February 28th, 2009

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There was a video poster here AGES ago (it could be any time from last week to a year and a half ago) that was a sex ed vid. It was a cartoon a talking vagina and a talking penis. I remember specifically it had details about how it's not the fastest sperm that fertilizes the egg, but there had to be some sort of compatibility. Does anyone have any clue about where to find this video?

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Do you have anything in your house/apt that you could take to Antique Roadshow?

Does anyone else love this show as much as me? I could curl up on the couch and watch it for hours, perhaps lose entire days.

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if you became suddenly famous tomorrow, would you add the thousands of fans that requested to be friends on your facebook?

would you take extra measures to keep your lj hidden?

would you blog about your famous life?

do you think the guy in my icon is attractive?

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what the hell, why can't i get into chat? every time i try, it says "Sorry, AIM could not join room "_____". Please try again later." what the hell!

if you don't care about chat, what movies are you looking forward to seeing? i'm trying to talk one of my friends into going to watchmen with me when it comes out!

eta: have you ever had your vag fall asleep? have you ever pulled your ass? is it funny that these things have happened to me and one of my friends before?
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1. Centuries ago, scientists believed that if you left a piece of meat out maggots would form on that meat. Not from flies laying eggs on the meat as we know now. But from the meat itself. This belief was called spontaneous generation.

My question to you is what common belief that we hold now do you think will be disproved in the future? That is to say, what will make future people say, "They believed that?" about our time?

2. On a personal note, yesterday, both of my index fingers began to hurt like someone had bruised them. Only I hadn't. They continued to hurt all day today but now the pain has stopped. What happened?

EDIT: Now my nose is bleeding. What the hell is going on? Should I start looking for a constant?

Song for "Angry Music" Playlist...

Time for me to update an old favorite, the "Angry Music" Mix CD/Play list, and seeing as how I lost the old track listing I would appreciate some suggestions for what to include. Here is what I have so far including another friend's suggestions, what am I missing? lol

Stroke 9 - Kick Some Ass
D12 - Fight Music
Three Days Grace - Just Like You
Metallica - Sad But True
Eminem - Kill You
Schoolyard Heroes - Sincerely Yours, Jonathan Harker
System of a Down - Chop Suey
Trapt - Headstrong
Green Day - Brain Stew
Nickelback - Because of You
Mudvayne - Happy
Kittie - Brackish
Garbage - Stupid Girl
Seether - Fake It
Slipknot - Wait and Bleed
Drowning Pool - Bodies
Linkin Park - One Step Closer
Papa Roach - Last Resort
Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff
Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds
Gob - Give Up The Grudge
Disturbed - Down With The Sickness
Korn - Here To Stay
Bloodhound Gang - I Hope You Die
Trust Company - Downfall
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what is your favorite cereal (hot or cold)?

cap'n crunch is mad delicious.  =)
it's probably the only sweet cereal i eat.  everything else i eat is bland- special k, rice krispies, chex, kix, etc.

any weird habits while eating food?  i can't stand when someone else eats my food before i do, even when we're sharing.  for example, if a buy a bag of chips ahoy to share, i hate it when someone else opens it and eats them first.  i won't care if i've already opened it.  and i like to chew my chocolate with water in my mouth.  and eat cheese crackers while drinking orange juice.  call me gross, i don't care.  i'm just weird.

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i might be seeing watchmen with one of my guy friends next week. however i'm not sure if it'll be an actual date or not! we'll probably each be paying for ourselves but there's a good chance i'll end up sleeping at his house that night (which may or may not include sex). so: how much effort should i put into making myself look good that night?
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You're about to be force-fed a bean substance for 30 hours straight, because you slept with Angelina and Brad is pissssssed.  You get to choose which bean substance, though.  Mr Pitt is allowing you to choose between bean dip (the Frito Lay brand) and hummus (Sabra brand).  If you refuse the bean torture, your genitals will be removed and served to hungry 3rd world children, or whichever of Angelina's kids hasn't eaten that day.

Which do you choose?
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If someone pees upon someone else's leg, who is at fault?

The person who peed upon the other person's leg, because he could have peed somewhere else, but chose to pee upon that particular person's leg.
The person whose leg was peed upon because he did not get out of the way of that person's pee stream.
Neopets - Petpets - Candychans!

Speaking of dreams...

Last night I had a dream that seemed just like a movie plot, right down to a weird memory and going back in time to change things and saving the lives of the family he (the main character) loved. It didn't include anyone I know, and really just SEEMED like movie.

So, anyone else ever had that happen?

Should I write a screen play of this bizarre dream-movie and try to get it made into a movie? ;)

And one last one, have you ever had a dream that you went about your day as usual and then woke up and realized you dreamed it all and felt really discouraged?

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TQC, I'm about to go watch tonight's episode of Degrassi (SHUT UP) before I go to sleep. It is 3:03 am.

1. Do you watch Degrassi?
1b. Are you ashamed?

2. Should I eat chocolate-coated graham cookies or a banana as my bedtime snack?

3. I have class at 8 tomorrow morning (Saturday, which I still consider "tomorrow" because I haven't gone to sleep yet). Do you think I'll actually go?

4. Late at night, how do you differentiate tonight from tomorrow? Are you like me in that you consider 3am on Feb 28 "Friday" if you haven't gone to sleep yet, or do you solely go by the date? Like is today actually tomorrow?
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What is your favorite song from a musical movie? That could be anything from Singing in the Rain to That Thing You Do and any type of musical form in between. If you can, show me the song.

Ice cream!

The ice cream shop across the street is giving away free ice cream from 12 - 4. What time should I get there? How long do you think the line will be? Should I get pistachio ice cream or try something I've never tried before (assuming I ever get in the door)?
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Do you dream about TQC?
What was the dream about?

(I had a dream about TQC, where I was asking something about a neighborhood in NYC and a girl freaked out because that's where she live, and she started calling me a stalker, it caused major dramz and everyone started making fun of her. I then woke up without knowing the end cause of my damn husband snoring like there's no tomorrow)

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Now that I'm getting laid regularly I'm going to the store today to buy condoms since the guy I'm seeing is absent minded and forgets them at home often, causing too damn many midnight store runs.

What's your favorite brand/type of condoms?

Do you carry condoms on you regularly?

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Mushy peas: y/n?

What's your favourite black & white movie?

If you could make any book into a movie (that hasn't been done already), which would it be?

N. N N N. I love peas, but they either have to be fresh or frozen.

I don't think I have a definite favourite, but I could watch To Have and Have Not and Roman Holiday over and over.

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman would be pretty cool. A year ago I might have said Public Enemies but that'll be coming out in theatres in July.
What Would Wonder Woman Do



Will you say/do/link/RickRoll something to make me feel better about this?

(I'm bound and determined to make at least a high D in it, but it's going to be tough as hell.)


1. What is good to put on an english muffin?

My parents went to Las Vegas and before they left my mom gave me a bag of groceries from her kitchen that she thought would go bad before they got back. (Mostly fruits and vegetables.) But included was an almost full bag of english muffins. All I can think of is eggs benedict, but I don't have the stuff for that.

2. Think of your favorite meat/cheese/veggie/condiments (assuming you like all 4) combination sandwich. What is on your sandwich, and in what order do you layer it?

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1. I want to apply for two jobs at the same place (a local, small university). Each of the jobs, of course, have different posting numbers and give me the option to either mail or email my resume and cover letter. The jobs aren't really related.

Should I mail in my information? Or should I email?

The email address for both postings is the same (and it seems almost personal -- erin@university.ca), so that makes me a little wary -- two emails back to back from me to the same person? It just seems odd. Thoughts?

2. If you don't have an answer or opinion on that, do you live within 50 miles (or 80 kilometres) from your birth place?

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Have you ever had a job at which you consistently worked very "abnormal" hours, like 3 a.m. to 9 a.m. or 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.? How did it work out for you? Were you ever able to somewhat sync up your schedule to people's who worked normal hours so that you could see friends, go shopping, etc. during the day?

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What do you think about dreams? Do you think that they have meaning? Are they just your subconscious mind? Are they irrelevant?

What was the weirdest dream you've ever had? Most meaningful?
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Hey TQC pals,

Last Thursday, I fell flat on my face and broke the tippy tip tip of my nose. My face/nose are still very much swollen today. I look like a cross b/t Spudz Mackenzie or a Klingon...

Anyone else feeling sore/bruised or swollen?

Just thought I'd say 'howdy' and literally say that I can feel your pain.
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companion cube!

Dog doesn't like new food...

I just got an 8-month old Pug who is used to eating Purina puppy chow. I tried switching her to Taste of the Wild Stream Formula (a no-grain food but has a strong fish smell and taste that *most* dogs love). When I mixed the two foods, she just picked out her old food. When I mixed wet canned food in with her dry, she ate a tiny bit of the wet food she could pick out then left it. I tried adding a bit of water and/or salmon oil and that didn't help either. It was a pretty expensive bag so I'd hate to throw it all away.

She didn't eat at all yesterday aside from a couple training treats (that she needs to have to reinforce her housebreaking).

Anyone else have a dog who is a picky eater? Does their hunger finally win and they will eat the new food even if they don't like it? Anyone know how long a Pug can go without eating? I'm not going to starve her if she is that stubborn, but I want to give this food a good shot.

Or am I stuck with a picky Pug that I'll have to cater to? LOL

((PS - Vet isn't open on the weekends and I will probably give in at dinner and give her some of her old food))

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1)Is it me or are audiobooks expensive? I only seem to be able to afford them at the library. [50 cents per cd]

2)should I buy some workout tapes? what workout tapes do you like?

3)have you ever called into work because of the weather?

yes. but there was a straight line windstorm.

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Have you ever been to a party where the only person you knew was the person who invited you? How did you survive it?

What's a "wine and cheese" party?

Should I even go? I'm pretty socially inept, especially when it comes to large groups. The only reason I'm considering going is because I like the guy who invited me. Sigh.
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Did you ever have a method of doing something that some people initially might think is weird but then once they tried it they said 'hey, that makes sense!' ?

For instance: when I microwave something instead of putting the exact time they say... I put in
1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc just because it's easier to push the same button 3x instead of pushing 3 different buttons :)
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i was watching private practice... this sparked a question...

what would you do if your significant other called you by other woman/man's name during an intimate moment (making out, sex, etc)?

would it be enough to break it off if it was his/her ex's name?
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Does anyone remember that movie "Radio Flyer"? It was on TV all of the time when I was a kid and I remember being completely traumatized by it, but still watching it each time it was on, and now it's kind of died out.

What was your favorite not-really-for-children movie that you watched as a child?

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For my sixteenth birthday I'm getting a car, and I'm really excited!
I would really like the Scion xB - better known as the box car haha - but I don't know anything about it other than what the website tells me.

Do you have any personal experience with this or any other Scion?  Care to give me some input?

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TQC, what was the last thing you were really excited about?


ETA: Ummm, on second thought... wtf do you do at a group interview?? Any tips (for someone who is REALLY NERVOUS)? D:

Movie pair-up

Which movie did these actors/actresses star in together? No googling, IMDBing or cheating

1. Robert Deniro and Natalie PortmanThank you witheredin2ition
2. Tim Curry and Tom CruiseThank you roasted_kiwi
3. Liv Tyler and Rachel WeiszThank you witheredin2ition
4. Neve Campbell and Brecken MeyerThank you sonarafaey
5. Joaquin Phoenix and Nicole KidmanThank you vorrothief and jezemel
6. Anna Paquin and Jason LeeThank you annielle

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following up on retail applications: good idea or bad idea? have you guys ever gotten actual results from doing that?

i follow up after interviews but it's just occurred to me that i've never gotten good news from calling about an application.

ugh, i need a job.

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If you had a somewhat clingy friend who tended to call you at least once a day and, suddenly, you didn't hear jack from them for 3 days... what would your first thought be?

a)Thank GOD
b)I hope they're not dead
c)I hope they're dead
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Mobile Novels

Have you heard of cell phone novel-writing? You're probably not going to write the next best-seller this way, but what do you think of this idea for fun? Think you might sign up?

Edited: taking away the link to the first one of those sites I found, lest you think I'm pimping for some site.
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While we're on the subject of rudeness.

A couple of weeks ago, my 7-year old son and I stopped into a gas station to get drinks. Despite his obvious presence, the guys working there continued to talk about fucking and vagina and getting blowjobs.

One of them looked at me and said, "I'm sorry, that was rude."

I said, "Yes, yes it was."

Was that snotty of me? To expect them to cease discussing such things in front of a child and also because they shouldn't be doing that in front of customers in general. Or were they out of line?

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if somebody destroyed your property wouldn't you leave them alone or get a restraining order?
my ex boyfriend still communicates with me and wants to tell me what 2 do after i broke his window when we were arguing.

i know if someone destroyed my property i'd be pissed and probably leave them alone. but he keeps coming back to me and telling me he loves me.

something isn't right there.
why keep me around ya know? it baffles me.


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Which name sounds better for a girl?


Which name sounds better for a girl?


Which name sounds better for a girl?


Which name sounds better for a girl?


Which name sounds better for a girl?


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What kind of motivation works for you? Negative(think drill sergeant), Fear, promised incentives, positive(you are special!), change, etc???

Would you rather be amazingly good at one thing (you may pick the thing) and kinda really bad at everything else or average at everything you do? If you picked the former; what is your thing?

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Some stoner kid backed into my car in our college parking lot on Wednesday. It was totally his fault, he got 2 tickets, and my car had to be towed to a body shop. Now it's just sitting there because the fucker won't call Geico and give them a recorded statement about what happened. I'm very mad. What happens if he never calls (besides me hunting him down and killing him)? Do I have to pay for it or will he get in trouble?

Drunk /Party Question

[deleted for rambled mess]

Who else gets more reclusive when drunk at parties. Is there a cure for this? Or am I a lost cause?!
How can I make parties fun and ward away  creeps? and last have you ever been stalked at a party?
I was wondering cause for once in my life I'd like to look back at one of these events and say I have had fun for once. D:
Edit: I am shy either way.

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What should I name my new little white teacup chihuahua puppy?
I can't think of anything D:

EDIT: Breeder didn't market it as a teacup, I call it a teacup because the puppy is tiny


1 - Are you against people being on facebook / myspace and adding each other at work? (If computers are there) 

       I am. Its annoying. I do not add co-workers because I post offensive things.

2.- What is one of your favorite bands from the past 10 years that does not exist now in 2009?
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What are you dependent on?

I decided to be lazy this morning and stay in bed, completely forgetting to take my meds. I took them when I got up, but it was too late and now I'm stuck back in bed with a migraine and vertigo. Ugh.

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My half sister just had a baby. She is living with the father in his apartment. She did not put his name on the birth certificate and complains he never helps take care of the baby.

Knowing he is void of all legal rights as the father of the child (they are not married), he lets my half sister live in his home.

I think the father is being really chill in this situation, because even though my sister made it absolutely clear that she didn't want to have his name on the birth certificate for some unknown reason, he lets her live in the apartment with him. She honestly has nowhere else to go.

Which brings me to my question:
If TQC was placed in a similar position where you were not allowed to sign the birth certificate of your newborn by the mother, would you still let them live with you and take care of them?
Obama The One

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If you are registered to vote, what party are you registered under?

If you aren't, what party would you register under?

If you don't care, are you a cat person or a dog person?
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Are you fluent in French?

If so, please look at the sentence below, then answer another question:

"Tu parles mieux que je ne pensait."

I'm having trouble understanding why the ne is in there. Explanations, please?
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To commemorate my best friend's divorce, we will be flipping soap into a fountain when they turn it on this coming spring.

Which would make a better froth: laundry soap or liquid dishwashing soap?
Or should we stick with Mr Bubble?

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Am I the only one who doesn't understand why I have to pay thirty-five dollars to apply to a University that I'm about 75% sure I won't get into?
ETA: I'm complaining/asking because I'm currently unemployed.

What kind of cell phone do you have?

I have the RUMOR by LG. Black and blue.

What do you think of those dating websites?

Do you live in Michigan?
If so, how's the job search going?
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Anybody know how to send a text message via mobile phone from Canada to the UK, or vice versa? I've tried it before, just sending the text to the number the way I would dial it to call the person, but it doesn't seem to work.

Thanks for all the advice!
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I have a four to five page research paper to write that I have not started (draft due Monday, it's 6 on Saturday). I have the research done so it's just a matter of writing it. So why does my fucking motivation suck?

What have you been putting off that you absolutely shouldn't?

Fun with ass

TQC road trip! What will be your contribution?


What do you say no to? You pass on _____ on this car ride

Gas (no beans)
Ass (no sex)
Grass (no drugs)
Bass Ale (no alcohol)
Mass (no religious subject matter
Lass (no lesbianism). Males no clicky this one
Sass (no bitchy backtalk)
10 days kiss

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What's a terrible movie that you're embarrassed to say that you've seen many times?
for me, 10 Things I Hate About You or John Tucker Must Die

What song makes you cry?

Should I eat or starve for dinner?

EDIT: I'm dumb. Meant to say "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days", apparently I get movie titles with the number 10 in them mixed up. Although, I do love and own 10 Things I Hate About You.

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i am roasting. my parents have had the heating on for hours. its not even that cold outside today and usually my parents only put the heating on when its freezing. i have turned down the radiator in my room, opened the window and taken my hoody off but im still boiling.

are my parents trying to kill me through roasted-ness? y/n?
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creepy ad is creepy

I came across this looking for a roommate ad on craigslist. (I just wanted to see how the housing bubble burst had affected my home town.)

My question to you is what type of person would rent a room where the water can be turned off at any given moment and the rent may be hiked here and there?

Oh, and what sort "services" do they mean when he says "services rendered upon demand"? (srs/nonsrs answers)

When you read this did you go "Ew" in your head like I did?

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What do you have that you want people to be envious of you for?

What was the worst rejection you've ever experienced?

EDIT: What suggestions do you have for subtlesphinx  to help her get over haji breaking up with her via text?
Peggy Blink

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Okay. You have a really good friend. You and really good friend become *~intimate~*. You ask really good friend if they thought things were going to progress between the two of you, and they basically told you no. Really good friend has dating issues and comes to you for advice. Constantly complains about how they are lonely and these people they've been interested in are giving them mixed signals blah blah blah. This makes you feel uncomfortable, considering the situation between the both of you. But they are still your REALLY good friend.
Do you:
1) Tell them it makes you uncomfortable to talk about it because of the *~situation~*, risking making them hurt?
2) Suck it up and move over it because they're your REALLY REALLY good friend and you don't want to hurt them, but still feel a little bit of jealousy?

Are there any other options?

*~*~*~*~ASKED FOR A FRIEND LOL~*~*~*~*

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Dr. TQC what could be causing a headache that I've had for two days now?

It's a dull pain behind my eyes but worse behind my left eye. I got my vision checked last month and it's fine, I don't need glasses or anything. What could it be and why won't it go away? :( I already took 2 Advil.
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More than a kiss

Hershey's Kisses are milk chocolate
Hershey's Hugs include white chocolate

1. What would Hershey's Hickeys feature?
2. What would Hershey's Lapdances feature?
3. What would Hershey's Anal feature?
4. What would Hershey's Tittyfucking feature?
TIPPING THE VELVET - keeley hawes- from

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UK people - if sending an A4-envelope-size letter, just to someone else in the UK, what stamps do you need? Is it the same as a normal letter? It's not heavy or anything.
(The Royal Mail / Post Office site is incredibly unhelpful, and google won't throw up a Definite Answer.)


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1. Is there something you spotted at a dollar store and said "wow, at that price I'll take lots and lots of them" and loaded up your cart? What?

2. Why can't I remember to zip up my fly any more?

it's in that place

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How do you normally respond when someone compliments you?
I giggle, but my SO always thinks I'm laughing *at* him. :(

How did you get your last bruise?
My friend punched me in the arm as part of a really stupid joke.

What is your weakness?
Amethyst jewelry and my niece's beautiful face.

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will you tell me a story about you as a baby? I mean obviously you won't remember, but it seems like everybody's parent has one or two events that they like to embarrassingly rehash over and over again until you feel like you remember. what's yours?

for bonus points, post baby picture of yourself?
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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not the most interesting question but I'm bored as hell and there's nothing entertaining on the six billion channels we get on tv....soooo....

What is the most embarrassing thing a friend or family member has made you suffer through in public?

also on a completely unrelated note,

if you use an exfoliating cleanser/scrub what is your exfoliant of choice?

I think they discontinued mine or something and my skin is in need. I need something that obviously exfoliates well but I have sensitive skin as well so it can't be uber harsh.

(no subject)

When you were a kid, was there a neighborhood kid whose house you would visit to see if s/he could come out and play and the mother/father would always say that s/he can't play?

Would you sometimes go to a friend's house and then end up playing with his sister/brother?

(no subject)

What have you done/been through that you've never thought you would have? (Eg. getting married, taking a plane, travelling, etc)

Would you share a memorable incident with me? It can be about anything.

Haha, and I think you guys make really amusing comments.
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Which movie should I watch?

Robin Hood (Animated Disney version)
Sunset Boulevard

My stomach's been achy today but I'm starting to feel better. I am craving something sweet, specifically waffles and ice cream. Should I give in?

Yes! Why would you ever turn down waffles and ice cream?!
No! Continue eating ritz crackers.
Something else, noted in comments.

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I work with a very talented guy who is an upcoming artist. He does amazing pencil, etc, and he has agreed to draw a piece of art for me.

He is extremely talented, but not yet professional, and I WANT to pay him, whether he agrees or not :)

My question, TQC, is, what is a fair price for this?

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My dad hid ice cream in the [edit] freezer*.
Should I have it?

Can you eat food cold out of the fridge or do you have to heat it?
My sister just ate this taco thing straight out of the fridge and it was just horrifying.

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What is the military-esque weapon that is like, a bomb that's square and also called a "package" that you can drop off in random places.

No, it's not a mine.

I think it starts with an 's.'

girls » barbie
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I have a credit card with a limit of $2,000.00, and the account is almost maxed out. I am, however, extremely careful, to never exceed the balance, even if it comes close (i.e. within 2 dollars). I was at $1,986.86 at the close of my billing cycle, and was assessed two finance charges (as apparently I have two separate APR's, one promotional one not). The amount pushed me over the limit, and I was assessed an overlimit fee. Is this typical? When I've had other maxed out cards in the past, I was never assessed a fee for finance charges pushing me over the credit limit, and I wanted to know if this was common. I called the company I have the credit card through and the rep referred to the account agreement I got three years ago, so I asked for another copy to be sent my way.

Is this common? If your finance charges put you over your credit limit, does your financial institution charge an over the limit fee, even if it wasn't something you charged that pushed you over?

OH, and when you're calling a big 1-800 number corporation, and the customer service rep ID's themselves just by name, do you think that's REALLY their name?

I spilled rum on my laptop's keyboard a few days ago. Everything appears to be in regular working order, except for the fact that it randomly scrolls down, which is a pain when you're reading something/on a menu screen, etc. Is it forever fucked?

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*fixed my stupid spelling errors*

So you're downloading porn on you're friends computer. He has A LOT of porn but you're just not into what he has and rather see a hot young asian guy or girl (not too young tho. I hate that barely 18 shit). You end up getting a horrible virus.

Do you:

A) Be honest. Tell your friend! He'll understand...

B) Not mention it until he finds out himself. Then be like "OH man I THOUGHT there was a virus but wasnt sure so I shrugged it off. My bad!"

C) Dont tell him and when he finds out, act like you have no clue about whats going on.

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How much would you pay to be able to be the one to take a girl's (over 18...hell, let's say over 21, she was a prude) virginity?

What's the current price of virginity these days?

TQC, I need money.  Do you think I could sell my virginity for enough money to keep me afloat for a while?