February 18th, 2009

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GTA Penis - NSFW

Ok, hopefully this hasn't already been asked (I did go back 140 entries and saw nothing, but my apologies if I missed it):

Has anyone seen the latest GTA IV controversy regarding the full frontal male nudity in its expansion pack that is/was released today?

If not, you can go here and check it out: http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3172816

This is obviously NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

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How do you feel about nudity in video games?
Is it really so much worse than shooting and stabbing people in game?
Why does e-peen get so much attention?
He needs to trim. Y/Y?
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On a scale of 1-10, 10 being really superduper weird, how weird is it to comment on the status of a Facebook "friend" with whom you've only spoken like 4 or 5 times in passing?

This kid Griffin was in my Italian class last spring and we have several mutual friends. I just saw on my news feed, "Griffin washed his phone with his pants!"

I want to say something smartassy like, "Are pants generally a good cleaning agent?!"

Harhar. I'm lame.

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To Dropkick Murphy fans...

What is your favorite song by them?

I am going to see them in less than 2 weeks so I have been listening to them a lot! :D:D
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just moved into my own place w/ my bf and we're trying to decorate w/ out spending a bunch of money cuz we want to simplify and save up for some sweet little folding bikes.

Anyway do any of you have any good suggestions about LJ or other websites that are DIY without being too boring? we want some good suggestions on how to decorate and make things for ourselves without needing too many tools or experience and we want things to look pretty modern, etc.

we're also interested in recycling a lot of items in new and interesting ways in order to be more sustainable. any good LJ groups or sites for that?

what are some of the most creative things that you have recycled and remade into decorative accessories or furniture?

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Poll #1351203 It's almost 1 am

What should I do?

finish math homework now, then go to bed
go to bed now, wake up early for homework
fuck homework, just work at McDonald's forever
drop out of school and join the circus
other, in comments
Bandit Driving

Random Questions

What was your last major purchase?

I'm selling my computer to my boss, what am I forgetting to remove from my hard drive? I already got all the porn ;)

I was supposed to go pick up a friend from the train station tomorrow, but now someone else is going. What should I do with my day now? What are you doing tomorrow?
Peggy Blink

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Does anybody use/work for ChaCha?
What have your experiences been like?

I've worked for them since November, had an unsatisfactory experience as a customer, posted about it in the Guide forum and the mods BAHHHHHHHLEETED that shit because, essentially, they don't allow anything that might tarnish ChaCha's reputation. I like them for the most part, but I'm wondering if any customers have had any issues with questions or if any guides/expediters/whatever have had issues with the company itself.

Toodles, y'all!

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If a donor gives blood and the donation is rejected down the line (due to any number of reasons), is the donor notified?

Inspired by earlier post where it was assumed the Red Cross will call you if you have an STD

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How does the awesomeness of Kite Liberator compare to Kite the original?

EDIT: Just saw it. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, they added SPACE MONSTERS. I AM NOT KIDDING YOU. FUCKING SPACE MONSTERS!

I was disappointed with Kite, as at first it seemed like it might be a cool vigilante plot, but once you find out the stuff at the end, it just makes no sense at all. OMGSPOILERSOMGDONTREAD PASTHERE

She could have killed Akai at any damn time while he was off guard, even resorting to poisoning him and the big guy at the same time. Plus, continuing to have sex with him and killing people that she knows are innocent is BS.

And why do they even put the hentai in there? There isn't enough to make a legit hentai movie, and it's too explicit to have any value.
Typing Monkey

(no subject)

How do you show people you appreciate them?

I tend to be a "small gifts giver" - a bottle of their favorite pop, a bag of chips, stickers, laundry detergent, etc. I'm giving one of my co-workers a Starbucks double shot today, as she's working a few hours longer than normal.


So last night at my Equine Evaluation class we had an exam - part of it was a written exam and the other part was giving oral reasons. I walked into the room to give my reasons and my instructor looked at me oddly and declared that I need a nickname. It was fairly random and I was slightly confused so I just kind of stared back and went, 'huh?' Golden then told me that I look like I need a nickname. I have to leave for my Equine Science class in a few and he's also the instructor for that course. I'm kind of nervous about what his nickname for me might be...

How does someone look like they need a nickname?

Do you have any nicknames? What are they and where did you get them from? 

What do you think my new nickname should be? 
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1. For those of you with iphones/ipod touches, what are your favorite/most useful aps?

2. For those of you with Apple computers, what is your favorite/most useful software for OS X? 

3. For everyone: 

You are sick with a cold - you have a wet cough, a stuffed nose, your throat burns and you have some pain in your sinuses. HOWEVER - you otherwise feel pretty good - lots of energy, good mood, no need to sleep all day. Do you go to work or call in sick? 

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I just spit all over myself...somehow.
I was chewing gum, and then my tongue just kinda fell out of my mouth and all this spit raspberried onto my shirt.
I'm pretty sure the guys sitting next to me saw it, because they got really quiet and whispered a few things right after.

What was your last moment where you didn't know how to act because what you just did was unexplainable even to you?
Maynard pen
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Why are the cats afraid of my puppy? Seriously, the puppy weighs maybe 1lb, at the most, and I doubt he'll get bigger than our smallest cat. My cats are total chickens, y/n?

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When was the last time you were sick?
What did you have? Was it bad?
How long were you sick for?

I've been sick since a couple nights ago. I have a bad cold/sore throat/fever/aching muscles thing going on. I've been in bed for the past two days. :(

dianna agron ;;

(no subject)

I want to watch a film. A sort of light-hearted family fun type crap film. I'm really in the mood for Disney but I've seen like every Disney film a billion times, so something else.
What do you suggest?!

I hate my life

my new neighbors have 4 kids under the age of 5 all running around, screaming, skreaching jumping and crying. Last night the parents had ALOT of what sounded like DAMN GOOD SEX and their bed in on the same wall as mine is... so i heard pretty much everything. So needless to say I got NO sleep. In the lease we all sign, it states no loud noises, washing machines tvs or parties between 11 pm and 8 am ....

I work first and need to sleep and night and my husband works 3rds and needs to sleep during the day.

Do I go over there and talk to them?
or do I go to the landlord?

what should I do ?
What would you do?
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(no subject)

My lease is up in May. I need someone to room with in the Baltimore, MD area. Who wants to room with me? I cook, am rarely home, enjoy House and It's Always Sunny, give kick ass back rubs, have never been late on rent, and am just generally awesome.

Alternatively, is it snowing where you are?
Do you like snow?
What's your favourite type of weather?

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Let's pretend TQC is a dating website.

Will you write the most ridiculous personal ad you can think of?

Will you write a really sad and pathetic one?

What is the worst personal ad you have ever seen?

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I want to get contacts again, but over the past few years my eyes have gotten extremely dry, I use eye drops throughout the day help control it. I got a few Acuvue Moist dailies from my doctor to try out, but after 6-8 hours they felt very dry and I had to switch back to glasses or put in eye drops. Are there any other contacts that work well with dry eyes?
tell me about it!

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All the pro movers I have been calling either haven't answered their phones/online quotes OR are way higher priced than they lead you to believe (I highly doubt my 3 bedroom move would take one crew the NINE HOURS quoted to me @ $130/hour for a load/unload only [no packing!] job).

I found a guy on craigslist who quoted me a flat rate of $285 for two guys and a truck. I should just drive behind them to make sure they don't take off with my shit while my husband drives in his car as well and take my fucking chances, Y/N?

Added incentive : There's no vendetta thread calling him out as a rip off artist and he sounded very professional on the phone.
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(no subject)

Is Jack eligible for insurance for falling down a hill and breaking his crown? Would more information be needed before a ruling is made? If so, what details would need to be confirmed?

Also, should Jill have to make a claim on her own policy for coming tumbling after Jack, or is Jack also liable for her injuries?

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ask_a_nurse hasn't replied and my doctor is ridiculously slow in responding to e-mails, so I come to you. 

When you have a wound that's oozing a little, should you keep it bandaged to keep germs out or should you let it breathe so it can dry out?

I went to the doctor yesterday and I was given a care sheet.  He told me to change the bandage as needed but I forgot to ask the above question.  I also want to add that the gauze stuck to my wound when I removed it to shower today and I had to soak it to peel it off little by little.  I have the feeling it wouldn't have happened if my wound was dry when it was applied.  I'm afraid of this new gauze sticking again because it's painful as you can imagine.

ETA:  I got finally got an answer but to keep with the rules...

Will you tell us about the last time you got hurt?


Do you ever watch WE tv? I kind of like the shows about scandals and chicks who kill other dudes.

If you do watch it some times, are you going to watch "Little Miss Perfect" tonight?

It's about the little 5 year old girls whose moms make them do pageants -- spray tanning, veneers... the whole shebang. I think I'm going to watch it, even though it's very sad.
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My mom discovered ebay and decided to buy herself a used laptop. The little thing was cheap and doesn't do much, but it allows her to read forwards and watch stupid videos on YouTube so she's happy.

Or she was until I tried to install service pack 2 on it so she could download MSN messenger and we discovered her copy of Windows XP is a ripoff. Which I really wouldn't give a rats ass about except now it's going to lock her out in 12 days. I didn't even know they could do that!

Anyway, I think it's the responsibility of the seller to provide a genuine copy of Windows XP. I don't think it'll happen, but I think it's what should happen. Maybe I'm bias because it's my poor sweet mother though, so...

Who is responsible for replacing the bad copy of xp?

My mama
white flowers

(no subject)

1. Is there a script/add-on that will expand all the comments to an entry - even if the entry has multiple pages? I tried using one (can't remember its name) and it would expand all comments that were on one page, but I had to do it on every page as I went.

2. Also, a screencapping script/add-on/something that will cap the page at a normal size? Screengrab makes tiny, tiny pictures that are useless to me unless I upload them to a host like Photobucket. The idea is that I'd like to screencap posts for keeping on my PC as one image so that if they are deleted later I still have them. I've been using the "Save Page As" and saving as a complete webpage, but then it has to have a separate folder where it saves all the images in the post and it eats a lot of space. :(

ETA: Figured #2 out! Thank you!
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I just overheard someone say "she better give me an A in the class, she's only 5 years older than me".

Entitlement bitch or no?

If you were called on to help with some kind of big event, would you rather be the emcee or someone helping set up / organize behind the scenes?

(no subject)

People keep criticizing me because I don't want to go into the professional world. I'd rather work at a grocery store or something and work my way up to a managerial position. I realize I still wouldn't make that much money, but I'd be able to make enough to live comfortably.

I have a Bachelor's degree but I do my best at customer service jobs. I have an office job thing right now and I can't stand the bureaucracy and just sitting around all day in general, but I know that working as a cashier and things like that are things I could actually do well, not just passably.

What is so wrong with wanting to do what I know I'm capable of doing rather than becoming a professional just for the reputation? Why do people keep insisting that I need to go after my dreams (whatever those are, because I don't really have any) instead of being realistic about my life?
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(no subject)

I need to write a reference letter about myself because my boss has absolutely no time and he's agreed to sign it if it's all true. Except, I've never written one and don't know what to really talk about. I'm applying for a journalism internship and I want to highlight my work ethics/style. Has anyone written a letter of reference, or created a template that I can see?

(no subject)

best makeup combination for redheads? i've recently went red and i have very pale skin, any tips/tricks on clothing colors i should look for and or makeup that would compliment blue eyes and a plae complexion with auburn hair?
logan lynn

(no subject)

I have a math project due today and the professor encouraged us to make a cover page full of clip art and stuff. Isn't this really fucking weird for college?

I don't think I've had to do something like this since freshman year of high school.
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(no subject)

i found $100 in my running shorts last night at the gym. it has been there since... august or so.

what should i buy/do with it?!

eta unrelated question: who's your most irritating friend? why are they so irritating?

my friend ben... he just lectured me via facebook chat about how i need to do schoolwork and be serious about it. and that having a boyfriend shouldn't be important to me now, you will suck badly later in life if you don't listen to me... all from someone the same age as me... are you kidding?! gr.
Eternal Sunshine

Sparkley vampire party

I am contemplating throwing a Twilight party to celebrate the DVD release of this century's greatest comedy. I am looking for menu items that make you think of sparkles or vampires or Twilight. One person suggested bloody mary's which is fabulous but I need a full menu. Any ideas TQC?
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(no subject)

Say you're shopping at a store where the employees wear an established, recognizable uniform (think Target). You need help with something and you see a person who is stocking shelves, but is obviously not wearing the store's uniform. Do you ask them for help?

Also, what's up with people who knock on the bathroom door after noticing that it's locked? How do you respond if you're the person in the bathroom?
a clockwork orange


So, I'm going to a Mardi Gras themed open mic night/dance party on Friday. If you don't dress up, you have to pay a $5 cover. I'll also be performing. I'm thinking about gold and purple eyeshadow and my flashing Captain Morgan beads, but I'm not sure what else.

What should I wear, TQC?

(no subject)

Last Monday I told my math teacher that I wasn't going to be in class on Wednesday and asked what I should do. She told me to just do the next section of homework. Today I went to class and found out that she had collected homework on Wednesday (she collects it randomly). So after class I handed my assignment to her and explained how I wasn't there on Wednesday. She told me that she wouldn't accept it because it was late and I should have given it to someone in the class to hand in for me. What should I do?

a) Remind her that I told her I wasn't going to be there and she only told me to go a section ahead on homework. If I knew that she was going to collect the homework I would have handed it in beforehand.
b) Let it go.

(no subject)

While chewing gum, suddenly I felt something hard in my mouth.
I just realized my tooth broke in half and is now on the floor...
What the fuck!
Has anything like this ever happened to you?
Will they give me a fake tooth?
What am I supposed to do?!
Cadbury Creme Egg
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(no subject)

What's the worst job interview you've ever been to? Did you end up getting the job anyway?
I interviewed for an admin. role with a branch of the government once; and the lady who interviewed me spent most of the time talking about the way I'd laid out my CV - "Oh, you don't see orange much on CVs, that's very interesting...you know, you could have centered this text rather than aligning it to the left...is this Tahoma? One of my favourite fonts...10 point? Or 11 point? Hmmm, nice...". The rest of the time, she spent grilling me about how good a secret-keeper I was because a lot of the things the branch dealt with were "confidential, extremely confidential - do you understand? Very, very private...". They weren't even a particularly interesting part of the government either, it was like the Department of Planning and Development or something. I wasn't offered the job.

Has your job been affected by the economic downturn?
Yes! I was made redundant on Thursday.


(no subject)

I have started to grow some of my own produce, and I am pretty new to the whole eating more healthy/sustainable thing. I now only shop at the farmers market, but I still have NO IDEA how to cook

I am not a vegetarian but would like to only meat/fish 1-2x a week.

So I am looking for some help on finding sites and LJ communities that have quick healty/vegetarian recipes. I am Middle Eastern so I would like a variety of different foods from other countries.

But once again, I am not a big foodie. I don't know how to cook and I am just starting out but I am kind of getting tired of just making beans, rice, and soup ;) I go to school full time and work part time, so I just need quick ideas that are relatively easy to cook and don't require all types of ingredients

please give me any and all your favorite sites and LJ communities. Thanks!!

(no subject)

So my day sucked but then I took off my shoes and I'm wearing really colorful, brand new socks today right? And I'm like, well at least my socks are all colorful, and I was happy. And then I stepped in dog shit.

TQC, what action or statement basically summarizes your whole day?
dianna agron ;;

(no subject)

My mother has decided it'd be nice for us to flit off to Paris next week for a couple days because we need a break.
So to those who have been to Paris, or know a lot about it, what fun things could we do there?
[I don't really want to see the Eiffel Tower. It don't 'alf sound dull. Anything else though!]
28 days later

(no subject)

Might be a stupid question, but it's also hard to google. Is there a way to leave facebook groups without going to the groups page, opening the group, and clicking leave group and confirming?
Peggy Blink

(no subject)

What's better: someone who gets you all hot and bothered but who ONLY wants to have sex with you (not in a way that USES you or makes you feel like crap, just that they're not interested in a relationship), or someone who doesn't do anything for you, but you get along with and who wants to be in a relationship with you?

For people who prefer females: What's the sexiest perfume you've ever smelled on a woman?
Pug in wig

Just curious.

Scenario: You're on your computer, typing, when someone walks into the room. He or she looks over your shoulder to see what you're doing(/typing/reading).

Would you consider this person's action(s) rude?

This might be tldr

A friend of mine said that he would be coming to dinner tonight at 6:30.
Another friend called to confirm with him and he said that he was "Walking into the gym and didn't know if he would be ready"

...Does this make ANY sense to you?

I asked about the girl who wanted me to plan the reunion dinner that she invited me to.
She canceled on us.

Would you still go out to dinner? (we are, hence question number one)

Anyone else having a ridiculous day?

(no subject)

are any of you in chiropractic college? if so, how rigorous is the program? what kinds of things are you learning? (obviously, i know you learn about bones but..what else does it entail? i probably should know this but i don't.)
City Light Hearts

(no subject)

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1. When, if ever, should Pete and Joan inform Zack that his sister Kayla is his biological mother?
2. What would be the biggest reason to tell (or not tell) Zack the truth?
3. Everyone in Zack's extended family knows that Kayla gave birth to him. Is it better just to tell him the truth before crazy uncle Sam lets it slip one day when Zack is 24?

Yes, this is a real situation.
night porter

(no subject)

What is Scientology's deal? Aside from being a cult and curing shit with vitamins and hating psychology and Tom Cruise and taking your money, what do they actually believe in? Is it a jesus thing?

ps from earlier
No infection, Dr. says to keep an eye on it to see if it gets worse.

(no subject)

you live an an apartment. the gal above you just got a boyfriend this past month. they have sex at one am every night. EVERY NIGHT. it's not earth shattering. but sometimes it wakes you up. or sometimes it keeps you up if you can't sleep. it never last more than 15-20 minutes.

would you say anything?
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Ugh, school.

Have you ever had a professor/teacher who only gave essay/free response/short answer exams, but essentially required you to say exactly what was in the notes word for word and would not give partial credit, even if the concept was right? If you have, did you do well in the class? How did you manage it?

Tell me about your favorite and least favorite teachers.
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(no subject)

I'm going to London for a small jaunt on Monday. We arrive in London Victoria at 6pm on Monday and we have to leave at 9am on Wednesday from London Victoria. Our hostel is in Bayswater.

I've been a few times before and loved it. Looking for some advice this time!

I'm hoping to visit London Zoo, Camden Market and Freddie Mercury's house in Kensington. Do you think this is feasible to do in one day?

Also...any good pubs/places to eat in Bayswater area?

Thank you so much!

(no subject)

Have you or anyone you've known ever toilet trained a cat? (and by toilet trained, i dont mean housebroken, i mean.... they pee and poo IN the toilet like Jinx on Meet the Parents)

If so, how long did it take? What happens when you bring the cat with you on a trip (does the cat use the hotel toilet, for example)?

-the reason i ask is because i'm currently 20 days into toilet training my cat.

(no subject)

I have a new blank LJ account. Should I switch to it totally and abandon this one (blank slate!), use it for some specific personal purpose (I was thinking dream diary or sex diary or something), or use it as a sock to mercilessly troll TQC for a few months? I can't decide.
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(no subject)

When you're talking to someone face-to-face, which of their features do you tend to focus on?

Do you think it's true that if you avoid looking someone in the eyes, it's because you have something to hide?

(no subject)

Should I infiltrate the rival debate society on Thursday, or will it just raise my blood pressure? The topic they will be arguing is "the university should cut funding for race-based organizations" AKA frat boys in business casual asking why there is no white history month.

Will someone have an argument with me and be blatantly fallacious so I can bring it in for my logic assignment?
  • daqenue


Would you vote for a third-party candidate for president?

Should someone register with a major party they somewhat agree with (or the heart and soul of that party they agree with, but the derivations are extremely offensive to this person) or a third-party they agree with way more?

(no subject)

I'm applying for a position at Verizon Wireless via their website. Along with copy and pasting my resume and giving them my name, address, previous address, and phone number, they want my drivers license number. Does this seem odd or insecure/risky to you?

(no subject)

Have you ever had a great idea only to find out that someone else has already had it and/or is already capitalizing on it?

I've had the idea/design for a "Save the Drama for Obama" t-shirt in my head for literally...months. There are like a million already in existence :(

(no subject)

For girls, how do you lash out when you're sexually frustrated? Or do you even get sexually frustrated?

Ever heard or read of 120 days of Sodom?

Is there a certain piece of jewelry that you wear everyday? What's the significance?

(no subject)

Do you find Candlejack threads funny or annoying? Do you join in?

Personally I think they

ETA: Candlejack threads are a Freakazoid reference. When you say Candlejack's name he comes and spirits you away before you can finish your


What's the one thing that would really turn you off during a dinner date?

This was inspired by an earlier post, but.... someone who tips poorly would really turn me off. I went to a bar/grille with this guy once, and the bill came out to be 40 something, so he tipped the standard amount, but the bartender had given us a round of free beers -- and I'm not talking about miller lite, either. We were both drinking Smithwick's. I was irritated that he didn't leave her at least a few dollars more.
Georgia Nicolson Jesus
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A question about questions

I figured: if there was anyone to ask about asking questions, it's you.

I teach grade 8 Language Arts and Social Studies. I have a SmartBoard in my classroom. If you don't know what that is, it's an interactive whiteboard. Basically, a big touch screen.

I have this routine where my kids come into my class and do an attendance question on the SmartBoard. Here's a photo:
Collapse )

They move their dot to the answer that corresponds with their opinion. Though I often like to relate the question to whatever we're learning that day, sometimes, I'm not able to do that. So sometimes I ask questions about their favourites or a controversial issue or an opinion about something.

So, do you have any ideas for questions I can ask my grade 8s? It needs to be a question with multiple choice answers.

(no subject)

Is the statement 'Americans don't say goodbye when speaking on the telephone' true?

As a Brit I actually can't get my head round it! Even not saying goodbye to directory enquiries leaves me flummoxed! Is it a state by state thing?


I'm going to three parties that require me to give presents to the hosts and I can't think of what to get.

One of the parties is a birthday party and the invitation says to bring your own drinks if you want, so bringing wine wouldn't count as a present, would it?

I suck at coming up with stuff.

(no subject)

really now guys who the hell was it that had a ~ghostly encounter~ with a spirit/ghost/poltergeist vibrating/shaking their bed?

I KNOW I'VE DISCUSSED IT WITH SOMEONE AND I CAN'T REMEMBER WHO. speak up because i found something out and i want to tell you!


will you tell me about your supernatural experiences?

do ya ken? i say thankee sai.
house & wilson

(no subject)

Ever wanted to know what your drag name would be?

If you do then all you do is take the name of your first pet and the first street you lived on and there you are!

Mine would be Patch Clarington
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(no subject)

What type of doctor makes you the most nervous?

I can't read the clock across the room. This has been going on for about two weeks. This is a problem y/n?

Should I be driving? If it matters, this is New Mexico and pretty much every other driver is drunk anyway.

(no subject)

okay so for my sbm class, we have to come up with ways to fix the economic crisis if we were president.
i have to present to the class & i really didn't come up with much so far except only give welfare to the people who realllly need it. because there are tons of lazy fat asses out there who could be working but choose not to yada yada yada. other than that...i'm lost.
help? any ideas?

(no subject)

My cousin was invited to my nephew's christening.
He told me that he would not be able to go because he did not go to his own nephew's first birthday party.

He will be coming up to the area during this month, but he doesn't want to go up during my nephew's christening because it 'wouldn't be fair'.

Is this rude or does this make sense?
Would you say this to someone?
Am I overly sensitive for being sort of offended?
lost in translation

(no subject)

Quick! Should I minor in Communication & Culture or English? Why?
Note: Only considering these course because I can't do graduate school for free at my school without minoring in one of them. I'm not actually planning on doing anything else with them. This question is more a matter of which will cause less misery.

Pro: Shit's pretty interesting.
Con: Content tends to be a little bit more abstract than my little brain can handle.

Pro: If I work at it I know I will be able to figure this stuff out instead of aimlessly trying to understand abstract concepts that I may never understand.
Con: I hate writing essays.

(no subject)

I had a tooth removed last week and the wound got infected. Dentist injected it with an antibiotic and also gave me antibiotics to take. That was on Monday.

The pain has lessened considerably but I feel its more swollen. Is it possible that the antibiotics are just taking their time to have an effect? Anything I could do to ease the swelling?

I do realise that the internets is not a reliable source of information etc and if I get really worried I'll find an emergency dentist. I am going to wait til Friday morning and if it's no better I will go back in (I'm not going to be here on Monday to leave it longer)

(no subject)

When was the last time you wanted to slap someone?

Monday, at the jewelry store.  Excuse me for not wanting the same engagement ring as 95% of my acquaintances and people that walk by me on the street.  STFU, bitch.
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(no subject)

What is your favourite bar/pub called?

What is your favourite restaurant called?

When you go to a bar do you ever order "bar snacks"?

What "bar snacks" do you order?

(no subject)

What movie ought I be watching, TQC?

I have the following new DVDs to select from:

Evil Dead
Die Hard
Perfect Blue
V for Vendetta
Red Dragon
Heavy Metal
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If you craft, sew or knit, what project are you working on currently?

I am knitting a pretty scarf for a friend, and making plans to knit or crochet a blanket for my brother for Christmas.


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Why do people feel compelled to advertise the fact that they're drunk/high?

Going on age alone, how young is too young to have sex?

Going on age alone, how young is too young to marry?

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In calculus, what is a 'fit parameter'? I can't find anything about it in my textbook and Google was no help whatsoever. It's used in a discussion of exponential regressions and data modeling. Does anyone know?

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What do you think is the least amount of money someone could comfortably live on per month (comfortably meaning spending $100-200 on "extras" and the rest on essentials and having a bit to put away) in an area where rent is about $600 per month, with no dependents?

What other things are there to factor in besides car insurance, health insurance, gas, and groceries?
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Your Body is a Wonderlaaaand

1. Who do you consider to have a perfect body? Or just the most hottest/amazing/enviable body you can think of? USE PICTURES!!! Or link to some.

2. If you could steal just one body part of theirs to put on yours, what would it be?

ETA: I guess I'm asking about a body the same gender as yours. But you can do opposite as well. Go nuts.
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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest TQCer of them all?

(post pictures of yourself if you want)

eta: how about a yearbook post?
Will you share a picture of yourself from high school?
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Will you please complete the following sentence with the very first thing that pops into your head?  I desperately need a laugh today, so the weirder the better.

"I love you because ________"
Or alternately, "I get hard when you _____"

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Sometimes the music store I go to has little notes on albums like "Holy shit! BUY ME!" haha. Today I saw one that said, "This band is hype/trash." How would you interpret that? Was that suppose to make me want to buy it?

Edit: It was a Fleet Foxes album.

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I have a lot of heavy whipping cream just sitting in my fridge.

I'm sort of considering making Jello, and adding some of the cream before I put it in the fridge to set.

Would this be interesting/possibly delicious, or just a waste of Jello mix and cream?

ETA: I tried it with just a bit of the Jello, and it was good, though not as good as I'd hoped. Then again, I also put it in the freezer rather than the fridge due to impatience, so maybe that's why it set? It had the normal Jello-y consistency though.
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possibly a long shot, but any of you TQCers good at chemistry?

this is the last problem i need to do for a prelab...
"If 0.500 g of antacid was added to 50.00 mL of 0.100 M HCl and 6.65 mL of 0.100 M NaOH was required to titrate the un-neutralized HCl, calculate the actual neutralizing capacity of the antacid in mmol H+ per gram antacid"

i've got that there are 5.00 mmol of H+ total, and 0.0222 g of NaOH were used, but i don't really know where the fuck to go from there. i am offering sexual favors to anyone who can steer me in the right direction.
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If someone offered to insert a new language into your head and you would instantaneously be fluent, which language would you choose and why?

How many languages do you speak? [fluently or rubbishly, whatever floats your boat]

Who would play you in a film about your life? And who would play your current [or last] SO?
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We have established that it is not okay for a man to hit a woman, but is it okay for a woman to hit a man?
And by "hit", I mean exactly what one would imply when they say a man is hitting a woman. Slapping, hitting, punching, kicking.
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Please help me decide which credit card(s) to pay towards/off with my $1,000 scholarship money? Details below.

Option 1.
Department store credit card $527 (24% apr) (limit is 1,090)
Paypal credit $487 (apr is 24%) (limit is $500)

Option 2
Put it towards the $1800 balance on my citibank card (apr 28%) (limit is $2,000)

Or any combination of the above. Thank you!
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Why is it that so many marijuana dispensaries in CA can manage to remain so open and operating at the same time? Wouldn't it be super easy for them to obtain warrants?

Cheating on exams

Hey guys.
1. Do you have any other words (slang or not...) for cheat sheets?
I know where I come from, this thing is so well-developed we have very imaginative cheat sheets, but I never heard any of my online friends mentioning those anywhere... so.. 2. Have you ever cheated? I feel embarrassed asking this seeing as I got the impression that cheating is so taboo in the US, but my friends from the Balkans and from Russia alwys have a laugh talking about their adventures :p
3. Do I have a wrong impression?
4. What is your favourite cheating method?

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Okay. So you're signed up for a college-level class that meets once a week for 2 hours and 45 minutes. The class has been in session for about a month and a half now, and your first exam in this class is this coming Saturday.

Why would you make posts on the class' message board on the WEDNESDAY NIGHT before the exam: a) asking what material the prof has covered in class because you haven't managed to get your lazy ass out of bed ONCE to go to class, or b) telling the class that you ordered your textbook online a few days ago and you won't receive it until Friday at the earliest, so would someone please PHOTOCOPY the 6 chapters that the exam is on so you can study?


Will you relate to me your last *HEADDESK* moment?
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do you remember stick stickly's mailing address?