February 23rd, 2009


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1) Whats with all those icons that have a grey bow inserted into it?

2) Can someone kindly show me the post about "how to make you boobs look bigger" or something that was posted the other day? I cant find it and my friend is in dire need of it XD
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What things do you do when you have a cold? I already ate some soup but it didn't help much.

I have a terrible cold that started today. My nose is raw from the tissues. Is there anything I can do to stop a drippy nose? What about unplug a nostril? 

No medications though...aside from being 24 days from having a baby I try to refrain from them all together.


So, tqc, for some reason I was ridiculously tired and unable to function yesterday (I guess it's yesterday now) afternoon, so I decided to take a nap at five that just happened to turn into me sleeping until now. So, since it's 12:50 and I can't get back to sleep, what should I do with my time until I have to go to school?
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Do you play video games?

What do you play them on?

What is your favorite game?

What was the worst game you ever played?

What is one game that you thought was really good but everyone else though it sucked?

How many hours per week do you think you play?
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I know this question is asked a lot but I feel like discussing.
Will you rant and rave about what things you like physically about people of the gender you are attracted to?
Let's not just be all "duh penis/vag", etc on this one, guys. ;)

Stupid question

Let's say you and a few of your friends decide to film a documentary, and it gets major circulation and ends up getting nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Documentary. Up til now, you've only received chump change for your efforts cause documentaries aren't exactly high-grossing productions. Before the Oscars event, you get a call from some really rich guy. "I'm on the inside track and I know that you're going to win the Oscar. Now, I have an offer for you. Before you go onstage, eat all the foods that make you really gassy, and then when you go up and are given the mic, simply turn around, fart into it, and then hand it to your friend. In front of millions of viewers. If you do this, I'll pay you $5,000,000. I'm doing this for being overlooked years ago for a role that should have been nominated. Oh, and you can't tell your friend what you're about to do". If you were assured payment, would you do it?

Yes. One scandalous fart coming up. Money talks. I'll share the money with my friend as compensation for ruining the moment
Same as above, except I don't share the money. I did all the work
No. I couldn't do it. The embarrassment would be too hard to live with
I'd honestly do it for a lot less. It's hilarious
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What if the 16 year old is as mature as the 20-something? Is it ok then?

What about a 20-something who is as immature as your average 16 year old with another 20-something?

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So....I still feel like shit 2 hours later and my fiance abandoned the bed to sleep on the couch because of my sniffling! 

In another community a girls mom didn't want to throw her a baby shower because she wasn't married to the father (though they were together). Is this not wrong??!

Do you think couples should marry when a baby is factored in?

Marriage is a Christian tradition (in the west) and imo has done enough damage when it comes to rushing people into marriage. I hate that unwed couples with children still get shunned!
I'm engaged but my wedding isn't happening for another 2-3 years. This baby is coming in 24 days! 

Can you tell me a horror story about couples/marriage/divorce? 
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What kind of music did you listen to when you were in highschool?
What do you listen to now?
How long has it been since you graduated/droped out,etc.

1)Mostly all types of punk, hardcore and what USED to be "emocore".
2)Japanese rock/pop, classic piano, a little bit of hip hop, cyber goth and some of my old CDs from back in the day.
3)Six years
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My eye is watery and leaking out sticky fluid. Am I going to die?
Do you have any upcoming travel plans? What are they?
What's on your ~agenda~ today? (it's only 5:30 here guys)

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What delicious fast food breakfast should I have this morning? I'm giving up eating at restaurants for Lent, so make it good.

You know how cats eat grass if their stomachs are upset? My cat has been jumping on my night stand and chewing on my used earplugs. What essential nutrient is my cat missing in his diet?

Are shampoos and conditioners that are made specifically for damaged hair just hype or do they really work?

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What would be some clever/cool things to say in a radio station ID?  (Station IDs basically just say the name of the station, and maybe a short witty phrase, i.e. "You're listening to (name of station).  We play the best songs one after another, because if we played them all at the same time, they would sound like this: [songs being played over each other]."

Blackberry + LJ

 Any Blackberry owners?  Specifically, Verizon Curves, in case that makes a difference?  How do you get your LJ friends list to display?  I took mine to Verizon, and this poor woman scratched her head for an hour before fixing it.  I've had seven or eight different Curves since January because they were all defective; some displayed LJ with no problem, while others only show "Friends Page: Mobile View" and nothing else.  Anyone else have this problem?  How'd you fix it?


On Friday, an 11 year old boy murdered his father's pregnant girlfriend.

What should happen to him?

Do you find the following absurd?

Authorities said the youth model 20-gauge shotgun was thought to have been found in the boy's bedroom. It is designed for children and such weapons do not have to be registered.

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what's the name of that tool made of glass pirates use to look at things far away?

i tried searching but my words dont come out right.

you a fan of postcolonial fiction? what have you read?

yay for no ideas. D:

I had to make a vector of myself for my graphic design class. Unfortunately, we have to design something (like a pop bottle label) or whatever around it, and I have no idea what to do with it.

So, TQC, what should I design around Collapse )
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Do you ever replace electronics "just because"?

Assuming all of these are in fair or better working condition, what is the minimum amount of time you would wait to replace:

- a computer
- an MP3 player
- a cell phone
- a digital camera?

power outlets with switches....

You know what I miss about India? I miss the power switches that are found for each outlet on the walls. I don't keep my laptop on AC power at all times. I find it much easier to just unplug the source at the laptop than completely unplug the plug from the wall. Plus the power outlet plastic thing here feels like it will come off as the battery plugs go in so tight. sigh. In India I just turned off the main switch that's right by the outlet and that was so much more convenient. Or is there some technological advancement that it would automatically turn off that I don't know about? That would be even cooler.

Lets say I buy a house here at some point would it be really expensive to add those kind of outlets?

Very Very long, dont know how to cut. However, I need opinions on this.

First off, i'm sorry this is so damn long

<lj-cut text="mamadrama">

My father had a great job and was well respected by the entire community.  My mother was an extremely part-time nurse, working 3 days a week.  My father was a saver and very level headed.  My mom is very selfish and stupid with money.

I am the youngest of 3 children. My older siblings got a lot of help from my parents. college paid for, car insurance and health insurance paid for, even help with living expenses. Then my dad died when I was 19. My mom said to me that I am shit out of luck and I will not be receiving any help for college.  So there I was, spending a crap load of money on rent + bills + tuition  + car insurance + groceries. It was bad. I didn't even turn the heat on in the winter and would sleep beneath every blanket i owned. Once I called her and told her that my situation was getting really bad and that I was worried because I was running out of food and I only had a budget of 4 dollars to do my grocery shopping a month (afterall, rent and tuition had priority over that). My mom said she'd send me money. She sent me a check for 10 dollars. My mom never has even come to visit me in the 5 years I have lived here, even though she is 200 miles away.

Meanwhile, my mother met a new man. She met him just 3 months after the death of my father and she married him just 5 months later. This guy smoked and lived in a single wide trailer. My mom hates smokers. With my dad's life insurance money (260,000 dollars), she bought a house for them to live in. She also bought him a jeep wrangler.  She also bought him an ATV. She also got plastic surgery (lipo + boob job). She also bought herself a brand new H2 Hummer. She also bought him a 5,000 dollar depth finder (for fishing).

Now for the part that really bothers me... 2 years before my dad died, my grandpa passed away (my dad's dad). My dad decided to pay off his brother and sister their equal portions of the house that was going to be auctioned, and he "bought" my grandpa's house, a house that my grandpa built and raised my dad and his siblings in. My mom HATED this. She made my dad put everything in his name, because she wanted nothing to do with this.  My dad rented it out in the meantime, with hopes of remodeling it one day and moving into it once he and my mother retired (as it is in a bigger town with more resources). When my dad died, my mom would always complain about the "headache" that is the other house.  She promised me and my siblings that when she sells it, she would split the money 3 ways (to me and my siblings), as she didn't want anything to do with it in the first place. When she remarried, her new husband convinced her to sell it.  She then took the money and gave us nothing. In a matter of 2 months, all the money is gone. they bought a boat and paid off their morgage. I told my uncle (dad's brother) this, and he is outraged and feels that the money should have went to the kids.

This has been causing me a ton of stress. My father always wanted us kids to succeed and not to have to struggle.  I feel like I have been forgotten about.  I know he would be completely pissed at my mom for what she has done.  We used to be a very close family, but this has ripped us apart.



So.... my question is, should I sue my own mother and her dumbass husband (for the money that she "promised" us from my grandpa's house)? Do I have a case here?
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would anyone happen to have an image of that map in Sleepless in Seattle that is America in lights with the plane and a trail? or know where i might find it? weird request, i know. i tried google images and film_stills with no luck. thanks.

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I want to open my own cafe or something. My dad is an entrepreneur but probably wouldn't be willing to help me that much. How can I know what will most likely succeed and what won't? How do I get people to back me financially? What's the first thing I should do?
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Hey TQC women, how blatant is your PMS?

Mine is pretty much dead-on the weekend before. I get disconnected and depressed and irritated or upset over EVERYTHIIIING. And it's so obviously PMS.. I could go through the last two years of livejournal entries I've made and each depressed entry falls on that same pre-period weekend. I hate iiiiiit but I need birth controooooool.

Any tips for dealing with this?
When you know it's PMS that's making you bitchy, what do you tell those close to you who are affected by it?
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What is something I can do for my insomnia?

I suffer from depression and anxiety, and the sleep aids I researched said it can worsen if I take the sleep aid, and I really don't need that happening... do you have any tips for me?
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My car died this morning in the parking garage at work. Two of the attorneys in my office (I'm a paralegal) were nice enough to help me get it to a shop a few blocks away, including pushing the car part of the way. What would be a nice way to thank them?

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Is there a community out there where I can give people a bunch of stuff(dvds, books, vcds etc) but just collect back postage? Could anyone point me to said community? I have books and movies/music that I'll like to give away...

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It's 3 days before your wedding. Your very rich fiance/e meets you for dinner and presents you with a prenup, which is a total surprise to you, as you hadn't discussed it prior. It's a flippin' huge document, and you have no time to find a lawyer to read through the legalese, let alone negotiate. Your fiance/e apologetically says the wedding cannot happen unless you sign it.

All of the non-refundable deposits for your wedding are paid, people are already flying in from all over the country, everything is ready.

Do you sign the prenup?

Would you EVER sign a prenup? Why or why not?

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1)why is there a chef's approval seal on ramen? it's ramen.

2)It's day 1 of my no sleeping during the day plan. any tips for those who have done it?

BTW: Caffeine makes me nervous.

eta: should guns be allowed in public parks? the library?
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So hey tqc. How farfetched do you think it would be that a newly-blind person could get around without a cane or dog? Good spatial awareness, a lack of stuff scattered all over the floor and walls are nice and straight.
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What would you think about a couple that lives together but does not sleep together? (I mean actual sleeping; as far as you know, they have a normal and healthy sex life)

Does it matter if the beds are in the same room, or in different rooms?

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TQC, what is your favorite kind of bagel?

I always eat plain bagels, but I'd like to fine just regular cinnamon ones. They always have to have raisins in them, and I don't like raisins.

When I worked at Panera Bread, I loved the Chocolate Hazelnut ones or whatever. Mmm.
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My hair is mildly greasy at the moment. Like, if I were going out for the day I would probs wash it otherwise I'd feel gross by the evening.
I'm going to the hairdresser in an hour and a half, should I wash it first? Because they're just gonna wash it for me. But then I'd feel mean making them wash my gross hair, lol


I'm craving something served hot and crunchy. I don't think I'm in the mood for fried foods so maybe something that's been cooked in an oven? Something not sweet, so I guess salty or something... not a dessert item. It's right around lunchtime so lunch type food would probably be best.

What should I eat?
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 i just asked chacha this question, because well CHACHA KNOWS EVERYTHING OF COURSE! but in the meantime while i wait for the answer, do you think brandon flowers (the singer of the killers) is homosexual?

a music video for their new song came on and it's really weird and i don't know, i'm just getting that vibe from him. through the tv. maybe it's the way he puts his eyeliner on. i don't know.

EDIT: this is what the all-knowing very reliable chacha says: "According to Brandon Flowers he is'nt(sic) gay. But it is kind of weird that his last name is flowers... If u(sic) ask me,he's hiding."
haha that's chacha's answer verbatim. very reliable :P  

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how can i politely inform the nearby air force that sonic booms near my house are totally not cool?

will my cats live in perpetual fear of this horrifically loud booming noise?

everybody loves that groovy blues band, canned heat. what's your favorite song by them?

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Michael Jordan and Larry the Cable Guy were both born on February 17, 1963. Besides being natal twins, what other things do those 2 have in common?

Serious and non-serious answers welcome
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What trips do you have planned for this year? I am going to be going back to L.A., CA in March, Dallas, TX during the summer for a concert.. or maybe Houston, TX.. it depends on where the concert is and then to Austin, TX in October.

Stock my Fridge

I moved into my apartment 2 weeks ago. It's the first time I'm living on my own. My fridge and pantry is still completely empty. I am going to the market tonight, what should I buy so that I don't have to piss away money eating out every night? Be detailed in all of the things I need to buy.

What sorts of things can I make for myself on a night to night basis. I'm by no means a great cook, although not awful either. I am relatively busy and would like cheap, healthy, and good tasting recipes (keeping in mind of course that I'm cooking for just myself).

Thanks in advance.

Bonus: Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?
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TQC, I am annoyed. I have always made sure to set my timezone for this LJ because I always found translating UST back into my timezone irritating. Recently, however, even though I go into my account settings and MAKE SURE to save the correct timezone, my journal keeps randomly resetting itself to UST for no reason I can discern.

Why is this happening? Can I make it stop? Does LJ just hate me?

also: what does my icon look like to you? my default fell victim to the infamous icon switch, and now it varies more or less at will between an icon of a girl with long hair and an icon of Obama and Biden looking like they are about to make out. There seems to be no general consensus on what my icon is at any one time, and in my head I have dubbed it Schrodinger's icon. right now it looks like Obama and Biden to me. I'm curious if it still appears as the girl to anybody else. (for the record: obama/biden icon, girl icon.)

WAH it just randomly .. changed back to the girl again, for me. I love you LJ.
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I'm considering getting tickets to see a taping of Oprah. Do you think that the odds of getting free shit while at said taping are good enough to make it worth having to sit through a taping of Oprah?

Should I just get tickets to Jerry Springer instead?

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Your plane crashes in the Andes and half the passengers survive. You wait days, and then, weeks for help, which hasn't arrived yet for some reason. Your radio is broken, and you've now run out of food. What do you do?

Eat the dead
Eat the living. Short straw becomes dinner
Eat the leather seats, belts and jackets found in the cargo bay.
Fuck this. Help isn't coming. I start to cross the Andes on my own. I just can't sit by and do nothing
Jump off a cliff. It's just the easiest way out

As things are getting bleak, a Peruvian yeti saunters into your camp. What do you do?

Kill and eat it
Capture it. When we get rescued, I'll get rich off his fuzzy ass
Convince him to lead me back to his lair, where he's bound to have food
Seduce it. It's one of my fantasies to shag a Bigfoot
Scare it off before he tries to steal any of your bootstrap soup

Given a choice, I'd rather eat ______?

Human meat
Yeti meat
A belt, softened in boiling water


What's your perfect lunch?

A sandwich with deli style chicken breast, american cheese and lots of pickles on whole wheat bread with 2 hard boiled eggs on the side, and a SoBe drink, citrus flavored.

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1. What song always makes you want to dance like an idiot?

2. What do you collect?

1. Take Your Mama Out - Scissor Sisters and Blister in the Sun-Violent Femmes

2. Pineapples... most of my kitchen stuff is decorated with them
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Alright, I've decided for Lent that I'm going to give up gossip.
But what's the difference between gossip and news? Where should I draw my line of what information can or cannot be passed on?
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Here, have some ridiculously long backstory:
I'm moving to Portland this weekend. I work Friday evening, and I'm leaving Saturday morning, expecting to be in Portland on Monday or Tuesday. I'm giving my bed to my sister in exchange for her couch, so I'm going to need to buy a bed. There's this Ikea bed I really like, but between that and the mattress I'd need for it, it's a little out of my price range. Someone suggested I look on Craigslist, and today, someone posted the bed frame I want, in the size I want, miraculously in the very color I want, including the mattress... for a little more 50% of the price it'd be in the store. The catch is that he needs it out of his apartment by Saturday. I have friends & a sister/brother-in-law in Oregon, but as far as I know, no one has a truck.

I really want this bed. Can you think of any way I can reasonably make this work?
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I'm super pissed.
I left my ipod/headphones and my wallet with my license in it at home.
Home is 15-20 minutes from where I work.
This sucks big balls. :(
I hope I don't get pulled over. -.-

when was the last time you left something at home that was pretty important and you couldn't return back home to get it?
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how much money did you spend on your last grocery shopping trip? how often do you shop? how many people are you buying for?

what was the most expensive thing you bought?

( i only feed myself and i go once or twice a month. my last bill was $121 and i bought $20 worth of red bull :/ )
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What do you do when someone snatches something from your hands?
Do you snatch the paper back and smack them over the head with it?
Or do you say not to be rude and snatch?
orrrrrrrr do you not say anything at all? lol.

Macros Plz?!?!


I am attempting to wallpaper a coworker's office with different Macros. I have a good half of it covered, but I am needing some more. Can you help me out with some funny and safe for work Macros?

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What is the most ridiculous (or just one you found interesting) fortune you've gotten from a fortune cookie?

A few minutes ago my sister got one that said "The stock market may be your ticket to success"

How was your day?

World in my Hands

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If you could write a fortune and put it in a cookie, what would it say and who would you give it to?


-You will get herpes within the next 2 weeks. Lucky numbers:69
to my "friend" in WV who just had her illegitimate ~love~ child

Because she only knew this guy for a month then had his baby on purpose. Dur

Your turn!


Did you do or say anything stupid today? Even if you just caught yourself in a ridiculous thought, and never actually acted on it?

I was thinking about the "g" sound in the word "gist." And I was thinking... "oh man how does a person spell this phonetically or explain the G sound? Is there a symbol for this type of G sound?" And then I realized... you'd just use a "j." I am very happy I didn't ask anyone for help.

My cat

I have a male cat that hasn't been eating much for a week. We didn't know what was wrong with him because he usually ate all the time. Today we noticed his neck (or rather, throat) had swollen up and he has a lump. He won't let anyone open his mouth because it obviously hurts him.

What can I do? Has anyone had any experience with something like that? I can't get him to a vet yet and it's upsetting me very much. Advice?

Edit: It's not a money issue, it's something else entirely. But it's a very serious issue with the vet, I'm not just making excuses. If it were money, heck, I wouldn't eat myself just to get him there.

Clem &amp; Joely

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Straight males, could you ever date a girl who went without shaving her legs/underarms? Obviously, you might not be purposefully attracted to women that don't, but would the lack of shaving keep you from going anywhere with her?

And I guess I ought to pull one in here for the ladies. Do you always keep your legs/underarms shaven? Either way, how often do you shave?

Who will save your soul?

All dogs go to _____?

Complete nothingness. There's no afterlife for them
The Alpo Manufacturing Co. (dog heaven)

All cats go to _____?

Complete nothingness. There's no afterlife for them
Acme String and Catnip Co. (cat heaven)

All goldfish go to _____?

Complete nothingness. There's no afterlife for them
An Olympic swimming pool (goldfish heaven)

All catsharks go to _____?

My fantasies
Baconland, where bacon is plentiful, delicious, fat-free, cholesterol-free and used in every third dish

All cute TQCers go to _____?

My bed
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Do you want to tell me about your experiences with a colonoscopy?
Do you know anything about Remicade?

If not, do you want to make me laugh to distract me from thinking about colonoscopies?
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At what age(s) do you think childhood sexual exploration stop being acceptable as "childhood sexual exploration" and become sexual molestation. What if the two children are different in age? How about an age gap? What is acceptable then? What about "consent"?

Here are some random examples for you to have your say on:

a. 5 yo ♂ and 7 yo ♀
b. 8 yo ♀ and 12 yo ♂
c. 10 yo ♀ and 10 yo ♂
d. 8 yo ♂ and 10 yo ♂
e. 7 yo ♀ and 9 yo ♀

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Marshmallow fluff frosting. Is this a normal frosting and I am just completely out of the loop?

My co-worker is leaving, and I told him I would bake him a cake, and he said he wanted marshmallow fluff frosting on it! If it is normal, do you happen to know if it's easy to make?!
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TQC, I am craving super-hot food, so much that I just put sriracha sauce on a hot dog because I didn't have anything else to put it on.

What's your favorite super-hot food?  How do you cook it?  Should I make it for dinner?
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Just a random question,

If you had an art exam topic on gardens, what would you do for your final?
(i'd probably do a composition of a garden in the four seasons..)

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Where should I go for spring break?

It's in 2 weeks, I live in Florida, it has to be a road trip and in the US. Any ideas or recommendations?

Do you have any crazy road trip stories to share?
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When you apply for a job online via email what do you write in the subject line?

What do you write in the email portion?

Copy and paste or attach the resume?

I usually write something like "experienced server" in the subject line unless they request something specific. Then I add a little blurb about my years of experience and skills and try to address anything specific that they mentioned in the ad. I keep it short though because they're probably getting like 1,000 emails a day. Then I add a line about setting up an interview and add my phone number and thank them. And I attach the resume in a .doc format or copy paste if they request it.

I am looking for weak spots in my job hunt.
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What's the last time you were creeped out by someone on LJ or online elsewhere?

What's the furthest you've gone as far as stalking someone? What was your reason?

On a scale of 1-10, how strange is it to stalk someone's journal because they made a distasteful remark to you?
And by stalk in this instance, I'm referring to going through and finding an unlocked entry on which to make a comment or even link to elsewhere.
(Why yes, this last is for personal validation - sorry if it's painful in its obviousness.)

ETA: because the timing is creeping me out, do any of you know who the hell fucktart_ is?
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My little brother is annoying the shit out of me and I am tired of watching him for my mother because she's too caught up in dating to care. This wouldn't bug me if he wasn't a "problem child" and is repetitively in trouble at school - he needs her to buckle him down and get shit done, like schoolwork. He won't listen to me so me being here is pointless. Should I say fuck it and go see my boyfriend?

What was the last thing that you cared too much about? When did you finally remove yourself from the situation?
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Do you have something silly you would like to confess to?

When I went in to meet my kindergarten teacher, she asked me how to spell my ridiculously long last name and I cheated by looking at the paper she had in front of her.
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How can cheese be smoked? Wouldn't it melt?! Like if you were to smoke it the same way you were to smoke meat or something... IDGI.

What's the last delicious thing you made?

I just made pizza! Trader Joe's garlic & herb crust, olive oil, garlic, mozzarella, onions, green peppers, and basil. om nom nom

Collapse )
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 Do you use a spyware remover? If so, which one? Would you recommend it?

Edit: Does Stopzilla have anything to do with Spybot Search and Destroy?
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I keep getting headaches from sitting at the computer. [obvious statement is obvious]
How can I prevent this? I never used to but the past two days, I sit down for TEN MINUTES at the computer and my head is frickin' banging.
The lights in my room are bright and I turned the brightness on my monitor DOWN but it's not helping :(
eta: and yes I take breaks but I don't wanna have to get up every ten minutes :(
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I need to fill out an absence request form for work because i'm taking a few days off to go on a cruise. What should I put in the Reason for Absence box? I don't want to put "Going on a cruise". How should I word it?
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If you were to send your sister a care package at college, what would you put it in?

Diet or regular?

Do you like chicken salad?

Should I shower tonight or wait until the morning?

What's the best thing that happened to you today?

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I'm trying to convince my mom I need this bb from a rescue a few towns over. How likely/unlikely do you think I'll be? My pursuit is only semi serious. I'd love to have her, not gonna lie.

We currently have:
two young(~2 years old) cats, one old as the hills cat (~14)*
Two old as the hills very small dogs (~16)

*I pay for all of the cat stuff despite only 2 of them being mine since she pays for my dog's food.


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Tonight/tomorrow morning is the 3 year anniversary of the day I was sexually assaulted. I feel really morbid for even acknowledging it.

Do you remember any "anniversaries" of not-so-pleasant past events?
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Do you ever go to the movies alone? If not, why not? My friends think it's weird but I love it, especially if you get the entire cinema to yourself.

If yes, last film you saw by yourself? Twilight. I KNOW, I KNOW. It was mostly for the lulz and because I'm running out of films to see.