February 3rd, 2009

This is so ridiculous.
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1. Have you ever gone on to graduate school/professional school (to get your masters, PhD, to be a doctor, go to law school, etc. etc.)? Was it easier or harder than you expected?

2. Are any of you lawyers?

3. If you were on the admissions board of a school, and you saw a girl apply who had a 99% in her masters degree program, which happened to be in a different country, held in a different language, would you be suspicious of the program, or would you be impressed by the girl?
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Self cleaning

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What is your overall favorite beverage? (alcoholic or non)

What beverages do you currently have in your fridge?

Soda or pop? What is your favorite type of the aforementioned beverage?

Sweet tea or unsweet?

If you drink milk, what kind do you drink? (Whole, 2%, soy, almond, rice, etc.)

How do you take your coffee?

(no subject)

Do you look down on/think less of people who have turned jobs in places like grocery stores or the food service industry into their careers (for lack of better phrasing)? Why or why not?

I'm a college student who is currently working part-time at a grocery store. The majority of my coworkers are middle-aged women who have worked there many years. The other day, a coworker mentioned sometimes feeling embarrassed about working at a grocery store, as it's obviously not the most luxurious job. I don't think she should feel ashamed or embarrassed, as a job is a job.

(no subject)

What are some of your favourite childhood movies?

Are there any scenes which used to freak you out/scare you when you were younger in these movies?


Return to Oz - mombi rising and then the head wailing
The Neverending Story - scary wolf in cave
The Goonies - when you first see sloth
Labryinth - bedroom scene with the goblins

(no subject)

Have you ever been a tutor?

If so:

What was your area of expertise?

How much did you charge?

if not:

Is there any subject area that you feel you could tutor if you wanted to? Non-serious answers welcome.

edited because this question just occurred to me: I'm doing some work as a writing tutor/editor, and I'm charging $20 an hour.  Is this too much/not enough? If it makes a difference, I have to drive a half-hour to where most of my clients live in order to meet with them in person.
Kill Bill - Elle
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What's the name of that website where you input your height and weight and it makes a virtual representation of you? You can use it to picture weight loss, or what clothes would look like on you. Help?
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My grandson says 'parbar' (Grandpa) when he sees my motorbike bike or crash helmet.

What word(s) do kids say that mean something unconnected that only their mother or family members understand?

(no subject)

I just got a check for $45,000. After I pay my car off ($15,000), I will have $30,000 left over. What should I do with the rest - banking & investment wise - so that in 10 years, it will have grown?

stimulus plan

I don't get how driving interest rates on mortages lower helps people who can't afford their mortgages and are upside down so they can't refinance.

I mean, yeah, 4% interest is great....if you are buying a new home.  But if you can't afford the mortgage you have, and want to refinance to take advantage of the low interest, it is highly likely that you owe more on your current mortgage than your house is worth right now. And no bank in their right mind is going to refinance that.  So now what?

Any economics people want to clarify this for me?  I don't understand exactly how this is supposed to help the people that need it most. 
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Is it necessary to keep giving my dog a monthly heartworm medication when he is negative? I know it's a preventative, but I don't know how long I should keep giving it to him. He is 3 1/2 months old - should I stop at a year? Or do I have to do this for the rest of his life? He's my first pet, so I'm pretty clueless about these types of things. :\
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Top 25 Weblebrities

Forbes released a list of their top 25 "web celebrities" last week.

How many of them do you know/have heard of? (And by that I mean how many of them have you at least heard by name instead of just knowing the site that they're known for?)

How many of these websites have you heard of/known about?

I've heard of 12 of them.
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This is probably a long shot...

I have a pair of buffalo spirals and they have pink hearts painted on them and I was wondering if they set the paint with a varnish or something like that. The reason I want to know is because I'm thinking about getting an artist to custom paint some spirals for me.

Does anyone know the process they use when painting/embellishing/finishing larger gauge jewellery?
Or at least where I can find the information?

I've emailed a company I often buy jewellery from but no reply so far.

Holy crap, you have punk rock underpants!

Inspired by cleanliness is next to godliness.

On a typical day of wearing clothes:

1. boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, boyshorts, bikini-cut panties, thong, commando, or other (please name)?

2. Color, pattern, or print? Description!

3. Do you think novelty / print boxers are brilliant or silly?

4. Has your taste in unders changed over the years?

Photo / catalogue photo of your favorite pair of unders (clean and SFW, for god's sake, I'm in the office) if you so desire!

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Inspired by tolbiny's post which was inspired by leavesoflorien's post which was inspired by jame_alec's post, when was the last time you were stung by a bee.. or bitten by any kind of insect?
How about the last time you were bitten by any other kind of animal?
Have you or somebody you know ever been seriously injured by an animal?
im french

(no subject)

1. So, I've taken up running again. Whenever I run, or do any sort of exercise like running, my knees hurt like a bitch afterward. It's like a joint pain, not really a muscle pain. When I played tennis competitively, it wasn't really an issue, so I don't know what's up lately. What gives? Know of any ways I can deal with this or strengthen my knees or whatever?

2. Do you get naked in front of everyone in locker rooms? What do you think about the people who do things like blow dry their hair naked?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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Is anyone else's facebook acting up? Mine will do anything except load profiles, and the only people I know to have this problem are me, my suitemate, and my English friend's boyfriend. Has anyone got this problem or gotten rid of this problem? It's driving me crazy.

(no subject)

I am super fucking goddamn sick, and it's almost my 25th birthday and I had a ton planned to do this week.

What's the worst thing that ever happened to you on your birthday?
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Blow Me
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(no subject)

I'm going away on a trip this weekend. Usually when I go on a vacation, I get sick (a cold, flu, chicken pox, you name it). Currently, I'm not sick, but my mom and dad have a stomach virus and my sister has a cold. What can I do to NOT get sick by Friday??????

Also...have you ever slept on your ear funny, and had a severe ear ache? As if you had crushed all the bones in your ear?? (This keeps happening to me lately)

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TQC, I realize I made a stupid community, critiqueit, for this sort of thing. But like, I made it yesterday and have very few members. So, I still need to call upon you for help.

My company asked me to write an article for our magazine. It's the first thing I've written since college, which was some time before the birth of Jesus. Before I hand it to my editors to rip it to shreds, I want someone else to rip it to shreds -- you.

Will you tear me a new asshole on this article?

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What do you get a male for valentines day?
I don't really believe in spending lots for it, but don't want to receive and not give.
ETA: I think I might be getting quite a large gift....I only have a students budget, but want to get something nice.


So, I've been a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl all of my life. And while there's nothing wrong with that, I'd like my wardrobe to grow up a little.

Do they have stylists for common folk like us (vs. celebrities), and where can I find one? (I live in Chicago if it matters.) I know basically what kinds of shapes/cuts look good on me because of magazine articles and my amateur seamstress mother, but I'm very curvy (large bust and hips, very small natural waist/rib cage), and therefore a difficult size to fit. I can't just walk into any old department store and find something off the rack (...unless it's a t-shirt).

I can't afford a lot, but I would really appreciate some professional advice on where I can shop and what pieces I should stock my closet with...and I doubt "What Not to Wear" is going to come knocking on my door. :P

For those who don't know, what's your biggest body feature problem/annoyance?

For me, not only is my extreme hourglass figure a problem (no blouses for me!), but also my feet are. I'm 5'8" and have (barely) 7, double-wide feet. It's hard to find shoes that fit me and still look nice (no grandma-shoes, thanks).

And to put a positive end to this post, what's your favorite body feature?

I like the shape of my face. It looks good with several different kinds of hair styles/cuts.

(no subject)

are you single this valentines day? happy? unhappy?
what can you see out of the nearest window? (picture would be nice)
what was the last photobooth picture you've took?
do you speak with a dialect?

(no subject)

What's your favorite kind of snow? I am so in love with the big huge fluffy lookin' pieces that come down all slow. It's amazing.

What is the ideal snow for snowman making?

What is the ideal snow for sledding?

Do you hate it, the snow?

(no subject)

When people say "my eyes change color", do they actually mean that they CHANGE color, or are they simply trying to say that their eyes may appear more/less vibrant when wearing certain colors of clothing or makeup?

I do not believe that it is possible for your eye color to actually change on a day to day basis, but I hear people say this all the time and it has been confusing me.
button of fear


1:39 PM 1/29/09 · Early on last year I kept seeing repeated instances of the number 1124. Often on the clock at night or in the morning, was always turning to it just when I looked. License plates as I was walking around. Those streams of information at the bottom of the screen on some channels. Newspapers and other various things. I thought it was an omen or somesuch for something to go down on my birthday...

...I was born the 24th of November.

My birthday was blissfully uneventful other than a near chocolate overdose of goodness.

Still seeing the combinations though. Marvel Comics character Richard Ryder's Nova Corps number starts with 1124. I'm watching this past Tuesday's episode of Fringe and the lead female character lives at 1124 Strathmore Blvd...

...and, I just realized, the 4 digits add up to my favorite number which is 8.

Just for the sake of my insatiable curiosity, and a building case of paranoia, is there any significance to the number 1124 that any of you are aware of?
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(no subject)

ok, quick question for those with oil heat.... how fast does it run out? because seriously this is ridiculous.... i bought 100 gallons 3 WEEKS AGO and it's gone. i checked it 2 weeks ago... and it was still at 1/2 a tank... (which it was at with the 100 gallons) and now it's EMPTY! we haven't kept the heat above 62 since the recent fill-up, and tured it OFF on warmer days/when we are asleep/at work. does oil usually run out that fast? because if it does.... seriously i'd rather just freeze. if we fill the tank again, we will have spent almost 1,000 on just heat alone this winter.

do you think that the other apartments in my building are using our oil tank without our knowing, and that's why it's going so quickly? Like, the landlord failed to mention we all share an oil tank, and we're the only one filling it for 3 families? or something equally ridiculous?

or do you think that the rate of usage is normal?

any other ideas?

help! i'm cold and pissed!

(no subject)

I'm concerned something bad might happen to my kidneys in the future because of my failure to drink enough water. I have a camelbak/nalgene that i try to drink everyday but it's hard to get myself to drink it all. What can I do I dont want kidney problems!?
little big town - trying to find a place

(no subject)

Other than Goodwill/Thrift stores, what are some places to buy some cool inexpensive furniture and stuff to decorate an apartment? Particularly interested in places I can order from online.

It'll be my first apartment with no roommates, so I'll get to decorate the whole thing my own way, and I'm pretty stoked.
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(no subject)

Do you prefer doing work (ex. homework for courses) on the weekdays and relaxing on the weekends? Or would you rather have extra time to relax on weekdays and get busy on weekends?

How much food/money do you waste in, say, a week? (ex. food you don't finish/throw away/let rot in fridge)

Have any recs for good study music?

(no subject)

how crazy do you think this is?

today i was on the phone with my mom and we were talking about when i was little so i brought up a time when i was 5 and i poured water on the floor and blamed it on my sister and she was like omg that was you!? that shows what kind of person you are!!! and she keeps calling me back and leaving swearing messages o___o

is your family a little crazy or are they normalish?

(no subject)

Which of these do you have at home?

hot sauce (like tabasco)
fish sauce
worcestershire sauce
soy sauce
barbecue sauce
tartar sauce
pickle relish
oyster sauce
teriyaki sauce
hoisin sauce

2)How many eggs do you have in your fridge right now?
3)What fresh herbs do you have in your fridge currently?

(no subject)

Do you believe that all strange work policies have been put into place because someone decided to do whatever the policy now forbids?

What are some strange policies that your work place has?

(no subject)

I placed a phone order to Denny's for their free grand slam breakfast.  When I picked it up, there were two packs of forks, spoons, knives and napkins.

Is the grand slam breakfast meant to be shared?

(no subject)

My radio is acting stupid. First it was really staticky, then I moved it to a different part of the room, and it was less staticky but cutting out at random times, then it just died again two times in a row, and returned louder than it was before, static-free after I spent hours trying to get it to sound this good.

Should I take a hammer to it if it does it again?
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(no subject)

I'm watching Dr. Phil for some reason and they're talking about "sexting" (people need to stop using that word, it's stupid) and he's giving examples of abbreviations teenagers/kids use

PBS = parents behind shoulder
IWSN = i want sex now
TDTM = talk dirty to me
KPC = keeping parents clueless

1. Have you heard of any of these before or know anyone who uses them?
2. Who do you think actually makes up these abbreviations, kids or adults thinking that kids use them?
3. Do you think Dr. Phil is full of shit?
4. How do you like your eggs?
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(no subject)

What should I put on for background noise while I draw?

Cannibal! The Musical
Audio book, The Day After Tomorrow
A wuxia movie
Pandora radio
NPR/talk radio

Just bored...

1. Is Penelope a lovely name or a weird name?
2. What about Constance?
3. When you meet a new people who are just starting a diet and you are dieting, do you tell them how much you have lost since you started or since they did?
4. How many words per minute do you type?
5. Say you're strapped for cash, but your spouse asks what you want for your birthday, do you ask for anything?
6. What frivolous item do you most want to buy?
7. Favorite diet food?
8. What are you planning for Valentine's Day?
9. What kind of appointment do you keep procrastinating?
10. What is scarier, sky diving or getting (someone) pregnant?
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How about some vagueness?

TQC, would you rather
have a life that was garanteed to be so-so (average job, SO, whatever) but it was *missing* something, 
would your rather have a life where the risk of being completely unhappy is higher, but the payback is complete happiness and satisfaction (nothing *missing*)?

If that is just too vague and confusing, what's your favorite sport to participate in?  Are you good at it?


What are you SUPPOSED to be doing?
Packing my stuff to go home.

What have you been doing INSTEAD?
Playing Viva Pinata and eating peanuts out of a bag.

Will you get what your supposed to get done, done?
housewares, ash

(no subject)

I'm applying for an internship at UC Santa Cruz and I need letters of recommendation. I already have two professional ones, now I need some personal ones.
How old should the person be to qualify as a credible reference?
I'm asking because I have two people willing to do it who are 24 and 25. Is that too young?

(no subject)

I really should be reading Frankenstein but the world of anon has carried me away. So:

If you've read it, what did you think of Frankenstein?
How far do you go back with tqc? Who are your homies?
What makes a question successful?

Call me.

Q Club,

When someone (family mostly) calls you and vents to you more than once in a day, WHAT do you say? Rather, how do you feel?

I think that I feel better when they vent there agression out. I feel annoyed when they don't take my damn advice a few hours later. [and a 2nd phone call]

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(no subject)

I am joining my schools club field hockey team this semester. the captain/club president asked for colunteers to work at the concessions stand tonight, 5-10pm. last week I emailed her saying I could probably work, nothing definite.

Now I have a class 530-630 and I'm supposed to go to the gym. The team, who I've never met, is desperate for volunteers and is already short a few people.

What do I do? How do I get myself out of this situation?!
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(no subject)

A few weeks ago, the font for TQC's layout and a few other LJ communities I frequent switched and got way bigger.  Just now, it went back to normal.  I have not updated anything.  I have firewalls and anti-virus software.  Any ideas?
i want to be a pirate!

(no subject)

 does your family have weird names?


my first and middle names are miranda (not that weird) aida (i hate my middle name)
my sister's are magdalena ainsley
my brother's are hugo st. john
(my other brother's are fairly normal- nathaniel bedford)
my dad's is frederick (not that weird) lorenz
my mom's is ursula roswitha (you don't pronounce the h. her parents are german)

my one of my dad's brother's name is dutch. that's about all i can think of.

what the heck.

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(no subject)

Do you like dreampop? 
I can't get enough of it right now. Currently listening to Telepopmusik! 

What are some musical artists you love to show people? What genre are they?

Current 93/ Death in June - Neo Folk
Telepopmusik / Pram/ Cocteau Twins/ M83 - Dreampop
Ulrich Schnauss - Electronic Ambient
Bogus Blimp, Ulver, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Laurie Anderson, Blackmores Night....I could go on forever! 
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(no subject)

Will you tell us about something that happened to you that drastically changed your life for the better?

Do you like Subway? What's your favorite sub from there?

What were you like in middle school?

(no subject)

Have any of you ever worked at a Zumiez, Pacific Sunwear, or Hot Topic?  I need a job and I'm thinking of applying there.
If you have, could you give me any tips on the application or the interview process?

You see, this would be my first job.


Tan sepia burnt sienna

1. Where would your ideal tan lines be? Torso, legs, and feet.

2. Where do you end up actually getting tan lines?

3. What are some of the silliest tan lines you've seen?

eta: Can you actually use the bottle opener on a multitool to open a beer? How about a cigarette lighter? i.e. where the hell did my bottle opener go after the game Sunday night?

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(no subject)

Do you still get cards in the mail for your birthday?
Do those cards have money/gifts in them?
Who sends you a gift? Who sends you a card?

I realized that I've reached the age where gifts are no longer included in the greeting cards. haha

(no subject)

So I'm writing a paper about the Gardasil shot and how it shouldn't be mandatory for school entry because it is such a new drug and many people have had terrible side effects, anywho, I need a bomb title that will really catch people's attention....

1. what should my title be? (nothing inappropriate please)

2. What do you think about the vaccine?


(no subject)

What was your worst birthday?
What happened? How old were you turning?

Edit to add my answer: My grandpa died the day before my 20th birthday so I spent my 20th birthday on a plane and at my grandpa's funeral instead of playing in Disney World and going out to dinner with 20 or so friends. I had to text everyone and explain that dinner was canceled, and almost all of them asked so many questions.

And I forgot my 18th birthday, when I invited a bunch of people to go to the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and about 15 people said they'd be there. I ended up there alone, waiting.

(no subject)

I'm want to make deviled eggs and the recipe calls for powdered mustard. I don't have powdered mustard, I only have regular mustard. Can I use that instead and just cut down on (or eliminate?) the mayo...or would that be gross?
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I was tricked into seeing this movie.


1. why does edward cullen draw so much of your attention?

2. is his level of attraction to bella not insanely creepy?

3. would you want a dude to be that into to you in real life? if so, for how long? one or two weeks?

4. what's up with that dudes hair? (edward)

that dude looks like a blonde backup singer for the cure.

eoin 1

(no subject)

The government is giving me AU$950 because I'm a student as part of the economic stimulus package. I want to buy a laptop.

Should I buy a PC laptop, which will cost about that much, or should I save up a bit more until I can get a Macbook?

What would you do with $950 from the government?
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Relationship Question

I asked my dear husband (DH, if you will) to do the dishes.  He loaded the dishwasher and ran it, but did not empty it.  He is out right now, so I decided to unload it for him, even though he was supposed to. 

I stuck my hand in to pull the drawer out and BLAM!, my thumb is bleeding profusely.  He loaded the blade to my brand new food processor FACE UP in the dishwasher right next to the edge.  Blood drips onto my brand new KHAKI pants.  It is still bleeding.

I should rip him a new asshole when he gets home, y/y?

(no subject)

Tea Que Sea, I'm so screwed!

What on this earth do I get a GUY for valentines day? I'm so lost :(

EDIT: Material things only. And not meat.
SECOND EDIT: OKAY, found a gift. Also-- we're both under 21.

(no subject)

has anyone here ever been to puerto rico?

would you please tell me about your experiences/give me any tips you have?

i'm thinking of going for spring break. there's a rainforest and they have fish-eating bats.
aw | blink

(no subject)

I have to choose an ethical dilemma, debate, or issue in the medical health professions to write a report on.

My first thought was to do it on gay men/blood donation but I want to consider some other ones too. What issues do you find most relevant or important to you?
Friends: Unagi.
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(no subject)

1) My schedule for next semester, which starts next monday, is Collapse ). Do you think it would be possible to work from from 22.00 until 6.00 from mondaynight to fridaynight? I can't miss the classes with a + by it because those are labs and you aren't allowed to miss those. I can skip the others.

2) And because this is always a fun question, what classes are you taking this semester?
Organic chemistry, bacteriology, biochemistry and analytical chemistry

(no subject)

ok now i'm officially not going to get any work done. i asked this once before and it was a big hit, but i feel its time for a revival.

what nonsensical, ridiculous, high pitched things do you find yourself saying to your pets? (you must spell it phonetically)

i have four birds in my apartment and recently ive said the following things:

oh hayyyyyyyy cheep cheeps!
ohhh yaw keesing?
whos a pwetty talker?

and at home we say these things to my dogs:

put chaw pants onnnnnnnn!
yaw so wolly chubby, so wolly!
keeses in the face!
ew look at those bawls. i'm gonna cut chaw balls off.

(no subject)

Scenario: My younger sister, sixteen, wants to go on birth control, mostly because she doesn't want to get pregnant and also because she has bad cramps during her period.

Question: How is a sixteen-year-old girl supposed to raise this question to her mother? She tried going to a clinic, but she says it's better to be honest than going behind mom's back. The cramps excuse will make mom suspicious, so it's best to be honest.
Cats pawing at mommy's face

(no subject)

I'm moving from the Southwest in about four weeks, and I'm sure there are amazing, one of a kind things down here that I'm missing out on and I won't have as many opportunities to see and do in the future. I've done the Grand Canyon, I've hiked a lot of places, I've done Disneyland and all the LA area parks, and Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. I'm thinking of going to the Petrified Forrest this week. I have three and a half day weekends, so I'd like for it to be within a day's drive of Flagstaff, AZ, if possible. Money isn't much of an issue, so suggest anything you can think of! TQC, what else should I do before I leave?
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this is a post about crocs, please look away if you don't approve

Help me decide, please.

I know, I know...Crocs are fugly. But I don't mind them, and need something comfortable and kind of generic looking (that will match different styles/outfits). And these are cheap. So, which style is less offensive to you, gentle reader?

If you don't care - what's the most comfortable pair of shoes you own? Post a picture of them or something similar from google image search for maximum fun.

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(no subject)

What's the worst pickup line that you know to have worked?

I have an acquaintance nicknamed Boots because of the pick-up line used successfully by or on him ("Nice boots, wanna fuck?").

Are orgasms overrated?
Fonz: eeeyyyhhhh

(no subject)

weirdest question I have asked yet, but I think it is juuust normal enough not to have to be anon.

I just went to the dentist today and got three shots of (some) anesthesia, and now my mouth is numb and I kinda want to try making out with someone like this.

would you rather make out while you have a numb mouth, or they do?
and "neither" is a boring answer.

(no subject)

Do you think it's theoretically possible for anyone to learn skills like dancing, singing, and playing instruments well if they invest enough time in it?

I was just thinking about how some actors are trained to do these types of things really quickly for a movie. How does one go from not being able to play the guitar at all to being proficient enough to fake a famous musician in such a short period of time?
matthew wig

(no subject)

My mom's birthday is at the end of February and to avoid doing what I do every year (buying some lame book or dvd a couple days before) I want to get her something amazing. She deserves it more than anyone I know in my life. I'm brainstorming ideas currently.

If you could get your mom, or maybe just someone very special to you, anything, what would you get them?
TIPPING THE VELVET - keeley hawes- from

I'm having a bit of a minicrisis.

You know when things are just out of reach in the metaphorical bookshelf of your memory? 
I'm trying to remember a one-liner, I'm pretty certain it's a Bill Bailey quote, but it was in the context of something very weird. And it was something along the lines of "it's like trying to imagine a giraffe..." and then it was doing something with a something (non-sexual) that produced a really, really weird mental image. And then he (if it was indeed Bill Bailey) said "go on, imagine it! isn't it kooky?" (Or something like that.)
Can anyone help me out and produce the quote?

Also, to any dancers, I've forgotten the name of a step. That one which usually goes across a stage, with a step ball change and then you sort of throw yourself into the air and do a scissor-kick kind of jump turning, then land one leg, then the other, and end up going in the same direction you started in. If that makes any sense.

Finally, what's the best - or worst, if it's a groan punchline - joke you've ever heard?

((Sorry for the the very messily written first two questions, but I can't get my thoughts together on them.))
LOM glee
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(no subject)

I NEED MORE MUSIC BABY! WILL YOU RECOMEND ME YOUR ALL TIME FAVOURITE ARTISTS, BANDS, SONGS, COMPOSITIONS?!?! If you're feeling really nice you could upload me some, or point me in a direction for downloads. I'm feeling mellow; blues and jazz melow, or classic rock, or fuck you songs, whatever you got!!!
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The Blame Game

So Perth, Western Australia had its annual Big Day Out festival on Sunday. For those that don't know what it is, its a huge ass music "gig" basically, with various different bands playing.

So anyway, one 17yr old girl takes an ecstacy pill before she leaves to go to this event. When she gets there, she freaks out thinking there are Police officers there with sniffer dogs will sniff out the remaining 2 ecstacy pills she has in her possession, so she takes both of them. (Initial reports stated there were dogs, the Commissioner of Police has since stated there were no dogs at the actual event, only at the railway station) She goes inside and goes on an amusement ride and an hour later collapses, is taken to hospital and later dies from a (suspected) overdose. It was also relatively hot day being 36c and very humid.

People are now blaming the Police presence for the girl's death. So my question is, what is your opinion? Do you believe the girl is to blame? If not, who do you believe is to blame? Why/why not?

Do you think the Police are to blame? Why/why not?

A little more background info can be found here: http://www.news.com.au/perthnow/story/0,27574,25001800-2761,00.html
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If your English 1102 professor assigned the class to write an acrostic poem using Martin Luther King Jr. as the "stem", how would you feel?

Personally, while I'm thankful my assignments are sofa king easy, I'm kind of insulted that I'm in a college level class and we're writing acrostic poems.

I just ate a Greek salad, which comes with lettuce, tomatoes, shredded feta cheese, onions, banana peppers, green peppers, black olives, and cucumbers, with oil and vinegar dressing. I leave the peppers, olives, and cukes off. What would you leave off/add on?
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Banned from a store, maybe?

Heres a random one, as if you have not read all my other posts :

I live in a small mom and pop hick business town. There is a couple of small downtown business and I want to be banned from one of them. These stores (not even in strip malls -more like houses) last a year tops. They are : Pizza places, barber shops, gift stores, and a exercise place. It is a immature post but I want to mess with their heads and maybe even get a police file stating I am not allowed in this store ever again.  I know I could piss or crap on the floor, but I dont want to have to pay 100 + dollars to clean up my own crap. What is a way I could get banned and have proof for my online fellowships? (aka random small group of friends) Could I get the township (without police) notarize something?? Lay it to me.........
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My english teacher this semester is incredibly passionate, which I admire. But, I feel I need to do right by her so she doesn't secretly hate me for doing a disservice to the english language.

She wants us to be creative and explore ourselves.

How do I get my creative juices flowing?
How do I explore myself without telling my entire life story to her first, or at least not preface everything I say?

Do you have a journal? Could I see it?
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Okay I keep getting these emails from NewsAlert@PBPCompliance.com with the title Mandatory FMLA poster: did you miss the 1/16 deadline?

Anyone know what this is???

How often do you get spam mail?


Want to add this question, do you have a passport?

Play that funky music, white boy

1. Do you use Pandora to listen to music? If so, will you show us the link to your favorite station on there so we can laugh at your taste in music not just see, but hear what you're like on the inside? (If you click the little arrow at the right edge of the station name and click SHARE, you can email yourself the link.) tell us the title of your station?

2. How do you set your place at the dinner table?

3. Tell me about one poster/tchotchke/painting/decoration that's within eyesight. Photos welcome.

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Inspired by "Toddlers and Tiaras":

WTF kind of name is "Story" for a little girl???

What are some of the oddest names you've encountered in day-to-day life?

I went to high school with TWO girls called Apple.

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For those who are living in a sharehouse, or who have in the past: how have you distributed household tasks, and do you have any hints for getting people to actually do them?

In the two houses I've lived in, we've split up the tasks but never actually stuck to the roster. I can't complain, I never do my tasks on time either.

For everyone: Fill in the following blanks, then answer the question.

In a battle between a _____ and a _____, who would win?

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oh no, you have to set one building on fire that has people in it right now and let it burn to the ground or this crazy super villain will kill all your loved ones. What building do you set aflame?

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So I just saw on the news that some personal trainer is going to eat himself fat from 80kgs (176lbs) to 120kgs (264lbs), and then work it all off again just to prove to his customers that it can be done.

What do you think of his logic?

Do you think he'll succeed?

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My brother, who is 18, is autistic, but he attends a regular school and has regular classes. Today in his favorite class (physics), his teacher literally screamed at him for a good five minutes, publicly humiliating him and essentially calling him an idiot who asks too many questions. After giving the class an assignment, the teacher then pulled my brother into the hallway and proceeded to yell at him for a few more minutes, telling my brother how he doesn't believe he suffers from anxiety and that he really doesn't know anything about physics, but just pretends to, and yadda yadda ya.

So my question is: should my mom contact the principal, or do something else? She wants the situation to be looked into but doesn't know how to address it. My brother doesn't want her to do anything. Obviously a teacher belittling a student like that is unacceptable and my mom isn't going to just let it slide, so what should she do? 

Has something like that ever happened to you or someone you know? 

School teacher horror stories, plz.
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Literary term needed please

I have no idea how to describe this other than to give an example:

A band playing Rock Band, or like.. a dog eating a dog shaped cookie, etc.

What is the literary term for that? I need it for an article I'm writing.

Thank you, TQC.
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If someone sends you a file and then says something along the lines of "Change the extension from .xyz to .avi after downloading". What purpose does changing the extension in the first place serve? Why change it from .avi to .xyz?