February 27th, 2009

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I made a pumpkin pie, but all I had was a large can of pumpkin (for 2 pies). Since I only used half, is the other half bad, or is there a good way to store it for next time? And, can I freeze it so as to not have to use it right away?

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I have a guy friend who I really like, but I do not know if he likes me back. I keep trying to figure this out and it really bothers me. We see each other every day and he calls me all the time, not the other way around. It's getting to the point where I feel like my heart is just plain sad all the time because we see each other so much and I wish we were more than friends.

How do you get a guy friend to see you as more than a friend? And is it possible for me to just get him to hook up with me and get it out of my system? I need to!!
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I believe this is getting rather silly.

Now for something completely different;

1. Do you like sketch comedy? If so, which ones?

1a. What's your favorite bit?

(It would great if you could post a video of it.)

2. If you don't like sketch comedy, what is the most dramatic, gut wrenching book you've ever read?

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Okay, say there is someone you send Christmas and birthday gifts to. You have a busy schedule so you mail things out late, but you always get them something.

You get into a discussion with them about it, and they say that they are very grateful. They also say, "And all your gifts to me have been late, but I don't mind."

Would this strike you as a bit ungrateful?
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stupid question is stupid

When you go to the grocery store and they bag your stuff, do they generally put it back in your cart for you or are you supposed to take your bags from the counter to your cart?

I only ask because my neighborhood safeway has always bagged them and put them in the cart in one fell swoop, but then that store closed recently so I go to a new safeway... and these people bag them on the counter and then act all huffy to get them in the cart and it makes me feel like they were waiting for me to take my bags from the counter to the cart, even though my old safeway used to do it without it even being in question.
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1. What's your favorite plant?
2. What's your opinion on red lights?
3. If you could rename any street, what would you name it?
4. If you could be a monarch of any European country, which country would you choose?
5. Which state in the United States do you like the least?

(non-srs or srs answers, but mostly non-srs)
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Hi guys,

A good friend and I have a standing dinner date, where we take turns cooking for each other.  She is forever trying out awesome new recipes when she cooks for me, whereas I tend to stick with my old stand-bys.  I'd really like to make something new when I cook this Sunday, but there are just too many options out there - google is crazy-ful of recipes, and even my cookbooks are a little too overwhelming.  Hence, my question:

Do you have any excellent recipes that are relatively healthy (or that can be modified to be so), and that are good for icy cold weather (-29*C/-20*F) that you love?  I especially like well-seasoned food, doesn't matter if it's spicy or not, provided it isn't bland.  I'm competent in the kitchen, so it doesn't matter if the recipe is simple or more difficult, either.


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Has anyone here ever gotten a spray tan?

I have. But sometimes after sex and the clean up... it comes off on where my boyfriend splooged.

Any idea why? Or what can be done to prevent this? It looks weird having pale cum stains on my body, even if they are semi-permanent.

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Relationship drama

my bf and I moved in w/ each other about 1 month ago. his stuff was shipped here about 2 weeks ago but he's been sooooo lazy about unpacking. we live in a small one bedroom and his stuff is piled up in the bedroom and living room in boxes, storage bins, etc. and I am really really annoyed.

the thing is that he works all day and I don't. I am studying for the GRE right now and he's supporting us financially. But I honestly can't focus or study in this house because there's stuff EVERYWHERE. I get soooo annoyed and uptight about it

so should I just suck it up and unpack and clean up for him or should I leave his mess his own and make him clean it up himself? I've tried asking him, yelling about it, bitching and nagging about it

should I let this go and just do it myself?

the other thing is we spent a lot of money on buying fold up bikes so that we could commute to work or school. But he's been staying up downloading various engineering software and setting up his computer, so he has only ridden his bike to work like 2x in the past 4 weeks and he's been driving our SUV instead because he's sleeping in, etc.

I am annoyed about this because he's the one that insisted we get these expensive bikes and bus passes and use them for our main source of transportation

is all this worth nagging him about and continuing to bitch about it? or should I just let it go? cuz I have clearly let him know that it bothers me, so there's no real point to fight about it... should I just let it go and let him get settled on his own?

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i might cry because i'm watching The Jeremy Kyle show & there's a family on it who have lost a baby boy. he was a day old, the mum was cuddling him/holding him on the sofa, then she fell asleep. she woke up at 4am and he was dead. she still blames himself to this day & she's been drunk ever since.

what are your views on this?
do you have any traumatic experiences?

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i don't let my dog in my room because she always gets in trouble when she's in there. but once in a while she manages to get in. when i shoo her out she does this little growl and grabs something on her way out, like a sock or a scarf. once she tried to grab the sheet i had on the ground.

WHY is she doing this?


On a scale of 1 to 10, exactly how dorky is it for me to post a picture of the World of Warcraft logo in my cubicle, to see if any of my coworkers recognize it and are possibly players?
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Celebrity Boxing

You're at the supermarket and you put your favorite food into the cart. You're hungry and looking forward to eating it afterwards. It happens to be the last one on the shelf. You're pushing the cart about when Jude Law angrily approaches you, reaches into your cart, and takes out that food. "I'm bloody famous and I deserve it, not you". You object and heated words are exchanged. Jude, having a bad day, takes a swing at you. A fight breaks out. What happens?

You fought the Law and the Law won. You surrender the food
You fought the Law and kicked the Law's ass. You shall eat like a champ
You fought the Law to a standstill. To enable a truce, it's agreed that no one gets the food
Miroku Turn

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This is going to sound stupid, but... One of my teachers put me and another student in contact with a local business that was looking for a character design for a mascot. They want to put him on bench ads, print ads, t-shirts, etc.

She wants to pay us $200 for this. Is this reasonable? It seems reasonable to me, but I don't know much about this kind of thing.

Are you as excited about Cadbury eggs as I am? I've eaten like a dozen since they started selling them at Wal-Mart.

Edit: How do I keep my flats from being stinky? I have already tried washing my damn feet.
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Poll #1356648 Which cookie?

Which cookie do you pick? Only one!

Medium sized cookie. A LOT of your favorite topping (choco chips/icing/peanut butter, etc) - only one topping, though.
Large sized cookie. Not enough topping.
Medium sized cookie. Enough topping, but you can have two of your favorites.

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I don't have a water filter right now and the water here tastes sooooo gross. So i've been making a lot of tea w/ tap water.

is drinking A LOT of tea still a good way to get your water intake? does drinking a lot of tea have any negative effects?

In the olden days ;) didn't people used to just drink beer all day long because the water was not clean?


Do any of you have rheumatoid arthritis? Can you talk about your experiences re: daily life and treatment?

If inapplicable, what do you wish you could do, but can't? Why can't you?
Hurry up and look back

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Have any of you done the weight loss clinic programs that give you shots like those HcG shots?

my mom is thinking of going to this place http://www.medshapeweightloss.com/ and has asked me to go with her

but I don't get it how it works, how is it possible for people to lose so much weight by simply getting shots? it sounds too good to be true and I am worried that they are going to get her on some weird pills and fuck her up. My mom is like 5.4 and weights 190lbs, she is dead set on losing about 60 lbs and she's already lost 30 on her own, but is looking into this program along with lipo.

any of you have any info? experience or advice?

It's already in my mouth, now what do I do?

So, I'm at a fancy, schmancy steakhouse last night (I know, I know, meat is murder. Tasty, tasty murder) and, during the course of the evening, I find myself with something somewhat unpleasant in my mouth (insert your own joke here).
Being a fancy, schmancy steakhouse with linen napkins, I wondered if it’s acceptable to spit said undesirable food into posh fabric napkins.
And then what does one do with the soiled napkin?
Does one tell the server that they are being passed a handful of masticated NY strip?
What is the protocol in such circumstances?
Help me, tqc, be just a little less gross.


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When grocery shopping, are there any products that you buy that MUST be a certain brand? Or do you just buy whatever is cheapest for every product?

When you're parking in a parking lot, do you park in the first parking spot you see, or do you drive around until you find one close to the door?



I came downstairs and there is a big hole in the window and all these feathers about so using my detective skills I have concluded that a bird has flown through the window. It is freaking me out. What is freaking me out even more is that I cannot find the bird! Wtf!


Also, if you are not interested in making me stop freaking out about turning around and seeing a bloodied mass of feathers, HOW ARE YOU?

What are you doing today?

I was going to go have a nice tea with my mum, but I guess I can't now what with a huge hole in the window which robbers could climb through.
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I'm confused

My not-boyfriend and I went to the strip club last night. He got me a lap dance and as the girl was finishing up, she leaned over and I am 99% positive she said, "Next time you come here, don't bring him." Then she smiled coyly, took her money, and left. The music was really loud, so I can't be sure that's what she said.

But if it was, what the heck did she mean by that??? Non-serious answers, please!

Bonus related question: If you've ever gone to work hungover, how the fuck did you make it through the day?

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I'm meeting the Lonely Island today. I should have them sign my dvd of Cool Runnings, right?

Are you jealous? Because you should be.

For those of you who don't know who the Lonely Island are, they do Dick in a Box, Ras Trent, Jizz in my Pants, I'm on a Boat, etc.

Imaginary Famous Quote?

For the past few days I've been researching the origins of the quote "Life is the sum of all your choices," but am running into difficulty in discovering the true origin. The saying is most often attributed to Camus, but at times is referenced as a Voltaire quote, which is confusing me greatly. Moreover, I'd really like to find this quote in its original French, but a search of French websites returns no results. It's as if the quote never existed except in English motivational books and quote collection websites. If anyone has more information about this quote or perhaps knows the original text from which it came, that would be awesome!

Now, for kicks, what are the best quotes you've read recently from an actual book (as opposed to overhearing or from a quote book)?

Collapse )

Thanks in advance!
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Are there any (more common) pet names you absolutely hate to be called?
I am not really a fan of "baby." Or, you know, half of the ones above.

Do you have any really outrageous pet names that you've heard (or used) that you'd like to share?

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Me and my ex-boyfriend ran into each other last night. We've been broken up for 3 months, but we're still friends. And I'm still not quite over him, which makes things complicated.

Since we broke up, even though he was the one that broke it off, although it was somewhat mutual, he's been kind of oddly affectionate with me. At my birthday party two months ago, he insisted on hugging me three times before he left. I ran into him last night, and he told me how good it was to see me. He said he missed me and we should hang out soon (in a friends way, one would think). I gave him what I thought was a kind of friendly hug, and he kind of ran his fingers through my hair. Which isn't something you'd typically do with a friend, right?

What's going on? And what should I do? He's making it quite difficult to get over him.
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when you go to get a drink of water, does it matter what kind of cup you use?? do you use a glass, a mug, or do you drink your water from a bottle? do you have a *special* cup that you love to drink out of? what does it look like?

also, what is the best way to cure leftover drunkenness?

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If you saw someone hitting their kid in a way that seemed more forceful than necessary, what would you do?
I'm not talking about straight up beating the kid, but hitting him/her harder than what seemed appropriate for a child of his/her age (maybe between 2 to 3 years old). Would you say something to the parent or report it to the authorities or do nothing? Do you think it's one of those things that is open to interpretation or is it pretty black and white?

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where can i buy black leggings that have the strap that go under your feet? like these i'm in new york if it makes a difference.

what is the most life-changing experience you've ever had?
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So it's my little brothers very first school ball tonight (aww) and he's going with his female BFF. He was instructed a week or so ago to procure a wrist corsage for her (She got his boutonniere thing) and it had to have frangipani flowers in it. I don't know how the fuck she found a thing for him with frangipanis in it, because they are NOT corsage-type flowers. Hence, still no corsage.

So being the awesome big sister I am, I volunteered last night to make one from fake frangipanis. Forgetting entirely, of course, that I have NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING. I have a whole bunch of small flowers, one biggish one, and five or six leaves to work with, plus two kinds of gold ribbon and some pale yellow velveteen ribbon. Her dress is gold, but I don't actually know anything beyond that.

Behind the cut is my efforts so far, but I really have no idea whether they're good/shit/on the right track at all or not. Opinions, please?

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Will you give me writing prompts? I need to build up a store of stuff I can look back at and say 'hey, I didn't write this yet! let's get going!'

words, sentences, pics, whatever.


Have you ever been in a taxicab?
In what city/cities?
Were you ever frightened by their questionable driving? (re: speed/non-use of signals, etc.)
Did you remember to tip the cabbie?

Do you think you'd do well at Cash Cab?

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My boyfriend never writes on my Facebook wall. This means he doesn't love me, y/y?

Are you a loud person or a quiet person?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how drunk should I get tonight?

Mean: 7.85 Median: 9 Std. Dev 2.69

(I have a safe ride home, and will be amongst some friends, and alcohol is free.)
Arrested Development
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I'm thinking about buying a Kindle because I'm sick of sitting at my desk and staring at my computer screen. I'm sort of confused, though; does it let you go anywhere on the internet, or just a few designated places (like Wikipedia and news websites)?

If you've had any, what have your experiences with Kindles been like?
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I know this gets asked every now and again butttttt...
I just reinstalled Firefox after deciding I didn't like Chrome as much as I thought. What add ons should I download?

And unrelated:
I pierced the upper part of my ear (cartilage) 2 months ago. It was FINE until about a week ago, and now it's painful, and it gets scabby and weird. Should I take it out, or just keep cleaning it and hope it stops?
profile, b&amp;W


My boyfriend and I are challenging each other to lose weight. We're trying to make something fun out of it by setting a goal with consequences and rewards to motivate us a little better.

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Some passengers of the US Airways flight that went down recently are disappointed they only received $5000 and reimbursement of their ticket amount. If you do not agree with this amount, then what do you find fair? What is your reasoning?
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stop smoking

OK so this may be cheezy, but my husband is planing to quit smoking for good on Sunday. I though it would be cute to hang up little motivational posters all over the house in different random places just to make him laugh and know that I am supporting him. Do you guys have any ideas or quotes I could make into posters??

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Zooey face


A friend of mine has a three year old son who was just diagnosed with cancer. She is with him in the hospital and they plan to be there for at least another week. She's a single mom, but with a great support network.

My mom and I are planning to stop by and see her tomorrow. We're already planning to bring some cartoons on DVD because they don't have a cartoon channel in the hospital. We're also thinking about maybe bringing my friend some food and magazines.

What else do you guys think we should bring for her? Any ideas?

Ladies only poll. Men stay behind the velvet rope

Edit: Pretty much, it's a one-time offer for sex. No phone numbers, rain checks or anything else will suffice

Poll #1356832 Sexual question for the ladies: another celebrity supermarket poll

You're on your period. You feel bloated AND you didn't shave your legs (for those of you who do). You don't feel very sexy and you look like how you feel. Plus, you're wearing your period underwear or granny panties if you don't have period undies. You're at the supermarket, buying some comfort food or whatever, when you bump into the celebrity you fancy the most. He/she looks even better in person. And a little intoxicated. The celebrity starts hitting on you, and you learn from the conversation that he/she is REALLY horny and doesn't have anyone to hook up with, and is coming onto you in the hopes that you can do the job. What do you do?

I agree to go with the celebrity, but I warn him/her beforehand what to expect. I can understand if they lose interest
I agree to go home with the celebrity. I don't say anything about the period. Let him/her find out the hard way, when it's too late to change their mind
I turn him/her down. It's way to embarrassing to hook up this way
I turn him/her down. I can't cheat on my SO
I turn him/her down. I refuse to compromise my integrity with a drunken booty call, albeit with someone really sexy
piece of cake


Does anyone here have any computer programming knowledge of the 'ISETL' software? I am desperate for some help with inputting programming to solve the quadratic formula, as well as some issues with listing and reversing sets. I am dumbfounded. Just totally.


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Have you ever met anyone online and dated them? All people on dating sites are lame... yes/probably?

First dates.... nerve-wracking OR WHAT?

This guy I'm going out with for the first time (even though he looks pretty hot in pix) is going to smell bad or have fucked up teeth or fart a lot? y/y?

Sure fire way to be a charmer?

We Can do it

Wedding Blues

Hi all!
My brother is getting married in August. I was really excited for them and was hoping I would be able to be a bridesmaid. However, when we talked about it my brother and his fiance had decided to have only two people stand up for them at the wedding. They then asked me if I could do the photos for their wedding. I was pleased and miffed at the same time. I really like doing wedding photos but OMG I'm family! It takes a lot of work to photograph a wedding! Ok, so, I'd come to terms with that.
Last night I was talking with my brother and his fiance and I found out that they were actually having six people in the wedding party - my older BROTHER (!) being one of them. Am I being selfish? Is it wrong of me to be upset? May I add that my younger brother and I have a better relationship then my brothers have ever had with eachother? 

Do you want some cake?

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Oh hai TQC, let's play a game.

Your lips are SO dry and cracked, OMG I bet you want to lick them.

How long did you last before you licked them/moistened them in any way?
Keep in mind that your lips are SO dry.
so dry...
text - something to say

Heya, TQC

How bad of an idea would it be to microwave one of those little square half-pint milk cartons that you drank in elementary school?

My primary concern is that the wax coating will melt everywhere. *is a lazy college student and doesn't want to have to dirty more containers than possible while making her chai*

A long time ago...

...I saw an application online where if you put in a livejournal username, it would show who that person had added and/or removed, and the dates thereof.

Does anyone remember this application and could link me to it, if it still exists? Google is not helping, or my keywords suck.

ETA: Here it is, thanks. :) http://joule.marnanel.org/
orange/fire butterfly

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What's your worst microwave story?

My sister nuked a frozen cookie for five minutes on high a few years ago - it came out black and smoking, and I thought she was smoking pot downstairs because of the burned sweet smell.  I could smell it even in the shower.

(no subject)

would you rather be stronger or more flexible?

Do you have any work out tips??

EDIT-O-MATIC: All the type in LJ just got very tiny.WTF? What did I do?
Everything else on the internets is regular size.
Helps me!shippo...shippo...hello...are you there buddy?

FIX-O-MATIC.....ha. I'm smarter than I thought.
Life - mike has oranges

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Help, TQC! I can barely breathe through my nose, and I am MISERABLE!

For those of you who've tried neti pots, how well did they really work, and how immediate was the relief??
Nothing else is really helping right now.

If you have a specific model or type you really love, links or pics would be awesome, thanks.

And for everyone, what are you having/will you have for dinner tonight?

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A really cool little café opened up across the street not that long ago, and they have free wifi. The only cool people I live with won't be around this weekend.
I should go there with my laptop tonight when everyone leaves here and drink coffee or tea and do my homework and be cool, y/n?
...This is where all of my money is going from now on, y/y?

What are you doing this weekend?
...Will you cook me dinner?

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horseradish mayonnaise tasty or disgusting?

If not is it because you don't like mayo, you don't like horseradish, you don't like either, or you just don't like them combined?

Mono Question

Is there a test that will tell me if I have previously had mono? Or do they only tell you if you currently have it?

My boyfriend just got diagnosed with "acute mono." I am unsure whether I have had it or not. About 4 years ago I briefly thought I may have, but I ruled it out.

If I have had it already, I'm free and clear because my bf can't give it to me again. But, if I haven't, I will most certainly get it. I just want to know what to expect, since if I were to get it and have to miss a month of class, I may not graduate.
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Blood blisters

I got bit the other day (I am a preschool teacher and while convincing a kid to take "TWO MORE BITES" and forcing him to, he bit me by accident)

Should I pop it, TQC? It's gross to look at and I am going out tonight :(

(no subject)

lyndz , what is that Hebrew next to your user pic? I think I know, but I haven't read Hebrew since my Bar Mitzvah days. If it is what I think it is, then cheers to you too.

ETA: HA! I'm an idiot. I thought it said "l-chaim." :-[

HP love

Puppy names!

My mum just came home with two new puppies!

We're trying to think of names. My nana keeps making suggestions like "Blackie and Whitie".

Please, my family is terrible at naming things. No imagination and no flair.

We're kind of leaning towards Patch for one. Not great, but better than the alternatives.

Suggestions, TQC? If they could kind of go together, that'd be great.

Oh, they're both male. Pictures under Collapse )
peanutty friends

You're Mean!

What has recently given you a moment of malicious pleasure?

A: My neighbor's teenage son just fell down the stairs next door (we live in condos). I suddenly heard, thump-bang-thump-thump-crash followed by and angry "Fuck! Ugh!" and a quick pound on the wall. I couldn't NOT laugh even though I felt like a huge asshole for it.
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TQC..I turn to you yet again for pet names. You've been good about naming the other two, why not this one as well?

What should I name the dog I'm trying to adopt?
If you remember the last post I made: I got the okay from my mom..now I just need to get approved by the fostermom.

ETA: Again, old lady names and nontypical pet names are preferred.
  • njyoder

(no subject)

What is the the proper term for a fursuiter who wears a fursuit for sexual purposes (e.g. trap doors in the suit)?

Hiding told me to post this:
"I ate a sandwich about twenty five minutes ago, and I'm still hungry. Should I eat something else, or keep waiting? Ugh."
TIPPING THE VELVET - keeley hawes- from


I want to get my second ear lobe piercings, and possibly my cartilage done, but I'll have to take it out for dance shows, swimming and general sport, so I was wondering - what's the ACTUAL amount of time that you have to have left it in before you can take it out for one and a half / two hours without it closing up? Is it really as long as the places tell you?
berry tart

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TQC, I have decided to get the red ipod nano to support the AIDS cause. On the Apple site, I can get mine engraved for free and I want to put a quote.

What quote should I use?

Poll #1356853 quotes!

What quote should I engrave on the back of my ipod?

The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.
A person's true wealth is the good he or she does in the world
Truth or Courage
Nothing more than a dreamer, nothing less then a believer
Love, and do what you like
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(no subject)

When was the last time you were scared?

What are you drinking tonight?

Why does acetone free nail polish remover suck so bad?

Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

What's the name of the person you were last romantically involved with?
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TQC: I accidentally slammed the holtor monitor I've been wearing in my car door as I was getting out. It is a $2,000 piece of equipment. And not mine. I was only wearing it for two days to catch one of my heart flutters. It might be capable of being repaired (if I just cracked the screen and nothing else) but fuckfuckfuck I have cost my father $2,000 in a completely random expense. He's not too worried about it but I am beyond upset.

I want to get a job ASAP (I've been unemployed while I work as a fulltime student.. I live at home) to help pay for it. But the happy ladies at the doctor's office gave me a new monitor to wear for the next two days. Why they trust me with this, I don't know.. But I'm all wired up and I can't shower til Sunday. I have already not showered since Thursday.

I am unbelievably clumsy stupid, Y/Y?
Should I start applying to jobs tomorrow or wait until I am not wired and have been able to shower?

Do you have any "OH NO I BROKE SOMETHING EXPENSIVE THAT WAS NOT MINE AND NOW HAVE TO PAY FOR IT" stories? They would make me feel a lot better right now. I have been crying so much. :(
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(no subject)

from nowloss.com:
"You'll burn an extra 200 calories a day by drinking eight glasses of ice cold water because...Your body has to burn calories (or fat) in order to heat the ice cold water back up to your body temperature. The amount of calories you burn (and the weight you lose) will rack up over time as you drink Ice cold water everyday."

Does that sound like bullshit? It seems pretty ridiculous to me.

What do you drink besides water during the day?


(no subject)

1)what is a sign of the bad economy at your house?

my oldest brother after being all I'M INDEPENDENT AND DON'T NEED YOUR CELL PHONE PLAN is back on the family plan.

2)How should we treat people addicted to weed?[as in giving them treatment]

3)what is strangely addictive?

rubber stamps.

and here are some questions

Would you say that you were a jealous person?

What's your name on LJ (not your username, the one that would be in your basic info)?

Do you like System of a Down? I should probably say did you like them, seen as they are broken up now.

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I'm just getting over food poisoning (my brother got it in NC and brought it home to share with the rest of the family, we think it's norovirus) and I feel really weak and achey. The problem is, I'm having trouble eating. Not because I can't keep it down, or because I'm too nauseas to eat, but because I feel "full" already. Every bite I take feels like force-feeding.

What can I eat that won't make me feel like crap?

Have you ever had food poisoning? How long did it last?
some cloud

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I have a big screen samsung television that is probably at least 15 years old. Just now the picture started curving in and changing colors, and then it just turned off. Now when I try to turn it on repeatedly, it immediately turns itself off. Has my tv finally died on me? :(
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Every time I dream about zombies (which is often), right after being bitten by a zombie a person's eyes turn red. Has this ever happened in a movie or something? I have no idea where my subconscious picked that up, but I figure I must have seen it somewhere since it's so consistent.

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My dad bough me a dog back in November fo a present when I got out of jail. I love him to death, but I'm just wondering how big he's going to get??
I believe he's around 5 months now. Somewhere around 40lbs, And he's a Shar pei/ Boxer mix
Pictures for reference
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Also, what's the latest I can get him fixed? I don't have a lot of money right now, but I know I'm supposed to do it before a certain time I guess. I heard they get depressed or something.

Do you have pictures of your dog as a puppy, and now of an adult so I can see how different it looks?
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What did you do for your 21st birthday?

My parents said they will either pay for me to have a party somewhere (like at a bar or a restaurant) or take me on holidays with them in the middle of the year to a nice resort AND give me some money towards my overseas trip a few months later. I chose the latter option, and much to the disappointment of my friends, have decided not to even have a small, informal gathering for my birthday. Is this as weird as they are saying it is? Keep in mind we are in Australia, where 21 is technically just another birthday (we can drink/drive/gamble etc. at 18).

Summer job!

I'm 14 years old and looking to get my first job this summer, hopefully at a Child Daycare Center. (I have no idea if they will hire me but I know they are looking to hire.)  My parents will not support my interest in photography so I want to take matters into my own hands and buy a 600 dollar camera + all the other crap that you need with it, by the end of the summer.

Approximately how much money do you think I can make if I steadily work there for like 5 hours a day for the whole summer?

And what was your first job like? 

edit: I would be 15 this summer and the reason why I am pretty confident that I can get a job is because ALL of my friends have jobs. You wouldn't believe it haha.
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Who is lamer?

My sister's watching cricket on TV. I'm sitting here, wishing I could name my puppies after characters from Homestar Runner.

The commentator says (for some reason) "that was a very memorable sixty nine".

I thought this was hilarious. My sister did not.

Back me up here. Was that not funny?

Also, tell me something funny you heard someone say, but not mean to say.
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Any cool & somewhat easy ideas on how to recycle old jeans?

How do you store your make-up?

My mom bought that make-up bag for me and said it would make my storage easier because the bag is clear... I can easily see where everything is. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. I usually have to dump the whole thing out to find something. I think the consequence is... me not using my make-up? Except for a few key items...
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What's one thing your SO can say that will piss you off to no end?

I was just talking to my bf about how he's going drunk driving tonight and he needs a DD and he said "Okay, mom!"

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Tomorrow, I'm supposed to get two henna tattoos for a play I'm doing. One is to be a tribal armband, and the other just has to be on my right breast.

#1: What should I get on my tit?
#2: How do I live down the shame of wearing these until they fade?
#3: Have you ever had mehndi decorations on your palms?
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Growth around vertical labret

So guys, I know this is TQC and not a piercing community, but I am not a member of anything like that and I know some of you know about piercings. I got my vertical labret pierced like six months ago with no issues. But today I noticed a small fleshy lump next to it (and accidentally bit down on it, and realized it wasn't just a flap of dead chapped lip skin). It is slightly firm, but has some give, and is not at all painful, even if pulled on, pinched, etc. Picture behind cut.

I immediately washed it with a mild unscented soak and did a hot sea salt soak. Anything else I should do? I'm freaking out! What the fuck is this?

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1)Do you preorder books from amazon a lot? why?

I am lazy.

2)Should I start scheduling my free time so I have more of a balance of reading time, video game time and dvd watching time?

3)what do you feel guilty about?

I don't work 70 hour weeks.
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boring pregnant question

how do we tell my father-in-law that there's no fucking way our baby will call him "poppy"?

why do people who've had kids before think they know everything about being pregnant and having a newborn?

what is so hard to understand about "we want to exclusively breastfeed. stop giving us formula"?

/whiny rant

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