February 21st, 2009


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So earlier tonight I posted about trouble with a bitchy lady who I live with. She's away this weekend, and since I have the house to myself, I thought I'd ask you guys:

What are some ways to run up her utility bills while she's gone?

Edit: I totally realise this is immature. But for once, that doesn't really bug me.

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A. How creepy is your house at night?

B. I randomly bought some cream cheese on sale recently. What should I do with it?

C. How long is my friend going to wait to call me back?
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So, my school has a squirrel problem. And by that I mean the squirrels climb into my window and try to eat my stuff. They tried to eat the brownies my mom sent me. SO, should I eat them anyway and risk rabies?
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The idea of light years makes my head hurt.


Maybe it's because I'm exhausted and I can't think clearly but even though it's distance it's referred to in time... so does this mean it happened in the past and we're seeing it now?

I just don't get light years.

I'm probably going to get up in the morning, see this post and wonder wtf is wrong with me and how I possibly couldn't understand the concept.

Do any of you understand what I'm babbling on about? Please tell me I'm not the only one confused :(

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If you went to a BBQ, would you ever be the person to actually man the BBQ?

Could you ever, in your life, imagine doing this?

What do you think of the sort of people who DO man the BBQ? Are they the sort of people you'd get along with?

Strange question I know I know.

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1. What's the sickest you have been?

Have you ever been hospitalized? For what?

2. Who is the most eccentric person that you know? (Not bat country crazy but more Doc Brown eccentric.) What do they do that is so out of the ordinary?

3. What was the last lie someone told you to your face?
Did you call him/her out on it?
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I'm going to Paris for 3 days next week and I want to travel as light as possible.
What are the things I'll absolutely need?
Will I survive with just one pair of trousers or is that silly in case they get dirty/I spill something on them and then I don't have any more?!

[I'm rubbish at deciding what I need, I always HUGELY OVER PACK but it's only three days!]

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Why are optical discs (e.g. CDs) so much more expensive in Japan even though they make most of the fucking equipment to produce them?

EDIT: It seems the value of the Yen combined with government enforced price fixing on CDs (to boost domestic CD sales) keep prices high.

What's a Googlebar-like Firefox 3 extension that has a working "up a directory" button? This updated version for Firefox 3 doesn't work quite right.

Two questions :)

What is your favorite video game as of late?

What is the website to create your own  little strips of things you like or use? People often put them on their user info. It's hard to explain what I'm talking about, but someone might be  fimiliar familiar. (Sorry!)

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After a night of heavy drinking, why do I always wake up early feeling lovely and refreshed?

Now, I'm the wake up ten minutes before I have to be at work type of person normally, so waking up early is a big thing for me.

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i have been raising some chickens,one of them is my dads gf kids,his mom asked me to raise it till it was big/whenever he wanted it..its now big and i dont want to give it up,i feel like its mine. the kid has even made remarks about eating it since it was big now,which really pissed me off:/ should i keep it?
if someone asked you to raise their pet, would you give it back?

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I am in a surprisingly bright and cheery mood, despite the fact that I went to sleep at 4am and woke up at 630am for an exam. Maybe it's the triple grande mocha I got on the way to school. ANYWAY.

When's the last thing you accomplished?

What's on today's agenda?

Should I try to go back to sleep or should I, you know, be productive and stuff?

ETA: I had a banana on my way to class 2 hours ago... but a banana =/= breakfast. CUPCAKE or cereal for real breakfast?

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let's pretend for a moment that your mother's in a nearby hospital, and probably will be there all next week. how many hours to do you expect to be with her in the hospital over the next seven days?

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So, I woke up to this this morning.

Let's play detective. What do you think happened, TQC?

I gotta call the police and stuff, right? I don't know how this shit works.

Edit: Happened to some other lady on our street too, and there are shoe prints on the cars. Some drunk kids having a good time, I suppose.
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I have a screen saver ticket for Greater Union cinemas, can I use it to get a ticket to a gmax session?

This is in Australia, in case that makes any sort of difference.

grooming habits

Which one of your hygiene and/or grooming habits (eg. shower, hair, make-up, shaving) takes you the longest? And how long does it take you?

For me, tweezing my eyebrows usually takes me longer than an hour. That's more than the time it takes me to shower, get dressed and do my hair combined.

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1. Do you have any way of knowing when someone is at your house besides a knock or the doorbell?
I can always hear people's footsteps on the porch very loudly before they actually get to the door.

2. What kind of weird food combinations do you like?
I like to eat a brownie then string cheese right after. And I put ranch or italian dressing on so many foods (i.e. chicken, rice, bread, pizza etc) I also really like chicken and pineapple pizza, which people seem to think is odd.

3. Do you normally have typical breakfast foods for breakfast (pancakes, eggs, etc)?
I'm just not a fan of breakfast foods so I usually eat what would normally be eaten for lunch. :P
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One of my friends is consistently grossed out when I eat apples. This is because I eat the entire thing, the core and seeds and all. All of it except the stem and the sticker.

Would seeing someone eat an apple like that gross you out?

Relatedly, what is your favorite apple sort? I like Pink Lady and Fuji.
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Is job hunting on a Saturday frowned upon? Sunday?
Should I just do homework instead? (there's a lot of it but I won't be able to go look for work until Tuesday otherwise)

Your last dilemma?
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It's either gonna be awesome, or a complete trainwreck.

My GameStop is hosting a Street Fighter IV tournament today. Because I really don't want to deal with this shit on top of my normal Saturday shuffle, I invited a manager from my first store to tun the tourney.

Last I heard, he was bringing a fog machine, wearing a suit and HUGE sunglasses, and plans on blaring "The Final Countdown" the entire time.

What was the last thing you tried to get out of, only to have backfire?
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In a week I leave for a seven week holiday to the US, Canada and Mexico. Do I take my laptop with me?

- free Wi-fi access in hotels, hostels and cafes
- More secure than using public computers
- can back up the digital photos I take on the trip
- it's 3 years old, nearly ready to be replaced, all the files are backed up and I have travel insurance. If it ends up broken or stolen I'm not going to be heartbroken.

- It weighs an absolute TON
- the battery dies after only 2 hours, less if you're watching a movie or listening to music
- I'd have to open it up at every airport
- Am I really going to need it?


EDIT: To those of you saying yes, should I bother buying a new/spare battery for it?

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does anyone else just not get what is so freaking great about zombies?

people in the midwest: where the hell did all this shit come from? i get up this morning to let the dog out and i'm ankle deep in a new batch of this crap.

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You have bought a lottery ticket. You're sitting watching the numbers being called and, OH MY GOD, they called all your numbers! you won! what do you do the exact moment you realise you've won?
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If you were to pick any character from a movie, TV show, book, etc. - who would be your ideal lover?

(Anything from Mr. Darcy to Dr. House is fine. ;) Or if you prefer, Lara Croft or Agent 99.)

Fat Tuesday

Anyone gone to New Orleans for Fat Tuesday before? I'm going for the first time, and I'm looking for reccomendations of clubs to go to, or events that are happening, ect. I'm so pumped!

Oh, and we're only going to be there for Tuesday. Leaving Monday night to drive and partying all night Tuesday to drive back Wednesday. Should be a good time. =p

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Do you have any recommendations for good fiction? I need to decompress a little from academic reading. Some of my favorite authors are Frank Herbert, Oscar Wilde, and Marquez.

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1. What was the last nice "small" thing someone did for you?

(the girl at starbucks gave me a free refill instead of charging me. though i am not sure i need the caffeine :)

2. What was the last thing you wrote? (a note, card, paper, etc?)

(a reflective essay on my time in the English program here, haha).

3. What should I do with the rest of the afternoon?

(I finished my paper and now I am bored. I am drinking coffee so i am hyper and not doing well at the concentrating thing or i would be reading anatomy chapters. I have about three dollars to my name and I don't have a car so I don't really want to walk anywhere because it is snowing like a mofo. brrr).

4. how do you take your coffee?

(if you don't like coffee idk what to ask you--but i like mine black and fairly strong. frou frou vanilla lattes once in awhile too).

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My mom went hiking in the canyon and keeps sending me cryptic text messages. How do I kindly tell her she's being overly paranoid?

If your life was a verse in Alanis Morisette's "Ironic" what would it read as?

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I'm watching some athletic-type stuff at the moment, and the commentator just said that the girl who just won some race had a real 'talent' for running.

Is it really possible to have a talent for running? How, or why not?

(I don't know anything about running/athletics etc, so I'm not dissing. I wish I could get off my lazy ass and run like that)
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What was the last thing that made you go "bwuh??"

My Media Communications professor kept saying "papris" instead of "papyrus" until someone corrected her. Then she said "oh, I guess I've been saying it wrong all this time!" Then she got the Torah & the Bible mixed up. -_-

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Does anyone have the iPod Touch thingy? What do you think of it? I'm really interested in its internetting capabilities. Is it worth the price? Should I wait a few months and see if other companies come out with something better? I don't need/want a cellphone, so one of those phones with the internet wouldn't really work for me.

Alternatively, yeah, I don't have a cellphone, and I never have. Do you think you could get on fine through a normal day without a cellphone? I totally don't understand all the ppl at school that are like, "OH MY GAWD MY CELLPHONE!" all the time.

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It's cold outside and snowing
and I'm meeting a friend tonight that I really want to get to know more
we don't have cars and have a limited budget
what can we do ?

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my man likes to shower with me. not just for sex... he just likes us being together and it seems as good a place as any, I guess. but I don't really think we FIT well in the shower, and we definitely can't agree on water temperature, and I like to be very on-task in there.

for you coupled-up tqc'ers, do you shower together? are you into it? do you have any agreements worked out, about when you switch places or get out of the way or adjust temperature?

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I've been working all day (still working from home, actually) and I'm exhausted but I'm supposed to go to a Mardi Gras party with my boyfriend and his sister tonight. 

Can you recommend some songs that I can play to motivate myself to get dressed up, drive 40 miles in the rain, and drink and dance until the wee hours of the morning?


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How do you "pop" your ears? My SO just took a flight somewhere early this morning, had a nap, and his ears still haven't popped.

I've already suggested swallowing and chewing gum. (Does that even work? I've never been on an airplane before)

I don't know if it means anything but the entire right side of his face hurts and his eyes are bloodshot too.

Thanks for everyones suggestions!

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What are some TV shows you are currently watching? Want to recommend any, both on and off the air?

I'm watching The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Bones, and Heroes. I also enjoyed Firefly.
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My husband and I ordered condoms from Condom Depot last week. When we got home from work Thursday, we didn't notice the package sitting outside. Friday morning I noticed it, and grabbed it while we were heading for the car. Turns out it was the condoms!

So they sat out all night in the very cold temperature. I know that hot is bad for condoms, what about the cold?

Uhh this is a weird question

I have a favorite thong, more specifically it is my boyfriend's favorite thong. I went to visit him a couple weeks ago and his room-mate's dog chewed on it... leaving holes so it's no longer wearable - literally it's almost in two pieces. I really want to find the same one. I checked on ebay even though I would feel weird buying underwear off there (and was creeped out by the pictures of girl's big butts wearing the thongs..) It was from VS and they don't sell it online/in stores anymore. Does anyone know of a website that sells back-stock or older merchandise or something?

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Is love for fools that fall behind?

Imagine you're a pretty gifted dancer, can pull off all those fancy tricks and such; if you could only dance to 30 seconds of a song which song would it be and why?

How many days in a row can you go on eating pizza?

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What do you predict:
On a scale of 1-10, how embarrassed is my TQC meetup partner going to be to be seen with me tomorrow? So far my plan is to go to the mongolian grill with a bucket as my serving dish of choice.

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Who's your pick?

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Reader
Slumdog Millionaire
They all suck. It should be...

What is your favorite movie soundtrack?


i know that everyone posts this shit all the time and noone will want to do anything but PLEASE. i just got dumped, literally just now, he just left, and im crying so much. noone of my friends are online and i dont want to ruin anyones saturday night by calling them so please will you guys try to help me feel better? 

the edits- thank you all so much! i have to admit i did not expect so much love because im always thinking people here dont like me much. even if its just because i sounded that pathetic, thank you! it made me stop crying and smile!

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I was once asked about what kind of TQC entries I used to delete, and forgot this as an example...but in a second you'll see why.

I need help making a decision, will you provide me with an example of an integer to help me?

7, thanks.

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Heyyy.. For any Apple users:

Can anyone give me a quick synopsis on how to transfer files from one laptop to another?? My brother did it for me years ago, but I totally forget and want to share videos with a friend. ;)
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can someone please explain to me how in the world this(NSFW) works? is it clenched in place by the ass?

what else has made you furrow your brow and think "wtf?!" lately?
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I have the weirdest/most painful throat thing going on right now. It's not like a normal sore throat. But every so often when I swallow, it's this horrible shooting pain that I don't want to experience anymore. Has this every happened to you? Does this mean that I'm getting sick or something. HOW DO I MAKE IT STOP?

I'm watching Ocean's 11 on TNT right now. What are you watching or listening to?

Should I order food or bake something?

EDIT: One of my icons got switched to some weird picture of a dude. Does this mean I got hacked or is this some kind of LJ flaw? It's freaking me out.

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What are you doing other than tqc? 
I'm drawing burlesque portraits.....

What tasks do you take your engagement/wedding rings off for? 
I don't want to paint with it....but I think everything else is okay....right? 

Is it okay for me to take my pants off if I'm wearing shorts under with my fiance and his friend in the room?
It is my bedroom and I'd prefer to be more comfortable...I know my fiance wouldn't care...but it seems weird.

ETA: Pants are now off...no one noticed...and I'm back to my drawings! :) 

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Dear All-Knowing TQC,

I came home from school for the weekend to go buy whatever it is that I needed to get in preparation for the trip to Spain I'm going on in 20 days. My mom and I were really productive today, and I can't think of anything else that I need yet I feel like I'm forgetting something. What am I forgetting?

...If you were going overseas for nine days on a school-organized tour, how long and intense would your packing list be? I feel like mine's too short to be going to Europe for a week.
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Do you have an internal time limit for going out? Like if you don't leave your house for the evening by a certain time you're not going to go out.

Mine seems to be 9pm. If I don't know what I'm doing by 9pm I just give up and decide not to go out, even if at 9:30 someone's like "lets go out" I'm usually too annoyed by then to bother.

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I need to buy a plane ticket for a month from now, and I assume/know that prices go up as they get closer to the date of departure. Is this a correct assumption? Do you think there's any chance they'd drop even just a little bit in the next couple of days/weeks, or should I just go ahead and buy the ticket now?

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I signed of for a Marti Gras/Fat Tuesday party at my local library (This may not be New Orleans, but you won't be able to tell if you spend an hour here at the Ontario Public Library on "Fat Tuesday". Come celebrate the season an enjoy the 8 piece "Papa Joe's Crawfish Stew Band”, games and food.)

Which option best describes your opinion of this?

A. Oh my god, that library sounds awesome. I wanna come!
B. That sounds... both awesome and losery at the same time. I am jealous. (quoted from geshikhte)
C. Oh my god, library parties? Laaaaaaaame
D. Other-please specify

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Will you help me find a cute but rather inexpensive pea coat? I take a size xl in womens and can not find a cute one for the life of me

Do you need any fashion advice? Tell us what you're having trouble with and we'll help you!

Inspired by a video on youtube..

Do you think a 12 year old girl could have an educated opinion about abortion? Or do you think that her opinions are strongly mirroring that of her parent(s)?

(This is not to start an abortion debate at all, just whether or not a child could really understand the subject entirely.)

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what are some good side/solo projects from members of already established bands? i'm thinking in the vein of city and color and jack's mannequin.

are you excited for anything? if so, what for?

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So, how many squats should I do a day to make my ass less flabby?!

Are you the type of person that gets irritated at not seeing immediate results? I am, and it's aggravating.

How do you feel about s'mores?

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Taken from a comment to an earlier question We're here to hold your hair while you are puking your guts out.

When you're puking, does it help to have someone hold your hair?

Have you ever held someone's hair while s/he puked?


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Dear The Question Club,

Collapse )

I'm sure you've seen them when ordering fast food. But what purpose do they serve?

ETA: Sorry. They are usually on the counters of most fast-food restaurants. You can push the center part down but that seems useless.
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I went out tonight with some girlfriends to a casino night charity thing. I had one beer and half a rum & coke before I started feeling tipsy, played Blackjack with play money and used that money in an auction, and was home before 11. This means I'm officially old, y/n?
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run on sentence question!

if someone told you they watched a video and they explained the video to you and it GREATLY upset you because it is horrific and the video exists on the internet and even though it is super upsetting, yet you are slightly curious, but you know you will cry if you watch it...... would you watch the video anyway?

editted: it involves horrible animal cruelty... and not PETA style videos... but the kind that even a cow-slaughterer would find HORRIFIC

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Say the people around you recognize a famous person. When told who he is, you vaguely recognize the name, but still can't really place him anywhere in your memory. If your friends went over to get pictures/autographs, would you go, too?

What's your favorite fruit?

You are going to love this one.

My boyfriend is coming home tomorrow from a vacation and has been gone for a few weeks. I would like to get him something as like a home coming gift. Just something cute, not really sexual or anything but something to show him I missed him and that I am really happy he is home. Any ideas?
This should be interesting but hopefully someone will help a girl out.
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What was the latest last-minute plan that went through that you were super excited about?

I'm going to see rocky horror picture show put on by my school every semester. I've wanted to see it since I was a freshman and as a senior, this is my last chance. We decided to go about a half hour ago
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Do you have a favorite article of clothing that you will wear over and over again?
I have a pair of mens sweat pants that I practically live in.

All of my cute underwear have disappeared! Any idea where they may have gone?
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I'm going on a volunteering trip to Bangladesh in May. My flight home involves a stop in Hong Kong and, at that time, I will have a week to travel somewhere else.

If you were me would you stay in Hong Kong for that week or spend a little extra money and travel to Australia.

For all others who don't have an opinion on the matter, do you think the film version of Watchmen will live up to all the hype?
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there are three separate people who are interested in you. you are good friends with all of them, and you think that going out with one of them will hurt the feelings of the other two. you don't want to do that.

you're not particularly interested in any of them. you do, however, want a boyfriend.

do you not go out with anyone to avoid hurting feelings?

do you go out with one at random?

why or why not?

alternately, why did tqc decline my new journal? i even left a note for them. :(
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Fave feel-good songs?

I've got the house to myself, I'm in my pyjamas with some hot chocolate and I'm on a massive high because everything in my life is going perfectly right now! :D

What are some feel-good songs I should sing to at the top of my voice right now?

I've got some Eagle Eye Cherry ('Save Tonight') on right now, but I'm putting together a feel-good playlist, so help a sister out yeah? :D
Just name the song :D I'm using playlist.com (it's got pretty much every song ever on it!)
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