February 9th, 2009


Does this make sense?

Hypothetically speaking. Say you have this friend Jill who feels down because a large chunk of her happiness is dependent on the happiness of those around her, and those around her aren't always happy (no shit, no one is always happy).

What would you say to Jill to get her to realize she doesn't neeeeeed these people's happiness to be content with herself?
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TQC, I've come across the following usage of 'want' in a few papers and tests I've been grading recently and it's kind of bothering me.


"The colonists' great want for unity..."

"Napoleon's want for power may have eventually led to his exile."

Does this sound weird to anyone else? Is this a legitimate use of want? Am I just being overly picky by telling them to pick another synonym?

ETA: I should mention, if it makes a difference, that in both contexts the student was using 'want' as a synonym for 'desire' and not for 'lack of'.
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1- Have any of you been in New Jersey for more than one day in your life time?

2 - Why did it suck so much??

3 - Was it for school, business, vacation??

Its 61 here right now and Im front porching some wifi........hahahhaha

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Are there any smells that you particularly hate other than the smell of BO, rancid piss, poop, etc etc?

I really hate the smell of powder scented deodorant. It makes me physically upset.

ETA: I'm so happy that I'm not the only one who hates the smell of powder scented deodorant! =D

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my friend is applying to university for photography. although im being supportive and offering constructive criticism, im worrying she wont be accepted based on her portfolio.

what kinds of things should i say to her to make her feel better if she finds out she wasnt accepted? im horrible with this kinda thing and i dont want to sit there awkwardly saying "aw..that sucks.." if it does in fact happen.

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Do you think gas will still be about the same price it is now, in July?

Have you ever used one of those 'book your hotel online and save' websites? Did you save more than a few dollars?

I'm planning a trip for the summer and I'm trying to figure up prices.
I plan on eating cheap while on vacation, but I want to visit two, maybe three, of the nicer restaurants. If my cheap meals were fast food, with a few nice meals thrown in, about how much will I need for food? (ETA: I'll be in Baltimore) (ETA2: I'll be there for 9 days)

Is there a trip planning website that you can enter things into like food planning, hotels, and gas to figure up a budget?

Have you ever gone on a trip with a budget? What did you do?
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Tomorrow I need to tidy my room so we can eventually get round to decorating.
WHAT COLOUR SHOULD I PAINT IT?! It has a lot of light and is pretty fuckin' big so I'm not bothered about dark colours
Can you recommend any motivational music whilst I tidy? Cuz it's gonna take HOURS.

Attention Seekers

Even if you're not an attention monger irl, let's say you are for these scenarios.

1:  What is something outrageous you would do for attention at a big gala event where everyone is drinking but not drinking so much that they lose their classiness?

2:  What outrageous thing would you do for attention from a crush?

3:  What outrageous thing woud you do for attention in class or at work?
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(no subject)

 What jobseeking websites have you used that were actually legitimate? I've looked through my university's job and career sites, and HATE Monster, and everything on Craigslist appears to be a scam. Any suggestions?

Where did you find your last/current job?
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Because I'm feeling Nostalgic--

01-What was your favorite toy as a child? (Please post a picture if you have one)
02- What was its name? (the personal name you gave it)
03- What was the commercial name for it? If you don't know it, ask us and we can guess =)
04- Do you still have the toy now? If not, what happened to it?


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Does anyone here know anything about Gestational Diabetes? My friend just got diagnosed with it and we're trying to rearrange her baby shower menu to fit her new restrictions.

I have questions about what she can and can't eat, I've been Googling but there are some specific things I'm wondering about.

Like is mayonnaise ok? Or is it pretty much NO sugar?

What should we serve for drinks? I'm thinking sparkling water with fresh lemon slices, a variety of unsweetened iced tea, hot tea and coffee...

She hates Splenda btw, so we're trying to leave all of that artificial crap out..
got milk?

TQC, Tee Queue Sea, Tea Cue See

My dearest Dr. Tea Queue Sea,

I am starving to death. Is my stomach going to get swollen like a malnourished Ethiopian child's?

Do you ever get that feeling like there's water in your ear even when you haven't been swimming and you haven't showered in over 24 hours and you haven't poured anything in your ears or been drunk and passed out on the sofa of someone's house with a bunch of other drunk people plotting to pour orange juice in your ear?

Hurry UP

Are you a fast walker?

Fast talker?

Do you eat fast?

I do all three things quickly, but sometimes I will slow down during my meal to enjoy it. But even when I slow down, I'm still through before my husband.
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Right now my mailbox is silver with a bunch of hearts all over it. I want to repaint it this week. What should I paint? My painting skills are not very good, so nothing too complicated.

I'm thinking silver with lime green polka-dots.
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If you have a desk area at work, have you personalized it?

How? (pictures are great)

Is there anything that people shouldn't use when decorating their workspace, aside from the obvious (porn, etc.)?

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Poll #1346373 Go Green Go!

With all of the "Go Green" environmentally friendly advertising that has popped up over the last year, do you roll your eyes at it nowadays or do you take this advertising in to consideration?

Eye Roll
I pay attention to these adverts and take them in to consideration
A little of both, dependant on the product

What if the green-claiming product is ...software?

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I know this is a dumb question but I'm just curious.

My aunt and uncle live with their daughters. One daughter is 27 and has a boyfriend. One daughter lives in an apartment in the house, is divorced and has two kids.
I just had to send invitations to them.

How the hell do you do this?
I wrote one to my aunt and uncle, one to the cousin and her boyfriend, and one to the cousin with the kids.

I just feel like three invites to the same house is excessive.

(no subject)

Have you ever unintentionally caused drama? Would you like to tell me about it?

Have you ever had rumors spread about you? How true were they?

Would you like to tell me about the most recent drama in your life?

(no subject)

where can i get a cheap waffle iron? i feel like Target or Kohl's won't have particularly cheap ones.

now kids, i'm talkin' CHEAP. like that thing breaks after one use(i only need to use it once or twice). basically i don't wanna spend more than $15. CAN IT BE DONE?

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Would you rather go all day without taking that satisfying deep breath that you sometimes need or be bored out of your skull all day? A day without the satisfying deep breath A day being bored out of my skull

(no subject)

I called a restaurant about twenty minutes ago to make dinner reservations for Saturday. The guy asked me what time I wanted, and I said 6:30. He said, "Are you sure?"

Is there something weird about going to dinner at 6:30? Is that too early? I just don't want to spend my entire evening in a restaurant.

What time do you make dinner reservations for?

If you make reservations and they ask for a name, do you give them your first name or your surname?

eta: After he asked me about the time, he said, "And just to let you know, we're doing hour and a half rotations. Is an hour and a half okay or do you want me to book you two hours?"

I told him an hour and a half was fine. I was surprised he was telling me that, though. Is telling your customers about your rotation schedule normal?

(no subject)

I live in Nevada.

The SO and I want to take a vacation soon. I do not have a passport because I am lame (though it is on my goal list to get accomplished this year).

Where in the U.S. should we go?
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If you could have any food/dish right now, regardless of price or availability, what would it be?

Mine would be popcorn chicken and potato wedges from KFC. My co-worker just got some and it smells soooooo gooooood. I'm so hungry right now!

ETA: Okay, maybe this post was a bad idea. My mouth is now watering uncontrollably.
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Has anyone seen Coraline yet? I keep seeing the trailer, but I'm still kind of confused on what it's about. I feel like I would only watch it for the graphics tbh. Convince me otherwise?

Have you seen any good movies lately?

I'm dumb and admit it

Are any of you objectophiles (sp)? I.e., assigning actual emotional attachment to inanimate objects (stuffed animals, toys, etc)?

What's your most recent example of it?

For me, I found the mushroom in my icon in a Ruby Tuesday's salad. I refused to eat it because it looked so sad. It was the world's saddest mushroom. I sat it on my plate and let it sit there by itself the whole time. We were eating with my mom, who even put it in a littl epill container to take home. It's since dried up and had to be tossed, lol, but I still feel better because I didn't eat it.
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Super Pissed

What was the last thing to upset you?

I had plans to go snowshoeing with my hunny today, our one day off together, but my boss asked me yesterday if I could come into work today. I cancelled my plans and waited for her to call me to tell me what time. I called her just now and she told me not to come in. I can't get ahold of my boyfriend now to see if he still wants to get together.
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More dangerous?

Cooking with gasoline
Fishing with dynamite
Getting between Amy Winehouse and a bunch of drugs

Which program would you be most likely to partake in?

Toys for Tots
Toys for Twats

Fruity Pebbles describes the Flintstones' ____?

Fruity-themed breakfast cereal
Their lesbian daughter

If 'the early bird gets the worm' is an adage promoting early rising in the morning, what, then, would the lesson of the early worm be?

The early worm gets eaten by the early bird
Sloth pays. Don't be in a hurry to do anything
It's scary out there. Don't leave your home at all
Party all night long, sleep in late, and you'll live to see another night

If someone said they were 'picked up by the fuzz', what would you assume they meant?

They were nabbed by the police
Someone grabbed and hoisted them up by their pubes

(no subject)

Do you still have old homecoming dresses, graduation gowns, etc.. lying around your house?

If you got rid of them, where did you give them to?

I'm contemplating sending my old dresses to Goodwill seeing as I'll never wear them again, but I feel so nostalgic when I see them that I'm not sure I can go through with it.

(no subject)

My boyfriend is not one to celebrate any holiday too enthusiastically as they're just 'money making schemes'. I know he went the other week and picked out an engagement ring. He's just not sneaky enough to go unnoticed, he even admitted to it after being badgered enough. lol. 

He works on V-day but insists we celebrate it on Thursday since it's the day he isn't working. He's off again on Monday. I was surprised since we've never really done anything at all for it before in the past 3 years. Is he going to propose to me while we're celebrating fake V-day? 

I have zero dollars and even less cooking/baking skills (why is he with me?). What should I get/do for him on fake V-day that requires little to no money? We're obviously going to have sex....we do that a lot so that can't be an answer.

If you have an SO what are you getting them for Valentines Day? 
If you don't at least you get to eat all the chocolate to yourself! Yay chocolate! 

(no subject)

In response to this thread, have you ever had to deal with an obsessive ex? Did she/he eventually give up or did you have to lay down the law?

edit: WHY ARE THERE SO MANY DARN QUESTIONS ON THIS WALMART APPLICATION?! Considering the people I've seen working there, I doubt they filled out all this crap.

(no subject)

How annoyed do you get when someone repeatedly offers unwanted advice?

Last Thursday, I came down with a cold and I had a sore throat (with a cough) that lingered for a few days... so on Saturday, one of my friends randomly gave me a long list of "fixes", one of which was to eat a lot of ice cream. I told her that I avoid dairy products during a cold, because it makes mucus worse, but she still insisted that no, it helps! Seeing I already told her why I didn't want to, it bothered me.
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(no subject)

Do you like macaroni and cheese with a bread crumb topping?

Did you get an Easter basket last year? Do you expect to receive one this year?

The Faint will be at Webster Hall 2 nights in a row! I should go both nights, y/y?

(no subject)

Dr. House or Dr. Cox? Explain.

How would you document that you sent bonds back to the Public Debt in order to have them reissued? Would you be happy with just copies of the forms and the bonds themselves? Why am I freaking out so much over this?

(no subject)

So there is a winter storm on its way into town tonight and it is supposed to snow tomorrow! I live in Tucson and we've been experiencing 70 - 80 degree weather so I'm stoked.

My question is this: I was going to make an Asian style broccoli and shrimp rice bowl with a soy-sauce base for the sauce, but it doesn't seem ~wintery~ enough. I want something warm and cozy. Problem is, tonight has to be shrimp night. Can you think of any tasty shrimp recipes that are more appropriate to the ~storm~?

You guys I'm so excited for snow.
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(no subject)

don't ask why, i just have to ask.

1) are you a fangirl/fanboy?

2) what are you favorite fandoms?

3) where exactly is it that people learn all this fandom lingo?
--Cuz apparently, I'm not in on it.  I just found out AkuRoku day existed about a month ago, and I just found out today that it falls on my birthday.  And then I feel like an idiot because I know nothing about the fandoms that I like.
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(no subject)

Do you ever have dreams where you have to dial a phone number (say, 911) and in the dream you just CANNOT dial it? Either your fingers hit the wrong buttons or they hit the right buttons but the wrong numbers pop up? Does this mean anything in dream analysis?

I have these dreams a lot where something majorly bad happens and I try to call 911 on my cell phone and for some reason it just won't work. It'll come up 922 or 811 or any number of things. In my most recent dream, the phone told me that it wasn't allowed to dial numbers where the 11s come together like that (like 411 or 511) WTF? And then I'm screaming and freaking out because people are hurt and I'm incapable of summoning help and it's my fault that they are dying.

My husband says I have dream fail.

(no subject)

In the case of a man sleeping with another woman after his separation from his wife but before a legal divorce, could the wife sue the other woman for disrupting (is that the right word?) their marriage?

What if the man was in a common-law relationship instead of marriage? That is, if he "broke up" with his common-law partner and slept with another woman before the separation is official. How much legal trouble could the other woman potentially get into?

FYI This took place in Canada, but I'm interested in laws on this matter from any other country.
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(no subject)

Do you know anyone who doesn't like/care about/listen to music? Apparently there are people like this out there, but I just can't comprehend it.
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(no subject)

Do you think it's kind of a waste of resources to extensively research and publish studies like "Tomatoes MAY reduce your chance of getting cancer by 5%" and other things that can't really be proven?
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(no subject)

I am having a shit day at work and I want to get some delicious junk food on the way home. What would you get if you were me?

(And please don't try to dissuade me, I've lost 25 pounds recently and one bad day will not doom me.)
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validate, plz

Lisa and Angela have been roommates for a few years, and are very close friends. Their apartment is very hot, and both of them usually lounge around in underwear, tank tops and other types of skimpy "house clothes." They are very comfortable with each other and this is not an issue.

However, Lisa asks Angela to cover up when Lisa has her boyfriend over. Angela really hates this idea. Is Lisa's request reasonable? What do you think of this situation?

*Bonus: If Lisa offered to do some of Angela's laundry (as she will be wearing more clothes), then is it reasonable?

(no subject)

Google is failing me, and I'm getting frustrated, which is making things worse.

Are there any good ways to search real estate listings for multiple companies (like prudential, remax, etc) at one website?  I've tried realtor.com and condos.com, but I'm still getting different results on different sites.  I'm specifically looking for condos in or around Anne Arundel County, Maryland, if that helps narrow it down a bit.

Thanks :)

(no subject)

Favourite books  that have been made into films?
You don't have to have enjoyed both, I rarely like the film after having read the book.

I'm about to watch Everything Is Illuminated.

(no subject)

I have some expensive collector bears, Steiff and the like. Is there anywhere other then ebay I might have success selling them?
I have never sold a 'collectors' item on ebay and it does seem the obvious place to do it but I am a bit curious if there is another route to go with an item like this?

(no subject)

1)When was your last dentist appointment? How did it go? Do you know when your next appointment is?
2)If you keep your assorted pens, pencils and other writing implements in a container on your desk, what does that container look like? If not, where do you stuff your writing implements?
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(no subject)

Which would you rather work: a 9-hour day with an hour for lunch, an 8 1/2 hour day with a half hour for lunch, or an 8 hour day with no lunch??(Ignore the fact that in some places the last option is illegal.)
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(no subject)

Have you ever been sexiled? What do you usually do when this occurs?

My roommate has a date tomorrow and wants me out of the house. I have my own room, but I really don't feel like sitting around watching movies all day. Everyone I know is working. What should I do?


1. Got measured at the lingerie store today.. seems I'm not a 34D like I had thought, but rather a 30E. Now, my internet skills are a little rusty, but I can't seem to find any good sites for (affordable!) bras in my size! Help me out with your google-fu?

2. Are you a fan of something that loved ones think is silly? (I'm a big suck for Hello Kitty and Transformers.. coworkers think it's odd when I show up with my Optimus prime backpack :D)

tia tqc!
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Why will my co-workers Windows Media Player play a .dvf file, but mine will not? I even upgraded to the newest version of WMP and it still won't work.

Will you please shoot me?
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Dear Dr. TQC

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My friend originally thought that this bump was a spider bite, but it has gotten larger over the course of a week. It is also getting stiffer and has begun to cause her pain. Do you have any idea what the Hell this thing is and why it is slowly taking her arm over? (yes, she has a doctor appointment on Friday the 13th).

Top 5..

OK so I've slightly stolen it from High Fidelity but....

Top 5 songs to get you in the mood for going out. Off the top of my head mine are, in no particular order....

Trampled Underfoot - Led Zeppelin
Where Is Everybody (Danny Lohner mix) - Nine Inch Nails
Spann's Blues - Otis Spann
Rock and a Hard Place - Rolling Stones
The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson

(no subject)

If you're a non-smoker, do you live with someone that does? Do they smoke in the house?

I'm back from school and I'm not used to my mom's chain smoking ways yet, the smell is making me ill. Ever since I was little she's been smoking in the house, but once I'm away from it for so long it seriously grosses me out. Then all my clothes reek of it.

(no subject)

when (age, grade, etc.) did you learn that each of the 50 United States has its own congress?

what do you think you should've learned in school, but it either never came up or you didn't actually absorb it when it was taught?

how much is the most schooling you hope to achieve? (or have achieved and don't plan to strive for more)

if cable were a la carte, what channels would you be willing to pay for?
(if you could pick the channels you get on cable and only pay for and get those, which ones would you pick?)
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28 days later

(no subject)

Not actually in honor of the VP debacle, but: I have a weird thing where I don't like "renditions" of vaginas. I am not a self-hating vag owner, but when people draw/sculpt/knit/tattoo them, it makes me uncomfortable in an angry/ill way. Am I the only one?

EDIT: like this (NSFW)

(no subject)

Do you like receiving flowers?

My friend told me he was going to send me flowers for V-Day (we're very close), after I told him I didn't want anything. I just think flowers are a waste of money, unless you plant them in the ground. Maybe that makes me very un-romantic. They're pretty but they're so freaking expensive.

(no subject)

I used TimeMachine to back up my mac. (Im now regretting this)
It was then formatted and new usernames etc put in.
I now can't access folders from last year, as once I get to the Pictures, Movies, Music etc menu, it says 'you do not have sufficient privileges'
Is there any way of getting my pictures out of these folders?

(no subject)

How long does it take you to get ready for work in the morning?

I work part-time in retail, and I can wake up an hour before my shift, get ready and still be there to clock on ten minutes early.


(no subject)

hi tqc.
I have House Problems. My wall-mounted heater (the only heat for the house) has been broken for a couple weeks, my toilet seems to be clogged to such a degree that no amount of plunging will make it drain properly, and I just discovered that my shower has now gone from "draining much too slowly" to actually COUGHING UP GRAY GUNK from inside the drain.
I moved into this house a month ago, and for the previous several years it had been unoccupied 99% of the time. I'm renting from my landlord who lives next-door.

question: my landlord should be responsible for getting this stuff fixed, yes? Or would you expect that I would need to pay for a plumber/etc myself?

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(no subject)

i'm back with a really stupid Java question.
how do i use the "or" operator with Strings?
i tried doing an if statement that looked like this:
if (!currentString.equals(("##center") || ("##left") || ("##right")));
but i'm getting an error saying i can't use || with Strings. :[


for those who don't know..
what is your favorite game?

(no subject)

What is going to happen to all the 1970s TVs once this transition takes effect?

Will the dumpsters and sidewalks be full or old, retired TVs? ah....

Do you know of anyone with less than basic cable, still using rabbit ears?

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(no subject)

What constitutes a complete picnic meal for you?

I want to get some wine, cheese, and some sort of dinner-meal-item-thing for me and the boyfriend tomorrow night. I do not know what sort of dinner ish thing to make, though. It's my turn to cook but I have a lot of studying to do tomorrow, so the simpler the better. Any suggestions?
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(no subject)

If you are in college, do your classmates spam you with random emails?

I keep getting offers to buy laptops or requests to vote for their band in some contest. This is obnoxious and a violation of university policy but I'd feel like a bitch telling them so :/

(no subject)

What is the most awesome thing you've found at a dollar store?

What about a thrift store?

On a scale of 1-10, how jealous would you be if someone of your gender flashed your SO (1 = don't care at all, 10 = KILL THE BITCH)?

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

(no subject)

Dear TQC! Last night I got quite drunk. On one of my trips to the bathroom I tripped on my bag and fell flat on my face. SHOULD I BE EMBARRASED ABOUT THIS? Will you tell me something seriously embarrasing you did in front of other people while drunk?
mice & dress

(no subject)

Dear TQC,

I really really really want this shirt and today is the last day to order it.

I have $2 (Canadian) to my name, BUT I wouldn't have to pay for it until next month. (I'm also over 900 dollars in debt.)

Should I order it?


Also, besides hookers and blow, what is your favourite thing on earth ever? Can you choose something?

I'd have to say mine would be the internet. :) Because it encompasses everything I love.

It's always about food

I was planning on making chili tonight, but I am out of ground beef. I do, however, have a bunch of chicken breast. I was thinking of cooking them up and then shredding them and using them in lieu of ground beef. Gross or great? I mean...chicken tacos are good so why not chicken chili?

(no subject)

TQC, today was a very fortuitous day for me. I got stuck at school because of a group meeting, but I left at about 7pm, which means I'll be cutting it close if I wanted to catch How I Met Your Mother. But luckily for me, a train pulled up JUST as I got to the station and as soon as I entered my apartment building, an elevator door OPENED MAGICALLY, just for me.

My question was going to be, "TQC, when did the world last conspire to make things work out for you?"

Keyword: was.

I turned on the TV and Obama is EVERYWHERE, so now my question is:

"TQC, when did Obama last ruin your life?"

DDDDD: I really wanted to see Barney Stinson tonight, guys. *CRIES MOAR*
Baro Bitch Stare

Speaking of bra sizes

Just curious because this post made me think about it

How do you measure to find your bra size? (I've been googling and some sites say add 4 inches some say 5 some say add no inches!)

What is your bra size?

And so the TQC-men don't feel completely left out, do you have a preferred size of breasts?

valentine's day

Is writing a 101 reasons why I love you/care for you card a more thoughtful idea for valentines or for an anniversary?

Is it possible to write on cheesecake.. like you would on frosting with cake? What would I use?

Do you think surface piercings are worth the hassle?
Vertigo eye

(no subject)

how much time do you spend looking in the mirror before leaving the house?

clearly i don't spend ANY because half the time i come to work and realize i have toothpaste on my mouth, a huge pimple that should've been popped/concealed, or eye boogers on my face. gross.

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Buddha necklace

To males

If you are about the same height as the girl you are going on a date with would you like her
to wear flats so you don't appear shorter or would you be okay with her wearing heels that make her legs look hotter?

Big question: Are you insecure if you appear shorter than your date?

(no subject)

Who do you want to see on tour this year? Do you have tickets yet?

I just learned that Blink 182 is back together and planning a summer tour, lol. I WANNA RELIVE MY YOUTH, OK?


Firefox has been acting screwy lately so I decided I would try to uninstall then reinstall it, problem is it won't reinstall. I click run it does it's thing but when it comes tiem for the setup wizard thing to start...it doesn't. I've tried a few times without successs, I've also tried to turn of the IE Popup blocker-which didn't help. Can anybody help me?
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(no subject)

by now a lot of you know how frustrated i am with my programming assignment.
it is due at 11:55 pm, and it is currently 8:30 pm.

What should I do?

Keep working until a little before the deadline, then submit what I have and hope for partial credit
Give up, submit what I have now and hope for partial credit
Keep working on it until I get it done and turn it in for late credit (-1 point for 1 day late, -2 for 2 days, -4 for 3 days, -8 for 4 days..)

in other news..
brownies or cake?

(no subject)

So, my life's been... Okayish for the last eight months. It has its bad parts, but it's the best it's been in ten years.
1. How long is this gonna last?
2. Should I worry, or should I just enjoy it while it lasts?
3. How major is gonna be the next shit that happens after this okayish period?
4. I should just be f****** happy, yeah?

5. Ever had any major change in life that may not have been bad, but you didn't know how to behave?

(no subject)

If a guy wants to sleep around, why can't he just stay single instead of getting someone else emotionally involved?
Is it seriously that hard for guys to say no?
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(no subject)

Did you know Fran Drescher was in "Spinal Tap"?

My fiance's crushing on her...

Fran Drescher?

Incredibly hot!
I'd hit it - if she didn't talk...
Sometimes - look at the comments

Beg for it?

To hell with the ticky!
This one goes to eleven...