February 20th, 2009

Peggy Blink

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How many of you go through religious confusion every once in a while?
*Raises hand*
How often?
About once or twice a year
What emotions do you go through?
Because my father is Seventh-Day Adventist, my mother raised Baptist, my ex step father Lutheran, and my stepfather Catholic, I've grown up around different sects of Christianity and started feeling jaded towards to religion, because a lot of Christians (now, not all, but a LOT that I came across) weren't accepting of other faiths and shunned the homosexual community. After reading up on the history of the Catholic church, I sort of looked at the Bible and said "Is this truth, or just a set of rules someone stuck here to control me?" And ever since, I've looked in to other things, knowing deep in my heart there's SOEMTHING out there - I've been to buddhist meditation groups, pagan ceremonies, I've read all different types of spiritual and religious literature, and I'm still not quite certain. But I always come back to Christianity. Go figure.
How do you deal?
I can't. I don't know. I try so hard to figure this out, and my mind never comes to any conclusion as to what I feel. I know there's something out there, I can feel it in my bones. I just don't know.

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Do you like water parks?

Do you have any piece of jewellrey you wear daily? Is there any story behind it?

Are there any basic words you ALWAYS mis-type?

And finally, the 'joke' from the back of my chips packet:

"Why was Cinderella so bad at baseball?"

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When you're pooping and you also need to pee, do you pee first standing up and then sit down for #2? Or can you pee sitting down while pooping? Because I usually do both simultaneously.
Fonz: eeeyyyhhhh

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so my aunt and uncle are going to Atlanta in late march, so I am housesitting and babysitting their youngest daughter/my 15 year old cousin.
so what kind of party should I throw for her?
Kegger, or bachelorette/hooker and blow type party?
also, what kind of tattoos do 15 year old girls like?

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What is the biggest load of bollocks you have ever heard?

I ask my bf if he is cheating on me and provide him with reasons why I have my suspicions. His answer "wait a minute, I'm just allowing my brain to search for the thought."

My mum mother has munchausens and is trying to tell me 7 different anti botics have not cured her kidney infection.
Self cleaning

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Do you like tea? Hot or iced? What's your favorite variety of tea? How do you take said tea?

Should I have a cup of hot tea? If so, should I have chai, earl grey, english breakfast, raspberry zinger, citrus burst, very berry, ruby tang or peppermint? Or should I have hot chocolate?

I have been having major trouble sleeping as of late. All of my normal tricks aren't working. I've tried sleeping pills, a glass of wine, a cup of hot tea, reading, watching tv, etc. A hot bath isn't an option, as I don't have a tub in my apartment, just the shower stall. Any suggestions on how I might be able to get to sleep?

For those that have been employed and/or are currently employed, what is the longest period of time you've gone without a job since you started working? How did you handle it?

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1. What would be your response to someone eating a great deal of food off your plate?

2. What is the proper response to a coworker eating your entire medium-sized bag of baby carrots? I usually leave the bag out for myself, but offer them to others.

3. What is your favorite board game?

4. TQC, would you please help me figure out which city I should eventually move to? It should be a large, culturally diverse, American city where a decent number of bands stop at during their tours. A good public transportation system is a bonus.

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Does it annoy you when you're watching a film/tv series/reading a book and a person in it will do something COMPLETELY out of character to them? Any specific examples of this?

It's one of my biggest peeves!!!!! I ask this as I just watched the latest Skins episode and I really couldn't understand why the characters were behaving like they were?

Oh yeah, what do you think about Skins?
LOL I have no pants!

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Ok, so I'm debating on whether or not to travel home tomorrow. It would be completely impromptu and probably only for one night. It would probably cost me $100 in travel costs and $10 to a local show that my favorite band is playing. I most likely not visit my parents, and stay at a friends house. The show starts at 5:30, but they usually play last and the show ends by 10/10:30 usually. The train would go into Penn Station at around 6 and then from Penn to the show is about and hour and a half. I would get there by 7:30 and most likely see them.

Would it be worth it to go?
Would it be worth it to go for two nights?

For those who TL;DR:

How much do you love Spice Girls?
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For some reason, my laptop wouldn't let me on to the internet for the past 2 hrs.

What was the last scare you had that involved the internet?
Does 2 hrs. without the internet sound troublesome to you?

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Are there any songs that were stupidly popular a while back, then you hear them again ages later and are completely flummoxed as to why they had such popularity?

I heard D.A.N.C.E. today and was totally underwhelmed, it's just all rather boring :( Also Gnarls Barkley- Crazy, WHY was that so insanely popular?

(sorry if I'm on a posting spree, my little sister had a nightmare so she asked if she could sleep in my bed and I'm not gonna go to bed until she wakes up I guess?)
[Firefly] Inara

questions about college?

I was wondering about the difference between a major and minor in college, specifically? I mean, how important is a minor in regards to your studies? Will all schools let you double minor?

Also, say I wanted to minor in a language, would I be able to study that language for a year abroad or would only a language major be able to do that? Also, if I were to study that language minor abroad, would I be able to study my major too or would that have to be put on hold? That's what worries me most. :/

If I am majoring and double minoring, can I also take some other electives - say, a language class or would that not be possible?

If I take a language classes, are they the same language classes a major in that language would take? I mean, you wouldn't need to major in a language if all you wanted was proficiency in that language and not culture, right?

And then I was wondering, will someone hire you if you have a minor in what they're looking for or is that not likely to happen? Say I major in English and minor in Anthropology - can I be an anthropologist? Totally hypothetical, by the way. I have no interest in anthropology as of yet, haha.

I'd really appreciate an answer to any one of my questions! I'm a high school junior who feels lost about where to go and what to study. Please and thank you!f
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macaroni murder lady

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You must eat only one?

Cream of Wheat

But you may choose as many additions as you like?

Soy/rice/nut milk
White sugar
Brown sugar
Maple or other syrup
Fresh fruit
Dried fruit (raisins or other)
Nuts (any)

World in my Hands

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Does it drive you insane when people spam your email with those God messages? Or any other type of messages for that matter?

Every morning when I get to work I have at least 2 'prayers' in my inbox and 10 things about my horoscope.

EDIT: Or are you one of those people that send those messages?

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I got into a car accident yesterday. Went to the ER, they said I had a closed head injury/concussion and whiplash and sent me off with medicine and told me to rest. The cat scan was negative, so wouldn't that mean I *didn't* have a concussion?

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1) Do you have a job that is weather dependent? What do you do?

2) Should you be allowed to shoot the stupid people at work? Y/Y
Are YOU the stupid person at work??

3) How much is too much coffee?

4) Ticky?
Maynard pen
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What is your favorite type of milk?

Whole-fat cow's milk
2% cow's milk
skim cow's milk
soy milk (any variation of flavor)
rice milk
almond milk
breast milk
goat's milk
Oh, gag me with a spoon. Milk in ALL forms is nasty!
I simply cannot choose. All forms of milk tickle my taste buds.

Edit: Comment if I left out your milk of choice.
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orion's belt.

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I used to be addicted to Yahoo's Launchcast Radio. On your radio player, you rated artists, albums, and songs... the higher your rating, the more they would play it on your personalized radio station. Yahoo would also recommend other artists based on your ratings... and also mix in "popular tracks". Loved it.


Launchcast doesn't exist anymore! About a week ago, they replaced it with some crap CBS radio. Lame! Now I'm stuck without internet radio! HELP.

What's your favorite internet music site?
How much is the subscription per month?

I'm thinking of Last.fm or Rhapsody
got milk?

yer mugs inspired me

When I was in college I went to one of those pick-it-out-and-paint-it ceramic workshops and painted a coffee mug for my dad. On the outside it was blue with a guitar and the inside was painted yellow. It didn't look terrible but if you could actually see it, you could most certainly tell it was mediocre work done by someone with no talent. Yet my dad tells me he loves it and it's his favorite mug.

1)Have you ever given someone a handmade gift? Did they and do they still treasure it?
2)How often do you floss?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) Do you prefer to work for small or large companies? Why?

2) My employer pays for lunch on fridays, we order from local sub shops. Being vegetarian there's not much for me that I'd eat other than fries or salad. Is it somehow rude of me to bring my own lunch?
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Are these shoes super frumpy? I got them for $30 yesterday and was psyched because hey, they're Danskos and are classic/comfortable/will hold up. But I am looking at them now and all I can think is "old lady shoes".

My day job is teaching 6th grade, so I need footwear that is practical, comfy, and business casual...but these are now looking kinda boring.

What should I wear them with? Should I just try to return them?

eta: I fixed the link, sorry! I have them in black.

eta 2: I still want these, too. Y/N?

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Do you think using the term "wigga" is racist, or at least racially insensitive?

What is the etiquette around escalator use where you live?

Here in Australia people who are just standing there instead of walking forwards are expected to stand to the left so that they don't hold people up.

then and now!

We were talking about this in class and now I have to ask you guys: What kind of kid were you? Are you different now?

I was quiet but I'd always go off and do stupid things by myself like bringing bugs and animals into the house. I guess that's kind of me now, too.

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Who is the strangest person you've ever come across?

A man in my Radical Islam class is the very definition of wangsta and is a very vocal Muslim. He is probably 30 years old and always talks about his "people" and we aren't sure if he means African Americans or Muslims.
Oh, and when he goes to the bathroom he says he is going to go "fight the inner jihad" and then he winks at me.

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How do you define a person as having character? How do you define a person who is lacking in character?

Some of the seeds I planted yesterday are starting to sprout! What was the last small thing that made you happy?


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am i paranoid to not trust the internet bus timetable??

how am i gonna make myself fall outta love with this guy?
heartbreak hurts so much but full blown depression is worse i think....
any thoughts??/

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Do you find it weird when people insist their "job" as homemaker/stay-at-home parent is a full-time job just like any other job and even list it in (lulz) their Facebook profile under their job history?

Should I put "professional Jewish American Princess - 1986 - present - whining until my parents give me enough money to buy a new car" on my resume?
Space Pope

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In my office there is a dry erase board and occasionally I get bored and draw pictures on it.
So far I've draw a man fishing on the wrong side of the boat, a man and a camel finding a pyramid, and a man finding a leprechaun and pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

What should I draw next?
Hurry up and look back

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Have you ever had mono? what were your symptoms? how tired were you? my doc thinks that I do but gave me antibiotics in case it was not and all my symptoms have pretty much gone away. I have not got a blood test yet but I no longer have a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes and beyond feeling a little worn out I don't really feel sleepy

btw, have any of you had a swollen spleen? how can you tell if you have one? what does the pain feel like? cuz I mean I have little jabs at my side sometimes when I cough, how can you distinguish it from a swollen spleen?

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Say you recently got out of a long-term (2 year) relationship. A few weeks later, you meet someone else and the two of you have an instant connection and things start to get serious pretty quickly. You do a lot of thinking, and you are sure that this new person is not merely a rebound, but someone with tons of potential for a meaningful relationship. Plus, you don't play the whole rebound game to begin with.

Your ex (who thinks the breakup was a mistake and wants you back) however is totally convinced that this new flame is a rebound because you got with them so soon after the breakup. Your ex thinks it is necessary that you tell your new flame that you just got out of a serious relationship not too long ago.

Is this necessary?? Or is this just the ex hoping that your new flame will be freaked out my the possibilities of you carrying a lot of baggage, and that you're merely using him/her to lift some of the weight?

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sorrt to post again but seeming as there arnt many people on..

totally forgot its my friends bday tomorrow and im working with her in the morning so.. what the fuck am i gonna get her?
she is turning 27
is single sad and quite lonely
any suggestions at all im stumped...????

EDIT: tell me about ur bad break ups?
Rogue night elf

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I've googled certain terms with no luck. My two sisters are arguing, my little one wants to take songs and movies from my Itunes and put them on her Ipod. She claims it won't do anything. The older sister says Itunes will lock itself and protect you from doing it as its against copyright infringement and all that jazz. Can my little sister do it safely without messing up my Itunes?

5 - chatterbox

Ow! I just bit my lip!!

Contrary to what you may've heard, biting your tongue isn't the most pain you can inflict on yourself when you're eating.

What's the worst pain you've inflicted on yourself while eating?
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I'm having people over tonight and I want to nourish and impress my drunken friends. I'm also feeling very 50's housewife today. So, what are your favourite party finger foods?
They can be a bit difficult, but I'm mostly after things with not too many ingredients that are healthy-ish.
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The Gassy Knoll

Who farts more? You or your SO? If you don't have a SO, then use your ex as a reference

It's about the same

Whose farts are more offensive?

It's about the same

From your own experiences, who commits more deadly farts? Men or women?

They're about the same
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Hockey fans: What is this Montreal Canadiens scandal?  I heard something about either the mob or rape, but I have no idea wtf is going on and can only find people saying that it's not good.

Answered, thanks.  Figures the stories were posted like 5 minutes after I asked.

Everyone else, how long was the longest you have had to wait for something you absolutely needed?
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Alright guys, I have a recipe for slow cooker sweet-and-sour pork that calls for a bottle of sweet and sour sauce. I bought it, but it seems awfully thick. I prefer the "thai" style of sweet and sour that's much thinner.

Any suggestions on how to thin it out a bit? I was thinking vinegar + pineapple juice, but I'm not sure.

Of rocks and ruffs

They say diamonds are a ladies' best friend. Man's best friend is a dog. Based on these statements and your own preferences for dogs or diamonds, which gender are you really?

Female. I like the bling
Male. I like the poochies
Some kind of hermaphrodite. I like both equally. Heaven is a dog with a diamond collar

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Poll #1352789 Hat trick poll

Which one?

Hookers and blow
Burlesque dancers and pot
God-fearing Christian ladies and strong tea

Which one?

Sex, drugs and rock and roll
Second-base-under-the-shirt-action, OTC meds, and top 40
Handholding, Flintstones' chewable vitamins and easy listening

Which one?

Drunk as a skunk
Tipsy as a gypsy
Drinking iced tea like a manatee

Which one?

Horny as a goat
Titillated as a titmouse
Asexual as a Jonas Brother

Which one?

Gay as a tree full of monkeys
Bi as a hedge full of chipmunks
Straight as a shrubbery full of mormons
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There is a part in the book that I am reading where two men are discussing a very attractive woman. It goes:

"She could really work it on out with that slingshot of hers. And she looked like she could work it on out in a few other ways, if you know what I mean. He shook his hand as if flicking water from the tips of his fingers.

What is he getting at?

Feel free to make fun of me for not understanding it.
Cadbury Creme Egg
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Do you tan? How? Fake tan, tanning booth, lying out in the sun like a loon... Do you try to tan no matter what the season?

I don't tan but the back of my neck has gotten darker because I was forgetting to apply sunscreen there. How can I get rid of said tan? It looks weird.
just a bill
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Students at George Mason University voted a drag queen as Homecoming Queen. If this happened at your school, would you think of it as a display of inclusiveness, or an embarrassment?
Fonz: eeeyyyhhhh

(no subject)

Did you ever think you were the star of some secretly filmed Tv show? (a la the Truman show) or that everyone but you was a robot and you were part of a huge psych experiment?

have you stopped thinking this? when?

(no subject)

1)If the police shoot somebody, should they be off with or without pay while the shooting is investigated?

2)Should CEOs of charities make 500k per year?

3)Moleskines- amazing or overhyped? If overhyped, what is your favorite notebook brand?
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Dear TQC,

Ellen Degeneres is 51 years old and Samantha Ronson is 31. Is lesbianism actually the fountain of youth?

PS. Okay, so maybe Ronson is questionable, but I thought she was an old-looking 25-year-old! :\
splat cupcake

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TQC! I need some DIY help

Ok. I have a party tomorrow with a mad scientist theme. So Im on  deadline I have these thigh high black and white striped stockings. However, I cannot find both of them.

I have panty hose with the same pattern but trust me I need thigh highs. Is there any way I can turn the hose into thigh highs without them falling down my legs?
emmett, QAF


Is their anyone who doesn't like like Ellen Degeneres or her show ? She seems like a nice & funny person.

I'm watching it today and I think she's hilarious, every time I hear her voice I think about Dory from Finding Nemo.

I hope  I'm like here when I'm 51.

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Let's say you have a falling out with a close friend and don't speak for a long time. Then one day they come to you and say they were in the wrong and they want to friends again. They want to get together right away

Would you expect your very first outing with them to be one-on-one or a group thing?

If "it depends," then on what does it depend?

(no subject)

You have been with your SO for six months and everything is going really really well.

However, you have always been aware of the fact that he/she cheated in her last relationship. Would this be an issue to you?
Maynard pen
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You guys, I just got the phone call that my Girl Scout cookies are on the way. This is cause for celebration, y/y?

Which cookie should I eat first? I bought Samoas, Shortbread and Thin Mints.

EDIT: lol my husband texted me RIGHT after I got the call about the cookies to let me know he bought me a Wii Fit. Is this the universe's way of letting me know I'm a fat ass?
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Peggy Blink

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Guy makes out with woman pretty hardcore. They kiss well, they get along fabulously, they laugh with each other, it's clear they dig each other.
However, both times this couple go out, their goodbye kiss is awkward because it's short and abrupt because he makes it short and abrupt. When she tries to kiss him again, he sort of pulls away.
Love gurus of TQC, what does this mean?

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The lady I live with and I fight. A LOT. Enough that today, we both gave one another notice of my leaving. We don't get along, we fight constantly, and her terms of living here are insane. Like, she wants to conduct weekly inspections of my living space, makes me leave my door open despite the fact that she smokes in the house(which she didn't tell me about, even when I stated that I have severe asthma and can't live near smoking), and constantly leaves me notes saying things like "this dish has been on the counter for THREE DAYS!" when in reality it's been there for three HOURS.

The terms of her lease on the house state specifically that there is to be no smoking and no drinking in the house, rules which I have always followed, but which she disobeys EVERY DAY.

My question is: Am I justified in calling the lady who actually owns the house to report this? Or am I being rude and vindictive?

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Clearwire high-speed internet for $29.99.

Not bad.
Find something better.
"High-speed" meaning: Up to 1.5Mbps downlink speed, Up to 256Kbps uplink speed.

Collapse )

What should I name him?

Mr. Blonde
Cocaine (or slang term for it)
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A friend recently lent me his telephoto lens. Unfortunately, I have no real need to use it, since I really only do food photography where I get up close and personal with cupcakes and such (no apple pie though...sorry).

So what's a telephoto lens good for? Aside from stalker/paparazzi photos.

(no subject)

every year i always get these spiders in my window next to my bed and they are huge and nasty and somehow get onto my bed and i spray the whole window with spider poison and tape the windows but they still keep coming in! is there another way to get rid of them?

spiders are my worst fear

(no subject)

Anyone know a place online where you can watch full episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I've been wanting to watch, but my boxed set still at my parents house somewhere.

found. thanks!

(no subject)

Have you ever repaired a chipped bathtub surface? While it looks simple enough, would hiring a pro to do it be smarter? 

Despite being back and forth my roommate hasn't fed or gotten any cat food for his cat. My fiance and I have been feeding the cat the kitten food we have but we're not about to go buy the weight loss food she needs for my roommate. He walks by a store every single day and even said yesterday "Don't worry, I'm getting some food for her right now". He has yet to do so.

Why is he being so damn lazy? He has money for smokes (I don't have any money and I'm feeding his cat!) 
I'm moving out by next weekend....will his cat be okay? 

(no subject)

1)Casual sex, do you love it or is it not for you?

not for me.

2)what area of your body is grossly fat?

my belly

3)Do you buy prints of artwork from the original artist?

eta: how can I stop buying stuff? I'm so impulsive lately.
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I have like two containers of raspberries in my fridge and I love the texture and the finger-food-snack alternative aspect, but the flavor is a little bland for me. What can i dip them in or pour on them to make them more fun to eat? I don't have any chocolate sauce or whipped cream which were the only two things I came up with.
Bandit Driving

(no subject)

I'm having a girls' night tomorrow. What type of beer should I have?
We plan on playing beer pong and asshole, what other games should we have?

If you don't drink, will you tell me a funny story?

(no subject)

1. My dinner was jalapeño kettle cooked potato chips and a Coke Zero. And yours?

2. So, I had some ~*artistic*~ noodz taken today. Would you/have you?

3. How good are you at reading other people?
Take a Look

(no subject)

TQC drivers, how would you feel if there were was a tax on vehicle milage?

I have to say, I think it's b/s because I don't see how it's fair. You can't always choose how far or how close you live to your job or where ever you may be commuting to.