February 8th, 2009


Srs business

To those of you who actually have real pizza places by you, do you ever get a calzone?
Do calzones traditionally come with ham where you're from or just ricotta?

What kind of shampoo do you use?
Herbal Essences. I'm determined to try every kind they have and am slowly working my way through their product line.
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Inspired by this post ...

My old roommate told me yesterday that her sister's period flow is so heavy that she sometimes uses two tampons at once (instead of, say, changing one tampon very frequently).

Will someone please explain to me how this works? Does anyone do this?

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Does anyone ever buy movie's and books online?
I recently bought 7 books for 50 dollars at half.com and I remember someone telling me there was a really reliable place I could buy movies for cheap online, I was curious if anybody knows of any?
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My bf hates wearing condoms (he says they don't feel good). I've yet to find a BC that doesn't make me sick or anything. I'm looking into other contraceptives (IUD, etc), but nothing appeals to me or seems like it would fit our needs. So far, we're using the pull-out method and while it's been working, mostly, I'm usually too worried during sex to get off.

How can I make my bf wear condoms? Any (real) suggestions?

Edit: I like sex too so I'm not cutting him off. That's immature to withhold sex and unfair to me.


Can you sleep without a cover or sheet covering you?

Do you drool in your sleep?

Do you have favorite sheets?
I like those kind that feel like a nice tshirt. (Jersey I think).

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Okay, confession time;

Have you ever tried to move something using only your mind?

What was it?

Did you feel foolish afterward for doing it?

(Yes, I tried moving a penny once just to see what would happen. Nothing did. And, yeah, I felt rather silly afterward. Guess Xavier won't be knocking on my doorstep any time soon.)

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Do you think hamsters really enjoy running around in the plasic hamster ball?

I assume my hamster is having fun b/c I think I'd have fun in one and it IS a change of scenery for him..but he can't probably can't see as well...as he runs he poops and gets hit in the face with his poop unless Im around to empty it immediately, and he can't be as agile and sneaky as he'd like to be cos the ball doesnt fit in small places Im sure he'd like to explore. hmph.
not sure if it's torture or good times.
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HTML dumb question

Okay, so I made a few LJ icons. Neat.

Except I have no idea how to make those spiffy grids that everyone always has in LJ icon posts. Whenever I try to post mine, it just comes out as a long, obnoxious line of icons (which I know is an HTML fail, but I don't know how to fix it).

So, um, how do you post lj icons in a grid?
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Why didn't evolution invent unicorns? Wouldn't having a horn on its head make a horse more likely to survive? For that matter, wouldn't pretty much any animal fare better with a horn on its head?

Don't you agree that a narwhal is at least conceptually less realistic than a unicorn?

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Has anyone here had Blepharitis?

I'm kind if freaking out because my eyelid is extremely red, swollen, and I'm tearing up like crazy, and it hurts like hell when I blink. I checked the Internet for pictures of eyelid inflammations and the one that looked the closest to the one I have is Blepharitis. Right now there's nothing much I can do for that, except go to a hospital since it's 4am where I live and there's nothing open close to where I live. So, I know this isn't the place to ask this, but any help or suggestions would be great.

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What was the last person you were in love with like? If you're currently in love with someone, describe that person.

Did you love that person because of their virtues, or in spite of their vices?
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Digimon or Pokemon?
Preferred instant messenger?
How do you feel about hairy chests on men?
How do you feel about hairy legs on women?


As long as they are not bear furry, I'm ok with it.
As long as they are to a point where the hair doesn't poke you, I think it's ok. I see no problem with it. [I wax my legs, btw]

snowboarding apparel?

So, my friend's into snowboarding/surfing type clothes (street clothes, not actually clothes one necessarily wears snowboarding, etc.).

I'm trying to buy her a sweatshirt/hoodie for her birthday, but I have no idea where to look. Can someone please recommend a website on which I can purchase a hoodie she might appreciate?

*Or even better yet, are there any specific sweatshirts/hoodies you own/have seen online that you would recommend*


p.s. please don't tell me to use google...I already have, and there are just too many options to look through. That's why I'm asking for advice! Thanks :)
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TQC, I am applying for a summer internship that I want more than anything. I need three letters of recommendation, and I've asked three professors at my school. Two of them have sent in their letters of rec, and I e-mailed the third about a week ago to see if he has or not. He has not yet replied to my e-mail, and the letter of rec needs to be sent in by Wednesday. Should I e-mail him again today, do you think? I just don't want to seem like I'm harrassing him, but if that letter doesn't get sent, then I'm not getting that internship!

Facebook Relationships

Would you or have you ever changed your facebook relationship "just to see people's reactions?" Do you find this immature?
A couple I know has been together for a year and they just both changed their relationship to single and both have emo statuses about their hearts breaking just to "see what people would say."


So I'm watching an Anna Nicole Smith special on E! I've always thought that Howard had something to do with her death. Maybe not directly but he was the one supplying her with most of the drugs she took. What do you think, TQC?

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Will someone plz snag a bagel for me? I'm at work and can't leave, but I'm real real hungry. :[

I'll buy you one too! What kind do you want and what will you get on it?
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Do you find yourself spending more time reading and posting to LJ communities than your actual f-list?

Is LJ something that you can do in moderation, or does it get out of control?

Have you ever completely abandoned reading LJ in an effort to save your soul keep from sinking re-learn how to eat, shower and sleep simplify your life?

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TQC ex-smokers, will you tell me how you quit smoking? i really want to quit but have very little will power and i definatly smoke in a routine (one first thing in the morning, after a shower, before lunch etc) which i find hard to break. my whole family have quit over the last year or so and only me and my brother still smoke. ive tried all sorts of nicotine replacement stuff but it just doesnt work. help, advice and a kick up the bum, please.

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is there any names that you want to name your children (if you are going to have children someday) that have special meaning to you?

I want to name a son Jack Addison, for my Dad and Grandfather- and my first daughter will be named Alice Lyn, that first name for a very dear friend who is no longer with us, and the middle name for one of my close friends.
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Tax Help

Where should I file my taxes online?

Turbotax? Taxslayer? HRBlock?

I am married, husband made 35k and I made 22k, we own a home and have the normal deductions (interest, health insurance, etc). I remember one year I did it for free, both state and federal. Now I can't remember where that was. We live in Iowa.

Do you ever get mad when you see how much is withheld for the entire year on your W-4?
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That's right. I'm posting about Valentine's day.

Alright, I need help.

This is my first Valentine's day with a partner, and he's a very special one at that.
I dont have much money, but boy if I did, I'd buy a big house where we both could live but I would like to do something special. Buying something is fine, but I cant really afford anything extravagant. But it should also be paired with something sentimental, I suppose. I'm nervous. I dont know how Valentine's day works, at least in the girlfriend giving to boyfriend direction.

Any tips?


Dos and Donts?

My Wild Irish Rose

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Do you keep a (paper) journal?
Have you ever?
If you kept a paper journal when you were younger, have you ever read it over and not remembered anything in it?
What's the weirdest thing you've come upon in your old journals?

What's your favourite piece of jewelery (or shirt, if you have no jewelery)?

Yes, yes,  only a little,  and apparently I used to refer to the feeling you get when you have crush on someone  as "vegetable soup feeling".
Mine is a bracelet made up of a string of polished rocks and beads, that has a chain attached so you can add your own charms.  Also a necklace that looks kind of like a rosary except instead of a cross there's a onyx turtle.  =)

ArethaHatified Bantha

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What do you guys think of powdered milk? I ran out of soymilk two days ago, so I have been using sweetened condensed milk in my coffee (SO GOOD, YOU MUST TRY IT SOMETIME), but now I'm out of that too!!! I am broke and it is raining, so I'm not going to the grocery store...

Do you think that powdered milk will be ok in my coffee? Do I have to like...make it? or should I just dump the straight powder in my coffee?

What should I dooooooo?

How do you take your coffee?

Coffee coffee coffee!

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What's something you would change, if you could, about one of the LJ communities you're a part of? Aside from this one.

I would ban all the troll accounts from ONTD, most of them aren't funny and have been going on for such an agonizingly long time. It really hurts my brain to understand why people waste their time making boring trolls.

Future employer needing a passport?

I received a job offer recently from what seems like a reputable company in my line of work, but as I am a US citizen, and they are located in the UK, they asked for me to scan in my passport so they could get my visas ready.

I've never worked or lived overseas, so my feelers went up at the request.

Is it normal for a company to ask for a scan of a passport? Or is that personal info (like sharing my SSN)? Should I be worried?

EDIT: (It's on a yacht by the way; I've been trying to get into the business, and have tons of experience on American owned vessels)

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When you're home in bed sick, is there a particular sort of movie you like to watch? Something funny, cheesy, a loud action film that will keep you awake?

Can you recommend to me a movie that will be fun to watch with how loopy and out of it I feel right now? I might have taken too much tussin. Bonus points for science fiction type films.

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Imagine for a minute you had promised a relative when they were dying that you would name your first born after them, even though you really didn't like their name much you did it anyway to make them feel better because they were dying and all. It's years later and you're now pregnant with your first child.

Do you keep your promise to name the child after your relative, or do you just say screw it and name the kid whatever you want?

(even if your CF Hardcore just pretend you're not for a minute for the sake of the question)

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So. Obama is coming to town on Tuesday.

Tickets are free, and they begin handing them out tomorrow at 9 AM, but people are already lining up. Two tickets per person. Maximum capacity is 1,500.

I should..

Ignore my mother, and skip school tomorrow in lieu of the line.
Ignore my mother, and skip school tomorrow in lieu of camping out NOW.
Go to school, and hope that someone offers me a ticket.
Go to school, and thank my lucky stars I will be saved from Socialism.


*Ignore my mother, and stand in line tomorrow in lieu of school.
Ignore my mother, and go camping NOW in lieu of school.
Go to school, and hope that someone offers me a ticket.
Go to school, and thank my lucky stars I will be saved from Socialism.

Edited for OMG I'M AN IDIOT. OKAY.

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 I just had a 'fuck you I hate you' style break up.

Do I or don't I change my phone #?

I would pay money to see his face when he hears ' the number you are calling has been disconnected ', but I've had the # for 7 years and feel a bit attached.

The legal threats are the funniest part. ( I'm a clerk of the court and he's talking out his ass! )

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First of all, I need a haircut! My hair's pretty short as it is, but it's been probably 3 months since I got it cut and it's getting really... awkward looking.

What haircut do you suggest for me?

Also, I dyed my hair yesterday. Upgrade/downgrade? I vote upgrade because it's close to my natural color so I won't have to dye it so much.

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Why do I keep finding ladybugs in my apartment?

My building manager gave me some screens for my windows so my cats won't try to commit suicide/go on crazy adventures anymore. She also sold me an awesome brand new black leather loveseat and some super plush new pillows for $150 What's the last awesome surprise you got?

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For those who've balanced two jobs or more jobs how did you find it?
Did you ever have to work both jobs on the same day?
Do you eventually get used to it?

The job I currently have is mainly evening work 6-10/11-ish and I'm contemplating getting a second job for during the day for some extra cash.

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Over in a post at sf_drama , there was some speculation over people who have multiple accounts and sock puppet accounts, in particular rissiewho is apparantely well known for having multiple accounts/pseudonyms. My questions are:
1. Which eljayers are most famous for having many accounts?
2. What are their pseudonyms, and why do they have so many accounts?
3. I realize IP addresses are telling hints, but who actually goes to the effort of tracing people?

ETA: to correct a typo.

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TQC, I just noticed a mole on my chest that's a little weird. It's not big or scary or whatever, but it's like, falling apart? Kind of coming off in specks. Has this ever happened to you?

Should I go to the campus doctor about this weirdness?

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Do I need to worry that my purse does not match my coat?

My winter coat is black but I saw a cute purse and it's only available in dark blue, chocolate brown, medium brown and a light camel color.

I like the blue one best, but would this look terrible with a black coat, or should I not worry about it? If so, would any of those colors work with a black coat?


Looking for a good game to download and having trouble finding anything decent/interesting. Here is the criteria I have so hopefully you all can be of some help.

1) Free. Can have the option of paying extra for additional features but as my income might change I want the option of not having to pay a monthly service fee.
2) Not based around simply killing monsters. Something with more of a community feel and a bit open, not so strict on quests/missions/etc. Something that doesn't involve killing and evolving another way would be ideal.
3) I used to love Second Life however it became full of drama from different people that it ceased to be fun. Still would like to find something similar.

So is there anything like what I asked for out there or shall I simply have to stay with Kindgom of Loathing? lol

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Do you say 'peanut paste' or 'peanut butter'?

I have friends who always make a point of saying 'peanut paste' because 'peanut butter' is the American name for it and since this is Australia apparently we can't call it 'peanut butter'

I say peanut butter.

Camp Counselors

I am looking for places and activities to volunteer with. I was wanting to volunteer as a Junior Counselor or a Counselor at the local Girl Scout camps. Do I have to do any sort of training to be a Junior Counselor/Counselor, or is the point of being a Junior Counselor to train you to be a Counselor?

Have you been a counselor before? If so what was your favorite activity, or experience?

If you have ever been to a summer camp, what was your favorite activity?

(no subject)

would you rather hang out with someone born and raised in new york or los angeles? (imagine that the person from each city had all of the stereotypical characteristics)
anontang DA

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TQC, I want my hair to grow. It tends to grow to the bottom of my neck and then just quit. My hairdresser suggested prenatal vitamins, which I've been looking at, but I also saw some vitamins [I can't remember the brand] called "Nails, Skin, and Hair." I'm not sure which one to try. Have you tried either? Which do you think would be better?

(no subject)

I bite my fingernails A LOT and it pisses me/other people off. It is an old habit that I cannot seem to break. Have you ever kicked this "addiction," or know somebody who has? What did you/they do?
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mp3 player stuff

I have a Creative Zen Vision M, which was great the first year I had it. Then it did this thing where I'd have to plug it in, unplug, replug, a few times before my computer was like 'oh hai something's connected to me' for me to put new stuff on it. And then after I moved, I noticed that now it doesn't turn on anymore :(

I can either send it off for repairs (costing maybe 50 bucks ish unless it's actually horribly broken then who knows) or get an iPod nano. I've always held off on that because I'm one of those irrational mac-haters, but maybe it's time. What should I do?

Also, if I were to get the iPod, iTunes converts all the files into a iPod friendly format, right? I download a lot of music and the occasional video and if the files were incompatible, I'd be pretty pissed.

And since I'm hungry...what's your favorite recipe that involves chicken?

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Can someone get in trouble for lying about the amount of education they've had on a job application, not by lying about having a higher degree than they really have, but about having a lesser degree than they have?

I really don't want to get into justifications but it would be so much easier if I lied to my future employers and told them I only have a high school degree rather than a Bachelor's degree. If I say I never went to college is anyone going to bother "checking"?
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Things discovered while on acid

I can only think of two very important things that were discovered by people who were tripping. The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) that replicates DNA and the double helix structure of DNA were both discovered by scientists who were high on LSD at the time. These are both nobel prize winning discoveries BTW. Do you know of any more?

If not then tell me about your most awesome time on LSD. I got a tour of a funeral home while wearing a giant leopard fur coat and a tiara with two friends of mine while high on acid.

If you've never done acid then give me a good recipe for fresh pasta.

If you can't cook and have never done acid, what makes you interesting?
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I plan on moving to Oregon after high school (going to college up there, as well) but I've been really worrying about the economy >.>

Do you think it's cheaper to stay in California or to move up North?

ETA: I live near Valencia, Santa Clarita, San Fernando ish. & I'm thinking about Eugene, Oregon.


(no subject)

What's your favorite kind of chocolate in your run of the mill box of chocolates?


My friend gave me a giant Hershey kiss for my birthday. I'm on day three.
How many days will it take me to finish it? hah

(no subject)

any current/former movie theatre employees?

or if you can't help feel free to bitch about stupid policies

my folks were offered a bunch of movie passes due to technical difficulties. today the theatre wouldn't take the passes because the movie is a new release. the passes were made in word, there's no fine print.

if i get bitchy will they take them? i know there are some things you absolutely can't do for customers, but if being a bitch will save me ten bucks, i do owe society a few tantrums.

eta: i am a bitter cashier who puts all annoying customers under the "bitchy" umbrella, oops lol

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Long story short…. 3 months ago I met this guy at a bar. We instantly hit it off, we exchanged numbers, and really clicked, at the end of the night I drove him back to his place, and we made out, he wanted me to come up, but I declined. He said he would call the next day… I never heard from him.


About a month ago, I was at the same bar with a friend, and guess who I saw? That guy! It took both of us about 2 hours to finally approach each other… but we finally did, and he apologized for not calling me back. I had deleted his number, but he still had mine. He asked if he could cal me, and I said sure. Due to both of our busy schedules (him being out of town, that same night I met a guy we saw each other for about three weeks, but have since broken up) , we were finally able to have a date on Friday. It went really good! Conversation never lacking, and a lot of clicking again. The night ended with me going back to his place to watch a movie, we made out for about 2 hours, he wanted to do more, but I didn’t… not on a first date. With the night going so well, and it being very late, he offered for me to stay the night, and I did. He did want to sleep with me… but I said not this time…


Well the next day we woke up, he said he would call, and I’m sort of hoping he does…. I kind of want to text him though and see what he is up to, and if he wants to do something. Would that look desperate you think? Do you think he will call? What are your thoughts on the occurance???

(no subject)

Would you find more pleasure in being in a situation with somebody who you had no mutual romantic feelings for but they openly wanted to use you as arm candy when out and about -or- somebody you had mutual romantic feelings for but they requested to keep your romantic status a secret for personal reasons?


arm candy
secret romance

I LOVE being treated as arm candy.
Someday I'll be a flower

Iz burnin' mah brisket!

I have a beef brisket in my slow cooker. I followed the directions of the recipe, which has, as the cooking sauce, ketchup, onion soup mix, and grape jelly. It's supposed to cook 8-10 hours on low...

It's on low, but the "sauce" is turning black and carmelizing, and it still has 2 hours! Halp! Should I remove the brisket, make new sauce, and put it in again? Just remove the burned bits? Add water???
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What was your last impulse buy? Do you regret it now, or are you pleased with it?

the complete series of seinfeld. i couldn't be happier with it, it's an excellent set!

(no subject)

1. how comfortable do you feel talking about poop with other people?

2. what happened the first time you got high and what you did in your new found high-ness?

3. would you hook up with a guy/girl you REALLY liked, even if you had a strong feeling they were just using you?

4. alltime favorite band?
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Poll #1346110 I need new music

What are the best Smashing Pumpkins albums?

Siamese Dream
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Machina/The Machines of God
Machina II/ The Friends and Enemies of Modern Music

What are the best R.E.M. albums?

Fables of the Reconstuction
Life's Rich Pageant
Out of Time
Automatic for the People
New Adventures in Hi-Fi
Around the Sun

Or, can you suggest a "Best of" album that has the best collection of their music?

(no subject)

does anyone wanna make new friends? :D  leave your aim or message it to me.

if nottt... what was the coolest thing you did this weekend? p.s. PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!



Hey guys. I've got a bit of a problem with getting the difference between non-government organizations and non-profit organizations. I get that NGOs are not involded with the government and NPOs don't go for profit, but are they mutually involved? I mean, are NGOs also NPOs and NPOs also NGOs. In my country it's basically the same, so I don't really get that. I've tried to read something on it, but I don't realyl understand what it's saying, so I'm asking help from you guys.

I'm sorry if it's a realyl stupid question, but it's all so confusing to me reading in English.. lol.

im french

(no subject)

What songs did your mom or dad sing to you as lullabies when you were little?

If you have kids, what songs do you sing your kids? If you don't have kids, what songs do you think would make good lullabies?

It's okay to assume that everyone (for the most part) was sung to, right?

(no subject)

Have you ever had to return anything to overstock.com?
How'd it work out for you?

I'm thinking of buying a coat through the website but I'm afraid it won't fit and they'll give me a hard time.

Do you use any websites that are similar to overstock?

(no subject)

For this post's sake, I have a...friend.
This friend of mine has recently broken up with her boyfriend of almost two and a half years (he did it in a txt). This was about three weeks ago. She has now taken a liking to a guy whom she has known since she was 11 (she is 17 now). They like eachother, but neither wants a relationship and agreed to be fwb. After hanging out and talking more my friend has realised that she still doesn't want a relationship but wants to date this guy. One friend has told her to play hard to get i.e. don't txt him first, don't offer to hang out, etc. Or should she just come out and tell him how she is feeling, even though this guy is really adamant that he doesn't want anything more than to be fwb at the moment?

(no subject)

do any of you have those hard fluoride stains on your teeth? they develop from antibiotics taken during childhood when the teeth are growing. i have one little spot on my front tooth and i'm wondering if over the counter stuff like crest whitestrips will help. if not, what can i do aside from getting the tooth capped or something?

google says that bleaching probably wont work, but i'd prefer to hear it from a real person.

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You wake up one day, and suddenly realize you're a furry!

Man, you really love secretly having the soul of an animal and dressing up as one and drawing yourself as one...

What are you?


Have you ever mooned someone?
When/how old were you?
What was the situation?

If you haven't mooned someone, why haven't you?
Because you don't want to? or has the situation just never presented itself to you?
Brains are tasty!

(no subject)

1. My 16-year-old sister is going to the Valentine's/sweetheart semi-formal dance at her in-the-middle-of-nowhere high school on Friday the 13th. What are the chances a crazy masked man will show up with a knife and brutally murder all of the pretty ones?

2. And for those of you watching the Grammy's, Carrie Underwood: Great legs or greatest legs?

Whicn one of my courses do you think will be hardest, which one easiest?

Maybe even say why, if you wanna :D Entertain me 'cause I'm bored...
These are classes for my next semester in college which starts in March...

Croatian economy
Business English
Informatics ("Informatics is the science of information, the practice of information processing, and the engineering of information systems")

.What was the most difficult course/class you've ever taken?


(no subject)

If you have cats:
do they freak out when you change the sheets? Mine magically appear when I put clean sheets/blankets on. They're all over it once I stop shaking stuff out. All but one of my cats have been like this, not just these two.

Is this their way of making sure I'm never NOT covered in cat hair? :|

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Don't you hate it that when you do laundry and when you start putting the dried clothes back in their places and that you just cannot find the socks that go together? Or better yet, your socks end up mismatched because you paired up everything else, and the last two socks are not the same kind?
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