February 19th, 2009

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what would you do in this situation?

I am one of those over-obsessed, over-organized people when it comes to planning parties.  My son's birthday party is obviously the most important.  Last year, for his first, I started buying party stuff seven months in advance.  We were able to pay for things easier because everything we needed was spread out from paycheck to paycheck.  This year, we're a little low on cash, so I figured starting things now, eight months earlier will make things slightly easier.

Okay, enough with the boring details.  I'm sitting here trying to budget everything.  I got to counting out the kids that would need favors or cowboy hats (Western Parties ftw) and things of the like.  Then I came across something that has me absolutely flippin' stumped.

I counted out 13 kids.  Everything in the catalog I'm looking at is ordered by the dozen.  See the problem there?  It would be absolutely ridiculous to buy two dozen for one more kid and then end up taking freakin' 11 home to sit and rot in my house as a sign of wasted money. 

So two questions:

What would you do?

What is your cutoff limit for kiddie favors?

My husband suggested five and under.  With that, we'd have 5 left over favors.  Still a waste of money.

I figured ten and under was a good limit, but I ended up with those 13 kids.  None of the things I'm looking to buy are sold individually.  I feel like there are some kids I could take off the list, but something tells me that'd be kinda mean. =\
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1. What's the most expensive food or beverage you've bought, deciding to spend all that money on it thinking it must be delicious, but it was HORRIBLE? (Doesn't have to be a lot of money overall, could be a lot of money for that particular.. e.g. 10$ for a chocolate bar..)
2. What's the cheapest tastiest thing ever?
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Why am I suddenly incredibly paranoid over my relationship with my best guy friend? Seriously, this is driving me nuts. He calls and I go into such panic mode i can't even answer my phone and when we're around mutual friends I'm a big ole' mess.

Alright Internet, tell me what I should do.

I'm a college freshmen, and I'm currently taking a couple of courses online. A few days ago one of my Gen. Psych. classmates posted a discussion board activity that made me suspicious, because of the way the quality of the writing and tone of the post changed suddenly. I took a sentence from the post and ran it through google, and sure enough, she plagiarized the majority of her essay from an article posted on an online health site.

I went back to look at her other essays, and two of the three include sentences that were lifted word for word from different websites, though not quite as brazenly as in the most recent assignment.

I can't really describe how badly this pisses me off. I feel like I should go to my professor, but I don't want to be a narc. If it matters, this student is a single mother with a one year old child who works full-time. This in no way excuses her actions, but if I report her and she gets expelled, I'll have guilt over the fact that this chick lost her chance at giving the kid a good life. I'm aware that this feeling doesn't make a lot of sense, and that it's her fault and her fault alone if she gets busted, but this worry is gnawing at my guts anyway.

On the other hand, my school has a two-strikes policy on plagiarism. If I tell, and this is the first time she's been caught, she'll get a zero on the assignment and chewed out by the folks in the dean's office, but that's about it. So maybe if she gets caught now it'll rein her in, so she doesn't end up repeating this little trick on a final paper and getting her ass flunked?

The way I see it, I can either (A) Report on her ass, (B) Contact her via facebook and warn her that she needs to start doing her own work or I'm going to the professor, or (C) Do nothing.

What do you think, internet? I don't understand why the professor hasn't caught this chick herself. It's really obvious what she's doing, but then this is the sort of assigment that's just graded on completion, so I doubt she's actually reading all our posts.

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When you have water in your ears does that annoy you? To what extent?

If you could change places with someone for one day, who would it be?

What's your favorite dish to cook?

What language would you like to learn the most?

If you could go on vacation, where would you go?

What would you do if you were born with 12 fingers?

Would you be humble even if you were born into royalty?

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What are some websites that have good DIY/innovative ideas for weddings? Like, creative placecard holders, favours, etc... A few sites have been mentioned here in the past (which I ofcourse didn't bookmark). Everything I've been googling is cheesy as hell and I'm digging through the weddingplans at present, but wow there's a lot to go through.
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(no subject)

Do I really need an 8gb memory card for my blackberry?
I mean, I have a 4gb memory card in my camera and it holds upwards of 5,000 high resolution pictures.
I'm turning in my recycling today if it helps any

What was your last unnecessary-but-I'm-justifying-it-anyway expense?

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1. In movies where a giant meteor is going to destroy the earth/end of the world scenario etc, why the hell do you always see people running, or driving away? YOU CAN'T DRIVE OFF THE EARTH, PEOPLE.

2. what should I add to my kraft dinner?!?! (no meat plz)


eta: im eating it with ketchup, extra cheese and ranch OM NOM NOM
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Will you tell me a story about why you are awesome?

I accidentally plugged up the tub drain with a baby washcloth and I managed to unclog it by using a PLUNGER!!! Not having to call a plumber = MAJOR WIN.
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have you ever participated in a craft swap, whether it is knit, crochet, or any other craft,
have you ever made something for a swap?

how did it go?
was it people you knew from a local area or was it online, mailed across the world?
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Do you think I can get away with lifting even though I have a few stitches in my back right now? Like lunges, dead lifts, swiss ball crunches, pullups, etc. I've never had stitches before so sorry if this is a stupid question.

Do you ever playfully grope your partner?

Do you have any interesting LOST theories? Want to share?
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What age range do you consider "tweens" to be?

I'm reading this book that cites a survey of teens and tweens, the tweens being eight- to 12-year olds, and I always thought that tweens would be 10-12 or something...8 seems a little young to me.

Kitty In Window

(no subject)

My oldest cat died on monday unexpectedly. My other female cat and her were pretty much bff's. Now she's kind of sulking around the house. Is it possible that she is realizing her friend is gone? Can cats be depressed? Should I be worried or will she probably forget in like a week? 

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What was your first ever email address/screen name/login-name/etc.? How old were you when you made it/them?

My first email address was galaxybowl@ something or other, and my first AIM sn was universalmadness. lol. I made both when I was like 11.

TL DR I bet, and a little silly to boot, but PLS HALP

Ok, I know TQC habitually thinks wedding hooplah is for the birds, but pleas hear me out:

My husband's longtime friend is getting married. His fiancee, with whom I am on friendly terms, just texted me asking for the name of the song we left the ceremony to (the recessional, I think it's called). Anyways, our song was awesome, it was "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" by Natalie Cole. It was unique and energetic and...

Ok, I am upset that she's wanting to know, assuming she'd like to use it too. My question isn't whether or not I'm being rational; it's my reaction and since the friend's brother got married in our same spot, with the same processional music and bridesmaid dresses, the same time of year and lots of other similarities... I just like the more unique parts of our ~wedding~ to be ours.

What my question IS: How do I reply to this text? Isn't saying "Why do you want to know?" or "Ummmm I don't feel comfortable telling you/sharing the song" rude?

Please don't make fun of me, TQC. I just really want to get some tips on how to handle this strange, out of the blue text.
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Move ittt

Will you motivate me to go to my choir and dance classes please?

K, I found it.
So, whats your favorite song to dance around the room to when no one is watching?
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(no subject)

So I'm currently looking for advertising internships and am wondering if there's any way I can change how my name comes up in google?

There are some news articles I'm featured in however they don't show up at the top :(

any ideas?
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So, are you in a relationship?

If yes, do you love each other?

If yes, when and how did you tell the other person you loved them for the first time?

What is the most romantic thing your current SO has done for you?

If you are NOT in relationship, do you wish you were? If yes, who?
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What's your favorite sweet/salty combination?
I spontaneously had oreos and popcorn the other day and they were amazing together!

What other cross-tastebud combinations do you like?
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(no subject)

1. Do you like kissing? Like, just kissing with your lips. How long do you like to do that for? Do you think it's just a formality/segue to other things or an enjoyable act in itself? Because I don't get it.

2. Do you think it's important to talk to your sex partners about what will happen if someone involved gets pregnant? Under what circumstances is it imperative/not that important? Do you bring the issue up with your partners?


Generally, how much does it cost to feed one person for one month?

I'm trying to calculate my expenses for living off campus next year and plus food (not on the meal plan like I have in the past).

ETA: OK I should've been more specific. NOT eating Ramen noodles every night or cheap stuff like PB&J. But NOT eating terribly expensive food like Lobster or Filet Mignon.
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Bored Randomness

1. If you could have any job in the world, what would you do?

2. Barring winning the lottery or robbing a bank, what's the best way to come up with $5000?

3. Will you pay off my student loans?

4. I am coming over for dinner. What are we having?

cuz i have so many questions

1. What kind of hair do you have? Long, short? Curly, wavy, straight?
2. For those ladies who straighten their hair - what exactly do you do to keep it straight for more than a day? (Should I bathe instead so it doesnt get wet? )
3. Do you enjoy internet drama? Where can I find some? I like to lol at butthurt n00bs.


edited for clarity..

(no subject)

Edit: in the third question, you don't actually get to keep the car. You just save it from destruction

Poll #1352222 Playing God

There are 3 vehicles dangling over the edge of a steep cliff. You have the means of rescuing one of them. The other 2 will fall and be no more. Here's the contents of each vehicle. Which one will you save?

Bus full of 32 recently-sentenced criminals on route to prison, 1 driver
Minivan of 6 mentally retarded kids, 1 normal driver
1 Ford Fiesta owned by a pizza delivery guy. In his vehicle are 6 pizzas and 5 bottles of soda. Just one guy in the car
I save no one

Same scenario as above. Which vehicle will you save?

SUV carrying a 4-man crew who film a cheap variation of GIRLS GONE WILD. They get women drunk and take pictures of them naked, for profit. They were on their way to Daytona
Bus of 29 menbers of the Westboro Baptist Church, who were on their way to protest a soldier's funeral
Sedan, abandoned by its driver. The only living things inside are a cocker spaniel and her 5 puppies
I save no one

Same scenario as above. Which vehicle will you save?

BMW containing Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter
Limo containing Amy Winehouse and a huge bag of drugs. She says she'd be willing to share
A super rare, electric blue lamborgini, in tip top shape. Beautiful, irreplaceable. There's no one inside
I save no one

(no subject)

I'm applying as a transfer to another school. One of the essays wants me to talk about an issue that's important to me.

I do have an essay I did for a course that I could easily edit down, length wise, but it has quite a few sources that I'd like to keep (Quotations and the likes). Is that discouraged for these kind of essays? Or should I merely include the sources at the end of it?
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(no subject)

Would you rather make a bomb out of a kitten or a puppy?

Would you play a video game that allowed you to make bombs out of cute, fluffy animals?

Do you prefer chocolate or fruit-flavored candies?
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How do you feel about Heelies?
I HATE THE DAMN THINGS. I would love to Big Daddy the little shits that wear them and toss a stick in their path each time i saw them, but alas, I don't think mommy and daddy would appreciate that much :\

I'm in a cafe right now, and the busboy guy got taken aside by one of the supervisors and talked to about cleaning. She asked him to be more thorough under the tables and pull out a chair to get it all...now he's like slinging chairs all around and pulling booths from the wall...when customers are sitting on the other half of the booth. Butthurt much? y/n?

What is the last delicious thing you consumed?
the piece of cheesecake i was eating was pretty awesome but i got to the crust and it's disgustingggg at the end :( ugh why. so i have to amend my answer...definitely the taco bell i had for lunch!
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What should I make for dinner tonight? I'd prefer something healthy. My options are wide open as I have to go to the grocery store anyways. Recipes welcome!
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(no subject)

Have you ever donated blood?

What was your worst experience giving blood?

Do you get light headed and sick afterwards?

Do you donate plasma?

Do you know your blood type?

ETA: Sorry for the double posting? I wasn't online today until just now and didn't see any post about blood donating on my flist so I went ahead.

Do you enjoy banana chips?

What's one food you could not live without?

(no subject)

I have 27 days of vacation time I have to use before August 25. I am planning on using 17 of them or less.

How should I take the other 10 days off? Or rather, how would YOU? I can't afford to go anywhere, so I could take two Fridays a month off or something...or I could pick a time during the summer and take a chunk of days off because the weather would be nice. My work is flexible and we have a lot of "down time" so I could realistically take off almost any time I wanted.

Also, do Hawaiians hate it when mainlanders move to Hawaii?
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(no subject)

How do you remove the wax from your ears?

Your fingernails? A q-tip? At home ear wax removal kit? Go to the doctor?

Have you ever had your ears flushed out at the doctors office?
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(no subject)

you are the opposite sex. for 1 day. yes you are.

what do you do?

who do you have sex with?

what is the first thing you TRY as sex-reversed you?

if you had the option to stay, would you change back? what would be the major factor in this decision?

use your imagination tqc!
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(no subject)

My tongue is sore and painful. They're not inflamed tastebuds or canker sores and could be related to quitting smoking. However, my grandmother has an autoimmune disease that is genetic and it manifests itself (partially) with tongue and lip sores with pain. It's especially hard on her because they still don't know what exactly causes it (I mean she's dealt with this for years without any relief). Am I being overly-paranoid thinking I should bring this up with my doctor when I go?

Will you plz tell me, in greatly exaggerated detail, what you did today?

(no subject)

Hey. lettermage why delete man?
are you too emo for us?
Thats my second deletion in two days.
Are ya'll trying to tell me something?

EDIT: Time for me to hunker in my bunker for the night. Send water and scorpion repellent.
Continue to abuse my post ya'll. I don't mind. Honest. ;_;
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(no subject)

What is the most selfish thing you have done?
Spend an insane amount of money on frivolous things for myself.

What is the most selfless thing you have done?
Donated my husbands viable organs/tissues

(no subject)

My sister is throwing an oscar party this sunday.  She wants to come up with some "themed"  food ideas. For example, she's making "slumdogs in a blanket", and "frosted Nixon cupcakes".  Most websites i've seen online have primarily dessert items, and because she already has the cupcakes, she's not looking for sweet. So creative minds of TQC, what are some oscar themed appetizer ideas?
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(no subject)

Would you rather write a collection of short stories devoted entirely to bowel movements, or write a novel about the time you had a urinary tract infection?

What's the last children's story you read? When did you last read it?

Could Green Arrow take Daredevil?

(no subject)

 what is your favorite type of sushi? will you describe it for me if it is some sort of ridiculous roll?

if you don't like sushi, what is your favorite type of seafood? and how do you like it prepared?
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Totally hypothetical. Totally.

So let's say you work for a doctor. Next, let's say you're on Facebook. You notice the People You May Know list, and see a girl who is a patient of the doctor you work for. Turns out you know a lot of the same people.

Would you add her? You only know her personally through the doctor you work for, the two of you talk a bit when she comes in but you're not really friends.

How WEIRD would this be on a scale of 1-10?

(eta: for clarification, yes, I am the one working at the office, and no, I do not plan on adding her. but the idea of it made me thoughtful and wondering if people WOULD, lol)

What is the weirdest reason you've seen for some one adding you (or some one you know) on Facebook/MySpace/LJ?

(no subject)

for those of you in the UK who rent your house/flat is there a certain amount of time you have to have been in your job before you can rent? i know to get a mortgage you have to have been employed at the same place for 6 months. just wondering if theres anything like that for renting. im SICK of living at home, now have a job i dont utterly despise so wont quit in a few months and really really really want to move out!
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(no subject)

What was the last thing to surprise you, but in a good way?

I recently realized that I went to high school with one of the guys in the band "You Me and Everyone We Know" and was friends with another guy who used to play for them.
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(no subject)

you've been in a relationship for 4 months. you're SO has told you they love you; you love them back. you go hiking. they propose to you. you gladly say "YES!!!"
they fall off a cliff and suffer extreme head trauma, but survive. they remember you when they wake up 2 months later, but only half the time, and often only as an acquaintance. they still have years of therapy ahead of them.
EDIT: imagine that you wanted to marry the person after a long engagement which you both agreed upon before the SO fell.

what do you do (aside from cry)?

would your decision to stay with them or leave them change depending on your age?
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(no subject)

If you could capture everyone's (literally) attention with a Public Service Announcement, what would you say?
(for this purpose, please disregard people being offended by language/inappropriate content).

the more nonsrs answers, the better. please feel free to create as many as you'd like!

Do you have a tumblr? If so, what is your link?
Grammar love!

(no subject)

So. I'm going to NYC in July. The cheapest flight+hotel that I found is on Priceline. I am 18 years old.

When I tried to book the package, they told me this:

"Please enter the name that you would like your room reserved under. Priceline's minimum age to check into a hotel is 21 years of age."

Exactly what do I do? Can I put it under my mom's name or something but then check in as myself when I get there? Would the hotel even care?

What if I pay with her credit card (and pay her back, of course)?

Would Priceline send William Shatner after me?

(Also, what kind of BS is this that someone who is legally an adult can't check into a hotel room?)

Thank you.

EDIT: I just called the hotel and they said you have to be 18. So...what now?
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(no subject)

I need American help.
I need to buy several toys and send them to an american address. I'm trying to find a toy store/site that is american to order from to save on shipping and hassle.
Amazon + Walmart don't have what i need and ToysRUs.com won't take Canadian credit cards because ToysRUs.com SUCKS DONKEY BALLS and doesn't want my money, apparently.

So what other US retailers can i try online? Target? Anything else? I know nothing of your stores :(
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It's all in the timing.

Will you tell me about a time when something happened at the BEST POSSIBLE SECOND to be most wonderful, hysterical, etc?

Example (mine): At the rehearsal for my graduation in high school, the principal went up to the stage and asked us to please turn off our cell phones, since several had gone off in a row. While he was up on stage, still standing at the mic, his phone went off. His face flushed and he just turned around.

(no subject)

what are you doing right now?
how do you feel about jade goody having cancer?
when was the last time you felt a slut and why?
ladies, have you had cervical cancer jabs?
how much would you have to get paid (lump sum) to never have sex again?
and just because... what are you wearing right now?

(no subject)

1. Will you post a picture of your favorite thing you've ever cooked/baked? (it can be a picture you've taken or one you found on the internet)

2. Do you agree with women breast feeding in public? Why/why not?

3. If your date told you they were in the pornography business, in a non-sexual way (examples; camera operator, lighting, directing) would it bother you?
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(no subject)

Is there any way for Word 2004 to read a .docx format? Any way at all? My group partner emailed me her notes, but they're in the wrong format. Help? (I've already asked her to reemail me the notes in the right format, but I need to compile them tonight)
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(no subject)

1. Smack my bishop?

2. What are your favorite positions for kitty to rest on/near you?

-across my leg
-curled up between my legs with his head pressed in a weird position against my leg (upside down head)
-stretched out with his rubber bones to the max
-curled up in a tiny ball

I wish he slept near/across my face! :(

3. What do you call your kitty when he does cute stuff? For example, when he's snoring cutely, I call him a Snorlax, like the Pokemon (even though I don't play it). When something interesting comes on the TV or something else, I might call him a ninja, a walrus, a miner 49er, or whatever is on.

(no subject)

If you were a young adult (early 20's or so) and a few of your coworkers (who are in their 40's) asked you to hang out outside of work, would you do it? Assume you really like and get along very well with said coworkers. (And by hanging out, they mean seeing a movie or grabbing a bite to eat sometime.)

(no subject)

So in class next week we're going to be doing a little competition with cookies, but we need to bring in recipes tomorow so that the ingredients can be ordered. I can't decide which cookie recipe to bring in, though. These are the ones I've narrowed it down to:

- Chocolate Mint Cookies
- Double Rich Chocolate Cookies (dark chocolate)
- Marshmallow Clouds (chocolate chocolate chip with marshmallow filling)
- Cinnamon Maple Rings (cinammon filling with maple glaze)
- Triple Layer Lemon Bars
- Creamy Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars (graham cracker, thin layer of chocolate, then peanut butter, then another layer of choclate)

They all sound so good! Which one should I pick? If these don't sound good, do you have any other suggestions for a good recipe?

(no subject)

Do you like the movie Varsity Blues?
These fake accents are driving me nuts.

Do you go to the gym? How frequently and what do you do there?
Yes, 4x/week for a total of 5 hours. I only do classes though, lol.

What one change would you make to your home if you had the money/time/whatever it is that's preventing you from doing it?
Update my horrible 1982 woodgrain coutertops. That's happening this Spring finally. Already replaced the old ugly carpets with wood, which was #1 before.
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(no subject)

 Do you do anything weird in your sleep? 
-For the past week I have dreamed of people texting me and I reply to them IRL. It's so annoying having to explain the next day! This has happened 4 different nights. 
-I also woke up one time eating a bowl of cereal. 

I am a fatty for real now

How come I am at the point at which I can't really fit into my jeans anymore, it's too cold to wear my stretchy skirt, and I literally don't have the capacity to buy new jeans (in a country where jeans are not made for people as short as I am), yet I still can't put down the goddamn food?

What is the most inspirational thing you can say to me to get me to lose five pounds?

(no subject)

Poll #1352361 email my love

Who is your main email provider?

I use my school-given email address

Which of the following is your preferred way of communicating?

snail mail
instant message

(no subject)

how much does the average .5 ounce bottle of perfume cost? i've googled a bit but i haven't found a whole lot and i've never bought perfume anyways.

actually a better question would be: is $22 for a .5 ounce bottle of perfume cheap or expensive, or somewhere in between? as i said i've never bought perfume but i found a really awesome one at this sex toy party my friend had tonight.

sorry if this isn't coherent; i have an awful headache and can't entirely think straight.
Pushing Daisies <3

Questions for Celebrities?

Ok, so I go see broadway shows all the time, and do stage door, where I get some of the stars' autographs. But I get at a loss for words as to what to say to them. So I just say the generic "You were so good" and "I loved the show"

But I want to ask them a question, or tell them something that will be more than a generic one liner statements. Do you have any suggestions?

...and not creeper ones like "will you please hang out with me?" because, ew, I wouldn't want to hang out with someone who asked me that, hahahaha