February 1st, 2009

My Wild Irish Rose

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It is 12:02 a.m. where I am, and I am the only conscious person in my house.  I'm hungry.

 Should I have cereal, french toast,  cinamon bun or a sandwich? 

I have decided on french toast and a glass of milk.  TY, people. :)
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I have recently found myself in the position where I loathe something. What word do you use when you really can't stand something?

What's the longest you have ever been without power? What was the cause of the outage? What was the weather like when it happened? (Assuming the weather wasn't the cause of the outage)

Do you agree that ice is a vile, detestable substance?

How the hell have you been this week?

guys or girls so inclined:

do you find that a girl talking about video games is a turnoff?

i don't really like it when someone gets obsessive about video games and i'm overly self-conscious about coming off that way.
or something.

so i keep my video game playing mostly under cover. just wondering if that's a little weird.
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TQC ladies, this one is mostly directed at you~

armhair. do you shave it? no? are there any downsides to shaving it? i keep thinking about doing it, but wondering if i'll have like, ugly stubble on my arms.

opinions pls.

edit: my arm-hair is pretty dark brown. i notice it a lot, but that might just be me being self-conscious.
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How do YOU pronounce ONTD (in your head or otherwise)?
I kinda say it "onth'd" in my head but out loud I just call it ohnotheydidnt. does anybody else mentally pronounce it like i do?!

Any acronyms or abbreviations you want to list here in comments for others to describe how they pronounce them?
Bandit Driving

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What were some rumors about you?

Do you know who started them?

Did you ever start a rumor about someone? If so, what was it?

Where does most of the inspiration for your questions posted here come from?
Bug-eyed Earl

Ring my bell.

Is there a way to download ring tones from the web for free without having an internet enabled phone? It doesn't have a USB or anything to connect it to the computer. Can they.. text it to me or something? There are websites where you can just go to a certain address to download them for free but I cannot do that on my phone as I do not have the internets on it.

Edit: Mobile17.com and Phonezoo.com

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Hey TQC,
What program do you use to download (free) (ie *cough* illegal) music from the internet?

I ask because I have a mac laptop and I've been using Limewire for the past few years, except it seems to not be working so wonderfully anymore, so I'm looking to try a new program to get my music. What do you use?
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Long story short, apparently I can't crochet anything except a basic chain. So now I have this 40 foot yarn chain tapeworm thing.

1. What now?

(It was supposed to be a scarf and I would be thrilled if it could still be one but IDK. I might just unravel it and give the yarn to my friend who actually can knit.)

2. Have you ever failed spectacularly at arts and crafts? What happened?

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1) Will you post a picture or describe your favourite tattoo design?

2) I suddenly got this urge to join the army as a medical technician (or some other science-related non-combatant position). How feasible is this? Will you tell me some anecdotes about being in the army? FYI I'm Canadian and will be graduating soon with a BSc in Psychology.
(The reason I started thinking about this is because I just realized how useless a bachlor's in psychology really is. But that's another story.)

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So, I've been posting in various places (Craigslist and Facebook, mostly) advertising my editing services.  I've only ever helped people revise their papers through in-person consultations at a university writing center, and have been paid a salary for that.  However, since I'm offering an online service, I was unsure about how I should handle payment issues.

Should I ask for money up-front through Paypal, or ask for payment after I've completed the editing?

Here is the advertisement for reference.

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It seems now that lots of shirts are going 'tagless' - meaning that instead of having a tag up by your neck, they have the size and whatnot imprinted right on the shirt.

Why do these same shirts who claim to be 'tagless' then put another tag in the seam at your side? Is this tag even more annoying than the original tag at the neck?
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If you were allowed, would you paint the walls of a house you were renting if you were only planning to stay 2-3 years?

If so, which walls? All, or just a select few rooms?

ETA: The walls are white. All of them.
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Good morning from Central Pennsylvania, TQC!

i have this thing in my iPod settings called radio - does this mean i can listen to the radio or is that just there to taunt me with is hiding hideyness? it doesn't seem to do anything and i'm so unfamiliar with ipods and apple related stuff i'm not sure how to work it.

would it be wierd to go buy a crappy radio so i could just listen to the superbowl with my boyfriend when we get home?

is there anything weird that you do in the morning? or what is percieved as weird to friends/family/S.O's -

Question Mark

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Hi folks,

So I like the Writer's Block questions from time-to-time, but the only way I can find to view them is either via LiveJournal.com (when logged in) or the archive feed. "Great!", I thought, "I can syndicate the latter", but LJ won't let you syndicate feeds on its own site.

Is there any clever way to add the archive feed to your friends list, or some other way to catch them on your friends list? It doesn't seem to exist as a journal, at least as far as I can find.
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Gooooooood Morning / Afternoon, TQC!

What's the most recent thing that put YOU in a good mood?

I just got into a college I didn't think I'd get into!

On another note, What should I buy myself to celebrate this miraculous occasion?
(hookers and blow are out of the question.)

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Has anyone in your life seemingly dropped off the face of the earth? (randomly stopped answering calls, texts or emails, etc.) Did you ever hear from them again?

Have you ever done this to someone? What was the reason?

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Why does my cat stick her head into my cups of water or the fishbowl, but never drinks out of her own bowl?

Do you have pets?
If yes, what weird things do they do?
If no, have you ever wanted a pet? Why/why not?

Car Cart

No kids here.

1.             Who is Under 30 years of age and DOES NOT have kids in community?

                                 I do.


2.            Do you have a deferred compensation plan or 401k that you HAVE NOT touched yet?   

                                Yes. Also.
[ Yes, had it this dammit]

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Laundry day!

I just had to run downstairs, dripping wet from the shower, to get a clean and dry towel out of the dryer. Cold!

1. On which day do you usually do the laundry?

2. How long do you go without doing laundry?

3. How hardxcore are you about separating out lights, darks, etc?

4. When did you start doing your own laundry?

5. Whose laundry do you also do?

6. Where do you go to do your laundry?

7. What are synonyms for "laundry" I can use to edit this post to add in some variety?
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how is your skin?
are you pale, tan, oily, dry?
do you have acne?
how about psoriasis or eczema?

i want to know, tqc.

if you don't want to talk about it, what are you doing today?
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Today is my husband's grandparents' 62 year wedding anniversary. Do you know any other couples that have been together that long? Longer?
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is there that one person in your life that you let treat you like crap? that one person that no matter how much time goes by, you'd drop everything to pick up the phone when they call? the kind of person who only really wants to talk to you when it's convenient for them, but you don't care because they still have a hold of your heart after however many years? the kind of person who knows this and uses it to their advantage?

Price Inquiry

Well, when the guy at GameStop told me that the World of Warcraft WOTLK: Collector's Edition was available only for that day, I couldn't say no. Now that I decided to quit, and am saving money for an XBOX 360, I thought maybe I could sell off the swag that came with it minus the Expansion Disc, since I already used the code. How much you think I can sell the stuff for?

Includes: Hard cover art book, mouse pad, soundtrack CD, Behind the Scenes DVD, two packs of cards, and the nice pretty box. :D I'm thinking if I tried hard enough, around $30-39.
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TQC, I just slept for about twelve hours. I'm still tired. Should I crawl back into bed, or should I concede defeat (it's 1 PM here) and go the fuck out to get some food and do some homework?

A professor I like whose class I loved just offered me a job. (Part time, that is, as I am still a student.) I get the feeling it will largely consist of me being a filing monkey, but I'll also get the chance to be in on some really cool research as well as go to conferences and do cool things like help prep for meetings with FBI and customs agents. I've been told the pay is "not great, but okay." Will it be worth it?

I have the strongest hankering for pancakes, so I think I'm gonna go get some after I finally get out of bed. What kind should I get?! (you know, fruit, chocolate chip, plain, whatevs)
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Are there any songs where you like the lyrics but you don't really like the melody of the song? What songs are they?

And are there any songs where you really like the melody but hate the lyrics?

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In your opinion, when is the appropriate time to say "I love you" in a relationship? (Other than the obvious, "when you are really in love with them.")

What is your favorite kind of juice?
I just discovered cran-cherry this morning and I've almost finished the bottle.
threadless. i want to be inside you!

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my boyfriend just gave me guild wars. should i play it? is it fun/interesting?

if you're not interested,
a very fat lady i work with is one of the sweetest people i know. one day she was talking about how she has to be nice, because she doesn't really have anything else going for her. 
do you think that fat people have to be nice because they don't have anything else going for them?
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The English word religion is derived from a Latin word religio, which meant the fear or awe one feels in the presence of a spirit of a god. It is said that this definition cannot do justice to all religions.

Do you agree? What do you think would be a better definition for religion? What would you include, what would you not include?

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My kids do a valentine exchange at school. They are in kindergarten and second grade. We are going to hand make our valentines.

I was thinking that for the girls, I could make each of them a little felt heart accessory mounted on a bobby pin that they could wear in their hair. I would probably make them layered in pink and red (though I prefer the red and black that I used for my prototype).

What do you think of this idea? Honest opinions would be appreciated. I can't decide if this is a good idea or silly.

Collapse )

Edited to add: I'm not sure what the boys will be getting yet. Probably just a card, but it'd be a cool handmade card.

Edited again: If you think a card for the boys is a bad idea, how about a homemade heart chocolate? Do you have any other ideas for the boys?
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Have you ever eaten the flesh of the living?

sure. I eat the bits of skin off my lips when they're chapped.
give it to us raw and wriggling.
does the body of christ count?
no, I like my food dead
Baro Bitch Stare
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The can of soda I just opened is flat! Should I drink it still or is it bad somehow?

Have you ever opened a soda can and not heard the usual "fizz" sound?

What have you had to drink so far today?
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This is a peek of my room. Would this coffee table look okay at the end of my bed? My coffee table books have no coffee table to go on, and the collection has gotten a little extreme.

What are some of your favorite kinds of books to see on coffee tables?

Do you watch The Golden Girls? If so, who is your favorite character?

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I miss talking to her so much. Even though I told her that we need to stop talking, I wish I wouldn't have said that.

TQC, what is something you wish you wouldn't have said?

ETA: Should I refrain from IMing her if only to see how she is doing?

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1) Have you ever gone through your clothes and found [insert random number that is more than one] of pretty much the exact same item?

2) Where can I find a top like this except in black?

3) Dr. Scholl's for high heels - have you tried them? How are they?

4) What are the best places to find cheap jewelry online? I already do the eBay thing.

Kill Bill - Elle
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I have to sit here and log three more hours in of math.
How is your Sunday going? Anything you need to talk about?

What area of math do you fucking hate? I hate percentage word problems. They just confuse me.

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Would you rather have your own backyard pool or your own indoor gym?

Both fully equipped. The pool can have a pool house and bar and stuff. The gym can have a rock climbing wall and flat-screen TVs.
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If you have a hole on one sock, do you throw both socks out or just the one with the hole? If you don't throw them both out, what do you do with the extra? Do you wait until two socks have had holes and then put them together as a pair? What if they are two different brand or style socks?
is a beaut
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i've never seen a picture (i don't think so anyway) of axistentialism but i always imagine him like this bloke

WHY IS THAT?!! (p.s not the black guy). do you imagine any tqcers like someone even if they don't have that particular person in their icon? that is worded so badly. BASCS YEAH WHAT DO YOU IMAGINE TQCERS TO LOOK LIKE?

who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? i spoke to my friend kez who told me she can't go out with me tonight because she's ill.

will you show me a picture of one thing that you always wear?

i will! this is my watch -

ALSO will you show me a picture of something cool or anything and i will show you something back?

(this is like the most annoying and messy post ever)

adopting a dog

Hi everyone,

My husband and I are looking to adopt a dog but to be responsible pet owners we need a few questions answered.

First background info: we live in canada (cold!) in a 3 bedroom house with a small backyard. We both work full-time but get home fairly consistently at 5:30pm.

Ok now for the questions:
1. How much does it generally cost to take care of a small-medium dog per month?

2. Is it alright if the dogs are walked morning and night with no lunch walk?

3. What breed (although I am really looking for a mutt) would be a good match for our lifestyle.

I guess that I am basically asking for any advice that you pet owners can give me.

aw | blink

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Who is your favourite character on Brothers & Sisters? Who is your least favourite?

What kind of emotion do you feel when you hear The Byrd's cover of My Back Pages?

Would you rather visit Turkey or Belgium?
narrator - f1_roxie

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Are any TQCers roller derby enthusiasts?
How'd you get into it?
Anybody actually play roller derby?
What was your derby name? :D
Any recommendations for what skates a beginner should get?
I was looking at the RW Outlaw Quad Speed Skates... does anybody have any experience with them/know if they are good or if they suck?

I am a roller derby enthusiast who is not old enough to actually skate competitively yet, but I'm getting involved this season by being a referee. All the refs around here practice with the team because we are mostly girls who just aren't old enough to be on a team yet, so I will be getting a pair of speed skates in the next couple weeks.
Oh and my derby name is Kitty Pryde'N'Glory :D

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When you go on a date with someone (and you want to see them again) do you call them after the date and if so how long do you wait? If not, how long on average is it before you've heard from them again?

What movies do you know all the words to?
donk... donk... donk...

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For a long time as a kid, I believed that ripping the tags off of a mattress was an extremely serious crime because of Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

What weird thing did a movie or TV show teach you that ended up being completely wrong?
Quinn Twin

Cannibalism Now

Ok, so you and a friend think you might have eaten HUMAN MEAT and nothing else will satisfy your hunger so, to see if you are, indeed, now cannibals, you go down to the local morgue. You pay the creeper night watchman $50 for 10 minutes with the dead people and go in.

There are two dead dudes, essentially the same, but one is black and one is white. You are your friend are white and realize you can only bring yourselves to try the white guy. Even though you typically only eat white meat in other circumstances, DOES REFUSING TO EAT THE BLACK GUY MAKE YOU BOTH RACIST FUCKS?

Show your work.

Parking at LAX?

I'm flying out of LAX on Friday morning and am going to book a reservation at one of the lots to park my car.  I'm hoping to a) save money and b) leave my car someplace safe & accessible.  Any tips or recommendations for me, if you have experience with LAX?  
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Japanese, Korean or related pseudo-asian restaurants in the Bethesda area that are awesome? I am not in the know about sushi, so I will probably be ordering more of the other stuff. Buffets are awesome. I am Yelping right now but the mixed reviews confuse me :( Have you heard anything about the Moby Dick Hosue of Kebab? For some reason it came up through a Korean search.


Who should I root for? Sorry Steelers fans, I've been sold on the Cardinals. Now what color are they wearing?(only half kidding) ;)

Any aim chats going on for the game?
I'm a recluse and have no friends.

New Questions!
Do you have your 3d glasses for some random commercial after the 2nd quarter?

Does it annoy you how a lot of singers sing "America, the Beautiful" like "huh-mare-ick-uh"?



1,]   Do you remember the Jamesway or Ames Department stores?

2.]  Do you agree that BEST BUY does not really have the BEST buys in town? I dont think they do.


3.]  Have you ever randomly just gave a LJ gift to someone on here??

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Loki green

got up too fast

do you ever get that 'got up too fast' feeling? Like you get up from having been laying down and you feel dizzy/can't see for a couple seconds?

Is there any way to prevent it? (other than getting up slowly, lol). I've been told it's my low blood pressure.

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What are some things that you get irrationally angry about?

Ex. Every time I see a kid wearing those Wheelie (edit: jessica_leah has brought to my attention that the correct term is Heely, thank you much :]) sneakers I want to go smack their parents and ask DEAR GOD WHYYY
Peyton sig

Super Bowl 2009 Halftime show

This is the worst half time show in the last 10 years, true or false? 

Edit: Okay, maybe not the worst, but far from the best. The musicians weren't playing the music and you could tell, because most of the time their hands weren't even moving. Bruce tried jumping on the piano and almost missed.  Then he slid into the camera. Don't forgot the part where he forgot the lyrics to his own song. He just seemed... not quite sober up there. 
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they say bad luck comes in 3's. on thursday my mum had a heart attack (recovering fine, thankfully. should be home by tuesday), today i suspect my cat has broken his foot (find out for sure at the vets tomorrow) and i am waiting for the next thing.

my question to you is this. whats next?
The Girliest Taco

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TQC, this is important.

Apparently, there are (or were, at some point) such things as Cookies and Cream Choco Tacos. I can only find a few references to them online. Apparently they were introduced in 1999, but I'm not sure.

So. First question: have any of you ever seen a cookies and cream choco taco?

Second question: how do you think you'd go about making your own choco taco? (I've looked online for recipes, and they all include ACTUAL taco shells which is not so good.) Basically, Choco Tacos are soft taco-shell-shaped waffle cones with vanilla/fudge ice cream inside, topped with a harder layer of fudge. halp me make this.
Also, I guess my main concern is that the waffle cone will be too hard. Can you make, like, soft waffle cones? Because when you bite into a Choco Taco, it's not a hard shell. It's kind of soft.
This is so ridiculous.
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I just bought some Wholesome Valley Organic Classic Hummus. I bought it because it was 2.95, as opposed to the Athenos brand, which was like 5.95.

This brand has a really *really* lemon-y taste. So I ask you, TQC...did my hummus go bad prior to buying it, even thought it was entirely sealed? There is no sell-by date. I didn't expect it to be that great, but damn, this shit taste like a lemonhead.

I am going to continue to eat it until I get solid confirmation that it is bad.

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so i kinda really want to tell this guy i like him, but the thing is hes 10 years older than me and i never dated anyone that much older and hes also sort of my doctor but not my regular dr he just deals with stomach issues.

so the question is do i go for it? or is it a really bad idea?? D:

what would you do?

have you ever asked someone out when your not sure you should or not?



which was the best halftime song??????????

tenth avenue freezeout
born to run
workin on a dream
glory days
im a fucking moron, have no taste in music and didn't enjoy any.
i dunno suzer, but i thought of you having a good time.
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hair products?

I shaved my head for years and just recently grew my hair back.  As a guy with short hair, does it really matter what shampoo I use?  I know for people with long hair it may make a difference, but with short hair, does it matter if I buy the cheapest shampoo I can?  And should I bother with conditioner?
Hood Houndz

To pee or not to pee.

The other day in the lunch room at work, we got into a conversation about peeing outside. We weren't talking about outhouses or port-a-potty's. We were talking about dropping our pants in the great outdoors with a tree for shelter if we were lucky.
Someone said "... EVERYONE has pee'd outside at some point in their life!".
One woman piped up and said "actually, I've never pee'd outside".
We were all shocked and amazed that she had made it into her 40's without ever finding herself in a situation where she needed to use the facilities in the great outdoors!

So ladies, have you, or have you not, pee'd outside after childhood?

Men, are there any of you who have never pee'd outside?
Typing Monkey

(no subject)

1) If you could pick one artist/band to sing the soundtrack to your life, who would it be?
2) What songs would he/she/they sing?
3) What would the album cover look like?

My Answers:
1) Dar Williams
2) Several of her songs plus If You Want to Sing Out by Cat Stevens
3) Feet/legs with stripped knee socks with holes in the toes

(no subject)

What’s your favorite alcoholic drink? I’m wanting something different but simple. Under three ingredients. Do you always order the same drink? I have a friend that always orders a rum and coke.

lol at my typo.
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(no subject)

I was hired to do some blogging to promote a website - basically doing SEO, 'creating content on the internet referencing a positive experience' about the site. And I get to name my fee for doing so. But I have absolutely no frame of reference for this.

[1] What do you think I should charge?

And if you don't care about that:
[2] Looking for a smaller breed dog that *isn't* yappy. Suggestions?***
[3] Homeopathic cures for the common cold? Please?!

*** Please don't say adopt a mutt. I don't go to pet stores or breeders and I plan to adopt a mixed breed, as I have done so before, but I am curious as to what mixes I should look for.
Fanfic by Erika

(no subject)

Anyone else's Super Bowl broadcast get temporarily interrupted by porn?

Edit: To clarify: We were watching the game, right after Arizona's last touchdown, and NBC cut into hardcore porn, and cut back to the game as soon as the dude dropped his pants.

Edit the second: It seems it was just in Tucson, so I'm blaming our NBC affiliate.

Edit 3D: Source.
DLM George

(no subject)

So my cousin is selling her 6 month old Sony VAIO laptop for $800. Good deal? Good laptop? I mostly just get on the internet, and use VPN to connect to work. ETA: SHE IS SELLING BECAUSE SHE WANTS A MAC

If I don't get the laptop, what can I do to speed my PC up??? It is soooooo slow. It's an IBM Aptiva. Can I add more USB ports too? Mostly I just want it to be faster... and I'm dumb about computers....

I have split chicken breasts thawing out in the fridge for tomorrow night. What should I cook with them?? I don't like beans but other than that I'm open.

My gift to myself with my income tax money is going to be a Digital SLR camera. What should I buy??? I don't want anything over $1000, definitely. Got to try to squeeze a lot out of this return.


Is there another name for a gun that self-cocks after you fire it? Imagine the type of handgun where you have to slide the whole top part back. When you fire, this top part slides back again on it's own (maybe expelling a shell? I have no idea) Maybe it's not even "cocking" so much as... that's what guns do...

It's clear I have no idea what I'm talking about so kudos if you can clarify for me.

Collapse )

Are you watching Chuck   tomorrow?

[Cephalopods] Need love!

(no subject)

OK, so...according to slantedcursive, ya'll are panic attack experts. So help me out here, Dr. TQC!

Are there different levels of panic attacks? I was reading on webmd for symptoms and it said it felt like I was having a heart attack. I didn't feel like I was having a heart attack, but my heart was racing, my stomach was hurting, and I couldn't think straight, not even a little bit. I essentially just felt...scared. I also was having, like, a hot flash or something. I was also crying, but I wasn't sobbing hysterically or anything. It only lasted about ten minutes, if that. Now I just kind of feel a little anxious and I have a headache. Was that, like a mild panic attack or something?

I kind of want someone to hold me right now, but my boyfriend is all stressed out with homework and I don't want to stress him out even more. Plus, he never seems like he knows what to do with me when I'm upset. He almost always insists going out and getting donuts when I'm, like, angry or depressed or something. Should I go ask him to hold me for a while, or should I try to find another outlet for these shitty feelings right now?

(no subject)

If you text someone you used to date casually (you ended it) after seeing him at a party a couple months later, "Hey don't be a stranger. We should hang out sometime!" and they don't reply, is that a good indication they don't want to hang out?

Why do people gotta be like that?
  • sssea

(no subject)

I'm really obsessed with my appearance as all of you seem to know, and I'm having a hard time deciding which I like better, having dark or light hair and I honestly want some non bitchy opinions about which is more flattering.

Will you help me decide which looks better?

I'm guessing you all probably know what I look like 'cause you bitch whenever I post pictures, so I'll hold off on them.

(no subject)

Where do you all live? 

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

What is one thing you really like about your city?  All the old pretty buildings! 
What is one thing you really hate about your city? That it's so cold for so long each year.

(no subject)

you have a best friend that you've had a kind of crush on since you were twelve but recently you begin to think it may be more than a crush. you're going to college soon and are not sure how often, if ever, you'll see him again, and you need to know if it could/could've ever worked out. How do you bring this up without making the whole best friend thing awkward? or do you just leave it alone and go your separate ways and maybe send eaxchother an email every few weeks? 
night porter

(no subject)

For Twilight fans: How is Edward not a pedophile? He is like 2,000 years old or something right and hooking up with a 16 year old.

How do you prepare tofu so that it doesn't taste like shit?
  • inaliel

a handful

o hay guys.

1) So I recently started the patch as my form of birth control...and I have that little edge of fuzz all the way around the patch. Y'know, like the fuzz that accumulates at the edges of a bandaid. What can I do to prevent this in the future (besides not wearing clothes)? It's kind of irritating and gross. :/

2) What are your favorite political or semi-political blogs to read? I'm trying to be more aware of the world I live in, but I find politics to be a boring subject for the most part. (I'm in the US, if that matters any.)

3) what should I get from the store tomorrow? I'm trying to find things that are cheap, relatively healthy, and can be cooked/eaten on the go. I'm lactose intolerant, but my roomie will eat pretty much anything. here's my list:

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srs/nonsrs, whatever makes you happy. :)
Fonz: eeeyyyhhhh


do you ever wonder, when the person you are IMing leaves without saying anything, if it's not that they had to leave but they didn't want to talk to you for another second?
if not, how many people in a row would have to do it before you realized it was you?
hot rollers

lol random

Tunic/Long shirt/Small dress and leggings = acceptable or unacceptable?

What did you make for Super Bowl party? Key Lime Pie, with whipped cream when served ON NOM NOM

Are you drinking beer tonight or now? What kind? Icehouse duurrr cheap beer

What's the name of your cat? Pic plz. Let's see purty kitties.

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My whitish Siamesish girl cat was hastily named Maya, after a girl I really don't like. I want to rename her. Her bro is Jose, which fits him.

No pic right now, but Maya is slender and really pretty in an airheaded way, sort of "slow," very shy and skittish, tiny.

What should I rename her?