February 16th, 2009

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1. What are your 10 most played songs on iTunes/WMP/your player of choice?
2. How many plays do they have, if you're truly ambitious and feel like telling me?
3. Is your all-time favorite song also your most played song?

If you don't use something that keeps track, take a guess based on what you think you listen to the most.


Number 1 is not one of my all-time favorites, but the ones with a red asterisk by them are.

(no subject)

How do people in wheelchairs go tanning? I seriously can't figure it out (maybe because I've only been in a tanning bed twice in my life?)

Are there any creative writers in tqc? How do you get in the mood to start a piece? What kind of stuff do you write and do you submit it? I have 2500 words on a travel piece due in 12 hrs and I haven't started :(

And if you dgaf about the above questions, how do you feel about Lady GaGa? Coming from a Britney stan, I think GaGa is taking over in the music department.

and yes I know I just posted, I am really curious about q #1 since I just came across something on facebook. Pls don't ban me.

types of communities

so what excatly is the difference between "watching" a community and joining it? you can't participate in the watching ones, but they still show up in your friends list so why bother choosing that option anyways if you can't even post?

(no subject)

Should I poop now or later?


• Does anal feel like when poop is prairie-dogging in and out of your butt???
• Does it disconcert you and make you feel kind of cheated when you poop into one of those endlessly deep toilet bowls with curves so your turd disappears?
make your mark this time

(no subject)

How do you know when a piercing's healed? What happens if you take the jewelry out before then? My instincts say it'd probably be really cool/bloody and horrific. Is this true?
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Has there ever been an ex of yours you keep falling into bed with?

I have raised spots on my hand from playing in the bushes at the park today, will it go or should I take an antihistamine?

What is the song 'Mother And Child Reunion' about?
brooklyn rage

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TQC, I am getting my wisdom teeth out in about two and a half hours.  I'm really nervous, as this is my first ever surgery (ignoring having a front tooth pulled) and even after doing a lot of research, I'm still not sure what to expect because I read a lot of mixed things.

Have you ever had your wisdom teeth removed?
Is the swelling really that bad that one could describe it as "Alvin and the Chipmunks"?
What was the worst thing that happened after you had your wisdom teeth removed?
If you haven't had your W.T. removed, what has been the most complicated oral surgery you've had?


(no subject)

In 'Papa Don't Preach' by Madonna, when she goes 'I'm keeping my baby, oo-oo, I'm gonna keep my baby' - does she mean she's keeping her current 'bad boy' lover who she refers to as baby, or is she pregnant and keeping it to raise with the aforementioned guy? Because there's another line about 'raising a little family' somewhere in it.

EDIT - Solved! Wow, that's something new I learned today :)

In a related question, what's your favourite Madonna song?

Mine is Get Into The Groove.

Make my decisions plz

I'm bummed out because I was perusing job ads on los internetos, and discovered that I can get a job doing the same thing I do now iwth a different company for about $7 more an hour. What should I do? Is it wise to try to switch jobs right now? '

Also, what's up with this guy? I've seen him in Baltimore, DC and Philedelphia.

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dusk, lighthouse

(no subject)

so for a project I have to do...

What do you think makes a good school?
What do you think about the American school system?
Would you choose private, public, etc. (for yourself or your kids)? Why?

(no subject)

1.) Would you please tell me a song to listen to that is from the 90's?

2.) I just started watching "Weeds". Do you like this show?

3.) I had homemade oatmeal for breakfast. What did you have?
DLM George


Does anyone have a Dell Inspiron Mini (9") Laptop?
There's a sale on these for $245 including shipping. It's the 8GB SSD, 8.9" LCD

Collapse )

The last brand new computer I bought was an eMachine from Frye's in 1999. I mainly need a computer for getting on the internet, and getting on VPN at work. Help me TQC!

And for you that can't help me with that... what should I have for lunch today? I forgot mine at home, and all I have here in my desk is a jar of peanut butter and some crackers, and I'm not feeling it.

(no subject)

when you're out someplace, a restaurant or coffee shop... do you feel kind of giggly excited if you see people on a date? (lol weird ?)

what are you doing this morning (if it's morning)? what did you have for breakfast?
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(no subject)

1. You've had a really hard day at work. When you get home you start drinking. Between the time you get home and go to bed, you finish either a bottle of wine or a 6 pack of beer. Is that ok, understandable, or way too much?

What do you think?

It's fine.
Ok once in a while.
Way too much.

2. When you eat at home, do you use paper plates or real one?

3. I need to knit a baby blanket, but the parents are not finding out the sex. What's a good unisex color to make it?

(no subject)

Ladies, people with tits of TQC, etc.:
What is your favorite bra? Brand and style, please.

Alternatively, even if it's not your favorite, do you have any suggestions for a fantastic pushup bra that isn't super expensive?

My favorite bras atm are VS Angels Air bras and VS Very Sexy pushups. I've had all my bras for a while though and they're starting to lose their magic... but I haven't had good experiences with shopping in any VS store or online, so I'd like to avoid VS if possible for future purposes.
oh mr. tea

(no subject)

Since it's girly day in TQC...what is your favorite kind of chocolate? What about concoction (truffle, chocolate-covered-something, etc?)

(I love dark dark chocolate. I went to my local fancy chocolate shop -- For the Love of Chocolate -- yesterday and nearly had a chocolate-gasm walking through the door. So far my favorite concoction is dark-chocolate-covered orange peels and stuff.)

(no subject)

Have you gotten your cell phone unlocked?

I'm looking at this website and debating if it's a scam or not. Any thoughts? I live in a small town, so unfortunately I can't get it done in person!

When would you fit in...and why?

Do you ever feel like you've been born/raised in the wrong decade...or century?

Where would you have been more comfortable?

(Personally, I'd have been happier as a hard-drinking, chain-smoking muck-raker journalist in the Roaring Twenties, Chicago or NYC.)
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(no subject)

What is the earliest age someone is in their "mid-20s"?


What is the earliest age someone is in their "late-20s"?


Pretend the second 22 in the first one is 23.

(no subject)

Which Girl Scout cookie is the best?

Thin Mints (only correct answer)
Peanut Butter Sandwich
Sugar Free Chocolate Chip
Dulce de Leche (NEW)
Lemonades (KINDA NEW)

(no subject)

So the first Valentines Day with the new SO absolutley sucked....everything went wrong and it ended in a massive fight to which we almost split up.

I couldn't afford to do much on Valentines  Day...now I can and I'd like to do something to try and make it up to him. What would you do if you were in my position?
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(no subject)

 I'm going to the dentist this afternoon for the first time in years because of a tooth infection and I'm a nervous wreck. Any tips on how I can relax and just calm down?
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Most exciting question of the week

What vegetables do you hate? Do you like some vegetables raw but hate them cooked?
I like all the vegetables I can think of but I think most are better raw than cooked.

What fruit do you hate?
I hate tomatoes, which are considered fruit I guess. And I'm not crazy about mangoes because they taste like pine trees to me.

(no subject)

my coworker resigned from our company to move to another country last month. since then, we have been paid twice. my boss asked me what to do with her pay stub on thursday and i told him to mail it to her previous address because she still has family there. then i wondered, why is she still getting a pay stub if she's left the company?

i've kept in touch with her, and she confessed to me that she has been paid twice since leaving.

why is she still being paid?

is this a mistake from HR?

how has no one noticed?

and can they legally ask for that money back?

what would you do if this happened to you? has this ever happened to anyone?

oh canada, you greedy bastards

I owe about 800$ on an old utilities bill (from 2004 - just cuz your friends live with you doesn;t mean they'll pay their bills :( ) and it's gone to collections. Now, I only realized this because I tried to get on a new cell phone contract, and they wanted a 1000$ deposit! Now, this is the only financial thing I've had to deal with, and I don't know what the hell I'm doing.

So, tqc, how the heck do I build my credit, and who the heck do I talk to about manageable payment plans?!
Google has failed me! (I live in Western Canada btw) and the collection agency that picked up my debt (Nordon) their website looks like it's from the early 90's!

Quinn Twin

(no subject)

1. Where is my mom's car title?

2. Can you motivate me to pack, plz?

3. When someone yells at you for "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" but then gets mad at you for expecting the same results from an action and getting shocked something different happened, THEY'RE the retard, right?

4. What if everything you ever wanted came in a rocket can?
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You have a loved on suffering from an addiction. Which of these are you most likely to do?

Ignore it. They're life is not your life.
Ignore it. Keep in contact with them and see them on occasion.
Enable it. If they want alcohol/drugs, you help them out.
Fight it. You confront them on your own/with other loved ones.
Fight it. Get an intervention team
Fight it. Get them on Intervention and broadcast their story.
Geeky Girls

Necklace Extender

I recently received a very pretty necklace but it's a tad too short for my taste so I am looking for a very thin necklace extender, preferably white gold. Silver would be fine, too. I'd rather not buy a new chain or exchange this as I do like it.

Any ideas? Do jewelry stores even sell them?

Marie's pic

(no subject)

Why is it that the extremely advanced and intelligent human brain has trouble working out basic mathematical equations, when even the most primitive of man made technology can do 100s of complex equations within seconds? Why cant we figure out what 3421 divided by 7.3 is in a fraction of a second?

Insurance Deductibles

I recently posted here regarding my anxiety/depression medications. So I'm back on Lexapro, but according to my insurance..Lexapro is regular $105, with insurance $91 and change. Some co workers have been telling me that I have a deductible of like $150. Once I spend that on prescriptions it should be cheaper. I'm like wth?! $91 on 30 pills..Anyone heard of this before?
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(no subject)

would you post a picture of yourself that you really like?

what's something that made you a bit frowny today?

if the registration fee is $140 for a 4-person team marathon, you'd assume it's $140/team, not per person. righto?
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(no subject)

How much stock do you put into tarot card readings?

What did your last tarot card reading reveal?

Was it fairly accurate?

Alternatively, what are some communities you read strictly for the lulz?

(no subject)

I got told about this amazing website yesterday. It's called befunky.com and it's a photo editing page. Like, it applies certain effects on your picture and it's really really easy to use (even I can do it and I'm the biggest photo-editing retard ever), and it's very quick, too. I'm so addicted to it, I've spent the whole last night playing around with it.
Here are some of the pics:
Collapse )

I like the cartoon ones the best! I dunno, I need to make a photo series of someone doing something really cool, then apply the cartoon effect and I can make a comic out of it. I think it'd be cool.
You probably all know the website already cause I'm always so behind but whatever.
This is probably about 1/4 of the pictures I created last night. Haha, this is so ridiculous.

Any wayyyys, try it out, post some pics and tell me what you think?
Belly rubbin'

Hockey masks and mindless bloodshed, sounds like a good time to me.

Have you ever gone to a movie and been the only person in the theater? If so, did you like it? Why or why not?

I went to see Friday the 13th today and I was all by myself in the theater (although there were a lot of people lining up for the next showing when I was leaving). It was playing in a regular theater and in the giant screen theater (which is where I saw it), so maybe that is why there wasn't anyone else at this particular showing. At first it was kinda weird, but I wound up enjoying the experience. It was like having my own private movie theater. Plus I didn't have to worry about any annoying people talking during the movie like when I went to see MBV3D last month.
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My friend and I went swimming on Valentines day.
On my way out the lifeguard shoved a bit of paper with his number on into my hand.
It said

Tex me (without the t)

However, due to a very complicated relationship right now, it's not really appropriate to arrange anything, but I feel bad just ignoring it, since it was a pretty brave thing to do! What do I do?
EDIT: Other half of said complicated relationship would not appreciate any form of contact with him. And the fact that he was (apparently) 'checking me out' the whole time I was trying to swim says he's not looking for friendship.

(no subject)

I've always been great being alone by myself, I've always appreciated and LOVE my time alone to just think, relax, do fun stuff by myself. But lately, since I got together with my SO, 5 months ago, all of my free time has been with him. Even my busy time I spend with him! And if I'm not with him that day, at least I talk a few times that day on the phone with him. It's been great, and I've never been so happy with someone in my life.

But today it's impossible to see/talk to him, and I feel like a dependent/stupid girl since I can't have any fun at my house or distract myself from a test stress I'm having!

Has this happened to you?(pretending that before the SO you've always been independent/criticize girls that are dependent on boyfriends)

What is something fun and stress reliever that you can do at you house or neighborhood, and you recommend?

I REALLY NEED TO DISTRACT MY MIND! HAAALP! thank you :) (sorry for being all stupid and tl;dr...)

Attn: Verizon Customers!

I have a cell phone question. Verizon retail prices are pretty high, and since I'm not due for an upgrade, I have to buy a cell at retail value. If I find a Verizon cellphone for a cheaper price from another vendor, will Verizon let me activate it?

(no subject)

1. what's the last really dumb thing you did?
i put my contacts in the wrong eye this morning. right one in the left eye etc. it was painful since i have a different strength in each eye :(

2. i'm going to the gym. what album should i listen to on my run?
a. merriweather post pavilion - animal collective
b. dead ringer - RJD2
c. vampire weekend - vampire weekend?
all you need is

any ideas?

So how did people wake up in the mornings before there were alarm clocks...? How did they even know they were getting up at the right time? It may be a stupid question, but if you're farming 12 hours a day/cleaning houses/whatever, then how do you wake up at 5 am?
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(no subject)

My roommates are over on the other side of the room bitching at each other like old ladies. It's really annoying to listen to, and they're loud enough that my music won't cover it comfortably.

What kind of roommate troubles have you had recently?
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(no subject)

does it bother you when people type in all lower case letters? i hate capital letters. they're just not aesthetically pleasing. i figure that people can still figure out what i'm saying, so the only time i use capitalization is in essays and such.

but last week on some sort of post secret community... or something... someone confessed that they lost all respect for anyone too lazy to capitalize.


i also really abhor the fact that i'm expected to capitalize "i." is everyone that egotistical?

baby shower

Tomorrow we're having a baby shower at work for our coworker and his wife. I'm ordering the cake and cannot think of anything remotely interesting or witty to put on it. We don't know if it's a boy or girl. The only thing I can think of is "It's a...baby!" or "Congratulations!' which is lame.

What should I tell the bakery to put on the cake?!

(no subject)

1. How do you define "skinny"? Is it based on the number of pounds or their BMI? Or is it how someone looks?
EDIT: If you say "how they look", what looks skinny to you? Bones sticking out? A flat stomach?

2. Who is the ugliest celebrity?

(no subject)

what was the last club night you went to?
when is your next holiday/vacation?
what can you see out of the nearest window?
and, what have you done in the last 24 hours? would you say you have been under average, average or over average in activeness? (weird question...)


1-  Does it seem like more cops are getting shot then last year?

2-  How can people get more than 60 Charges? Holy shit. After 20 it should be jail for life....
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night porter


So what is the deal with the shamwow guy? I seem to be missing out on some important internet memes here.

And does anyone here have any experience with the shamwow?
housewares, ash

(no subject)

"This experience strengthened my abilities in regard to respecting patients and their right to having their medical information being kept confidential."

i know this sentence sounds awful, that's why i need YOU, TQC, to rephrase it for me.
so...will you accept the challenge?

(no subject)

1. Have you ever heard of the poet Lord Byron being referred to as "Bobby Byron"?

(My British literature teacher said that is what he is more commonly known as [I have never ever heard that and neither had anyone else in my class...WTF]).

2. Who is the stupidest teacher you have ever had?

3. Can you give me some examples of their stupidity? 


Do full time college students get health insurance through their university while they are studying there? Mainly asking about the US, but please do tell for your country if you're not from the US.

Just a random question that popped into my head while reading something about it in my country. And yep we do get healt insurance through our college here (for free, I mean) :)


(no subject)

I'm going to work at 7.
I'll buy a drinnk there (its a convinience shop)
Should I get water or fanta? (to which I am currently addicted.)
I know water's better for me but....orangey goodness!!!

(no subject)

Tomorrow I have a paper due for my Shakespearian Studies class; the topic is Twelfth Night. The assignment was to create a thesis about any facet of the play and support it, which is simple enough. The teacher told us to e-mail her if we had any questions/concerns. I wanted to double check with my teacher that my proposed thesis was all right, so I e-mailed her last Wednesday. She never responded and I didn't want to wait until the last minute to write my paper, so I went ahead and used my thesis anyway. TONIGHT she sends me an e-mail saying my thesis is not OK, and gives me one to support (that's sort-of in the same vein as my original topic, but just not the same).

Should I stay up and re-write the entire paper (nothing I wrote is usable for this new topic) or turn it in and claim I never got her e-mail? Any other ideas?
( movie ) steve3.

(no subject)

so my mom & sister just put in some toll house cookies into the oven and half of them came out burnt and the other half not cooked. i'm eating the non cooked ones because i freaking love cookie dough, but wtf, has this every happened to you?

..okay now i'm not eating them anymore, i feel sick.

and if you had to have a disorder/disease, what would you pick?
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(no subject)

If someone said "I just ate a couple pieces of candy"...how much is a couple? A few? Several? A lot?

To me, a couple means 2, a few means 3, and several means 4 or more, and a lot is just...I don't really have a number for that one. I don't know where I came up with this system. But my fiance thinks a couple is 3, a few is 2, and several is 3 or more, and anything beyond 5 is "a lot."

Edit: It doesn't really have to be just about candy, but everything. We're always getting into mini-arguments because I tell him we have x-number of something, and because we use different phrases, we're always thinking of a different number.
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(no subject)

Why does LJ freeze (for me, at least) when I try to access the comments of a post?

In general, why do computers get slow? I have a Macbook (3 years old) and it's getting crazy slow even though it's updated and I still have a decent amount of room left. This is lame.

(no subject)

 So, being the impatient person that I am, I filed my taxes very early using the only W2 that I had mailed to me. I did not expect any other W2s, but I received 2 more after I filed, so now I'm filling out an amendment. I used Turbo Tax for my 1040EZ form, which made life easy, but now I have to manually fill all this shit out, and I'm lost SO:

1. Does anyone know where I can find an easy "filling out the 1040x for retards" guideline on the web? I've googled, but I failed.
2. Can anyone actually help me without sending me to a link? I just need to know whether or not I have to fill out every single line (I'm just adding to my adjusted gross income and the money I want refunded, no exemptions or deductions or anything)
3. If you've filled out a 1040X before, in Part 2 when you have to explain why you are changing the amounts, how should I phrase "I'm retarded and didn't wait for my other W2s?"


(no subject)

I bought one of those sleep eye masks recently and went to sleep wearing it all last week, and while I got great sleeps and felt much more rested than usual all last week, my eyes were incredibly itchy and watery all day, every day. I stopped wearing it two nights ago, and now my eyes are fine.

Have you heard of this happening to anyone? Could I be allergic to the material and should I try to find an eye mask made of different material, or is this maybe due to the fact that less oxygen gets to my eyes when I'm wearing it while sleeping? FWIW I sleep on my stomach, so the material is probably smooshed between my face and my pillow when I'm sleeping.
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(no subject)

Let's play Kill/Fuck/Marry.

Comment with three people (actors, authors, presidents, athletes, whatever) and people will respond to your comment with who they would kill, sleep with or marry.

I'll start!
Danny Devito, David Spade, Charlie Sheen.

To make it valid, who would you kill, fuck and marry?
Arrested Development

(no subject)

If you saw someone dressed up like a Renaissance fair fell on them, with a sign taped to their back saying "Ask me why I'm dressed like this!" would you ask or not?

The woman who runs the slide projector in one of my classes was dressed up like this, and I was intrigued until I saw the sign, which I just thought was attention-whorish, so I didn't ask.
Molly - OMFG!

(no subject)

I have a third interview tomorrow for a 1st shift "common area" (so greeter I'm guessing. He just said "common area" on the phone this morning) position at Meijer (basically a Wal-Mart but just in about 5 states). It's a brand new store, so they're hiring about 250-300 people. I already apparently stood out at least some in the thousands of people that went to their 4-day job fair. Needless to say I don't want to fuck up now that I've got this far, especially since I really, really need the job.

My question is, do I wear a tie? For the job fair I wore a short-sleeved button-down and slacks. I feel like I should step up my appearance a notch for this. I'm wearing long sleeves, but would the tie be a good move or too desperate looking? And if I do wear a tie, do I wear a ~power tie~ or something more neutral? HALP GUISE, I'M SRS.

Fidelity vs. Faith

Ok. Some religious beliefs are like water and oil, while others are more like Gasoline and a lit match. So, fellow TQCers, let me know what you think. . .

Do you think that a relationship can last if the people in it have vastly different belief systems? For instance, my Ex Husband was devoutly Catholic, and I am Pagan. There were constant clashes over it, and there was even a stipulation placed into our divorce that I CAN tell my kids about my beliefs and he cannot denigrate them to the kids. But, my current relationship, the gentleman in question is christian as well, but respects my beliefs and even goes so far as to help me celebrate them (ie Yule gifts, Ostara eggs, and he really loves May Eve).

Do people that celebrate vastly different religious beliefs ever really "make it"? Can they ever be truly happy? Are they doomed to failure, or can they learn to accept each other's practices? Are we doomed to failure before we even begin?

And if you don't are, who do YOU think Narced out Tet this time?

(no subject)

Why are all the caps on my chap stick tubes missing? If you guess correctly I will mail you a prize.

I know I didn't give much time for people to guess, but the answer is...
*Because my boyfriend gives them to the cats to play with* O.O

How should I seek revenge?

(no subject)

Would you ever consider doing a job based on 100% comission?

Have you ever had to move back to your family home after your future plans haven't worked out? How did/would you feel about that?

I'm really upset today, do you have any jokes to cheer me up?
housewares, ash

(no subject)

oooooook i think i've gone mad.

i keep hearing this little squeaking noise whenever i'm alone in my room, usually when i'm laying down in bed. it's pretty faint, but definitely not just in my head. it sounds like a dog's toy or something.
i think i've figured out that it goes at the same pace of my heartbeat.
what the fuck could it be???

(no subject)

you're awarded two trips on a time machine that can only be set for years after 2008. so if you go someplace, you can get a return trip here... but you can't go jumping around where ever. once you're done you're done.

what do you think, want a ride into the unknown future?

what year do you set it for?

A philosophical inquiry

Let's say scientists determined that the world was going to end at some time in the near future (let's say December 12, 2012) for sure and there was nothing we could do to prevent it.

Do you think if you knew that every single other human on the planet was going to die at the exact same time as you that that would lessen your fears on death in general since we'd all be in it together?

Do you think you would be more or less scared than you would be if you found out you as an individual were going to die of, say, some disease within that same time span? Or compared to your mortality in general?

Personally I think it would be almost comforting to know I wasn't going to die alone. There wouldn't be anything to be scared of because there would be no life to miss after death. Everything would just be gone and there would be no future without me in it. There would just be...nothingness.
Evil Me

(no subject)

Is there a bridge across a major body of water in your city?
Does it have a toll?
If so, how much is the toll?

Yes, 2!
They both do.
$0.65 if you have an electronic pass, $0.75 if you pay with cash.

(no subject)

Which is better: Watchmen or The Sandman?


I lovelovelove Watchmen, and it's an entertaining, brilliant read, but I adore the imagination and varied narrative style of The Sandman more, as well as its massive cast of fascinating characters.
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(no subject)

TQC I get to get a new phone! I'm with AT&T. Will you talk me out of getting a blackberry? Will you talk me into getting a blackberry? I am thinking about getting one, but I'm really pleased with the phone I have now (but it's real scratched up from all the adventures it goes on with me). I just text a lot and that's... it. I call my boyfriend sometimes, and I like the idea of portable internetting. Tell me of your bad and good new phone experiences, TQC?

If not, what is a hobby you haven't tried yet, but would like to?

I'm really interested in pottery, but I have no idea how to get into it. I know no potters.

for girls

Which appeals to you more (specifically in the flirty/dirty sense) -- being called a "bad girl" or being called a "good girl"?


bad girl
good girl

(no subject)

Okay, so utility bills typically count for the previous month (ex. the bill you get in February is for all the stuff you used in January). What about internet? Isn't it for the same month (ie. February bill is for February usage)?

What goes well with ranch dressing (aside from the usual broccoli, carrots, celery and cucumber)?

How do you get your daily dose of veggies?

(no subject)

We had a big fight about this at school last week, and it's still bugging me.

TQC: When an egg has one of those brown spots in it(after you've cracked it into a bowl or w/e), it means it's been fertilised, y/y?????

Everyone in my class swears I'm wrong, but I remember learning this in elementary school. IS MY MEMORY LYING TO ME, TQC???


1) i just suffered minor rejection. will you post some really cool or funny pics/macros/vids/whatever the hell you feel like posting to cheer me up a bit?

2) what do you do when you are sad?-i clean. im getting started as soon as i submit this post

3) do you have any perscriptions? what for? -i take generic paxil and detrol la

4) what is your favorite kind of chips/crunchy snack food?-flamin' hot cheetos

5) what color is your hair? is it natural? do you like it? if you were to change it, what would you change it to?-its red, i love it, my natural is blond so i already did change it

6) what are you not doing that you should be?-practicing piano for class tomorrow

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Does you have South Park 10: The Game on your cell phone? If so, how the hell do I get the blue key in the last level?!

If you don't know/don't care, what games do you have on your cell phone? Did it come with them or did you download them?

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Give me story prompts,please?

what is your favorite fruit juice?

How many bookmarks do you own?

10 for my own use, about 5 for the use of others.

eta:how do you stop sleep talking?