February 14th, 2009

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What is your favorite kind of Girl Scout cookies?

TQC ladies: What typical period symptoms do you get, if any? Cramps, bloating, etc.

Do you experience any unusual ones?

Do-si-dos and Tagalongs

I feel really tired and faint the first day. And I get bloated. :(

I don't have cramps but I'm more aware of my uterus, I guess? I can feel its presence in my body when I'm on my period. And my legs hurt.

My Wild Irish Rose

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What's the largest amount of caffeine you have ever consumed at one time?

I don't usually drink coffee, but today I had a medium IceCapp, a mocha,  and an espresso (straight), in the same three-hour period.

Did you have any side effects?

If I don't lean my hand on my chin, I can't get rid of the feeling that the room behind me is bending. 0__o

Will I wake up on my living room floor later today (it's past midnight here), and feel like I have a hangover?

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why do i feel like i've been punched in the stomach?

why does she get the part even though i can dance rings around her?

why hasn't somebody made a law that says that life has to be fair and directors can't play favorites?
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1. Am I the only person who does this?

Do you ever write quick notes to yourself on your hand like "Buy bread"?

(I've figured, it's easy to lose a slip of paper. It's hard to lose a hand.)

If you do, what do you usually write? If not, do you do anything unusual to help yourself remember things? If so, what?

2. I just saw a commercial for the law firm "Binder & Binder". The head lawyer wore a cowboy hat for the bit. Would you hire a lawyer who goes to court wearing a cowboy hat?

I don't know why but I find this odd.

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Is believing in God like believing in the tooth fairy?

I heard a theory from a friend that went something like this: believing in God is like believing in the tooth fairy because you cannot see it, you cannot feel it but you believe it exists.

Shall I just go ahead and start praying to the everyone's favourite dental fairy then?

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1. Every time I go out drinking with my BFF she always talks badly about her fiance, who also happens to be really good friends with my SO. They have been together almost 5 years and are planning on getting married next year. Tonight she told me about how she has been very unhappy for over a year and she is planning on leaving him soon if things don't change in their relationship. The rest of the night consisted of her flirting with a few guys that we ended up playing pool with, and letting them in on her whole "complicated" relationship status. She was not wearing her engagement ring either. She basically made him sound like a real loser and asshole, which he isn't.

So that being said. Say you disagree with some of the actions your BFF does, whether it be cheating, talking bad about their SO/friends being their back, doing drugs, or anything else, do you:

a) Confront them?
b) Say nothing, since you're the best friend and should support them with any decisions they make.

2. I just discovered some B52s in my purse ( those little twisty shots you get at the liquor store, we snuck them to the bar to spend less money :P) I have 3. Should I finish them?

3. I have to drive my SO to work in 4 hours. Should I go to bed?Or  tough it out and stay up until I drive him and then go to bed?

EDIT: I guess I should add that she doesn't act like this at all any other time.


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I heard somewhere that a person needs six hugs a day to feel like they're a part of something. After doing a google search, I found something like four hugs a day for survival, eight for maintenance and twelve for growth. What is the source of this? Where did it originate? Was it just a song or a movie that started it? or is it some psychological fact proven by theories and practice?

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What is your location (state will suffice) and how much do you pay for your living expenses?

I live in Nebraska and pay $450 a month for a one bedroom apt, and roughly $13-$15 for electricity each month.

I'm asking because this guy I'm talking to assumed I am a spoiled brat since I don't seem like the "type of person that work and go to school full-time."

Also, do you go to school and work full-time?
How many hours of each do you have each week?
Do you find it difficult to balance them?
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Further criteria: I have seen/own Schindler's List, No Country For Old Men, Silence of the Lambs, and a Beautiful Mind. Fight Club is a favorite but I have a feeling half of the class will choose that. I wouldn't mind watching any of these over again, but Fight Club is a last choice for this assignment.

Poll #1349174 Movie for psych.

I have to write a paper for psych based off of an analysis of one of the following movies. Which would you choose?

Good Will Hunting
Fight Club
Schindler's List
A Simple Plan
No Country For Old Men
Silence of the Lambs
A Beautiful Mind
Searching for Bobby Fischer

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1. What are your favorite foreign bands (that sing in English)?
2. Do you have any suggestions for irish bands/music in general?
3. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
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what's the last nice thing one of your parents did for you?

my mom just made me breakfast, which NEVER happens. eggs with pepperoni, bacon, and toast with honey butter.

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1)How much does it cost to rent a book on tape at your library?

1.50 for three weeks.

2)a movie?

$2 for 3 days.

3)How do adults inject laziness, lollygagging and slackery into their lives?

ETA: why do some people's libraries let them take things out for free?
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(OK, so, AMA didn't wanna play. This is the cooler, less snobby comm, amirite?)

Do a random LJ username search using a word, phrase or any bastardization of a word or phrase that you think is off-kilter.

What did you find?

(Me: detergent)

Hey you Yankees

we got a crap-load of snow yesterday and now its melting...
How do you deal with the wet slushyness? My feet are soaked!

Do we NEED any more Tee Kew Cee communities? How many are out there anyway?
Can't we all just get along? STOP the madness.

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Have you ever been walking out and about then found yourself unexpectedly spashed by a bus or a car that went through a giant puddle?  

Have you ever been the one to splash someone?  If so, was it on accident or purpose?

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The best part of any holiday you don't celebrate is getting to take advantage of all the tasty seasonal candy and other goods that go on sale the day afterwards. What's your favorite seasonal candy to load up on after all is said and done?

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My dorm room window faces my university's new HUGE rec center. This whole side is all large glass windows with tons of ellipticals and treadmills facing me... If you were in this situation, what funny pranks would you pull? I'm disappointed in myself for never taking advantage of this when the construction workers were there, so please help me TQC!

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You're at an event and you have a few sips of wine. An hour later you're driving home and a cop pulls you over and asks if you've been drinking. What do you say? Technically you have been, but it was only a few sips. (assume you're 21+).

How long have you known the friend you talk to the most?

About a year

[Cephalopods] Need love!

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You've just experienced something incredibly shocking. Like, an alien suddenly appeared in front of you (but not necessarily this. Just imagine something REALLY shocking). What's the first expletive to come out of your mouth?

I seem to be very partial to "Jesus Christ!"
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The man sitting behind you on the train is coughing so hard it sounds like he'll be coughing up blood soon. Your stop isn't for 40 more minutes and there are plenty of other seats. It's a two level train.

Do you move? If so, do you move somewhere on your current level, or do you move to the other level?

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my roommate and i took our cats to the vet today (they're healthy :) ) and when we were waiting to pay, there was this lady there for at least 15 minutes trying to get special treats. she already had special vet food, and she was trying really hard to get these special treats regardless of the fact that the vet had none. she made the vet call petco, petsmart, and a farmer's exchange, then the vet had to give them some of the treats they keep out for patients. the lady insisted that her dog had a gluten allergy and even the lady tending to my roommate and i was rolling her eyes and trying not to tell the lady to shove off.

will you tell me about a funny idiot please?
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I just tripped and skinned my knee. Will you kiss it and make it better?

I need a nurse for this horrendous hangover I gave myself. What would you do to help me if you were here?

Are you hungover today? Was it worth it?

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What are some differences in British vocabulary and American vocabulary you find strange?


I still can't get over the fact that you don't spell Neighbour the same way.And also CATALOGUE. Also you'd say 'Ashlee Simpson lip-synched all the way through SNL' whereas we'd call it 'miming'.

Oh and do you call Bouncy Castles 'Moon Bounces' or something?

Please help


I'm having extremely severe, abnormal back pain. I'm scared to death and I'm in absolutely agony- I can barely move. I'm in Philadelphia, and I've been trying to find a Dr. online that is open now, to no avail. If I haven't found anything in an hour, I'm going to go to the ER- but if you know of any Dr's open Saturdays in Philly, that would be much preferred.

Please help.
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Consider the following sentence:

"Next Friday I am going to the mall."

It's Monday right now. Does "next Friday" refer to the Friday in THIS week, or NEXT week?

Or, consider this sentence:

"Last summer I went kayaking."

It's October right now. Does "last summer" refer to the summer in THIS year, or LAST year?

This is an ongoing and severely frustrating debate with my boyfriend and I. In my mind, NEXT Friday is NEXT WEEK'S Friday and LAST SUMMER is LAST YEAR'S summer. It just... makes sense. D:
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TQC, will you tell me stories about things you have fucked up at work to make me feel better?

How often have you cried at work and under what circumstances?

If you make one massive mistake in your second week at work and apologize and promise to be more careful in the future and then fuck up the exact same thing 4 months later you are a fuckup, right? :\
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For those of you who met your SOs online, what did/do you tell your nosier family members when they ask how/where you met? My parents know I met my boyfriend online, but my stuck-up, nosy immediate family would be appalled if I told them the truth.
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I'm studying abroad next year and I need to pick a program. I've narrowed it down to these three. I'm primarily interested in linguistics. (I also enjoy philosophy, law, business, and neuroscience, but I am first and foremost a linguistics person.)

So TQC, what can you tell me about the following schools? I'm interested in social aspects, location, etc. as well as academics.

A. King's College (the one in London, not the one in Pennsylvania)
B. Queen Mary, University of London
C. University College London
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1. Yesterday I was checking my emails and received the notice, "Please refresh your browser window. When you access your Windows Live Hotmail account from more than one computer, we ask you to sign in again to help keep your account private and secure." This stopped me from doing anything; I signed in and out, freshed and changed my password. This morning the notice has gone.

Does this definitely mean someone else was in my account? It seems unlikely because of what I use it for.

2. Who is one of your favourite comedians? Links to any stand-up routine/amusing clips of them are a bonus.

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Is there any chance Repo Man was re-released in theaters?

All my life I could have sworn I remembered going with my parents, and my aunt and uncle, to see the movie. I don't really remember much beyond the opening scenes, and that I was really little.

Today I learned "really little" was no joke -- apparently I would have been 2 yrs, 1 month old :o

What's the earliest memory you have?

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What's the most awesome/strange/painful papercut you have ever received?
What was it from?

Because I just got a papercut from a file and those things hurt a lot. I also once got one on my lip. I forget how.
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Which punctuation mark would you go out with?


Which punctuation mark does your significant other resemble?

Myself, I'd probably go out with an interrobang. Confused surprise <3
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So, my husband has been getting teen-sounding Valentine's Day texts all day.  From what we've gathered, someone named Chris gave out the wrong cell phone number in homeroom.  Should we continue to be polite to these kids, or start fucking with them?
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My best friend and I are having wine and movie night to celebrate the joys of being single together on Valentine's Day. Well, we already picked a super cheesy love filled movie (Love Actually) and we want a super scary movie. None of that Friday the 13, Saw crap. I mean literally WTF WHY ARE WE WATCHING THIS THIS IS SO SCARY! kinda movie.

Any suggestions?

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So I'm making BBQ spareribs, some misc veggie and baked potatoes. Should I make blueberry crisp for dessert or peanut butter cookies? Both require basically the same amount of work. Suggestions are also welcome =D I have a well stocked kitchen.

The only stipulation for suggestions is it cannot require icing something, and it can't require extensive oven time as thats going to be occupied.

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So my friend just got off of work and, once again, she is being stubborn about picking a place to eat.

TQC, will you please help me decide?

Olive Garden (ehhh)
Lou Malnati's (Chicago-style deep-dish pizza)
Rokbonki (Japanese Steakhouse)
Big Bowl

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Are there any pieces of jewelry that you wear everyday? If so, would you describe them?

Do you wear these pieces of jewelry even when you're showering?

How about to bed?

If you don't have any jewelry you wear everyday, are there any other pieces of clothing or accessories you wear everyday or very often (a hat, jacket, hairband, ect)?

I am always wearing a gold diamond ring on my right ring finger and a small gold cross around my neck. I also have a belly button ring shaped like a butterfly I always have in.

I wear all these pieces of jewelry even in the shower and to bed.

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Do you have chronic fatigue syndrome or know someone who does?
If so, what symptoms did you have or did they have, if you know?
(I know the name sounds like it's mostly just about being tired but a lot of things can come along with it.)

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Annoying Valentine's Day related question time!

My best friend lives with me, and we act like we're dating, but don't call it that. Neither of us are ready for a 'relationship' despite the fact that we act like it. Blah blah blah, whatever, it's stupid. Anyway, I planned on leaving some pretty flowers and candy and a nice card in his room for when he gets home, and I want to leave roses, but I'm getting conflicting thoughts from friends and family on the damn color of the roses. Should I leave yellow ones, since we're friends? Or red ones, since we like each other and are working towards a relationship? I don't see what the big deal is, but according to my family, it's serious business.

So... Red or yellow?
And do you really think it matters, or are the people in my life taking Valentines day waaay too seriously?

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Do you believe in Aliens?
Do you believe the people who claim to have been abducted?
Lets say you get abducted by aliens, and returned to home within hours. Do you tell anyone or keep mum? Why or why not?

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The complainants were, of course, complaing about the line: "I need to change my ticket". Oh, now you kick yourself! The complaints to the ASA about the line are all the same: it implies that there are "hidden extras" in the hostesses' job. But of course.

I suppose I should finish with a question, so what star sign are you?

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when I move my mouse over any link in tqc it changes color-purple if I've previously clicked it, blue if I haven't. This happened last night (except they were all going purple I think) but then when I came back to the page a minute later they were all pink again and not changing. What the hell?

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I burnt the tip of my tongue very badly on food today, and now my face feels hot and sweaty and I keep getting chills and my nose is runny. Is this supposed to happen? wtf.
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i need some good old-fashioned hollering

I'm supposed to meet a couple of people and go see my friend's band play. Since I decided to get disgustingly drunk last night, I have been suffering through a horrible hangover all day. I really want to go and see my friend's band, as I think it would mean a lot to him. Will you yell at me/motivate me to get moving? I know I'll feel stupid not going, but omg I can't seem to get off the couch :(

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Does anyone here experience a huge dissonance between:

- How you think you look, as you picture yourself
- How you perceive yourself in a mirror or photographs
- How you want to look?

It's not exactly self-esteem issues...it's more like I'm never sure what I look like and never quite satisfied, and often kind of surprised and shocked by what I actually look like when I view myself! Does this happen to anyone else? What the hell?


is the x a kiss or a hug?? the x looks like arms crossed but then the 0 likes an embrace since it's an o shape when you hug someone. yet the o also looks like lips puckered up for a kiss and the x.. well i dunno.. i'm confused! lol

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I may or may not be getting this cat.

She's a little over a year old, and a rescued stray. Looks like she has some Maine Coon in her, but not sure. The pictures kind of suck.

Her name is Nala. Should I keep this name, or do you have another suggestion? Or just add on a middle name?
wonder women


It's my birthday today, what did you get me?
(All non-cash gifts will be returned.)


What is the shittiest birthday present you have ever received? (Besides "no present".)

Also also:

Valentine's Day is stoopid? Y/Y?

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So, because I felt incredibly taken for granted, and sick of crankiness and rudeness, i'm taking a break from my relationship. Im asking myself if he can change like he promises he can, or if it'll change for a couple of days then go back to crap.
I have another 6 days of 'break' left, but he keeps messaging me on facebook and texting me, even though i've asked him not to. I just got a, 'are you ok? what have you been up to?' message, sort of casual, and while I want to reply I thought i'd let TQC decide.
Be funny or serious, just this once i'd ask you to be sort of nice =]
EDIT 1: Basically, i'm asking what you think I should do. The constant messages have been pissing me off so far because he doesn't seem to respect the fact I want space

EDIT 2: Me and my friend went swimming today and on our way out the lifeguard shoved his number into my hand, saying 'Adam - tex me' (spelt wrong by him). I dont really want to pursue it at this moment in time, but I feel bad not sending anything. What do you think?

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What food should I serve at my 16th birthday party in a month? I'm having them dress all fancy and formal!!
What did you do for your 16th birthday?
My sister got me a wig as a present, and I'm not allowed to see it until my party. The suspense is terrible! I hope it lasts!
Do you like suspense?
is there anything you're excited about?
What's the strangest gift you've ever asked for?

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Will you list an author/authors who you strongly suspect were heavily influenced in their writings by some illegal drug?

Can you think of any movie/book where the protagonist just decides to run away from their daily life?

What music did you listen to today?
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Hi TQC-Doctor!

What do I have?

I am really tired. I need lots of sleep. I have been working hard at uni, but eating better (more fish, more veggies and fruits, more whole wheat bread) and I have been doing sports (like 2 hours daily, 5 times a week) even though I was sporty already anyways. But I am not going overboard with any of it. Still, all I did today was going across the street to the supermarket and when coming back home with the groceries I felt terribly tired again. Even after skipping sports all week =(

This has been going on for weeks. Even after resting well on the weekends, I feel terribly tired all the time =(

Again: what do I have?
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Why did the question about "What kind of date is a good date?" disappear? :(

Why aren't you out romancing it up, TQC?
What could possibly be keeping you out on this joyous day?
Am I successfully sounding as sarcastic as I wish to be?
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how intelligent would you say you are?

Do you have more street smarts or book smarts? Any other kind of smarts?
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Do you have a song stuck in your head? If yes, what song? Posting the song would be great if you didn't mind, the catchier the better. I've had the Bibbibabka Ditty stuck in my head for days and I need some relief.
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is your name attached to anything famous/well known?

my friend works at circuit city and i guess all week when hes been checking customers out, they say "we went to jared's", which is a name of a jewelry store here in minnesota (i'm not sure if they are everywhere in the u.s. or not) because they're commercials always have the line "he went to jareds!" he's been rather annoyed with it.
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Mmm panini

1. What is the most painful injury that you have ever had the misfortune to have? (Post pictures please!)

2. How pissed would you be if someone ate your leftovers that you were so anxious to eat?

3. I know you're tired of this, but what did you do for Valentine's Day?
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im trying to post a couple of videos from youtube on to live journal. when i use the 'embed' link, it doesnt work and when i just use the url it doesnt work either. how do you post youtube clips on LJ so they can be played on LJ? ive seen it done before, but i just dont know how :(

OK, sorted. now heres my real question. what made you giggle like a school child recently?

OH! its NSFW, btw...

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This is so ridiculous.
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TQC, I think I am mere minutes from death. Would someone come over and give me a massage? And also, a McFlurry?

If you were being sought by the police, what unique body markings would they document? Tattoos...scars...etc. Pics or GTFO.

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Where do you get layouts for your communities?
I seem to only be able to find layouts specifically for your journal.
I would take pre-made or someone willing to do requests.
Thank you!
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Say your ass of an ex-bf (whom you haven't dated since Oct. of 2007) sends you flowers for Valentine's day. And on the card he signs it "Love you forever." You are not interested. You have not been leading him on. What do you do with these flowers? What do you say to him? I HAVE NO IDEA. He is annoying and a jerk and I AM NOT INTERESTED. He's e-mailed me once and called me twice and right now I'm just sitting here kind of freaking out waiting for the beer to kick in. I feel guilty even though I know I shouldn't. What should I do?!

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Did anybody other than me spend hours researching Harry Potter facts and theories before the last two books came out?
*My friend and i used to make these virtually impossible HP quizzes for eachother and spend HOURS arguing over different theories and which characters we liked and didn't like

Do you remember any of it?
*Basically none

What's the most obscure Harry Potter fact or detail you can remember?
*62442, the number Mr. Weasly uses to get into the Ministry of Magic spells MAGIC on a telephone pad

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How do you put a header up on your community and make it all centered?
Thanks a bunch.

Okay, you all seem to freak out about this question because apparently its all not allowed since its simple.
Well, its not.
The way google & lj tell me to do it won't work for some reason on my monitor because I have a widescreen and it doesn't show up when it works on another computer.
I've googled my ass off, too.
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TQC, I don't know what's up with my boyfriend, but in the past three years I've known him, five close friends and relatives of his have died. He's also have two friends who have almost died, and his father has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer (again!) that has ALREADY metasticized to his lungs. Now, he JUST got word that his 100 year old grandfather passed away. As soon as he got off the phone with his mother, he said, "Better e-mail my professors and let them know I won't be in for class this week." And then sat down at his computer.

Gah, what do I do, TQC? I feel so useless! I don't know what to do in these situations! I asked him if there was anything I could do after he sat down in front of his computer, but he just said, "No." I feel really bad sitting over here on my computer, but sitting there staring at him didn't seem like a much better choice. Should I go sit with him? Should I try to talk to him? Should I just leave him alone? Dammit, I suck at this so hard!