February 24th, 2009

cabaret voltaire

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Who the hell is fucktart_?

This person friended me without commenting on my FO/CTBA entry. Should I comment in one of hir entries asking who ze is and how ze found me?

ETA: It's annoying when you have a FO livejournal and people friend you without commenting in your FO/CTBA entry, y/y?

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A guy at Denny's kept taking my picture on his phone and throwing stuff at me.
So on the way out, I took the hamburger off his plate and ran like mad...but now I feel bad about taking his food.

What was the last thing you did that made you feel terrible?
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How do penguins identify the sex of each other aside from mating behaviors?

How do we know that the gay married penguin couples at zoos in the U.S. and China actually know the other penguin (their husband) is male? Can they tell through smell or something?
andy hull
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Would you be offended if someone said you were turning into your mother/father?

Would you be more or less offended if it was a sibling who said it?
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TQC, my communications class tomorrow is "optional." we have an exam on thursday, so it's a review for the test. all of the professor's notes are on blackboard. the class is at 9:30. i got a C on the last exam without studying at all.

should i go to class, or sleep in until 11?
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Are you ~dirty~ in the bedroom? What is something you like or do that might be considered dirty?

ETA: can you fit both balls in your mouth at once or only one at a time?
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Hey, Catholic TQCers, Ash Wednesday is coming up. Are you giving up anything for Lent? If so, what?

I think I may give up soda. I don't know if I can really do it again. Did it one Lent season and I was cranky and sleepy throughout the whole thing.

Non-Catholic TQCers,

In keeping with the theme, what is your favorite seasonal candy?

And one last question, after seeing the fish with the transparent head, (Those things that look like green ping pong balls are its eyes.) when was the last time an animal or nature in general made you go WTF?
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Question about mold..

Upon close inspection, it seems we have some black mold along part of the grout in the shower tiles, and something quite creepy popped up yesterday, making me notice the mold problem in the first place. I've been googling around, but can't find anything except info on the standard black mold, and was wondering if anyone knows what this may be?

Collapse )

I took the pics before bleaching, but the entire wall has been bleached.
Peggy Blink

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Ever been surprised to hear an obscure song you like in a commercial/TV show/movie/etcetera?

My favorite band, the Dirtbombs, had their song "I Can't Stop Thinking About It" in a BF Goodrich radio commercial. I literally freaked out when I heard it.

"Birdies Singing" by Kelley Stoltz is now known for being that song from all the Regions Bank commercials.

"You're On My Mind" by Ko and the Knockouts was featured in the film "Stepbrothers", which made me squeal in the movie theater. They're incredibly unknown, I was NOT expecting that at all.

Oh, and when I was in England last year and saw this commercial, I was amazed to hear a cover of "Have Love, Will Travel" by the Sonics.

Also, do you like it when things like this happen, or do you consider it to be a "sell-out" move?
rainbow jc


So today I'm headed off for one of those deals where a hair coloring apprentice colors your hair for free. Woo hoo. I will just have to pay the cost of the coloring product used.

What do I do with regard to tipping the person?

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Should I get out of bed and go to the gym now, or go during my break between jobs later on today?

edit:: I got all dressed and ready to go, and I cannot find the gym key to save my life. ugh.

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I've gotten up at 8:30 because a guy is supposed to come fix the window between 9-10. What time do you think he'll get here? Oh my god, he actually came a few min early!

So, new question. What's a good lotion for really dry legs?

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TQC, it's time to start weaning my puppy off puppy food and onto adult food! (D'AAAAWWWWW my little girl is growing up.)

Will she get sick if I just start giving her adult food instead of mixing them? I am lazy but I will do it if she will get sick.

Also, breakfast. Should I have:
- Trader Joe's everything bagel with onion & chive cream cheese
- Vanilla almond flax cereal with a) freeze-dried strawberries, b) bananas, c) dried blueberries?

- Peppermint tea
- Peppermint hot cocoa

What did/will YOU have for breakfast?
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For make-up wearers:

What mascara do you wear most often?

What lip products do you wear frequently?

What foundation do you wear?

What other kinds of make-up do you use and what brands are they? Are they favorites or just things you use?
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My boyfriend of one year broke up with me last night with a text message. We're going to talk tonight and I hope we work things out, but everyone is telling me I shouldn't just forgive him so easy. What should I do? I love him, but he hurt me bad last night.

What should I do to keep my mind off things until we talk later?

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Is Britney Spears trying out a new eyebrow shape/shade or something? She changed something about her facial appearance and I can't figure it out. She looks different and it is driving me nuts!
Excuse me?
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I just shaved my husband's head and I accidentally took more off in one patch on the back of his head when I was looking for stray long hairs, but I was already on the lowest setting when I shaved his head so I can't really FIX it unless I just shaved him bald. So I didn't tell him about that shorter patch on his head.

Should I continue to be mean and not tell him, or should I fess up and make him feel like he needs to go bald?
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weigh lifting

If you do a weight lifting program thing 3x a week, when should you start seeing results :\ ???

If you do weights, what's your favorite exercise?

More so, is there a particular part on your body that you need to work?
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Power Pointless

I use power point a lot in my classes and teaching. I see people absolutely butcher power points by making them gawd-awful looking, so I decided to make my own power point presentation telling other how and how not to use power point. I have uploaded it here: How to create a professional Power Point presentation.ppt BTW, the class I made this for is an 8th grade Social Studies class.

I am interested in your productive criticism of it, and have any stories of people using horrible power point presentations?
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My hamster just peed on me while crawling around the inside of my sweater sleeve. It leaked through onto my 100 dollar textbook. What should her punishment be?

Who else wants to stab their homework?

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I've got ten canadian dollars sitting in a paypal account. I want to spend it, but wtf can I get including shipping for ten bucks? ideas?

how much water do you drink a day usually?
I usually only have maybe one full glass a day. Weird, huh?
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When was the last time you saw someone lose their shit over something completely ridiculous?

One of my Dad's gf's kids was asked to make 2 cups of tea, and all I could hear from my room is "I don't know how to do it! I don't want to carry the cups, they're too hot! Why don't YOU come and get it? Why can't you make your own cup of tea?!" and my Dad's gf is all "Look, I'll show you how to do it, so you know for next time. It's easy, watch." But he was having NONE of it - "NO I DON'T WANT TO KNOW HOW TO DO IT! I'M NEVER DOING ANYTHING FOR YOU EVER AGAIN!" and storms off.


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Instead of deciding what to have for lunch, you have been cordially invited to the TQC potluck. What do you bring?

Is there a secret to making smoothies without having an awesome blender? I just made one with mine that is approximately as old as I am and it took me like 15 minutes. Will I be a slave to Jamba Juice and their smoothies forever?

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Your thoughts on couples who converse like this:

h- wtf?

s- go suck my balls

h- if you had balls then i wouldn't be here now would i?

s- You're still a penis. PENIS.

h- i love you too, pussylips.

s- stop calling me that!

h- ok, young grasshopper.


h- still in my pants!

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Would you "accidentally" hit decaf for a shitty customer, as a barista?
(I've never done this, but watched people who did. I worked in a campus Starbucks so I didn't actually encounter a lot of rude people. Just stupid ones.)

Who was the last horrible customer you encountered? It can be at your job, or just as a witness somewhere else.

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Have you ever owned a futon mattress? I have a pretty messed up back and most of the mattresses that I have slept on don't help it any, so I am thinking of getting a futon mattress. Not one of the ones that fold up, but a large queen one that lays flat on either floor, top of my box spring, or in a bed frame.

Do any of you have any advice? does it help your back? firm or soft? any good? thanks!
Haruhi disappearance
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If you were giving up sweets and snack foods for 40 days, what specific junk foods would you consume today as a "last hurrah"? I need suggestions on how to properly fatten myself.

What's on your agenda for the rest of today?

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Is there any way I can type my own text into a PDF file?

I just downloaded a job application, and I'd much rather type my info and answers than write it by hand... it'll just look neater.

I'm on a Mac (OSX 10.4), if that changes your answer!

Also, lunch!
Mac n cheese or spinach salad?
Peace in the sand

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Do you cry at movies?

If so, which ones pull at your heartstrings the most?

If not, does it make you uncomfortable when you're watching a movie with someone who is crying?

This post was inspired by the tears that are currently streaming down my face, thanks to Steve Carell in Dan in Real Life.

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Okay, I have a can of sliced mushrooms. I have a frying pan, and oven, and no kind of oil at all. But a lot of other stuff, like soy sauce and all that. I want to eat them!

How do I cook them?!
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Am I the only one?

Am I the only one that REALLY finds peeing such a nuisance? I really hate to go pee, it's such an inconvience.

How many times do you pee per day? I pee about two or three times, I hold each til I just can't hold anylonger :( My poor kidneys

Dating this or that

Which person would you rather date?

Drop dead gorgeous face, average body
Incredibly sexy body, average face

Which person would you rather date? Assume both persons are decent looking

Brilliant mind, high creativity, not much of a sense of humor or social skills
Charming, very funny, gets along with everybody, below average intelligence

Which person would you rather date? Assume both persons are decent looking

Romantic, sweet, makes you feel appreciated daily, and has an aversion to sex. Cuddling and kissing are as good as it gets
Not romantic at all, a bit too into themselves. They not only like sex, but are good in bed

Which person would you rather date?

Person who looks just like your ex. They could be siblings
Person who looks a lot like your mom/dad

Which person would you rather date? Assume both persons are decent looking

High dramatics. Not a week goes by without some episode at work, with family or friends. Has baggage. Need to be reassured a lot
Just very boring. None of this person's interests are remotely interesting. Not funny whatsoever but that doesn't stop him/her from thinking they are. All their jokes fail, but you've lost interest before the punchline is even delivered

Which person would you rather date? Assume both persons are decent looking

Ex-prostitute. Banged probably over 150 people over a one year span, but that was like back in 2006. Now they want a relationship. Totally clean bill of health
Has paid for prostitutes. 5 in the last 3 years, and as recent as 6 months ago. Totally clean bill of health

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What is the weirdest or most unusual name out of all the people you know (not famous people)?

Mariel or Harley

What is the most commonly held name between all of your friends and family?

Melissa and Sarah

(no subject)

What is this poll you speak of?

Stripper prop
delicious cookies
Fat kids suck and the fat parent is to blame
personal intimate battery operated appliance
World in my Hands

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Do you make sure to use your blinker even though you are in a turn only lane?

I don't because common sense should tell you I'm turning. Plus I hate the noise of the blinker so I minimize my use of it.

Or am I misguided TQC?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

the v card

I have a friend who has minimal experience with women. I really want to ask him if he's a virgin but I want to ask/say it in a way where it won't offend him. Any ideas on how to ask?
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ok, so I'm asking this for my friend.
his mom "yelled" at him the other day because he had 3 pillows on his bed, and she said that was too many. (kind of a micro manager)
so he wants validation

1.is there such thing as too many pillows on a bed?
2.how many pillows are too many?
3.how many do you sleep with?

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Maybe a week ago, there was a favorite post your favorite youtube video and there was a stop motion music video with a girl in a bed. Anyone have a link to the video or even the post?

What's something silly you thought as a child? I thought that the red streaks in peaches were animal blood.
cabaret voltaire

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Reptiles of amphibians?


Fish or marine mammals?

Marine mammals

Flowering plants or nonflowering plants?


Hawks or owls?


Do you think worms are insects?


ETA: Reptiles or amphibians. Typos.

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Assuming you maintain a checking account, what is the lowest balance you've ever had?


Can you take a bunch of foreign coins (pounds, euros, francs, etc) to the bank and deposit them into an American checking account? M&T specifically

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I mean seriously.

Did you know anyone who was OBSESSED when Halo came out on xbox?

I mean I like it, and I play it - I mean people who are obsessed.
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Are you going to see the Arrested Development movie? Especially now that it's more likely a go since that stupid Michael Cera has supposedly agreed to be worthless in it?


Did you have sex ed in school? Was it any good?

If you went to a catholic school, you are required to give details. My friend did and he said that they mostly just yelled at them about Jesus and sinning. Some boy asked what masturbation was, and they said "It's sinful, don't worry about it." Well how do they know not to do it if you won't say what it is!

I went to a public school and we did not have sex ed, just talk about periods.
Peggy Blink

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I work for ChaCha. This is the last question I received:
"How do I become French if I'm American?"

How, members of TQC, would you answer this?
Remember, you must add a source for your answer!

I just told them to become a hipster.
Kill Bill - Elle
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I have some sliced mushrooms in the fridge. WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH THEM? I want to make dinner, and no red sauces or anything similar plz.

What was the last thing you were SUPER EXCITED ABOUT?
★ mmmm

Hallo TQC

I haven't actually posted here before! But hi!

So uhhh. Say, I want to RP on LJ. And specifically a Gossip Girl -in character- RP.

1. Do you really need a paid account so you can have a few more icons? Or are there any places that let you join with a free account? Answered, thanks!. That's a huge relief, haha.

2. I haven't ever RPed on LJ. What's it like? Tell me some good stories, and preferrably tips :]

3. Any communities you can suggest? Are there any European-time-based comms?

Thank you so much!
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TCQ, what's a place around you that you do not want to go because of its reputation?

if the crime statistics said that the place was perfectly fine regardless of the reputation, would you still not want to go?

What would it take to get you to go there? At night? In the morning?

For me, it's Camden. And there's a Nine Inch Nails concert there, and I have to go to that.

If that's too complicated, when was the last time you overreacted? Over what?
mitch banana

Job Questions.

Poll #1355000 The Recession

Where do you live?

What is your current job situation?

Laid Off
Work Part Time
Work Full Time
Work under the table

How long have you been in your current job situation?

0-3 months
4-8 months
9-12 months
Over a year

How many people do you know who are currently laid off?

1-3 people
4-6 people
7-10 people
No one.

Have you made significant financial cutbacks in your lifestyle due to the economy?


Edit: I apologize for not including the option for Unemployed by Choice. I meant to...but I made this quickly and just didn't. I'm just trying to get an idea of what the job situations are everywhere, not just near where I live.

(no subject)

Have you ever tried to get your friends/family involved in your drama with someone else? For example, wanting your friends and family to take sides.

Have you ever had someone try to get you to take sides in an argument between two people you like equally?

(I can't believe I'm staring down the barrel of thirty years old and still facing this crap. Grow the hell up already, people.)

(no subject)

Poll #1355012 personal care routine

which of these personal care activities do you find most tedious/hardest to be motivated for?

washing/conditioning/brushing/combing/styling your hair
lotioning your body when your skin is dry
shaving your face/armpits/crotch
brushing your teeth/using mouthwash
flossing your teeth
putting on deoderant
washing your face/lotioning your face/applying acne treatment to your face
cutting your nails
putting on makeup/painting your nails
other (put in comments)

which of the following personal care activities do you find most enjoyable?

washing/conditioning/brushing/combing/styling your hair
lotioning your body when your skin is dry
shaving your face/armpits/crotch
brushing your teeth/using mouthwash
flossing your teeth
putting on deoderant
washing your face/lotioning your face/applying acne treatment to your face
cutting your nails
putting on makeup/painting your nails
other (put in comments)
i would've grouped these differently/degrouped some of these if lj let me put more options.

ETA: the second question should read "...most enjoyable/easiest?"
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Help me tqc....

I can't get connected to our VPN server. I used to be able to.... now it says that the remote computer is not responding. But when I took my computer to work and plugged into a diff network, it got on VPN right away. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?? I am computer stupid.

I have cricket broadband if that matters. :(

All I want to do is get some work on so I don't have to work 15 hours tomorrow.... cry....

An incredibly boring question...and a slightly less boring one

Does anyone know the song title/artist/ANYTHING of the little snippet of music in Collapse ) video? (it's from a clothing store) Its driving me absolutely nuts and I've just given up on Yahoo answers :/ EDIT: Question solved, thank you gainingvelocity !

To make up for the lameness of the previous question:

What did you dream about last night/last time you dreamed?

I dreamed that my friend dressed up as a (really realistic) lion and came to my back door and scared the shit out of me.

housewares, ash

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i'm giving you, facebook, and myspace up for Lent.

1. if you observe Lent, what are you giving up?
2. if you used to observe Lent, what have you given up in the past?
3. what should i do with my remaining 4 and a half hours of livejournal time?
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My doctor gave says to go on LEXAPRO for stress.
1.) Does it make you drowsy or sleep more?'
2.) You can not drink hard shots of alcohol anymore, correct?
3.) My insurance should pay more MOST of it right? and if not, will the alternative work?

Thanks peeps. As usual.

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(no subject)

1.are you looking forward to the new episode of 18 kids and counting? it's on in 12 minutes!

2.do you ever get the feeling that strangers are staring at you and talking about you behind your back? if yes, why are they so interested?

3.i'm going to the store at after 18 kids and counting! Besides my list, what should i get?


How do I break the news to my parents that I have a new hairstyle?

Seriously, I absolutely hate getting complimented on my looks, but if someone does I'll say thanks and move on with my life. But my parents have to go way the hell overboard. They KNOW I hate compliments but this just makes them go even crazier. Every single time I wear a shirt they've never seen before they have to freak out.

Them: OMG where'd you get that shirt?!?!?!?!?!?
Me: Uh, Gap.
Them: It's so pretty! You look so pretty in it! Wow, I can't believe it!
Me: Thanks.
Them: No, I'm serious, I really like it.
Me: Okay.
Me: OKAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

Do your parents do this? I'm actually dreading them seeing a picture of me and am going to purposely not put pictures of myself on the Internet for them to see until they visit me.
carter arrested

medically knowledgeable people of TQC

i was rudely awakened this morning by the sound of my mother screaming and blood literally gushing from my forehead. i was bashed in the head by a falling bookcase while i was asleep. the er superglued my forehead back together, and said that they didn't think i had a concussion, but i have felt overheated, dizzy and nauseous all day. granted, i lost a lot of blood, but do you think this sounds normal?
Bert Shocked

(no subject)

Think of a person that is important to you.

They text you/email you/mail you/send you a telegram/leave you a voicemail that says: We need to talk.

What is do you think they want to talk to you about?

(no subject)

could someone please kindly explain Buy It Now Or Best Offer on ebay to me? if i make the best offer does it automatically get accepted? do i need to wait til the auction ends before i know if its been accepted or rejected (11 days away)? or can the seller just accept it whenever they want? i hardly ever use ebay so i dont really know much about it. merci TQCers!

*EDIT* cheers to those who helped. my offer was accepted and i saved 20% *high five*


THis is lame but

Do you have a myspace?
Would you like to add me?

Only if you talk though cause i get bored a lot and would love people to talk to


(no subject)

Are you the type who considers for a long time before buy something and sometimes when you go back to buy it, it's gone?

Do you look better IRL or in photos? I look shittier in photos.

Last but not least, what are good breakfast and lunch meals I should have if I want to lose weight? I'm willing to try most things because I've been eating porridge! And of course I'll exercise..soon :D
Arch Rock Mack Island
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(no subject)

Why do people ask for advice in certain other communities and then get all pissy when everyone tells them the opposite of what they want to hear?

Also, what is your favorite dessert?
the goodies

(no subject)

Would you rather be buried alive, or have every piece of music you hear become Mariah Carey, so that she is the only "artist" you hear for the rest of your life? You can't stop this from happening, or avoid music.

Would it be worse if it were Celine Dion?