February 2nd, 2009

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Are you looking forward to getting older? Having kids? Being married?
The only reason I want these things is because I don't want to die alone.

edit: does anyone want to chat, i feel bored and need company.
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because everyone needs a laugh....

1. Did you catch the one second Miller High Life commercial during the Superbowl?

Anyone else crack up because of it? I am still giggling.

2. Speaking of funny, what was the last video you watched that made you laugh?

3. What are some of your favorite funny scenes from movies and shows?

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My flatmate and friends are watching the Superbowl and being really loud. I need to get up at just past 7 a.m. and the Superbowl isn't going to be over here until at least 4:30 a.m. I guess there's really nothing I can do about it since the ~*~SUPERBOWL~*~ is more important than getting up for work, right?
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TQC, is it possible to uninstall Internet Explorer? I hate it with a passion, and hate when a link opens in it for some reason (for example, right now all my AIM links open in IE). If it is possible, how would I go about doing it, and assuring that the next round of Windows updates that were forced on my computer didn't reinstall it?

Do you love Pieces of Flair on facebook? What does your board look like, right now?
Yes. Yes I do. mine!

What is your current FB status?

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Do you pick your nose?

I'm one of those people that was about to comment on how I used to, in elementary school.

Do you eat your boogers?

Yes, in public.
Yes, in private.
No, I just wash my hands.
No, I just wipe them somewhere.
No, I don't pick!

How do you moisturize your nose innards?

Body lotion.
Saline spray.
Carmex/lip balm.

And, uh. If you don't pick your nose, how the fuck do you keep it clean in there?
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I have hardly any female friends because I don't get along with most.
Well, I've kinda hung out with this girl like twice. My bf and her bf are friends so that's how I met her. The second time we all hung out, we hung out at her apt practically all night. She said that we should hang out and stuff, but a lot of people say that so I don't hold my breath. She texted me today for no reason.

With all that being said, would it be weird if I asked her to hang out sometime without our guys so I can actually have conversations with a female that I get along with?

Obv. I have nothing but men in my life, because I'm even clueless about making friends with a girl!
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I really really really really really want some maki sushi, pleasee please. Are there any chain stores that sell crap sushi that I can munch on to hold me over til I can get the real deal?

What do you really really want right now?
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TQC, help me out. I'm looking for this one icon, and I'm sure I've seen someone in this comm use it before. It's just a .gif icon of this little raccoon smiling and clapping its hands. I'm pretty sure it's in black and white. Does anyone have it, or can you point me to it?

'cause I'm leaving on a jet plane

but I'll be back at the end of May. Guys, I'm leaving for a 3-month study abroad in a week. eta: to Granada, Spain, to live in a homestay with a divorced housewife.

What am I forgetting to pack?

Alternately, what's in my bag that will probably get confiscated by TSA for their entertainment?

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how long do you wait for somebody to text you?
do you give people your number or ask for theirs?

this guy was hitting on me a of couple nights ago but i had to leave.
i gave him my number and said he should text me sometime. but i haven't heard from him yet. how long should i wait? most guys have texted me within a day in the past. dang.


so.... lets say you're a huge HUGE steelers fan and you live in london. now, imagine that london is having some sort of freak snowstorm (aka 2 inches) and your shitty ass cable service can't handle london's rain, let alone its snow, without tanking. imagine that your cable goes out in the middle of the superbowl and you have to skype YOUR MOTHER (a not-avid football fan) for her to give you the play by play.

how much rage, on a scale of one (none) to ten (blind, red-hot) would you feel?

what would you do in my situation?
why don't my parents have an effing webcam so i can watch?
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What is the technical term for a type of job where you get paid for useless work? Like digging ditches and filling them back up again. I don't mean workfare.

Found it myself, I am awesome. It's a make-work job.
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work work work

It's 3am [here anyway]
I am slightly behind on my coursework, having not turned in my first assignment yet which I should've done about... two months ago. It is almost finished but I KEEP putting it off.
Should I do it right now this very second and get it over with even though it's late and I am getting quite tired?
Or sleep and do it tomorrow even though the chances of me forgetting and getting distracted are quite high?

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What is a random stereotype about your nationality that surprises you?

If you are American, did you know that people abroad commonly think Americans do not understand subtle sarcasm? Where do you think this comes from?

ETA:  If you are NOT American:  did you know that in the US the term "yankee" refers to people who grew up above the Mason-Dixon line?  Every time someone calls me a "yankee" overseas, I want to shake them and say, "I was raised in the South, you idiot."
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Uhmm....I just heard my roommate's dog barfing in the laundry room. Should I go attempt to clean it up or leave it for her to do in the morning?

I mean, yeah, it would be nice for her if I cleaned it up, and nice for the dog, but there's about a 90% chance that I'll actually throw up upon seeing it and if I do that, she'll have to clean up dog and Rox barf.
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nom nom baby flesh

Do you think this download for The Sims 2 is highly inappropriate and quite frankly DISGUSTING!!![outrage] or hilarious in a morbid kind of way?

ETA: Is it as bad or worse than a mod which allows one sim to, er, rape another sim?
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What's one thing that someone else can do that is guaranteed to annoy you?

Also, looking for two blogs:
1. Was a lady who keeps a feminist type blog, but whenever she becomes pregnant she becomes a blathering mess of "OMG BEING PREGNANT AND BREEDING IS AWESOME". I lost the link to her blog.

2. Was a woman who is on LJ. She posted something about self harm, someone contacted LJ Abuse and had a cop come out and arrest her for being "suicidal".

Anyone know who I'm talking about and what their URL's are? I've lost both of them and I have a vague interest in reading up.
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When was the last time you had snow where you are?
We have snow right now, like 5 inches. This is very rare. I feel like I should be doing something to commemorate this event before it inevitably all melts by morning.

Do you like snow?

If could choose the gender of your future baby, would you want a boy or a girl? WHY?
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As I posted earlier, we in England are currently having rather a snowstorm. We have a whole *GASP* TEN CENTIMETRES of snow. Ergo, all the London buses have shut down, nearly all of the underground trains are shut down or delayed, most of the airports and nearly all the railways too.

How stupid is London right now?
10cm of snow and everything CEASES TO FUNCTION. I am ashamed of us.
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If this has been asked, link me.
What was your favorite superbowl commercial?
I can't decide between the Jason Statham Audi commercial or the Teleflora commercial with the boxed flowers telling the girl that nobody wants to see her naked.
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Why there is evil? Which religious belief do you think best addresses the reason as to why there is evil? Or are none acceptable? Or perhaps evil is just an illusion and does not exist at all? If evil does exist, which form does it take? Does it take any form at all?
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tax question!
okay, so this year i earned all my money from federal work study and i made just over $1,000
do i have to file my taxes??

also (in case anyone has experience with this) -- are there any financial benefits for a college student if their parents do not claim them on their taxes?
(ETA: i'm also working on establishing residency in a different state than my parents live in. if they don't claim me could this help my application?)

and, finally, how exactly do i go about filing my taxes?
i've never done it before and i've just been staring at my W-2 wondering what to do with it.
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Inspired by a question from last night ...

What would you like to know about American football?

Perplexed? Bamboozled? Confused? Just trolling? Ask, and I shall attempt to sort it out for you.

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I was watching a commercial to feed the children of africa and I noticed that the kids were wearing shirts from the 80s that were donated by people from the 90s and realized these shirts were pretty cool again. There's a business oppurtunity here!

So, tqc, how much would you pay for a vintage 80s T-shirt previously worn by a starving African child?

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About how much is appropriate for a college student with baby-sitting and volunteer experience to charge for tutoring a sixth-grader? He needs help understanding fractions. My friend charges $25 an hour, but she's got TONS of experience and pro training.
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I'm feeling a little insecure about my life and what I'm doing in it, due mostly to the fact that I'm 22, a lot of the people I graduated high school with will be graduating college this year, and I probably have at least two more years to go (due to changing majors and other such stuff). I'm currently taking classes at a community college (part time) with plans to move to a state school once I get my Associate's. However, unlike many of my high school friends, I am already working full time in the field I want to be in (I'm an education major and I'm working at a school for the blind) and there's a good chance that, once I get my degree, I can move up to being a full on teacher at the school, especially since by that point I'll have been working for them for nearly three years and they'll know me. I've been told a lot of people at the school (Including the superintendent!) have started out in the exact place I am now and moved up, which rules.

Still, I can't shake the feeling that school is taking too long for me and I'm somehow a failure for graduating later than my peers. Do you think I'm doing ok, as far as where I am in my life right now? I'm happy, but I've always been insecure and a worrier, so I can't take the happyness at face value. :/ Anything I could do to help myself feel better about this?
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TL;DR: How do I get my roommate to move to a new apartment with me? Srs/Non-srs, but srs appreciated.

I love my roommates, and I love my apartment. However, when our lease is up in May, one of them is going her separate way to get an apartment with a different set of friends. My other roommate and I do not want to split up, as we're both picky about who we live with and like each other. I'm trying to convince her to move to a 2 bedroom townhouse 20 minutes from where we are now (the same company owns the townhouse community as owns our apartment complex). The rent is going to be about $300/month cheaper, but we'll have to each pay half instead of a third. It saves us from screening new roommates, though. However, her job is in the town we currently live in, as are her family and friends. Moving to the townhouse, though, would give us more room, and I would be closer to work (I'm currently driving an hour both ways while she's driving two minutes).

ETA: I already presented the idea, very briefly. What I got was "I don't really want to move to Owings Mills because I'll have to drive further to work" which is basically what has triggered the "talk her into it because it's slightly selfish to not take my needs/wants into consideration" mindset as opposed to "discuss it with her".

What would be the best way to present to her the benefits of moving to the townhouse in terms of financial and my personal reasons?

Have you had to deal with a situation like this? What did you do?

Do you like your roommates, or are you praying for the day your lease is up?

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Do you dislike having to use the restrooms at work?

For how long have you held in a poop at work?

Have you ever seen a co-worker enter a toilet stall and, much to your embarrassment, had to smell their poop, leading you to never look at (or smell) them the same ever again?
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Resume Words

From this entry

Would anyone else like the Resume Words list? If so leave your email here or send me a message and I'll get it to you guys in one mass email instead of a million single ones.

ETA: I uploaded it to my Flickr account so I could just post it on here...I can still email it if you wish but I figured this might be easier.

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Fellow Brits/UK peoples

Do I need an E111 form or a EHIC card thingy whatsit to go to France?

Everywhere online mentions it but I haven't read anything specific. I have my own travel insurance [if I can find the documents], but I just want to know if I can get on the Eurostar without this other form?

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If you're trying to become "independent" from your parents (for tax purposes), and literally all they do by means of monetary support is pay for your cell phone (you pay for tuition/room & board, student loans are in your name, etc), would they claim your college fees on their tax forms or would you?

If they would: how the hell can I go about becoming "independent?"

Sorry if this is a dumb question. I want that tax break, but I am almost positive that my parents will try to claim those fees.
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I've never used mousse before. I got my haircut yesterday and the stylist used it and I love the results, except it came out kinda crunchy. How do I use mousse without it making my hair crunchy?

I'm curious. Has anyone tried KY yours and mine? Is it as heavenly as the commercials make it? lol.
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I know I there isn't an option for greenery or other such smokeables because that would skew the results I am trying to look at. I had some cloves this wknd and am seriously thinking of buying a pack. So Ti-Qew-Sea, what do you think?

Would you rather?

Smoke cloves
Smoke cigarettes
Smoke cigars
No smoking at all

Would you rather a sig. other smoked


Also, (and I know I could google this but whatev) what are the main plusses and minuses to cloves vs. cigarettes?

For those that don't care about smoking, are you happy with what Punxsutawney Phil had to say or do you yearn for Spring as I do? Do you even believe that a groundhog can predict the future/weather?
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So, basically I'm screwed. I went in for a drug test and it came back positive for OxyContin, which I have never consciously taken in my life. The only logical explanation I can think of is that I accidentally took my cousin's OxyContin instead of my codeine pill. The bottles are identical, right next to each other, and the pills look pretty much exactly the same.

Do you think the company I'm applying for will be understanding if I explain the situation and show proof that we both have these prescriptions? Or should I start applying elsewhere?

ETA: I fucked it up, it's actually Percocet that my cousin is on.

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Can anyone AT ALL tell me what the song at the end of this video is? It starts at 1:14 if you want to skip ahead. I heard it in Jamaica on the radio a lot, and its obviously a reggae song. I am dying to know :( Thanks TQC


If you live in Maryland, what are some counties you'd want to avoid living in?  I'm planning to move there, and I don't want to start looking in a county where I know is bad/shady/etc.

If you were moving to a state which you knew (pretty much) nothing about, where would you start?

If you could move right now to any state, where would you go? If not a state, which country?

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I looked through the communities some and then realized y'all could probably provided me an answer with much less work.

Is there a community -- I need it to be relatively active -- where I can post a text of writing and others will critique the crap out of it?
LOL I have no pants!

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My older cousin is still a virgin and I'm not. She's jealous that I already lost it. How do I explain to her that it's really not that big of a deal and that it's ok she still carries her v-card?

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If you were doing a paper, would you choose the topic you know well, or the one you don't really know at all?
I'm doing a paper on how the following things are caused by living in families: disordered eating, mental illness, substance abuse, sexual issues, or risky behaviors (e.g., dangerous driving, delinquency)
What should I do my paper on? (I know depression, but I don't know substance abuse as much)


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Is it normal, for a 5 year old to run around showing everyone her "bra" (bathing suit top), with enthusiasm?
What are some possible reasons for a .. random stomach ache?
Why would your S.O. get offended if you called them by their name instead of a pet name?
How do you efficiently waste your time?

i need opinions!

dear tqc!

we just redid the website for my work and i feel like there are a few things that may need to be changed/tweaked. if you are bored, check out this website: shibori.com and let me know what you think about the design of the page.

how does it look aesthetically? what are your first thoughts when checking it out? anything you would change? or anything you really love/think is great? i would love you all dearly.

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1. Do you have/do you know anyone who has a herniated/slipped disc in their spine?

2. If so, was any evidence of that ever seen on a plain film x-ray, or did it only show up on the MRI/CT scan?

My doctor says she's seeing a possible one on a plain film x-ray...I've been reading these reports for years as part of my job, and I've never heard of that.

3. If my doctor thinks she sees a herniated disc on my x-ray, she should give me good drugs y/n?
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What came before the zombies?

Kids these days, always dressing up as zombies, posing in their facebook/myspace/bmezine/livejournals as zombies and going on zombie picnic, zombie walks and making low grade zombie films etc.

But what came before the zombies? What were kids dressing up and posing as before the zombie trend? And what will come after the zombie trend?

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Is it ridiculous not to want to get tattooed at a parlour where the shop sign is incorrectly punctuated? However, the shop is highly recommended to me, I know at 4 people who have had work done there and are really satisfied, and all the artists have solid portfolios and I think they would be able to give me what I want.

I just feel vaguely uncomfortable about the idea of getting inked in a shop call SKINTASTIC TATTOO'S...

What would you do?

When dopplegangers attack

There's a criminal on the loose in your city, wanted for killing 15 people at a Taco Bell. This person's image is being shown on tv, in newspapers and on Post Office walls. The interesting thing is that this person looks just like you! It's eerie how similar you two look, and honestly, you don't have a valid alibi during the hour when the Taco Bell incident happened.

What do you do?

Crazy dudes who fix the sides of buildings...

Someone in a community I moderate posted this question and I figured that a better and/or faster response might come from here. So here goes:


Kind of a random question here, but while I am sitting at the table studying, I am also watching a guy lower himself off of the top of the building across from me with a bunch of ropes and a bucket of tools, and I am wondering what kind of wage these guys make. Is rope access a lucrative career choice or do people get in to it simply for the thrill of working suspended hundreds of feet in the air? (A quick google search gave me info on training and safety but not much on jobs.)

This is really just a question for those, like me, who are wasting time on LJ instead of doing something more productive - an answer isn't urgent :)


dark silence

not quite relationships

Would you be comfortable being involved with someone in an exclusive friends with benefits arrangement where you only have sex with each other but are still considered single?

I've edited this half a dozen times and can't make that sentence not look weird, maybe tis just me.

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How do you respond when someone you don't know very well (or at all, really) says something inappropriate/racist/offensive in conversation?

I had this happen on Saturday and I probably didn't hide my O_o face very well, but I wasn't sure what to say.

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So, I suck at creative writing, and for my writing class I have to write a 9-15 page paper about anything I want as long as it's influenced by Walden by Henry David Thoreau. I've been toying with the idea of writing about connecting with nature in an unexpected place such as NYC, since I live in that area, but that's as far as I've gotten, and I wouldn't even know where to begin.

Do you have any suggestions? I have to have an idea drafted by Wednesday!

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Does anyone want to proof read something for me? I want to make sure all of my punctuation marks are there and used correctly. I've been staring at it for so long I can't tell anymore. Its just two pages..pleease :)

Thats a question right?

Right :)
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I just found out I have next Saturday and Sunday off which is really rare and I'm considering taking the bus from Boston to NYC for the day. I'd spend about 8 hours on the bus and about 8 hours in the city. Is this crazy of me to be considering? I've been there for 3 overnight trips and I have a pretty good feel for the city even though I'm not overly familiar with it.

If you had 8 hours to spend all by your lonesome in NYC, how would you spend it?

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I need help. Ever since I got my laptop the taskbar has shoved the things I am using into a very small side next to where the time is. I have a Dell Studio 1550. Does anyone know how to fix it? Thank you very much for the help.  Problem fixed. Thank you.

What do you hear right now? I am listeing to Charles Hamilton on MTVU and Carry on My Wayward Son on the speakers around this room.
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Something's wrong with livejournal when I log in. The text on the log in page has switched itself around and several of my icons have disappeared leaving behind a box with a question mark inside. Is this happening to anyone else or is it just me?

Edit: Since I'm the only one this is happening, does anyone know how to fix it or should I just hope for it to fix itself? I don't think it's the web browser because I've been to other sites and they're fine. This is also happening on both the Mac and Windows side of my laptop.

Edit 2: It's fixed now. Thank you everyone for your help


It's the end of my work day, and I find myself getting ready to leave, and I am really, incredibly horny.

Instead of going home to have hot sex though, me and my boyfriend are committed to going to hot (literally, bikrams!) yoga...

My question is this: I've been experiencing a lack of sex drive for a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long time now, due to a variety of reasons, and it is only now slowly coming back. I haven't felt randomly horny like this in ages!

What can I do to get this feeling back when I'm done yoga and back at home? I want to have sexy times tonight but hate trying to force it when I'm not in the mood.

Or/also: Any tips for improving/stimulating sex drive in general?

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Opera Attire

My boyfriend is taking me to see La Boheme Valentine's Day weekend! I was wondering how formal are you supposed to dress? How formal is too formal? I'm wearing a cute black dress but how is he supposed to dress? Is a tuxedo too much to wear? The Dallas Opera website says to dress in something that makes you feel good but that is really subjective and I don't want to show up looking like a dumbass.

I just don't want to look too silly by dressing up too formally/not dressing up enough. It's opening night if that helps.
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Movie ?s

1. Are there any movies that you have seen more than one time this year (they don't have to be movies released this year)?

2. What movie have you seen the most? If you had to guess, how many times would you say you have seen it?

3 a) If you are keeping a tally of movies you've seen this year, would you share it?
b) If not, or if you want to answer this one too, what are some movies that you watch every time they come on TV?
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If you've ever been on a road trip, where did you go? Did you plan the trip in advance?

I live in Massachusetts and I really need some new ideas of where to go. My thoughts are somewhere outside of New England, considering I've hit up NH, VT, ME, CT, MA and RI way too much. 

I was thinking of going to Baltimore/Annapolis but I might be in the DC area next fall and maybe i could make a side trip while I'm there.

Any ideas for fun road trips for a Massachusetts resident? BONUS points if it is close to cheap lodging or camping spots.    

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Are you a Godparent?
Did you have to buy the baby's christening outfit?

Is it some kind of sick joke that my sister is asking for help to plan this when I won't be in the state for two weekends this month and the date is set for the first weekend of March? :(

If none of this is applicable:

What is overwhelming you right now?

(no subject)

What would make your life easier? 

A few laundry hampers and hangers that aren't cheap plastic! My boyfriend and I have gotten into the very lazy habit of chucking our clothes all over the ground when we're done wearing them. After 2 weeks worth piled up on the floor and a wash they end up..tossed in a box, only to be worn and then thrown on the ground again.

I assume this will go on for one more month until we move again and after the baby I'll probably want things to stay neat and tidy.
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Hello again!

1.) .....Can anyone remember windows 3.1 ?         .. I can.

2.)..... If you had LASIK eye surgery like me, how long has it been Are you still seeing star-burst once in a while? ....  I do. :(
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I just got this from my professor


Only five of the twelve class members have successfully completed the VLS assignment and that was every assignment submitted. I am very pleased with five of you.
This is not the way to impress he who is about to evaluate you. I know a few of you had some questions which I answered. Since my instructions to you included a daily check of email, I am sure that all of your questions were answered. Why then do I not have all of the assignments? It must be the Mail system. Gee, I hope that this is getting to you. I guess I will have to report that the system is broken to the tech folk. Alas, I should wait until we meet in order to verify this mishap.
Well if all is well I will see you Tuesday"

The class doesn't meet until tomorrow morning. If he emailed us this assignment, isn't it acceptable that it can be done any time BEFORE the class tomorrow? Am I missing something? Is this email full of 'tude or is it just me?

EDIT: It's due at 10pm tonight...it's only 7:30pm now though. hah
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Have you ever renamed yourself on LJ? What was your old username?

Alternatively, do you plan out your life by the decade or have specific long term goals? Goals like: in 2011, I'll be married. By 2016, I'll have two children. By 2020, I'll go back and get a law degree. (These aren't actually my goals, just an example)

(no subject)

I just watched a documentary about women who played Annie on Broadway as a child. So I'm interested...

What was your fifteen minutes of fame?

Were you or anyone you know a child star/prodigy/professional?

(no subject)

If your significant other were to cook you a meal for Valentine's day, what would you like to have? (anything but steak) Just looking for some ideas in preparing my own present. Preferably something that can be done within an hour or so (I could do the preparations the night before if needed).

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TQC i need your collective knowlege! i bought something online a while ago and paid via PayPal. however i dont have a paypal account, i just paid with my card details, via some sort of paypal secure thingy. now i have been given a refund, but i now no longer have the card, or bank account that i paid through as i had to close it coz some bastard stole my details.
my question to you is this. would the refund bounce since my card and account dont exsist? or because its through paypal will it hang in limbo forever? could the company retrieve it?
 i asked for a refund last night and an email confirming from paypal that it was sitting there when i got home from work today, so i didnt get much of a chance to go 'but not to that card please.' i didnt want to put that in the email i sent as it was a snippy 'give me a refund or im going to take this further' type affair as i had been having alot of problems with them responding to me. all it says in the email is that if you have any questions to log in to the paypal site, but i cant coz i dont have a blooming account.
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TQC, have you ever had any success getting scratches out of dvds? How did you do it? (If you used a product, please indicated which and where to get it!)

I've got the Sex and the City collectors set, but two of the discs won't play right and of course, it's got two of my favorite episodes, one on each :(

What box/collector set dvds do you have?
SatC, The Golden Girls, Full House, Little House on the Prairie, and The Girls Next Door.
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Of the million extracurricular activities I'm looking at becoming involved with in college, my current consideration is martial arts classes, which they offer in the campus rec center. I have exactly zero experience. Actually that's a lie - I went to a karate birthday party when I was six.

Here are my options. All instructors seem well-qualified.

- Aikido
- Hapkido
- Jiukido Jujitsu
- Shao-Lin Kung Fu and Tai Chi
- Shorin Ryu Karate
- Taido
- Traditional Taekwondo
- Ying Hung Gwoon
- Krav Maga

My goals are to feel confident in my self-defense abilities, flexibility, physical fitness, balance, etc. But for now, nothing too intense since I'll also be dealing with a considerable workload.

So, do any of you have any experience in the above forms? Opinions and thoughts?
Academic bullshit
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(no subject)

If you put a pope and an antipope in the same room together, would they annihilate each other? If so, what sort of particles would they produce?

What sort of weird shit do you come up with to entertain yourself in long classes?
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Valentine's Day is upon is. And while buying myself some candy this year, I was wondering...

Does anyone like those white Sweethearts?
I can't stand 'em, they always go in the bin.

Which color is your favourite Sweetheart?

What are you getting your Valentine this year?

(no subject)

Have you ever written a poem? Let's hear it!!

Are you into any modern poetry? My friend just recently got me into Rives and George Watsky.

Have you ever read Cyrano De Bergerac? did you not absolutely love it? Thoughts?

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Has anyone here ever bought anything from ModCloth? If so, can you tell me about their sizing?

Specifically, I want to order a blazer they have, but they only have M, not L, and I'm often right in-between. I have basically no boobs, and am quite slim, but I'm also very tall and have long arms, so it makes sizes weird since if I get something large, it'll often have too big a bust area so it poofs out on me or some crap, but if I get medium sometimes the arms aren't long enough even though the rest is fitted correctly. Yes yes I know tailoring and whatnot, but getting the L isn't an option for me, and you can't tailor-larger.

(Anyone have one of their blazers who could measure the arm length for me? A shot in the dark, but you never know... Or if you can tell whether they run large, run small, or whatever....?)
{wow} sin'dorei pride
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peace corps

So what have you heard about the peace corps? Any good or bad stories? I'm contemplating it, but just want to know some more other than what the site gives me. Do you know anyone who's been in it?
lost in translation


Question answered. Thanks! :D

I don't know how to explain this... I like to keep my AIM buddy list "docked" on the side on my computer screen and sometimes I accidentally drag my buddy list too far off the desktop... so I can't see my buddy list anymore and because it's off the screen, I can't use my mouse to drag it back. Does this happen to anyone else? How to fix it?

Book suggestions

I would like some book suggestions from you all, tqc. I have the whoooole February off college and I want something light... liiiiiight, but not too brainless. I really want to just chill the whole month. So what do you have for me? I used to like to read R.L.Stine, Celia Rees and Marilyn Kaye as a kid. :)

I see many book recs online, but which ones should I actually read? Take into account that I live in Croatia and should like to find older books in the library... so no really new stuff. Help?
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Tuna food?

I have tuna & elbow macaroni noodles. What *HOT* food can I make with these two? Hot as in not cold, as in not macaroni salad.

I also have other around-the-house ingredients (dairy products, seasonings, etc).

Please help my hunger!

Tampa Bay area

i know you guys hate questions like this, but i'm moving to the tampa bay area (tarpon springs, to be exact) from massachusetts in a few weeks and i really would like to know... what the hell is a small-town new england girl supposed to do there? i know NO ONE and NOTHING there, but i'm going through a very painful breakup and losing my dog and jobs i love, so i really could use some fun things to do / new people to make this a little easier. :(


Hair Help!

So I need to revamp my hair care. I need a new Shampoo, Conditioner and hair spray. Preferably I can get it from Ulta or Sephora.

I have intensely color treated/ damaged hair. I had a stylist over bleach my hair when she did highlights and it just ruined my hair. Saturday I had to dye it all basically black so I'll have any hopes of it returning to a normal shade one day with out cutting it all off. It gets oily on top and super dry on bottom.

I work out every day so not showering isnt an option.

I currently use: Aveda Color Conserve Conditioner and Aveda Air Control Hair Spray.

Recommend new products? Thanks for any help!!