February 5th, 2009


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Sorry if this isn't the right place for this, but the info didn't specify anything against this sort of thing, and I wasn't sure where else to go.

A friend told me today that she'd attempted suicide and she wanted to talk about it. I feel way out of my league. Can someone point me in the direction of a website where I could get information on this sort of thing? Thanks very much.

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Say you're assigned to live in a single room in a dorm so you're expecting there to be only 1 twin-sized bed to be there. You move in and see that there are 2 twin beds.

What would you do with the other bed? Use it as a sofa? Push it against the other bed to make a king-sized bed?

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Have you (or has anyone you know pretty well) ever owned a bird? What kind of bird! Will you tell me some things about keeping birds (little ones, not those like...african grey parrots or anything scary-huge) as pets?

If you don't know anything about little pet birds, will you just tell me about your pet(s)?

If you don't even have any pets...!

What colour are the walls in your bedroom?

Do the curtains match?

What about the duvet cover? (Duvet = Comforter/doona)

What about...YOUR EYES?

As always, thanks guys! :)

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Last Thursday, I was entered into a drawing sponsored by my radio station to win some tickets to a Motley Crue concert. The last two nights, "Shout at the Devil" has played just before I go to bed. Is it a sign?!

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If today was your last day, tomorrow was too late. Could you say goodbye to yesterday? Would you live each moment like your last? Leave old pictures in the past, donate every dime you have?
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TQC, do YOU judge?

Why do people claim to be non-judgmental even when they know they do it all the time? Do they temporarily delude themselves into thinking that they don't have opinions on things?

It's a pet peeve of mine.
Kill Bill - Elle
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I can't get monster.com to work. I can do the initial search but none of the links/buttons on the resulting page do anything. I'm using firefox. Help?

Why are YOU up so late?

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I'm moving out and to another state (1000 miles away) in several days. I'm incredibly excited (I've wanted to move to the place for 5-6 years, and am in love with it), incredibly terrified/nervous, and a bit sad, at the same time. :( (I'm assuming all of these are normal...my first time living on my own/away from family). My mom and I are tremendously close (despite our often bickering moments...it's always been just she and I, so we're more like best friends), and she won't be going with me...and I already miss her, and feel sad about leaving her (I hope to be able to come back for Christmas). (yes, this was a giant run on sentence, with lots of "and")

TQC, what should I do to help ease my sorrows? What about hers? What special things can I do for the both of us in the next few days? Will you give me any idea or word of advice to make me feel better? :(

Srs answers plz.

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If you were planning a party, and you could invite an unlimited number of friends and have an unlimited budget to spend on the party, what would you do?

I would rent out a theater in the Alamo Drafthouse (a movie theater that serves alcohol and food to you during the movie), watch an amazing movie, and then use the audio system to do Karaoke.


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Is it acceptable to be full-time server a waiter at a gay bar when you're 27?

Would you date this person?

What if they didn't have a car?

Do you think this post makes me superficial?

ROFL this dude keeps getting pissed because he is a "professional waiter". No dude, you flirt with horny men for money in a dance club.
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WH or W

When you say the word WHAT or WHY or WHEN, so you pronounce the H in the word?

If someone does say the H in a noticeable manner, do you think that they are a pompous windhole?

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Firstly- Is TQC suuuuper slow for everybody else?

Secondly- I'm going to college in the Fall and I have a question-- is starting in a beginning Language class (this case, French) like starting in AP french, or is it like a beginning french class?
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I am currently in a state of complete and utter desperation to get employed, and I finally got a reply from a drycleaning place yesterday.

It looks something like this;

'Thanks for your reply,

Are you able to make it in for an interview (perhaps early next week)? I am available most days, but I will need to confirm a time and day 1st so I am here.
Our Address is gdrnhgbgui. There is parking at rear if you drive in.
grnsiger wuwehgterh'

My question is, how do I word the reply? I am so bad at writing semi-formal-ish emails, and I -really- don't want to arse this up before I've even had an interview.

I tried le google but I pretty much just got a lot of stuff about how to write cover letters.


ETA: Thanksguys, I guess it was way more obvious than I thought -_- Your employment-gaining skillz totally blow my mind :D

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What's the largest amount of weight you lost without even trying?

My break-up has caused me to lose almost twelve pounds in the past three weeks. I just drink Pepsi and take occasional bites of food. I try to make myself eat, but I have no appetite. This isn't good, I'm only 5'3" and 118 lbs.
Jessica & Hoyt

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Has anyone seen the movie called Zeitgeist?
If so, tell me what you think about the second part of the video.

If you haven't, google that shit and watch it on google video!
(well, only if you want. o.o )

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ive been spitting up gray phlegm for the past few months and i have a cough that wont go away, whats wrong with me?
eta:ive never smoked cigarettes but have been smoking pot daily for 5 years
should i go to the doctors?
do you have anything medically wrong with you?

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Have you ever gotten a cash advance? What methods did you go through to do so, how much did you get and why? How much did you end up getting charged in total when it was all done and paid off?
Give a dog a home

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What bothers you on a day to day basis that could use some improvement that there isn't already a product for?

(e.g., people who don't wash their hands so the door would lock until the soap dispenser has been used, self-salting concrete for outdoor surfaces, etc.)

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Which animated movie would you like to be a guest voice in? And which character would you want to be?

Or series if applicable. For example, if you wanted to be in Toy Story (I know there are some of you out there) which toy would you want to be?

I want to be in a Scooby Doo movie. Everyone it seems has done a Scooby Doo movie.
I'm a Hex Girl........

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Bill Gates: I'm gunna give y'all malaria, okay?
Attendees: Uhm, no, that's not okay.
Bill: No really, I'm gunna do it *unleashes hundreds of mosquitos*
Attendees: Bill -- this sucks.
Bill: Hahahaha
Attendees: Bill this really sucks.
Bill: Hahahaha. Pwned! They don't have malaria!
Attendees: Uhm, but they're still biting me and it still sucks.
Bill: Yea but, now I've taught you a lesson.

TQC: What was that lesson?
Fuck This/Work

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TQC, .

I'm an avid Blackberry user. Recently my trackball broke and along with some other issues with phone, i've decided to get a new phone.

Should I break down and conform with everyone else, and get an iPhone? Do you have an iPhone? Do you love it? Have you gone from Blackberry to iPhone? What are your thoughts?
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Do you separate your colors and whites when you do laundry?

If you do, how do you feel when you see people not separating their laundry?

I just witnessed this and my initial reaction was a mix of surpirse and confusion like I saw an alien or something.  I guess laundry is srs bzns for me.

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Do you have any reoccurring themes in your dreams? What are they?

Should I pay $30 to take this belly dancing class? I'm already taking a free one with the same instructor once a week, but it's a drop-in class and is really disjointed. The one I will pay for is to learn several full dances.

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I was a slacker last night and didn't bring a lunch today. I'm going to chef wang's today for lunch. What should I get?

chicken fried rice
beef and broccoli
szechuan chicken
chicken and broccoli
beef fried rice

what animals have you eaten that are not typically eaten (beef, pork, chicken, certain kinds of fish/shellfish)?
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TQC help me choose where to move after I graduate!!! Can you tell me pros/cons of the places listed? Do you live there?

Poll #1344184 Living

Choices of possible places to live/do you live here?

Austin, TX
Las Vegas, NV
Phoenix, AZ
Tuscan, AZ
Los Angeles, CA
Athens, GA
Other, will post in comments

If you were able to move where ever you wanted, where would you move?

Do you think it would be very irresponsible for me to move to one of the cities listed without having a job secured already?


Do you like Indian pop? Is it not hilarious and incredibly fun? 
Last night I saw Slumdog Millionaire...if you've seen it what did you think of it?
I thought it was great! If you haven't seen this movie go see it right now. It made me sad though seeing as how I'm supposed to be in India at this very moment! :<

Will you post a favorite youtube music video for all to see? Bonus if it's Indian! 
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conor - guitar

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The first time you stayed in a hotel alone, were you worried? How did you make yourself less worried?

I was this close to getting my flight, rental car, and Coachella tickets last night but then I realized staying in a hotel alone scares me quite a bit. I would probably end up sleeping with the lights on every night.

Should I spend well over $1000 going to Coachella or should I just buy a fisheye lens instead?


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Okay well I got my period this morning and took 2 extra strength tylenols at 9:00am. It is now 12:00pm and my cramps have been KILLING ME for the past hour. What do I do? Take another pill? Wait? 

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For those of you who have been saved/converted/atheinized/agnostisized or in general changed your belief system because of another PERSON:

What did that person (or people) say to you to that made you change your mind?

For those of you who changed your belief system independently:

What made you realize you were wrong and how did you come to the right choice for yourself?
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 Would you rather pursue something you love but doesn't come natural to you and may be very challenging
Or would you rather pursue something you are great at but only like this activity a little bit (you could pursue it and would be content enough but it's not your PASSION)?  
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Do you have a Text Message link in your profile?

Do you ever get text messages through it?

Anonymous or with usernames?

Any noteworthy messages?

If you have one, would you share the link here if you'd like TQC to send you a text? (I'm doubting anybody would really take the effort to though unless you're one of the pplr kidz)

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When you read 'lol,' what do you hear in your head?

The letters - el oh el
The meaning - laugh out loud
The sound - lol, like in lolipop
The other sound - lol, rhymes with soul

What's your favorite color?

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1)I'm not the only person who gets a feeling if people are strung out on drugs,right?

2)what do you feel guilty about today?

I only 'work' 20 hours per week.

3)what do you think about that doctor that was carbombed?

I for one am shocked.

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Does anyone know who the artist is who does these? I remember if you gave him like a line or something he would come up with a drawing to go with it. His name escapes me right now.

***thanks everyone

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I say

both interchangeably
I use each depending on the situation (splain please)

I say

both interchangeably
I use each depending on the situation (splain please)
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if you were in a serious relationship with someone who you thought you might actually marry, would you feel like you had to tell them if you've had an abortion before you knew them? if you felt like you had to get it off of your chest, how would you go about doing it?

let's think hypothetically here.

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hey whats up?  how is your day going? my day is nice. its a calm quiet day where im just cleaning and listening to music, then im going to my aunts house to have a massage. the weather is really really nice.

what is your favorite kind of scent? i like florals and fresh clean smells, or warm smells

i need some new music to download, will you recommend me anything?

what is your favorite art medium as far as visual arts?  mine is either acrylic paint or clay sculpture 
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Have you ever said something REALLY mean to somebody specifically for the greater good of the situation?

You know, like in White Fang when the guy tells the wolf to get lost and the wolf hesitates cause he really loves this guy so the guy yells at him really shitty until the wolf runs away heartbroken, all in the name of the greater good for the wolf? (I probably butchered that since I haven't seen it since I was a little kid)

Or like in twilight when bella says the same thing to her dad that her mom said when she was leaving so that he would let her leave without explaining that she was running from the vampires? uh not that I read it or anything idk

What was the situation?

Worth going by yourself?

Have you ever gone to a concert by yourself? Any positive/negative experiences?

A metal band I really like is coming to town and my only two metal-friends probably can't come. I've wanted to see them for a while and I know it would be a good show, but the entire length of going out to see them (travel time, waiting, etc.) seems like not a lot of fun by myself. Can't decide if it's worth it or not.
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Graduate School

I just helped an acquaintance of mine with his Graduate school application essays.  I don't actually like this person.  I think he is arrogant, condescending, and extremely rude to others.  He has a sense of entitlement that rubs me the wrong way.  He is also not nearly as intelligent as he thinks he is and his writing leaves something to be desired.
Though my reaction was to say "hell no, you don't deserve to get in anyway", I gave him an honest critique (that I worked hard on) and even made a mock-up of how my suggestions would read as a whole.

I don't mind him not taking all of my suggestions, but he did not complete all of the grammar-related updates that I made and he submitted it today.
The most glaring mistake was his use of the phrase "The reason is because..." or similar.

Now I feel that he didn't even appreciate my effort at all.

Would you have helped him?
If so, would you have given him an honest mark-up?

Do you think he'll be admitted?

EDIT: Apparently I am not qualified even to do my own work error-free.  Edited for grammatical correctness only.
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The Essence of "Folk"

For my latest Graphic Design project I have to represent a genre of music, beginning abstractly with "gestural" images. I was assigned folk music. So far I have an image of wood grain, and a lot of rustic style fabrics and quilts and the like. Some flower embroidery, which I'm hoping will count as non-representational. ETA: It has to be in black and white at this point, unfortunately!

How would you represent a musical genre abstractly?

What sorts of projects are YOU working on?

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Dear TQC, my calves hurt. I've spent the last week or so napping and being depressed and not moving very much, and now I'm moving around a bit today to try and clean my room so I can pack my things.

Do I have a blood clot(s), or are my muscles just sore because I haven't been using them?

another hypochondriac


Do you have any weird neighbors? I have a girl who plays really strange Kidz Bop-esque music and sings to it. Like, 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot' but it's obviously not Pat Benatar. Also she cannot sing worth beans.
Baro Bitch Stare
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Can you feel when a strand of hair is in your shirt?
Do you try to fish it out?

What brand of cough drops to you prefer? What flavor?

When was the last time you had a cold?

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One of my best friend's from hs went crazy when she started college and started drinking/trying to kill herself. I visited her in rehab as often as I could but she hardly remembered me because they were doing electroshock therapy for her depression, and when she got out of rehab all she did was bother me to buy her alcohol.

I ran into her on campus today and holy titty fucking awkward, my friends.
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I got a part in my school's production of Damn Yankees - I'm "Miss Weston".  Who is this character?  What does she do?

I did Google it and found no information; I asked in hopes that one of you may be familiar with the play and know.

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 You've been in a serious relationship with your SO for 6 months.

However, you have always dreamed of going travelling and, before you got together with your SO you made plans to go travelling in 18 months time.

But, the SO has now told you that he will break up with you before you go travelling because he can't handle long distance relationships.

What would you do?

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The new mom of octuplets in CA already has 6 other kids, all under 7. I'm sure you've heard about this?

While I don't really care how many kids someone has, or how they have them, she is now over the legal ratio for childcare centers, even if you include her parents as caregivers.  And I've read that the mom has threatened to move out and let her daughter deal with them all on her own.

How many babies is too many?  At least with the one-kid-a-year variety, the older kids can help the mom, although that's not fair either.

What would you do with 14 screaming kids?
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So who is going to New York Comic Con?

Is anyone going to the New York Comic Con?

If so what are you looking forward to the most?

If not what is your favorite comic book character?

(answers from me:


Seeing old friends and meeting new people

Fallen Angel followed by Layla Miller (and if you look at my info you probably can figure out why))
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Hi TQC. I have always been deeply influenced by the works of Mencken and I'd like to express that by getting a tattoo of a quote by him. Here's what I'm thinking:

Civilization, in fact, grows more and more maudlin and hysterical; especially under democracy it tends to degenerate into a mere combat of crazes; the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.

The question is: where should it go? Anywhere but my lower back, because I already have the Gettysburg Address there.
This is so ridiculous.
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1. What is the program that allows people from outside the US to view streaming video that is normally only to be viewed within the states? I know there's some program out there that overrides it, but I can't remember for the life of me.

2. What are your thoughts on filibusters?

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Have any of your dogs ever killed a kitten?
I am adopting a dog that killed a kitten when she was a puppy, should I be worried that she is going to kill every small animal she comes across? She is a 2 year old Akita/German Shepherd/God knows what mix.
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Ladies, if you were getting a divorce, would you get your name changed back to your maiden name? Do you have to pay to do this... someone told me you did.

Men, if you were getting divorced, would you want your ex to change her name and stop using yours?

When you use a public restroom, so you use papertowels to open the door after?

Do you wash your hands after you use the bathroom at home every time?

Ladies, I swear I come in peace with this one: my room mate went to the gynecologist and got this paper that said you are not supposed to use soap on your girlparts. So what are you supposed to use? I NEED TO KNOW WHAT TO BUY FOR HER.
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What are good reasons to *not* move to Mexico for a little while to learn Spanish?

I want to enroll in a language immersion program for 6-8 months. I've been wanting to do so for years, and if I decide to do so, it'd be either this year or next year. If I go for 8 months, it'd be $11K for the classes, room in a homestay, and half-board. Besides taking out the loan, I can't think of a particular good reason to not do this...although honestly, I'm kinda nervous to do this.

Is there something I'm overlooking? Is my nervousness justifiable?
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I just called for jury duty, FINALLY! I've been waiting all week and thought I wasn't going to get called. I am ridiculously excited that I finally get to do this.

1. So, what's the last thing to ridiculously excite you?
Bonus points for things others people would dread or find excruciating.

Also, I'm making navy bean soup with sausage for dinner, and I think it's gonna be delish, if I do say so myself.
2. What's the last 'ordinary' task you completed that made you feel proud or accomplished in whatever small way?

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I woke up with food poisoning around 3 this (Thursday) morning and was vomiting off and on for like 4 hours. Do you think my illness could be attributed to the medium-rare duck I had at the fancy restaurant Tuesday evening or the patty melt I had for lunch Wednesday at Perkins?

Another Hypothetical Qustion:

You are in trouble. You are in some shady unknown prison, the type where they torture people with Barney and Metallica songs. You're accused of doing something terrible, and the people detaining you want to experiment with a new sort of torture.

This new form of torture temporarily burns images in your mind, repeatedly, over and over again. You have a choice between two images.

A) Goatse
B) Tub Girl

The only other option is a false confession - which would result in death.

What do you choose? 
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What are some nicknames you've received that you vehemently dislike and/or tolerate? (Also, what is your name if it's not obvious? I'd like to see what it's originally based on.)

I've been getting V-dog lately at school. I also don't like V or Van or Nessa.
Archangel Raffaele

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Where do you think humans will go after they die? or do they go anywhere at all? Perhaps you think they just die and that is the end. Is there life after death? If so what will it be like? If not what do you think happens?
hate pimentos

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TQC, it has dawned on me that I have agreed to have (and pay for) a lengthy, expensive dinner with in-laws.  I like my mother in law, because she is the sweetest woman alive, but my father in law is a controlling, angry, half-informed douchebag, and my mother in law just laughs and thinks the way he behaves is OK.  This will most likely end with me wanting to stick myself in the face with a shrimp fork by the end of dinner.

I should get drunk, y/n?
Snoopy Enterprise

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I needed my Official Transcripts from college for something, but when they arrived at my house, they were sealed in a separate envelope with a warning saying that if it was opened by the student the transcripts would become void. Yes I know I can open the envelope anyway, but why would I want to waste the five bucks for them.

How come you aren't allowed to look at your own official transcript? Is there some top secret CIA information on there that I'm not allowed to look at?
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Bolded for the TL;DR
This is some guy's post on the Craigslist men seeking to meet women forum...

"Ok let's get the weight requirement out of the way right away. I like skinny girls. If you're over 120lbs., it's just not going to work.

You can't have kids. I'm not looking for a single mom who needs a babysitter.

If you're a flakey bitch, FUCK OFF. IMMEDIATELY. I hate flakey bitches.

Those are all my major requirements.

I don't mind if you complain about things. I actually think it's cute sometimes. But acting like a man is NOT CUTE. In fact it's fucking annoying as hell which is why I hate 99% of American women. They try to be the boss. I'm the motherfucking boss-- I'm the guy. You're the girl. If you are some raging fucking feminazi, you can fuck off and die. Hopefully you will get hit by a slow moving tractor and your bones will get crushed, and I'll put a cup near your eyeballs so when the aqueous humor squirts out, I'll mix it with Midori & Coconut milk and have myself a Crushed Cunt Creme (it's a new drink I just invented) and get drunk off of your agony.

So remember: acting like a woman = very good. Acting like a man = butch dyke annoying lesbian feminazi who needs to die a slow painful death."

Question: Will this guy get laid and do you think this approach has actually worked for him thus far?

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How do you feel about The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic now being called Confessions of a Shopaholic and being set in New York? I'm not keen, I must say.

Apparently, it's already called Confessions of a Shopaholic in America.

If you have no strong views on that, then what do you have strong views on?
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What do you call those little, folded, pre-moistened sanitized napkins that restaurants give out? The ones that come in a single serving sealed envelope. Where are you from?

(no subject)

If you had a friend who was throwing a birthday party for herself and this friend said (for some reason) she was unable to make a cake, would you offer to bake a cake for her? If you don't, she'll buy one at the bakery.

I ask this from a cultural anthropological standpoint.
  • sssea

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Besides fairly obvious things like masturbate or use the restroom, what are some things you do when you're by yourself that you wouldn't want other people to see?

The horror

Hypothetical question poll!

Think of the worst person you personally know, the most annoying/disgusting person you can. Surely the last person on earth you would want to have sex with.

Now for some reason you have to choose:
A) You have to fuck this person, but no one will know or find out. In fact, even this horrible person won't remember! But it's not just some quicky, I'm talking all-night dirty motel sex that lasts for hours. But only you will ever know that this occurred.
B) You don't fuck the person, but everyone believes you did and cannot be convinced otherwise! All of your friends and co workers and family and even the horrible person is 100% sure that you slept with them. The jokes and gossip go on as you would imagine.

So what's it going to be???

Option A -you do them and nobody knows
Option B -you don't do them but everyone thinks you did
what don&#39;t you fucking understand

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when you're first getting to know someone(a prospective love interest to be specific), can you talk too much about your friends?

i feel like i'm talking too much about my friends. but i don't know if that's ever an issue. he'll bring up things that i've done with my friends or things that my friends like that i don't know anything about, so i'm like, 'Yeah, my friend loves _____.' that way i'm not saying "oh, uh, idk, sry." like it's not all the time but i think i've mentioned friends one-two times each time we've talked recently. i don't go on and on or anything but i don't know. i'm shit with guys romantically.

also on the friend thing

guys: what do you think when a girl has a lot of guy friends?


so my dad just handed me his ipod, it's frozen.
the screen its frozen on is the connected, eject before disconnecting one.
he told me some thing popped up on his computer saying something about a corruption in the ipod &that he needs to reset/restore it.

he told me to what i can with it,
normally i know how to reset/restore an ipod,

but is there any way to do that if it's frozen &when you connect it to the computer the computer doesn't pick it up?

i dont know much about this kind of stuff, so sorry if my wording is bad/hard to understand.
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Inspired by this article.

Would you rather:
A) Have a one night stand and wake up with permanent scarring from the other person carving their name into you while you slept.
B) During some crazy psychotic episode carve your name into someone's arm while they're asleep after a one night stand, go to jail for a long time for, and have everyone you know read the article and know your name and what you look like?

So basically, which side of this story would you prefer to be on?

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One of my friends is collecting recipes from all her friends, and told me that I need to participate under penalty of physical violence. I don't really cook much, so I am posing this question to you:

What is your favorite simple but yummy recipe?
max oop
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I just bought FOTC tickets at the Grand Prairie Nokia Theatre in Texas and got Level 405, Row O.. I've never been to this theatre. Has anyone here? Am I even going to be able to see them?

Someone tell me it's worth it!

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Gmail used to have, at the top left of the page right next to the GMAIL logo, a search bar where you could type a term and search either your email or the web. Right? You could search the web from there?

I didn't make that up, right?


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When was the last time you got laid?
How do you know yoru in love?

Is diet dr. pepper REALLY taste like regular doctor pepper?

(no subject)

Would a civil infraction charge of "mischief" stop someone from getting an apartment? I'm filling out paperwork for an apartment and it asks whether or not you've been arrested. My boyfriend has and wants to put no. If he does and they find out he has a civil infraction on his record in Canada (we're in the US), will we be screwed out of the apartment?

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Dear TQC collective brain,

I am wanting a tattoo of a quote, but i dont know where to put it. will you help me by coming up with some ideas?

the quote is: If you compare yourself to others you may become vain and bitter for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
it is from Desiderata by Max Ehrmann

I dont want it on my back as i already have tattoos there. i was thinking of my ribs but that would hurt like a bitch. was also thinking of the outside of my thigh but thats a bit random i think. my wee sister suggested the back of my calf but im not sure if thats a little butch. theres also a possibility of splitting the quote in 2 and having a half on each hip/side (on the outside, not  at my tummy, coz that would just accentuate the podge) or having it just on one hip (running from above my hip bone to the top of my thigh. again on the outside, not down the front), but im just not sure. the only tattoos i have are on my back. the rest of me is a blank canvas. do you have any suggestions?
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So I'm trying to figure out how many hours I've worked at my temp job. I've copied the times from my timecard and... it doesn't make any sense. For example, on the 2nd I worked from 8.08 to 13.92. What the hell is the 92? Can someone explain this or convert my times for me?
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Inspired by a couple of today's Fandom!Secrets;

1. Have you ever had a dream with a fictitious character? If so, who?

2. Have you ever had a sex dream with a fictitious character? If so, who?

3. Do you find it weird that people have sex dreams with fictitious characters? Especially rape dreams?

(Personally, I find the ick factor high.)

And if you don't care for dreams;

4. Who is currently your favorite television bad guy or at least semi-bad guy?
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What did you name your animal?

How did you decide on that name?

My cat is Mr. Nickles. My cousin named him for me. The weekend before I got him I was saying if I got a cat I would name him Mr. Crumb but when I got this cat I didnt think he was a Mr. Crumb. I stuck with the Mr and let my cousin do the rest. She said he was grey...like a nickel. lol

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1)what is your idea of hell?

everyone having a good time but me.

2)what is your free floating anxiety focusing on?

that I'm going to do something like wear the wrong shoes and get a bad internship evaluation.


oh yeah!