February 13th, 2009


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TQC, the only people who will be staying at school this weekend [of those I live with] are me, my roommate, and my crazy other housemate. My roommate's most likely going to spend the entire weekend over in her boyfriend's dorm, and I don't wanna hang out with my crazy housemate because she's, well... crazy. And I hate sitting by myself like I do most nights because I get bored and lonely.

Will you come hang out with me tomorrow night so I'm not by my lonesome playing solitaire for eight or nine hours like I did last Friday? I'll make you snacks and we'll watch movies.

...What's you favorite snack?
Favorite movie?
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For any French speakers, does "ils n'étaient pas là" translate to English closer to "they were not there" or "they were not here?" My one quarter of French is failing me!

Favourite product on thinkgeek.com?
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Do you go through phases where you eat lots and lots of one or two foods, then switch to something else?

If so, what are you into eating right now?

For me, it's clementines and Merry Maple oatmeal. Weird, I know.

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Do you ever feel much more excited for the thrill of the chase, then lose all interest when a relationship begins?

How does this make you feel as a person? Or, if this doesn't happen to you- how would you feel if this happened to you?

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Where do you get your off-the-wall, not-so-popular-themed icons?
Basically, my fandoms/people are all a little off-the-wall. Definitely not like the ever-popular gossip girl or miley cyrus. I want to find great icons but every icon community seems to be littered with teenage starlets whom I have no interest in.

Just a few of my fave things so you'll have an idea of what kind of community I'm looking for:
Politics (Specifically Hillary Clinton, Rachel Maddow, Barack Obama, Keith Olbermann)
Theater (Specifically Bernadette Peters, Patti LuPone, Into the Woods, Spamalot, Funny Girl)
Older Actresses (Specifically Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster, Allison Janney)
TV Shows (Specifically The West Wing, Buffy, Red Dwarf, Absolutely Fabulous, L&O: SVU, Will & Grace)

Okay--- any ideas????

Bandit Driving

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My roommate and I got into this debate earlier and I wanted to see what others thought.

Do you think it's rude for someone to text while in a movie theater if the phone is on vibrate? Does it make a diffence if it's just one text vs having an entire conversation?

If someone sitting next to you was texting the entire movie would you be annoyed?

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I'm from New York and I am doing a snack exchange with a girl from Ontario, Canada.

What kind of weird snacks do they have in Ontario that I wouldn't normally see in NY?
What would you want if you were me?

What kind of weird snacks do they not have in Ontario that I would normally see in NY?
What would you want if you were her?

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The guy I am/was casually seeing/talking to for 2 months, last week went on a date with a girl who has fucked me over before, hates me and talks shit about me at every opportunity. Now he's apologizing and saying he's a douche.

Should I forgive him and be open to seeing eachother again, y/n?

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Have you ever started out watching a TV show and thought it was great, but then got pissed when it really jumped the shark a few seasons later?
If so, what was it.

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1. If you are a believer (any faith), does the concept of life after death and/or eternity ever make you dizzy?
2. For those that believe once you're gone, that's it, doesn't that seem awfully depressing?
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Does anyone know of or have a link to the video that's actually just audio of some kid having a breakdown because his dad made him stop play WOW? I've been trying to google it but none of my search terms are finding the right video. All I remember is that it was just audio, the screen was black with maybe some text, and I guess the kid's guild was listening to his meltdown b/c he'd left his headset on. His parents were making him get off the computer for like a softball game and in the end he got a lecture about how the game was taking over his life. It was an A+ video and I'd really like to show one of my gamer friends, if anyone has the link!

Edit: I found it! Here's a link, in case anyone wants to watch that craziness.

Mm goat

I bought goat's milk yesterday on a whim.

Do you like goat's milk? Does it also smell like cheese to you? Have you ever tasted any other animals' milk besides cow, goat and/or human?

I'm not sure what I think of it.
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Does anyone still fold down (and out) the waistband of her jeans to get them to fit better? Did you do it before?

(If any men have used this tactic, feel free to respond. :P )

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Say you draft a letter/document, and your boss makes a correction which you know to be gramatically incorrect. Do you just fix it the way your boss wants it, or do you explain to them how they're wrong, or do you just leave it the (correct) way that you had it and hope they just let it slide?

How about if it's not your "real" boss, but another person you don't often do work for, and maybe they kind of scare you?

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How do you feel when people use excessive ellipses?

I used to know someone who would say something like "Check out this video and tell me what you think....."  If there were more than one sentence, they would use it after every sentence.  I was always slightly amused and would be disappointed if they stopped but I feel like I'm in the minority.

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My mother made it a point to tell me about the Buffalo NY plane crash this morning. I felt my whole body tense up and felt like puking. Plane crashes are my biggest fear and even just hearing about them makes my entire day a mess. Do you have any fears that make you react irrationally?

ETA: Do you think your fear is rational or irrational? I generally think mine is rational and plausible. It could happen to me. (Though I don't think how I flail about at every bump and sound on a plane is rational.)

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Which of these horrible things would you rather do?

Tandem jump (parachute with you on the bottom) with a heavily-afflicted narcoleptic
Suck a homeless man's fingers clean after he enjoyed a rib dinner
Babysit Ms. Suleman's screaming octuplets for one whole day
Go to work/school one day wearing kabuki makeup without any explanation
Attend a party at an over-50 nudist colony. You have to be naked

I need my fix!!

Is it possible to become addicted to a CD? I think I am. I am craving this music like a drug. And I'm not on drugs or anything. And the music is good but it's not amazing. Why can I not get enough of this music?
derek smalls


1. do you find toe cleavage objectionable?
2. how many pairs of shoes do you own?
3. what do your favorite shoes look like? pics are a plus!
4. will you tell us about your shoe buying habits?

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This is a stupid question, I'm just too lazy to make my own decision.

I need to buy a certain brand of food for my kitten. I know for sure of one store that sells it, which is a 15 minute walk from where I work so I can go at lunch and buy some. However, I hate that store because the man is overly friendly and won't stop talking and I am extremely anti-social and prefer to just run in, buy something, and leave.

There is another pet food store that is 15 minutes away from my work by subway. I haven't been there in awhile, but I know they have a lot of pet food there, just not sure if they have this certain brand I need. I don't remember the store name so I can't call and ask.

Which store should I go to?

(I'm really curious to see Store #2's food selection, but if I go all the way there and it isn't there, I would have to come back and go all the way back to the other store.)
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What are some high end guitar amps?

Would you say Guitar World is directed at general players rather than skilled or professionals?

What would be guitar/bass magazines directed at more professional players?
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hot water

i have a hot water heater in my apartment. there is also a method of controlling this. i don't think im controlling it correctly, as hot water lasts about twenty minutes.
there is a switch with three symbols, the no symbol, a sun, & a clock. then there is a dial with the hours of the day around the perimeter. how do i configure all of these better?

thank you.

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If a friend's boyfriend has a crush on you (and states this), are you obligated to tell your friend if you have no intention of encouraging or enticing said friend's boyfriend?

If your boyfriend's friend has a crush on you (and states this), are you obligated to tell your boyfriend if you have no intention of encouraging or enticing said boyfriend's friend?
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I just got spacers in my teeth to prepare for my appliance which will precede my braces. They definitely hurt, but it hurt a hell of a lot worse when the lady was yanking on my tooth trying to force it in! It popped, so now I have a busted lip, and my effing tooth hurts from where the tool hit it. Finally, she gave up and flossed them in...um SO MUCH EASIER!!! I'm on aleve atm, and will continue to be, but my question is:

what are some easy to eat foods that won't affect them? I've got applesauce, ice cream, and jello, but I need moar plz, ty.

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What would you like to know about male prostitutes who sell themselves to other men? I'm going to do an interview with a guy who works with some.

Srs and non-srs answers are welcome.
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I have two options:

a) My teacher is giving away extra credit points if I show up tomorrow around 8AM and work from 8-(around)11:30AM for a conference that her boss is hosting. The extra points will be added to a test. I don't know how much the points are. I kinda said I'd be there and put my name down for email but she seems to have volunteers already.

b) study my ass off for next week's test, hope to get an A without extra credit points, and sleep in tomorrow until 11.

Which one should I do?

Secondly - do you make notecards when you study?
animal collective

xbox troubles

Maybe you guys can help me.

My boyfriends Xbox won't play any dvds or games. The light around the power button is flashing red instead of staying green. All the wires are connected correctly, according to him. We didn't move it or touch any power chords from he time we last played a dvd until we tried to use it again(3 hours at most) Whats wrong with it/ how did this happpppeennn?!

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Anyone know of any alternative sauces for pizza? ie) not just tomato based. I had an alfredo pizza once, it kicked ass.

There's a "Headbangers Ball' at the bar next week and they're offering prizes for the best 'metal' outfits. I need some great ideas so I can win! (preferably without spending too much)

Anyone else in this community have psoriasis? Any treatments work for you? 

eta: edited for clarity
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The "big boss" is coming to my section today for an "audit"...wtf is that?
What does he want to see?
What should I wear?
Any advice before I become un-employed?????

EDIT: He came, he saw, Haji conquered....w00t. I rule.

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Should I see the movie Coraline today in 3D or 2D?
ETA: Never mind, my city only offers the 3D version anyway.
Will I have to bring my own 3D glasses?

How many siblings do you have? Do you get along with them?



Do you have a fav/latest song right now that you would not mind setting it on "repeat" mode for hours on end? If so, title and artist please :).

Here's mine:

Collapse )

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Does the plane crash in Buffalo make you any more afraid to fly than usual?

I don't think it's possible for me to be MORE afraid of flying, as I already have to take pills to calm down when I fly, but this doesn't help that I need to get on a plane in less than a month and I just spent all night watching news on this awful horrific accident.

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Okay TQC, I need you to be my love doctors since my partner in crime is too busy to answer me. So I met a boy last weekend that I'm about 95% likes me too, and I asked what he was up to this weekend because my friends and I were heading downtown. He asked if we were going to be there Friday or Saturday or both and I said I dunno, we suck at making plans ahead of time but we'll definitely be down Saturday. So he tells me where he always hangs out on Friday nights or otherwise just give him a call.

So do I show up at this bar tonight and risk looking psycho and over eager? If not, what other suggestion do you have for me?

Calling all bread-makers!

HAY, I am making these cinnamon rolls for my hub tomorrow morning, and all I have on hand is active dry yeast whereas the recipe calls for instant dry yeast. Can I use my active dry yeast instead, or should I just take another trip to the store to get the instant stuff?
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So I usually go to Great Clips to get a trim since they're very cheap. But I've learned the hard way in the past (for my wedding no less) that they're not very reliable for a good hair cut. And this time, I really need a cut.

Where can I go that would have the best quality hairdressers for the cheapest price (and how much will it cost)? I'd rather not go above $30 unless necessary, but if it's really worth it I might consider it. If it helps, I live in a suburb northwest of Chicago.

PS: I'm just getting a cut (about 4 inches cut off the ends and some new bangs). No dyeing, perming, straightening, washing, etc.
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Situation : my class has been ignoring me for the whole year already, normally I would suck it up but it's been really bringing me down so much that I have no self confidence anymore. They are rude and I'm not the only person suffering under their behavior. The bad thing is, they probably have no idea what they're doing and think everything is a joke. We had a class conversation yesterday and one of them admitted that he never talked to me and avoided me because he thought I was weird. Others said that they never meant to hurt me the way they did. Now I have the opportunity to change schools, where the class is calmer and more bound to accept me for who I am.

Question Should I take the chance and change schools, in the hope that I'll find more rest and be accepted for the geek that I am? Or should I keep dragging myself to school with the knowledge that they think I'm weird and clearly won't even do the effort of talking to me even if they know how much they hurt me by ignoring me?

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Poll #1348895 Hulkin' out

Like Bruce Banner, you've been exposed to gamma rays and will turn into the Incredible Hulk when a certain mood hits you. Let's say you can control which emotion will trigger the transformation. What emotion will turn you into a huge mindless destructive beast?

Anger. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry
Depression. I go through destructive bouts when the emo hits
Horny. I want to bone you and you may not survive the experience
Boredom. Whenever I have nothing to do and my mind wanders, HULK SMASH
Pride. I've accomplished something and I'm beaming. Hope you have insurance on your home
Envy. You have something or someone I want. HULK SMASH AND TAKE!
Embarrassment. Oh man, they're all looking at me. They think I made that fart. Now they're all going to die
Happiness. Zippity do dah, zippity RAWRRRR!!!
Hunger. My stomach's growling. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!
Dread. That dentist appointment is tomorrow, providing I don't bash him to death before then

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Is there any term you use to describe 'a breakfast consisting of black coffee, a cigarette and perhaps a couple of painkillers'?

Me and my friends usually call it a Hollywood or a Supermodel breakfast.

If so, is this the sort of 'meal' you engage in frequently?

stupid peanut butter recall

I unthinkingly got some peanut butter cookie dough. The brand is English Bay, and it's made in Canada, according to their web site. It doesn't mention anything about the recall, not a "don't worry, we're safe" or anything else. But since it's not from that plant in the US, it should be fine, right?
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Do you listen to classical music?
which artist(s) do you love the most?
Do you have a favorite piece of him that you like to play from time to time?
What feelings do you have when you listen to it?

yes I do, I love Beethoven, mozart, Tchaikovsky, vivaldi and right now my favorite piece of classical music is the moonlight sonata by beethoven, I always relax when I hear the piece and it just makes me completely calm again after I just had a rough time.

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What's one food that you love to make yourself that you make only rarely because of how definitively bad for you it is? My bf and I want to make some sort of delicious calorie bomb for V-Day tomorrow and can't decide what to cook.

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a guy friend said he wants to take me out sometime, should i get a dress and heels?or should i dress like i normally do in jeans and t?
is it weird that im 18 and this is my first date?
how old were you when you went on your first date?

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Tomorrow night, my brother and his friends are surprising their girlfriends with dinner at our house. I'll be helping with some of decorating and cooking -- since the boys don't really know how to cook.

So, he asked me to be out of the house around that time, but I have no plans around that time. I have plans in the morning and afternoon and was planning to stay home at night. Should I ask him to cough up money for a ticket to the movies? What would you do in this scenario?
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I was shopping at Wegmans earlier today and I stumbled upon some Kumquats. I had never tried them before, so I bought about a pound of them to munch on and have been pleasantly surprised at how much I really like them.

What is the last thing you have eaten (either for the first time or regularly) that you were pleasantly surprised at?

Jason vs. Cupid

What will play a stronger role in your life this weekend?

Friday the 13th
Valentine's Day

My life is more of a _______?

Horror movie
Film noir
Really bad parody of an actual life, like Meet the Spartans or Date Movie
Academy award nominee drama, which is full of strong emotion and somewhat dull
Quentin Tarrantino film
Stoner flick, like Dazed and Confused
Chick flick
Depressing experience where you're made sad simply by witnessing it, like Terms of Endearment
G movie
Fantasy, with lots of elves and dragons (my grip on reality isn't very strong)
Does not compute. I'm Amish

If your life were a movie, in the end, _________

The guy and girl meet cute and fall in love
Everybody dies
The Ark of the Covenant gets crated and stored away in a huge warehouse, never to be seen again
Girl/guy comes to terms with the fact that he/she won't get the object of their affection
Evil is defeated, and now it's a rave and light show with the Ewoks
Evil isn't defeated. Obviously a setup for a sequel (hope you believe in reincarnation)
Hero (you) accomplishes goal, and everybody cheers
Nothing really makes sense or ties together. One is greatly disappointed
Vengeance is attained
Through a vicious self-inflicted gunshot wound, your alter-ego is exorcised
You break up your true love's wedding, and the two of you run off into the sunset hand in hand
After the One True Ring is destroyed, you bid farewell to family and friends and sail away, never to return
You get your mojo back, and it's time to shag a-plenty. Oh, behave, you sexy thing
You pull the plug, watch your trainee die, and then eat some key lime pie
Your crush finds happiness with someone else, but you're just happy that you can leave the belltower without being harrassed by the throngs of bystanders
-[vintage] three

How do you make bubbles disappear quickly?

Due to a housekeeping mishap + idiocy, I have a sink-full of soap-foam and I need to make it disappear without running the faucet for the next 6 hours. I have no idea what to Google for, and I'm hoping there's some "how to clean everything" tip, like spritz it with lemon juice or rubbing alcohol or something. Please... halp. Thank you!

Ugly Quilt/Pretty Quilt?

The short version: I got asked to make a quilt for a family member's daughter and I can't tell if it's ugly or not. (Proceed to the lj-cut for photos.)

The long version: I've hit a creative wall. The person who asked me to make this quilt only had one stipulation, which was that the color scheme had to be pink, light green, and brown. Now, I'm not a fan of pink, really, but I went with it. Because of this quasi-dislike for pink, I can't tell if this quilt top looks ok as-is or not. So I ask you fine folks... do I need to add "something" to make a better balance? If so, what? The only thing that's striking me is that I feel the white blocks of stars fade too much into the pink/white background strips, but everyone at home seems to disagree with me. This is only my second attempt at quilting, so I'm at a loss. Any opinions would be awesome.

Collapse )

When it's finished, it will have a green/white backing and a thin red binding strip around the whole thing, if that makes any difference in your opinions. Thanks so much in advance!

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An old friend who I used to work with sent me a text message last night:
"Hey! I want to get together with everyone for dinner next week"
So I told her I would like to. She then said "Okay, pick a time and place and let everyone know"

...shouldn't she sort of do that since it was her idea?
Does anyone else hate making plans as much as I do?
Do your friends ever do this to you?
Baro Bitch Stare

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How many TQC spin-off comms are there?

How many are you a part of?

What is your favorite community on LJ (besides TQC!)

Do you enjoy wearing the color purple?
watership down


- Do you miss being a little kid? I really miss it. :(
- What kind of "little kid stuff" do you do when you're feeling nostalgic? I watch cartoons and do arts and crafts projects.

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1)what makes you full of rage out of proportion to anything and everything?

wasting my time. If you waste over an hour of my time I get antsy. If you want to waste 8 hours of it, I feel like killing.

2)why would anyone need 3 days of orientation for anything? I could be making money or having fun in that time.

3)do you think I can somehow get exempted from this orientation? If you don't get paid, you shouldn't have to waste your time.
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1. at work (or school) do you usually get bitched out when you do anything incorrectly but when you do things correctly they get over looked?

2. do you know anyone who's over 20 who's never had a valentine?

3. in social situations, when you meet a group of people and spend maybe an hour or two with them at lets say a cocktail party.. do you make a lasting impression? would they remember you very well the next day, or next week even?
.one hep kat(e).

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1. What Girl Scout cookies are you getting this year?
2. Does anyone know a site where I can read genuinely good(SCARY) ghost stories?
3. What are your favorite ethnic foods?
4. What's your favorite juice?

Too much?

I just looked closely at my profile.
I have made 16,832 comments since 2005.
Does this make me a comment whore?
How many comments have you made?
How long have you been "active"???

EDIT: thats 14.6 comments per day ,EVERY DAY since DEC 2005.

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Something came up and one of my teachers had to administer two tests online. However..it happens to fall on the day that I HAVE THE SLOWEST INTERNET ON THE PLANET. It cut out more than once. Blackboard was keeping track of how long it was taking me to finish. They both had time limits. I finished a mere 30 seconds before one of them ran out! Do you think my teachers going to suspect I was trying to cheat? =/ One is a make or break you test. You have to get an 80% on it to pass the class. Period. Ohay just worryin'.

ETA: Everything went through fine. I'm just afraid they'll think "OMG SHE WAS CHEATING" due to the amount of time it took me.
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I'm kind of on a rabid music hunt.

1. What are your top 5 favorite bands/musicians?
2. What CD is in the player in your car atm? In the house?
3. Turn on your MP3 player if you got one. What song/artist were you listening to last?
4. Do you listen to any "unknowns"? If so, which ones do you consider to be your favorite/luckiest finds?

1. X Japan, Devendra Banhart, CocoRosie, The Bad Things, Oingo Boingo
2. Devendra Banhart; Oingo Boingo
3. Hello Sunshine by Super Furry Animals (Though I'm not familiar with any of their other songs.)
4. The Bad Things are a band local to my area, and I think they're amazing. I feel "lucky" for coming across all the bands in #1, as they're not all mainstream and I basically found them all in various ways that are just the luck of the draw type of dealio.
Dr H - Hammer Penis

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Have you ever been blown off for a date before?

Are you going to see the Friday the 13th remake?

What's with all the remakes?

Do you believe that all art must have meaning?

Don't you miss a good old fashioned phone call? What with all the texting? Has everybody forgotten how to communicate using their voice?
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Do you think it would be fair to charge people who live in low crime areas $20 extra per month, per car, on their car insurance, so that money could then be sent to car owners in crime ridden areas?

The state would be the one charging the fee and redistributing it to people in high crime areas, not the insurance companies.

Is your state full of bad ideas too?

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My friend made cupcakes for a class that she had last night. She brought two back with her. I sit down and she says "Oh I brought you a cupcake" and offered the other to a girl who was sitting there.
There girl proceeded to eat both cupcakes.

What would you do in this situation? Can you even say anything in this situation?
Would you eat my cupcake?

If you really don't care (and I don't blame you)
What are you doing tonight?
I'm going to my little cousin's basketball game, then hunting for some non-drowsy Dramamine!

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1. Fred Phelps and the rest of his ilk from Westboro Baptist are coming to my campus at the beginning of next month. We're holding a "counter protest" and we want our signs to err more on the side of humor than straight up "NO U." What should my sign say?

2. ETA: Or would it be better to take the serious route and get a bunch of people just to hold up white sheets or something to close them off from general view, and invite people to come play music and lead songs to drown out their shouting?

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So tqc, a couple of days ago I made a post asking who your favorite Disney Character is and why.

NOW-- What's your favorite Disney movie? Post a picture.
What Disney movie have you never seen? (excluding Song of the South)
Ahh! Babies!

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My boyfriend and I are planning on going to the Florida state fair. But, we're going to have a little scavenger hunt competition. We're going to try to find certain things like a confederate flag belt buckle or a mullet or a pregnant and barefoot woman. So, would you help us create our little list for our game? What other things can we put on this list? Also, if you were to assign a point value to them based on how hard they are to find, what point value would you assign them?
hate pimentos

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Ok, so today at the gas station they were out of regular coffee.  They only had super-caffeinated, decaf or some crappy flavor that I didn't like.  I don't usually drink a lot of coffee, but I usually do drink one or two large cups of green tea and a 20 oz diet pepsi during the day.  I got the super caffeinated kind of coffee.

Driving pug

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I'm going to have a casino themed party in about a month. It has a black, red and white theme.

I'm going to make clams casino and a chocolate cheesecake. What else should I make?

I want to have a raffle. What should I raffle off? It has to be something cheap because I'm not going to charge people to enter the raffle and I don't want to spend lots of money, heh.
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TQC, I have a lot of alcohol [mainly German beer] in my pantry and freezer. I am spending tonight alone. What alcoholic drink can I make from this list of alcohol?

Tequila [two kinds]
Vodka [two kinds]
Peach Shnapps
Triple Sec

I also have:
Diet Coke
Lots of Cranberry Juice

I want something different than Cape Cods. I have margarita mix, but I'm not willing to pull out the blender for it.

Decide my fate!

Original plans for tonight have been cancelled. I have nothing to do at all for the next few hours besides studying until I get tired and pass out.

What should I Watch?

1) A bunch of movies I havn't seen before.
2) The Flight Of The Conchords First Season DVDs.
3) The Wire First Season DVDs

What should I eat while watching?

1) Hot pockets (Free)
2) Order Chinese ($8-10)
3) Order Pizza+Breadsticks (probably around $15 with the coupon I have)
stock::moon hug


I got stuck at school this weekend and next because my stupid teacher switched my labs around.
What cruel diety schedules a weekend lab the weekend of Valentine's Day, when there's no school on the following Monday?!

When was the last time you were really disappointed?
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Would you be shocked if a person told you the following?  If so what shocks you the most?

"My boyfriend went from ass to vag but I sucked him off in between and I thought his dick was clean.  Now my vag is burning."
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So the husband and I have decided to get a flat screen LCD tv.

I know it has to be at least a 26" tv. TQC, what brand would you recommend? We're looking at a Vizio, but I have no experience with them.

Right now we have a craptacular 25" ILO and it sucks. We've had it for a little over a year and it is already starting to crap out. I wish I would have gotten recommendations before buying it. :(

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I have a pretty good friend who happens to be really busy so it's hard to connect with her, therefore, we don't get to talk much. I only have her cell phone number because that is her main phone but when I called the other day I got recording saying the number had been changed, disconnected, or was no longer in service. I got her house number from a mutual friend (who she hasn't spoken to in quite some time) and called there.

On a scale of 1-10 how creepy was that?

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I have a lab partner in my anatomy class who is also lab partners with my boyfriend in his cell physiology class. Neither of us have known her long (About a few weeks) and never really talked much outside of classes, BUT SHE IS AWESOME and I really want to become better friends with her. D: She mentioned to my boyfriend that all her room mates have dates on Valentine's Day and that she's just going to stay home. She's obviously bummed out.

Would it be good idea if we baked her cookies and stuff and then left them outside her apartment with a cute note? Or would that just be creepy?

If it's a good idea, what other small things can we leave her? What clever/cute things should we write in the note?!
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I have completed two telephone interviews and now a prospective employer wants me to complete 3 McQuaig surveys on word association, personality and whatever else (see: http://www.mcquaig.com/ ) I am freaked out by this! I have to complete it by midnight tonight. Has anyone taken a McQuaig survey? What is it going to ask me? Is it a trap?

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My little cousin is in the hospital and I want to cheer him up by sending him a letter. I would like to send him some jokes/funny stories. Wondering if you guys have any ideas?

He's in 7th grade, probably 12 years old.

Any help would be so appreciated!
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OMG TQC I HAVEN'T BEEN LAID IN SO LONG. When was the last time you got some?

I am female and I am not unattractive. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET ACTION AROUND HERE?!!?!? D:

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This evening I found a letter in my bag that I was supposed to post for my work, but didn't. I got laid off on Thursday afternoon so my initial thought was, 'Fuck it, that letter is going straight in the bin,' but as I was walking home from the shops, I found an unused stamp on the ground and decided that it was the universe's way of telling me to post the letter. Does the 'universe' ever do little things like that for you? Suspicious coincidences and such? Edit: What kind of things does the universe do for you?

Should I make an effort to get along with my friend's boyfriend? I haven't liked him since they got together because he was in a relationship when he got together with my friend and there was some ~drama~, but should I let bygones be bygones for the sake of my friend? Why/why not?