February 10th, 2009

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How do you get over an asshole? I still care about him and I would really like to get rid of these feelings so we can just be friends. & not let him think I'm jealous of the bitch he likes now.

Do you have any tattoos? What of?

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Think about the person in your life who you love romantically, or someone you've loved romantically in the past.

After how long of knowing them and spending time with them on a regular basis did you know you were in love with them?

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seriously, though, i can't find anything i want to listen to atm. any suggestions?

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Will you post a picture of what you are eating/wish you were eating right now?

Collapse )

How do you eat your cinnamon buns? Do you rip off little pieces as you unroll it, or do you just cut into it (like across the swirls) with a knife/fork?

(Everyone thinks I'm weird for unrolling them!! D:< IDGI.
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I know someone already asked about birthdays, but I wanted to see it in poll form. Besides, everyone likes polls!

What month were you born?

burning goodness

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In your opinion, what is a reasonable price range for an engagement/wedding ring set, when the people involved in the decision are both still in college?

Do you like celtic knots?

Are Tuesdays usually busy for you?
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Are you tired of sitting at home because of your obesity?

What kind of person makes up the subject lines of spam emails and actually thinks someone will read it and think OMG THIS EMAIL WILL SOLVE ALL MY PROBLEMS?!

Do you need a light on at night to sleep or do you like it dark?

Do you have dreams or nightmares more often?
Space Cadet

Hoping For Rain

Are you, or is anyone you know, being affected by the brush fires in Australia? (Victoria, right?)

What's happening there is so awful. My thoughts are with everyone who's been affected.

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Where does the insult involving the insulter "playing a small violin" come from?

EDIT: What is its ORIGIN? I'm not asking what it means.

You know, where a spoiled brat might be complaining about something petty, and you'd say "look at me, I'm playing a tiny violin for your troubles," and they would play a fake "air violin" (like air guitar).

Is there some original film where a small violin was used to portray a tragic situation?
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I don't know what to do. My baby turtles are very sick. Their eyes are swollen and they won't eat.

I need a vet and I cannot afford one. Nobody is lending me money. I feel so horrible, I don't know who else to call. I can't find any adoption place that will take them.

Please, if you know how to help, please respond. I don't want them to die.

I live in Encino California 91316 and my email is zuzalok@yahoo.com

818-522-1576 Leave a message if I don't pick up

Please help.

Can you help? Please.

ETA - I finally got through to someone! After calling a bunch of vets and societies, I contacted a man named Michael @ The California Turtle & Tortoise Society. I will bring my turtles over to them today, as soon as possible.

None of the vets wanted to negotiate a payment plan, and none wanted me to surrender them. This was the only society that picked up the phone.

I really hope they can take care of them and treat them. I hope they get better.

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What do I wear to go see Obama, today?
There are only 250 people! He will see me and judge me, for sure!

Also, would you be able to differentiate Pepsi and Coke in a blind taste test? One of my friends refused Pepsi, at dinner, last night. When I didn't understand, she was like, "THEY'RE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM EACH OTHER! PEPSI IS SO GROSS." IDGI, do you?
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I will have only been with my boyfriend for six days this Valentine's Day, so we are still very much in the "let's get to know each other really well" phase and have definitely not dropped the word "love" yet. I want to do something for him, but I don't know what. Does anyone have any suggestions about what a really, really new couple should do for V-Day?

(Minus the physicality - that's a given).


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hay tqc. today i woke up, got ready for class, yawned and my neck did a cracking noise and suddenly the world exploded with a new type of pain. now it hurts to move. what the hell did i do to my neck, everybody?
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I'm having a laptop delivered to my house soon, but for the ETA, I'll be at work. Of course, Fedex says that a signature is required upon delivery. My question is, what happens if I'm just not home? Where would I go pick up my package?

If you don't care, what is your favorite flavor of chip? Mine is salt and vinegar.


I asked a friend to drive my gf and me to the airport and told him I would pay him. We have to be at the airport at 4 AM and it's 45 mins to an hr away depending on traffic. So he has to wake up super early, drive us there and back, and the worst part is, he gets home about an hour before he has to go to work. So he can't exactly go back home and to sleep, but he can't exactly go to work either.

What would you pay him if it was you in this situation? Thanks :D

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What are some wicked sweet birthday ideas I should consider?

I'm willing to travel. Driving distance would be nice(~1,300 from Texas). Keep in mind that I'm not absolutely ROLLING in cash though. It'd most likely be just me, or me and another person. I'd like to go mid-May, so I'll still be 20 at the time of the trip.

I heard about Disneylands's offer to let people in for free on their birthday..which lead me to think "HOLY CRAP. I'VE NEVER BEEN TO DISNEY. I SHOULD DO THIS FOR MY 21ST". I'm considering going for full price since that offer is only valid on your actual date of birth. I then went to check out the Six Flags park in LA. Apparently they have a lot of the same rollercoasters I have access to here in Texas. Bummer. Theres always Knotts but meehh. I'm not even that fond of California, so it isn't the only option by any means. I'm not hellbent on a theme park either. ETA: No Florida.
Jessica &amp; Hoyt


How many of you are vegan/vegetarian?

If you're vegan/vegetarian, how long have you been vegan/vegetarian?
Why did you decide to become vegan/vegetarian and how long did it take you? Did you do it all at once or gradually?

I'm considering it, but i'm scared it may be too hard or some things may be too expensive (most things in miami are terribly expensive) and i'm not the greatest cook at times. Any advice? lol.

If none of this applies to you, would you try to not eat meat or any dair products or eggs for a week? If not, why not? If so, do you think you can do it for a month? or 6 months? or a year?

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1)How do you sleep?

very poorly. I can't keep sheets on my bed and today I slept so wildly my bra has fallen off...

2)How do you feel?


eta:what do you buy in bulk?

*just opened the 1000 splenda packets we have*

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is addiction a disease?
if so, then does it matter what you're addicted to? is an addiction to heroin the same as an addiction to alcoholism, which is the same as an addiction to gambling, which is the same as an addiction to food..etc etc etc?
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I'm taking an American Government class because I was considering double majoring in Political Science. As interesting as the class can be, I've decided I don't want to double major in that anymore (now I'm thinking Anthropology). I've already paid for the class (well, my scholarship did), but I can still drop it without penalty. Should I just drop the class so I can focus more on my other classes (right now, this is the class I have to work hardest in, there is a LOT of reading) ? Or should I just man up, do the readings, and take the class since my scholarship money went towards it (note: this also requires buying the other text book I haven't gotten around to purchasing yet)?
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I just got a LG Keybo from Telus and I've had the hardest time putting ringtones on my phone. I have music but I don't have the option of using it as a ringtone. Has anyone else experienced this? TY!

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I'm not sure if you guys can help me but google isn't getting me an answer. In the 90's we had these building/construction toys, basically they were PVC pipes that fit together with "elbows" and other 3 way corners. You could build tons of things with it, we built lemonade stands and houses The PVC pipes were about 1.5 feet long each and white, and there were red platforms that you could use for your table top (or seat for a chair). Does anyone know what I'm talking bout and know what these are called?

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1. What can I try to get this rambunctious 3-yr-old kid I'm sitting to calm the hell down? I'm exhausted..
2. What's the most interesting thing you've seen on the net recently? (bonus points for links)
3. Where DO they go when they drink Nestea?
yummy beer!, yummy

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So at some point today, I'm going to make some of this yummy toffee-type candy that the lovely cottonmanifesto was good enough to tell me about. Here's the minor dilemma: I cannot decide what to top it with. I have several items/combos to choose from, as I've been purchasing things knowing that I wanted to do more batches and have fun experimenting.
Will you kindly help me decide, TQC?

Poll #1347012 ummm, candy!

what kind of melting chips to use?

semi-sweet chocolate
peanut butter-chocolate swirled
other, in comments

what kind of topping to use?

sliced almonds
mini-m&m candy bits
walnut pieces
crushed whoppers
crushed nestle crunch bars
redhots (cinnamon candies)
other, in comments
grab a slice

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1)Have you ever held your pee solely for the purpose of going to the bathroom and having the almost orgasmic pee from holding it for so long?
2)If you joined the circus, what act would you want to be in?
i don&#39;t want to be friends

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What is your favorite, fancy, big word?
Mine are: facetious and capricious.

How often do you try to use them and drop them in conversation?
I've dropped facetious a few times in text messaging, but capricious not so much.

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I lost a bunch of weight and I noticed my ring was getting loose, but the other day it slipped off somewhere and I have no idea where. It's my class ring, with no fancy stones and it's not even made of anything anyone would want to hock, and it has my full name engraved on the inside of it though.

Do you know of anyone who lost something like this and got it back? :(

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If you were to die right now, would you die happy?
Is there any one thing you absolutely want/need to do before you die?
If it was possible, would you want to know when you'll die?

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Have you ever applied for - and received - a scholarship from FastWeb? I know it's supposedly legit, but I've never ever heard of anyone actually getting anything from it, which tbh makes me wonder if I should bother wasting my time on it or not.

If N, what was/will be for breakfast?

Crunchy peanut butter and bananas on sourdough toast. OM NOM NOM
h/w batman and robin

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Does anyone who lives in Norway want to send me some Surge? I'll pay you back.

What's your favourite soda?
What soda do you wish they'd make again?

If you don't like soda, what's your non-alcoholic beverage of choice?
Alice in Wonderland

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Arrive in NASHVILLE TN (BNA) at 9:05 PM

Depart NASHVILLE TN (BNA) at 4:15 PM
Arrive in BALTIMORE-WASHNTN (BWI) at 6:50 PM

tqc, what is this? my first takes two hours and five minutes, but the second takes an hour and 35 minutes... how can the same distance have half an hour's difference? what time do i actually leave nashville?

or if you don't care, when was the last time you flew?
wowee! toki wartooth.

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 do you think there are any foods that smell like a fart?
not necessarily always. but maybe that first whiff you catch of it?

because i got some broccoli cheese soup today and when i got back up to my room and took the lid off, it smelled like a fart for a minute. maybe i'm the only one.
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 I'm from Brazil and I'm planning on studying abroad. When browsing american college websites, I found some abbreviations that I have never seen before, such as B.A., B.S. and M.A., and can't understand what they stand for. Could you guys help me out? Thanks.


Have you ever done something that you know you should be completely ashamed of, and regretted with all your heart, but really you were just glad it happened and you might do it again?

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Greetings, TQC!

I really want to make chicken stir-fry tonight for dinner, but I have one tiny problem: I didn't take any chicken out last night to defrost! Google/Womenshealth.com/Alton Brown tells me that letting it sit in a bowl with cold water running over it will defrost it enough to cut, etc. in about 30 minutes. I don't want to use the microwave, because ours turns chicken into rubber.

Have you ever tried this method? Did it work out alright without anyone getting food poisoning?

I don't need to start cutting veggies or actually cooking anything until about 4pm (3 hours from now), so I'd likely end up defrosting it via the water method and then letting it chill in the fridge until I need it. It'll only be about 2-3 large chicken breasts (fully frozen as of right now), if that makes a difference.

And, what kind of veggies should I use? I'm thinking onions, carrots, red peppers, broccolis and whole snow peas, with chicken and ginger sesame sauce, on whole wheat spaghetti. The exact veggie mix and sauce type depends on what I can scavange at our tiny farmtown Co-op.

What kind of meat/alternate/sauce/noodles/veggies do you like to have in stir-fries?

ETA: I let the chicken sit in running cold water while I ran off to the store to grab groceries (<20 minutes), and it's already mostly thawed except for some small spots in the middle! The Co-op didn't have my sesame-ginger sauce, though :(


What is your favorite candy?

When you get candy, do you eat it all at once or a piece here and there?

Have you even made candy at home?

What is the strangest candy you have ever eaten?
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1. What's worse, in your opinion- A. Rod using steroids or Michael Phelps taking bong hits?

2. Michael Phelps lost endorsements and was suspended from competitively swimming for 3 months. Do you think this is fair? I don't know if Rodriguez is getting punished, but I think it's fair to say that both have pretty tarnished reputations at this point.

3. Care to shed any more light on this?

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I overdid my crush and bored myself out of it (there would have been minor social awkwardness if we got together). Is this a good thing?

Do you do this?

I'm going to a party on satuday, should I hit on the aforementioned crush (who I now don't know how I feel about), or should I try and get some from the many eligible lesbians who will be about? Or both?!

If you have a crush, will you tell me about it/them?

Foreign country vs. America


My father's military is allowing me to use the veterans assistance for college. It is a lot cheaper over in the Philippines, where my dad lives. Clark area to be exact. The VA doesn't cover much here in Maryland. Everything would be free in the Philippines. I live with my mom and stepdad, work as a receptionist in an auto body shop, which I don't mind much. I feel as if I'm a twenty-four year old burden that is. Is it worth picking up and going to school in a third world country?!

What would you do?

Notes: Dad is 75 years old.
Mom is a pain in the ass and making me feel like a burden.
Stepdad is an asshole.
I went to the Philippines this past summer. I half missed it, but half don't.

Have you ever gone to college in a different country? and if so how was it?
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ladies only

1. have you ever used/are you currently using a diaphragm or cervical cap?
2. do you know anyone who has ever used/is currently using a diaphragm or cervical cap?
3. do you like using your diaphragm or cervical cap OR would you consider using a diaphragm or cervical cap? why or why not?
4. do you have any other comments?

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When I go back home I'll live with my parents again for awhile, while I save up money.

I don't want to live in that city forever, and I want to move somewhere else, but I haven't decided where yet. I feel like if I get my own place back home I'll never have a real reason to leave, plus it seems like a waste to spend money on rent when I could live with my parents.

Do you think it would be a better idea to get my own place or would it hold me back from moving somewhere else? I am so scared to move because I have difficulty adjusting to new places, but I know I have to. My goal is to save up six months' worth of rent, and as soon as I do that I would like to move.

Also my parents might move out of state in about three years, but I obviously wouldn't live with them that long.
...there was a FIREFIGHT!

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1. I'm sure there have been dozens of questions about this but even though I've checked the "Email Comment Notifications" box, I am no longer getting email notifications about anything at all (and no, they're not in my spam folder). How do I fix it?

2. My friend thinks I could save money on my heating bill by using an electric space heater, but I have electric heat with a thermostat in each room. Would a space heater use more or less energy than just heating the room normally?

3. Do you find left-handed-ness sexy?
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I don't want to go to class tonight. It's a 6-9PM class that I'm hoping will cancel due to bad weather. Other teachers canceled, so I'm hoping she will too.

I'm about to send this email, is there anything I should add/take away?

Hello Dr. *,

I'm afraid I'm going to have to miss class tonight because of the weather and that I'm commuting (I'm trying to leave at 4p to get there at 6p - I don't know if I'll get there on time with the rain + hail). I'll try my best to drive there. I know our poetry essays are due this Saturday - is there anything from tonight I need to know in preparation for that? Is there anything else that I need to do? Thank you so much.

If you were a teacher, would you think this is BS?
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At amazon.ca, the NCIS soundtrack is $21.99. At amazon.com, it's $9.99. Keeping in mind duty/shipping/taxes/the fact that I'm Canadian, which would be ultimately cheaper for me to buy?
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Poll #1347119 by the power of Greyskull

Which of these characters from Masters of the Universe would you be more likely to fuck? Please explain your choice in the comments.


okay whatever. the links all work for me. if you don't know what they look like feel free to GIS them yourself.

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1. Ok, so, as an art student, I have a LOT of crap to lug around every day. I manage fine, but it is a hassle and I am sort of lazy. Should I break down and use my old lady rolly cart, or should I just suck it up, be less lazy, and carry everything normally like everyone else does?

2. What is your favorite story/person/thing from the Bible??? (The Brick Testament, to refresh your memory) I always liked the part about the Tower of Babel, and the part where it talks about what animals are considered clean/unclean.

3. What do you think would be the tastiest unclean animal?
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Congratulations, you have just been given super powers and have been tasked to fix the damage humans have done to the earth.

What is first on your to do list?

Would you try to keep you powers a secret?
Friends: Unagi.

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People who take the Underground in London: How much chance is there you can sit down if you're going from St Pancras to Euston? And how much would a taxi cost from St Pancras to Euston?
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What do you call a philosopher that doesn't teach?


TQC, do you agree with the general sentiment of this joke? (which I'm reading as "philosophy is useless") Why, or why not?
Arch Rock Mack Island

FF add ons

So, due to some computer problems, I had to get out an old computer. I installed Firefox, but can't remember all the add-ons I had on the old one. I would just check it, but it doesn't work.

What Firefox add-ons are best?

If you don't have Firefox, what do you use instead?
stock::moon hug

Rename token?

I was thinking of changing my username next time I get some money, but i'm not sure what to switch it to.

For those of you who have switched, how did you decide what you wanted?
For those who haven't, suggestions? Srs and non-srs.

Don't care?
Whats for whatever meal you're eating next?
Caf food:(

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I remember reading about a recipe that used spaghetti on a bagel (or something similar) and then baked it into a crispy yum yum. Do any of you do this? Do you have any recipes to share that use already-made spaghetti in..a different way?

Anybody been affected by the economy lately?

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Do you think anything will ever be able to one-up texting?

What do you think texting one-uped? I would have to say AIM, but that's just me. Or you know, just phone calls in general.

So sick I posted this to my personal LJ first.

Inspired by the deleted post, but not mocking it (shock!):

How do you feel about bands being labeled by others based on the member's religion? For example, Evanescence(lol) being adopted into the Christian Rock genre because the members happened to be Christian.

Alternative question: What's your favorite comfort food?
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1. Why is bi-partisanship important?

2. Do you like your state's senators? (If you're in NY, wtf is up with this bitch?)

3. Are you excited for stimulus? Is "stimulus" the same word as "stimulation"?


Hey LJ dorks,

Can you find me something online? 

I wonder - Do they make clocks for your auto / cars that do NOT need batteries?? I see some "atomic" clocks on google but they are for bedrooms dammit.

And...if it takes batteries ...something that beeps constantly to remind me to change the battery.

I do a lot of radio work in my cars and never use the CD player clocks..

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what was the last weird thing you found at work?

today i was scanning books and on the first page of one was a handwritten note that said
"National Socialism is the only way to be rid of Non Whites and Jews"

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I'm throwing a girly girl party! We'll play with makeup, watch a girly movie, drink, gossip, pillow fight in panties, etc. What other girly things should we do? We're all college aged.

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On Sunday I got a bad burn on my hand. I ran to the bathroom immediately and ran cold water on it. It is about an inch long, and is definitely a worse burn than I've ever had before. It's like some skin was seared right off and it was oozing clear goo. D: I've been treating it with just some polysporn every now and then and using gauze to protect it.

It seems to be healing alright, but it's still very painful, I can hardly type D:... what can I do to ease the pain?

(no subject)

Where do you see yourself in six months?

What are you dreading about tomorrow?

How do you make it up to your pets if you are gone all day?

What's your sign?

Wanna make out?


(no subject)

Have you ever been so tired, all you want to do is sleep?
Then! you get to bed and you're all comfy and ready to weigh in some serious Z's and then..you're WIDE AWAKE?

What was/is your high schools mascot?

Do you have a favourite fad from the 90's? (If you were alive for them or remember them)

(no subject)

Do you eat healthy? If so, when did you start -- were you raised to eat healthy, or did you reform your unhealthy ways?

If not, why? Do you intend to ever change that?

I don't eat healthy, in my opinion. I don't get much fruit/veggies, and I don't drink water. I'm 22, and I'm worried how much damage I've already done to my body.. BUT. I'd like to start being conscious about what I put into my body, not just eat what is convenient. I was raised to just eat whatever I want.
This is so ridiculous.


TQC, I currently make $500/month in a country where $325/month is minimum wage. I'm from the States, and so this $500 dollars isn't going far in regards to paying back my debts (credit card, loans, etc), and I have to put $200 a month toward school. Recently I found a job offer for my same job (at a different company) that pays $1300 a month. Additionally, my boss told me yesterday that they had to go through "hundreds" of applications in order to find a person like me, and that since I got to the job, they have been able to be "200% more productive." I've been working here since Jan. 9th and I show up every day 2 hours early, save three days that I took off because I got married (as opposed to the 5 allotted legally by the country's labor laws).

1. Is it too early to ask for a raise?
2. If y, how much should I ask for? If n, when should I ask?
3. How much do you make a month (if you wanna share)?
4. The last time you got a raise, how much did your pay go up?

Tax help

Is anyone here good with taxes? I need help!

To make a long story short, IRS rejected my e-file.

(The husband talked me into going to Jackson Hewitt because this is the first year filing with the house..which I could have done on my own but I freaking caved and here we are.)

IRS says the info they have doesn’t match what Social Security has.

The only thing I can think of is, she put my daughter being with us for 12 months, but in all reality, she was with us for 1/2 a month.

Would that be the "mismatch"? Name and social security number are right (believe me, I checked, re-checked, and triple checked).

Social Security tells me that if their info is right, then the IRS's should be because they get their info from Social Security.

Tax lady told us we could paper file, which would take 5-7 weeks or wait 2 weeks until the IRS has the mismatch "resolved"..whatever the hell that means because there shouldn't be anything to resolve!
Silly - My anus is bleeding

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1. What's the coolest thing you ever made?

2. Why does a car not want to start when it's been really rainy and damp?

3. Will you show me a picture of something you really want right now?

4. Will you use the last icon you uploaded to reply here?

(no subject)

How do you feel that your s.o. watches porn?
What if they hide it from you?
What's the last ~lol~ funny thing someone said to you?
My so/roommate/whatever told me that he doesn't like "crazy vagina shit" when talking about the porn he likes.

aw | blink

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+ What are/were some of your favourite books? Feel free to categorize them by time periods of your life. (For example, please still list books that were your favourite when you were a a child or a teenager but not now.)

+ Are you a person who dislikes musical covers? If so, are there any that you actually do like (I am interested in the exceptions!).

+ What songs remind you of an ex? Why?

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I just moved into a new apartment, and one of the closets smells like smoke.  It's nasty and it's making all of my clothes smoke.  I took out all of the clothes, have an air freshener in there, have sprayed the closet with Lysol and Febreeze, and the door is open to air out a bit.

What else can I do to get rid of the stink?
Question Everything

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My roommate was telling me about an ad she'd seen for people to send their girlfriends dressed-up teddy bears and lingerie.

Would you ever give your significant other lingerie for Valentine's Day?

How would you react if your SO gave you lingerie for V-Day?

Is there ever an appropriate time to give lingerie as a gift, assuming your SO doesn't know in advance? If so, what are they?
pumpkin derek


What are you doing for valentines day?

What should I do for valentines day? Our plans have been ruined by forecasted rain. :-( We don't have a ton of money, but we do have a sitter for the day, so we gotta get out and do something.
[k.perry] watermelon

okay, techies..

The other night my boyfriend asked if he could plug his iPod [3rd gen Nano] into my computer to charge it before he went to work, using my USB cable. [I have a 1st generation] and it charged just fine, and hooked up to my iTunes just fine.

Now we've been trying to hook it up to his computer, using his USB cable, and the computer isn't recognizing his iPod, but it is recognizing mine.

I just tried hooking it up to my computer again, and still, nothing.

I've tried resetting his iPod, and re-installing iTunes on his computer, but nothing has worked...

What happened to his iPod and is there anything I can do right now besides wait to take it in, etc.?

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Is it the wind that I hear gently whispering?
Are you alone there in the valley?
LOL Full Monty Reference.

What do you think is commonly known about yourself in TQC?
What's commonly known about me?
Will you comment other people and tell them what you think is commonly known about them if they're not sure?
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housewares, ash

bear with me as i attempt to explain...

if someone had scars in the middle of their back that were horizontal, parallel, and numerous (like 20 of them or so in a row, starting from left and right, intertwining and overlapping), what would you think they were from?

clever/offensive answers accepted as well as serious ones.

EDIT: they look like this:


(no subject)

my friend is 18, im 19, she is getting married, and I have never had a girlfriend D: whats up with that TQC?

Should I get off my butt and do something about this? Motivate me!

Read any good books lately?

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would you ever go to an invite-only party by yourself when you wouldn't know anyone else there besides the host? also, this is a sober party..

a friend of mine is having a birthday get together on friday and only like 15 people are invited and i don't know any of her friends. i am not allowed to bring anyone.

also, i haven't spent time with this friend in a while.. and she always liked to drink and toke. so i am a bit surprised at the specific "THIS IS A SOBER PARTY" bit at the end of the invite.

could she have joined some kind of religious cult? is she going to try and convert me?

3 For the Night...

1 - - How close is your nearest wal-mart?

2 - - What is a good 80s or 90s movies about hacking or phreaking (like war games or hackers) that I could netflix??

3 - - Would you join my small message board and help give ideas for it.??(So far it its tiny with a few friends) 

Warm day out tommrrow!

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1. What do you think of people who say, "If you don't want them inside, you don't want them" in reference to pets.
1a. If you think this, why do you feel that way?
1b. If you keep your pets outside does it really bother you when people say things like that?

2. I just got home from work so I'm particularly grumpy about this right now:  Are you one of those people who leave merchandise all over the store in the wrong spots because you decide you don't want it anymore?

If you answered "yes" to number two, will you give me your address so I can come and stab you in the eye repeatedly?

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what's the nicest way to decline someone's offer to go on a date and make it clear you don't want to go out with them in the future?

what did you do today?

what was the last picture you were tagged in on facebook, if you have one?
lady tree tree

The end is nigh.

Do you think we're headed for the Apocalypse?

Edit: I ask because Australia's having it tough at the moment - I'm pretty sure that we're having our own mini apolcalypse. A cyclone hit Queensland (my state) and now more than 50% of it is underwater and officially declared a disaster zone. It's been at least a week now and the flood waters aren't receding and is starting to spread disease. Not to mention that the water is now filled with crocodiles who are attacking people in previously crocodile-free areas.

Down in Victoria, the worst bushfire in the history of our country has been going on for days. Multiple sites are lit, the flames are moving 120km an hour (75 miles p/h) so that once people see flames or smoke, it's too late. Huge numbers of people have been killed in their cars while trying to leave the area. More than 200 people are dead and 5000 people are evacuated or homeless. The fire is so hot that car hub caps have melted. Thousands of animals have been stranded.

Sounds like end of days to me.
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so i saw this photographers website who dealt solely with drug users and such (i believe in nyc or chicago) and it was called suburbia x or something like that. does anyone know what the hell im talking about?  i tried google, and got nothing

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What do you do when you have eight mice and six of them are adults and one recently had babies, so now you're up to fourteen mice?


Not so serious being above the other. (:

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When I was little, there was a movie that I watched that I can't remember the title of. One of the movie scenes had a working mother/grandmother in a clothing factory (I think) but somehow she got caught into a huge machine and got squashed... flat and it was bloody everywhere. Does anybody remember the name of the movie?

Oh my gosh, it was the mangler

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I am wanting to buy some Tea Tree Oil Facewash. Has anyone here used tea tree oil products? Thoughts on them are appreciated.

What is the last thing to piss you off?

My mom has been nagging me to get a letter for a scholarship done. I finally did it, and told her it was bad (because I have no clue how I am suppose to write it other than listing things.) Then she proceeded to complain about how bad it is and offered no suggestions.

Which is better, Pandora or last.fm or another?

Was anyone else present for the car "chase" on ohnotheydidnt last night?