is there something you've never done that most people probably have?

1. I've never had a Red Bull.
2. I've never attended public or private school.

(no subject)

According to The Weather Channel, the north east is getting hit by a "mega storm." Boston is getting about a foot of snow. I'm going to Boston for a week. I get there on Wednesday.

What are the chances that the snow will still be there when I get there?

Have you ever been to Boston? Do you live there? Have any ideas of what to do there?

It's going to be two 21 year olds who have never been there from Miami, along with my 21 year old cousin who has lived there since September but has been pretty busy with school so doesn't know a whole lot to do there either.
yellow submarine

(no subject)

Dark-haired girls, do you bleach your lip hair? (Or have you ever tried it?)

My lippy hairs aren't TOO bad (at least I hope they're not) so I've never really done anything to them before, but I was thinking I might like to try. I'm considering doing it before spring break next week so I could be extra cute....any advice? Is it going to look okay when it starts to grow back in?

I'm afraid that I'll screw it up and burn the skin and end up looking horrible. Or that it'll grow back in halfway through spring break and look even worse than it did to start with.

(no subject)

My friend is looking for opinions.

She and her ex work together. She broke up with him, he's not taking it very well. He's been threatening to do whatever he has to to "make everyone at work hate her" and spread rumors, etc. - epic fail basically. She called HR and spoke with the general manager about him creating a hostile environment.. Do you think that it would be more likely for her to get transfered to another location, or him? What are other possible outcomes you could think of?

TIA :)

(no subject)

I got invited to a forum on medicine this summer, and get to choose between these places, where should I go?

Los Angeles
San Francisco
Washington, D.C.

Houston was on the list too, but I live app. 2 hours away, so that's no fun.

ETA: I forgot to put that while I love Chicago, I've already been and would like to go some place new.

Sonic 2

(no subject)

1. What is something - past or present - that you can't understand why it was/is so popular?

(Example(s) for me include Beanie Babies, Power Rangers, and Goosebumps)

2. Remember Crystal Pepsi? That was the shyt. D:
[lost] Goodbye lost


If you had a chance to put your child in private school would you do it?
My son is not being challenged enough, and we have the means to get him into a decent private school.

Alternatively, would you have preferred to be in a private or public school?
Cadbury Creme Egg

(no subject)

I tried to ask this earlier in tqc_drunks ; but I was a little too drunk. I've sobered up (enough to type properly) now. So:

Do you find that different types of alcohol affect your mood? For example, when I drink gin, I become really depressed (to the point of tears) and quite slutty. When I drink vodka, I get bitchy and pick fights with people. When I drink wine, I start craving snuggles. Do you find this as well? With what kinds of alcohol?