February 12th, 2009


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I agreed to go away for the weekend with my aunt, unfortunately I didn't know that this would be the same weekend that my sister is moving in.
My sister does have moving men, a husband, and her brother-in-laws to help them move their stuff.

Should I still go away or should I stay home to help?
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so, tqc, i am currently flat hunting. i went and looked at a place on saturday and have been "called back" this weekend because they can't decide between me and another person. bearing that in mind.

1. why would someone want to live with you?
2. why would someone want to live with me?
3. what's your ideal roommate/flatmate like?

and on an unrelated note:
do you have "la cucaracha" stuck in your head?
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I never asked for new one... but my previous monitor was a 19in.

I just opened up my vday gift from the s.o ( it arrived this afternoon).. it's a Dell 24in wide monitor.

It's been an hour, and my eye sights have been chanting " you're gonna go blind.. you're gonna go blind". I <3 him but, i'm still trying to understand- " WHO really needs a 24in shoved in their face..what the heck was he thinking?"

TQC, do you think i'll go blind staring at this new screen.. let's say: within a year?
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Do you worry when you don't hear from your s/o?
Say you always spend time together every night online, and you know they get off work at 9, if by 1 am you didn't hear from em. What would you do?
Would you wait, call his house and maybe wake his parents up, or not care?

If you don't have a s/o, What's the last think you ate?

Who has a NDS here?

I already have some games for the nds ( Brain age, Travel games for Dummies, Geo war galaxies, Race driver and last but not least: Meteos.)

TQC, could you recommend me some awesome* Nintendo DS games to play?

Thanks in advance :D!
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Why was I banned from tqc_anon without any notice/reason specified?

How will I get past the tragedy of not being able to post in a community that I almost never use/read?!?!

Why do you think people attacked me in that pic post in that way and mostly ignored the person who insulted the person in the picture?
Mitty box

Moral Compass

You are visiting a tourist attraction and they are closing for the day. As you go out to your car, you see a 10 megapixel fancy camera just sitting on the ground next to your car. You pick it up and look at it and there are pictures of the inauguration on it. It looks like these people were mere FEET from Obama! They also stayed in a really fancy hotel in DC and New York. You have the option of keeping this camera or turning it in to the Lost and Found. What do you do?

Do you keep it or turn it in?

Keep it
Turn it in

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I'm bored. What's your favourite TV show?

Nobody answered that one and I got bored with it (I posted the question a minute ago). Let's talk Doctor Who instead.

If you watch Doctor Who, who is your favourite Doctor?

Do you have anything Doctor Who related to say?
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valentines gifts

1. would you like it if your SO gave you a Vermont Teddy Bear?
2. how about a PajamaGram?
3. does the fact that each of these gifts start at $50 and can cost over $100 per gift change your opinion?

1. would you ever get your SO a Vermont Teddy Bear?
2. how about a PajamaGram?
3. would you seriously spend at least $50 on a teddy bear or mail-order pajamas?

4. what gift would you rather give/receive for around $50-$100?

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alright, so my dad called me tonight saying that he was putting 100 dollars in my bank account so that i could go out and buy my mom something for valentines day; he lives across the country for work, so i get stuck doing this a lot. when i asked if he had any ideas, he told me "you think of something" and hung up. problem is, my mom is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for. she doesn't like flowers, chocolate, or romance in general. she's not into shopping or clothes or manicures or anything girly. she doesn't drink, and i already took her out for a fancy dinner a couple of weeks ago and i have plans on saturday anyways. basically the only thing she's interested in are decorations and throw pillows and stuff for the house, but she's very picky about those things. i have no idea what to get her :(

help meeee tqc, what should i get for my mom?
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Do you ever have lots of questions you want to ask but forget them when you get here?

Also which is better for backing up Macbook data for someone who travels a lot: a Mac mini or a portable hard drive like LaCie?
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do you have any funny valentines stories?

would you rather have no eyebrows and have to draw them on, or have a monobrow you can't pluck?

and for those that play any ff:

what ff has the best storyline?
best battle system?
best charachters?

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So I just rediscovered the amazing Whose Line Is It Anyway on YouTube. What cancelled/finished show do you love?

Did you discover it before or after it was cancelled/ended?

Can ranch dressing go on hot (as in freshly cooked, not spicy) food, or would that 'spoil' the ranch?

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So I've recently broke up with my boyfriend. It was messy and I were not really friends anymore.
Thing is, he's who I buy my weed through and I'm really crap at rolling so he usually does it for me.

I hate him, but I really want a spliff. Is it a completely bad idea to get him to buy some and roll it for me?
It would involve me having to go to his house and wait for him to get it done, which tends to take a while.
I have to see him 5 days a week at college anyway, so it's not like i'd be calling him out of the blue.

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my husband and i shop at the nearby publix on our breaks from work or after work. there's a boy who does carts/bags groceries who we've been "stalking." "stalking" really just means i stare at him because he averts his eyes and it's funny, we pick the lane he's in if he's bagging, and i've yelled WOO! loudly out the window when we drive past him in the parking lot.
yesterday i found him on myspace and have been msging him and iming him. i told him we were doing it for fun, and no, i'm not trying to get with him (which SHOULD be obvious since i'm pregnant and always with my husband), and i think that may have disappointed him.

did i ruin the fun? 
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Just because....

Poll #1347907 General Knowlege

When does LIFE begin?

After 5PM
Party!! How do I look?
lololololol?? WTF?

What do the words :SUPPLY and DEMAND relate to?

Socialized Medicine
Social Darwinism
lololololol?? WTF?

What do you identify yourself as?

Feminist Studies Major
This is a dead parrot!

Whos going to next year's Superbowl?


Why am I so pissed off this morning?
(SRS answers ONLY!!!!)


TQC, I've been studying so long and hard for a calculus test that I haven't shaved in about a week. I just took the test (and think i did really fucking good), and after looking at myself in the mirror, I notice that I'm about a week away from a goatee. I've never had any facial hair other than just stubble before. Should I let it grow out, or shave it off now while it's grody and prevy-lookin?

Collapse )
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Anyone here like the Dirtbombs and/or anything else related to Mick Collins?
Or anything from the current (hell, even past) Detroit music scene?
Just wonderin'. There has to be someone out there.
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Everyone I've talked to recently has had theirs back within 5-6 days and its been 10 days and I still don't have mine.

How long does it normally take to get your refund back?
Does it take the actual 8-15 days?

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If you are in the USA, was the gardisil ("cervical cancer") vaccine free for you? or heavily subsidised at least? I don't understand you health care system.

Would you be more likely to get a vaccine that said it would prevent cervical cancer, or herpes on your cervix?

Why isn't the vaccine done by weight? I'm quite small, but I'd be getting the same dose as a quarterback, isn't that bad?

EDIT: was there an uproar from fundies about this?


My friend is the type of person to drop off the face of the planet, and she has just done so. The problem is, we have plans to travel together, and I NEED to talk to her about accommodations. She hasn't let me call her and I've been trying to get her to let me for three months. Let's not get into the whole "I shouldn't try to be friends with her" thing because she does this to everyone, and yes, it's annoying, but whatever.

Anyway, her phone apparently blocks my number because it blocks all "unknown" numbers so when I've tried to call her I got her machine and then she wouldn't call me back.

Should I have my mom call her (my mom's phone number will not be blocked) and insist that she give me an EXACT date and time that I can call? I've asked her to do this before but she won't listen. I've tried and tried and she just say to try and call her sometime. I need her to give me a specific time to call her so I know she'll actually pick up the phone.

I know it sounds bad to have my mom call a grown-up and chew her ass out but I have pretty much no other options unless I want to cancel the trip, which I am tempted to do at this point. We're supposed to meet each other in London in three months and if I don't start booking accommodations soon I have a feeling our options will be very limited.
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1)In your experience, do you think girl children or boy children are more likely to throw tantrums?

2)Do you have a beef with anyone? What's your beef?

3)What's the most violent thing you've ever done when frustrated or angry?

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This might be a stupid question.

I'm a sophomore in college and I'm starting to get frustrated with the program/school I'm in. I'm not sure I want to continue in it next Fall and I'm debating transferring. The deadline for transfers for the school I'd want to go to is March 1st and I'm not 100% set in my decision.

Can I apply as a transfer as a sort of "just in case" thing? I'd hate to not apply, and then at the end of the semester regret it and have to wait to apply for Spring.

Edit: Thanks guys. :) One more question since I'm now applying.

It asks for my current college and my "earned credits". I'll have earned 16 by the time I finish this semester. I have 32 transfer credits. What should I put? 0? 16? 48?

Also, it asks for my other college, which I earned 46 credits by their standards (32 by my current colleg). Which should I put?

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so i'm baking a cake (resp clafoutis). i'm afraid the dough is still runny in the middle but if i leave it in the oven it'll get burned on top (its already kinda black, haha). any suggestions to save it?
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Vain grasping at motivation...

Hey TQC,

I can't motivate myself to do my job this morning. Combined with a naturally drifting focus, this can lead to lots of unnecesssary worry and strain, but I find it extremely hard to get motivated to participate in such tedium.

Will you share your techniques for finding motivation? What do you do to motivate yourself to perform jobs, school work, chores, etc. that you find tedious and generally dull?

Srs, nonsrs, nonsequitor, sarcastic, and/or any other kinds of answers welcome.
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I realized during the photo post earlier, along with previous ones, that there are people who look COMPLETELY different from what I thought they would (ie, they are blonde and I imagined them as a brunette, they turned out to be a guy and I thought they were a girl, etc).

-Do you imagine what people look like over the internet if you've never seen a photo of them?
-How often are you right about what they look like?
-How often do they look totally different from what you imagined?
-Is there anyone from TQC that this has happened with?
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Why am I so tired?

I had to call a plumber to fix our water heater. Instead of seeing A+ plumbers crack, all I can see are his navy boxer briefs. That's not fair, is it?


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In what ways to do you act like the stereotypical person from your city, region or country?

Also, FYI to those who answered my bar question: I ended up being harassed by a creepy older guy for 2 hours who got incredibly drunk and wanted to get in my pants. My bartender friend just laughed at me the whole time. So...I don't think I'll do that again. But at least it was an experience I won't forget.

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I live in dorms and am about to go food shopping.

I want to buy things that I can actually make in my room. I have a microwave and a water heater.

I don't necessarily want something that I have to do anything with. Just add water, or just stick it in the microwave, or just unwrap is great.

What things should I buy?

Edit: Forgot to mention, I don't have a freezer... yeah.
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There is ample amounts of paper in my printer,  but the little red light for "paper"  is flashing and it rfuses to print out anything.  Why is this, TQC, and what can I do to fix it?

I should eat some super-amazing-fabulous bagels and cream cheese for lunch,  y/y?

Should I actually go to school today?  (Note:  I haven't told anyone why I'm staying home... I'm skipping right now, actually.)  =/

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If you have your own place, do you have renter's insurance? Who do you use?

I'm about to move into my own apartment (less than two weeks! D:) and I'm kind of anxious I'm going to forget something. Any suggestions on things I might need?
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What would you do with $100 that someone gave you as a present? What would you buy?

If you found that $100 would you buy different things or the same things?

What is the biggest amount of cash you have received as a present from someone?

Do you like cash as a present?
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1)Do you ever get that goose bump feeling on your head where it feels like a vacuum cleaner is kinda sucking your scalp tight over your head? Do you enjoy it?
2)If given the opportunity, would you rollerskate in a buffalo herd?
3)How are you planning to celebrate Mardi Gras?

please answer these questions. don't make this a dud.
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Which of these situations would make you want to give money (just change) more?

a) donation jar with some money already in it.

b) donation jar with no (or very little) money already in it.

I was just wondering in general, but this will be a Chihuahua rescue organization that has a table at a doggie expo.
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Do your towns/cities have inside jokes? What are they?

ours is the "It's so cold in the D" song-EVERYBODY knows it and every single radio station makes fun of it from time to time.
Family is a gift

Auto Correct

This morning I received a text message from my husband that said "I HATE MY HIV"

Whats the worst/funniest text you've accidentally sent or received due to auto correct.

EDIT:  He tried to say "I hate my Job" but mistyped and it autocorrected to HIV...

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I live near the beach and it's gorgeous outside today. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, waves are crashing, gulls are squaking, surfers are going "duude," and bikini babes are buttering themselves up. Perfect day to go jogging near the shore.

Yet when I go to the gym I see like 50-60 people on treadmills. Why is that?
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I work 3-4 days a week, so I have 3-4 days a week off.

I start work at 9.

BUT on my off days, I sleep in as late as 4:00, and 2:00 would be considered early for me.

Does anybody else do similar? Consistently have such a drastic difference in sleep times throughout the week?

eta: Collapse )

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My professor likes to give a quiz at the beginning of every class to make sure that we've done the reading. The problem is...it's four questions that cover nearly 200 pages of information and he picks out the most minute details.

What the hell do I do? I'm reading the stuff but I could only answer one of the questions last class. Has this ever happened to you? Any crazy teacher stories?
Big Love


Sometimes strange questions just pop into my head. Last night, right before I fell asleep, I wondered if crimes were harder to solve in winter because people would be more likely to be wearing gloves.

Do you ever wonder about things that are strange and pretty much meaningless? I don't really know how to word the question so I hope this makes some sense.

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Going back through 6 years of entries and tagging everything, worth it?

If you tag, what's a tag that you've found especially useful or didn't expect to use as much as you do?
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Have any of you been to Seville, Spain either for a vacation or a few months? What did you think of it? Or if you haven't been, what do you know about it (besides what can be found on Wikipedia)? I'm thinking about enrolling in a Spanish program there.
emmett, QAF

Ethnic Food

I'm working on coming up with activities for this multi-cultural event at my school. We want to have kind of cooking class type thing but I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas.

Does anyone know of an ethnic dish that can be prepared with little or no cooking ? We don't have a kitchen or anything but, if it can be served cold that's a plus.

So far all we have is pita sandwiches.

Workin' on my Fitness!

My muscles are still super sore from Monday's kickboxing class - sad, I know. There is another one tonight and I want to go - is it bad to continue working out while your muscles hurt, or should you wait for them to fully repair themselves to work them again?
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 I was laid off a week and a half ago. Besides sending out a bunch of resumes and applying for a bunch of jobs (which is all I've been doing), being a hooker/selling blow, what ideas do you have for making some extra cash to hold me over until I get another job?

If you're tired of answering this question over and over again, when was the last time you made some big bucks doing something nonconventional?

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TQC, oh noes! In your still-sleeping stupor, you poured too much milk in your cereal. Now you've finished the cereal that's in the bowl, and you're left with some milk. WHAT DO YOU DO?

- Pour some more cereal in it!
- Dump it in the sink!
- Drink it! (with your spoon, like soup)
- Drink it! (out of the bowl, like, uhh... drinking it out of the bowl)
- Something else that you missed! (in comments)

my answers under the cut

ladies of tqc!
Ever got a bikini wax? How was the experience?

My friend has a theory. The guys who act obnoxiously who claim to have big dicks never do/no sex skills, its always the guys you least expect. True or false?

Name one body part you're unhappy with and why.
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my answers in the comments..
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Who is clearly superior?

Stevie Nicks
Linda Ronstadt
Dolly Parton
...Uhm, none, ew.
I was born in the mid/late 90s and so I don't know who any of these ppl are.
OTHER! (in comments, yo)
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Clueless quotes?

What is the quote from Clueless the movie that along the lines of

"I've been reading a lot lately" and "feeling more like a person than a" I believe it is said by Cher and she's thinking to herself.
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How can I be feeling completely buzzed from caffeine (heart racing, hands shaking) and yet so tired that I can't get out of this chair and just want to sleep?? Am I going to fall asleep in the middle of my midterm in 3 hours and fail? (ok you don't have to answer that)

What are you doing for spring break (if you have one)?

Boring help question

I'm looking for a food blog. I'm pretty sure the blogger is female. She makes things that yield 2 servings. I THINK it was mostly baking. I could be wrong though. Any idea which one I'm talking about?

Alternatively, I need resources for finding recipes that yield not very many servings. Theres usually only two of us eating. 3 tops, and thats rare. Aside from Taste Of Home's Cooking for 2, any ideas?

sunny_gurl's post

Long story short, I dated this guy for about 5 months, we were pretty serious but then due to life issues and events we broke up. We had semi discussed the possibility of marriage way down the raod, but never got that far clearly. So after two months of not talking, we began to talk again.... on his reaching out.... its been about 4 weeks and we are taking things slow... and are heading towards getting back together.

A couple of days ago during lunch we walked by this jewlery store and he showed me a ring that he wanted.... what do you think that means?

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I have an e-friend who I like a lot but they occasionally bug me and always add me on whatever games or sites I join. How can I ask them to back off a little bit without being a bitch?

(no subject)

my dad is really into cactus, flowers,esp orchids, i want to get him a plant he'll really like, what should i get him?i live in fl so it'll have to be able to stand the heat
what are you doing tonight?


Poll #1348371 hallelujah

Who sings the best cover of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah?

Jeff Buckley
Rufus Wainwright
Imogen Heap
Kate Voegele
Someone else (in comments)
No one does it better than Leonard Cohen
I don't like this song and as such, I don't care

Have you written your own cover of the song?

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My roommate and I want to have a "fancy dinner" tonight.

What should our "fancy" main dish be?
What should our "fandy" side dish be?
What should our "fancy" beverage be? (no alcohol, we're younger than 21)
(It doesn't actually have to qualify as fancy. We never actually make dinner, so it qualifies as fancy to us!)

And if you're not interested, do you consider your roommate(s) to be your best/good friend, or just someone you live with?

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My online bank account is showing a $19.95 charge for "AP9*24PROTECT P." I can't find anything on Google about it and don't feel like going through a million different steps on the phone (right now). What in the world is it?
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He farts a lot

I'm at work and this guy just came in and I couldn't figure out why he looked so familiar. Then it hit me! He looks JUST like the guy who farts a lot in Mean Girls!

It's going to be really hard to keep a straight face when he checks out, y/y?
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Baro Bitch Stare
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Have ever moved across the country?

Were you able to get a job before you moved or did you look after you had already moved?

I graduate in May, is it unrealistic to look for a job now?

How did you find an apartment or house before you moved across the country?

And where did you move to and where'd you move from?

(no subject)

Have you ever been in a shop/restaurant/hairdressers whatever where there was completely inappropriate music being played for the situation?

I was in this Mexican place the other day and they were playing this strange foreign sounded music that was kind of reminiscent to The Fiery Furnaces, like it kept going forwards then backwards and different people were speaking in tongues and shit. We were all hungover and my friend was practically rocking back and forth going 'make it stop make it stop' into her guacamole.

Also I remember I was in the hairdressers when I was about 12 and they played the Eamon 'Fuck You' song followed by the Frankee reply song, both totally uncensored. The badly dressed woman attending my locks was totally mouthing along to all the lyrics.

Oh and once they played the whole of the 'Me Against The Music' single when I was waiting in line at Burger King, including all the remixes, the acapella and instrumental versions?!

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Hey folks! I need some help with baking time of a recipe that's doubled.

I'm making cornbread from a recipe whose single batch is made in a 9x9" pan, baked at 425 for 20-25 minutes.

How should I adjust the doubled recipe's baking time/temperature? I'm using I believe a 9.5x12 or 13" pan.

ETA: lol oops, I posted this in the wrong comm. I'll leave it up anyway just in case anyone can help...
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I can't find the paper part of my driving licence anywhere and it's my practical test tomorrow. If I don't find it I have to cancel my test, lose the £60 fee and probably won't be able to reschedule until March sometime.

Am I a moron for losing it? y/y
Where the hell is it?

And so it's not all about me: What have you lost recently?
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I tried to make myself salmon but it didn't turn out so well.. it's not edible :(. So, should I try and cook something else or just order a pizza?
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(no subject)

Poll #1348436 fly me to the moon

What's your favourite planet name in our solar system?

Pluto (stfu h8rz)

What's your favourite dwarf planet name?


sorry multitudinous uranus lovers, it appears i had a momentary brain fart
also, what's with the hardon for ceres?
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1. Do you think this is funny?

2. What about this? (Be sure to watch the original!)

3. Unrelated -- how do you feel about cocaine (meaning, would you use it, do your friends use it, how does it make you feel when people talk about using it, etc.)? I found out my friend used the other night and I'm a little disappointed. Or a lot.

(no subject)

Do you drink alcoholic beverages?

have you ever gotten drunk at work?

What's the longest you've gone without sleep?

My boss gave me a nice bottle of appletini vodka and I am resisting the urge to crack it open right now and make my last 3 hrs enjoyable. This is a bad idea, y/n?
girls » barbie
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(no subject)

TQC, I've made a stupid mistake at work, and let myself get too involved in what I consider friendships in the workplace, as in, I will cover for my coworker's (friend) mistakes, and it's making me look incompetent. I've always known one of the girls has a tendency to be two-faced, so I avoided covering for her as much as possible, cause I knew the chances were that she wouldn't do the same for me. Well, push came to shove, and she didn't, in fact, she totally fucked me over, for lack of better words. I know that I'm at a point where I can be like, "WELL, SHE DIDN'T DO THIS, THIS, AND THIS, AND I JUST COVERED FOR HER," because that would make me look even worse, kind of like a whiny baby in fact, but I need to do something.

What do you recommend I do to reconcile this problem with my boss? I get very flustered when I'm just face to face, even if I have notes/a script to read from, so I am thinking of doing a letter. What do you think I should do?

For those who do not want to participate in this question, are you as fucking disgusted by THIS (nsfw) as I am? For the record, I am extremely disgusted that something like this even exists.

(no subject)

Which "Friend" (i.e. Chandler, Joey, Ross, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe) do you think you're most like?

If you're a chick, you don't have to pick a chick and if you're a dude, you don't have to pick a dude.
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TQC help me pick my food!

I'm stuck at work until 12am and have been here since 3! I'm hungry and will need to order something if I am to eat.

So should what should I order? Pizza, Chinese, Italian, sub/sandwich, or something else?

Do you have a favorite place to get delivery food from?
  • njyoder

(no subject)

Are you jealous that sat, mischievousboy, others and I get to go to KATSUCON 15 ALL WEEKEND LONG STARTING TOMORROW?!

Midnight showings yuri and yaoi FTW?

I want to be like the cool kids, what would be a good, last minute, ghetto style cosplay costume to use?
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What's a good store to get cheap, disposable contacts from in the DC Metro area (Bethesda)? I mean just a regular store to buy them in. Is that possible? I ask if it's possible because people are claiming that only specialty stores sell them, the lens stores.

EDIT: I just want them for the next few days until I get my finished glasses in the mail. I don't want to buy permanent or otherwise expensive contact lenses, because I won't use them again.

EDIT: What are "EV" lenses--the kind for glasses frames not contacts--(NOT "UV")? Did I mishear that?

They are supposed to be lenses are adapted in some way (curved specially?) to match the curvature of my eyes, beyond what normal lenses do.

Apparently, it was the E.V. 4.0 (Eagle Vision) brand lens technology. Under another brand, it's called the Augen Double Aspheric ("High Definition") lens.

So how good is this, really? How do all of these competing technologies compare, like Trivex?

(no subject)

So, after reading this old MSNBC article about the rising trend of leg/bikini waxing among young girls(ages 8-12), I noticed that in the opinion poll, 17% felt that it was okay for kids to get leg and/or bikini waxes("Yes. Waxing is just another part of good grooming.") I was surprised that a decent percentage agreed with the practice, so...

Do you think it's okay to take an 8 year old to get a bikini wax?

Poll #1348459 oh good lawd


Yes. Waxing is just another part of good grooming.
No. Telling kids that this is okay sends them the wrong message about body image.
ETA: The poll is taken from the original article, so don't complain. If you don't like it, don't vote. Also, the purpose of giving an 8 year old a bikini wax is that if you start waxing early enough, it'll permanently get rid of the hair. At least that's what one business offering kiddie bikini waxes claims.

ETA2: To clarify more, they get rid of the peach fuzz. I don't quite understand how their crazy logic works, but it's supposed to stop the future pubic hair's growth, therefore, save your daughter from years and years of bikini waxes when she's actually of age. idk either.
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1. How would you define your generation? Do you think you can define a generation? Are there any defining works, ideas or events? Do you think it's possible to define a generation when it's still happening? Any other thoughts? (if you prefer, tell me about subsets of your generation?)

2. How would you define eccentricity? (I hope I spelled that right. If not, pretend I did) What makes someone eccentric, are there any requirements? Do you know anyone who fits that definition? If so, who? Any other thoughts?
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has anybody here dealt with derealization or depersonalization?  I'm starting to have symptoms again, and recently figured out the description of these two things were very similar to what I've felt.  What were your experiences, or what do you know about it, other than what wikipedia says?
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Has anyone ever worked in a call center?

I've worked at one for almost 2 years now and I'm slowly losing faith in the human race. I get asked if you need to take a passport from Dallas to JFK on a weekly basis.
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 Is there a way to download videos from Youtube, or at least transfer them to an MP3 player? 

I just got a new player with more space on it and I'm trying to think of songs to put on it. What would you recommend? I'll listen to almost anything but I'm not really a fan of heavy metal and most rap. Thanks! 

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have you ever seen a transgender woman's post-op "vagina?"

i really want to know if they look like the real thing.


ETA: what do you think about women who get cosmetic surgery on their vaginas to make them cuter?
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For those with Wiis, will you please post a picture of your Mii (and recommended, but not necessary, a picture of yourself for comparison)?

I'll post mine later in the comments. It's there... for all thy curious...

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Where do you get your news from?
If its TV, please indicate which channel & shows you watch.
If its newspaper please say which.
If its online, tell me which website.
Other? Let me know.