February 22nd, 2009


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I believe I have cystitis or a similar non-std water infection. I am on a 3 day course of antibiotics and they are not working. Doctor said they might not so I'll go back Monday. But, until then; can I do ANYTHING to stop having to go to the loo every 20 minutes? Pain I can deal with, but this is doing my nut. Any help?
Bug-eyed Earl

Din din

What did you eat for dinner in the past week?

I seriously need a new menu at home and I am stumped. We get take out or fast food like every night and it is expensive and disgusting.
Got Rat

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Why can't I hear ANY sound from YouTube or anything streaming online but I can listen to Windows Media Player without an issue? I can watch the videos you all suggested, but suddenly I just can't get any sound from the internet!

cred: mellow_lights

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where am i supposed to get a textbook i need for uni when the publisher isnt printing them anymore? ive looked in bookshops and book sites but i cant find anything :/
what should i do?

its called 'Te Whāriki' btw. its an early childhood education curriculum textbook.
  • njyoder

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Why is it that, culturally (in media, consumer products and legends), cats are emphasized strongly over dogs in Japan, but there are about 50% more dogs than cats? Do the dog owners just own more dogs on average than cat owners own cats?

EDIT: It seems the trend is rapidly changing so that there are almost as many cats. I am still curious as to why there aren't more cats, though.

"Indeed, in 2005 there were more domestic dogs (13 million) and cats (12.1 million) in Japan than children under the age of 15. In 2005, nearly one out of every five households in Japan owned dogs. "

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Which holiday has the best candy?
So many choices: candy canes, conversation hearts, peeps, candy corn... maybe you love chocolate gelt?

2) Can someone please point me to the complete idiot's guide to burning mp3s onto CD-R discs for use in an automobile's CD player? Or give me some helpful hints?
I think I am burning it as data instead of an audio file and my car's CD player rejects it.
I'm so hopeless when it comes to audio files and burning CDs. :'(
I tried googling and I am obviously doing that very wrong as well.

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A section of my gums has started to grow over my teeth, it seems. It bleeds easily, especially when brushed. I have to make a dentist appointment soon anyway, but in the meantime, what do you think is going on?
lady tree tree


I've always been confused by the way people are described as particular things. For example - I say "My sister is a vegetarian" but our mother says "Your sister is vegetarian."

Which do you say? Is the other one wrong? Why? Does it depend on what that thing is?

To the polls!!

Which one?

Jason is homosexual
Jason is a homosexual

Which one?

Steve is gay
Steve is a gay

Which one?

Sarah is lesbian
Sarah is a lesbian

Which one?

Jenny is vegetarian
Jenny is a vegetarian

Which one?

Tim is Catholic
Tim is a Catholic

Which one?

Jamie is Republican
Jamie is a Republican

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tqc, do any of you have delayed sleep phase syndrome? do you have a relatively normal school or work schedule (eg starting before 10am)? how the hell do you do it?

i think i have delayed sleep phase syndrome and i have classes at 10am three days a week and might have a job that starts at 8:30am the other two days and idk wtf to do. i usually can't get to sleep before 4 lately, and absolutely not at all before 2, even though i need to be up at 9am. i've been a night owl like this since sometime in high school (about 5 years ago), although it wasn't as bad then and i usually went to bed around 2. i keep trying to maintain a somewhat normal schedule but if i stay up too late for even one night, i get all fucked up and then can't sleep until 4 or 5 or sometimes 6am. : (
Paul Dano
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I have gotten shit for talking about my poo habits before (hah).
Will I get crap for talking about vaginal issues, too, then?

Kill Bill - Elle
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Dearest lovelies,
My hair is gross but I want to go to the gym. Do I shower, dry it, and take my bike to the express branch of my club nearest my home, ride home all sweaty, and then shower? Or do shower, dry it, and drive to the gym ~4 miles away, and shower there afterward? Or do I not dry it, let it dry naturally, and go later?

When was the last time you wanted to do something, but didn't really want to at all?
{wow} sin'dorei pride
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Be honest, do you read the terms and conditions?

Unrelated, when you go to a bar/dancing, ladies, do you bring a purse? I hate stuffing things in my pockets but I don't want anyone to go through my shit when I'm not looking! What do you do?
Kill Bill - Elle
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I feel like I'm TQC's best friend today.
I'm getting my hair cut. Do you have recommendations? A lot of you know what I look like but I can add pictures (it's just awkward). Right now it's shoulder length, chest nut brown, with side-swept bangs. This is how it is when it's unstyled (I typically straighten and texturize). I really need to change my bangs

For those of you with pets, what are your morning and evening routines?
  • kytii

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I'm finally updating my resume today, something which I've meant to do ever since I got my new position. 7 months ago.

What's something you've been putting off TQC?
Miroku Turn

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I have some friends I hang out with pretty regularly. Generally, this one friend and other people we meet/pick up along the way. HOWEVER, as of late, the friend I usually hang out with has started to include another girl we know in a lot of stuff, which didn't bother me until I realized that I am totally fucking scared of this girl. :( Part of this is because I have issues myself, and that's my own problem, but this girl... She has a really aggressive personality, is really loud, and everything she says is like YOU'RE WRONG I'M RIGHT, even about minor things, with a really hostile attitude. So, the experience is pretty much like she's yelling at me for something the entire time I'm hanging out with them.

What do I do, TQC? :( Do you know someone like this?


HALP Tee Kew Cee...I just weighed myself and gained a POUND!! (thats eleventy KILOs for those outside USofA )

What can I DOOOOO???
Will no one love me EVAR????

kut kut...kri kri ;_;

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Is it still a good idea to break up with somebody you're having problems with if the thought of them with anyone else makes you want to throw fits of jealous rage?
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Do you cook breakfast well? What would you make for me if we had a sleepover?

(I just had a lean pocket and it was seriously unsatisfying)

eta: omg i am drooling at all of these comments
  • anarkya

You love the drama yo!

You've been talking to this cute guy you've met on Facebook 6 months ago and talked to almost every night for hours.
He's from your home town, gone to another state to work and will come back in 2 months.
You really like each other, so much that you plan on dating when he comes back and start a relationship from there.
One night you log on Facebook to message him, and see that he's engaged to a girl who post regularly on his wall. You ask him about it, curious. He tells you that this girl is a stalker and that it's the only way he found for her to leave him alone. But in your news feed, you see that he asked her for a new picture and he called her "his fiance"

What's going in your mind TQC, what would you say to him?
  • raaaain

Compy Question...

I've had my hp 530 laptop for a while now and all of a sudden it's not charging anymore. It was working fine last night. This morning I woke up, turned it on, and noticed that the battery light wasn't on. I checked the connections to make sure everything was secure, even switched outlets and nothing... Ideas?

ALSO... I want a laptop that doesn't suck. What do you like?
bden peace

let it roll, our time is fleeting so we take control

for english i have to write a five page or so story about anything i want. im excited but having trouble choosing a story. i want to do something happy with contrasting characters maybe, like i was thinking
a boy who is down and feeling invisible and is so invisible that he's in a taxi and the guy forgets about him and lets another girl in. the girl would be really happy and bright and show him how great life is. does that sound good? but well i kind of have to have a problem and stuff cause it needs to show story structure. do you have any ideas tqc? whats a cute (or not i could work with that too) plot you can think of that i could write? i really need ideas (:

do you and your so kiss at school? or is that leaning too much to the pda side?

whats your favorite album
Kill Bill - Elle
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I just googled the shit out of this and can't find it. What's the software download that lets you mass edit entries? It's for the computer, not firefox (I already have LJ hook and LiveJournal add-ons).

If you had 100 dollars to spend right now, but had to spend it in the next 2 hours, what would you do with it?
You can safely assume it is deposited directly to your bank account or is in cash, your choice. If you don't spend it, it disappears.
Jenny Saville

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Sup TQC,

So I have an epic crush on a girl right now, and I really want to do the whole "oh hey I think you'd like this song also it explains exactly how I feel about you" thing, but there is a problem.

She's pretty much exclusively into metal and most subgenres of such, and I know absolutely jack shit about any of that.

So guyz, know any metal/metal-ish songs that are about being really into someone? It's cool if it's pretty obscure, or like about brutal murder or crows or war or whatever, as long as that element of digging on someone is there.


Or if that is boring, will you tell me who your last crush was on and why? Was it a silly pointless thing or did it turn into something bigger? Did it involve rohypnol? Be honest.

"Settling down"

For those of you who are SINGLE and decided to "settle down" fairly early (like mid-twenties or before) with a stable job, semi-permanent home, not doing crazy things anymore, do you regret it or are you happy with your choice?

I find myself itching to own my own home and things like that but at the same time I'm terrified that I'm going to trap myself in and the novelty will wear off really soon.
space, fire

Hi guys!

1) How do you understand what's "real?" Do authors of high literature and creators of high art shape reality, or is it the shallower media we consume every day that helps us understand our world? 
2) Is "real" what actually happens on a day to day basis, or is it the broader themes--the stereotypical example: When you're walking home at night by yourself, and there's a tall black guy walking behind you in a shady neighborhood where the crime rates are high and statistics show more often than not crime is perpetrated by minorities... which is more real--the potential of you getting mugged which makes you cross the street, or race theory which compels you not to assume? 

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Lol this is kind of coming out of left-field, but... do you happen to know the (shipping) weight of a pair of jeans?

Found it!

Will you instead describe to me your PERFECT pizza??

Mine is a white pizza with extra cheese, bacon, pineapple, red onion, tomatoes, and green peppers.
  • ujay

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what is the scariest movie you've ever seen?

what about the scariest book you've ever read?

do you know anyone with a glass eye?

would you rather be really ugly with two eyes or really good-looking with one glass eye?

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So if recession in the 1930s was called the Great Depression, and this current recession, according to some annalists, is suppose to be even worse, what do you think it should be called?
  • lysythe

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When was your last 'oh shit' moment? (definition of 'os'm: the moment when you realise that the situation calls for an exclamation of 'oh shit', whether or not you say it out loud)

Mine was when a whole lot of people (taking up more than half the tables) came in to the cafe where I work- and there was only two of us waitresses.
Take a Look

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My google-fu is busted. How do I set up a network between my iMac & my Macbook? There's no network icon on my iMac, but my laptop is recognizing the iMac.

Fine. What's your favourite flavour ice cream?
[lost] Goodbye lost


Will you tell me about some of your dreams?

I keep dreaming that I am in Ohio, and I can't figure out why. I also have this nightmare in which I am back in high school and I am failing English and Math.

Pain & Rain + Pics

Do you get sore if you haven't been active for several days?

If you were told by your doctor to keep walking to a minimum for a week but circumstances came up and you had to walk a lot 4 days into the week and you found that your back and legs started to feel better but you were in pain from the ailment that your doctor put you on "bed rest" for, would you walk around a little or would you rest during the week that you shouldn't be walking?

Do you like walking in the rain?

Do you use an umbrella?  Can I see a picture of it?  Why did you pick that particular umbrella?

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What personality defect would be discovered about you if someone was reading your mind right now? Are the majority of you're thoughts taboo things that shouldn't be said? mean, totally fucked, x-rated, or just dumb? Or are you a goddamn saint all the time?
Kill Bill - Elle
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Are you concerned for anyone in your family due to their obsession with something?
My mom is fucking entranced by jewelry television and I swear that shit/those hosts are trying to start a cult. The more I listen to it the more it sounds like a really well-planned out sales pitch to sell your soul to gemstones. It kind of reminds me of Requiem for a Dream.

Do you have anything depressing to share for a change? Something to get off of your chest?
  • kytii

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Picture post!

Show me a picture of your pets "dressed" up.

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[EDIT]: My excitement in getting my camera to work got me all carried away. Why won't you please show me a picture of your pets???

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what's the weirdest crush you've ever had?


as a kid i had a crush on the nazi (you know - the one who's seventeen going on eighteen) from the sound of music. i want to say his name was hans but i'm pretty sure that's just me being totally american. :|

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i'm single and i haven't been for a long time. i've decided i'm going to get into watching TV shows, as i never have had the time before & never cared ( except from greys anatomy ). so - which ones shall i start watching? ( keep in mind they'll be from the very beginning ) and why?


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What's your favorite style of humor and comedy?

Least favorite?

When people say 'I want to date someone with a good sense of humor', do you think they mean a good sense of any kind of humor, or that they want someone with a similar sense of humor as they have?

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The entire purpose of me getting up today was to attend a 5PM rehearsal that was just cancelled. Booo. What are your plans for today?

Will you show me the last photo tagged of you on Facebook?
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now with 100% less fail

Can you fill out this poll's missing Disney lyrics?

Poll #1353686 Lyrics

Now, I'm the king of the swingers, oh, the jungle VIP, I've reached the top and I've had to stop, and that's what's _________!

It's clear from your vacant expressions, the lights are not all on upstairs. But we're talking kings, and succesors: even you can't be _________.

Early each day on the steps of St. Pauls, the little old bird woman comes. In her own special way, to the people she calls, "________________!"

Be a man: you must be swift as the __________.

There's something sweet, and almost kind, but he was mean and he was coarse and ________.

There you see her, sitting across the way. She don't got a lot to say, but there's something about her. And you don't know why, but you're dying to try, you wanna __________.

I can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid. Tell me, princess, now when did you last _____________?

I've heard some corny birds who tried to sing, but a cat's the only cat who knows how to _______.

Kill Bill - Elle
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Have you ever accidentally gotten it up the butt?

Do you think anal fingering is pleasurable?

What color clothes are you wearing?

Should I get off the internet: y/y?
  • _micala

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How often do you use advice recieved on TQC?

What's your favorite story to tell people?

What are your religious beliefs (or lack thereof)?

Do you bite your nails? Paint them? What do they look like right now?

Do you think of questions to ask TQC while putzing around at work or otherwise going about your day?

Should I watch The Jungle Book or Hotel Rwanda tonight?
splat cupcake

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My hamburger is kept in a bag in the freezer but I think it has mold. None of the other patties do though. Do you think it has mold? Ive never seen mold in my freezer before.

Can you direct me to any new indie or punk bands? (not pop punk please)

Whats your favorite breakfast?

If you gained immortality in what era would you hope to discover/obtain it and how?

Where can I find a playstation emulator for my laptop?

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What TV series should I watch? Why? 

My fiance got me sick and he's going out. We don't have cable but he offered to dl some seasons of whatever I wanted to watch tonight and while he's at work. I haven't watched tv in well over a year.

The only things I could think of were Project Runway, Project Catwalk (I sew....I like watching other people make clothes) and Bob Ross.

I hate superheros and comedy. I'm not sure how much there's left to ask of TV.

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Dear DR. TQC,

What do you do for migraines?
Regular NSAID's have stopped working and 800 mg ibuprofens don't do anything either.
I also have this..issue with my legs.
They hurt like a bitch.

Am I dying, Doc?

(srs & non-srs answers)

Dear TQC,

Do you like The Who?
lost wolfwood

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I'm reading a lot of conflicting things online..

How do you personally dispose of grease, such as bacon grease?

Coffee can is not much of an option for me; I don't drink coffee.

Some people suggest a compost heap, but others don't, so I'm not positive on this option. Although it'd work well for me, because there is a compost heap out back.
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Best president?

Worst President?

Most overrated President?

Most underrated President?

Pop quiz time! Can anyone here tell me what war was the bloodiest in PERCENTAGE of dead to population? No cheating either!

Revolutionary war
War of 1812
Civil War
Vietnam war
King Philip's war
Iraq war

Final Jeopardy time folks. Why did the chicken cross the road? i need your best guess. thirty seconds on the clock... go!

For the presidents question, how you pick your best/worst/under and overrated is purely by your own metric. I would caution to not choose Obama because he has been in office for barely a month. Let's give him more time and then rate him.

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I know I tend to ask this sort of question somewhat often but I just have trouble finding a shampoo I really like that works well on my hair. :(

Has anybody tried any of the Organix shampoos and/or conditioners? They are on sale so I'm thinking of trying them.
francois lick it

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Okay, so I want to go to some party, but it's carnaval themed, which means I need to be in costume. But because people here are to cool for that, I need to go in semi-costume. And also I'm lazy.

So, what is a good costume that isn't too costumey, that takes no effort, and that can be made of basic wardrobe (I'm not feeling like wigs and face paint n shit)?
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Has anyone seen the Steve Soderbergh movie Solaris? I've recently watched it, and other then going and reading the Staislaw Lem book it is written off of, I have no clue wtf happened in it. Any ideas?
  • inaliel

walmart run

So I am planning a quick walmart run to get food when I'm done with work (so close!).

Besides Cadbuy Creme Eggs (which are amazzzzinnggg), what should I get for groceries? I am lactose intolerant, but my roomie isn't. He'll eat almost anything.

Have you ever watched Noam Chomsky's "Distorted Morality"? What did you think of it? I have to watch it for my terrorism/security class.

What are your plans for tomorrow? (I have class, getting my hair dyed, a stage management meeting, and dinner. Then homework!)

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Who's your favorite serial killer?

Don't get all high and mighty and act like you don't wikipedia that shit.

ETA: Will you tell us less educated what they did to make them your favorite?
  • ujay

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the westboro baptist church was here in buffalo, ny today picketing the memorial we had for the victims of flight 3407 because there was a gay couple on board the plane. they walked around carrying signs like "god hates fags" and "when planes crash god laughs" etc. hundred of locals showed up with signs of their own advertising peace and respect for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation, race, religion, gender, etc.


what goes on inside their ignorant fucking heads?

what is the most fucked up thing/situation you've encountered lately?
fair trade coffee
  • segunyo

Germany in Australia?


I live in Australia, and I own a Mac.

When I open Safari, which has Gmail as it's homepage, I get this lovely message that tells me that in Germany, Gmail is not Gmail, it's Google Mail. And that I should point my browser to mail.google.com.

Do you have any idea why? I live in AUSTRALIA. Not Germany. Could there be some virus that hijacked my Mac? How can I find out? I tried googling it but came up empty-handed :-(

"Lieber Nutzer,

in Deutschland heißt unser E-Mail-Service Google Mail, nicht Gmail.

Sie können Ihre E-Mails in Deutschland direkt unter http://mail.google.com abrufen.

Ihr Google-Team

Der E-Mail-Service von Google ist in Deutschland nicht mehr über die von Ihnen eingegebene URL abrufbar.

Allgemeine Informationen zu Google finden Sie in Deutschland wie gewohnt unter www.google.de oder www.google.com."
hate pimentos

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Should I buy that "Cruchless Abs" thing?  Does it seem like a rip-off?  The website doesn't say a lot about the actual exercises used, and it doesn't say whether or not you need any gadgets for it.  I know it's probably just exercises I could look up on the internet anyway, but I like work out videos because it's easier for me to get the technique from them.  
  • g0omba

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girly question: has anyone found a product that actually makes your pores look smaller?

what are you looking forward to this week?

what are you not looking forward to this week?

ever gone to a bar when you were underage? how did you hide your nervousness?

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Has anyone heard anything about an Australian release for season 3 of the Venture Brothers? Non-blu-ray, to be precise?

I can't find any info on it anywhere and I'm starting to get worried.
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dianna agron ;;

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I've decided I am going to cut my hair short because I'm bored of having to straighten it all the time.

What's been your favourite hairstyle that you've had so far [in your life]? Bonus points for pix ;)

Ah, crap.

Q, club pals,

Is there a way to get into a myspace account without an email address?  I can not get into my old account and don't know why 3 email addys wont work. Do they have a tech page thats legit? I could prove its mine....
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Someone just informed my coworker that the number he gave for the department is wrong. It wouldn't be so bad, except that the number he gave the person was for a phone sex line.

What was the last funny thing to happen to you at work? If you lack a job, then in class? If you lack a job or class, something someone you know did?
If you lack all of the above, sorry, make something up! Who the hell's gonna know?
giant duck

Not worth it

Is there a show you used to watch/like quite a bit but then it did something that annoyed you so much that you gave up on it altogether? What show/what happened?

My answer is Lost. I watched the first season and read in all these interviews that they were going to answer a bunch of questions in the season finale but then nothing seemed resolved so I gave up. I wonder if I should have stuck out a little longer. I also gave up on Heroes as it just started to bore me.
im french

totally unrelated

1. Soooo, let's say you're going on a trip, okay? And you don't know how much money you should put aside/make available for the trip. You're going to Charleston, SC for 4 nights (you've never been to SC before). Hotel will be $270. You're driving with other people. How much do you think "other things" will cost? What are those "other things"?

2. Do you experience physical symptoms of heartbreak? How do you deal with them?
puppy dog


i downloaded the zsnes super nintendo emulator.  how do i download and successfully use winrar to make the roms i download work on zsnes? they all seem to be zip files,  how do i get them from winrar into zsnes so they work. (they show up in the load section of zsnes but wont work, it says like bad rom. at that point though they still have zip attached to thhe file name and the one game that does work is not a zip file, it's a smc file)  ?????


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I'm trying to decide where to move in the US when I go back, and I'm having a lot of problems.

I can't stand to have cold winters and snow all the time. It's really depressing when I have to wear a jacket nine months out of the year. I need it to be warm or relatively warm most of the time.

On the other hand, I suck at driving. It took me five years just to figure out how to get around my own medium-sized city, and I'm still afraid to drive in even moderate traffic. I don't think this is going to improve much as it's a neurosis and I have virtually no hand-eye coordination and such. Also everyone who rides in my car comments on how much I suck at driving. I've never been in an accident but if I were in a bigger city with lots more traffic I probably would be. I can't ride a bike to save my life, either, so that's out. I've considered getting a GPS but my family sometimes uses one and I can't understand it at all - I'm very bad at interpreting the directions and acting quickly enough.

So, there are no places that have both good public transportation and good weather, except maybe San Francisco, but I could never afford to live there.

What should I do?!?

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For those who smoke the lovelies  weed: Favorite flavor papers? Worst flavor paper?
bonus: anyone who wants to come smoke? it's the bc bud! also, i have cookies & cream ice cream!

I really like the coconut papers, I tried a green tea one once, it was pretty good. The guy at my local smoke shop won't seel you tequila flavored papers. He think's they're so disgusting he will make you come back when his boss is working to purchase them. He gave me one, I've been saving it for some unknown reason.

know any good amusing article websites? My computer's fucking slow, so I can't load vids and shit, but I wanna read hilarious things.

taaaanx folks

eta: damn stoned clarity
amelie half face

(no subject)

Cherry Dr. Pepper

is awesome and I love it
is disgusting and I hate it
I have never tried it

The best Dr. Pepper is

that weird cherry vanilla or blackberry or whatever the hell it was
something else

I call this stuff collectively

soft drink
something else

When I drink Dr. Pepper or a similar alternative I need

a glass
ice in it
some kind of fruit or garnish in it
a straw
alcohol in it
something you didn't list in it
just the can as it is, I am easy to please
Cadbury Creme Egg
  • kiffany

Trying to phrase this properly!

You know how sometimes you give someone a kiss on the cheek as a way of greeting/farewell - do you, or would you, kiss someone on the lips* for the same purpose? Your friends, siblings, parents, whatever? Why/why not?

Would this change if you got a SO? Would you be upset if you found out your SO did this? Again, why/why not?

*Not like a big, slobbery, open-mouthed French kiss. A quick peck with your lips closed.
Starbucks cup

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Have you ever met someone who shared the same first & last name as you or an immediate family member? If yes, where?

Do you know anyone who married someone with the same last name as them?
ETA: What was the last name?

(no subject)

Inspired by the serial killer question(or more, by my response to it):

Have you ever become friends with someone, or just known someone, and then later discovered something really creepy or twisted or otherwise horrible about them or their background or family? How did you react?

A girl I was friends with in HS had the last name Dahmer. One day she brought in a note to be excused from anthro class when we were learning about serial killers, because it turns out she's Jeffrey Dahmer's cousin and she didn't want to deal with the subject. I talked to her about it later, and she showed me a photo from when she was a baby, and he's holding her. Creepy.

(no subject)

How do you entertain yourself when you're driving long distances?
I'll be driving for at least 10 hours tomorrow and I'm just curious.

What's your favorite music to listen to when driving?
dianna agron ;;

(no subject)

Where did you go on your last holiday/trip?
Did you enjoy it or did it suck?
Did anything specifically interesting happen?
Would you recommend the place/country/whatever to a friend?
girls » barbie
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Hair questions....

1. Do you get your hair highlighted?
a) What method does your colorist use...foil/hate/something else?
b) if you get foils, do you do full or partial?
c) how much does your stylist charge?
2. My hair is shoulder length, and I get a full foil. My colorist charges $129.00. I gave her $155.00, and I'm just wondering if that was a decent enough tip or too much and looked jackass-y or what. How much do you tip your stylist/colorist?

3. I had a dove milk chocolate heart today, and my message was "Chocolate always loves you back". What is the most bullshit message you've ever gotten from food? (includes fortune cookies, popscicle sticks, etc)

4. Tim Gunn or Christian Siriano?

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I bought 7 pairs of shoes in the last 2 days..somebody stop me.
What have you been wasting your $$ on lately? 

Is a 16-year-old and a 22-year-old having sex okay in your book?

Radiohead, you like, or no? I had this idea that people either intensely like or dislike them, but that's my own private theory.    [EDIT the reason I think this is because everyone I meet seems to be this way. I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't possibly because I play them entirely too much, driving the casual listener away. who knows]
[lost] Goodbye lost

Nocturnal activities

Do you do anything interesting in your sleep?

I talk in my sleep as well as make small whimpering noises(according to my sister) and make phone calls that I don't remember the next day. My son sleepwalks and that freaks me out.

Have you ever witnessed any sleepy time activities?
  • g0omba

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what kind of bread is your favorite?
whole wheat for stuff like sandwiches, or italian just for nommability

what are you listening to?
itunes on shuffle. right now, of Montreal.

what are you looking forward to?
responses to my craigslist ad!!! i need to find a roommate :P
chibi totoro garden

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I'm going to a bagel shop for breakfast tomorrow morning...

What kind of bagel should I get?

Whole Wheat
Cinnamon Raisin
Everything on Whole Wheat

...and what should I get on it?

Plain Cream Cheese
Herb Cream Cheese
Scallion Cream Cheese
Walnut Raisin Cream Cheese
Olive Cream Cheese
Honey Pecan Cream Cheese
Blueberry Cream Cheese
Vegetable Cream Cheese
Strawberry Cream Cheese
Honey and Butter
Cinnamon Sugar and Butter