February 4th, 2009

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How do you feel about drag queens?

I fucking love them OMG
I fucking hate them OMG
I am one/I want to become one OMG
I don't hate them, but they're annoying
I don't love them, but they're okay
They served a purpose once, but they're outdated now
They're underappreciated
They make us think about gender roles and are still very relevant in today's society
Polls cannot express my feelings, so I will explain how I feel in the comments
Whatever, I am rhetoricians and I need my own option in a koffie poll
The only drag queen I like is Eddie Murphy in a fat suit
The only drag queen I like is the one Eddie Murphy was in
Koffie, I think you got a little carried away with this poll
Who cares about drag QUEENS? It's all about drag kings bb

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At my internship I was given the task of tracking down the exact amount of pages each of over 150 courses assigns its students. And I have to sort it into four different categories.

(If you were given this task would you eventually give up and just start BS'ing (er..."guesstimating") the numbers, especially if you knew that it's basically just busy work and that the place is trying to pander to the poor students who claim they have too much reading but really just want to go to Amsterdam and get high instead of doing homework?)

Okay, here's the real question:

Does it make sense to analyze something like reading assignments for college level courses by a purely quantitative standpoint?
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Venus Williams has a knack of winning Wimbledon.

If Serena wins the French Open, should Venus not play at Wimbledon
to give her sister a chance for the Grand Slam  (the 4 Majors in a calender year)?

She would still have to win the US Open after that.

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Will you tell me what freaks you the fuck out, especially if it is irrational to be freaked out by it?

For example, pictures of camouflaged animals freak me the fuck out. Bigtime. Oh, god. I just looked at a picture of a camouflaged Owl and I have no idea why I did it, my skin is crawling.

Also, large hives/nests (not the cute little ones!) of any kind freak me out.

(Also when the things in this post scare you, will you post in caps as a defense mechanism, like me?)
This is so ridiculous.
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Yes, this is fairly petty.

TQC, if there's anything I hate, it's people commenting on my facebook status just to argue. I also hate losing arguments.

I recently put this up:

"Melissa wants *some people* to quit blocking the stimulus because they're 'worried about balancing the budget,' when they approve of a $350M per day war."

And while I realize that everyone's political views are different and diversity is what makes America great, this crazy bitch I know always has to find a way to argue with something. So she posts the following on my wall. Collapse )

TQC, how do I argue with this and make a point that will force her to shut her trap? I don't know why Princeton LSAT logic ever got thrown into the equation, but since she felt the need to comment, and I'm sure will soon follow up with something about how I need to find God, I really just want to win this one. little. discussion. You are all smarter than I am. Learn me.

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what mean/fucked up things go on in your neighborhood?
these 2 kids lit 14 cars and a house on fire yesterday morning like, 2 blocks from my house thankgod my car wasnt torched, and there is a kid with a big chow and he opens his gate and tells his dog to sick me when im skating and riding my bike :/

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Is there some kind of litmus test for how bad your sleep problems get before it warrants seeing a doctor? I'm worried about wasting money to have them tell me it's all in my head or something.
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Should I get a Manual Treadmill?

Or Indoor Bycycle Trainer?

If I was sure I could run on it and not just walk/slow jog, I would favor the treadmill. However, I have no experience with manual treadmills. Running is a more efficient workout and I want a challenge.  That said, the bike trainer might also be good, because I have a lot of experience biking, and it would get me through the winter months where it's too icy out.

Kill Bill - Elle
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Quick TQC! Help me feel like an idiot.
I got three hours of sleep and am exhausted. I have a mythology test worth 150 points (the class is worth 1350) in an hour, the drive there takes thirty minutes, I have to find parking and walk, and I haven't really studied/I'm kind of fucked.
What would you do?
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what's the last thing that made you wonder "huh?" ?

i just read an article about how 4 people robbed a kid on my campus... "The suspects took the victim's bag of food that had just been purchased at a fast food restaurant." lol what?
Take a Look

do my homework, TQC!

If you were doing a stylized London skyline, what sort of buildings would you put in? I already have the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the London Eye, a telephone booth, even 30 St. Mary's Ax (the gherkin).

I'm a little wary (& weary) because I have a lot of tall buildings with pointy tops, which is why I'm struggling to think of something beyond Westminster Abbey or Buckingham Palace. Also, wide, rather than tall buildings would help balance out the current composition.

Any ideas? If it helps, it's going to be a concertina.

Thanks, guys.
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My campus GSA is thinking of doing this, and I wonder if it's at all sensible. The truck would either be in a common area in the center of campus (behind the University Center), in the parking lot, or at the front of the fieldhouse/gym/ice rink.

Poll #1343465 Testing Truck

If a student org on campus sponsered an AIDS testing truck - had one on campus, free testing, secrecy of results guaranteed, would you make use of it?


Other thoughts?

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My 10 week old kitten STINKS! he cleans his face and front paws... but nothing else. I just gave him a bath, but then he spent the last half hour licking himself and now he smells like his stinky breath.  Any suggestions?  (should i get that waterless shampoo foam-deodarizer stuff? should i take baby wipes to his butt everytime he poops? should i do both?)

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i have nothing to do for the next 50 minutes until my next class. i don't really have any homework that needs doing and i plan on eating lunch right before my next class. SINCE TQC IS KINDA DEAD, what should i do?

also: is LJ crapping out on anyone else? i keep getting pages about frank nibbling on wires.

another question: i've recently noticed that a lot of the mice in my school are the old kind with the ball, not the laser kind. seriously? does your school/work place use the old kind? i didn't think ANYONE still did.

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I just found this on craig's list for my area:

cute/nice guy who knows computers well is offering this

if it just takes a few minutes i probably won't charge but if it takes half an hour or something i'd at least like a blowjob

So, would you blow this guy for fixing your computer?
Will you show me something funny?

Should I take a nap?
(It's noon)
Watership Down
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My boyfriend and me just moved into a 2 bedroom rented flat. It had been advertised for months as unfurnished and ready for immediate entry.
However, we moved in and the landlords furniture is in it. I'm talking double bed, single bed, couch, wardrobes and looads more. Now we don't mind about the kitchen appliances because we need to buy our own. But the point in us moving into a unfurnished place was so we could start building up our own things. We contacted the estate agent and they said the landlord is looking for somewhere to store the stuff. This was like a week ago and they still haven't contacted us. The stuff is literally minging, so we wouldn't mind taking it to the dump ourselves if he's just going to do that.

What would you do? I'm getting srsly annoying having to crawl around my house because we have 2 of everything :/

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TQC, if you had a family member (with whom you aren't particularly close) coming to visit you for 3 days, what would you do to entertain him/her?!*

My sister is coming to visit me this weekend, I haven't seen her since xmas of 2007... so far we're going to a comedy club on the night she arrives, and GA aquarium the day before she leaves, but no idea as to what to do the day in between!

*suggestions particularly in the Atlanta, GA area will be especially helpful!

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I am still super sick and as such, hate everything.

Is there someone or something you have hated so much you want to scream? I am talking sheer utter hatred with clenched fists and gritted teeth. The very thought of it/them makes you want to shoot lazerbeams of death out of your eyes.

Well, is there?

Edit: And obviously you should tell me all about it, poppets.
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Right of Religion VS. Right to Face Your Accuser

In Canada there is a sexual assault case going on which a Muslim woman who wears Niqab (veil) is at the centre of a Judicial problem.

Namely, in Canada one has the right to face their accuser. The defendant's lawyer argues that his client's rights to face his accuser are being denied to him because the victim, the Muslim lady wear Niqab.

So Question Club Folk, what do you think, in a Multicultural society in which both, right to religious practice and right to face ones accuser are enshrined in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms (like the Bill of Rights) which right holds over the other?

What the Judge ruled...
Collapse )

*edit* the issue is strictly the Niqab, the veil over the face, not the Hijab the hair covering.
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Today is questionpalooza.

1. When making a to do list for the day, do you put fairly mundane things (e.g. eat, shower) on the list? Why?

2. When was the last time you were nervous? Why?

3. I'm starting to get a cold, and therefore i'm becoming sluggish. I have something important to do tonight that I need to be peppy for. Do you have any non illegal drug related suggestions that will help me get some energy?

4. When someone asks a question in TQC do you think it is discourteous if they do not respond to any answers?

5. Are you introspective?
6. Is an unexamined life worth living?
7. If you said no to 5, and then no to 6, whats going on inside your head?
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I'm making a mixtape for a friend who just got a divorce and I'm looking for those songs where, ya know, the gal just doesn't need him anymore and 'she's better off without him' ... stuff like that.

So, hit me QC, whatcha got??  I'm looking for anything and I want it to be fun!
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Approved By The Comics Code Authority

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Where the hell is my hat?

What's your favorite unintentionally hilarious scene from a movie or television show?

Do you light candles in your living area? If so, do they have any particular odor?

VZW FTW sometimes....

If you have verizon wireless, have you ever had a big issue with them?? Did your problems get resolved??

    Today I could not get me NE 2 discount. Then I go online and they want me to get a new phone number if I go for the new phone! WTF? I tried porting my old number and that doesnt work. I have had issues in the stores lately as well. Then, ebay...well they have expensive as hell phones. Damn you verizon today.

piano/classical music

I like popular music that incorporates the piano, like many alternative rock bands do, but I also like classical music and music that sounds very classical and/or jazz inspired.

1. Who is your favorite "classical" artist?

2. Do you listen to any modern piano music? Who/what?

3. Bonus: Do you listen to any bands (like Muse, maybe?) that definitely sound classically-inspired?

(yes, I'm looking for suggestions for music to very legally download)

Thank you!

two totally unrelated questions

 Anyone here work in the hairstyling/cosmetics field? I'm thinking about maybe going to beauty school and need help making the decision. What are your experiences with hair school and/or a job in either of these fields? What are your hours like? Do you enjoy what you do? 

What are you doing for Valentine's Day? 

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Celebrity poll

Ladies...would you rather be the head end of a 2-man horse costume while wearing a mini skirt with nothing underneath and having Clint Howard be the tail end, or would you rather he be the head end and you be the tail and he just had a huge lunch at a cheap Mexican restaurant?

I'll be the head and go commando in a mini skirt with Clint Howard staring at my ass
I'd rather be the tail behind a gassy Clint Howard

Apparently, Hilary Duff is going to play Bonnie Parker in the Bonnie & Clyde remake. Do you think she's a good choice?

She's not a good choice, but having her rob, kill people and meet a bloody end can only improve her standing in my eyes

After Christian Bale's emotional meltdown on the set of the Terminator movie, has your opinion of the man changed?

No. He can do no wrong
Yes. He's an asshole and a bully
No. That other guy was at fault and screwed up and Bale was just letting him know how badly
Yes. Bale's now just another self-centered 'my shit don't stink' actor who cares nothing about the little guy

Katie Holmes' boobs are _____?

You know the holocaust? It's the opposite of that
They reek of Scientology
They're alright
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Poll #1343591 Are you familiar with these bible stories?

Sampson and Delilah


Noah and the Ark


Lot and his Wife (pillar of salt)


Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors


King Soloman and the baby (cut in half or give to other woman)


Moses and the 10 Commandments


I made a reference the other day to my friend's brother's long hair and how he would lose his power if it were cut and my friend didn't know what I was talking about.
Do you think these stories should be common knowledge?

As seanseansean said it better than I ever could: "tbh christianity makes up a large part of western cultural heritage, so i think that the bible should be taught as literature in schools just so biblical references don't fly over everyone's head in older works, or even in newer ones"

This is why I think they should be common knowledge.
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Spongebob and Patrick SHOCKED
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When's the last time your pets scared the crap out of you?

This morning (around 1:30am) one of my stupid cats attacked me from behind the shower curtain while I was sitting on the toilet.
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 So since everyone seems to be getting tattoos for valentines day, i feel compelled to get my second one. My boyfriend and I have been talking about getting little star tattoos together for three years now. We don't want anything big or elaborate, just one little star somewhere. In your opinion, is this a bad idea? 
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My mom was babysitting my cousin who is 4 and a half and fully potty trained. When he went to the bathroom he asked my mom to wipe his ass. He said at daycare they make him do it himself but at home my aunt and uncle still do it for him. I thought this was kind of weird but I don't really know anything about when things stop becoming normal for little kids. I probably would have said something to the effect of "Well pretend this is daycare."

Do you think this is normal?

What would you have done?

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Has anyone here been a bartender before? Did you like it?

Apparently in Atlanta (a very big city), it's not always required to go to bartending school to be a bartender. This is a foreign concept to me, but seeing as I'm already a barista it's not a long shot to work with liquor. I will need a job so this seems like a decent idea, since I'm a girl and not super ugly. Easy $$$.

If this doesn't apply to you, what was last movie you watched?

I watched Memoirs of a Geisha, it was a very beautiful movie.. but so sad!

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I just got a new mascara about 3 weeks ago. It smells of honey. I've been told if mascara smells sweet to chuck it, but since its new is this just what it smells like?
It's a maybelline colossal thingy.

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Inspired by uberfenn's post, will you post a picture (eta: of yourself, lol) so we can guess how old you are? Or tell you how old you look?

NO PEEKING at userinfo! :)

OMG NVM, I CAN'T SEE. Someone posted this exact same thing like 4 posts down.

If you killed someone, how would you dispose of the body?

I'd chop it up, tie the pieces to hams and then throw them into swamps for alligators to eat.
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(no subject)

1.) How old are you? How old do people generally assume you are?

2.) Have any funny stories about someone's misconception about your age?

3.) You're invited to my Anti-Valentine's Day party. What are you bringing?
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(no subject)

How do you feel about getting nice and dirty and intoxicated online with some of your favorite TQCers?

fuck you guys, be sober for once
I abstain.

TQC_DRUNKS plans my evenings for me, wow

yes, but not really, I just like ticky

James Franco joint

(no subject)

My car is in the shop and taking FOREVER to get fixed, I have exbff recontact stressing me out, AND MY BOSS JUST CALLED and I lost my job.
Will you show me happy things, or talk about how much your life sucks to make me feel better?
is a beaut
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(no subject)

will anyone draw me something fun in mspaint or canvaspaint? i'll draw stuff back at you, i want something to do! it can be rubbish and it can be anything!

if you don't want to will you describe what you would have drawn for me in immense detail?
emmett, QAF

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So, I'm sure by now everyone on the interwebs knows Stephen King said Stephanie Meyer can't write "worth a darn" .

I've read on some boards (yes, I looked at twimoms)  that Stephen King wrote columns or articles about Harry Potter. Does anyone know where these were published ? I want to read them.

And since no one seems to care that he also kind of down- talked James Patterson, does anyone like James Patterson ?

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Often when I meet someone new they ask me what country I come from, and are astounded when I tell them I've never left the country.

With this example of my voice where would you say I'm from?

Do you often get mistaken as being from somewhere else?

(also the audio file might be a bit low so you might have to turn up your volume.)

Edit for extra question:

Do you ever get random bursts of excited energy for no reason?
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(no subject)

I live in the dorms right now. I really want to live off campus next year. I found a really nice condo, 1100sq. ft., 2 bed 2 bath in a safe neighborhood. It's $1200/month but was advertised as like per student. I want this place and I could afford half the rent they're asking but... no roommate.

How can I find a roommate in like, 2 weeks? I've done an awful job at making friends while being here at school. I need to meet them before but I really would LOVE to put a security/deposit on this place. :-/

TL;DR How can you find a good roommate in a very short about of time, assuming you don't really know anyone? College student looking for another college student.

and what is your favorite treat?

(no subject)

TQC, will you recommend me some books? Any books, really-or maybe some authors you like? I think I'm mostly looking for good memoirs or nonfiction right now, maybe even a biography. I'm also looking into Buddhism, but any recs would be great.
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I normally dislike these kinds of posts but:

I was dumped on Monday and my heart is still hurting and none of my friends are around. Will you post something to cheer me up?

(no subject)

Ladies/owners of boobs/tits/bazongas/mammaries/breasticles of TQC:

Is one bigger than the other?!
Which one is bigger? By a lot or a little?

A bunch of my friends have mentioned this lately as being totally weird, but I didn't think it was so abnormal. My left one is bigger. Just by a little... not enough to be noticeable when I wear a bra, but uhh when I feel 'em up I can tell, lol.
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What are all the AsSeenOnTV items you have bought (regardless of whether you ordered them online or bought them in stores)?

How often do you use each of them?

Do you have a snuggie?
purple flowers, Me and Lily

(no subject)

What name can you spell with the letters A, G, L, N, and O?

(I'm looking at my husband's cousin's baby registry and they have those decorative letters on there, presumably for the nursery wall. I just can't figure out what name that can spell without adding any other letters.)

Logan! Thank you!

(no subject)

I've recently started seeing a guy, and we've been hanging out nonstop for the past 2 weeks. Since I live in an uninviting dorm room, and he is living with his parents in a nice apartment in the same city, we have naturally been spending most of the time at his place.

I've slept over 4 nights (not consecutively), so on those days, his parents would provide me with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I feel as though I've been mooching off of them even though they may not see it as such. And whenever I suggest leaving, he insists that I stay.

How would you deal with this situation? Would you get a gift of some kind? I'm not sure of the etiquette when it comes to situations like this.
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Why O Why

One.     How many more miles until your next oil change?    

-Two.    Have you ever received a dollar with WheresGeorge.com on it? Did you track it?
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I realize I sound like a complete creeper.  I'm trying to find pictures/the name of this woman.  She was featured on ONTD forever ago, so she was at least slightly famous.  She was tiny and got breast implants, but they were so awkward looking on her body.  She went to Mexico or something and got drunk and took off her clothes.  My roommates and I are discussing bad implants.  Does anyone have any idea of what I'm talking about?

How long do you leave your dirty dishes before you wash them?

When was the last time you applied for a job?  How'd it turn out?

ETA: images.google.com/images (NSFW)

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Take a Look

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What would you wear to an open house/'brief' interview for an internship @ a music venue?

Ram's Head Live is having open house next Friday and while it's unlikely I'd get an internship, I'd love to try. So really, what would you wear? Anyone ever intern there? What is it like?

Also, it requires a resume. What would you put on there, if all you've ever worked in were retail jobs/been in college?

Does anyone know if they'd have internships next year? I'd love for this to fit my internship requirement for school (as well just for my own enjoyment), but it'd only work if they were doing it next year.
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Will the comments remain free from wank? Hmmm...

Let us for a moment accept two propositions:

A. It is okay to spank or hit children as a form of discipline.

B. It is not okay to spank or hit adults.

Question(s): at what age is it no longer appropriate or okay to spank or hit a kid? Is it okay to hit them when they're 17, as they're still a minor? What are the factors that influence your opinion on this?

(no subject)

At 11:54 pm last night, my ex sent me an IM that read, "please call me 555-1234".

I haven't talked to him in quite a few years, and we live in different states, so a booty call isn't plausible. Tell me TQC, what does he want from me?
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Ok, so I live in Argentina, the land of no cupcakes. And I want to make cupcakes. How do I make the frosting/icing that goes on top? Is butter the main ingredient?

(no subject)

Do you know what the parts of a neuron are? Take a guess!

Inspired by the girl down my hall who just said "If people don't know what the parts of a neuron are, they should just drop out of school."

refilling ink at Walgreen's?

Has anyone ever gotten an ink cartridge filled at Walgreen's and had it not work that well when you got home? I took mine there because I ran out of ink suddenly and needed to print some stuff for school. The only other way to get ink is to order it from the Dell website. :(

Anyway, I am confused because the woman who did it said the test page she ran printed perfectly. When I got home and put it in, the computer said I was "low on ink" (even though I'd just had it filled) and the printout worked somewhat, but wasn't the best at all -- it was kinda faded.

Any thoughts?

(no subject)

What's the weirdest thing someone has done to you recently?

My friend bit me twice today. First on the arm and then on the leg, through my jeans. I have red bite marks on my arm and a purple bite-shaped bruises on my leg. We were just screwing around at school and all of a sudden OMGTEETH!

weird question but...

What is the best smelling laundry detergent out there? Or fabric softener?

Right now I use Tide and it doesn't have that nice, long-lasting smell. When my neighbor does her laundry I can smell her detergent without even going into the laundry room, and it smells really good.
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(no subject)

1. Did/do you say the pledge of allegiance every day in high school?

2. Do you have any qualms or thoughts about the pledge?

3. If you wear glasses, do smudges on them drive you insane?

(no subject)

Would you consider masturbation a form of cheating on your S.O.? My friend got into a huge fight because she did it, and told him and he got pissed. They are in a long distance relationship, but I still find that kind of rediculous.

I have a small jar of honey. What could I use it for? (No this has nothing to do with the first question haha)

I have to write a letter to a panel basically describing how awesome I am so I can get scholarship money. Other than GPA, class rank, ACT scores, and high school activities, what should I write about?

If none of these apply to you, what did you/are you having for dinner?

(no subject)

I'm on the registration page but hesitating a little bit. Should I just sign up for my own gym membership? It's for Planet Fitness at $20 a month. Are they trying to be sneaky about something?!

If you do not care about my fitness woes, will you tell me what is your favorite video game EVER?

(no subject)

TQC, what is your favorite condiment?! What do you like to eat it on/with / what's your favorite thing to eat it on/with?

KETCHUP OMG. I love ketchup so much. I love it on any form of potato, I love to dip chicken strips in it, I love to dip burgers in it (yes I dip them, not spread it on the bun or whatever), I eat it with steak... om nom nom.

(no subject)

I'm going away the weekend my sister is moving in. I didn't plan this or know until a minute ago.
My mom just said "You better tell your sister that you won't be here".

What are your thoughts on this?
Should I email my sister and tell her, even though she hasn't mentioned it?
Why should I be here?
4 worlds

Touristy question

I know you can help TQC, don't disappoint me now...

I'm looking for good, relatively cheap accommodation in Hawaii (Honolulu) for 11 days in July.

Anybody have any good suggestions? Hostels you've stayed at? Anything to avoid? Any tips in general?

ETA: I'm looking at a hostel. Not a hotel. I'd prefer to have people's opinions (if you've stayed at one), than having to aim blindly and hope to strike something nice.

ETA: Never mind. Seems nobody's gone to Hawaii on the cheap - I can Google the rest myself...
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(no subject)

What are some of your favourite dishes?  Care to share the recipe?? 

Do you have something special you like to make for family or an SO perhaps?  

I'm scavenging the interwebs for ideas for valentine's day.  chocolate fondue is my idea for dessert. 
Alice in Wonderland

(no subject)

tqc, my phone is weird.

when i'm on the phone with my boyfriend my phone will cut out. i won't be able to hear myself talk, or him. he apparently can hear me fine as i ask over again "are you there?" if i wait a minute or two, the line somehow reconnects. what the hell is going on? has this ever happened to you?

if no, when was the last time you sang?
what song was it?

(no subject)

My friend is having trouble thinking of a present for her boyfriend for Valentine's Day. They have been together for two years. What do you think she should get him? Here are some facts about him:

- 18 yrs old
- likes motox
- enjoys blues music
- gf describes him as "bogan"
- has chin-length hair
- likes Fords, drifting, etc.
- favourite food is chicken saute

(no subject)

Is it just me, or is it really odd that Animal Planet has a series about jockeys? I'm still not over the initial "bwat?"

ETA: I was mainly baffled by them supporting horse racing, not them having a show about a profession related to animals.
emmett, QAF

(no subject)

Who is the guy who plays the bike messenger or whatever he is on Bobby Flays Throwdown ? He usually shows up at the beginning when Flay gets his "throwdown" I mean is he an actor or like a friend of Flays ?

Collapse )
Disney: Clopin! <3

Grammatical question

Is it supposed to be

a) "...if I was going to tell her.."
b) "...if I were going to tell her.."

?? I keep seeing both variations everywhere, and I don't remember what I learned in school. Also, please don't mock me saying I should know this. English is my second language. :(

(no subject)

how long are juice boxes generally good for?

I found some in the cupboard that I bought in like October or November, do you think they're good?

Yeah there is a date on it-like June 1, 2009 but sometimes I am weird and don't believe them haha
burning goodness
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(no subject)

TQC, my roommate has a poster of this up, and we can't figure out what the thing in front of her neck/face on the right side is. It's driving everyone crazy.

What is that thing in front of her?!?!? Is it some weird trick of the light? A bizarre jewelry thing? Space monkeys? Diamond cancer? WHAT IS IT, TQC?!?!?!?