January 28th, 2009

Bandit Driving

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In the mail I received a $235.00 merchandise certificate to Victoria's Secret, but I have no idea why. It says for returned merchandise, but I haven't purchased anything, much less returned anything in over a year. Everything seems legit though. Assuming it is legit, should I buy myself some new clothes and sexy lingerie or should I try and sell it on ebay or the like and make some quick cash in these hard economic times?

What is the last unexpected thing you received?

Social etiquette fails me, so

I'm having a birthday party starting at 2 p.m. and it's a tea party, but I also want to serve some sort of alcoholic beverage (like Bailey's or something).

1. Is it even appropriate to have alcohol at an afternoon event?

2. If so, would the fact that one of my friends is bringing her 18-month-old make it less appropriate? Even though people wouldn't be drinking to get drunk.

Falling asleep...must finish this stupid poll first.....THINGS INVOLVING ROCK

We built this city on ________?

drum and bass
rock and roll
gansta rap
honky tonk

Rock, paper scissors?


Scissors cuts up paper, rock smashes scissors, but paper merely covers up rock. Why is rock so easily outsmarted?

Cause rock is stupid. C'mon, it just fuckin' sits there!
Like pet birds, pet rocks know that when a sheet is put over them, it's sleepytime
The Rock is an ex wrestler. Probably got hit on the head too much
On the inside of the paper is a complex math problem. Rock is simply trying to solve the problem and taking such a long time
Within the piece of paper is a wormhole, which transports rock into the most distant depths of space
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Why are kitties afraid of balloons?

What weird fears do your kitties have?

EDIT: Do you have any funny stories of pets that like certain TV shows, movies or porn (human OR animal)? Video games?

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Do you have any sleep tips? If so, what are they? (certain smells, music/sounds, medicine [last resort]). I've been under a heap of stress and I'm not sleeping very well. Even when I do sleep well, someone or something always wakes me up regardless. If I can't sleep for as long as I need, I'd at least like some really good sleep, even for a short while. (I was actually sleeping well tonight, until my mom woke me up at 12:30 wanting me to take her dog out. I can't fall back to sleep.)

Srs and non-srs answers welcome.

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So my friend, who is a manager where she works, just had sex with a cashier at her store. Today was only her second time going out with him. And he was a virgin.

How BAD of an idea was this?

I'm trying to remember the exact wording of a quote. It had something to do about being weary of trusting someone who says "I Love You" too soon?

I'm going to Boston the first week of March. What are the chances of it snowing while I'm there?
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TQC, will you please share with me stories of how your university/college/whatever has screwed you over? Mandatory classes you couldn't get into in your last semester? Strange scheduling issues? Completely incompetent administration? Any and all post-secondary mishaps. I need to feel not alone in my suffering right now D:
cubs hat
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Besides not heading my alarm in the morning, is there anything I need to worry about if I were to wear ear plugs to bed every night?

Can you re-use earplugs, or do I need a new pair each night?

When was the last time you wore ear plugs?

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I have a snow day today!

Should I
A] be a good student and get all my homework done
B] clean my room all day
C] be a lazy bum and lay around all day
D] do something completely different than what I described

Which one should I do?

Also, I should go back to bed, y/y?

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is there any real medical reason to brush your teeth? having straight perfect pearly white teeth is not really a necessity.

ok srry i made myself seem like a dunce. but animals don't brush their teeth and they don't have problems, even those that have similar teeth to us. why are people different?
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TQC, last night I fell asleep around 12:30 A.M., and didn't get up until 6:30 this morning. Today, I am hideously tired, and am going to wind up shelling out money to starbucks to facilitate my brain activity. The day before, I went to bed around 1:45 that morning, and got up at 5:30, and was much more mentally sharp that day. Does this ever happen to you?

Do you have anything engraved? If so, what is it, and what does it say?
My iPod, and it has my monogram and two of my favorite quotes in french.

Do you twitter? Do you tumble (tumblr)?

Are you a Sarah Brightman fan?

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I slept wrong and my neck and shoulders hurt. What should I do to alleviate or distract myself from the pain?

When it is super duper really cold outside, what all do you put on to keep warm? Tell me everything.

work blows

Would it be rude to ask my manager/suggest that she put the schedule up at least a week in advance? It's freaking Wednesday and no one knows if they're working from Sunday on. I have 2 other jobs and it's interfering with my ability to schedule time working them because i have to wait for her.

It's at a restaurant, I work there for extra cash, my other 2 jobs are at a radio station and as a nanny.


The time has come to get a new/newer used car. Currently I have a Toyota Camry that I really like, but there are too many options out there to decide which new or used car I want. What do YOU think I should get? what are the pros/cons of the car you think I should get?

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Do you think all sexist behaviour is equally bad? I.e., is it just as bad for a woman to be prejudiced toward a man simply because of his gender as it is for a man to be a misogynist?

I am specifically curious what your thoughts are toward sexism among lesbians. I know women who won't be friends with men (or will only do so VERY rarely), won't listen to music if it has male vocals, etc. I have mixed thoughts and feelings on this and would love to hear what others think.

I also have friends who work at a place where there's a HUGE advantage to applicants who are LGBT, but especially dykes, because the managers for years now have all been dykes and apparently they are most comfortable hiring other older butch gay women. Either that, or they're trying to establish an inter-office dating pool! Do you think it's fair to be discriminated against when applying somewhere like that because you're straight? Or is turnabout fair play?
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i have a canon powershot A540. i really like it, but it seems like the batteries need to be changed ALL THE TIME. i changed them about a week and a half ago and it's already low. what's going on?? >:o

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if you watch it, what's your favorite Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode?

my friend just started watching it SATURDAY after i showed her a short on youtube. we're going to watch a few episodes when she visits Valentine's Day weekend, so i wanna pick out some particularly good ones.

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TQC, I realize this is something more personal than general but i'm curious to see your ideas.

I have a tattoo design drawn up, it's similar to this, where I have the symbols all drawn out to look like the elements they represent (example).

What i've yet to have designed is the top symbol, the symbol for 'spirit'. My initial concept was a bleeding heart, dripping neon blue blood. But, i've recently come to terms with that fact that the human heart kinda looks like a strawberry. The concept doesn't really work for me, aside from it's strawberry-like image.

What would you get as a symbol to represent your spirit?
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New York City

I will be goign to a tradeshow with my father on February 21 in New york City. He has asked me to try and find somethign relatively inexpensive for us to do the Saturday night while we are there. He suggested maybe a Blues show, or some kind of comedy show or play or something.

Do any of you live there who can give me some ideas, or even a place to start looking? I have googled, and will continue to do so, but I'm wondering if there are some other things that maybe aren't as well known so they won't come up in my searches.

Thank you!

Less IS more

Does anyone else have the experience that when you're going for fast food they can never give you the right amount of sauce or whatever you ask for? When you say "a little" they pile it on and when you ask for more they give you the tiniest bit possible?

Like every time I go to Subway they put one drop of vinegar on my sandwich, then when I ask for more they put just one more drop.

But if another sandwich place asks me if I want hot sauce I say "just a teeny tiny bit" and they coat the whole freaking sandwich with hot sauce!

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To Women Who Do Not Masturbate:


One of my friends told me that she does not do it because that is what her boyfriend is for. That concept of only allowing yourself sexual pleasure through your partner seems absurd and controlling. (Unless of course both partners agree to it and it is a relationship practice)

Does that seem strange or dangerous to anyone else?

To Women Who Do Masturbate:

Is manual better than mechanical? Out of all the orgasms I have ever had, all of the 10s have been manual.

ferris wheel

Questions Galore

Should I dig out my car? *Edit - It took me almost 2 hours, but it's done!*

Once I do, should I go somewhere or just admire my handiwork?
I have canned potato salad, pbj, marshmallow fluff and bread. Is there anything I can make with this?

Would you move into a new house with 10+ inches of snow on the ground?

If you've done this, do you have any advice?
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If you work, do your co-workers recognize and/or celebrate birthdays?

Do co-workers with kids bring in school or organizational fundraisers, like Girl Scout cookies and wrapping paper?

If they do, do you ever buy from them?
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What have you been doing lately to improve your life?

I'll have the house to myself tonight. I should strut around in my underwear, blast my music, and eat ice cream, Y/Y?

Will you tell us a funny story?

embarrassing moments

Will you share with me your most embarrassing moment that happened to you at work, particularly in an office setting?

If you don't have one of those, maybe a story that happened at school, the airport, wherever. As long as it's really good!


Diet Coke and a pizza, please.

Poll #1339282 Big girls, they are beautiful.

When you hear the song "Big Girl (You are Beautiful)" by Mika, how do you feel?

Empowered like never before.
"It's about time someone agrees that thin does not equal beautiful!"
I love this song! It's so catchy and upbeat!
Big girls are beautiful, but I don't think this song is necessarily the way to share that.
Embarassed for listening to it.
Mortified for the girls in the video.
Mortified for big girls everywhere.
Slightly insulted.
How did this guy get a recording contract?
This song sucks, now that I have heard a bit of it, I am going to turn it off.
Indifferent, whatever.
Something else that I will describe in comments.

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You and your SO are trying to get pregnant. One day you find out you/your SO are/is pregnant and then find out it's with the first naturally conceived set of OCTUPLETS. What would you do?
Kill de bastards

En Garde!

According to tradition, if someone challenges you to a duel you get to choose the weapons. If so challenged, what would your choices be?
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1)what do you think is an odd fast food concept?

a smoked gouda burger.

2)what do you feel guilty about?

I caused my dad to spend a lot of money because of my fucked up jaw joint.

3)how cold are you?

super cold

4)what random things does your city have in its parks?


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1. Why does my cat scratch at the door right after I let her out? (she acted like she wanted out and ran out when I opened the door, btw)
2. Do you get frequent tans? If so, why? D:
3. Buy music or steal it?
4. Why does my brother's kid scream when he sees sushi?
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jelly beans...

So long story short, the student government at my school has ended up with 88 pounds (yes, pounds) of cinnamon jelly beans.

Aside from making ourselves sick from eating them, what should we do with them?

We've already put out little dishes of them around the office areas.
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Have you ever lived in a co-op? If so, would you share your thoughts on it?

What is your most useful skill?

Is anyone working on any art projects?
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I fell down some stairs outside like an hour ago (it's snowing really badly here) and hurt my back. As such, I am laying in bed with an ice pack and trying not to move. There's nothing on tv.
What should I doooo? I'm bored.


What will it take to reunite the Beatles?

One more bullet and more cancer

Best rock god of all time?

Freddie Mercury
Mick Jagger
Steve Tyler
David Bowie
Kurt Cobain
Jimi Hendrix
Bruce Springsteen
John Lennon or Paul McCartney or any of the Beatles
Axl Rose or Slash
Justin Timberlake

Best rock goddess of all time?

Janis Joplin
Patti Smith
Britney Spears
Courtney Love
Joan Jett
Chrissie Hynde
Shirley Manson
Exene Cervenka
Lita Ford
Ann or Nancy Wilson
Other. Who'd I miss?

I know you all hate breakfast posts, but it's lunch! HA

TQC, I'll be doing my first *REAL* grocery shopping trip since I've been back at my apartment (3 weeks of living off of what's been in my pantry, omfg), and I'm going to eat some oatmeal before I go so I don't come back with 7 million dollars of food.

Should I eat apple cinnamon, maple brown sugar, or cinnamon spice oatmeal?

Should I spice it up by adding some dried blueberries or craisins?

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I got into a fight with my brother because he decided to share some pearls of wisdom and I told him my other plans which were perfectly reasonable. My mother came up in this fight, who I had a disagreement with about an unprofessional doctor the other week. Now all of my family on my moms side hate me and fight with me constantly.

My mom told my brother and sister that I punched her in the car! I certainly did not! She has punched me in the past though.

Should I confront her about this? I fear if I don't she'll eventually come back and cause more trouble and .....to be honest I'd love to put her in her place.

If not....how should I calm down about this? She is clearly insane and I don't like being lied about in that kind of way.
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Facebook question you guise!

I broke up with my boyfriend, it was a mutual decision and we've agreed to be friends. This is after 5 years together. I don't use facebook very often, however after getting an update from a very old friend I happened to be on, and switched my status to single. Today, he switched his relationship status to 'it's complicated'.

What do I do guys!? Should I ignore it? Accept confirmation? Send hookers and blow to his house and tell him to get over it? This is serious high school drama years later!!! Serious and non serious very much welcome : D

Also, I'm going to be placing a Mary Kay order tomorrow with a co-worker. Any suggestions for what I ought to get?
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TQC, I turn to you for some lulz in the face of the ridiculous essay that I am writing today.

Since as humans all our lives are equally meaningless, why don't we all just kill ourselves? WHAT IS THERE TO LIVE FOR, TQC?

Non-srs preferred. Though if you want to give me srs and essay-applicable answers, feel free.

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Do you think you sleep too much, or too little? Or do you get the perfect amount?

I sleep too much, mostly because I'm in a lull where I'm not in school or working and I have nothing better to do than take naps.

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I realize none of you are doctors, but...

Can a person have hyperglycemia without having diabetes?

I feel like I have all the symptoms of hyperglycemia but none for diabetes, and I've never been diagnosed with diabetes. I'm confused.
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Make my decisions for me, TQC.

I just got out of a serious relationship, and my ex and I are doing the whole friends with benefits thing. We decided that once either of us got involved with anyone else, we would stop having sex.

I've been seeing this guy for the past week. We are a bit smitten with each other. We've kissed a few times, but nothing more. We've been on two dates and have really hit it off, but neither of us are looking for a relationship right now. So, for now it's just dating, but I wouldn't quite consider us "involved".

Should I tell my ex about him? Or should I do it if things become official?

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I've been tagged a few times to  do that '25 random things about you' thingy on facebook.
So what, not totally obvious,  lies should I write in order to freak out all those people I hardly know but for some reason added anyway? I need about 15 more..

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What would you make with mozzarella that takes 10 minutes or less and does not involve eggs or bread?

I LOVE YOU GUYS. I was getting worried about what to do with that chunk of mozzarella for a minute. FYI I went for the mozzarella + tomato + basil salad and am eating it now (it's awesome). I still have enough left over to try some of the other suggestions though.


I was really excited to eat my first Souffle because randomly my mom bought this microwaveable one
And they make them on Top Chef all the time. BUT ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO TASTE REALLY BAD?

Have you ever had a souffle?

omg, it's gross.

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Do you and your significant other have a list of celebrities that you would leave each other for (or just sleep with)?
Who is on that list?

What is the most boring job you've had?

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Do you ever wonder where they get the ideas for textbook problems?

My physics text introduced a problem with, "Your evil friend wants to borrow your ruby."

WTF. Who got paid to come up with that?!

Thawing Dough

I have to make pizza for 3 hungry kids in about a half hour, and the pizza dough I am supposed to use is not thawed yet. It's the kind that is basically a ball of dough, put into a small plastic dish, and then that is in a bag.

Is there a quick and effective way to thaw this pizza dough without semi-cooking it in the process? If I put it in the microwave (defrost or whatever), will that make it completely suck?

what do you call it..?

you know when you're in the early stages of a relationship and you're having sex and its not just sex anymore but its not quite making love yet?
what do you call it?

ok ok i get it! making love does sound cheesy alright...
but what im wondering is what do you call intimate sex that isnt quite as intimate as when you're in love but  is a whole world apart from when you're just fucking??

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Sooo firefox just deleted all of my bookmarks. Will you suggest some sites that you like to replenish it back to its former glory?

What's the weather like where you live? It snowed a lot here, but now it's all water and slush. Half the campus is ankle-deep in water, and yet my university refused to close all morning.

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Do you ever get hungry after you've started eating? 

I often run around and don't eat on time but I'm not a hungry person in the day. When I realize I should eat something I'm usually not hungry and then after the second bite or so...I'm insanely hungry! 

What are you eating? 
Salad with sun dried tomato dressing because I remembered to buy some this shopping trip! 

Are you a procrastinator?
Can you multitask? 

When there's a crazy thunderstorm what do you do?
I run around barefoot in it!!!

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Am I the only person on the face of this planet who just saw "The Godfather" recently (I finished it today, we watched it in Film class) and absolutely hated it? I don't think it had a plot, I didn't understand it, and I hated it so much I almost cried because I wasted a great chunk of my life watching it. Edit: Okay, Okay. so my stupid film classmates shouldn't have made me jump to conclusions about "the godfather."

Related, what movie do you hate with the passion of 5000 burning hell infernos on the sun?
Take a Look


I have this pic I took in London of this building the locals called "the pineapple" (or possibly the glass penis) and I can't for the life of me think of the 'proper' name for it. What the hell is this building called??

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Does your menstrual cycle ever make you think it's done only to be like, "HAHA DUMB BITCH I'M STILL HERE" when you are no longer using any sort of pantie-protection?

If you have no menstrual cycle, would you like to trade something for my ovaries and/or uterus?

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My grad school application is due on FRIDAY. I have to have 3 references: a professional, an academic and a personal. For my personal reference, I asked a friend of mine who I've known for 8 years and is in the field. She now lives on the east coast (i'm in oklahoma) and she overnighted her reference "letter" (its really just a questionnaire about me and my qualifications) to me so I can turn it in on time. One of the requirements is that her signature be across the back seal of the envelope. I wrote her a letter explaining this and she called me to clarify, but she forgot to do it. There's no way I can get it back to her then back to me in time. I don't dare try to forge her signature because her *actual* signature is inside the envelope on the reference letter.

So, TQC, I have 2 options. I can ask a coworker who I've hung out with only once outside of work (we're really more of work friends) who is in the field and even graduated the exact program I'm trying to get into, but she doesn't really know me that well. OR I can ask a friend who I've known for like 11 years and knows me very well, but isn't in the field at all.

What will look better to the grad school admission board as a PERSONAL reference?
Coworker (in the field, graduated same program i want in) who I've known 1 year but am not very close to
Friend (not in the field) who I've known for 11 years and am very close to

eta: the program i want to get into is a counseling psych program so I can become a licensed therapist

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yesterday i bought a dress thats size smaller than my usual size, it was the last one in store (its sold out in stores/online) and i HAD to have it.
it fits me fine everywhere except the zip part at the back, it zips up pretty far but theres about 2 or 3 inches that won't zip up (because my upper back is too wide by about two inches). soo..

should i just keep the dress and wear it with a cardigan that will cover the zip?
orrr should i return it?

this is the dress:

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If you're on Facebook, you may have seen a "25 random things you might not know about me!" note circulating its way around that corner of the intertubes. Well, will you post your own 25 (or 20, or 15, or 10, or 5, or however many) random things we might not know about you so we can get to know you better?

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I'm pretty broke. All of the important stuff is taken care of through a very generous 'student loan' from my dad, but sometimes I worry about covering my car payment/insurance, my dog's care, et cetera while still trying to save a little. My wrists have been hurting from overuse at work and then I got into a minor accident yesterday, which tensed up my whole body.

Would it be out of line to go get a professional massage?

money money money

How much do you (standardly) tip your servers at a restaurant?
10%? 15? 20? Otherrr?
Do you tip more if the service is exceptional?
Do you put money in tip jars at places like Subway or pick-up places with walk-up counters?

I know it varies according to geography and culture so feel free to mention where y'all live.

Personally, I live in California and tip 15% standardly. 20% for good service. (Both percentages are easy to calculate, lulz.) I'd have to be pretty let down to tip any less.
I drop dolla billz into the tip jar when I can, especially at my favorite pizza place where they cook it all fresh and bring it to your table. Mmmmmm. Also they've got yummy chocolate gelato.
I am almost offended when I'm with someone who tips terribly, and if I know my dining companion well I'll try to supplement if I have any cash handy. Thankfully the friend I have who doesn't believe in tips doesn't fight me on leaving them myself.
Resident Evil - Zombie

(no subject)

1) If you could hack into a construction ahead traffic sign and change what it said, what would you change it to?

2) Help me with my homework TQC! I'm taking a language class and have to pick 5 common words to conjugate and can't think of any for the life of me that I don't already know. WHAT WOULD YOU PICK? I already know things like chair, table, girl, women, etc.

3) A doll company made dolls of Obama's children, do you think that went to far? ETA: I mean, what do you think of it? The Obama's weren't pleased.



i just caught my neck with my extra hot curling iron. its already noticable. my roommate said put ice on it. what else can i do???

edit: i want to do anything to prevent a blister

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this friday, the bars downtown are participating in a strip pub crawl, wherein when you enter the bar you remove one piece of clothing to be donated to the needy and in return get specials on drinks/food.

would participate in such an event?

would you start with minimal clothing to end up being mostly naked after a few bars, or pile on the clothes?

(no subject)

I foresee a metric ton of these questions, if it hasn't started already...

I just e-filed with TurboTax (awesome, btw), and I'm getting over $1000 back. Which would be more fiscally responsible: Paying off the maxed-out credit card with the $1000 limit, or putting it towards another card with a higher limit (also maxed-out) and a higher interest rate?

Or, if you're not into fiscal responsibility, what should I do with the money? Srs and nonsrs answers, please.

Pectinto the Groove

Do you like apples? Well, how do you like them apples?

Golden Delicious
Red Delicious
Granny Smith
Other type of apples (there's scores of different apple types)
I hate apples
Justin Timberlake Beyonce

(no subject)

Should I take the Miller Analogies Test or the GRE?

Info: I hate math and I'm not very good at it, I love English and language arts and I'm hoping to get into Pepperdine.

Can anyone give me some first hand opinions regarding either or both tests? Pros/Cons?

Thank you!

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WHY IS MY COMPUTER MYSTERIOUSLY BEEPING?! it's that sound it usually makes when an error message pops up, and it's doing it about every 5 seconds. but there are no error messages. it's just beeping.


As many of you know i'm doing project 365 and this year i'm working on making it GOOD and creative. I'm in class so won't have much time once I get home to think. What do you think I should take my photo of? (no R/PG13 photo ideas please!!)

(no subject)

Poll #1339467 For those of you who are male/have male SOs, which would you most liken your/their goods to?

Which is closest?

Summer squash
Other (in comments)


I cannot figure these out to save my life. Don't judge me and my feeble mind.

1) "A well-known fashion designer, wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, decided to spend a few days at a rural resort. After a day of relaxing, she went for a stroll to get some fresh air. That was the last time anyone saw her alive. The autopsy revealed that her death was due to the pack on her back. How did she die?"

2) "A man walks into a bar and asks for a glass of water. The bartender pulls out a gun and points it at him. The man says thank you and leaves. What happened?"

3) "How many birthdays does the average man have?"

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Which Gap in Manhattan has the best Gap Body selection?

The Gaps around here never have more than one pair of the girl shorts in my size, and for some mystery reason they cost more online. I haven't had much luck with the one near Herald Square.

(no subject)

does your local fire department (or another FD nearby) hold a fir