February 11th, 2009

Should I be suspicious?

I'm trying to find plane tickets and most sites are giving me close to the same rates for flights from destination X to destination Y. No matter which things I try - slightly different days, going directly through the airline, etc.

But one site is giving me a price that is basically half the price that all the other sites are giving me. It's $575 (after taxes), whereas all the other sites are giving me $1000 - 1200 after taxes, at least.

Should I be suspicious or should I just buy the ticket?
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(no subject)

What are some quick and easy lunch/dinners that can be made on the run, if you're running late? I've got sandwiches down, and prefer to avoid salty stuff if possible (eg cup o noodles, frozen meals).

What do you normally eat for lunch? Does your place of work have a cafeteria, or do you have to go off premises?

I've been mint.com-ing and it is profane the amount of money I spent last month on fastfood lunches. Definitely exceeded THAT budget.
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(no subject)

Do you or would you ever willingly buy/use 1-ply toilet paper if 2-ply was available?
Is 2-ply really that much more expensive than 1-ply, especially when you take into account the tendency to use more 1-ply than 2-ply at a time? (obviously I don't routinely buy toilet paper)

When is your bedtime? Do you have a pre-bedtime routine, or do you just collapse into bed?

Oh help me, you clever QTC members.

I've been semi-regularly posting '80s alternative videos (Smiths, A-ha!, Depeche Mode type stuff) for my LJ readers. If I'm going to make this a regular feature on my blog, I feel like I need some kind of clever name for it. Ideas?

:braces for wave of Moz-mocking:
:waits to join in:
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me being a new yorker...

Mets or Yankees? 
I say Mets all the way!  Who cares if they don't win.  Just gives us something to look forward to, the never-ending 'Next Year.'

What do you think about this whole A-Rod thing?  Should he get off the hook?
I don't care too much because I don't like him, but just because he admitted to it doesn't mean he should get off the hook.  A cheater is a cheater, right?

and, kinda off topic:

Several stories in the paper about the whole, Chris Brown beating up Rihanna thing, say that cops or maybe just some sources described Rihanna's bloody nose, busted lip, and bite marks as 'horrific' and a 'devestating display of abuse.'  Do you think it's devestating and horrific?
While it's unfortunate, I don't think it's devestating or horrific.  How about women that get beaten within an inch of their lives?
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(no subject)

Right now I am so excited for tomorrow that I can't sleep. [Today I flew from CT to MN to surprise my boyfriend. He gets out of work at 7 AM and when he gets home he'll find me in his bed :D]

When was the last time this happened to you? What were you excited about?

Should I try to go to sleep or keep reading TQC?

(no subject)

1. "You hurt the ones you love the most."

Agree or disagree? Why?

And if yes, when was the last time you saw an example of this?

2. The other day I was thinking of my favorite movie characters and I realized almost none of them were women. For example, I love Severen (Near Dark), Doc Brown (Back to the Future), Jeffrey Goines (12 Monkeys), Dr. Einstein (Arsenic and Old Lace), The Narrator (Fight Club), Mr. Hand (Dark City) and Stansfield (Leon) to name a few. (Trust me, I can rattle on more characters all night long.) All of them men.

The only women characters I like and that I can think off the top of my head are the cast of Kill Bill, Death Proof, Ripley (Aliens), Magenta (Rocky Horror Picture Show), anything with Bette Davis and Marylin Monroe and Zira (Planet of the Apes) and she's a chimp! I feel bad because I am a women, myself.

So, please, TCQ, who are some of your favorite women characters?

Which ones did I miss?

(no subject)

I'm bored and will record myself saying something for you. (Doing this in another forum a bit, to compare my American accent to a British girl's.)

I am a girl and I do not have a noticeable accent, but I want to amuse you.

What do you want to hear me say, TQC?

Okay, everyone must be in bed.

(no subject)

After watching Westminster I started looking up how these dogs get their crazy show names, and basically it's what breeder or kennel they came from, parents' names and something about the dog's personality all mixed together in to some crazy name like Bayswater's Reasonable Conclusion or Dumbly Dore's Penny in the Bank.

If your pet had a wacky show name, what would it be?

Will you show me a photo of your favorite breed, from Westminster or otherwise?


I am looking for a pair of heart shaped rim sunglasses (aka Lolita glasses). I need them from a store I can buy them from in person rather than online.

FWIW I am in Northern California.

Help? Suggestions?

(no subject)

1)what strange meat products do your parents eat?

souse, branswiger[sp?] it's a paste made of the liver of some animal...

2)should I buy the heart cookies now or wait til the discounts?

3)Do you find that days off are overcrowded with stuff you want to do on your uh...days on?
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(no subject)

I accidentally pressed ctrl+S while in Photoshop and saved over a picture I need with a different one

Please, please, please - do any of you guys know how I can get the original back? ;_;
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(no subject)

Because I'm about to punch this Starbucks girl in the ovaries:

1. Are eggs a kind of "meat"? (meat.)

2. If someone asked you if there was meat in the spinach feta wrap (spinach, egg, tomato, cheese), would you say yes or no?

(no subject)

why do all my cats meow like a million times like they are dying and when i go run to see if there okay they just stare at me all happily and cute? i am very confused they do this all the time
silly kitties
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How long after joining tqc did you wait before making your first real, grownup post?
Do you make a general habit of just reading for a while on new comms/forums/boards before posting?
What does piadini even mean?

Nothingman Creative

Helping out a friend:

I have started a new small business focusing on creative web design and marketing. The name of the company is - Nothingman Creative. Now I am working on company tagline, but cannot decide which is better.

Nothingman Creative - Silly Name, Serious Design


Nothingman Creative - Big Time Design for Small Businesses

What do you like better for a friend's tagline for his company?

Lexapro vs. Citalopram

My doctor gave me Lexapro 10mg, I felt it helped. Insurance didn't help me save much on that. Doctor prescribed Citalopram 40mg. I feel the way I was before Lexapro. I've read up on both of these medications and it's known that just because Lexapro helped doesn't mean Citalopram will just because it's kind of like a generic Lexapro even though Lexapro doesn't really have a generic. I took Lexapro for about a month and have been on Citalopram for almost two weeks. Is it all in my head or should I consult my doctor? If I feel better, I am ready to pay more and get back on Lexapro. Help?!
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LLLOLE! by pharmacists

(no subject)

TQC! my super Canadian BFF is coming on Saturday and Wednesdays are my day off, so i need to clean. MASSIVELY.

how do you keep yourself motivated and working?

i've got like four MST3K episodes i haven't seen that i just started into to keep myself distracted enough to work and not gauge my eyes out for something better to do, but i know i'll get bored soon.
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(no subject)

what would you do if

you just moved in with your boyfriend and he

1) watches porn

2) watches porn like every other day in the bathroom on his iphone

3) watches porn instead of having sex with you and claims to be a) not wanting to wake you up 2) only do it while you're sick/on your period, c) just does it cuz it's quicker

I am feeling a bit insecure about this and I am about ready to pick a big fight w/ him over it and do the whole girl thing. Good or bad idea? why or why not?

P.S - we have sex about 4-5 a week

He is 23
...there was a FIREFIGHT!

(no subject)

Any tips for popping your ears?
Already tried: yawning, swallowing hard, chewing gum, blowing my nose, holding my nose while blowing out, pressing my palms against my ears.
Cannot try: blocking my nose and yelling with my lips tightly closed -- I'm in a library.

Tips for popping just one ear?

The right one won't do anything but the left one will briefly pop, then close up again. Am I going to damage my hearing with constant and repeated attempts to pop it?

What annoying things is your body doing today?

{wow} sin'dorei pride

(no subject)

I'm going to my school's media library later. Do you have any good recs for movies or documentaries? I don't like horror films, and I'm watching a lot of GLBT and romance movies lately. Any suggestions?
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(no subject)

Ok, so, I'm applying for jobs as a front desk agent in hotels. So, I have to look nice.

1. What should I wear? I need a Power Suit, yeah? Where do you get your Business Duds?

2. What the fuck do I do with my hair? It's all lengths, but it reaches mid back and I had straight-across bangs that get sloppy so I'm currently pushing them over. I kind of think I should wear it up since it's so long and I don't want to lose too much length.

Collapse )

Any suggestions for looking more ~professional~ are appreciated.

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Relaxation Website or CD

Is there a good website with audio guided relaxation? or a CD? or something else?
I can read about it and read steps to do and whatnot, but I think it might be nice to have something I could do with my eyes closed. Even more awesome would be if I could do it from work, where I have the internet but no CD/tape player.
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Etiquette Question

Dear TQC:

Validate me (or not).

Let's say you go over to your SO's after work to have dinner and spend the night.  When you get there you tell him/her that you are absolutely starving.  So, after consulting the fridge you both decide to eat something different (a sandwich and rice respectively).  Let's say that while your rice is cooking (15 minutes) your SO makes a sandwich.  However, instead of waiting for your food to be done he eats his sandwich.  Is it rude/bad form 1) not to wait for the other person to get his/her food and/or 2) to eat in front of your starving SO who has to wait for his/her food???   
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(no subject)

I have ADD. Not self diagnosed, web.md, wiki ADD. I have been diagnosed by physicians and a psychiatrist. I have never taken medication for it because I am generally anti-medication in these instances (although I do understand there is sometimes a need, and have needed medication before for depression and bipolar disorder).  My ADD is finally catching up with me, and my old methods of getting myself to focus are wearing thin, and school is demanding more from me than ever. I have a walk in clinic on campus, but I am almost 100% sure they will think I am seeking drugs for recreational use. The thing is, this clinic is free, and they HAVE given me Xanax before on a walk in basis. Should I just go in and ask them about it, expecting rejection, or should I just suck it up and make an appointment with my psychiatrist and fork over $35?

Have you ever taken any ADD medication?

Numero Uno or Deuzo?

Good afternoon TQC :)!

What would you rather have (mirrored cost): 1) A small destination beach wedding with only 50 guests ( intermediate family and closest dearest friends, airfare and accom all paid for)? or 2) A large local wedding with 500 guests with awesome food, door prizes and dancing( most of the guests are your parents friends, hence why you don't know 2/3 of the people that are invited to the wedding.)

1 or 2?
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(no subject)

You and your long term SO are looking into buying your first home (such as a house, condominium, townhome, and so on). You're not married.

Do you insist having your name on the title of the home, or are you okay with the home being in your SO's name (for whatever reason, such as saving one partners' first-time home buyer incentive/tax deduction for use on your next home)?

Would you prefer to be married before you made such a large joint purchase?

Say you were going to put the home in your name. Would you be insulted if your partner wanted their name on there, too? Is that an indication that your SO is counting on something going wrong, or something completely innocent?

eta: What if it was a 70/30 split? Say your mortgage was $1000 a month (because my math is horrible) and your SO paid $700 and you only contributed $300. If you break up, who gets what? Is it still a 50/50 split?

(no subject)

I have condoms that expire in april. When is it no longer safe to use them? Start of april? End of April? Now?

Where do you get your condoms from?

The ones I want aren't available in stores around here, but you can get them from the family planning clinic. Problem is, they're free for everyone and I'd feel weird about taking them when I'm not destitute or anything. Would you?

(no subject)

Which of these food smells is best?

the smell of marshmallows and butter melting in the rice krispie treat-making process
bread baking
onions browning
a cake baking
bacon fying

Insurance prescribed

You have insurance, what's this with a deductible?


I went to get a prescription filled, insurance only saved me $30, prescription price: $120 with insurance. Once you spend a certain amount you're prescriptions went down? How much down?

(no subject)

Have you ever dumped your significant other, then got back together with them at a much later date (we're talking months or years, not just a week or two)?

Conversely, have you ever been dumped, then asked back out at a later date by the same person? What did you do?


Hey guys I need some advice. I just came up with an idea of buying my boyffriend chocolate from a place in Greenbay, WI that he LOVE LOVE LOVES, and didn't think he'd get to go to again because his grandma who lived there died and her house is being sold. I can't remember which chocolates he loves from there and I thought about asking his mom. She and I aren't really very close/friendly. From back in Highschool she didn't like me much and I haven't really talked to her much EVER. So would it be weird for me to email his mom ( I can get her email address from his mobileme account) or call her? Or should I just guess?

(no subject)

O hai, TQC! How would you have reacted to the following text message?

I need u 2 bring me pants. I bent over and my pants ripped. U can c my underpants.

I, personally, didn't stop laughing until I got to my husband's store. Then, when I saw his pants and how badly they were ripped, I laughed some more. Then, I sent a text to my friend about it because I couldn't stop laughing. Oh, and then I posted a question on TQC. :P

I'm the worst wife ever, y/y?
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(no subject)

My boyfriend proposed to me last night in a very fancy restaurant with a very pretty ring! I will show pictures when we get the camera back but it's gorgeous!

1. What was your reaction when your SO proposed? If you proposed how did you do it?

2. How long did you wait to get married after you got engaged? 

3. What was your wedding like? What's your dream wedding? 

1. I started crying and laughing and I snorted out a yes! How romantic am I! haha.
2. We want to wait 3 years. Have our babies get settled down and then have the big celebration.
3. I want my wedding to be out at a cabin, where only the bridal party is formal (for the service only). Everyone can just chill and then enjoy food whilst swimming, hiking and sitting around the bon fire. Followed up with a night of fireworks! 



So I have an ex-boyfriend called Boy-A. But I broke up with him ages ago because he was soooooo dull oh my godh, he didn't know what the credit crunch was and his favourite movie was Cruel Intentions.

So I have another friend, kind of fairweather or whatever, who I discussed breaking up with Boy-A with because I knew he hated Boy-A and thought he was an utter loser. Let's call him Boy-B.

So yesterday night I get a call from Boy-B asking why I had broken up with Boy-A because this Russian girl (Girl-C) thought I still had feelings for him and he wanted to dispute these claims. So of course I speak to Girl-C on the phone and tell her all about why I broke up with him, some pretty hurtful things when I got into it really. Like I really dislike Boy-A, but I don't think he fully understands.

But at the end of the conversation Boy-B tells me that I'm on speakerphone and Boy-A is in the room with all his friends! Now all of Boy-A's friends hates me!

What should I do regarding the relationships now? I'm supposed to be fairweather friends with all of them, but I can't get over how MEAN this is!

Serious times folks...



Valentines day is coming up, and im spending it in Glasgow with my friends, we're going to see Russell brand (hurrahhh)
I've been seeing this guy for a few months now, nothing official, but i do like him a lot, should i message him on valentines day or do you think it would be too weird.

Have you been to a live stand up before, which comedian was it?

(no subject)

My dog slept with me in my bed last night and peed a little in his sleep.

What's the best way to try to get the pee out of the mattress?
Why do you think my dog peed in his sleep? Old age?

(no subject)

So any other Excel users find themselves writing a paper or email or text or whatever, and then numbers come into play and you almost, ALMOST type out =58/3 or =89*75 or similar? I find myself doing this all the time.

What are other computer-specific things you find yourself doing out of context?
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(no subject)

Does ginger really help with morning sickness? I'm going through hell here, and according to my doctor, it probably won't get better for several weeks.

What would you put on a mix CD for an ex you still have feelings for?

I'm baking peanut butter cookies, I should put crushed up peanut butter cups into them, Y/Y?

(no subject)

My aunt just gave me money as a birthday gift.
Now, I know that she really doesn't have a lot of money...at all.

I feel really guilty about the gift. What should I do?

Her birthday is on the 20th, should I take half of the money and buy her something?

(no subject)

How sad is it to go to a bar by yourself?
Said bar is in a restaurant, so it's not a BAR bar.

OK, so TQC has told me I will go and not feel stupid about it. Thank you, TQC!

(no subject)

The sexist question from earlier today reminded me of a dream last night. I was screaming, "chicks before dicks," right before I woke up. Dear TQC, what is my dream trying to tell me?

(no subject)

Would you tell us a notable sex story (of your own)?

I once had sex in a park at night (no one was around...that we could see). It was kinda cold, kind damp but whatever...we couldn't control our animal instincts.
I woke up with posion ivy...in my ass crack and all up my bum the next morning and I still have scars from itching at them....2 years later! :( 


(no subject)

TQC, I am thinking of getting this: Collapse )for my next tattoo.

Where should I get it? Tramp stamp is out, since that would interfere with my future backpiece. The other tattoos that I have are: one on the inside of each forearm, and one near the top of my left shoulder.

ETA: I also don't want to separate them. Thanks to you, I've nearly narrowed it down to pelvis or collarbones. I'm still kind of considering the top of my shoulders though (which would not interfere with the backpiece as much as tramp stamp would). Thanks for the help guys. :D

Also, my pants aren't coming off. D:<

(no subject)

Whenever I see something gross, or hear about something that would hurt, I say "ew it makes my butt hurt". My whole family does it, and it totally makes sense to us, but if I say it in front of anyone else they just give me a look.

Whats something that you do or say thats just...weird?

(no subject)

How's the weather/temperature right now where you're at?

It's 32C/90F here, so hot and I don't even have a fridge to get myself chilled drinks. :S

Also, what kind of temperature do you consider cold?

Mine's about 14-16C/57-60F.

Hello TQC

I have two friends who saw Paul Blart: Mall Cop. They thought it was good. I haven't seen it, but I thought it looked really stupid. I was really surprised that it was number one at the box office.

Am I the only one who thought so?

If you've seen, was it good?

(no subject)

Did your parents ever fib to you so that they could laugh at your expense? I'm not talking about Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy type stuff. For instance, that taking pictures causes terrible accidents.

Do you feel you were at all traumatized by this?

(no subject)

Today I saw a billboard on 83 that said, "EPIC BUFFET". It made me think of the internet. What have you seen in real life that made you think of fake life?

Oh, and another time I saw a parking meter flashing the word FAIL. LOL>

(no subject)

So, new puppy. What should we name him? He's a Border Collie, and my husband and I have been shooting name ideas back and forth all day and can't agree.

Names close to what we like:

I recently thought of naming him Pirate (and haven't mentioned this name to the husband yet and thus excluded it)--is it too obvious?

We're definitely open to suggestions.

Collapse )
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(no subject)

TQC, do you have any cute stories about how you met your significant other? Or how your parents met? Or how any couple you know met, really?

Would you mind if I stole your story and wrote it out in French for my assignment?

When is the stupidest question you have ever had to answer for school?

(no subject)

1)any odd cravings lately?


2)depression level?


3)do you watch the same shows every night or do you switch things up?

same shows.

4)what's your malfunction junction?

finally getting the valentine's day slump.

eta: btw: I have no motivation to leave the house. why?

(no subject)

1. My boyfriend is crazy about the Braves. For Valentine's Day, I was thinking about getting him some tickets to a spring training game down just outside Orlando. It would work out pretty well -- we're going down to St. Augustine for vacation the 22nd - 27th and the game is the 26th. So it would be a little day trip from the beach, only about a 2 hour drive.

Does this sound like a good idea or a lame idea? We can't go to any real baseball games of theirs cuz a) we're 8 hours from Atlanta and b) the program we're in for school doesn't allow for much more time off.

2. When was the last time you drove around aimlessly? What was the reason?

(no subject)

Hi, I did a 3 tarot card reading for myself and got:
The Hierophant, The Sun and Judgment respectively from left to right. Can anyone please tell me what it means? I don't have any booklet to guide me because I found this in my brother's room and am sneakily using it :P
hate pimentos

(no subject)

Is the fact that Stephan Jenkins, the lead singer of Third Eye blind, is starring in a Lifetime movie as depressing as I think it is, or is it the 5 beers I've pounded since getting off of work?

(no subject)

Alright, this goes out to the neat freaks:

I am totally with you guys when I'm at work, my desk is pristine and organized...Created a nice filing system for myself, cleaned out all the crap left behind by the last two chicks who shared my space.

But I am no goddamned good at cleaning my own space. I just get home from work and want to crash. And each day, the mess gets a bit more overwhelming. Not at biohazard status, but in a couple of months, who knows?

So. Any tips to develop better habits with cleaning and organizing? How do I begin to tackle a messy apartment? And how do I make it freaking stay that way?
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(no subject)

nadya suleman's smile?

completely natural looking and attractive
completely natural looking but unattractive
unnatural looking yet still attractive
a very nice cosmetic surgery if she were going for the joker look

she's the 8 baby lady if you don't know who I'm talking about.

(no subject)

1) Would you ever wear a gothic/hot-topic style choker out in public? Could it be rocked with the correct stylings?

2) If you get a sort of 'day pass' for the trains/buses/underground in your city- do you feel the overwhelming urge to use it to it's full advantage even if you don't really have to go anywhere?

3) Do you miss when phones had really good games like 'Snake' on them? Why don't they have them now?!
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(no subject)

 Do you listen to music while you clean?
    Absolutely. I need it to motivate me. 

What is your favourite Get Up and Move music?
     Mostly 50's and 60's rock and roll, like Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Are there any songs that make you cry?
      Fallen by Sarah McLachlan.
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Moral dilemma

I have a close Friend and a Frenemy. Friend and Frenemy are also good friends.

Friend is living abroad for the year. Today I found out that Frenemy has been indiscriminately spreading around Friend's business—like announcing to an entire room that he's cheating on his girlfriend with a guy, for instance, even though he's not out as bi. I'm livid that she's telling his secrets like this, because I know that he trusts her—even though he clearly shouldn't.
Poll #1347900 Loose lips sink ships

What would you do?

Tell Friend, say nothing to Frenemy
Tell Friend, also talk to Frenemy
Say nothing to Friend, but discuss with Frenemy
Say nothing to anyone
Other (explain in comments)


WTF is that
I have one or two
I have several
I think I am one

ETA: Friend's situation is actually more complicated than Frenemy's gossip implies. He and his girlfriend have an agreement that he can see other people while he's away. He's talked to her about the guy he's seeing, and she was fine with it initially. After Guy moved in, she was less okay with it.

So, he's still not behaving well, but you know... he's my friend and I care about him even when he's fucking up.
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(no subject)

Please excuse my romantic ignorance, but question:

Is a mix CD a good V-Day gift? We will have only been going out for a week, so it wouldn't be a "these are love songs I love you love love love" CD, more of a "these are songs that I enjoy, maybe you will like them too" CD. I can't remember if mix CDs are even in style or considered good gifts any more.
watership down

(no subject)

One of my friends found some abandoned black lab puppies in the middle of the road.

Would anybody be willing to adopt them? Or do you know anybody who can?

They were dewormed, sprayed for fleas and bathed.

She's already called so many places but nobody wants to take them.

ETA - I got this message in an email from a friend who's is in a club with me at school. I just got a comment that says this might be fake. Let's hope it is! I'm sorry for worrying all of you!

Collapse )

(no subject)

What words in Russian and other Slavic languages sound similar to the English word "idiot"?

Someone was talking about me in Russian and the last word she said sounded like "idiot." I looked it up and in Russian, the word for "idiot" is "идиот," which literally transliterated AND translated as "idiot."

How like it is it, given the grammar and vocabulary of the language, that they were calling me an "idiot"?

At the time, I was at a store, waiting for my taxi to come, and one shop worker asked another in Russian what I was doing just sitting there. He brother responded (I think they are siblings) by saying I was waiting for a taxi...I only know because I picked up on the word "taxi."

EDIT: I looked up the word for "taxi" as well, and it sounds very similar to English "taxi," which is not surprising since it comes from Serbian and in turn is a loanword from English.

(no subject)

So me and 2 Germans (who have never been in the States before) are driving cross country this summer.
Im picking them up from NY...then we're headed...
Nigara Falls
The Badlands
All down California: Big Sur, Sacremento, Las Vegas etc etc... Red Wood Forest...
Destination: San Diego

Where else should we go/stop/visit that is somewhat on route?
I like the outdoorsy natural wonder crap and my Germans do too...as well as beer and people. Kinda on a budget most likely staying at friends' places, hostels, camping or couchsurfing. 

Have you ever done a trip like this? Want to give any tips?
Do you have any cool/scary/interesting stories about your travels that you want to share?
If not, why not?!

(no subject)

1)why do insurance companies want to make you do your prescriptions through the mail?

2)do you think people who complain about 'socialized medicine' understand the importance of mental health care?


An in-between job

Have you ever taken a job temporarily until you find something else? For example, I'm currently unemployed. I have a bachelors and a post-grad certificate. I'm thinking about taking a job that is not really what I'm looking for while I look for something else. I need to pay my bills and this job will help me do that. Have you ever done this? Would you consider doing this? Do you think there's anything wrong with this?

(no subject)

What's the last food you were impressed with beyond your expectations?

fat free pineapple sherbet in a huge tub from Shoppers Food Warehouse. I expected it to be tolerable, but it's actually AWESOME. Also, I made baked ziti the other day that I thought would be average but it's like the best thing I've cooked in months. lol

What's the last food you expected to be amazing that wasn't?

I made beef stroganoff off of a recipe in a community on LJ and did not like it at all.. maybe it's becaues I'm not normally a stroganoff fan, or maybe it cooked too long.. either way, it was bitter.

What's the farthest you've ever traveled to meet an internet friend?

My husband and I are going to visit stenodork and her husband in April. We live in DC; they're in Florida. I talk to Jamie every day for hours online, though, and we mail each other random crap.

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Memory Wipes

Can you be hypnotized to forget/repress something, or alter a memory in your head? And then forget the reason why you came in to be hypnotized? (I personally doubt it, but it's a nice thought.)

If the Haitian from Heroes or the memory-wiping business in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind were real, would you choose to erase a particular memory or person? If so, and you don't mind sharing, what memory or time period would you wipe? If not, why not?

If I had carte blanche on the memory-wiping, I would totally erase the past six months. Completely, utterly, and totally gone. It would be pretty awesome.


For those of you who carry around a lot of crap like me (students, especially!):

1. Do you wear a bookbag, large purse or messenger bag?

2. Do you know what Timbuk2.com is?

3. Have you ever bought a Timbuk2 bag before? EDIT: How did you like it?

4. What is the maximum amount of money you'll spend on a bookbag/purse/messenger bag?

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I'm trying to use footnotes in word to reference page numbers. As several of the quotes come from the same page, is there some way to make a multiple reference footnote?
I.e. instead of being

1. The Cement Garden page 1
2. The Cement Garden page 1

it says

1, 2. The Cement Garden page 1 ?
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Mobile phone

TQC, I bet you can help me.

My contract is going to be extended beginning of March, and I can choose a new mobile phone.
I just have no idea which one!!

I currently use the o2 XDA cosmo

What I need are the following features:

- wireless lan
- outlook calendar
- camera (3MP or more)
- memory card (preferrable micro SD)

These features would be nice:

- media player (music and videos)
- navigation
- touchscreen (!!!)

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic looks nice.

Does anyone have that one and can tell me something about it??

Any other suggestions besides the iPhone?? I don't have enough money to afford an iPhone! I need something I can get for less than 70€ (~$90) with the contract extension...
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You are going to have to hurry with your answers for the first question!

1. Anyone who watches Top Chef and has seen the preview for this weeks episode (airing in 10 min EST)- someone is going to badly injure their hand. Who do you think it is?

2. Everyone (Top Chef fan or not)- when you are watching tv with someone and a commercial or program airs that addresses a problem you have, do you feel self-conscious?

Ex: For people with acne, when you are watching tv w someone and proactiv commercials come on do you feel self-conscious? Do you wonder if the person you are watching tv with is thinking "hey, they should really try that out"?

my answers:
1. I think it is Fabio or Stefan. The person who screamed out... their voice sounded most like either of those two.

2. My bf and I watch tons of tv and I have so many flaws. Weight loss commercials, commercials advertising rxs for depression or anxiety, etc- they all make me uncomfortable and make me wonder if my boyfriend is sitting there thinking that maybe those products might work for me, maybe I should try them.

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maybe you can help me. on this site, all the images are broken for me? are they broken for you too?

if they are not: wtf could be causing this? i really want to download stuff from there but all the images are broken. : (

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WOOHOO I FIXED IT. new question: what is your favorite frozen treat?


So the PS3 the husband brought home from the CC warehouse is stuck in Demo mode. :(

I have the code to unlock it but it still sucks. If I'm doomed to be in demo mode forever, what should I do with the damn thing? After unlocking it, can I play games on it? Why the hell did they use a 160 gig for a freaking demo ps3?!

The husband is going to contact his (now) ex-supervisor and see if he can contact Sony to see if there is anyway we can fix it, but I totally doubt that'll happen.

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if you watch will & grace, what's your favorite episode? (or one of them anyway).
i laughed SOO hard at the one where jack pretended to be bobbi (grace's mother) to help grace not to react to the mean comments she said. when he bent down and then came up with the wig on lmfaoo

tell me your favorite?

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I, and what seems to be half the world, am a "writer". My question is, what makes a story or a book good? Or a certain author you may like.

What is the song that you can't stop listening to? Diva by Beyonce/Sasha Fierce.

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Today I got a parking ticket because I didn't have enough money to pay my parking fee at a parking ramp.

Here's the story:
I was told after 5pm that parking was FREE (lol @ me for believing it). So, I left around 7pm and there was a guy in the booth on the way out so I kind of had to stop. My total came to $3, but I only had $2. He gave me my $2 back and asked for my driver's license so he could get my address and DL number and send me a parking ticket.

Do you think if I were cute he would have let me go with only paying $2 (he was probably 60ish)? Wahhhh
This is so ridiculous.

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TQC, will you diagnose me?

I have been super tired for the past couple of weeks, and my face has inexplicably gotten all swollen, like when you first wake up and can't open your eyes well (it's especially swollen around my eyes). I feel depressed and kind of irritable, and I am not having ~bowel movements~ the way I should be (only once every few days). I also get muscle and headaches for no good reason.

Coffee cups

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Using tonight's Top Chef as inspiration...
What would YOU want for your last meal (assuming, of course, you knew it would be your last meal but had enough time to appreciate it anyway)?

Garlic souffle and cherry pie for dessert.

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Who was the last person you were annoyed at on the internet, and why?

I ran across some 15 year old girl who had an iPhone, it just bothered me. I know you ain't paying that $150 dollar monthly bill, girl.

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Would you feel uncomfortable having your SO sleep over if you shared a room with someone?

If not, would YOU understand/respect that if your SO felt that way?

Because it makes me really uncomfortable and my stupid boyfriend can't understand/respect that. >|

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I read (or heard) somewhere that if the female is better looking than the male in a relationship, it will be a happier relationship.

Do you agree?
Are you better looking than your SO (or most recent ex)?
Is there a pattern in your relationships that has to do with this? Like always dating guys that are prettier than you or something...

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What's a good place to get prescription glasses?

My insurance covers the following places in my area:

*Hour Eyes
*For Eyes Optical
*Sears Optical
*Pearle Vision
*J.C. Penny Optical
*My Eye Dr.
*Sterling Optical
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Once upon a time, there were two people. Person A, Rita, provides a service to the community. Person B, Matilda, needs the service Rita provides, so they meet and the service is completed. Rita and Matilda become friends. Over time, they become closer and closer. A time period of approximately one year passes. Rita and Matilda are still very good friends, to the point of being "best friends". Matilda now needs a job. Rita gives Matilda a job, in which Rita is Matilda's boss, and must be treated in an entirely professional manner.

Do you believe that Rita and Matilda will be able to work together fluidly? How much effort would this require? Do you think Rita would be harder or more lenient with Matilda when she makes mistakes?

Totally related, wouldn't you hate to have just been made a full time employee at the beginning of the year, and then bumped back down to part time just because Rita hired Matilda?
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Say you have an ex that you absolutely can't stand, but you never had any reason to see them again (like they, or you moved to another city so you won't bump into them.) but they owed you money, what is the largest amount that you would not follow up on trying to get back?

to phrase it better: the most money that you would think was worth losing if it meant not having to see them again?
like an "asshole/bitch avoidance fee".
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Poll #xxxx Tattoo
Poll #1347919 Tattoo

Favorite fleur de lis design [for a tattoo]?

Do you have any regrets about your tattoo?
Any horrific stories?

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What is the funniest reason you can think of for the sky being blue?

Why dont people stand up to dicks in class's? I did today, and now im a hero, woo!

If you could be the king of any ethnic class, which would you choose? Why?

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what's the quickest way to get a job?

i went to mcdonald's and tim hortons, and called temp agencies. we don't have telemarketing or factory work within city limits. i have a dead simple functional one-page resume that is already severely dumbed down. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM
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Imagine this scenario:

A grown man rapes two children, both under ten years old, a couple of times during a few months. He is caught and is going to receive a punishment. In America, approximately how many years would he get/be spending in prison? I know it's different from case to case, but if you would estimate?

The reason I ask is that I recently read an article about that scenario here (I'm in Sweden), and the man in question got two years in prison. If he behaves he might get out earlier. I think this is FUCKED UP, and I just wanted to know what he would have gotten in America. (or UK if you're from there. or any other country really!)
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1)would you use tooth soap [soap to be used as tooth paste]?

2)what do you think about the natural movement?

3)should I drink water or tea?