February 15th, 2009

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What was the last movie to disappoint you?

My friend and I saw "He's Just Not That Into You" because we thought it would provide comic relief. It was terribly boring and failed to deliver, though.

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Three of my exes have called me in the last 2 days. Am I emitting some kind of strange pheromones? or are they just lonely losers? Anyone else having this problem? It's kind of hilarious to me.
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What make/model/year was your first car?
How much did you pay for it?
Did you buy it from a dealer, or from a private party?

Of you don't care/don't have a car
What time is it there and where are you from?


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Poll #1349606 To my TQC Valentines

Which of these is the worst?

Being single on Valentine's Day
Being in a couple, but your partner doesn't celebrate Valentine's day and leaves you alone all day to hang out with his friends
Being in a couple, but your partner is celebrating Valentine's Day with someone else
Being a duck
Other (posted in comments)
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when is it okay to wear sweatpants in public?
what is a situation where you would look ridiculous if you were dressed up?
have you ever worn something and gotten strange looks from people? will you tell me more about that situation?
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booty calls

is it appropriate to spend the entire night at someone's house when you've went over strictly for sex?

i personally think if you are friends with someone and just happen to fuck sometimes, it is okay.

on the other hand if your only interaction with someone is generally sex-based, i think you should gtfo when you're done.

the guy i have hooked up with five or six times over the past few months doesn't like it when i leave in the middle of the night/early morning instead of staying. i find it strange.

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Ladies, do you get offended when someone asks if you're PMSing because of your behavior?

Have you ever used the PMS/period excuse to get out of doing things you don't want to?
What do you think about people who do use that excuse?


1. Do you sleep in socks?

2. For those with long hair, do you sleep with it up or pulled back?

3. Do you have retainers/a retainer? How often do you wear them/it, if at all?

4. What is your nightly routine?

1. Ugh I just can't. They leave those rings around your ankles and they get so itchy and hot that I usually end up kicking em off.
2. sometimes
3. I do and I wear them at night.
4. I brush my teeth, brush the aforementioned retainers :P, wash my face, put on moisturizer, put on lip balm and finallyyyy crash!
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Eleventh Hour/Kingdom Hospital

Recently in an episode of Eleventh Hour the hospital shown has the same logo as Kingdom Hospital from the Stephen King miniseries Kingdom Hospital. Does anyone know if that was a nod to Kingdom Hospital or whether that's an actual logo?

I looked up on Wikipedia and it said the exterior shots of Kingdom Hospital were shot at the WorkSafeBC building but I googled that and came up with nothing.

Will you answer this like an advice columnist?

Dear Question Club,

So if you go on your first date with someone on Monday, it goes reasonably well (especially the last 45 minutes where you make out) then they don't contact you until Saturday and that's via text message, "Happy Valentine's Day!" So I'd get if it if he just wasn't that into me, but what's with the text? Please help me decode this.

Clueless in Canada

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I'm hoping to get an interview for a job soon (my first) and I want to ace it. I've had interviews at places before and they went alright, but I'd like to do better. So TQC, how do I give a kickass interview? I'm pretty shy and awkward; I don't want that to mess up my chances anymore.
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You're pregnant right now. This very moment. What do you do?

Abort! Abort! ABOOOORRTTT!!!
Keep it- I can raise a kid!
Put it up for adoption.

If you choose adoption, is it open or closed?

Open, I wanna see my baby.
Closed, too difficult to deal with.

Does the father have a say?

Yes, it's our baby.
No, it's my body.
It's 50/50.

How old are you?

40 +
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(these questions are based off the Disney/Pixar movie Toy Story)

1. Why do you think Andy's mom appeared single? Do he and Molly have the same father? If so, where was he?

2. Do you think that Sid Phillips underwent a traumatic event to turn him into the little explosive-loving deviant he was in the movie? If so, what?

3. Do you think that Buzz took over as Andy's favorite, once they got to the new house? Or did he and Woody share the responsibility?

obviously i've seen this movie one too many times

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Last night I was rushed to the emergency room because hives were spreading all over my body.  We did not know the cause, but they give me a few pills and a shot of Epanephrin.  I woke up this morning and I didn't have the first set, but I had another set growing on my back on the backsides of my legs.

Have you ever had an illness that the doctor didn't treat all the way?  If so, what was it and how long before it eventually went away?
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How would you feel if your partner said that you weren't the best sexual partner they had?

If they aren't willing to give any tips on how to improve, would you prefer they just lie?

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How do you get over someone? :(

My boyfriend broke up with me after 3 years because "the spark wasnt there anymore." I thought he loved me this is so hard, so advice please. :(
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Is there any music that you love, but it is tinged with hate because the person who introduced the music to you, you now despise a lot ?

There was a guy in high school who love R.E.M. and raved about it a lot, then he did a horrible thing to my friend, and I resisted liking R.E.M. for over two years, then I just had to give in and love it. Uggggg....

Inspired by earlier Disney questions.

Why do you think it is that most Disney heroes/heroines are from single parent homes or are orphans all together?

Are there any animated or CGI Disney characters that you can think of, besides The Incredibles which is the only one I can think of, that have a typical nuclear family?

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My dog has fleas that he picked up from my in-law's place last week. What flea medication would you recommend? He is 4 months and about 25 pounds if that makes a difference. I just want him to stop itching and biting himself to death. TIA :D

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I don't know what to do with myself anymore =[. I feel as though I'm having some sort of heart attack almost every day -- and I'm always thinking about my ex even when I shouldn't be. I don't call him, or text him, or anything like that -- unless he tries to get into contact with me first. But, I love the douche and I don't know how to get over him =[. It's been years, now.

What do I do TQC?

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Is there something you've wished for for a very long time, that looks to be coming true?

I've always wanted to live in Cornall, by the sea. Hopefully, in September, I'll be going to Uni there. I'm so happy but equally scared that I won't get the grades
green bean casserole!

pickles, leftovers

what kind of pickles do you like? what kind of pickles do you hate/not eat? what is your favorite kind of pickles?
all kinds. i don't usually eat jarred dill. sweet gherkins.

and what do you think makes the best leftovers?
taco bell burritos.

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What would you do if a therapist/doctor/psychologist, or some sort of caretaker told you that you've proven to have extremely mild mental problems and he wanted to put you through a series of tests?

After the first test he decides you're a danger to society and well, better yet, yourself and that you needed to be held in a psych-ward for most of your life, if not all of your life.

What would be your first thoughts?
What would you say?
What would you do?
How much would you be willing to go through to prove that you're sane?
What if you really weren't sane?

EDIT: For those that are evidently blind.
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How well do you do on this quiz?
10/10 :[

My 17 year old brother just asked me to "stash" his clove cigarettes for him this week, while he's on a church trip. I spared him the motherly lecture this time, but still felt the urge. For those of you with younger siblings, did you ever feel the need to be preachy with them?

What should

name his second child?
I think John goes well with Susan.

What is your favorite movie from this list?

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Do you have any interesting characters where you live?

For example, in my town, there is a man named Gary who has some kind of mental problem. There are a lot of theories as to why he's that way. He always frequents the same area of town and almost always wears a faded high school jacket. When he talks to people he says 'hi' and sometimes 'I love you' to girls and he asks questions like 'Is repeating bad?' Also, he has this really uncanny ability for remembering things about people and the times and dates of games at the high school, apparently. Almost everyone in town knows him, too. He's completely harmless, albeit a bit creepy sometimes. He's like a legend though!

ETA: We also have this very tan man who rides his bike all around with either leopard print shorts or very short jean shorts and nothing else.

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Poll #1349777 Unusual or unpleasant questions

Would you rather sleep with your best friend's SO, or your cousin?


Would you rather get tattoos on each knuckle on each hand, or a 10" tattoo on your stomach?


Would you rather be homeless for a week (no sleeping indoors, not even a tent), or sleep with a homeless man/woman, straight off the street, sans shower?

Be homeless
Do the homeless

Would you rather eat 10,000 calories in 24 hours, or eat zero calories in 24 hours?


Would you rather strip to your bare ass in front of 100 people at a club, or owe $1,000 to the IRS (additional, if you're already owing money April 15) for some obscure law they're now enforcing?

Show my booty
Pay the government more booty

Would you rather lose two fingers off your off-hand, or all the toes off one foot?


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I know i've just posted, but nyeh.
There's a company who do these gift pod things.
One is called a 'drive pod' and its a little box with a chamoix, plasters, reflective strips etc, for your card. I want to get a travel type one for my friend but can't find a website that sells them!
Do you have any idea what I mean?!

Found it!!! www.touchofginger.com
Jenny Saville

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So TQC, I'm like, melting into the floor, so I'll keep this brief.

I am just deliriously high on life right now, and I would love for you electronic people to give me some youtubes or whatever of animals speaking like humans, especially in english (I spelled english right you stupid computer, fuck you) accents. I am so in the mood for that shit you can't imagine. Pretty please?

Also, my dog just winked at me three times in a row. Does this mean he is trying to send me a message? Was it a glitch in the surveillance system? WHY did my dog wink at me, TQC?
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Costa Rica

I'm still trying to figure out where to go for my Spanish language immersion program. At the moment, I'm thinking about Costa Rica, but am trying to choose between 2 cities.

One is a fairly small town (32,000), but it's on the Pacific Coast. I'd be near the beach and able to participate in water activities, horseback riding, scuba diving, etc.

The other is a suburb of San Jose, a major city. It'll be about 30 minutes away from San Jose via bus, so assuming that the buses run at decent times, I could head into the city to enjoy myself.

Where do you think you'd rather study? Also, what do you know about Costa Rica? If you've been there, how did you like it?

Poll #1349739 Costa Rica

Where would you like to live and study?

Near the beach
Near a major city

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When your friend is complaining about something that from your perspective look like they are in the wrong do you tell them?
What if it's not your friend?
When someone does that to you are you relieved or pissed off?


What's your favorite type of hot sauce? Why do you like it over other brands?
What's your favorite usage for hot sauce?
Got a good recipe that's spiiiiiicy?

thx tqc

I like Frank's Red Hot, cuz it's more vinegary than the other kinds.
I drown mashed potatoes in it!
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Cat issues

Spaz, my 11 yr. old cat, keeps vomiting. I have taken him to the vet (3 times), and he says it's nothing. I'm going to set another appointment with another vet to get a second opinion. Oh, and he doesn't have a hairball problem (he's a short-haired cat). So I'm wondering is there anything more that I can do?

This is what my cat does:
  • Over the past year, vomiting has become more frequent.
  • For about 10 minutes or so before he actually vomits, he acts depressed. Which by the way, is very odd for him, since he's usually a happy-go-lucky mellow cat, and still plays like a kitten despite his age.
  • He "yowls" really loudly right before he vomits.
  • He HAS to go right away to the kitty litter box to do his business after he vomits.

Steps that I've already taken to try and fix this:
  • Took him to the vet 3 times. Gave me a laxative and some pills for Spaz. Laxative seems to work, pills did absolutely nothing. Spaz previously had a constipation problem, and thus the laxative, but the vet said it'd help with the vomiting too, and it does a little. Vet also took a stool sample, and found nothing wrong with it.
  • I thought he might just be eating too much / too fast, so changed his diet so that there's only a little bit of food for him to eat at a time. I can't really see if this helps any; I don't think it really does. He was free-feed up until this point, and he never gorged himself. Just ate whenever he was hungry throughout the day.
  • Switched foods from Dry Good Life -> Dry Science Diet "sensitive stomach" and Wet Science Diet. Dry foods seemed to have made him throw up, and the wet food seems to be better, but he's still vomiting. Thinking about switching to an all-natural food with no preservatives? The vet said that as cats get older, they sometimes can't digest processed foods.
  • I thought maybe he's throwing up because he's acting out / needing more attention, so I've paid more attention to him; doesn't seem to help at all.
  • I took his food away for one day, and when the time was up, started feeding him again. Didn't throw up for the next couple of days after, but then it started again.
Any insight on this issue would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Edit: Found some really good info:
www.facekitty.com/2008/04/six-diseases-caused-by-dry-cat.html she also provides resources to help this claim. The info provided by Dr. Hofve at the bottom of the post is great. I would recommend reading it. Might be the reason why Spaz is throwing up.

Edit deuce:
after reading facekitty's post (which i highly recommend reading), I'm pretty sure it's the dry food. i went out today and got him some all natural food, "By Nature Organics". (man, was it expensive!) Spaz seems to have taken to it really well (by running around, being hyper, and playing a lot), so I'm gonna try this one out for a while.
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what's the weirdest store name you've ever seen?  what did they sell?

I was driving around yesterday Valentine's shopping and came across a store called Unicorn Bicycles.  Weird enough, right?  Not quite.  They had a picture of Mario on their awning (instead of a unicorn, which made me sad) and sold video games, stuffed animals, and everything else you could think of.  They only had like, maybe 10 bikes in the entire store.
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i have a driving lesson in an hour and a half. i havent had a lesson in about 2 years, but i drive a fair bit in my car with my parents. i am crapping myself though because my theory test certificate runs out in 6 weeks and i need to sit and pass my practical test before then or resit the theory (which is another £30). ive had quite a few lessons in the past but i am SO NERVOUS its unbelieveable. will you tell me your driving lesson tales? were they good? was the instructor a maniac (like my last 2 were, hence why i havent had a lesson in so long)? did you do well? what was the hardest thing to learn? i am personally dreading reverse round a corner because i have never done it and ive heard its quite hard :(
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Do you feel that not having a father figure can cause issues later in life?

Does you answer change depending on the gender of the kid in question, aka is it more important for a boy or girl to have a father figure?

Do you have a father figure in your life?
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I have approximately 1/8 to 1/4 of a cup of whipping cream left in a container. Is there some kind of sauce or something I could make with that little cream? Anything I could do with it or should I just throw it out? I can't make even the tiniest amount of whipped cream because I don't have an electric mixer.
emmett, QAF

Kind of a dumb question

So, If my last name ends in an s like for example  Morris when I make it possessive is it Morris's or is it Morris' ?  This is the one thing I never understood when do you use s' ?

ETA: I think I'll use the 's. This is why I couldn't be an English major (:
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1.Why do I get really bad cramps after sex?

2.Have you ever read Venus in Furs? What did you think of it?

3.Are you more of a sadist or a masochist?

4.Who really likes valentine's chocolate?
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If someone likes you, you just know, right?? It's a switch that's either on or off, there's no possible way it could get stuck in the middle or something could happen that would change the situation, right?

Y/N answers plz. I'm serious!
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Oh jeez TQC

I have to write a lot between now and Thursday and I don't have a lot of motivation. What do I do? (Intellectual laziness at its best--if it were just typetypetype, that'd be chill, but no! I have to THINK!)
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Does anyone have a coupon code for Nordstrom.com?

I would really hate to have to wear this instead of the cute dress I found at Nordies!

eta: I am not wearing the Neiman Marcus outfit regardless. I was trying (and obviously failing) to point out the criminally ugly "womens" section of Neiman Marcus. The dress I am buying from Nordstrom is here, and is already on sale, but was cheaper than the NM crap regardless.

But I'd still like a coupon code.
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Do you have Twitter? If so, can you explain the appeal to me?

My friend dragged me into joining Twitter but I don't get it. Who wants to read random snippets like "Had subway for lunch. Awesome" for fun? You can't even write a whole idea down.

Am I doing this wrong? I have no idea what to write.

What do you use it for?

And if you don't Twitter, which tech trend flies completely over your head?
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Hey guys,

I am doing a fashion design course, and for our final project, a three-piece outfit, the theme is "Big Day Out".

Can you tell me what the first thing that pops into your head is when you hear that?

I already have an idea all mapped out, but I wanna make sure I'm not gonna have the same idea as everyone else out there.

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I was away from my dorm yesterday, and my roommate told me this morning that when she woke up, the girl from next door was sleeping in my bed. Apparently she got really drunk and got confused as to whose room was hers.

I find this hilarious, and now I'm curious--what are your most embarrassing drunken stories?
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anyone on from LA or around there?
what's the weather like and what's it expected to do?

(my boy is out there right now and supposed to be leaving tomorrow morning from Burbank)

last thing that almost made you cry?
..or did make you cry.

i was just on the phone with my boyfriend and i asked him if he'd been having fun on his trip and he was like, "yeah, but i really miss you."
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How can you get over a crush?

So, there's this girl at a weekly bible study I've been going to for about a year. She's basically my dream girl: two months from graduating with an engineering degree, has as much if not more social anxiety than I do (yes, I find this endearing!), breakdances, sings, has dark blue streaks, and similar taste in music and tv shows and she loves traveling and has been to and lived in several countries. The only problem is she's straight (ok, so maybe not my absolute dream girl...) and I'm not out to her nor the whole group and the denomination isn't really gay-friendly anyway (SDA).

So! Clearly, it's a bad idea as well as pointless for me to think about this girl but guh she is just really wonderful. TQC, how do I get her out of my head?
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1. So what's with actor/celeb types on Facebook? Am I going to look douchey adding them as ~*~friends~*~ even though we really don't know each other? This is assuming it *is* their profile.

2. Eyebrow pluckers - just how far towards your hairline at the temples do those suckers grow on your face??

3. I did fuck all today, and it was nice. How about you?
John Simm, Life on Mars
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I'm considering starting to ride to work since my new job is significantly more sedentary than my previous one, and I think I have the fitness that this should be feasible.

What do I need to do/buy/learn/think about before I launch into riding? The ride is probably about 12km (7.5 miles) each way, and I'll be doing some night and early morning riding (though on relatively well-lit paths and roads)., as well as some really hot midday rides.

I know I need a bike, a lock, a helmet, a backpack (and a cover for wet days), a towel and change of clothes, front and rear lights, a water bottle holder... and probably more knowledge about bikes.

One first thing- what am I looking for in a basic road bike?

ETA: Oh, and obviously basic maintenance tools like a pump.

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So, back in May, I got my best friend a teeny, tiny little African clawed frog who we named Herbert. Herbert grew, and is now a healthy, happy little frog who just moved into a much more spacious tank. However, Herbert seemed bored, so we bought him a lady friend and a pretty fish (and big - since Herbert has a taste for anything small enough to fit in his mouth.) The fish was of the normal tropical tetra varity, a live bearer, and thought to be male. Until today, when I found 16 baby fish swimming in the tank. What the heck am I going to do with 16 fish!? Hopefully they will all survive, I put them in another tank with their momma.

Will you tell me about your last "WTF?" moment? Or the last moment that your animals completely surprised you? 

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Dear TQC,

Since you are all clearly beauty gods and goddesses well versed in the ways of drag/goth makeup, I figured you could help me with my query, as Mr. Google has decided to offer lots of terrible unhelpful advice.

What is a good way to block out one's eyebrows without the use of an eyebrow putty or spirit gum? The eyebrows in question are black, but thin and I only have about an hour to get ready.

Non-serious answers are fine, but they better be lulzy.



1 - Have you attended any level of college?


2 - Did you ever experience a bad Run-In with a undercover cop??
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Best Mountain

What is the best mountain in the entire mainland US? It can be in any state, region, or of any elevation you want. But whatever the reason, I would like a location (in case it's something obscure) and a reason why.

:: Edit:: And I'm curious: is there anywhere in the US that is as dim as Crescent City, CA — the filming location for Return of the Jedi & The Final Terror.

(no subject)

When was the last time you were seriously ill?

From about 4pm yesterday to now. :( I threw up 6 times last night and am now 8 pounds lighter than I was yesterday morning. :( Best Valentine's Day ever.

(no subject)

does anyone know where i can find full episode of flight of the conchords?
i've checked a few websites like tvlinks.cc & youtube & surfthechannel and i can't find any full eppies

(no subject)

Aside of ringtones, what custom tones/alerts do you have on your phone?

As in, my text message alert is a quote from Torchwood, my email alert is the TARDIS dematerializing, my voicemail alert is the final Jeopardy beeps, my new channel message is the Power Rangers Communicator beeps, and any warnings or exclamations are the Law and Order gavel noises.

(no subject)

A few weeks ago a new show began in the US. It's about some british dude that can spot liars.
What's it called?

Well that was quick - Lie to Me.

What's your favourite TV show that's currently airing?
petit prince


tqc! should i buy a slow cooker?

if you have a slow cooker/crockpot, what are your favorite things to cook in it?

what could you really go for right now?
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Dearest Club,

Every morning when I wake up, my legs hurt as if I just biked 20 miles the day before.  I have, in fact, not biked in too long.  I walk quite a bit, but I do that normally.  I also do yoga (about 10-15 minutes) every day.

So, dearest TQC, what am I doing in my sleep?


Haunted_Dogs Tess.

(no subject)

I can't afford Photoshop- what are some completely free alternatives?
Someone suggested GIMP?

My laptop is also from 2005 (HP Pavilion ze4400). He does a really great job still, he's just a little slow.

If not, can I see your favorite photoshopped picture?
James Franco joint

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 I realize it's different for everyone but....

I've been inspired to lose weight. I'm very, very overweight, and I don't eat HORRIBLY, I have a gastrointestinal disease, but I will admit 100% that my lifestyle contributes to my weight issues. What are some good ways to stay motivated? What diet/exercise regimens have worked for you? Success stories? Before/after pictures? I'd appreciate it.

Your not so secret internet fattie :)

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So I'm obviously on a phone kick.

1. What kind of phone do you have?
2. What is the background of your phone?
3. If you're crazy, like I am, and name your electronics, what's the name of your phone?
4. What is your default ringtone?
5. Anything fun decorating your phone (cases, stickers, phone charms, etc)?

Collapse )

(no subject)

Are you friends with an ex of yours?

ETA: My boyfriend seems to think this is a rare occurance and that people are 100% wrong for ever being friends with their exes. Hence the q.
[Cephalopods] Need love!

(no subject)

My friend needs to unexpectedly fly out to New York tomorrow. I made her a delicious pie that will probably go bad by the time she gets back from NYC. Do airlines let people bring on homemade pies?

ETA: Can you freeze pumpkin pie and have it still taste good when it thaws?

(no subject)

1)what groups of facebook friends do you have?

high school,college, grad school, and people with my last name.

2)twitter groups?

etsy folks, activists, random memphis people

3)why are we so enthralled by social networking?
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My sister's best friend's Mom signed my Mom up for the foreign exchange student program, and just told us today. Apparently we're getting our student after one more interview.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to get out of this? Everybody in my family can't stop repeating "What?" long enough to think.

Edit: This woman's mom is the local director.

Edit 2: Fun times! My Mom has joined the thread to explain this all better.

(no subject)

What is something minor and dumb that will throw you in to a whirlwind of rage?

If you've lost a significant amount of weight* in the past, did you get rid o/hide your pre-weight loss pictures?

*Define that as you wish.
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terradactyl legion; damn right

Collapse )

Where exactly did I go wrong here? I don't think saying "Shut up, at least those people are working" is really all that terrible. Was that really so terrible? If he hadn't started talking shit about Best Buy employees I would never have said that.

Should I just cut these people out of my life completely? My only concern is I don't exactly have much family, it's basically just me and my dad.
Arch Rock Mack Island
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On why I'm a dummy

I just did 60 squats to hurry up & finish a lab for my fitness class (what a joke). I haven't done squats in like, probably 3 years.

Am I going to be able to get out of bed in the morning?

(no subject)

Poll #1349928 Hospitals

I have...

...Never been to a hospital
...Been to the hospital to visit someone who was NOT seriously ill
...Been to the hospital to visit someone who was seriously ill
...Been to the hospital for a minor emergency--here defined as anything not requiring overnight stays
...Been to the hospital for a major emergency--that is an emergency requiring overnight stay
Been admitted to the hospital, for a non-emergency, overnight.
Stayed in a hospital for three days or longer, excluding childbirth EXCEPT in cases of complications, miscarriage or c-section
Stayed in a hospital for seven days or longer, excepting the above
Been in the hospital for a month or longer, any reason
Ever had to call 911 or had 911 called on your behalf (medical emergencies ony)
Worked or volunteered in the Emergency department of a hospital, including EMT/EMS
Worked or volunteered in a hospital in another department

Descriptive details are my best friend, so comment away =D
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I've been having a horror movie marathon at my place today. So, this is the result;

Zombies: which one do you prefer, the slow shuffling moaning like your Uncle Bernie after a bender type or the super fast, PCP crazed screeching like a Velociraptor type?

Vampires: which one do you prefer, the modern tragic emo type, the sophisticated sexy aristocrat type or the tear your throat out demonic type?

And in light of the Friday the 13th remake, if you could remake any horror movie, which one would you choose? (Add your new choice of actors if you want.)

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What is the most fucked up movie you've ever watched?

For me it'd have to be Zardoz. I'm still watching it right now. I mean, seriously, WHAT THE FUCK? You can't watch this while sober.