February 26th, 2009


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Who is your favorite member of Queen?
Who is your favorite character on NCIS?
Unrelated, if you bang into something and get a bruise, how long is normal to have a bump there? I tripped on my stairs and banged my shin really bad on Thursday. I have a grey black bruise still which isn't really sore except in the spot where there is a bump still :(

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i have a friend that lives 45 minutes away from me. we can't hang out at my house, so we almost always go to his house. however, i usually end up driving to his house and back and it's starting to add up. there's a town about halfway in between our houses but there's a pizza place there and that's about it, we live way out in the country. what would be the most fair solution to this situation? i'm getting really sick of driving 45 minutes each way but i really want to hang out with him. : /

eta: meeting halfway will work sometimes but we can't exactly have sex in the middle of town, lol, so sometimes i need to actually go to his house.

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If you're married to a guy, and the relationship got some serious problems on and off. Then you both move to another state, and you're not happy there. You miss your own family. He can't move back with you, he's taking over the family business. Do you divorce him to move back?
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The C word

Do you use it?

Do you find it offensive?

How do you feel about other swear words?

I ask this because I've noticed that a lot of people, mostly women, seem unusually offended by the word. By that, I mean they otherwise are fine with swearing, and swear quite a lot themselves. I know people who find the concept of swear words ridiculous, except for this one word that's completely out of bounds.

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Have you had a RL "FML" moment recently?

I spent the night with a new guy friend last night and woke up with a ticket on my car outside his building this morning. This is my fourth ticket in 2 days and homeboy is ignoring me because I didn't sleep with him.

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Does anyone know of any free therapist call lines, or something along those lines?

I'd really like to talk to somebody that can help calm me down. My crow's wing was apparently dead on the inside, fell off tonight, and horrified me. The bird is completely fine and healthy though.
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1. Do you like to drive or are you more of a passenger?

2. Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. Catholic TQCers, did you go to Mass?

2A. If so, did anyone ask about the smudge on your forehead?

2B. And did you ever have contests with your fellow Catholics to see who could keep the ashes on the longest?

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What is your favourite 'useless fact'?

If you can't think of one, pick one from this list.

- 50% of the people in the world have never made or received a phone call
- The Greek city of Sparta, at one point, had 25,000 citizens and 500,000 slaves.
- The reason Johnny Appleseed planted all those trees was because he wanted to use Apple cider to make alcohol.
- Winston Churchill was born in a women's toilets at a club
- The name 'Wendy' was invented for the book Peter Pan, there were no previous records of that name ever existing

Here's an idea.....

I waste too much time during the day pooping and peeing.

HOW do I balance my caloric intake and exercise so the net balance is ZERO...and I don't need to poop?? Is there a website for this??

SRS answers ONLY.

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Okay. I have a paper due at 2pm and then an exam directly after I turn it in.

Because it's been a surprisingly busy & stressful week:

i) I haven't gotten past the first paragraph of said paper yet
ii) I forgot to study for the exam

So. Should I rush on the paper, thereby making it suck, and turn it in today and not study for the exam? Or should I study for the exam and turn the paper in late next class for a full letter grade lower?

I know I'll ace the test if I manage to get a review done, and if I have the extra time for the paper I'm fairly certain I'll get away with a B.
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what are some of your favorite sites that you visit regularly for information, entertainment, news, politics, home improvement, keeping in touch, being more productive, deals, and just plain procrastination

Just off of the top of my head, mine are

Huffington post
real clear politics
BBC radio
BBC news
KFI radio

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Do you have friends who assume things about others/situations/anything that are usually way off tangent all the time?

What about friends who says mean stuff about other people/common friends(Eg. Being really shocked if someone we all know got a boyfriend and saying stuff like 'Oh, he's not that handsome' etc etc)?

My stomach's feeling really weird but it's 8.35AM. Should I go out and buy some food for myself or stay in and eat instant noodles?

Super coma or no

I have all these chocolate chip scones and in an effort to save money yesterday I ate one for lunch instead of buying something new. Should I do the same thing today or buy myself some real food? I'm at work and have almost nothing to eat at home, either. If so, how many should I eat? I have five I think...plus a muffin.

Lunches around here cost $8.00 for actual food.

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In an hour I'm going to the pharmacy to get me some mediciney goodness. Apparently I might have pneumonia something not unlike death. I'm coughing like a mofo, though. Yes. I said mofo.  I am feverish. It's allowed.

Anyway. What else should I pick up while I'm there since I likely won't be leaving the house again today?

I'm thinking tea, tissues, and maybe some soup but that's all I got so far.

I'm home. Thanks for the suggestions?
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Laser Dentistry

Have you ever had a filling done using laser dentistry? If so, what was it like? (I'm getting a bunch of laser fillings done next week, and I have only a vague idea of what to expect, what the process is, etc.)
Pez&Ziv colour


Oh Wise and all knowing Question Club...

I read this in an advise column

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What are your thoughts on the situation and the advise given? would your opinion change if it was a man who cheated because his wife was not able to get/keep a pregnancy?
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what would tqc dooo?

okay, so, i didn't sleep last night. at all. i was writing a paper and studying for an exam and now i'm DEAD. serious zombie action. i just took the exam, have half an hour until my next class, and then a slightly larger break after that.

what's my best plan of action?

1) take a 20 minute catnap right now.
2) take an hour-ish nap after my next class.
3) wait until i'm done with ALL of my classes and take a 3-4 hour nap.
4) don't nap at all; wait until bedtime tonight.
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What's the best concept album of all time, in your opinion?

Best decade for music?

What's your favorite dessert?

eta: If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?
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I'm sick and am at home rather then work like I should be. Today is our last work day for the week and I have the ability to (mostly) work from home. Our stuff is high priority and we're short staffed...while they can get on without me, I feel horribly guilty.

Should I give into the guilt and try to work from home?

Or should I give into recovery time and read my book?

Alternate suggestions including hookers and blow as a cure all are welcomed.

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The other day I went to my apartment to start cleaning it before I moved in since the landlord didn't even though she said she would. I washed walls and cleaned out the cubboards and then I got to the bathroom. It was terrible! I swear it had never been cleaned before and the tub especially needed to be soaked.

I filled the tub with all purpose cleaner and hot water and then left to do other cleaning. When I went back half of the protective layer on the tub was floating on the water. I drained it and now there's no coat over most of the ceramic part of the tub. The tub had a big crack in it prior to cleaning. I don't see how this could be my fault as I was just cleaning it...not destroying it or using products that weren't meant for it, it pretty much fell apart.

I want my landlord to have it fixed, what should I say to her to ensure she'll fix it soon and that she would agree that it's her job to have it fixed without charging me?
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1. I really want a bad-ass leather jacket. Like a really awesome one. Where should I get one? I live in New York and I have the World Wide Web at my fingertips, but this is harder than I thought. Suggestions, please.

2. I have a "lady doctor" appointment today. However, it is the end of my period. I called and they said that this is okay. Does that sound weird to you? Ladies, what are you experiences with lady doctors and menstrual cycles?
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I put something up for sale on Craigslist yesterday, and after two obvious scam offers, an interesting offer came in. A woman who lives in a different state offered to pay cash for the item, and she's offered to send the cash to me overnight. Once I have the cash in hand, I can send her the item overnight. She says she'll do this because it's the only way I'll (probably) agree since she isn't local.

Scam or likely legit? I'm new to this selling long-distance stuff.

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If money was no issue, would you get plastic surgery, a tummy tuck ect....?
If so, what would you get "done"?

I would get a breast lift. after 2 kids, it's not as pleasant as i'd like. But that's it.

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Up until an hour ago I was blissfully unaware of a person known as: Lady Gaga....
Can you fill me in?
I seem to miss all the important stuff.

EDIT: Is her 15 minutes of fame just begining? Or do we have 10 more minutes left?
all you need is

New Yorkers saying smart things

My google-fu is failing me on this: I need quotes from people who live, were born in, or are otherwise affiliated with New York City. The subjects are various (values, ethics, diversity, blah blah blah) but when I search for "quotes new yorkers" I only get quotes about NYC. Do you know of a website with quotes from famous New Yorkers? I'm hoping there's a page somewhere that I can search for terms in, but as it is I'll have to look up famous New Yorkers then look up their quotes for something that applies to what I need.

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Have you ever bought/sold anything on Craigslist? What was your experience like?

I bought a Wii Fit from Craigslist, good experience. I'm thinking about selling stuff, but don't know how much of a hassle to expect.
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Will you tell me about your childhood misconceptions?

(i.e. When I was younger, I thought my parents were waving to people they knew when they were actually thanking other drivers.)
Kill Bill - Elle
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What do you consider the most pointless major?
What do you consider the most useless majors? (That's plural people)
In terms of future job potential, if you want to take this ~srsly~

Pinata Colada

The TQC pinata (in the shape of cherrybaby's icon) is hoisted in the air, and someone takes a swing and breaks it open. What kind of contents would you expect in a TQC pinata?

Personal escort business cards (hookers)
Tiny airplane bottles of booze
Llama penii (which also has glitter)
Beanie Baby Pedobears
Red contacts, syringes
Paper bags with eyeholes, with the word ANON written in Sharpie
Meerkat Shippo masks (since no one knows who he really is, anyone could possibly be him)
Disposable cameras for camwhoring
Mardi Gras beads for those who are obsessed with the nekkid posts
Ipods, to ensure that there will always be more Ipod questions

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Can someone recommend me a good travel book? Either one that gives you tips about traveling, or what I'd really like is when people write about their travels... so like a story or biography. (Like the book Eat, Pray, Love... I've heard this is good....??)

and if you don't have an answer for that question...

How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?
I'm on my fourth boyfriend
How many times have you been dumped?
How many times have you dumped someone?
Have any of your relationships ever ended mutually?

Which was the longest relationship that was ended and who was it ended by?
Six months and it was mutual
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I like to read the obituaries, marriage licenses/divorce & birth section of the newspaper.. just because.

What's something that you do just for the heck of it?

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Do you like Funfetti cake? I didn't grow up with it but I'm making some for bellasmommy 's birthday party.

What's your favorite cheap-but-cute online clothing website? I've lost weight and need clothes but don't want to buy a bunch of expensive stuff right now.

What's for dinner?
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Have you ever/do you ever thought/think of someone other than the person you're fucking during sex? Movie star, ex, etc? Did/do you feel bad/guilty or think nothing of it?
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I had a molar removed earlier today, and had some other dental stuff done so right now I can't really chew.
I'm thinking of making mashed potatoes with eggs for dinner, what are some things I can add to the potatoes to give them some extra flavour? And what are some other savoury, mushy things that don't require much chewing?
I really hate spicy/peppery foods, but aside from that I'll give anything a go once.
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Do You Think This Is Racist?

I put in a posting into sf_drama, which is a snark community. I snarked another snark. The resident butt-boy pester rejected it on the grounds of racism. It wasn't racist! What is racist about it? I might have said a few not-nice things about liberals, but nowhere in my post did I say anything blatantly degrading about any particular race. I meerly expressed some behaviors I had observed in certain people. Please read the following posting and tell me if you think it is racist. You have to give logical answers. I don't want to hear any emotionally-charged simpering.

Collapse )

REMEMBER: I want this to be a SERIOUS DISCUSSION! No trolling, spamming or emotionally charged ranting.

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I want to get my ring engraved with a name, but on the outside of the ring instead of the inside. I've called just about every jewelry store in town, and they all told me that they cannot possibly engrave on the outside for *insert list of reasons*. However, I saw an ad for a jeweler called Ashton-Drake that shows rings with "Lindsay" and "Thomas" engraved on the outside, plus some additional engravings on the inside of the ring! There are no locations for this jeweler in my state, but do any of you have a clue as to why one jeweler can do it while the others can't? Is there another term I should be using here, like "etching" or something? I just want the name on the outside of the ring.. Do you guys know of anyone who can do that in Arizona (Preferably in or around Phoenix)? Thanks!
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They've been together for 4 years...
What do you think of a 23 year old female marrying a 43 year old male?
[edit] yaayyy.. thank you. I dont care either and Im gonna do it!!


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oh hay tqc smarties, i'm writing an important paper right now and for some reason i'm blanking on a grammar rule.

is it correct to say "i wish tom WAS here" or "i wish tom WERE here"?

EDIT: thanks everyone! i still don't really understand, BUT I TRUST YOU GUYS. :D

if you don't knowwww, discuss grammar rules that always trip you up.
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ROAD TRIP!!!! (G-rated version)

When you were a child (let's say UNDER 13 years old), did you take road trips with your family?
Where did you go?

(And by road trip, I mean loading up the car and driving, not hopping on a plane and flying somewhere.) If you don't know what a road trip is, you get mocked. Moving on.

If you have (or will have in the future) children, will you take them on road trips?
Any particular destinations you really want them to see/experience?

Edit: It makes me really happy to see all of these. When I was in grade school, I was soooo weird because we took out-of-state road trips. Only 1 other kid in my class had ever been out of state before, and that was just to the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. Kind of doesn't really count. :/
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I've been playing Rhythm Boxing on Wii Fit, and I swear the voice of the trainer is Bruce Campbell. I can't find verification anywhere though. Do any of you know?

Because TQC decides most of my life for me...

So my plan today was to do my hair and makeup and dress nice and wear my new shoes and feel pretty and all that good stuff. It didn't exactly happen like that. I did my hair a make-up, but I'm wearing my normal t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. I have a film class in half an hour that I really like. Is it worth getting dressed up for or should I just stay in my normal clothes? It goes from 6:30-9:15, and we're starting to actually work on the film we're making tonight, which means I may have to help set up equipment.

ETA: By getting dressed up, I mean that I would put on a nicer shirt, which I could still set up equipment in if need be [even though I'm almost positive I don't have to this week], since the only equipment involved is a camera dolly made from PVC pipe. I'd still be wearing jeans. No dresses or anything.

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This current life that we are all living, how much of it is a social construct?

When did you start drinking? Are you a social drinker, an alcoholic, or in between? I haven't more than a drop of beer/alcohol in my life because I think it's very vile but perhaps, in the future, I might just try.

Do you tend to skip over questions by certain TQC members? Do you get butthurt if you think you made an exceptionally witty comment but it is met with no replies/appreciation? Haha
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Arts Education

About your high school...

1. Does (or did, if you've graduated) your school have good arts programs? Ex. band, choir, theatre, art, etc. etc.
2. Do/did you participate in any of these programs? Which ones?
3. What grades do/did you normally get in school? Would you say you are/were a good student?
4. What is/was your favorite subject in school?

This is for a project I'm doing in my English class, so I'd REALLY appreciate it if you would answer all the questions, not just one or two.

Thanks so much!!
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How many TQC members have you texted?

How many TQC members have you talked to on the phone?

How many TQC members have you met in real life?

my answers

Sock Sex

Does it bother you when you're in the middle of having sex and you realize the other person is wearing nothing but socks?

Not cute knee socks or thigh highs. Basic white socks.

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1. What are some good French movies?
I just finished watching Love Me If You Dare and I really like Amelie. So I'm looking for something like those, maybe with a little fantasy and a weird love story. Or something just good in general.

2. When you friend someone new on lj, do you go back and read their old entries? How far do you go back? Or do you just read their new posts?
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Say you and I were in a class of about 40 together, and we were assigned to watch and take copious notes on a fairly obscure movie, which has two copies available at the local blockbuster, and is not for sale anywhere else. If I find somewhere it's been posted on the internet, and send the link out to the whole class, would you send me a thank you note via e-mail? Would you expect at least one person out of the 40 to?

Yes. I am slightly butthurt over this.

How is the temperature where you are right now?
It is hot as hale in the classroom I'm in.

My dog is having a surgery that costs $1,900. How can I raise this money to pay my family back, that doesn't include pimping hookers and/or selling blow?
28 days later

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I read in the newspaper about this woman who won $16,000 on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. She's taking one of her daughters to Finland and buying the other daughter a cat.

So, would you rather take a trip to Finland...or get a cat?

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I was walking down a side-street today with my headphones in my ears, but not on, playing on my cellphone. A man walked out of a doorway right behind me, followed me for a few paces, and suddenly said "hey girly, can you hear me with those things in?"

I turned me head and said "yes, they're not on", went back to what I'd been doing, and then he walked to my side, put his hand on my shoulder and said "Just checking." and then he smiled and walked on ahead.

What the hell was going on, TQC??? I'm very confused by this encounter.
Jenny Saville

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Baaahhhhh TQC, I had a shitty day. I have only just come out of my angsty teenage period in the past 6 months or so, and it's still very easy to slip back into angst-mode when things are sucky. But I am trying my best not to, because it's just silly. Sooooo....

I would very much like to know what you guys do to get yourselves back on track when lame shit happens. I don't mean like major tragedies, just your regular "aw man, that's kind of a bummer" kind of stuff. Do you listen to certain songs? Visit certain websites? Tell yourself certain things? Will you please give me some "Yeah, that sort of sucks, but hey it's all good anyway!" inspiration, TQC? Pep-talk me!

Or if that is dull, what is the grossest food-related thing you do/have done? (Things you eat while high or drunk don't count, everyone eats disgustingly then.)

Mine is eating popcorn/chips with a spoon so I can still type without getting stuff all over my fingers and the keyboard, I thought I was so clever when I started doing it. Although then I realised that I eat popcorn with a spoon. Oh, also if we have no crackers I eat Japanese mayo (in those Kewpie squeeze bottles) or sometimes American mustard by squirting it onto my finger and licking it off, over and over again. Mmmm.
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What is your favorite FML?

My favorite: Today, I was having sex with my boyfriend. When he was about to orgasm, he screamed "Yes Brittany!" at the top of his lungs. My name's not Brittany. That's his sister. FML
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how would you feel if the band you've been waiting to see for five years finally got back together and planned a tour and then you find out the tickets are way out of your price range?

it makes me feel very very angry that people can be such fucking sell-outs. plus i'm sick and pmsing.

10 points if you guess what band!
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If one's family is in a bad financial situation, should one mention to one's parents that the mattress one sleeps on is developing a dippy pokey makes-it-hard-to-get-comfortable spot right where one's lower back usually rests? Or should one grin, bear it, and try flipping the mattress next time one changes the sheets?

Also, what's the best foreign candy/sweet you've ever had, or had recently? Personally, I think the leche gummies I get at World Market are the best things ever, aside from European chocolates.
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Hello everybody! (:

Last year I opened a community site, it's Fernando Torres fans community, if I'm not mistaken. The heading of the site layout is some Torres pics and a quote. I need to remember the words! I guess it was 'just as sure as the sky blue well, that's the day I found you', but I forget whether it is right or wrong. Anyone knows about this?

Thank youuuu.

Personal Loans

I need to take out a personal loan in order to take part in a language acquisition/au pair abroad program in Spain this summer. This is very important to me, and I will be able to pay it back (I am a licensed professional and will have a full-time, well-paying job when I return in the Fall- just don't have money now as I just finished college in Dec. and have been working part-time).

Does anyone know how to go about this? I don't even know who to talk to/where to go/good interest rates/etc. I plan to take out a loan of approximately $2,0000 if possible. Also, will they mind that I have credit card debt? I have never missed a credit card payment and always send more than the minimum, but I have a few thousand on it right now. My school loans are pretty low (at least, much lower than is average now).

Any advice at all is welcome.
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compressing a file?

Is there a way to compress a PDF file so that it’s not 100MB? Or a way to save it from Word so that it’s a PDF but not 100MBs worth? I’m using a MacBook with the latest version of Office, if that makes a difference...

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I just dropped a bunch of shredded lettuce on the floor and it's sort of a disaster. not like it sweeps.

make me feel better... what else is really horrible to spill on a hard floor?

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Do you think it's better to know how you actually look, or do you think it's better to think you're a bit more attractive than you actually are?

Do you think you're equally attractive to how other people see you? More, less? (I'm talking about on an average day, not super ugly or pretty).
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TQC, I need your help.

I went to a lecture tonight by one of my favorite authors, and had him sign my copy of one of his books. Unfortunately, I can't read what the fuck he wrote.

So, TQC, do you know what the hell the second line says?

Collapse )
Self cleaning

(no subject)

Can corn oil substitute for vegetable oil in baking or will the end product taste funny? (I'm going to make cupcakes, if it matters)

Do you like to bake? What is your favorite thing to bake? (You can share the recipe if you are up for it)


What are some in-jokes that you share with family/friends/SOs? Don't explain anything, just say them.

Maybe I'll get my period, maybe I'll vomit a little.
Raga raa, Raga raa...
Does he have to have lips?
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