February 7th, 2009

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I'm taking the GED in about two weeks. I've studied hard for the past eight months. I know most of the subjects are basically comprehension, but I'm terribly horribly sick-to-my-stomach nervous.

If you've taken the test recently, how hard was it? What was the math section like? (I'm good with most math formulas except intermediate/hard algebra) Any advice or anything helpful will be so appreciated.

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seeing as the human race just seems to be growing taller and taller, so assuming this true: when you're your grandparents' age, do you think you'll be tall, average, short or a freaking midget?

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I just walked into the kitchen and saw a small pile of rice on the counter. Upon further inspection, I realized I was looking at a pile of cockroach babies.

What is the most disgusting thing you've encountered recently?

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 My friend and I were discussing this today:

How often do you change/wash your bed sheets?

I said every week or every other.
She said once a month.

* To be clear we are talking about straight sleeping no sex going on.
kiv dancin.
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for those of us that have pets that you can cuddle.....

how do they like their cuddling? do they have habits or preferences with it?

my cat likes to sit on me and stretch his little arms up to my shoulders, and his head in my neck. he also likes it if i cover up his nose with my hand.

edit to remove extra word, lol


which of these JUST songs do you ever enjoy...even if JUST a little bit?

Just Like a Woman - bob dylan
Just What I Needed - the cars
Just Like Heaven - the cure
Just a Girl - no doubt
Just - radiohead
I Just Wanna Celebrate - rare earth
Just the Two of Us - grover washington jr and bill withers
Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) - the temptations
Just in Time - tony bennett <3
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - cyndi lauper
Just a Gigolo - the louis prima version
I Just Wanna Make Love to You - foghat
Just the Way you Are - billy joel
(Just Like) Starting Over - john lennon
oh suzer, i just love music, but i don't know enough of these songs to vote for them.

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So there's this girl in a couple of my classes that I would like to be better friends with. Recently, she has been telling me about how she and her boyfriend are starting a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign. The more she talks about D&D, the more I want to play. How do I get her to invite me to play with her?

Have you ever played D&D? What was it like? Was it fun?

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Any tattoo ideas?
What do you think about white people gettting tribal indian tattoos? Is that insult to injury?

Im bored and alone today, should I go out and do something? What should I do?
How do you stay in shape?

Anybody else feel bad that Sadam got hunged?
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What's something I could do besides sit in the house and cry all day about how much I still love my ex-boyfriend? I have $40 to my name and a quarter tank of gas. All of my friends are busy.

What are your plans for tonight?
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Poll #1345446 Why do you get drunk

Why do you get drunk?

It's fun...
There's nothing else to do
It makes me not socially awkward
It's just a social thing
I don't drink
I drink but don't get drunk
<input ... > 

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I just found a massive zit on my chest. I have a fancypants party to go to, tonight, and my dress is strapless. The pimple in question is just above and to the right of a decorative fabric flower. Hiiighly visible.

So do I.. Pop it now, and hope that the swelling goes down?
Leave it alone, and wear it proudly?
Leave it alone, and cover it with makeup?
Some combination of these?
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What is the proper thing to do when someone dies?

There isn't a service.  My father-in-law died yesterday morning.  I'm just supposed to go to the family's house and spend the day with them.

Am I supposed to bring something over there?  I feel like I shouldn't go empty handed.

Do I hug these people when I arrive?  In my experience, when someone hugged me, it just made me cry.

I don't have a good relationship with my spouses family, so I'd like not to wreck it.

How did you react when someone in your SO family died?  My husband was not particularly close to his stepdad, so he's taking it pretty well.  I however keep crying.  Which makes me even more nervous to go over there.
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Are there any foods you love, but you can only eat a certain brand of it?

I really, really love cottage cheese, but only the Breakstone's variety. Every other brand I've ever tried has been super nasty.
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i wear a lot of short skirts [with tights, tho] and low cut tops.

i am loud and i drink a lot and i talk about things in public that some people think should only be talked about in private.

i'm getting a stripper pole in my house [and good one, a professional one] for exercise purposes.

i'm also getting hair extensions sewn in when i have the money.

to complete my transformation into complete skank, i should get the words "fucking classy" tattooed right above my vag in really nice cursive, right?
This is so ridiculous.
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We have no water in our entire neighborhood. Apparently there's a burst in a pipe somewhere and this is going to take hours or DAYS to fix, meaning I can't shower, can't poop, etc. etc. I want to leave the house and tonight I'm supposed to go to a fancy dinner, but I am a mess.

What is the one thing that is guaranteed to make your day go to shit?

500 Peopleses

There's this story/philosophical rambling I heard once, but I can't quite remember it. It goes something like:

There are groups of 500 people in the world who only interact in any major way with each other. Of course you see people from other groups, buy stuff from them, etc, but basically there are only 500 people who have any significance to you.

Could someone please remind me of the proper version, who came up with it, if it has a name, etc?

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I'm 21 and just about everyone I know thinks I look 16-17. Is there anything I can do to look more like my age?

Are you looking forward to Valentine's Day? Why/why not?

Where do you work? Do you like it there?

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i want to see a movie today.

there is a really cheap but really nice movie theatre close by, tickets are only 3.50 after matinee, but the only movie id even consider is "hes just not that into you" which i dont really care to see, it looks stupid.


i could also go rent a movie, OR i could sift around the 5 dollar movies at walmart and pick something i havent seen in a while.

which should i do?
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What practical advice would you give someone who is talking a month-long trip to Europe (Germany, Austria, France and Italy) for the first time and with minimal funds?

Are there any good websites/books I should consult on the topic?
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What's your favorite showtune?

Personally, I have about half a million, but I think I can narrow it down to Being Alive from Company, Finishing the Hat from Sunday in the Park with George, I'm Breaking Down from Falsettos, and Another National Anthem from Assassins.
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Hey TQC,

I just got a call from someone claiming to be from Telus saying that I've won a free chocolate blackberry or some such. The call wasn't from a bot; the guy had what I think was an Indian accent. I don't understand accents well, so when I finally had no idea what he was saying I hung up. He asked me things like if I have a Telus phone, if it's in my name and I pay the bills, how many minutes I have on it, and the last question he asked before I hung up I didn't understand. Scam, right?

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Were there a lot of out gay couples in your high school? How big of a school did you go to?

I remember several female couples in my school but no out male couples even though we had a couple thousand students.

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1. What size eggs do you buy, and why? ETA: Do you have a preferred shell color?

2. Does Pyrex play an important part in your kitchen? Explain.

3. Does Pyrex play an important part in your bedroom? Explain.

4. Would you attend a "Jack & Jill" party? It's a no-touch sex party - everybody gets comfy, the boys jack off, the girls jill off, everybody gets to watch everybody.

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(1) Is your decision whether or not to return to eat at a restaurant influenced by the condition of its bathroom?

(2) Do you bring your dress shirts and slacks to a dry cleaners?

(3) For the single non-smokers here: Is the fact that someone smokes cigarettes a complete deal-breaker when it comes to dating him/her?

(4) How many bugs, dead or alive, are currently on your living room window sill? What kind(s)?
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My google-fu is out to lunch today.

Can anyone link me to useful Illustrator sites with brushes & symbols? There are plenty of sites dedicated to Photoshop, but I can't seem to find any actually useful Illustrator sites.


Sylvan Learning Center?

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant with my first baby. Once he's a few months old, I would like to find a part-time job... Preferably a couple of evenings a week, while my husband is home with the baby.

My degree is in elementary education, so I'm thinking about becoming a tutor. Does anyone have experience working at a Sylvan learning center, or somewhere similar? I would love to hear your opinions, and any info about pay and flexibility.

Thank you!

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A friend and I are planning to get a pet when we move in together. We've got it down to two rats or a single ferret. Guinea pigs were eliminated because of the churring.

A ferret costs $249 plus other stuff, while we can get pet rats from a local breeder for $5 each plus other stuff. That's really the only BIG issue either of us has, I worry that a ferret is too expensive. We've sorted out things like custody(I'll be keeping the animal after we graduate) and care, but we have until at least May to decide what we want.

But now my questions are:

Have you ever owned a rat(s) or a ferret?
Pros/cons to EITHER of these pets?
Surprising things you learned after acquiring either of these pets?
Tips for first-time owners of these pets?

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is there a place on here called madradnudes or something?
someone told me about it and i was curious to see if it was true?
also, what's the newest thing you've done to alter your appearance? [new hair color, piercing, tattoo?] and picture?

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So this guy asked me to go to a party. We work together and he has asked me out several times, and I've said no. So he's like, 'okay, let's just be friends'. Okay. So we've hung out once, and now he invited me to a party and I agreed to go. However, the last few days he's been really weird towards me and very unfriendly. So I figured he'd maybe decided he didn't want waste time with me anymore, or something, which was fine. So i figured I wasn't going to his party.

However, he just texted me and said, "when are you planning on coming out tonight?"

Now I'm really tired. I am going on four hours of sleep and working until 8 and looking forward to going home and doing absolutely nothing. What do I say to this guy?

Weird One.

Lets say you get into a car accident with someone and the other person dies.  What if they died by driving into the opposite direction in your lane (one way)  or they were a pedestrian NOT using the cross walk.  Therefore it is clearly NOT your fault.

  Would you goto their viewing or funeral?

Theres an area on my way to work and I wonder all the time about this. Not a good thing to think like this but hey....

I would still go because I would pay respects. Even if no one there said a word to me.  You?

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What food(s) do you like that most people don't?
What food(s) do you not like that most people do like?

Me: I like Sardines (shhh I know), love Brussels Sprouts... But I HATE tomatoes! I also hate bananas, Indian food (gag), and butter as a condiment (ie, butter on bread).
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Are you bored?

Are you creative when it comes to graphic design on computers?

Will you make me a little "DONATIONS PLS" picture to put on a jar I'm going to be bringing with me to a fundraiser next weekend? (if you actually do this, it's for www.ccrt.net a non profit Chihuahua rescue. I'm going to be at a "doggie expo" to raise awareness and funds for the rescue)

If you don't care about helping me, will you describe for me your perfect cake?

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I'm not terribly hungry, not now at least, but I'm bored, should I go to Panera Bread to hang out and perhaps get like half a sandwich if I get hungry or should I just stay home an save my money even though I don't think there's too much to eat around here?
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Heyya folks! I've got to write an essay about reality TV and my essay question is "What desire, as it were, does reality tv seem to fulfill?"

So why are you guys so addicted to reality shows? Any suggestions as to which show I can most use to my advantage?

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Have you ever witnessed a Christian Bale level of freakout on another person?
Was it justified or unjustified?
Does the fact he flipped his shit affect your opinion of him?
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Why does my google fu fail me when I try and look for the macro of the dog (cat?) standing in cheeseburgers and the words are saying "Why are you standing in cheeseburgers" I can find the actual picture but not the one with the words.


PS. If you have it, can I have it...please?

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Does anyone remember the movie 'It's Pat'? I remember watching it in grade 5 and thinking it was the funniest thing ever. I'm debating if it's one of those movies I want to watch again. Was it only funny to the mind of a 5th grader or will it still have some hilarious moments in it? 

Also has anyone seen 'The Last House on the Left'? My bf is making my watch it and I heard it was really disgusting. His boss recommended it to us since I like scary movies. It doesn't sound scary....just sick.
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Hey folks, wanna Stickam? (thequestionclub, of course)

what are your favorite types of chocolates?

why do people put their small girls into beauty pageants?

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What's the difference between a friend and an acquaintance/classmate/coworker? Like, do you have to hang out with a person outside of work or school for them to be a friend? What exactly makes a person a friend?
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Is there anything you buy in excess?
-Shoes, Books, Pajama Pants

What's the most you have spent on one single item?
Do you shower in the morning or at night?
-I used to be a night showerer, now it's mostly mornings.
is a beaut
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WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE TROLL THAT EVER GRACED TQC? give reasons! REMEMBER ALL THE PEOPLE FROM BACK IN THE DAY MAN, you know you love kolden. we can reminisce on the best trolling moments, YOU CAN PROVIDE LINKS OH YES come on!!

(hint there is only one right answer)
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Which option would be less confusing for you?

An LJ friend renames, but keeps the same icon
An LJ friend keeps the same name, but changes the default icon.
Both are equally confusing.

How many TQCers can you identify solely by icon?


How many TQCers can you identify solely by username?

28 days later

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Would you suggest good songs to put on a mix CD for a "bitter singles" Valentine's day party? (aka me and two friends getting drunk and probably belligerant while eating takeout and chocolate) The "bitter" part is mostly a joke.

If you're single, are you doing something fun for Valentine's day?

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After watching the Dog Whisperer, i've been inspired to fix a doggy problem!!
My 9 year old cocker spaniel runs off when we take her on walks. She'll come back eventually, but I worry for her safety. Is there any dog whisperer like tips to stop this? She loves running so much it kills me to leave her on the lead the whole time, but at the moment it seems the only option.
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Will you post a song lyric in fancy English so we can guess what it is?

Ex: "I like big butts and I cannot lie" becomes "I am fond of a large gluteus maximus and am compelled to tell the truth."
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Do you ever feel like your gender is the only real one? Like, if you're female, everyone else is, or vice versa? Do you find it hard to imagine being the other gender (physically, not mentally)?
EDIT: I didn't refer to gender roles or social constructs. And I don't mean that I actually believe with my brain that all people are my gender. I just meant that sometimes I find it emotionally difficult to believe that you can be a different gender, when mentally, I know that of course half the world is a different gender from me.

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Do you have a picture of a musician or celebrity hanging up in your home? If so, who?

This question is inspired by the postcard of Morrissey on my fridge, and the postcard of Oscar Wilde tucked in my bathroom mirror.
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Should I go out with my friends to a new bar tonight and have fun and be social?
Stay home and watch a movie alone?

I am kind of pooped and unemployed and have to get up fairly early so staying in is looking mighty fine. But I have my hair and makeup done from a photoshoot today and I love my friends and they're going to an OMG NEW BAR!!!
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Chinese food

TQC, my boyfriend and I decided to cook Valentines day dinner together to make it extra special. We decided to cook Chinese food. We decided we are going to make some lo mein and fried rice but we want a fish dish as well. TQC, whats your favorite fish type Chinese (or Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese or Tai) food?

What kind of drinks should we have?

If you don't care about either question, what's the worst Valentines day you have ever had? My birthday is the day before v-day so for 3 years straight, I would get dumped a day or so before so the guy could avoid gift giving

ALSO: I had my wisdom tooth out last Friday. I dry socketed bad. Really, really bad. So bad to the point where 750mg of vicodin, 600mg of Motrin and some antibiotic doesn't even take the edge off the pain. I told my dentist who just keeps giving me more useless vicodin. Has anyone ever dry socketed before with a tooth removal? How long did it take to stop making you want to die?
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1. Do you go to lot of live music shows?

2. Who put on the best show?

3. What's the best cover song you've heard?

4. What's the worst cover you've ever heard?

5. Will you be watching the Grammy Awards tomorrow?

6. Have you ever taken a pottery class? Did you enjoy it?
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This may be the wrong community in which to ask this. But I'm reading Twilight at the moment (mostly for the lulz and to see what everyone's talking about, not because it's the ~literature of my life~ or anything) and I'm just wondering why it is that Edward is so damn possessive over Bella? Like, is it part of him being a vampire? Is it explained later on? Have I missed something? And why doesn't Bella ever think to herself, 'Jeez, this weird kid I go to school with just told me he hunts wildcats with his teeth - maybe I should not hang out with him anymore'?

If you haven't read or seen Twilight, can you recommend to me a book that I'd be better off spending my time reading? (Preferably a before-bed book, so I'd rather not read Stephen King or anything scary/upsetting.)

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You're a senior in high school, a few months from graduating and you've been going out with the same person for 2 and half years and you're still madly in love with each other. What is more important to you?

Staying in your hometown and go to college there to be with your special someone? OR going to a better college across the country with more recognition, breaking up with him or her in the process?

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I hope this counts...

I can't seem to get my laptop to connect to the wireless internet all of a sudden. One day it was working fine and, to my knowledge, nothing out of the ordinary happened. Then the next, it's unable to connect. I've fiddled with it a bit - tried repairing the connection, restarting the computer, misc things that have been suggested on other websites - all to no avail. The wireless connection is there and available, with strong signal quality. However, it simply will not connect. Running the troubleshoot tells me there are no problems.

So, here is my question: How do I fix this?

And, go easy on me, please. I am a tad stupid with computers and I am very unfamiliar with technical terms, abreviations, etc. Just thought I'd through that out there... any help would be wonderful. Thanks.

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I'm having a hard time making my universal remote work for my Panasonic DVD/VCR Recorder Combo.

Anyone know the code for the DRM ES35VS model? Or know where I might find it?
And any of you ever had the same problem with another kind?
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My dad gave me a list of things he wants me to buy for him but I'm a little confused about one of them and his phone is broken [cuz he's a pillock] so I can't contact him until I go to his house tomorrow [after I've bought these things for him]

He said he wants "2 x fitted bottom sheets - single" and "2 x sheets".
The only 'sheets' I know of are just, yknow, sheets that go on your bed over the mattress and under your duvet.

So what's the difference between a sheet and a fitted bottom sheet?!