February 17th, 2009


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I'm reaallly late to the game but my parents only listened to oldies when I was growing up. I just heard my first Michael Jackson song ever tonight and after youtubing some of his "hits", I'm hooked.

What is your favorite MJ song?
What is your favorite MJ video?
Will someone share his greatest hits with me please?
Me outside 2004 happy


1. What do you say when you see a car with only one headlight working ?

2. Do you do anything with your head lights to communicate this fact above to the other car coming toward you ?

3. Did you ever play slug bug punch your friend/family while driving or walking around ?

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What kind of foods would you like to try a fried version of?

I went to the fair yesterday and now I want to eat all my food fried. The best will always be fried cookie dough, but I've never had any of the fried candy bars or fried peanut butter and jelly or anything else weird.

Maybe a fried brownie.
francois lick it

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Why is Facebook telling me some profiles are unavailable? I need to stalk my crush! Why?

Never mind. If you could wear one colour (like, one shade of it) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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i am trying to set up a spreadsheet + chart in excel which can keep a line graph of when i go to bed and wake up each day. i want the time on the vertical axis, and the date on the horizontal axis. HOW DO I DO THIS? i have the date on the horizontal axis but the vertical axis just keeps displaying "12:00 AM" at each interval and I CAN'T FIX IT. can anyone help?

new question: why is excel so fucking hard to understand?

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I am looking for work and as you all know, here in the US that is hard to come by. I've been checking out several job websites and have found quite a few postings don't state what the company is, sometimes it says it's posted by one of those companies that finds the potential employees for the company but usually it doesn't even say that. Am I being stupid for skipping these?

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What are your goals for the week?

Any big projects you wanna talk about?

How can I soothe my baby dog who just scared the crap out of herself by chomping on a bear someone gave me for Valentine's Day that had a recordable message and a vibrating tail? She didn't appreciate the noise and motion, lol.

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I was asked to help come up with a creative, fun name to replace, "Leadership team" for a bi-weekly meeting group,it's a team of managers/supervisors. What ideas can you come up with, I'm totally stuck?

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I know I asked a question a short time ago but I am going out so I need to poll you guys!

I'm going to do a couple of errands and would like to go for a walk as well. Should I go to a park and go on either a wooded path or clean (just grass/man man ponds) around me, or should I walk in a graveyard?
yummy beer!, yummy

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Dear TQC, I have the cold from hell right now. I honestly don't remember ever being this congested before. At least I have a little bit of an appetite today, so I'm gonna fix myself a bagel - the problem is, what really sounds good on it is some strawberry cream cheese, but I probably shouldn't have the dairy. What do you think, would about a tablespoon of cream cheese (or maybe less) just be asking for more misery??

Poll #1350825 dairy issue :(

what to have on my bagel?

strawberry cream cheese
margarine and honey
something else, you plebe (in comments)

what is your least favorite cold symptom?

stuffy nose
sore throat
runny nose
aches and pains
I can't believe you overlooked - !(see comments)

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I want to go to this place later and take a bunch of pictures. Being there alone scares me, but if I bring my dog along I can't really take any pictures.

Should I go alone and be scared the whole time or should I bring my dog along even though he makes it hard for me to take pictures?

Macbook + coffee = bad.

What's a good technique for getting grime out from under your touchpad on a MacBook? I literally spilled three drops of my latte on my touchpad a few minutes ago and it's already sticking.

My friend said to spill a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol under there, does this make sense? Sounds scary. I don't want to spill anything else on it! :(

And don't worry -- I purchased a keyboard protector the other day because I'm the most clumsy/careless person you'll ever meet, and I spill food/drink on everything I own.

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I got a call from a friend talking about signing me up to do this, then had his "business partner" on the phone as well talking to me about it. The thing is, neither one of them would say what it actually is. The "business partner" said he would have to explain it in person. I swear I thought he was talking about doing porn. I'm not going to sign up for it, but I'm afraid my friend is getting ripped off. Do you think it's a bad deal?

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I have an awesome grilled cheese maker.. what other sandwiches should I make in it? (I just had pickle and cream cheese it was HEAVEN)

what annoys you about tqc, if anything?
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1.Will you make a short list (no more than 10 items) of 'different' things that you enjoy and/or things that greatly impress you?

:pictures and/or videos welcome but not required:

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I'm pretty bored right now....I can't leave my house because my housekey was taken by my fiance to work accidentally...and this is a bad part of the city...where people steal from and shoot each other.

Do you lock your house when you leave? 

Out of these options (which are the only ones I can think of) what should I do since I can't leave my house unlocked?

1.Make  lunch and then nap
2.Clean even though I'd be annoyed when doing it.
3.Call my ex to come over to visit since he's in town and expecting to see me today
4.Continue complaining about how there's nothing to do

When's the last time you heard someone get shot? Two nights ago on my street. I thought it was a tire exploding...nope....just someone getting capped.
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What is the average monthly cost of your basic needs? For instance, costs for housing, utilities, food, and transportation (not the stuff you're saving for vacation or a new car or buying a house or whatever).
Homer Iori

kinda things that interrupts my afternoon nap

10:22 AM 2/15/09 · Back when LJ did a major switch around in rules and policy it was revealed that there actually was a specific rule that anyone would be penalized if they posted anything coming close to being about assassinating President Bush. Given he's no longer in office and Barack Obama is in the hot seat...do you suppose that rule has been switched to him?

More importantly, I'm wondering if it's now okay to post about stuffing former President Bush into a catapult and launching him into an active volcano?
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Bug-eyed Earl


I ordered parts for a new PC from NewEgg.com yesterday. Most of it is scheduled to arrive today. The case is still out there somewhere, being shipped from CA. They sent it from CA, to ONTARIO, to TEXAS.


Collapse )

CANADA??? They went to another fucking country, my PC case went extra hundreds and hundreds of miles away! Why didn't they go straight to TX? Did they pick me up some complimentary Niagara souvenirs? I could have had it today with the rest of my stuff which is going to sit here teasing me for two days while they figure how a map works.

It's those brown outfits. If they wore blue or something the boss would have noticed the puke from last night's drinking binge.

Edit: Oh. Yes it did go to Ontario, CA. CA=California not CANADA. Derr. ::facepalm::



What was the last book that you read that you thought was just awful?

What about the last book you read that you thought was wonderful?

What book(s) are you currently reading?

Muzak Woes

In the ghetto duplex across the skreet, there's always someone sitting out in their crappy car, blasting music. It's so loud it woke me up this morning. It happens every day. While I'm trying to do my homework. It happens after midnight. It goes on for hours.

When I complain, they turn it down enough that my windows don't rattle anymore, but I can still hear it.

What can I do? Srs and nonsrs answers are welcome.

Edit: I should add that I don't technically live in the ghett0... it's not the worst area, but on one side of the street is the "okay" housing and on the other is the "tiny duplex ghetto housing where 7 people cram into two bedrooms" type places.
Evil Grin

males are an odd bunch

Generally the average male doesn't start to get erections until they're in their early pre·teens or whevever puberty kicks in. Essentially, they're not "men" as yet by any legal definition. So, why is it that when men start having any number of issues that lead to not being able to get an erection...they feel as if they're not really men anymore?
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Is Weezer's Pork and Beans the best song for those of us who grew up with Blink and Sum 41 and are now old and out of shape and need to work out at the gym to fit our underwear?

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I went to urgent care (not for anything super serious) and there was a woman who came in and said that she's had a bloody nose since Saturday.  She didn't tell me if it stops and starts or if it's continuous and I didn't want to ask but I think three days is too long either way.  I've never had a bloody nose, so I don't know how much it sucks or doesn't suck.

How long would your nose have to bleed before you see a doctor?

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Are you happy with your current weight? (feel free to comment with any issues that you might have, any motivational tips/stories/quotes, problems that you seem to be running into, exercise tips, ETC.)

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I am sick as a dog (flu) and it's my birthday. Huzzah.

When was the last time you were sick at a really inconvenient time? What happened?

How do you feel about birthdays? Love or Hate them?

(Personally, I love them. It's like giving the finger to Death every time I have one. "That's one more year you didn't get me, sucker!")
hammer time

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What weird dreams have you had lately?

I had one a couple of nights ago where the Comedian became anti-social (in the way the DSM defines it) because he fought a criminal, who turned out to be Batman, so he basically decided "Screw it, I'll do whatever I want if heroes act that way." I think there was a little more to his reasoning than that, but that's pretty much it in a nutshell.

Also, how can I learn to taste things better? What I mean is that I have a hard time really recognizing flavors unless they really stand out, and my brain puts food in two basic categories:

1. I'm willing to eat it

2. I'm not willing to eat it

It's slightly more complex by that, but not by much.
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My birthday is next week so I took off that day. If the weather isn't too bad, I'm going to go to the zoo. Being that this is Buffalo, the weather will probably be horrible, so in that case I want to go to a museum. I can't decide between an astronomy exhibit at the science museum and the Action/Abstraction exhibit at the art gallery. Which one would you go to and why?

What else should I do on my birthday?

What happened on your favorite birthday?

Do you ever worry about getting wrinkles?

Room service! Breakfast for three

Your celebrity crush, m or f, wants to sleep with you, but it has to be a threesome. You can have sex with the famous person of your dreams, but only if Rush Limbaugh is the third person, and you must have sex with him too. You can bang your crush as many times as you want that night, but you have to put out to Limbaugh and his naughty finger once. Will you hop on the freeway for this threeway?


Who would be the WORST celebrity to wake up completely naked next? Signs of sex are littered all around the bed

Michael Moore
Wilford Brimley
Paris Hilton
The Jonas Bros (all of them)
Richard Simmons
John McCain
Sarah Palin
Flava Flav
Tila Tequila
Amy Winehouse
Donald Trump
Rosie O'Donnel
Emanuel Lewis
Dick Cheney
im french

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1. Should Americans learn Spanish?

2. Did you take another language in elementary/middle/high school? How effective do you think your program was? (As in, did you come out with a respectable and applicable grasp on the language?)

3. Is knowing another language, in America, important to you?


Have you been to Amsterdam?
Will you tell me something that happened to you there?
What is something I haven't (THERE, in AMSTERDAM...not your silly puppy!)seen/done/experienced yet?

tot ziens

EDIT: When did I lose control and thread jack my own post?
AMSTERDAM people lets FOCUS.

Summer Camps?

TQC, I'm in two minds over being a counsellor at an American Summer camp, with CCUSA.

On one hand it would be a fantastic experience, that gives me a summer job while preventing me from the monotonies of temping and café jobs. There's also a chance to travel as well as the fact that just going to the camp gives me a different place to live for a while.

On the other though, I wouldn't get much time to myself the whole time I was there and the kids might get on my nerves a bit. In addition, I'd have to leave before term ended, and I probably wouldn't get much time to see my home friends before I had to leave for uni again.

What are your experiences of anything like this? Can you help me decide?

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you know that little pocket on blue jeans above the right front pocket? yeah, you know the one. does anyone use it?
I do, all the time. it perfect fits my phone or a lighter and some other useful crap, but everyone I've talked about it with say they never bother to.
Halloween 2

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Have you formed any emotional attachments to your electronic and/or mechanical stuff? (e.g. your iPod, your car, your laptop or bread machine or toaster oven)?

If so, why and how do you form such emotional attachments?
dianna agron ;;

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So TQC, I am currently doing a drug trial. For this part of the trial, I have to lie still for 25 minutes at a time. I am not allowed to talk or read or sleep. I have to do this 11 times today.


Can you think of any good daydreams I could have? I've already married Prince William and been abducted by the Winchester brothers.

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Do any of you have any somewhat uncommon, or even exotic, pets? Something maybe not everyone would think of when they think of your average household pet. For example, one of my housemates has two rats and another has a chinchilla. I'm thinking of getting myself a hedgehog.

Pictures are appreciated!

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Have any of you used the free federal edition of TurboTax?

If so, how easy was it to use? Would you recommend it?

Also...does it allow you to save and close and start again later, or do you have to do the whole thing in one shot? I have to pick up a W2 at my mom's house tonight but I'd like to get a start on it now while I'm sitting here being lazy.

And I helped!

1. I want to make Shake'n Bake chicken for dinner. All I have are boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Usually when I make Shake'n Bake chicken, I use less desirable chicken pieces (such as thighs) or wingettes.

If I Shake'n Bake the breasts, will they be too dry? I'm thinking that since there is less fat and no skin, the coating won't adhere properly. I'm also thinking that breast meat might even be tastier. Thoughts?

2. Do you like Shake'n Bake chicken? What about Shake'n Bake pork? Shake'n Bake fish? Any other types of Shake'n Bake?


1. Uni is going back soon, and in an attempt to be a good organised student I'm preparing my writing books. What should I stick on the inside cover?

I would like something useful or important or interesting or amusing. Like a list or definition of important facts/people or... something. I study humanitarian and peace studies.

2. I have writing books and pens (colourful, and hopefully some blue/black around the house), what else (besides my text books, which I can't get yet because they wont tell me what they are!) do I need to be a good prepared student?

3. Have any of you broken your procrastinating, bad student ways successfully?

4. Am I incredibly lame for using books and not a laptop? I've been away for a semester, maybe the kiddies will laugh at me :(

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What are you known for in your group of friends, or if applicable, what HAVE you been known for by previous groups of friends?

In my college group of friends I was known for being able to sing Fergalicious without assistance. I still know all the words. Also for knowing how to drink.

In my current group, it's mostly just my ability to drink. I weigh ~105lbs and I can drink a decent amount of people under the table. I get it from my mom.

disclaimer: I am not bragging about alcoholism or anything, it's just something people comment about to me. You guys are so weird today.

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i'm making risotto tonight and i wanted portobello mushrooms to saute and put in. but my dad accidentally bought white mushrooms instead.

will these taste good in the risotto or should i leave them out?
if i should use them, how should i season them?


Looking for some advice:  My SO and I applied for a house that we absolutely love that is available 8/1/2009.  We found out that we were approved today.  We have enough money to cover the deposit that is due at the lease signing, but doing this will leave us flat broke for a while.  The house is also about $100 more a month than we pay now, and we hope (but aren't sure) that our financial situation will be better in August.  So, the question - if you were in this situation, would you throw caution to the wind and get the house, or wait until you're sure that you can afford it? 


1. I was having a dream that I was shaving my pubes with my notboyfriend's facial clippers. What would you make of this, TQC?

2. What maintenance do you generally apply to your pubic hair?
I usually don't even use electric clippers, I just shave with a venus and occasionally get waxed which I like better

3. Is there a way to flatten something carbonated besides letting it sit for hours? These bubbles are upsetting my tum. =[
cred: mellow_lights

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what should i do during my lunch hour at uni tomorrow? its only my second day so havent really made any friends yet :/ .
i have my car and 15$ in my purse. ideas?

what super cool things do you get up to at uni/college?

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What would you say a typical price is for a photographer to charge for a "session" of photos taken with about a few large prints and some smaller ones, and photo cd of all the prints?
...there was a FIREFIGHT!

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Is "throwing someone under the bus" an actual phrase?
I've only ever heard it on Top Chef -- they say it almost any time one of the contestants tells the judges who he thinks should be eliminated.

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1. think back to those days in high school.... in what subject did you preform the best? the worst? do you have any explanations for your performance?

2. how did you compare to your classmates (were you a smart kid? average? dumb?)?

3. in high school, what were your future plans? what really ended up happening (where are you at/going now)?

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Which is your favourite and your least favourite of these Windows games?

- Solitaire
- Hearts
- Spider Solitaire
- Freecell
- Minesweeper

EDIT: Guys I really am starting to get tired of how rude some of the people here are for no reason.

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Should I go to the store to buy stuff to make for dinner or just order something?

To those of you who drink/smoke, does it make you uncomfortable if you're around people who don't?
To those of you who don't normally drink/smoke do you notice that people get really uncomfortable when you decline an offer?

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Have you ever been enrolled in a school outside of the United States?


Do you have some free time within the next hour?

If you answered yes to both questions, would you like to be a part of an essay for my Comparative Education class?
All you have to do is answer some questions about your educational background!

Edit:You must have been a citizen of the country in which you studied to qualify! I'm not really looking for Americans who have studied outside of the U.S.

GUYYSSSSSSSSSS, THIS PAPER IS DUE TOMORROW!!! yes, i procrastinate, but come on who doesn't?! HELP?!
Justin Timberlake Beyonce

I hope someone knows the answer to this...

I need to get a copy of my Dad's birth certificate (he was recently hospitalized and I need it to get him medi-cal). I can't find the original anywhere. I know I can get it through the appropriate county's hall of records BUT here's my question: My dad was born on a naval base which is now decommissioned, would I get his birth certificate from the county which the naval base was in or do I need to go to some other government agency? I called the county's Hall of Records but I was hung up on 3 times after being put on hold by the automated system and I had to get back to work. Please help! I've tried googling but I can't find anything and I'm running out of time. Thank you!
sleepy leila

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1.what is the most recent picture you uploaded?(take this as on photobucket, or from camera to computer, whichever you want)(mine is in comments so not to be OMG BABY)

2.paste the last thing you copied

3.what is everyone watching tonight?

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How difficult are you to please?

I didnt think I was that difficult to please until I realised I've been badgering my SO (who things are dodgy with atm 'on a break' ) to see his friends more, and now he's existing without apologising to me every minute I feel a bit miffed.
Question Everything

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Why does livejournal have a "more options.." button when you try to comment, but when you click it the "preview" button is the only option? Why can't it be "comment" and "preview" instead of "comment" and "more options..." like it was before? Am I the only one irritated by this?

What's the most TMI thing you've ever overheard in a public place?
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guys, some really bad stuff is going on in my personal life and i need a book that's absorbing and interesting and amazing

((and maybe something i might not have heard of))

what should i read?

Phone help

ok this may seem really retarded but I need a new ring tone for when I receive text messages. I'd prefer something short and decent sound quality, and could pertain to World of Warcraft, the original Warcrafts I or II (this category preferred), firefly, Dr. Who (current ring tone is "Exterminate Exterminate"). If you can send links to the download.

So THQ can you help, also does someone have a link to a download for the "Cruela De Vil" song from the Disney cartoon "101 Dalmatians?" I need it to use as my moms ring tone, she is kind of a bitch lol. Thanks in advance!

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Is it a good idea to test one's alcohol tolerance in a safe environment with friends before going to college, especially if one's high school has very few (if any) parties with alcohol? Or, at least, learn how to drink responsibly?

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Do your (or your female partner's) boobs have names?
My three year old calls mine "this one" and "that one" and I think it's genius.

Does your (or your partner's) genitalia have a name? Specifically interested in male genital nicknames!

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I came across a job posting for a school secretary that states they are holding a competitive exam. I understand the typing part of the exam, but what on earth would they include on a written test?

What was your favorite part of today?
blue dress - miss p

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If you've taken a class online did you take the tests online, or did you have to go take them in person?

I'm currently taking an online class because I didn't want to have to go to school so much. Unfortunately we have to take all of the tests at school, on Tuesdays, and there is pretty much one every week.
Paul Dano

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What the fuck do you do with canned spinach?
Does the smell/taste make anyone else want to hurl buckets?

When was the last time you pondered the symbolism of the sun?

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Have you ever done a fisting?

Should I watch Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist or whatever is on tv?

Wanna get lunch tomorrow? I have vacation this week and have no plans!

Internet Hoax

I'm in desperate need for a new horse trailer - mines been deemed a death trap. I've been browsing the internet and I found one that's absolutely perfect - 3 horse slant load, living quarters, all that jazz. The only problem is the price - $7200. This is a trailer that typically sells for like $30,000 new. The trailer is listed in Maine but the seller e-mailed me back and said that they're now located in California, that the address on the ad couldn't be changed. They said that they're selling their farm and no longer need the trailer and that the $7200 includes shipping to anywhere from California. I've seen similar used trailers for about $10,000 on the market but they never include shipping. I would really hate to pass a deal like this up - I don't think I'll ever have the chance to have such a nice horse trailer for such little money again. I just don't know if I should trust the seller.

Have you ever fallen for an internet hoax? If so, what was it? 

How can you tell something isn't a hoax? 

What should I do about this trailer? Pass it up or is there any way to figure out if this guys for real? 

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TQC, how can I stop nervously chatting? When I am around certain people that I like, but don't know very well, or kind of like, I talk on and on. :/ How can I stop this? I tell myself, "JUST SHUT UP," but it doesn't help, oy!


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Have you ever used an over the counter teeth whitening product? What was your experience with it?

I'm using the TheraBrite system, and after the first treatment, I'm a little worried about the blotchy appearance of my teeth :\

do the d.a.n.c.e.

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1. When was the last time you thought, "Eh, fuck it"?
About 5 minutes ago. I don't feel motivated enough to finish an essay.

2. For those with Windows: what's the highest score on the Space Cadet pinball game?

3. Do you know any good casual online games?
I just browse through jayisgames.com when I want to distract myself from whatever.
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If someone told you how effective types of contraceptives are (in percentage form), would you think they're talking down to you?
Note: theres absolutely no tone of voice to help you decide. Its in text form.

for context:
see secondish comment

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Room 1 contains a healthy baby lying in a cot. Room 2 contains fifteen elderly people. Bombs have been placed in both rooms and you have been given the detonator. If you were being forced into setting off one of the two bombs, whose life would you save/which room would you spare? And why?
my wife

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Can you tell me about Dave & Busters?

I see commercials for it all the time and the closest one to me is 3+ hours away. It looks like a giant arcade for adults with food and beer. Amirite? Do you get tickets like how they do at Chuck-E-Cheese? It would be awesome if you could trade the tickets in for booze. lol.

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I currently have four types of cheese in my possession. Which would be best for quesadilla makin'?

Poll #1351219 cheez.


Tillamook Garlic White Cheddar
Tillamook Smoked Black Pepper White Cheddar
Garlic Chili Pepper Cheddar
Smoked Medium Cheddar

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what is a typical day's meal plan like for you?

for example; for breakfast I had a granola bar, dinner I had tofu stir fry, and as a snack I had some grapefruit.  This is a pretty routine food day for me.