January 31st, 2009

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my friend is making me some CD's as a gift. what do you recommend? (my itunes contains things like: modest mouse, MGMT, the shins, led zeppelin, devendra banhart, guster, coldplay, M.I.A...)

what are you waiting for?

last thing you ate?
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Do you remember the name of the movie where a boy and a girl start dating but they don't speak: just write on a notepad?
(I've been looking for it for like forty-five minutes now dammit.)

Are there any TV shows that you really dislike?

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If you were ever on a BC pill that cleared your skin...how long was it before you noticed a change?

Is it possible to wear a dress that is "too tacky" when you're in Vegas?
Do you have second thoughts about your clothes?
What do you have second thoughts about the most?

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Will you post a list of some of your favorite musicians, so other TQCers can recommend other bands and musicians to you based on them?

mine: the Decemberists, Man Man, Sunset Rubdown, Moriarty, Menomena, Spoon, The Mountain Goats, Modest Mouse, Wilco, and Andrew Bird.
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What is your favorite episode of Seinfeld or your favorite scene?
Why do you think so many people love Seinfeld?

If you're not a Seinfeld fan......I'm going to a thesis defense for a friend Friday, what is an appropriate outfit to wear? (Serious answers only)

If this still doesn't interest you, what is your favorite thing to get at the bakery? What bakery is your favorite?
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Would a three-year engagement be awkward/weird? How long is too long?

How long was your engagement?

What's the longest engagement you've heard of?

How did you pick your wedding date?

Is it weird to want your wedding date be the same date as your dating anniversary?


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If you play Phoenix Wright, do you like investigating or being in the court more?

If not, what's something you are proud about that is normally seen in a negative light?

A few examples! There's this girl at my job who prides herself in being an outright bitch, and acknowledges it constantly.

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LMAO so today in class, someone farted really loud TWICE in a fucking row. and the whole class turned to look at them and then everyone cracked up and the culprit goes "it wasn't me." hahaha

soo my question is, if you had to fart would you do it in class? i mean, how awkward..
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Should I invite my visiting cousin to live with me the three months she is in the country? If she doesn't stay with me she'll be staying with my parents. She's my age, but I don't have an extra bedroom, but my room is big enough to share. My parents have extra rooms, but they are old and boring.

Why does my tv change channels when the digital receiver powers down? Anybody else had this happen?

What is one thing your SO other does that upsets you?
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what is the worst conversation to witness/be around strangers?

there is a gf/bf couple in the hall crying and fighting, and i really want to go to the bathroom but i HATE walking by/being around conversations like that... weird
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I want to take a one day class called "How to Use Your Digital SLR" at the International Center of Photography. What do you think I would need to bring with me?

I'm kind of worried I'll be the only one there who has no idea what the fuck they are doing, or that everyone else is going to show up with like 20 lenses or something. I realize this is totally irrational. I'm full or irrational worries.

If you've taken this class before, was it worth it?

I've been meaning to take this class for about a year now but I always end up changing my mind.
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Chest pain + difficulty breathing + on and off numbness on right side of body, but an EGC and blood work showed nothing.

How likely is it that anxiety attacks stay for weeks?
What else would this be?

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Today (technically yesterday) while I was sitting in my doctor's office waiting to get a prescription renewed, a flyer on the wall caught my attention. Listing "Services not covered by Saskatchewan Provincial Medical Services", it included prices for IUDs ($150, boo) and circumcisions ($180).

Apparently cutting skin of a dick costs the province more than sticking a piece of plastic in a uterus. Weird.

Also I found out that the Sexual Health Centre here ("Formerly Planned Parenthood") sells birth control pills for $7 a pack. Sweet deal, considering my parent's insurance just dropped me >:C

What odd/interesting/awesome things did you discover about your city or state recently?
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Are you drunk right now?

God, I wish I was
No no no, that's bad

I have been drunk:

In the last 3 days
In the last week
In the last month
In the last year
Multiple times very recently

I would be interested in a TQC spinoff that focuses on drunk posts:

I guess

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I Just Posted, But Things Change

How much of a bad idea is it that my roommate brought home (for some loving) the guy we were/are planning on to be our third roommate? Is this a recipe for disaster or should I not worry?

Ever have roommates who weren't dating, but only friends with benefits? How did that work out?

My boyfriend has never heard the word "sexile" before. Have you?
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It is the future and they have developed computer datepartner matching systems that have a 99.9% chance of giving you your absolutely perfectbest possible match (why must people be so literal and miss the point). What is the most that you would pay for this assuming you haven't met them already?

I'd pay at least thousands for something that great.

!!em pleh

I'm typing this backwards now os ti t'nseod wohs pu ekil siht. pleh em! my computer is possessed everytime I type it shows up backwards, only in firefox not aim. it won't let me google it to figure out what's wrong. what's wrong with it tqc?

[edit] I restarted my computer already.
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I'm looking for a Dilbert comic strip from many years ago in which some of the women in the office are talking about watching a movie on the comfy sofa in the ladies' restroom. I have websearched unsuccessfully for it. Can you help me find it?

Men and other interested parties, would it make you feel nice to have potted plants and lotion and chairs and things in the men's bathroom, or would you think it was ludicrous?

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there's been a really bright star near the moon lately where I live in kansas. it's in the west, about 30 degrees up from the horizon but it's been moving down. is it the international space station?

*edit* question 2: how many google questions do you think we can get to show up on the first page of tqc at the same time?

poop and pets.

two questions:

1. i've always had digestive problems--lots of stomach aches and poo problems. my biggest problem is constipation. i'm not asking you guys for ways to alleviate it, i'm just wondering if you know wtf to call it. here's an example: yesterday i pooped twice. both times were easy (no pushing or anything), but this morning i feel blocked and constipated, despite the fact that i went twice yesterday. it seems like no matter how much i poop, i still feel constipated afterwards. after reading about IBS, my issue doesn't sound like it at all. is it just chronic constipation? does anyone else experience this?

2. this came up in another community i'm in: some members said that while it was okay to keep dogs and cats as pets because they've become domesticated, that keeping rabbits, birds, and reptiles is cruel because they should only be living in the wild. what do you think? do you think it's wrong or cruel to keep, let's say, a rabbit as a pet?

the highway's jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive.

Poll #1340952 ye olde music poll.

which of these DIRTY songs have you enjoyed...if only once in your life...even if you wouldn't cop to it with your friends?

Dirty - xtina aguilera
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - ac/dc
Dirty Work - steely dan!
Dirty Laudry - don henley
Dirty Little Secret - all american rejects
Dirty Little Secret - bon jovi
Dirty Mind - prince
Dirty Diana - wacko jacko
Dirty Day - u2
Dirty Song - david bowie
Dirty Old Egg-Suckin Dog - johnny cash
Low Down Dirty Shame Blues - t-bone walker
Talk Dirty to Me - poison
The Dirty Dancing soundtrack - lol
oh suzer, i don't know all these songs, but i sure have missed the music polls

which one do your prefer?

Ol' Dirty Bastard
Dirty Vegas

Ok, tomorrow Springsteen plays SuperBowl halftime...he gets to play four songs. Which do you think he will play? (CHOOSE ONLY FOUR PEOPLE)

Born to Run, duh
Born in the USA
Glory Days
Tenth Avenue Freezeout
Dancin in the Dark
The Rising
Workin on a Dream (the new one)
Radio Nowhere
Hungry Heart
He will sneak in a ballad like Thunder Road or The River
oh suzer, i can't even begin to guess because i have only ever heard of one springsteen song
some other song that you forgot to list
who is springsteen and why doesn't he spell it springstein?

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I have had no hearing in my right ear for 6 days now. i went to the dr on wednesday morning and they said I had an ear infection and sinus infection and put me on augmentin for 14 days.

It's been 3 full days of antibiotics (wed, thurs, fri) and there has been no improvement. The office is closed and urgent care/ER is not an option. Should I keep taking the augmentin and go in on monday morning to get something else? Or should I stop taking it since it isn't helping.

What is the longest you have gone without being able to hear in one ear due to an illness?
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Is there a musical artist that, if a potential SO told you they enjoyed, would almost turn you off of that person, or at least cause them to lose points in your mind? What musical artist?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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Guys usually when I google something, it says "This site may harm your computer." under every result. Today, it suddenly stopped doing that. What is wrong with my google? I feel like there is a crisis unfolding for me and only me.

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Are there any things that you can't leave home without and have to have on you at all times?
What are those things?
(Besides your keys and cell phone)

At least $1.00 in my wallet.
My hair pick.
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How long do you think it would take for people to just stop calling me if I made "Total Eclipse of the Heart" my ringback tone?

EDIT: Since I'm apparently not the only one who loves that song, what ringback tone would I have to have to make you stop calling me?

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Why do you think people post things in their journal asking "for your honest opinion" and then they freak the fuck out and ridicule you for giving "your honest opinion"??

What is the point?
Can you handle an opinion that differs from yours without throwing a fit about it?
Or do you feel the need to "convert" everyone over to your side?


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Do you have any friends that are completely unreliable?

My friend was supposed to drive me home from school today to start taking stuff back, and he called me up yesterday about 3 hours after he was supposed to pick me up saying he was too tired and we'd go today. Said we'd leave at 11. Now he texts me and says it's been pushed up til 12, because he's "comfy in bed." I was comfy in bed too, asshole.

update: then he texts me and moves it to 12:30 -- NO, WE'RE LEAVING NOW. THANKS. The fuck, I have work today.
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Tomorrow's my dad's birthday and we're planning on making him a big breakfast in the morning for him to wake up to. Usually, we take him out to dinner on his birthday but tomorrow is the Superbowl and he wants to watch, so we decided to make him a big special dinner at home. But we can't think of what to make for him.

Any ideas?
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Why does it seem like almost everything (examples eating at a diner or Perkins') is cooler if it happens between 12 and 6 a.m.? 

ETA: Purely hypothetically speaking,  if you called someone through information (a la 'Mean Girls'), would your caller ID still show on their phone?

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who will win the match today?

Manchester United

apparently my sister's car keeps lurching forward in its own when she drives it. what are somethings that could be wrong with it that would cause that? that's all the info i've got.
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Does anyone know of any security or locking devices that can be put on an internal door, but safely removed (without leaving marks or a hole in the door) at the end of a tenancy? It wouldn't have to necessarily be as strong as a deadbolt, just a deterrent or an indicator that someone's been in there without permission.

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Hey y'all, I know there's a way to do this but I can't for the life of me find out where to do it from. Can you tell me where to go on the site/what to do to expire my (LJ) log-in sessions?
kiv dancin.
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movie question

Poll #1341033 Movies

What's your favorite Martin Scorsese movie?

Mean Streets
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Taxi Driver
New York, New York
The Last Waltz
Raging Bull
The King of Comedy
After Hours
The Color of Money
The Last Temptation of Christ
Cape Fear
The Age of Innocence


Bringing Out the Dead
Gangs of New York
The Aviator
The Departed
Something else you didn't list.
I haven't seen any of these.
I can't decide.
I don't like any of these.
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I had lingonberry crepes for breakfast this morning and they were amazing.

Do you prefer your crepes sweet or savory?

What's your favorite crepe filling?
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If you went into work tomorrow and your job was suddenly eliminated, what would you do for work? Include what your current job is.

I ask this because I may soon be in this position and I'm looking for ideas. =)
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How excited are you for this!

Is it terrible that it makes me laugh?

Were you molested?  If you had the chance today to confront them about it, would you?

Comics - MTTS - talk about me

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My job has not given me my W2. I am pretty sure it's not in the mail, because they're very cheap and I can't imagine them spending money to mail them. My mail already came today and it is not here. It just needed to be postmarked by today though, right?

What should I do about it if I do not receive it in the mail properly postmarked?
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My friend is working in the switchboard office at a local museum and IMing me at the same time. She said she hasn't gotten a lot of calls today. Should I call in and mess with her a bit? If so, what should I say? What's the last prank you pulled on somebody?
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- 1. - What is the most amazing free thing you gor from someone this year so far?


- 2. - Have you ever dumpster dived or picked something up off a sidewalk in front of someones house?

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nearly everyone I know is either already out of a job, or feeling very close to being out of a job... except one friend. he works in a glass shop that makes bongs and says business is booming. they just can't make them fast enough, the "tobacco smoking accessory" sector sales have skyrocketed now that everyone's got time to get properly baked.

do you know of other very safe careers right now?

apartment living

I need advice on choosing the floor of an apartment complex to live on:

2nd floor - 8 foot ceilings but no ceiling fans, $10-30 cheaper/month, not as many stairs to go up, you have neighbors above & below you
3rd floor - 9 foot ceilings & installed ceiling fans, having to move in would be a pain in the ass but would be a good workout everytime we had to go upstairs, quieter (I'm somewhat noise sensitive), less opportunity for break-ins through windows

Keep in mind I'm living in North Carolina, so weather (heat/cold) might be a factor. Which would you choose?
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My computer and my parents computer are connected via a LAN. My parents computer has a (portable) dvd burner, with all the software for it on that computer. I have some large avi files on my computer which I want to burn to dvd. Can I do this over the LAN or is it better to bring the burner and software over to my computer?

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Everyone's drunk and talking about sex in here today. Hooray for the weekend.

Anyway, guys (and girls who do girls) how much do you like going down on girls? Do you make a beeline straight for the poon with your face or do you avoid it?
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Could you show me a picture of a tattoo that you would get if it lasted only three years before fading completely? (or something similar/close to it as possible)

Isn't this pretty?!

(no subject)

1. Do you, like gmzobeisnotyou gmzobisnotyou and me, tend to jump back and forth between lines of text while reading a paragraph? Do you do it with spreadsheets / tables, too?

2. If the temperature in your shower isn't hot/cold enough, do you wait it outside or tough it out inside?

3. What's something simple and commonplace that astounds you nonetheless?

4. Tell me about a bad habit that you don't bother to fix. (Smoking doesn't count. Hookers and blow do.)

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Do you think you're going to freak out when you turn 30?

My friends who have already turned 30 became really neurotic and annoying about it. I'm excited and ready for it.

(no subject)

What surprised you last?

I was finishing grocery shopping and went to the check out lane, and this kid in front of me turned to me as I pushed the cart into the lane and asked me if I wanted help putting my groceries up on the belt. I was surprised, never had anyone ask me that before... lol.

Metric measuring cup

I've been trying to bake lately, and all I have is one measuring cup that I found in the cupboard. I assumed that the side that said "flour" then had the amount of grams of flour, and the side that said "sugar" had the amount of grams of sugar, and I don't know what the third side is for.

However, all my recipes are turning out wrong, so can you tell me what the line indicators on this cup actually mean? Or am I right about them measuring grams and I'm just retarded?

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I feel like baking something sweet.

1. How would you make the ultimate cupcake? What icing would you use?

2. How would you make the ultimate brownie?

I have an idea on how to make a s'more brownie and I am thinking of creating a batch. But I would like to know how does this sound to you.

First, I would make some homemade marshmallows. But rather that cut them into small bits, I would cut them into sheet blocks. Then I would take a simple chocolate brownie, the same length and width as the marshmallow block and cut it lengthwise. Then I would whip up a chocolate ganache and mix it with crumbled graham crackers. On each brownie, I would ice one side and then place the marshmallow between them like a sandwich. Then I would ice the top again. Viola, s'more brownies.

Do you think this would be too rich? Too chocolaty? How would you change it?
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I've started craving something sweet as soon as I wake up. What does this mean? Do I have the diabeetus, or am I just a fattie?

Why did I buy some awesome Curious George greeting cards and then completely forget about them when it came time to send cards? Is it because I'm a fattie?

What would you consider a reasonable price for a 16oz. vanilla latte (or your preferred syrup flavor)?

(no subject)

Alright, I know this is a lame question, but at least I'm not asking about finding unidentified pubes in my hoohah right?

My brother and his friends are going to an As I Lay Dying concert, but they be childrens, so my mom's taking them. She has desperately requested my accompaniment because that music isn't her cup of tea and she gets lonely/bored. I have agreed.

...What do I wear?
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(no subject)

I have an acquaintance who I think is ridiculously attractive and would like to bone, but unfortunately I don't think I am very attractive to him. What should I do tqc?
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(no subject)

Congratulations! You just won the lottery! You will now have $1,000,000 (or equivalent) deposited into your bank account once a year (starting tomorrow) for the next 25 years.

How do you spend it? (start with your first million and go from there)
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

Youtube problems

The Youtube videos I have played are behaving badly. Sometimes they work perfectly, but other times there's no sound and/or it stops playing after two seconds. I updated Firefox and Java, and cleared my cache, but they still play with spotty performance. What can I do to fix this?

I know there's a simple solution but I am reeeeally bad with using search engines. I can never find the answer. :(


I'm very tired, but I need to stay awake at least a few more hours lest my sleep cycle get ruined.

What should I do to keep myself awake until then?

What is your favorite type of gum, if you like it at all? winterfresh for me

Do most places nowadays do online apps?

(no subject)

For anyone who is familiar with hookah or enjoys smoking it, my best friend doesn't like the sweet taste that comes with a lot of flavors but wants to smoke tonight and I'm not sure which flavor to get. The place we go usually has countless flavors to chose from, so I'm trying to figure out what flavors tend to run less sweet. Google suggests Chocolate, but I'm not sure... Do any of you tobacco/hookah smokers have any personal suggestions/favorites?

(no subject)

TQC! My dad once made me steer a golf cart that had a dead deer strapped in the back where the golf clubs go. His foot kept touching me.

What are some gross things your parents have made you do?

(no subject)

I have chicken breasts preseasoned with "italian seasoning" on them. No sauce. Would it taste like crap if I put bbq sauce on them or should I try and rinse off the seasoning first? :-/

Wings: Buffalo, BBQ or Teriyaki?
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1.  What's your favorite movie about robots?

2. Who (or what) is your favorite movie or tv robot?

3. What's your favorite movie with robots that you think most people don't know about?
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(no subject)

Tqc, where is a good vacation spot in the US for a new couple (1 month into it)?

Also, if your BF has a hairy back, would you go to the beach with him?

ETA: I live in DC but I was thinking of using tax return $$ for a vacation.... so flights somewhere are fine.

(no subject)

1 ....Do you own (or CO-OWN) your very own business or company?



2 .......What is the most ridiculous thing  that is Vandalized in your town near to where you live??
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How often do you go grocery shopping?
Do you make a list?
If you make a list, do you stick to it?
Do you shop on a budget?
Roughly how much do you spend per month on groceries? For how many people?
Where do you get your groceries?
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(no subject)

are you the kind of person who has one or two drinks after work/school to relax? or do you only drink to get drunk?

if you don't drink, why? and plz don't tell me its cause you don't need alcohol to have a good time. BUZZZKILL
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(no subject)

Have you ever been to a psychic?? The town I work in is this Pleasantville-esque place, but a psychic just converted an old house to um...

what do you call a place where a psychic practices his or her talent?

What movies have been severely overhyped for you? As in, people kept talking about it, non stop, then you finally saw it and were terribly disappointed.
Napoleon Dynamite is the only one in my recent memory. I haven't seen any other hyped up movies now

Have you ever been electrocuted?
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(no subject)

Can anyone name some music/bands for me that isn't necessarily classical music but incorporates classical instruments, like let's say the cello for example?

(no subject)

im eating chocolate ice cream with bananas and caramel on it. does this sound good to you?

what was the last really good thing you ate?

edit-when was the last time you were under the influence of anything?

(no subject)

1)I can't seem to write. I haven't been able to for a week. what should I do?

2)My head hurts and my throat hurts. what should I drink?

3)what do you think about people who only eat raw foods?

eta: what's up with honey spoons?

(no subject)

If you're on birth control (or if you're not assume you are) do you use a condom? Would you if you were in a long, meaningful relationship?

How long until your birthday? Are you looking forward to it or is it just another year going by?

Sex Therapists Vs. Sex Educators

Please forgive the many questions but I'm honestly curious.

Is anyone here either a sex therapist or sex educator? If so, what kinds of training did you need and how long did it take you? Did the AASECT help you at all? Did you do it online or off? I've got a BA in sociology with minors in history and anthropology and graduated with honors and a 4.0 gpa in 2006. Knowing that, can I get scholarships to grad school if I need to go there? Can I be trained by Planned Parenthood and give speeches/lectures etc or do I need certification for that?
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(no subject)

This is going to be a stretch but there was this band, of 3 girls from New York and they were really energetic and one of them referred to herself as Hester Prynne and a long time ago they played a show with Tegan and Sara.

The girls I'm referring to kind of rapped.

Any ideas? It's bothering me so badly.

(no subject)

On a scale of 1-10, how much does your online persona match with your real life personality?

1 being "I'm a sock" and 10 being "Any of my IRL friends would tell you I'm exactly the same"

I'd say 9. I'm just a tad bitchier online.
Rogue night elf

(no subject)

How do you stop someone from being indecisive? How do you stop yourself from being indecisive? Like when you and a friend want to eat something/get take out/to go, but you are both so indecisive that when you are hungry you can't decide on a place for a good hour, and by the time you are so starving.

Is there a way I can get someone's coding for their lj layout when I don't know where they got it? I want this girls exact layout (minus header, background, and colors - which I will tweak.) I know I can view page source, but do I just cut and paste all of that into custom css? or part?

Someone is sending you a surprise package to cheer you up/make your day/just because. They don't know you too well though What do you hope is in it? What could you suggest for them to put in it?
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naughty time

1) Have you ever worked in the porn industry? Doing what? If not, have you ever wanted to and in what capacity?

2) I like 'em but I don't know why. Can anyone tell me what's so attractive about (icon as example) booty?
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