February 25th, 2009


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What do I say in an e-mail that basically says "here's my CV for job X" without just writing "Please find the attached CV in reference to job X". It's late at night and that's all I can think of but I really think I ought to write more than one sentence.

Think for me, TQC! Please?
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If I take half a Flexoril now, will I still be fucked up in the morning? It's 12:45am.

My neck is really hurting me and I feel like vomiting from the pain.

I took it. Wooo!

Why does my tattoo still get raised and itchy 4 years later? The one on my back never has, but the one on my ankle is always itchy.
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Using 5 adjectives in your answer, how do you feel this very moment?

Was that phrased oddly? I'm too tired, I can't tell.

Me: I'm tired, stressed, cranky, annoyed and angry. It's that time of the school quarter. I need to chill the fuck out a little. But I don't know how to slow myself down and actually recollect. Sleeping doesn't even do it.

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TQC, what are some good stores/online stores to buy decent "boho" or "hippie" looking clothes? Preferably on the cheaper side, as opposed to a store like Free People which is awesome but does not work for a college girl like me.

Vintage or new, doesn't matter to me.

*Besides thrift stores, sorry I didn't mention that before.. that's a given.
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1. Who would win in a long planned out fight; Noah Bennett (aka HRG) or Ben Linus?

2. Which one is your favorite robot/android/toaster? List;
Tom Servo
Col. Tigh
or Other (and if other, which one?)

3. Did you watch the presidential speech tonight?
If you did, did you make it all the way through or did you give up after the first 15 minutes of nothing only to switch to another channel?
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What's the best tip for maintaining consistency instead of alternating between bowling 120s and 220s? (I have an monstrously long stride already, so I'm sticking with a four step approach, I throw a 16 pound Arch Rival with mostly no revs, and I can pick any speed from 15 to 20 mph and throw within .5 in either direction consistently.)

Are you going to Anime Expo this year?

Tempest, Rampart, Gauntlet, or Cyberball? (Or some other Atari game, I suppose.)
O Shit


I bought the original nes legend of Zelda game on my Wii. I can't figure out how to use the potions. Do you know? I'm using the wiimote and can't select it. I'm sure the answer is obvious but I can't figure it out. Thanks. :]
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Do you know what this piece is called?
This is a picture from when I first saw it in a museum in France and recreations of it keep popping up where ever I go.
What is your favorite work of art?

ETA: It's called Winged Victory! Thank yoou!
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It is 5am Wednesday morning. I am about to go to bed. I have to get up at 7am on Thursday morning.
Should I set an alarm for about 5 hours from now and force myself to get up to ensure that I am tired in the evening and so can sleep? If I don't set an alarm then I will probably sleep until about 2pm. And then I won't be able to go to bed in order to get up early.
OH THE DILEMMA. So how much sleep should I get TQC?!
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Do you get the reference to "I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so....scared."

maybe so

IF NO: what is your age?

ETA: I was surprised that my older friend didn't get the reference so I thought it was a generation gap, but I guess some people of all ages don't know it. haha.

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 Would you have sympathy for somebody who was killed in a car accident, and it was later found out they were text messaging while driving in icy conditions?

Edit: How do you feel about people who text message while driving? Personally, it scares the crap out of me. 
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I've been eating horribly since the beginning of the term. As a lazy student, I find myself eating too many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cereal, and um...that's sort of it. :/ I try to eat a banana or a handful of baby carrots here and there, but it's never anywhere near my big 5.

What sort of quick, healthy meals do you fix for yourself? Any ideas?
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Poll #1355300 plan my day, tqc

I was told to stay home from work today because I'm coughing terribly. What should I do with my day off?

stay in bed and read/sleep/play on the internet
stay on my sofa and read/sleep/play on the internet
go for an adventure with friends to stop being sad about a boy
invite my friend who is having a bad day to come over and commiserate
other (in comments)

People who lead you on when they know you're interested in them are douchebags


when was the last time you were told by your place of employment to take the day off despite not actually being sick?

If you take a sick day, does your employer get angry with you? (Mine tends to, but they're in Florida at the moment and can kiss my ass)
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I just travelled for an hour to college to meet my friends so we could work on college reports together. They all live about 15 minutes away. I arrived and am sat waiting in the library when I get a text saying all three of then are not coming in until 2pm. This was at 8:30am. I have no other reason to be here. I have every reason to be pissed, y/y?

I need to book a holiday with Thomson for April 2010, however I have NO idea where I would like to go. I'm thinking Kenya. Where do you like to go on holiday and why? Plus plus plus if it's extremely hot and has things to do.

Thanks TQC.
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Good morning, TQC!


I left my Crest White Strips on my teefs too long this morning! Later today they are going to fall out/kill me with the pain of sensitivity, y/n?

Have you ever used a tooth whitening product? (Whitening toothpaste does not count as it does not work.) What kind? How long did it take you to see results?

I use Crest White Strips, obv! I used 4 or 5 strips in a row a couple years ago (one set of strips a day for 4 or 5 days) and I got the desired results I wanted. Since then I've been using one set of strips every other month or so for maintenance (I drink A LOT of coffee). You'd think I'd remember to TAKE THEM OUT AFTER 30 MINUTES by now... nope.

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You get inspired to write a screenplay, and you crank it out and it's perfect. It's genius and an act of love. It's your baby and you know it'll make some money. You shop it around and it gets some minor feedback and some weak offers, but one day, you get a call from a major producer in Hollywood. "I love your screenplay and I'd like to buy it for $150,000. I'm going to start work on it at once. I feel that I should inform you that I'm considering rewriting it a bit and turning it into a comedy. Pauly Shore is seeking to make a comeback and I believe I can turn this into something that'll make him a household name again. Just imagine that! You'll be responsible for the return of Pauly Shore. How cool will that be? Anyway, do we have a deal?"

Yes. Ruin my screenplay. Just gimme the money
Fuck you. I'd rather starve than see my work compromised by hacks and sullied by the Weasel

Same as above. You write a brilliant screenplay about the most beautiful romance ever (just play along if it's not in you). It'll make every other love story look as insincere as a Girls Gone Wild video. You shop it around and again, not many offers, but you get a phone call from a bigshot Hollywood producer. "I love your screenplay. I'll pay you $100,000 for it. I have to tell you up front that I've given copies of it to Keanu Reeves and Jessica Simpson, and they're the ones I'm probably going with. Won't that sell some tickets? Do we have a deal?"

Yes. Ruin everything with crappy actors. Just gimme the money
Fuck you. I'd rather starve than see my work turned into painful, brain-dead fluff
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If the TV is left on, but the cable/dvd player/vcr/whatever is turned off, can you hear the TV?

What is your favorite SNL skit of all time? If you don't watch SNL or don't like it, whatever, what is your favorite comedy skit of all time?
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Barenaked Ladies Fans (or not)

Steven Page, one of the founding members, is leaving the group.

What impact do you think this will have on their music?

Will Steven's solo stuff become more popular (The Vanity Project first, more to come we suppose)?

If you don't care...

What is your favorite breakfast food?
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My two favorite coworkers came over last night and ended up staying over. They're still asleep, and I need to get going on packing (I move Friday) and doing dishes and such. 
That said, is it rude to...

Make coffee when they're in the next room


Do dishes (by hand) when they're in the next room


Start packing in my room, with the door closed so it's a little quieter for them?

I feel like a terrible hostess, but a girl's gotta move, you know?


What is your opinion on tattoos? Do you think people should put serious thought into it before getting one, or is it okay to be completely spontaneous?

My friend was listening to a song for the first time the other day and said, "Hey, I really like those lyrics!" and immediately went out and got them tattooed in big letters on her arm. I love the girl, but wow.

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Are you giving something up for lent?
What is it?

If you don't observe lent, umm....
What's your favorite color?
If all food was one color, what color would you want it to be?

household tips

What are a few of your favorite household tips?

I use peroxide to take blood stains out of fabric, works like a charm.
Sprite in flower vases helps them last longer, or so I've heard.

If you're in college/school, or just taking a spring break vacation, where are you going, or what will you be doing during your break? If you're not going anywhere, where have you been on spring break? Pictures?
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I love elephants, btw.

I'm having trouble remembering a certain film: post 2000, not English language, and there's a scene where a guy and a girl are at a cafe or something and an elephant walks by the window. What movie am I thinking of?!

Alternatively, what was the last non-English language film you watched?

music players

so i have roughly $150-200 to spend, and i need a new music player/used music player that works. i need at least 16gbs of space, but i wouldnt be willing to pay more than 110 for that since that would only hold one tenth of my music collection. so what would you suggest? halp !
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Do all religions amount to different paths to the same goal, as there are different paths to the summit of a mountain, or might there be different paths leading to different summits, religions being like a mountain range with many peaks, or does the path lead to nowhwere?
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TQC! I need a new purse. Will you show me yours, or suggest a style/brand that has worked well for you in the past? What do you keep in it? Where would you suggest looking? Help! I don't do girly things like purses very often.

Does sunlight make you sneeze?

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1. You know those Charmin commercials where the bear is wiping his butt and dancing around with toilet paper? Are those commercials directly related to the "Does a bear shit in the woods?" saying? Or are animated bears just cute and cuddly?

I mean, surely who ever created those ads is aware of "Does a bear shit in the woods?" It just seems like an odd idea for a commercial.

2. What brand of toilet paper do you use?

3. Do you take off your shoes when you get home? Do you require guests to remove their shoes if they’re going to be walking around your house? If you had a friend come over, and they didn’t remove their shoes upon entering, would you consider that rude? Conversely, is it rude to request shoe removal?


I just spent the most money I've ever spent on concert tickets. I'm going to spend even more to actually get there & get a hotel, for a total concert cost of around $500 for me and my boyfriend.

What's the most you've ever spent to see a concert? Is there anyone that you'd pay $500 (or more!) to see?


In your opinion, what is the best news site (Ex: cnn.com, news.yahoo.com)? There are so many out there I want to find the most well put-together one.

(no subject)

What news sites/ blogs do you try to check daily?
-BBC news, digg, Neil Gaiman's journal, and Aurgasm.

What's on the agenda for today, TQC?

Reptiles and then math. Gym as well, hopefully.

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I was observing classes in the middle school today and I saw two girls who had their nose pierced.

Do you think that's a little young for that?

Would you let your [non-existant] 12-13 year old get his or her nose pierced?
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What should I give up for Lent?

If anyone says "Choco Tacos," so help me God I will come punch you in the face.

What are some cute things in your life?

I just saw two nuthatches working together to get sunflower seed out of my window feeder. They usually each take one seed at a time and then fly away with it, but this one just took a seed and then sort of handed it off to the other one who flew away. Maybe they weren't really working together, but I'd like to think that they were.

When was the last time you updated your LiveJournal?
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Im not cooking dinner tonight. Im sorta lazy and sick of cooking. What should I go get for my husand and I for dinner?

Is there a sudden rise in plane crashes lately?

How is babby formed? (my 4 year old niece asked me just like that today.. . resisted the urge to show her video)

Jeepers creepers....where's your other peeper?

You ran with scissors!!! After the ER visit, you find out that they had to remove your eye due to accidental 'pokey-pokey'. Bummer. What will you do with the empty socket?

Glass eye
Have it filled in with putty and have the doctor graph some skin over it, so it looks like there was never a socket to begin with. Then, have a tattoo of a real eye done over it
Same as above, except no tattoo
Same as above, except no tattoo, and you have the plastic surgeon move your remaining eyeball to the middle of your forehead. Behold, the Cyclops!
Have just a removable lens put over it. Behind it, a secret compartment to hold contraband, spare change or condoms
Jury-rig a device that fits into your eye that spews out pepper spray whenever you wink
Laser pointer mounted in socket
A fake gem cut to specific size and inserted into socket. I'm not handicapped, I'm a pimp!
I'd just leave the socket open and creep people out
Tiny camera fitted into socket, which feeds image into recording device carried in purse or backpack
Have socket fitted with certain pegholes which hold an assortment of garish Mr. Potato-like eyes. You can remove and replace them at will, from flirty eye to evil eye to whatever
Small red radiating light that does nothing but emit a red glow. You'll look like a Terminator
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So last year I got invited to drive about 150 miles to visit an acquaintance at the college he transferred to. I had a boyfriend at the time, who would not have gone (he did not like the acquaintance). It was mentioned again a couple months later, after the boy and I broke up. Finally this week I made solid plans to go visit. The acquaintanceship has developed into a friendship since last year, and although our conversation last night was full of lulz and win, it was also very sexual in nature.


If not, why else would he want me to visit?

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Schools around the nation are starting to provide children with a "cold" meal -- consisting of a cold cheese sandwich, fruit and a milk -- if the child's parents are late at paying for the "hot lunch" meals.

Students with free/reduced meal plans are unaffected by such policies.

These kinds of programs can be recognized as successful in reducing unpaid lunch charges -- charges which in some areas had tripled over just the last 2 years.

However, many argue that the cold lunch isn't a sufficient meal and that it is wrongly punishing children for their parents' actions.

TQC: What do you think?

Does anyone have similar problems?

I just want to know I'm not alone in this world. :( Okay, maybe it's not that dramatic.

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It's been like this for seven months now. What is going on?!?

(I am not pregnant. Hurr hurr. And I've had my thyroid levels tested twice, once less than two years ago, and it was totally normal, so that's also not the problem.)
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I had a very strange dream last night where I was getting my photograph taken (in my house) with Barack Obama. I was wearing only a towel but that didn't seem to be very strange in the dream. Obama farted and I FELT the breeze it made hit my leg.  What does this mean?! Is Obama going to somehow personally disrespect me?

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Dear TQC,

I have major control issues, and I don't think it's just because I'm pregnant. How can I get rid of them and just be a happier person? 
I just want to be calm and collected...and happy...not freaking out and destructive as my usual self would have me...

What would you consider to be your major fault?
How do you deal with it?

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What was the last crazy thing someone told you, that made you go "omg wat?"

My friend crashed one of his previous cars by getting hit by a woman named Mary Christ, who was married to a man name Joseph, who had a son named David. This also prevented him from getting a job interview at a place that, if he got it, would have completely altered his life.

Jesus take the wheel.
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What is your personal advice to the world that you've gained through experience?

Mine is that, while most nuns are pleasant enough, DO NOT tick off nuns who have male names. (Like Sister Thomas and Sister John) They will mess you up.

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Why do I keep getting this message when I want to post a poll?

Poll error: You must have at least one item in a non-text poll question.

It's really driving me nuts :/
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Edit: I meant 'couldn't' do it in the 6th option

Your plane goes down in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. You and one other person manage to swim to a nearby island. It's really tiny and has no plantlife or animals on it. The other person turns out to be Ann Coulter. After a bit, you get hungry. You managed to rescue a big batch of bottled water, so you won't have to worry about getting thirsty. How long would it be before you ate her?

1 hour. I'm not even hungry. I just hate her
1 day.
3 days
5 days
1 week
I could do it
I let her eat me

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Dear TQC,

Whenever I'm away from my computer, I think of all kinds of songs that I want to get. Every time I sit down to procure said songs, I totally blank! I'm in serious need of some new music.

What are a couple of your favorite songs (of the moment, of all time, whatever) that you think other people should love as much as you?

What are some songs that you think should fall off the planet forever?

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I realize this is going to sound weird but..Do you ever get stared down by people with cars like yours? I swear every time I see someone with the kind of car I have they STARE at me. Its creepy.

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1)should I eat ramen for lunch at home or go and eat something else? I got the expensive ramen[.75 cents per PACK]

2)what do you think about layering your scents? like, should your soap and lotion smell the same?

3)do you match your purse to anything?

4)I finally beat Persona 3. Is it lame to feel a sense of achievement?

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My husband is in the Army. He is stationed in the town where all our family is at, but he just got orders to go to Fort Polk, LA. We don't own a home here, but he thinks it'd be easier if we stay behind. There doesn't seem to be much around Fort Polk (I couldn't find houses to rent, or apartments, or many jobs that fit my qualifications).

So TQC people, would you stay behind? We'd be apart for two years, btw.
What would you do?

wanna work on my fitness

I've never gone to the gym to work out before, I've always been thin so I never thought I needed to. I'm very out of shape though, and my bottom half is flabby, so I want to fix this.

a) How do I not feel ridiculous? I'm afraid I'm going to go and use the machines and run and look really awkward. I don't know. I don't think I'm very coordinated.

b) What kind of exercises should I do, if I'm just toning up/trying not to get easily winded? Running on the treadmill, I know, but for how long at first? I know I want to use the bike and elliptical, too.

ty in advance for helping me become fierce and sexy for bikini season

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When you cook Ramen noodles, do you just put the whole block in the water or break up your noodles first?
Do you ever forget the next thing you were about to say/do? I have the worst short memory ever.
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If you woke up next to the person you're sleeping with and it was obvious that they were suffering from a case of night sweats, would you be turned on? What I mean is, they're wearing a white tank top and their breasts are like heaving and beads of sweat are running down and you can see their nipples through the tank top.

Would that do it for you?


how do you feel about:

Paula Deen YAWL

Alton Brown ( No snark from me because he's the love of my life )

Rach Ray ( I couldn't think of a witty abbreviation )

Giada bulgy eyes

Ina Garten


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What do you consider a productive day?

Can you tell me how many times you have stolen something? Whether it be from a store, a friend, or your job. Just wrongly taking something that was not yours.
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do you look at yourself in the mirror often?

what do you need to do?

what's your favorite kind of sushi? don't you think the "philadelphia roll" (it's salmon w/ cream cheese and stuff) is gross?

plans for tonight?
dianna agron ;;

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I have decided I'm going to paint my room.

Collapse )

Whaddya think? Too bright? Too red? Too stupid?
The little alcoves with the windows are gonna be white to try and reflect the light. I am a big fan of red.

p.s. Ignore all those Coke bottles, they're full of squash, lol.

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do you think its a little rude that on news channels and documentaries talking about weight, they always have footage of big women, and then most of the time they zoom way in on her ass?

i think it is. i mean its not like weve never seen a fat chick before. they are not animals that are unaware of embarassment. also what if a lady was sitting at home and saw her ass on tv?                                                                                                                                                  


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1. I am a joint major university student. If I told you I am referred to as studying JED, what would you think these letters stood for?
Seriously and non appreciated :D

2. Excluding jewellery, how many colours are you wearing today?
4: Pink, white, black, red.

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I'm getting married soon and have a big problem. My fiance's mother hates me. I've never been mean to her and I don't know why she's being a bitch.

We have a three-week-old daughter and the future MIL has never visited or called to see how we are. She called to talk to him twice but won't talk to me. Last time I saw her was Christmas, and she accused me of being lazy for quitting my job and told me I shouldn't make J support me. She was snapping at me before that too and it got worse.

We made that decision together. I didn't make him do anything. What should I do to get her being nicer and take a interest in her granddaughter?

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Let's say I owe money to lender. Is it legal in California for the lender to call an unrelated friend of mine and inform them of the balance on my account as well as other details?

Also, how would I phrase this inquiry in Google and get something to pop up in California penal codes?

(no subject)

Let's say you were hanging out with a guy (or girl) on a first date and when you went into the bathroom, the soap was replaced with a bottle of hand sanitizer. Would you think this unsanitary?

Do Canadian college students use Blackboard or is there something else for your universities?


(no subject)

Do you ever have secret friends, or friends that no one else knows?

I always have these friends! I always go round their houses, hang out, go to the movies and my main group of friends are like 'who is this person? why don't we know them?' and I just say 'well, I just know them from around I guess, don't worry'. It makes me feel like I've got a secret person all to myself!

What does it mean if a straight guy says to a gay guy 'can you promise that if I turn gay then you'll be my boyfriend? Because I can't think of anyone else I'd rather date.'?

How tall is the tallest person you know?
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why do people who need glasses not wear them? (or bring them along to situations where they need them, ex. classes and work)

i'm in the -5/-6 range (aka more blind than your average bear) so i find it annoying. i can't see either and i manage to put some plastic on my nose and go about my life. lazy butts

edit: if they don't look good, why would you buy them. lol
courage and love (base)

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Are you saddened by Steven Page leaving The Barenaked Ladies?

I'm heartbroken. :( One of my dreams was to see them perform live. Although I'm glad the band is still going to be producing new music :)

(no subject)

Should an illegal immigrant serve time for identity theft if they accepted someone else's information to live in the country illegally but did not obtain it themselves? For instance, an immigrant comes into the country illegally and obtains documentation with a stolen social security number from someone to stay in the country.

(no subject)

Why does LJ keep sending me comments people leave on my journal/to my comments to my e-mail? And then when I go into my privacy settings and try to disable this it won't let me do that?

(no subject)

what is your dream home/style of home?

if you could live in any structure around the world, where would you live?

i really want to own a victorian style home someday.

unrealistically, i would love to live in a castle, especially neuschwanstein castle in germany

(no subject)

Where do you go to make friends?

I've been struggling as of late; I want to get away from the internet, but I'm not huge on drinking or anything so I don't know what to do. :/ Most people seem to go to parties or clubs or w/e.

(no subject)

how would you feel and what would you do if someone started copying you and showing up to places you were and then applied to the school you just got accepted to?
what are things that creep you out?

(no subject)

What program is the french equivalent of microsoft word? I need something that checks french grammar and spelling.

Merci :)

Also, I don't need it now, but if you know of one, what is the spanish equivalent?


Edit: Since microsoft word apparently has language options, how reliable are they? Has microsoft word ever steered you wrong?
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Do you normally tip your barber/hairdresser a standard amount, or does it depend on the haircut?

How do you normally feel after getting a haircut?

should I be mad at my barber for not listening to me and giving me this super short haircut, or myself for letting an old lady who "doesn't get long hair on boys" cut my hair?
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How much is an ounce of marijuana?

Tom Ammiano wants to legalize and tax marijuana in California, and he would levy $50/ounce on retail sales. Is that reasonable or unreasonable?

Do you smoke pot now?
Would you smoke it if it were legal?

(no subject)

Have you ever bought from amazon.com? Any good/bad experiences to share? I'm considering buying from but am feeling a little afraid because I stay in Singapore and I don't know whether my package will get lost/incur crazy shipping fees.

(no subject)

Who would I contact about animal laws for my city? Specifically how many animals you're allowed to have at one house. I tried the town website but it was no help.

ETA: My town doesn't have its own animal shelter so that isn't an option.

ETApt2: I found a telephone number!

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i've never framed things before soo..

i know framing can be expensive, but on the flip side can you do it on the cheap?
anyone crafty got advice/ideas for framing stuff?

i know it's kinda nerdy, but i got the 12th volume of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and it came with four mini posters and i thought it would make a cool picture thing if i framed them all together. but i don't want to do it so bad that i'll pay moneys upon moneys. i'd like to do it myself but i don't know much and am not too terribly crafty.

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So are things really that bad in Mexico? They were talking about it on the news here tonight, it sounded seriously fucked up, with someone saying the country is on the brink of completely collapsing. A fucked up economy and a bunch of well-armed, well-organized militias right along your border doesn't sound too flash. How do you reckon that'll go?

(no subject)

If your parents pay for your college tuition (or the majority of it), then are you obligated to run academic decisions by them beforehand?  Like dropping a class, dropping out of a program or changing a major, having a post-graduation career planned, etc.  Why?

ETA:  How much say should they have in what you do?  If they pay, are you obligated to do what they want you to do, or else forfeit your tuition?
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My university is holding auditions for a series of student-directed one-acts tomorrow and I'm going to try out! Woo! Now, auditions are really relaxed and informal. I'm expected to give a 60-90 second performance of some kind-- it can be a song, a joke, a dance, or a monologue for starters, but really it can be anything. (Last year a guy spent a full 60 seconds just making different kinds of vomiting noises and he got cast, folks.) So I plan to have fun with this.
The only problem is, I can't decide what my audition piece should be! D: I really want to do a dramatic interpretation of "I Kissed A Girl" told as a confession, but I also like the idea of telling a joke.
Do you guys have any spectacular ideas for me?
What would YOU use as an audition piece, TQC?

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1. do you remember Dunkaroos?

2. what about Street Sharks?

3. how did people warm up pasta before microwaves(the pasta, not the sauce)?

4. is there a TV show or movie you watched a lot as a kid that you thought everyone else was down with, only to find out later in life that actually very few people were into it/even knew what it was?

i've been watching a lot of Mystery Science Theater 3000 again and i'm finding almost none of my friends were too terribly into it, or were even sure they knew what it was before the "oh yeah the guys at the bottom of the screen" comments, while me and my sister watched it religiously since i was about 9 years old. even my mom remembers it. also, apparently no one else was obsessed with The Chipmunk Adventure.

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I was just invited to go to a cabin for a drinking weekend thing. This is a tradition from a dorm I lived in a few years ago, and I went back then, and it was pretty fun.

This time it's with a slightly different group of people and I only know about half of them.

Five weeks after this event takes place I am going to do the exact same thing except I know every single person on that trip.

Should I go to both the first and second one? The weather has a good chance of being coldish the first time because it's in late March and the weather here sucks until, like, June, and last time the heater broke. Also it's going to be exhausting because there will be no sleep involved and I don't really drink (like I'll drink two beers and everyone else will drink 12+ in a day).

But there are more single people in the first group and I have a higher chance of hooking up with one of them.


Edit: Should I get on the pill before I go? Lulllzzzz
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Are there any slogans that pop in your mind throughout the day? If so, which ones?

Whenever I'm cleaning the slogan... *We work hard so you don't have to* pops in my head and it drives me crazy!


OK I know this isn't really the proper community for this type of question but oh well. The computer communities I am in are always really slow to respond.

I built a new PC and it is my first with Vista. I hit the power button in the start menu to put it to 'sleep' and it said in the help menu to press the hardware power button to turn it back on. I wanted to read that before I did it because I remember I couldn't get it to come back on properly with my last computer with XP. Well.. its not turning back on. No matter what I do. I pressed reset; I held down the power button, I flicked the power switch on the back on and off, I pulled out the power plug, I punched buttons on the keyboard.. nothing. I can't get the OS I can't get the BIOS, no picture.. nothing. What do I do???

I had the hardware power button set to hibernate and that always worked fine but I wanted to see what 'Sleep' would do. Well, I don't like it!

Edit: fixed it. Turned power off and on a couple times and then held down the power button to turn it on and it started up normally. WTF?
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I think I just ruined the best thing that could have ever happened to me friendship wise. (Yes, the guy I mentioned the other day) How do I make it up to him and let him know not only how sorry I am, but I'm not some bitchy workaholic famewhore. (I'm a graphic designer and journalist and deal a lot with the media)

And that I truly really do care about him, I just get so damn scared around him that I babble and make an ass of myself?

SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY PLEASE!!!!!!!! I'm a freaking MESS right now.
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Why was it racist to make a cartoon of a chimp dead with two cops standing over it with a smoking gun, but making cartoons of George W. Bush being portrayed as a primate isn't?
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1.What is the first image -without pondering- that comes to your mind about:

a. America
b. Africa
d. Asia

2. Wha country are you from?
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