January 29th, 2009


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I'm not exactly sure how to word this, but can anyone name some characters from ancient times (or even classic literature) that had affairs and were punished for them?

I'm writing a descriptive piece for class and can't think of anything except for Zeus but I can't seem to find whether he was punished or not. What's happening at this point in my writing is that a statue is symbolizing infidelity...I usually think of statues that are of Greek & Roman gods/goddesses, since there seem to be more statues of them than any other time period. Eh, this doesn't really make much sense, does it.

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Should I have a cup of brownies and milk or some scotch pancakes?

If you say pancakes what should I put on them? I don't have maple syrup and I can't eat bacon!

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I have had problems with anxiety since I was a kid. I get very panicky if I don't feel totally in control of my body. This means I have avoided drugs like the plague. I had a really nasty panic attack just from smoking a little weed and even small amounts of alcohol make me feel really bad. I'm very sad about this as I would really like to have experimented much more. So, tqc will you tell me what it feels like to be on various substances so I can live vicariously through you? What does it feel like to get really stoned, be on acid or ecstacy? What does coke feel like? What about heroin? Crack? I'm doomed to be really boring and need you to help me out.
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this has been a great debate between a few of my friends and me:

minestrone. how is it pronounced?

i pronounce it with a long e like "minestroney" but others swear it's pronounced like "minestrown."


Please Help TQC!  I am very overwhelmed with Google and would like a recommendation from personal experience. I am planning a tropical vacation for mid May. We are looking for an all inclusive vacation that includes food, lodging, booze, and airfare. We were tossing around the idea of the Bahamas or Cozumel, but we are not picky at this point. Tropical drinks and warm sandy beaches are our biggest requirement:) Oh, and that the over all cost doesn't kill us:)  (We aren't looking for anything super fancy) Can anyone recommend a vacay spot, or website that can get us an awesome deal? There are 6 of us and we are coming from Buffalo, NY if that helps. Thanks everyone!!
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You order some shoes in a size 11 and they arrive a week later in a size 7. You email the company explaining they sent you the wrong size and inform them that you needed them by a certain date and now it's too late to exchange them. They suggest you have them overnighted for another $25! You return them and don't receive your refund for well over a month. The return shipping was free.

Would you expect them to refund the $11 you paid for the original shipping? Edit: Do you think they SHOULD refund it?

Would you ever buy anything from them again?
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Whats the best valentines gift you've received and/or valentines date you've been on? What do you think makes a great valentines gift (for a man or a women)? Practical, of course...No saying a Mercedes.

Do you think grocery store flowers and a heart shape box of chocolate are a nice gift or cliche and lacking effort?

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On black friday, I worked a 15 hour shift. Those were 15 loooong hours on my feet. By that end of the weekend I had formed a blister on my foot. Its about and inch under my pinky toe.

Fast forward two months later.

This blister has become hard and it hurts. It hurts depending on how I step/walk. It's kinda formed a bubble under the skin. Is this a different kind of blister that I maybe have never encountered? Is it normal for a blister to last this long?

I tried taking a picture.. but the angle is a little awkward.. but I guess if you guys wanna see it... I can try.

Collapse )

Also, On the side of my neck, a little pimple looking thing has formed. It looks like a whitehead and looks like it has pus. Its not as easy to pop though.


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My friend is having a theme for his birthday and wants people to dress up as characters from video games. I have no idea what to go as so any ideas?
I am female, 5'6", shoulder length blonde hair and i guess medium build. Also i want something fairly simple and not costly as money is an issue. Also i am quite reserved with clothing but not adverse to showing a little bit of boob. Just nothing with teenie tiny skirts thanks
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Where Are You?

What part of the world do you live in? What time is it there? Is it warm or cold out? Is there any daylight outside right now?

I live in Austin, Texas USA. It's 2:24 am, 35° F and it's dark outside.

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i have googled and IT'S NOT HELPING. can someone tell me exactly what i need to do to be certified to teach social studies in grades 7-12 in new york state? i'm currently at a community college and will be transferring to SUNY brockport, hopefully in fall of 2010, where i'm planning on earning a BA in history. do i need any graduate work? what else do i need to do after i get my BA?

i found this page but i can't decode half of it. D: help!!

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What is the name of that British reality show where people lived in a Victorian era mansion, with one group made the "poor people" and the other the rich "owners" of mansion? They all worked and slept in the mansion, just like in Victorian times.

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Anyone had any experiences with American Eskimo dogs? Specifically, the miniature variety. My bf's roommate is getting one, and we're both unhappy since we're allergic to dogs...and as Google shows me, they have fluffy long hair. :( Aside from that though, I was wondering: how are they as inside dogs? Are they destructive/do they get bored easily? Do they bark a lot? Do they shed a TON or is it pretty normal? Any other info would be appreciated.

bad question but w/e I just want to bitch about this person

I hadn't realized this until recently, but I actually know a guy who is an irresponsible, self-centered drama king, who can only talk about himself and the trials and tribulations he has overcome. I don't think he even has any other interests (you know like sports, movies, music, knitting, etc.) other than himself because that is fucking ALL he talks about. Do you know a lot of adult people like this? It really surprises me that this guy got to be the age he is now without growing up a little.

okay okay for a better question, what do your plates at home look like? Mine are white with a blue band on the edge.
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the foods and the teevee

Poll #1339731 A question about the Food Network, kinda

How do you feel about Guy Fieri?

I love him.
He's okay, I kind of like him.
Meh. I have no opinion.
He's kind of annoying.
I hate that guy!
I don't know who he is.

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I just bought a new quilt yesterday. I am trying to look for cheap white cotton sheets. I seriously can not find cheap sheets anywhere. I looked on linens'n'things, and even bed bath and beyond, but they don't have any. I even searched ebay and couldn't find anything.

Where do you think I can find these? Why is it so difficult to find plain white sheets!?

What type sheets do you have on your bed now?

Also, now that ONTD can't take anymore comments, how am I going to express my opinions about celebrities? My day is already thrown off kilter!
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Hey guys,

My current sharehouse has lost its lease, and I'm looking for somewhere to live before we have to hand in the keys. I've got an interview for another sharehouse later this week, but because I sort of got this place based on knowing one of the existing flatmates, I'm a little worried that I don't know much about the etiquette of sharehouse interviews. Do you think I need to bring along some sort of application? Can you give me any tips on what you think I should do? I want to come across as the relaxed, laidback person I generally am, but I'm pretty anxious about the impending potential homelessness.
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How do you feel about flesh colored nail polish?

What is your least favorite flavored vodka?

I'm going to B&H alone today, how likely is it I will end up buying things I don't need because they are so rude and pushy in there? I usually bring my dad so it doesn't happen.
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inspired by this post

for girls:
what do you use during "that time of the month"? now is the time to rant/rave about your particular tampon/pad choice. applicator vs. no applicator. etc etc.
i'm a divacup girl

for boys:
what brand of condom do you prefer? for her pleasure or sensitive? explain.

for both:
what was/is the biggest myth or misconception towards menstruation that you ever heard?
one of my guy friends said at my 16th birthday party (he was 18) "i could never be a girl, they pee blood for a week once a month" and he was very shocked when i told him it wasn't pee.


Intellectual property run amok!

1. What's something cool you can do that makes other people would go "oh. shit. how'd you just do that?"

2. If you do something cool, then somebody else copies you, is that homage or are they stealing our thunder?

eta: wow sorry for reposting this guys, I thought I hadn't yet um I guess I hadn't posted this yet and just thought I had .. or hadn't .. jesus christ where's my coffee
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 TQC, I don't feel good.
I just got home from taking a test, and it's 10AM. I have a class at 4, but otherwise no obligations. I'm super duper hungry, but I'm afraid if I eat, I won't be able to fall back asleep. What should I do?

What should I do?

Sleep now, wake up before class and eat then
Eat a bit, watch some TV, and see how I feel
Lay in bed and watch a movie until I fall asleep or get bored
Eat and fuck around online, and just lay around all day
Man up and go get an oil change while I have time
Clean! I have all weekend, but my room is GROSS.
Make a delicious meal and then go to sleep with my giant food baby
Work on a project for school and then take a nap
Something else I will describe in comments

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#1 When is LJ going to fix TxtLJ for Verizon Wireless?

#2 What is a good poster of that cat hanging from a rope that says "hang in there"? What about motivational posters in general?

#3 What do you consider your favorite quotes other than music/poetry?

Collapse )

#4 What is a cool, high tech desk ornament that I should get? I was thinking of a color changing beckoning cat. Are those bunny things worth the high cost?


How long have you been on LJ?

What was the main reason you made an account in the first place?

What are the main differences from your LJ then to now?
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How come I can never get just one tissue out of the box?  I have to fight to pull them out, then I get 2 or 3.

My work gave us nice throw blankets as our annual gift.  They are just being cheap and avoiding turning up the heat in the office, y/y?

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Some television and radio commercial jingles get stuck in your head and they're annoying as all fuck.

I make a lasagna
I take all day
My tables are empty anyway

Some commercials are just annoying, period.

Which commercials are driving you crazy?
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Dear TQC, the God who answers my prayers in mysterious and numerous ways,

Should I get people Disney related Valentine's day cards? I'm talking Hannah Montana, Camp Rock, High School Musical kind of stuff.

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Ok, TQC, I need some help here.

I want to be able to create or even download a ringtone onto a memory stick and upload it into my phone. I have a Sony Ericsson, and no texting/media package.

Does anyone know of a site that allows you to buy and download ringtones onto your computer and load it onto a memory card? Or is there a program that I can download that will allow me to do this by myself? Is there a certain format that it has to be in to work?

I am Cell phone stupid, so HALP MEE!

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Hey TQC legal experts.

My boyfriend received a credit card in the mail. He read the paperwork and it said the activation and other fees would only be charged if the card is activated. He didn't want the card so he cut it up and threw it away (never activated it). For over a month now, the credit card company has been calling both our house phone and cell phone 5 times a day each trying to get him to activate a card with them (no mention of owing any money on the card they sent him). He has told them "No, I don't want you card" 5 or 6 times now but they keep calling. Can he threaten legal action for phone harassment since they aren't calling to collect money and our home phone is on the Missouri do not call list? Or is there some crazy loophole that makes it legal for them to do this?
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Make dinner for me, TQC!

I have *maybe* 10 to 20 minutes of prep time tonight (between when I get home and when my raid starts) although it can be on the stove/in the oven for as long as necessary. Sandwiches are of course an option, but it's farking cold outside and I demand warmth with my dinner.

This pretty much limits things to boxed stuff, frozen stuff and pasta, and combinations thereof. I am tired of my usual combinations. So, what are some good throw-together meals that you guys like?
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Did you know that the guy who does The Voice in movie trailers died yesterday?
Do you know who I'm talking about?
Are you sad?

edit: Disregard that, I suck cocks.
My roommate fed me faulty information.

What's the last thing you ate?
ferris wheel


I've spent 3 1/2 hours shoveling snow over the past 24 hours.


Should I go home with the heating pad this afternoon before class or suck it up and stay at work (desk jockey)?
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Who makes the cute food icons? They start off all cute and *kawaii* but they tend to have a wicked punchline, like I'm a tea bag, I teabag the milk o_O (I think). Does this question make any sense at all? (I may have lost the plot, today is terribly hot.)

ETA kawaiinot

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So I just got entered into a drawing for some tickets. Thing is the concert's over an hour and a half from me, and I doubt I could find anyone who would be willing to go with me and drive that distance, especially considering the concert's on a weekday.

Now on the off-chance I win the tickets, what would be the fastest way to sell them?

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I'm pregnant but I want to bleach and dye my hair. I miss my pink and purple dreads! 
Is this safe? There are a lot of conflicting opinions out there. Obviously the dye will be non permanent and veggie based but the bleach has a lot of chemicals.

To be sure I'll check with my doctor before doing anything but my next appointment isn't for a week.
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I am not watching it, but Rachel Ray is on in the other room, and I just heard her say "there is nothing sexier than a man in an apron".
ladies, is this true?
guys, do you own an apron? wear it?

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I have a dilemma:

Marni (my best friend)'s b-day is tomorrow, and I'd like to go to Minneapolis for it, but she didn't come down for mine this year (even though she promised to) She REALLY wanted me to come when we last talked about it but didn't beg me to come. Joe(my boyfriend and the person I'd stay with) is super stressed and has like TONS Of homework. So I'm not sure if I should go to make Marni happy or not because Joe has so much work to do.
What should I do!?
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Have any of you / or people you know ever won over $500.00 in the lottery?

Was it a ticket or a scratch off????

How much money was spent BEFORE winning.

I like the lotto, but I love seeing people drop 20 dollar bills like nothing.

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are any of you massage therapists (or close to someone who is)?

if you are massage therapist, do you enjoy doing it? (or if you know someone who is a therapist, do you know whether they enjoy it?)

how does one become a massage therapist anyway?
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The font in this community is a 14pt Arial. It is not typically this big.
How did I fix it? D:
Firefox font settings did nothing.

The time and date in comments are WAY too small too.

How's your day going?
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Our toilet is clogged and of course I now am sick. We've tried plunging, using a wire hanger, and de-clogger. I am waiting for a ride to pick up a toilet snake. Any other thing I should try that might work?

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What are the five most played songs on your itunes?
Are these your favorite songs?

1 Hold my Beer - Aaron Pritchett
2 Bless the Broken Road - Rascal Flatts
3 What Hurts the Most - Rascal Flatts
4 Make it Work - Ne-Yo
5 Love Song - Sarah Bareilles

They all are some of my favorites except for the first one! Weird...

Edit: If you don't want to answer that one or don't have itunes or whatever...
Does you style (clothes) reflect the kind of music you listen to?
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TQC, I'm currently holed away in a small cafe, awaiting my four p.m. class. I am the only one in the cafe, aside from a business meeting being held on a the patio and the workers. I'm nestled quietly in a corner, obviously on my laptop, and there are at least 10 tables, two booths, and three couches in the whole place (which is rather large, considering how small it is overall).

Why does this family of mom, dad, and kid come and sit in the table RIGHT next to me? Furthermore, why is the kid pitching a temper tantrum and banging his head into the wooden chair whilst staring at me as though he's auditioning for a remake of The Exorcist?

Now there is another couple in here, and the man, who is rather tall, is wearing long pants, but has them too big, so he's holding them up, in what I consider a semi-obscene gesture. Why do guys do this? The only thing I can think of is they're afraid their penis is going to run away, but I don't think that's physically possible.

for the above, nonsrs answers only, plz. for below, non srs if you want but uh, w/e.

Cash, debit, or credit? Why?

What does your wallet look like? What do you carry in it?

Rude assumptions

Give me your opinion, oh wise TQC.

A while ago, work sent a bunch of us to a "customer service training session". Whatever, it was sort of fun and got us out of the office for a couple days, all good.

A little backstory:  the majority of us there were office types.  There were a few of the factory supervisors there, too.  One of these guys is an older gentleman who goes by the name of Nacho. Seriously. He is Mexican, and his real name is Ignacio.  Oh, and we had to make big name cards that were clearly visible to the presenters, and "Nacho" is what was on his card.

Ok, so....the lady was jibber-jabbering away, and pointed to Nacho to have him answer something.  She asked "What's your name?" before she started, to get all touchy-feely.  He clearly said "Nacho", to which she replied "No, really...what's your name?"  He was rather taken aback, and repeated, with emphasis, "NACHO!"

Her attitude when she asked him what his name was again was of the "You shouldn't let these people insult and degrade you that way..." variety.

Do you think it was rude of her to assume that he was called Nacho in a demeaning manner?  Do you think people should be called what they want to be called?

Nacho was offended by her attitude, as were most of us there.  He got the nickname "Nacho" a long time ago and loves it. 


the more you know

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When typing, which do you type most often?

I do not use this word never ever ever.
I type it differently than all of those and I will show you how I do this in the comments.

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Is it a requirement to do something funky with your appearance before you become too old and/or ugly to get away with it?

What have you done that is "funky" (ie piercings in untraditional places, crazy hair colours, really edgy hair cuts etc)

I want to do something like this, but since I feel I can't really pull it off, I want it to still be "pretty". Any suggestions?


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Hey guise. I use Bare Minerals and am just about out and need to get more. I do notice though that I tend to look shiny when I have it on? Like not necessarily in a bad way but in an obvious way. My questions:

Is this natural or am I doing it wrong? Is there a way to get rid of/avoid the shininess? It's not like an oily shine, but... it doesn't seem natural.

Another question? Does anyone have experience with Bare Minerals AND another type of mineral powder? Is there anything out there that's better?
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settle a debate for me, TQC

What would be the point of a liver biopsy?

What kind of results would one expect or hope for?

ETA: someone we know is in the hospital and has to get one, and my friend keeps bitching that the only reason for a liver biopsy would be to test for alchoholism but the person who is getting it doesn't drink.

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I'm helping to choreograph a show, but the width of the theatre stage might be a problem and I won't be able to check it out for myself until next week. My information is that the width is 26'8" at the curtain line.

How many petite to average-sized 18-21 year old female dancers would you say can fit across this stage if they stand shoulder-to-shoulder à la the Rockettes?

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I know I am a posting fiend but I also need help with DINNER. I have no idea how I want to make tonight's chicken. I am willing to go to the store for random stuff.

So.. how would YOU cook chicken breasts tonight?

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Would you ever consider having a relationship with a brain in a jar if they were perfectly compatible with you? (Assume they have all the necessary internet connectivity.)

If someone was very compatible with you, but you will only meet them once in your life, how likely do you think it is that you could have a good long distance relationship? (Ok this is basically the same as the above with an added real life meet.)

If technology had evolved to such a point that your brain could be intimately wired into someone else's (e.g. feeling their emotions), do you think you could have a good relationship with someone like this?

I WANT SOME AWESOME MUGS. What is an awesome super large mug? What is an awesome mug with a 3D design? WHAT ABOUT OTHER AWESOME DRINK STYLE THINGS?

EDIT: BACONNAISE?!?! Is it good? Does it really taste like bacon? I am skeptical since it is vegetarian.

GAD is hilarious

Anyone else have intense paranoia about certain things, whether they have an anxiety disorder or not?

If I'm looking forward to something (like moving in a month), I always worry I'm going to die before I get to the date. Or that my friend who I'm moving in with will die. Mostly me dying, though.

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Dr. TQC, I need your help.

I was fishing today, and I ended up stabbing my middle finger with a used hook, up to the barb. It was a good sized hook, bass fishing sized. Anyway, I had been trying to thread a grass shrimp onto it and it moved (I thought it was dead) and I jerked and the hook sunk in.

I pulled it out very carefully, and, worried there were pieces of anything, I sucked on the wound. I held ice from the bait bag (separate from the bait itself, but they did smell a little fishy) to the wound until it stopped bleeding. As soon as I was home I soaked it in rubbing alcohol.

There is a little bump around the entry/exit wound, and it's a tad tender and swollen. It is the same color and only slightly warmer than the rest of my fingers.

Is this simply from trauma? Should I cut into the wound a little to ensure there is nothing in there? Should I take anything? It doesn't hurt. I have I doctors appointment tomorrow for something else and I haven't had a tetanus shot since middle school (I'm 20 now) but I have a fear of needles. Should I say something? The hook was old and had been used before and on that day. Should I pack it with ice? Should I put more alcohol on it? Help me, Dr. TQC!

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When it comes to loved ones who have passed away: Do you think that your dreams about them are simply reflections of your own mind and grief or do you think they are a way in which those who are gone can continue to communicate with you?
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how should i deal with a friend that's too dependent on me academically (i.e. always borrowing my class notes when she also attends the class and takes notes herself)? she's a nice friend and i don't want to ruin our friendship but you can only give so much.

(no subject)

i just posted this on my journal too so sorry if you are my friend. just wanted more opinions, you know you know



i can't fix it because the html doesn't show up anymore and i wouldn't know how to fix it anyway
just ignore this then

if anyone cares someone posted the pictures here
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What's the deal with Hardball on MSBNC?

I always thought it was just 7 pm. So it's on at 5pm and 7pm nightly. Is one of them a repeat? Which one?

kjhfiehfekh I can't wait 2 hours to find out.

ETA: Comedy Central replays Colbert from the night before at 7, and the new show is that night at 11. It could have been something similar.

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What is a good, tasty alternative to water for kitties to drink? I heard cow's milk is bad for them. Plus, if kitty drinks more than a little, he pukes it up. Maybe he would get used to it?

EDIT: Do you think that kitties deserve occasional food and drink treats? Are you one of those horrible cat owners (not to be confused with a cat lover) who thinks cats are dumb and don't care how you treat them?

What do you think of the kitty obesity epidemic?
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In the past three days I have received two "blocked calls" (according to caller ID) and when I try to dial them my phone tells me they "can't be dialed".

Who's calling me and what do they want?
How do I unblock and/or dial the number? I'm getting curious!

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Why do I start to gag when I eat beans? It isn't the taste, and they don't give me upset stomach; when I chew on them, they activate my gag reflex.

The same thing happens when I eat bananas.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

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You just won an all expense paid trip to anywhere in the world, and you get to bring one person. Where are you going and who do you take?

edit: I'd take my sister and go to Italy. lies. D: I'd take my boy to Germany.
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I had a container of salicylic acid I'd been using on warts on my feet (which works very quickly, by the way, I would highly recommend the stuff. Don't get the crappy gel, get a vial of liquid that has a brush.) I had a weird rough patch on one hand for a while, but I ignored it for a while having had many calluses over time from baseball. It started to hurt, so I decided to put some of the acid on and see what it did (if it was a wart, it'd kill it like on the feet.) When I first applied it, it coagulated and interestingly formed the shape of my palm print on the surface of the goo that it turns into. More interestingly, a small lump rose to the surface through the already coagulated goo after a minute or so, as if the acid reacted with someting below the surface that expanded faster than the acid reacting with the dead skin cells.

So... what was in my hand?

Are you preordering Pokemon Platinum?

Do you think Brett Favre will play another season?
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Do you have a favorite breed of dog? Would you buy this breed for yourself?
Do you like little dogs or big dogs more?

Or are you a cat person? Do you have a favorite breed of cat?

I think you should post a picture of the pet you wished you had (or have), will you do this for me?

What is one animal that isn't a pet that you wish you could have as a pet?

And if you're an animal hater, what is your least favorite kind of animal/pet??
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Calvin homework

So stressed about school I don't know where to start...

What should I work on/study for first?

a. Statistics quiz on Tuesday(open notes, open book)
b. Business Communications Presentation on Monday (10 minutes with PowerPoint, topic is nonprofit organizations)
c. Microeconomics test on Monday (going over things I learned in Macroeconomics last semester)
d. Accounting II test on Tuesday

If you don't give a damn - I have a lot of cornbread mix (long story). What, besides cornbread, can I make with it for supper?

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I heard a pop song in the store yesterday but I can't remember the actual lyrics... it was about like ~i don't see the point in a real relationship~ or something like that? Female singer. Anybody?

New question: What is your ringtone?
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Whenever I buy new underwear I take picture of it. How weird is this?

My dad wants to go to the LongHorn Steakhouse but I don't eat meat and their menu doesn't look too promising. Should I go anyway?

(no subject)

I should find out tonight if I get the perfect apartment I interviewed for this week. As such, I am sort of going stir crazy, checking my email every couple of minutes in the hopes that I get a response. This is bad.

What should I do to distract myself???
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If you are writing a paper and quoting more than 3 lines, do you have to capitalize the new indented and quotation-mark-less paragraph if it is not already capitalized?
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Do y'all remember that episode of the Simpsons, where Homer sells his soul for donut?

Using that as an analogy, what are some really fucking stupid decisions you've made, as in you sacrificed something huge (arguably, Homer's soul, in this case) for something tiny, the donut.
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terrific party treats, please!

hey, gang! long time, no post.

My family has always been invited to this kickass Superbowl party for the last seven years or so - plenty of good food and lots available to drink. When my husband asked what we could bring this year, the host said "be creative" and that's it. These people are so generous and put so much work into making this a fun party for everyone, I really want to make something especially delicious to take - if it's in a fun party-type theme, so much the better.

So, can you help me out with ideas for THE best foods you've ever had at or made for a party? Please?

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I would like to listen to KT Tunstall, but someone nicked my CD.
Do you have an album I can download/place I can listen (i'm in the UK, I lament the loss of Pandora =[ ) to her? I don't really like Last.fm, it makes me listen to other stuff.

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Right now in school we have a six-period day, with the first five classes rotating and the sixth always at the end of the day. (Monday goes 1 2 3 4 5 6, Tuesday goes 2 3 4 5 1 6, Wednesday goes 3 4 5 1 2 6, etc.) Apparently, this may change next year, so that the sixth class is rotated every day as well.

How would this work without being really confusing every week?

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If you like chocolate, what's the best chocolate you've ever had?

I need brands, types, fillings, anything. I'm craving some right now and I want to go out and get the best chocolate I can.

Fun fact: I hate mint& chocolate, and I hate dark chocolate.
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What are some of your favorite guilty pleasure films?

Adam Sandler comedies, especially Little Nicky.
Blue Crush
The Haunting
A Night At The Roxbury
When Harry Met Sally

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i have an icon that i like that is a broken record that was found lying in the streets of Chrynobyl. its the one im using to post this. i really like the picture but is it too depressing?

also, i know this gets posted every other day, but will you post a funny youtube video? perhaps of a comedian you enjoy?
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I am truly curious about this - for those of you who answer globalwarmer's more odd and sexual posts seemingly seriously, will you say why you choose to?

On a 1-10 scale, how much does it bother you that some random question-asking creeper may be using info you provide as fodder for his/her masturbation rituals?

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I really need some new music to listen to and I'm racking my brain trying to think of any and everything I've heard of that I liked, but it's not working.

I like a lot of music featuring female vocalists, and generally the only types of music I like male vocals for are hardcore and ska, and I don't listen to MUCH of that.

Anyway, I like Ani Difranco, Enya, Splashdown, Bikini Kill (and surprisingly I'm not remotely feminist)

I guess I just kind of want up-beat female vocals.

Any suggestions?
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TQC... where did the snail in our fish tank come from? It's just one itty bitty snail in the 5 gallon tank with Milo (my betta fish).

Why aren't our fingers all the same length?

What's the funniest comment you've heard someone make recently? Earlier today my brother delivered a sarcastic comment in an utterly deadpan voice, and I couldn't stop laughing.

Edit: To the ladies (and men) that read romance novels, who is your favorite author? What are your favorite books/series? I started reading the Highlander series by Karen Marie Moning on Tuesday, and I'm already on the seventh book. I love romance novels way too much.
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Poll #1340106 in the butt

How do you feel about Chili's?

Don't love Chili's but will eat there on occasion if you're really hungry or if someone wants Chili's for their birthday.
Will only eat at Chili's if you're drunk
Hate Chili's and refuse to eat there, even though you've never eaten there before.
LOVE Chili's, and may not request to go there all the time but if you're driving and someone says hey let's eat somewhere tonight, you somehow always end up at Chili's.