January 30th, 2009

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Who is someone you would have done at a certain age but wouldn't do now? And given a time machine would use it to have your way with?

I would so have hit Tom Lehrer circa 1967. Seriously, I find him so attractive.

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ETA: PICTURES TOO! I forgot to add that.

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Which do you like better, Stairway to Heaven or Knockin' on Heaven's Door?

edit I prefer Stairway to Heaven, I like that song, Knockin' on Heaven's Door on the other hand, I find annoying

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1. what is something you do when you have the whole house to yourself for a couple hours? [something you would not do when people are around]
i had a candle-lit, bubble bath, drank from the carton of juice (which doesn't count really since i finished it), walked around in my underwear, masturbated and moaned loudy, danced to bryan adams....and i'm still bored

2. whats your favorite thing to eat that takes less than 15mins to prepare/cook
its 12.30am and i'm way too hungry. i didn't have lunch or dinner and my stomach won't stop making noises that are really annoying me.
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Have you ever lied to someone about the # of sexual partners you've had?

For the rest of the 2009 calendar, is there a particular day/event that you're looking forward to? Spring Break, I get to go home!
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So I'm almost done assembling my care package for my friend in Africa, and now I'm working on a folder of important news articles, with less important as well. I have the inauguration covered (Aretha's hat, too), as well as Jizz in my Pants lyrics (so you get the spectrum of stuff I'm sending). What are some major news articles you think should be included? What are some not-so-major but still wildly popular tidbits?

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For those of you that use friends-filters: what is the funniest/weirdest name for one of your filters? If you dare to be so bold, what is it for?

For those that don't use filters: what colour are your eyes and hairs? If you dare to be so bold, pictures?

ETA: What does the word "Jinger" make you think of?
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1. Can someone translate this photo caption for me, please? Or better yet, tell me what the heck is going on in this picture?

It's too much of a WTF? pic to pass on.

2. Forget the movies, what is your favorite book quote? And what book is it from?

3. Inspired by tonight's episode of Late Night;

How do you feel about Conan O'Brien moving from Manhattan to L.A.? Do you think the show will change at all? And what will become of Abe Vigoda?
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Have you ever noticed that on fictional television shows, people never say "goodbye" when they hang up the phone?  Pay attention next time.  They actors almost never do it, they just hang up.  It's weird.

Why do you suppose this is?

pretty girls -- hiding

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my boyfriend really wants a TV and he found the one he wants on sale for $379 at Target.
the problem is, he was barely able to get enough money to pay for college and he knows there's no way his mom will let him buy the TV (she has control of the money in his savings account).

i have about $550 worth of a financial aid refund.
should i buy the TV for him?
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You're shopping when a stranger comes up to you and asks "Excuse me, do you think this coat looks nice on me?" It doesn't. What do you say?

Would you ever ask a stranger how something looked on you?
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A few years back, my friend Amy and I had a huge falling out. As a result of this, her best friend Jody (who I was friends with before I met Amy) cut off all contact with me. I never had any problem with Jody and definitely never asked her to choose between us (although I suspect Amy did). The other day I found out that Jody was recently married and I would like to send her a note of congratulations. What do you think TQC? Would this be a bad idea?

What are your weekend plans?
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Do you have a family where you pretty much have to help them no matter what?

My sister asked me to drive to her apartment again (hey same story as last week)
but she offered to give me actual gas money.

Do you think someone mentioned it to her or did she have some kind of epiphany?

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I can't be the only one ignoring a class right now.
Anyone else in class?
What class?
Whats one word to describe the teacher you're ignoring?

Not in class:
What's for lunch?
Sex after school? Y/Y!!

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Hi guys, i am curious about something. 

Would you live for a year with no income, working as a volunteer virtually full time if you thought after a year you would be able to get a well paid job?


Would you work part time in a job you enjoy but dont want to do forever, getting paid minimum wage, hoping to save enough to go travelling for a while?

<edit> if you had to choose one or the other which would you choose?


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1)How much money should I put aside in my being an adult fund- you know, for set up costs for apartments,unexpected bills,etc?

2)What should I do with my savings bond from high school?

3)How much do you spend on snacks and eating out per week?

I swear, like $15 sometimes!

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Where are you right now and what are you doing?

I'm in the computer lab at my school and I am reading, talking to retards, and TQCing.

Which movie should I see.. Doubt, Milk, or Rachel Getting Married?

just a bill
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How much later than the expiration date can I take some OTC meds? I have an upset stomach and I have some Pepto Bismol that expired September of '08. Do you think it's too late now?
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Closing the door on closure

1. If a phone call is cut off, who should call back?

2. If somebody wants to talk at you about something, e.g. making amends (step 9 of 12), do you feel obligated to let them talk it out, even if you don't care anymore?

3. Do you try to avoid drinks/food that contain high fructose corn syrup? eta: If yes, why?

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I was listening to a Prince song, and when I heard these lyrics:
"The arms of Orion that's where I wanna be
Since U've been gone
I've been searching 4 a lover
In the Sea of Tranquility
I'm drowning without U here, my dear "
I wondered, do you think he used the term "sea of tranquility" as a metaphor because it sounds pretty, or do you think he was actually talking about staring at the moon?

also, I just spent like 5 minutes trying to find the LJ FAQs but by the time I pulled it up, I cant remember what I wanted to know. what do I want to fix/learn TQC?
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1)What is your opinion of Keynesian economic theory? It works? It doesn't work?
2)If you don't know what that is or don't have an opinion, how often do you bathe your pet?
3)What do your parents do for a living?
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When was the last time you ate an egg salad sandwich?
How about the last time you ate a tuna salad sandwich? Or chicken salad? Or any salad sandwich?

Do you think these types of sandwiches are good?
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1. Is taking three suitcases full of things when going away to college excessive?

2. How much do you take with you / did you take?

3. Do you CONSTANTLY accidentally post to your own journal instead of posting to TQC like I do?
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dress suggestions!

My dad is taking me out to dinner for my birthday (which was a month ago, but twatever) tonight and I'd like to wear a dress or a skirt. The problem is that it's cold and snowing and the ground is covered in like six inches of slush. What sort of dress and shoes shall I buy so my leggies don't freeze and my toes aren't soaked?

We're having dinner at a tapas place where the dress ranges from jeans to dresses, so I'm looking for something casual yet pretty.

Baby names

Let's say you have a name already picked out for your yet-to-be-born-or-even-conceived child. You've loved this name for years and you absolutely have to use it. You find out that your SO hates it and under no circumstances would want to give a child this name. Is this a deal breaker for you?

Do you believe that the mother should get the final say in the name because she carried the child for 9 months, or that both parents should have equal say?
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TQC, what are your favorite songs about numbers/math?
(It counts if it just happens to have a number in the title, or even in the artist's name. I'm trying to get two hours worth of music, so I'll take whatever I can get.)

Have you ever had a tonsil stone?
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Tee Cue See, I am signing up for a free trial of Netflix. Which plan should I go with? I was thinking of the $13.99 one where you get unlimited rentals, with 2 DVDs at a time. Which one do you have? Do you like Netflix? What movies do I need to see RIGHT NOW?
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1. What do you think makes this mirror "American"? ETA Rofl we all missed it-- it says "Brand -- American" in the product specifications!
2. When is the last time you took a cab? Where to?
3. Ever had a place you live catch fire? (Enough to warrant calling the fire department, that is.)
4. What's your least favorite city in the world that you've been to? (Jeesh, is it that hard, you guys?)

Twilight rants?

A friend just started reading Twilight and she loves it. I must nip this into a bud ASAP. I remember reading a couple of epic really well-written funny anti-Twilight essays on LJ (about how Edward is actually a creepy controlling guy and the fucked up gender dynamics in the novels). Does anyone have any good links to rants of this nature? Help, seriously, she needs to be educated.

If not, here's a question for you: How old is too old for people to be reading YA fiction? (Unless it's Harry Potter I guess, that's different)

ETA: People, she asked for links. I'm not cruelly trying to take away her one and only joy in life for my own twisted pleasure. Also, I like YA, I'm not judging those who like it. But I do judge those who think Twilight is good YA.

Lighter Blocking Cupholder.

Is there an adapter or extension I could buy so I can use that cup holder on the left again? I always have more than one person in my car using cupholders.   Nissan won't care if I complained and I like my radar detector plugged in always. Thanks in advance! ! 
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TQC, how do you feel about band tattoos? Love them, hate them, are they okay under certain circumstances? I'm thinking of getting a pretty tiny one on the inside of my right ring finger when I'm 18. Just keep in mind I'll probably get it anyway...

EDIT: You wouldn't know the tattoo was of a band unless I told you. I think that's why I like it so much...it's not all "omg I love this band" and potentially embarrassing.
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Thinking of Getting a Tattoo

Which Latin phrase would be best?

"miserere nobis" - have mercy on us
"nemo dat quod non habit" - one cannot grant what one does not have
"quod non me destruit me nutrit" - what does not kill me, makes me stronger
"quod me netrit me destruit" - that which nourishes me destroys me
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have you ever tried to remember something from your childhood, a movie or tv show or a toy or whatever, but convinced yourself you either dreamed it or made it up?

i thought i made up howard the duck until i was like, 15. and my bff thought she dreamed mac and me until we got to college and one of our roommates made the weird "hrrrrr" noise in our room one day.
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When did you last quit a job? What good came from it?

I quit my job in November and have not had a cold since! Before that I was getting at least 2 a month. I'm also doing much better in school.
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This is an argument that my mother and I always have: do you think that boy cats or girl cats are better behaved?

She insists that our girl is "nicer" than our boys were (I loved them anyway), but I insist that she is naughtier. Thoughts?

EDIT: Just to let you guys know, I do know each cat is special. ^_^ It's more of an overall question from your personal experience.


1. You're Michael Jackson for one day. What do you do with your 24 hours?

2. You're Tom Cruise for one day. What do you do with your 24 hours?

3. You're Paris Hilton for one day. What do you do with your 24 hours?

(no subject)

1. Can you argue (with evidence/facts/sources) for or against donating your hair to Locks of Love?

2. If you argue against, are you aware of any organizations which may be a better choice?

I'm just curious about the matter, I've seen both sides presented.

EDIT - I'm asking specifically about the organization "Locks of Love" vs the act of actually donating hair, I'm all for donating!
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Do you speak to your IRL friends about your interwebz "friends"?
What are you wearing today? Be as descriptive as you want to be.
Will you please state your username and see what TQC'ers think you sound like?

(no subject)

girls: you got raped by a stranger and have become pregnant with his child, will you keep the child, abort it, give it up for adoption?

guys: pretend you're a girl and answer the above question!
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When you grocery shop, do you have to start from a certain point and work in a particular direction? For example, I have to start at the produce section and work towards the pharmacy or I get frustrated and forget things.

I'm wondering if that's a little neurotic.


I never, ever wear lipstick (well, when I lived with my mom I tried a few of hers for fun sometimes) because I don't like the way it looks on me.

However, I want to try experimenting with lipsticks now. I know this is probably a stupid question, but what is the difference in quality between cheap and expensive lipsticks? I'm not going to spend money on something that will probably look bad on me, but besides not easily rubbing off and being somewhat moisturizing what qualities should I look for in a lipstick?

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Has anyone else watched "Igor" ?
I think most of the characters physical appearances are very similar to other characters in animated movies. I'm wondering if anyone else thinks the same?

What gender stereotypes do you defy?
What gender stereotypes apply to you?
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Dear TCQ

I promised my friend cupcakes this evening. The only thing I really have time for is to make is the premade boxed stuff...
The problem, is that I only have white confetti batter and chocolate icing.
Will this taste bad?

Would YOU still eat them?

aretha taco

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Of the following*, which "fake band" do you like best?

Definitely Spinal Tap.
Definitely The Rutles
I'll pick Spinal Tap because I've never heard of The Rutles.
I'll pick The Rutles because I've never heard of Spinal Tap.
I've never heard of either of these.
They both suck. Everything sucks. You suck.

*Sorry, 2ge+her fans, and fans of other fake bands I'm not thinking of.

Also, if you haven't heard of the Rutles or Spinal Tap, after you take this poll you should look them up.
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(no subject)

My apologies if this has shown up here already but...

A woman in my province (Penny Boudreau) just plead guilty to killing her daughter (Karissa Boudrea) last year. She says it was because her boyfriend gave her an ultimatum. Either she chooses the relationship, or her daughter. So she killed the daughter to be with her boyfriend.

Do you think the boyfriend should be charged for his part in this?

(no subject)

If you had to die in the name of one of the seven deadly sins like in the movie Seven, which would it be?


If you had to be active in one of the following sports, which would it be?

Other mentioned in comments

(no subject)

Would it bother you if your SO wore a piece of jewelry given to them by one of their exes?

I want to wear a necklace (St. Christopher medal on a white gold chain) my ex-boyfriend gave me tonight but I'm not sure if it would bother my new guy or not. eta: I'm not going to draw any attention to the necklace or be like, "OH YEAH I GOT THIS FROM MY EX" but I'm afraid he might assume.
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In what order are you supposed to read the Ender's Game book series?

I've read Ender's game and just bought Shadow Puppets only to realize they have about 11 in the series,is that right? Or are some of them short stories?

(no subject)

I use Secret Clinical, and it says you are supposed to put it on before bed. I usually shower before bed and put it on, but what would happen if you showered in the morning? Would it be absorbed enough to be effective? Or would it get washed off?

Also, the skin on my face has been REALLY DRY all week. All my makeup is flaking off. :( My normal moisturizing/exfoliating routines aren't cutting it, so my friend said I should put vitamin e oil on my face. Yay? Nay? Any other suggestions?

(no subject)

Question to all TQC girls who are in their late teens/early twenties (I'm guessing that's most of you, but I could be wrong). How into if at all are you in older men?

*speaks as one who mostly falls for older men, and gets irritated by males her own age*


Childhood traumas? Porn? Sexing techniques? Shoe size?

(For anon)

What are some topics you are comfortable discussing primarily online?
What are some topics you are comfortable discussing primarily in-person?

Are any topics off-limits to both your internetting and your in-person discussions (things you don't talk about, at all, except to a BFF/SO) ?
If so, will you tell us what topics you choose to keep very private? No details are needed, but general topics are appreciated.

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Dear Dr TQC,

My gums started bleeding earlier, just while i was talking to my wee sister. it was hours after i had brushed my teeth. i have no cuts or ulcers. i hadnt bitten my tongue or cheek and none of my gums hurt or anything. it was only for a minute or two and wasnt loads of blood. my gums dont bleed when i brush them unless i am really run down, which i am not. why did my gums bleed? nonsrs answers will be accepted, but srs is preffered.

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Can we compile a list of things that only happen in cartoons? Ok, lets!

1. Mice live in perfectly arched holes in the wall with cotton reel furniture and matchbox beds.

2. Characters run through walls and closed doors and leave perfect cut out shapes of their bodies in them.

3. Characters run off cliffs and only notice after a few seconds of running through thin air.

Now your turn!

Help me decide

I'm too fucking tired and stressed out to answer this question or not. And it's kinda fun when people on the internet tell you what you should do.

My boyfriend and I host game nights at our house Friday nights. They show up at eight, he doesn't get home until seven-ish and then we have to get the house ready. But I swear to god I am going to bust some nuts if I don't get laid.

So do we have sex anyway and risk being bad hosts by not having the house picked up, or do we clean the house and stave off hormones for another day?

ETA: Quickie has been chosen as the answer to this problem! Fuck my friends, I haven't had sex in two weeks and I WANT TO GET SOME! The house can be messy for a few hours.
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(no subject)

How do you check the balance on a newly installed ceiling fan?

If you don't know, will you tell me what your favorite Aesop Fable is?

The Lion, The Bear, and the Fox.

Edit because I forgot my fucking question mark. What the hell? Feel free to fail me now.
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(no subject)

I just agreed to accompany a friend to New York over spring break, now I'm searching flights and hotels. I've never been to New York, do you have any helpful tips or know of any really good but yet cheap hotels? What are some things that we MUST do while in New York? I don't mind looking like a tourist, that's what I'll be!

Are you doing anything for spring break?
Or if you're past spring break age, where did you go on spring break when you were in college?

(no subject)

So my plans for tonight have changed and I'm a bit stuck for dinner plans.

I really want some homemade macaroni cheese my mum gave me. Alas it was in the freezer. About 10 minutes ago I stuck it in a basin of cold water to help it defrost. How long should I let it defrost before attempting to capture, cook and eat it?

Serious and non-serious answers welcome, I'm going to be very bored tonight.

(no subject)

Have you ever worked a full-time job while getting your master's degree (if you have your master's degree)?

I am going to be in a master's program which gives me 4 graduate classes in the summer (2 in June and 2 in July). I still need money, but my friend told me it's ridiculous to try to maintain a full-time job in graduate school.

(no subject)

What should I eat for dinner?

Burger King
Raising Canes (ie best chicken strips ever)
Taco Bell
All of the above, fatty.
Ew, fast food. That's icky.
Some other fast food restaurant
blackie! ilu

(no subject)

My grandpa has now given me 3 car visor things that have an angel and say "granddaughter please drive safely". Is he trying to send me some kind of message about my driving or is he just old and forgetful?

(no subject)

when you play kings cup, how do YOU play questions? i can't remember how we play it and maybe one of you plays it the same way and will trigger my memory. and no, the people i play with are not available to answer. : (
Apple Eat Me

(no subject)

I was watching Animal Cops on Animal Planet yesterday and my roommate told me she didn't believe in humane euthanization because they don't do it to humans. I told her that those animals are in such suffering it's the nicest thing you can do for them. She responded that she'd be the pet store owner who'd take home all the animals who were susposed to be humanely euthanized.

When was the last time you talked to someone who didn't know what the hell they were talking about, outside the Internet?
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big alligator?

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TQC! Should I go to Coachella this year?

I've always wanted to go and money is not really a concern. I live in NJ and I've never traveled alone before so that kind of worries me. I told my dad I might go and he said he would help me find a flight, hotel, and rental car, but I get the feeling he would be pissed if I went.


I've just put a new pic of me in a hat on my facebook profile. I've had a number of comments such as 'cute hat!' 'the hat suits you!' 'like the new pic!'

What exactly are they complimenting?

The way the hat looks
The way I look
Both; it's a winning combo
They're actally saying that I look insufferably ugly without the hat

Despite the focus my quesiton is not totally about me. I'm thinking about people not saying exactly what they mean. Are you good at working out the meanings behind what people say? I'm not!

(no subject)

If your significant other proclaimed to you that "your ass is getting bigger," as in your bottom sticks out more than it did before, would you take that as a compliment or criticism? Or would they just be pointing out trufax? If you don't have an SO make up an answer.

Oh, Kings

Inspired by Danielle's "questions" question.

What's your favorite "make a rule" in Kings? Name and explain.

I am so in love with the Tiny Man (eta: aka Little Green Man) rule. The card-puller chooses someone who then gets a Tiny Man who sits on the rim of their cup/can. While that rule is still in play, If they forget to take their Tiny Man off and put him somewhere before they drink, then -- oh shit son! -- they have to fish their Tiny Man out of the drink, put him somewhere safe, and drink again. This can be a hazardous rule, both to them and their Tiny Man.

Liquor? I hardly even know her!

Are you drinking tonight?

I'm not planning on drinking, but it might happen

If you are drinking, what you drinking?

Wine coolers
Alcohol mixed with cola (rum & coke, etc)
Alcohol on ice (on the rocks)
Girlie mixed drinks
Bombs (shot of booze dropped in a glass of something less potent)
Antifreeze or paint thinner (can't afford to buy alcohol)

What do you like to do while intoxicated?

Get more intoxicated (possibly passing out)
Drinking games, to get further intoxicated (like above option, but there's some sport involved)
Cry, whine and vent out emotions
Get into fights with someone who's annoying me at this very moment
Kiss/make out/sex
Carouse and talk with my friends or other drunks, not necessarily mutually exclusive
It involves dwarf tossing
Watching tv

luke and the artist formallly know as chocolate flower



should myself and fauxco/coco/laura/ANNOYING TQC GIRL meet up on wednesday??? IT WOULD BE IN A PUBLIC PLACE (I.E THE TRAIN STATION) AND WE WOULD BE TRYING TO FIND THE UNIVERSITY SO WE CAN LOOK AROUND. it's an open day see.

is this a good idea? what's the worst that could happen?

WOULD IT BE AWKARD? or would it be jokes?


aw | blink

(no subject)

One of my most hated of all hated things is the Recent icon on the Browse for/File Upload menu (see under cut for what I mean if any confusion). I hate it because I often accidentally press it when I mean to press the Look in navigator and it always freezes up for five seconds.

Collapse )

Is there any way to remove it? I realize this is a very minor peeve but I might as well see if anyone knows how.
phone sex

Samsung Propel/LG Vu

My husband and I are getting new phones tomorrow and now I am having an internal debate. I was all set to get myself a Propel and he was thinking of getting one, too. But then he asked to play with the Vu in store and now thinks he wants one of those. This, of course, makes me debate my choice. I like that the Propel has the navigation option since we don't have an in-car GPS (the Vu does not have this). But since he's all OH TOUCHSCREEN!111! I wonder if I should get it, too. Even though I don't like smudgey crap and know I'd be wiping it every time I used it.

SO... If you have either (or somehow have had both) tell me all you love, hate, etc about these phones. AND GO!

PS - We won't really be using the internet a lot.
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(no subject)

Is there any music from at least 20 years ago that you've become interested in recently?

How old is too old to have a stuffed animal that you regularly cuddle?

From dreams involving you (obviously, ones you remember) do you have any traits that do not carry over to real life (such as smoking, or talking in rhyme)? Things like "flight" or "being a vampire" can be disregarded for obvious reasons.

(no subject)

In every class I've had since starting college some annoying girl finds some way to tell the entire class she is a vegetarian. 50% of the time she also informs us she eats fish.

Have you found this to be the case in your classes?

(no subject)

Okay, tell me if I am being a jerk and assuming the worst of people...

So, I went to this take out place and ordered lunch. They made it and I picked it up and took it home. I payed by credit card. The total on the receipt I signed was $10.14. I didn't leave a tip since it was a take out order. I just marked a line like so ---- through the tip line and put down my final total as $10.14 and signed it.

Cut to my credit card statement. On it, for the place I ordered lunch from, was $14.14. Apparently, I had given the woman a $4 tip, which I didn't. Did she purposefully steal from me or was it a mistake?

So should I go back with my copy of the receipt and my statement and get my $4 back? Should I take a moral stand because it's wrong to steal? $4 is two gallons of gas! Or should I let it go since she might have kids, ferrets or a burgeoning drug habit?

Happy Friday guys

What is the last thing you did that caused you physical pain?
When I sneezed a few minutes ago, I bit my tongue really hard ):

What is the last thing that made you laugh? (Be it something that happened irl or online)
My sister just dropped her contact on the ground and the cat stepped on it so she had to peel it off the cat's foot


(no subject)

How do you keep organized? Do you use a paper planner (like a calendar) or an electronic one? Can you recommend an inexpensive (I know that's relative, but whatever inexpensive is to you) PDA or electronic organizer for me?

If you use a calendar/planner, do you prefer small ones or planners/calendars that are big enough for you to write 4+ lines worth of material in them?
  • zephret

Careers, and the economy.

I've yet to go to college and I don't know my career direction.

What I'm worried about is with this economic downturn, it seems like many careers are becoming unprofitable.

Does anyone have advice for a young guy that doesn't know what to do in this world? (Besides suicide. Don't be an ass.)

(no subject)

I just signed into my Gmail account to find that I have two sets of LJ email notifications from 8:20ish to 9:46. When I read one, they both show as read. I don't want to delete one set of them and delete both by accident. Is this a sign of the apocalypse or just Gmail being glitchy? =/

(no subject)

I was at the liquor store today with some friends and I saw sweet tea vodka. This sounds like the best thing ever. I didn't have any money on me to get it, but I want to try it. Has anyone else had it, if so, is it good?

What was the last alcohol you tried that was new, did you like it?

(no subject)

Have you ever talked to someone and knew it was the last time that you would see or talk to them?

I was sitting on the train thinking of all of these people who I really doubt I will ever see again. Isn't that strange?

Is there anyone from your past that you would like to talk again or have thought about talking to again? Is there any story/explanation behind it?
Sam outside

(no subject)

Have you ever laughed so hard in a dream that you woke yourself up laughing?
-I did this last night and it was seriously one of the most bizarre things I've ever experienced.

What about crying?
-This I've done but it's not as much fun.

And unrelated: What do you think about Valentines Day? Like it? Hate it? Could care less?
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1. Why is so dangerous for the super obese to go under general anesthetics?

2. What would be a suitable kitty booster chair?

I am thinking of putting kitty on a 3 meal a day diet where he eats while I do. Normally he hops up on the table from his chair, but this way he could eat off the table from his chair. He was drinking some chicken broth on it just earlier.
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hay guys! this is possibly my first drunk post!
ok so i want to quit smoking but seeing how i kinda suck at that, how should i go about doing it?
Cold turkeys not gonna work - weird suggestions welcome.

how much do you like cheese? i really fucking love cheese.
What kind of cheese should i try ?

i was a total bitch monster of death earlier today, but i had a cheesy bean burrito and cheesy fiesta potatoes from Taco Bell and it made everything better. Why did it make everything seem a bit better?
b/w girl

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so my sister is a lead in her school play. 
im being bullied by my mom  to write her one of those things in the playbill that needs to be handed in by tomorrow.

...help! i dont know what to write! i dont want it to be lame like "break a leg!" etc.
also we're close but its not an "i love you, you are so talented" kind of relationship

what would you write in this situation?
if you've ever done one of these, who was it to and what did you say?
should i do lyrics from the show or otherwise? an inside joke?


she's adelaide in guys and dolls, if that matters/helps.

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where are you?
do they have a Menards around there?
what about a Sentry?

Menards: hardware store
Sentry: grocery store