January 27th, 2009

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What's your most unusual hobby/interest/weird thing you do that might get you arrested in a few states? The activity in question does not actually have to be illegal, but is an option.

How did you last visit to the doctor go?

Other than getting a new phone, what is a good way to cut back on noise (or rather, interference of some manner)?

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What movies have you seen that most critics/people think are amazing, but you think are overrated?
I liked The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but I didn't think it really lived up to all the hype. I was also disappointed that he didn't end up a giant baby.

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My friend claims he sometimes cooks in his sleep. The other day he mentioned waking up, only to discover two empty cans of tuna and some pizza crust near his bed. He had no recollection of opening the tuna or cooking the (frozen) pizza.

Have you heard of anything like this?

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TQC I am adopting a 2 year old dog next month. She is (judging from appearance) some sort of German Shepherd/Akita mix. Her first owners gave her away because she killed a kitten and her current owners already have 2 other dogs or else they would love to keep her. She seems very lovey and affectionate with people but I am a little nervous about her being around other dogs.

She knows simple commands like sit and lay but could use some work and doesn't really have much experience with leash walking so I was thinking I would get her in some obedience classes however I don't want her to attack another dog or anything. Is there a way to find out how she will act around strange dogs other than just wandering blindly into a classroom? What type of leash is good for training? I'd prefer not to use choke/spike collars. WILL YOU GIVE ME SOME DOG TIPS? I AM SO EXCITED.

Here is a picture of her :D
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Does generic soda like Encore taste worse than regular soda like Coca Cola?

I am depressed as hell and cannot sleep because I slept all day. What should I do to distract myself?

Anyone try the Rosetta Stone and what is your opinion of it?

to those of you with kids

Will you ever view your offspring as adults?  Will you view your offspring's girlfriends/boyfriends and wives/husbands as adults if they've been dating since they were in college? 

I ask because I don't think I'll ever be treated like an adult by my bf's mother.  His father treats me like an adult, but his mother never will.

X-posted to AMA and TQC.

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1. What did you do in the last 3 hours?

2. Italian speakers... help me translate this into English please?
"Questo credo sia un torneo con una minor grado di competitività."

3. Newsweek or TIME magazine?

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What should I eat next?

Vanilla cake
Blueberry and cream cheese king cake (with the cream cheese spooned out because that's gross)
Chocolate cheese cake
Gross; none of them!


Hey guys I am trying to grow my fingers out for guitar playing. Does anyone know something I could use to harden them or make them grow thicker? They break off quite easily.

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tqc, if you were sitting in your bedroom at night and saw a face looking through the window all of a sudden, how would you react?

What is the worst thing it could be?
What is the best it could be?

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do you have a nice ass? apparently my ass makes knees weak and cocks throb

do you have any ass related stories to share?
actually, do you have anything ass related to share with the rest of the class?

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1. What is a good (free) program that one can use to make decent graphics?

2. Tell me about the last interesting piece of information you just read/heard, please?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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Has anyone ever hit on you and before you realized that they were doing it, you turned them down?
And did you find them attractive and then thought, "shit, what did I do?"

Have you ever given a cute stranger your number? Did they call?

What is the best way you were asked out?
What is the most awkward way you were asked out?

i need a stage name. stat!

What should my burlesque stage name be?

Megs Begs
Jenny Begs
Cuddles Jewel
Paris Seraphim
Something else in the comments

ETA:if you think they're awful, please give me a suggestion!
the rational behind this is meg is my real name, begs is a nickname, jenny is the fake name i give to guys i don't want to talk to again at bars, cuddles was my first pet, jewel is the street i grew up on, paris is my fav city, and i'm an angel in this show.

i'm a brunette, don't have big boobs or small ones, and am feeling highly uncreative. i need a name for the program by tomorrow though and this is all that came to mind at 3 in the morning. ack!
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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Okay I'm posting again in quick succession but no one is asking questions!

Will you fill this out?

I hate all _____ except for _______.
I love all _____ except for ______.

For example, I hate all country except for Shania Twain.

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1. What are you passionate about? That is, what things can you talk about for hours and make your heart race at the mere thought of them?

2. In America, we have Donut shops that you can get legally married at, a house that was continuously being built to keep off a supposed "curse" and a museum dedicated to only bad art to name a few.

Which country are you from and what weird places does it have to offer?

Or if you are an American, what state are you from and what weird places does it have to offer?

(If you can provide links or pictures to these place, that would be amazing!)

3. Anyone here watching "Being Human"? If so, what do you think of the cast change and the first episode?

(While Aidan Turner is nice on the eyes, I miss Guy Flanagan. He was Mitchell.)

tl;dr pity party + question

Today, I'm supposed to have a midterm and a meeting with a potential adviser for my graduate degree (along with another class I wouldn't mind missing).

I've been sick off and on for a few weeks, but yesterday I started to feel really feverish and achey so I skipped the gym and my soccer game in attempt to feel better. Well, last night I took Nyquil and still couldn't sleep- my throat became all swollen and my fever is up higher than it's been in years, and I kept having suffocating nightmares because of it,

Should I email/call my professors and try to get a make-up midterm and reschedule my meeting so I can rest and theoretically get better? Or should I suck it up, probably perform not so great on my test, and contaminate all my classmates?

FYI The class I have my midterm for is a grad class, so it's not like I'm trying to get an exception in a class of 600 students.

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What's something you regularly receive unsolicited advice about?

I got all kinds of it about how to take care of myself while I was pregnant; once about how to lose weight when I was pregnant (I guess she thought I was just fat rather than pregnant), and now I get all kinds of advice about what and when to feed my child, how he should be sleeping, etc.

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i get to take/submit my own picture for my college ID. profs get pages of their students' pictures for some creepy ass reason, and it will appear on screen when college staff pull up my information for tuition payments or equipment rentals. i also have to present it with my student transit pass.

i want to look my ~*~best~*~ *cough*. ideas???
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I need your life making decision skills once again, TQC.

Conditions outside are currently at 'hockey rink' conditions. Because my work is a dick, it's the only thing open under a Governor declared State of Emergency. I did decline to go into work until noon, but I'm really thinking about not going in at all.

I get 72 hours of time to not go into work for the whole year. I've used 14 hours total so far this year. If I decide not to go in at all, that puts me at 20 hours used so far for the year. And it's not even February yet.

I am really not sure what to do. What would you guys do?

And if you don't care, would you rather have to drive on ice or snow?

bucket of babies

Some woman in California just had octuplets.

Here's a link to the story

Do you think Kate Gosselin is nervous that her role as shrew of 8 is in major jeopardy?

On a scale of 1-10, how freaked out would you be if you gave birth to 8 babies?

If you did have 8 babies, would you go the Gosselin route and allow your lives to be filmed?

ETA: You would be paid a bunch of money to be filmed, does that affect your decision in that last question?
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Plan my trip for me!

I live in near San Fran in CA. I want to go somewhere (anywhere really!) for Pres wknd (Feb 13 - 16) but don't have a tonne of money to spend (like to keep lodging under $300). What do you recommend? I was thinking of camping but I'd have to borrow gear from someone and if it's rainy it would totally suck. If your recommendation includes a hot tub, I'd be even happier. So, TQC where should I go?

ETA: I think I found a good place in Reno with lots of cool stuff to do plus snow to go play in. Thanks for your suggestions!! They'll be great for other weekends.

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So, I ran into a curb this morning. More specifically, I was pushed into it, but I was a dumbass and only looked at my back end when determining damage -- there was none, so I let the dude that tapped me go on his way. I didn't think about how I'd just ran into a curb, pretty hard. Which has fucked my suspension.

This is the first time I've been in a position to use insurance -- can anyone tell me what this process will be like? Thanks.

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Do you have any surefire recipes for ground turkey? We bought some on sale this week and have already made an awesome meatloaf with it, and now are looking for something different. We already know how to make turkey tacos but aren't really feelin' them tonight. Help!

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So I hate dark chocolate. Hate hate hate it. Except when it's dark chocolate m&m's.

Do you have any weird food habits like this? (common ones that I've heard of are liking french fries but not potatoes)

Have you ever had to call 911? What was the situation? Was the operator nice to you or mean?

I've had to call 911 twice. Once was for a situation at work when someone had an accident in the bathroom and we couldn't get the door open. The operator was really meant to me! They kept yelling at me! It was scary!
The second one was this summer. I lived with my grandparents and my grandpa was basically comatose in the bathroom. I thought he was dead. That operator however was very nice and calm.

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when updating twitter, facebook and or any other thing that is micro blogging, do you write your updates like your talking in third person or like you're actually blogging?

A: gardenofevils is having a bad day today.

B: gardenofevils I'm having a bad day today.

There is a correct answer.
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1. What are the qualifications for welfare? (Specifically, for New York City/state.) Jobs ain't happenin'.

2. How long do you have to be on welfare before you become a leech on society?
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So, I was wondering... We all were kids once and we were both stupid and indestructible. And we used it to the fullest much to our parents horror.

What were the stupidest things you did as a child for fun, that by all the rights should have landed you in hospital for a long time but you walked away unscratched?  Did you know that it was dangerous back then and if you did - why did you still do it?

Tell us all about it so that other can have a laugh at your past stupidity!
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I know this may be a long shot... I am currently taking a class on the human female. In class we were asked to label the diagram (Cell to Embryo) that is seen below from the Hubbard Scientific company. I have filled in the numbers (1 to 52) like the teacher told us to. However, I believe a good portion of the answers are incorrect. This teacher thinks he knows the answers, but half the class does not believe he is correct in his guesses I was wondering if anyone else out there happens to have an accurate answer key to this diagram.

Also, how do you feel then a teacher thinks he or she knows the answer, but is not 100% sure?

Laura :-D

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1. I am a conservative who did not vote for Obama. I have recently been seeing many of my conservative counter parts being very begrudging about President Obama...things as petty as they wouldn't have lunch with him if given the opportunity. I think this is totally stupid and it annoys me. It's the president of the United States. He didn't get there by sleeping his way to the top - I don't find myself to be above anyone who holds that office and no mater what party affiliation they are or whether I agree with them or not, doing lunch with the president of the most powerful country in the world would be something I would like to do. Hello? Isn't that common sense? Would you have lunch with a president that you didn't politically agree with? Why or why not?

2. Do you crave something sweet after most meals? If so, do you cave to it often?

3. Have you ever seen or come in contact with something from the "other side" (as in ghosts, spirits, etc.)? If so, tell us a bit about it?
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I have to find a library book to return to my school (by tomorrow) before they send me to collections.
Where is this library book?
(if it helps any, it's probably in my room underneath all of the shit, but that isn't helping me)

When was the last time you had so much to do in one day you wanted to cry?
quite surprising


Sometimes when I putting food away I'll goof. Like the cereal into the freezer or a carton of milk with the glasses. The kinda thing that happens when I'm either really tired or unusually distracted.

This sorta thing ever happen to you? Can you give me an example?
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Do you use filters on your lj? If you don't mind me asking, what filters do you have?

I don't use any. I used to and discovered lj had a glitch and they didn't always work, so I gave them up, did a friends cut, and now post uncensored but only to a few trusted friends.

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What is your guilty pleasure song? This is a song that you'd probably be embarrassed to be caught listening to, but just can't help yourself.

What is the best concert you've ever been to?

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Can you recommend me an LJ client that works with Macs (OSX 10.4.11)?

Does it matter what browser I use?

Have you used Flock (the browser)? Should I keep using Flock or should I switch to Firefox?
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I have a college snow day and I am stuck in the house because the roads are so bad. I'm probably going to have another one tomorrow, the school health center already called to reschedule my appointment from tomorrow to Thursday.

I'm so bored, what should I do? There is no alcohol or drugs in the house.

Does anyone else have a snow day today?

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tqc, i have had a spider vein "starburst" on the left side of my nose for as long as i can remember. for my 19th birthday i'm thinking about having it removed because i hate it so much. however, when i look up various dermatology centers for research, most of the results i find have to do with spider veins on legs or across the entire face. i only have this little spot and need an idea of how much it would cost. i've gotten a range of $233-400, but that is for leg vein removal.

has anyone had any experience getting a starburst removed? stories are appreciated. :)
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unwanted cds

someone trying to self promote left me a cd today. i will probably listen to it but mostly not like it. what do i do with it then? i feel like it would be mean to throw away something someone might have put a lot of work into.
what do i do with any cd i dont want besides toss it?
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Let's say someone texts you. You're unable to respond for whatever reason. However, the other person continues to text you and say things like "hey" and "are you there?" until you do respond. Does this annoy you?

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Is conquering an addiction more of never touching the substance/activity again, or being able to engage in the substance/activity from time to time without it controlling your life?

From serious to non-serious addictions, say, drugs to nail-biting.
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Poll #1338708 Sexy Time Categories

Is felatio equivalent to cunnilingus?

Other (in comments)

Is giving a hand job equivalent to fingering a girl?

Other (in comments)

EDIT: If you said no to either of the above questions, could you please elaborate?
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Ladies, what was the longest time you've kept a tampon in your vagina?

Also, I need a particular edition of a book for class, and i ordered it Tuesday night for next day delivery. I assumed it would arrive either Thursday or Friday... but it arrived a week later. This person wants me to give them a review on half.com/ebay, whatever. How would you grade them, assuming 'express delivery' meant right away?

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My roommates are leaving me to fend for myself around May, when our lease expires. I would really love to keep my apartment, but I can't afford it by myself.

I'm looking at listings and whatnot, but it looks like January is too early to start.

When should I start looking for roommates without being too late and screwing myself over?

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I have a guy friend, and whenever I see him he asks me if I have a boyfriend yet. Then when I try to tell him that I don't and that whatever tactics I'm trying aren't working, he keeps telling me I'm not trying hard enough and asks me what I'm doing to try to get a boyfriend.

How do I get him to shut up about this topic?

And no, he's not interested in me, I'm 100% positive, so that's not even something to consider.
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Have you ever sent a provocative text or photo via cell phone?

ALSO, you know how IHOP brings you a stack of pancakes with a ball of butter on top? Doesn't it kinda sorta look a little bit like a golden brown breast topped with a buttery yellow nipple?
you guys must have no imagination

Why, Lappy, WHY?!

Something is wrong with my laptop - half the keys don't work at all and the others usually spit out a string of random shit when pressed. I did a full scan with Norton and it said there was a keytracker and changer on there, so I deleted it and restarted my computer. I thought my troubles were over - WRONG. Yeah, it's doing it again now. WTF DO I DO, TQC?! I can't be chained to a desktop now that I've been exposed to the freedom a laptop affords!

ETA Ok, the masses have confirmed my fears that I need to reinstall. ;_;

So, what's your favourite candy bar? Mine is Zero, followed closely by Mini Snickers.
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If you had to choose a symbol for "love" other than a heart, what would you choose?
Does your answer change if it's love between two people in love, as opposed to like a mother(or father)/child love?


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1)there's going to be ice in your area tommorow, what do you do?

I would embark on the traditional buy bread and milk shopping trip. I would also panic.

2)do you like taking long baths?


3)do you read in the bath?


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You have a class from six to ten P.M. tonight. It just started snowing and is supposed to get worse with 7-10 inches by tomorrow. Would you go to class? It is 40 miles away.

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do you think there is anything about being in relationships a lot? like dating someone and breaking up, and starting to date someone new in a short period of time?

i didn't even realize how retarded i sounded. what i meant to ask: do you think there is anything unhealthy about being in a relationship a lot? for example: being with someone for a year, then a month or so later starting to see people.

what are your evening plans?

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I have severe insomnia and am curious as to what other people do to deal with it. I am not asking about medications, rather, activities or routines or herbal remedies (I cannot take valerian or melatonin) you have found helpful.

How do you deal with insomnia?
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When I woke up this morning I felt fine. Now I have a headache, body aches and that general "I'm getting sick" feeling. This is my first week of classes and I have class tonight from 5:30-9:30. Should I suck it up and go or stay home and whine about not feeling well?

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So as it stands I'm a mechanical engineering major. When I transfer somewhere I'll be tacking on an aero major. Now I'm considering a math minor. WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY IS WRONG WITH ME TQC?

On a slightly less dramatic note, whats the point in having a minor? How will it benefit me?
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1. How do you get yourself to shut the fuck up when you have a case of inappropriate giggling? I have chewed the inside of my cheek to shreds and will probably have a bruise tomorrow but I still want to fucking giggle about nothing at all, in the middle of my college lecture.

2. What are your favorite sunglasses? My RayBan wayfarers. I love them.

3. Do you often wear jewelry? If so, what kind? I wear earrings every day, and then when I'm not at work, a necklace and bracelet.

4. Other than giggling, how can I survive another 30 minutes of this fucking hideously boring class?

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Have you ever had a friendship end not by growing apart but by actually deciding and saying you don't want to be friends anymore? What led to it?

What is the most brutal way someone has broken up with you or you have broken up with someone?
super happy fun time!

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I want to take a bath but have no drain stopper. What can I use instead? Or what's a viable way to plug it up using cups and plastic bags?

I once read a book where the main character decided to have a "British abortion" by drinking a whole bottle of gin in a hot bath. Was that something the author made up or is it an actual thing?

My hair gel froze in the car. Will it be functional when it defrosts?

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what is something in american history you find particularly interesting? i have to write an informative essay masquerading as in interesting narrative.

and it has to be on a year in american history.

i think it's a horrible project. :C
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1. Can you suggest me a good movie editting program?

2. Octuplets were born in california and over 40 doctors and nurses assisted in the delivery (via C-Section).  Why would 40 people be needed? I see 11 (1 doing the cutting, 1 doing the blotting, 1 watching the monitors, and 8 for the babies... one per baby), but not 40! explain this to me.
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I was wondering if anyone here has ever worked in an internship. I'm going to apply for a newspaper/magazine internship and I have to send in my resume, sample of my articles, two references and a statement of purpose. Question: What exactly is a SoP? What's the best way to write a SoP? I've heard that you can write is an anecdote etc. Also, do you guys have any comments, suggestions, tips 'n tricks for applying for an internship? What should I do to make my application stand out? Thank you so much! 

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Is it terribly stupid to go jogging in the dark?

What did you have for dinner?
I had swimming angel sans the spinach.

EDIT: I live in on an island in a rural area. I would be jogging on side roads with my flashlight.

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TQC, please settle a disagreement my best friend and I are having (and help me win $5.)

These shoes are

Super sexy librarian hot
Halloween witch costume terrible

teal deer question: I'm moving ~1000 miles (~23 hours, according to googlemaps) in a about five weeks.  Silver is a Siamese with a classic Siamese Meow, and he's extremely vocal when he's in the car. The longest we've ever driven with him is about four hours, but he meowed literally, the entire. way. there.  So for this move, I'm hoping for maybe some diazepam (Valium) for this trip, both to relax them when they're in the car and strange hotel rooms for two days and then in a new house, and to make travelling with Silver a little more bearable.  I want to schedule an appointment for my Sir Fluffykins III to get his vaccinations two weeks before we move, and his brother, Silver, had his vaccinations in December, from a new vet.  In December, Silver was overweight according to this vet.  He's a large cat, his healthy weight over the last five years has been 11.5lbs, but he was ~12 pounds (winter weight, I believe, since he put it on from September to December and is now shedding a little bit of it) and the vet pretty much chewed me out for it and essentially told me I'm a terrible pet owner for feeding him Royal Canin, which contains "way too much grain" (and then recommended Science Diet... Right, lol).  So I'm probably going to a different vet for Fluffykins' vaccinations.  I guess my question is twofold. 
One, I'm not a crazy person for asking for Cat Valium, am I?  
And two, am I likely to have any problem getting it, providing I can take Silver into the different vet, the one who gives Fluffykins his vacs, and show the vet that he's current on shots, healthy, etc?

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I've recently moved to Southern California from the Bay Area.

TQC- can you tell me of any good places (restaurants/ bars/ clubs/ stores/ movie theaters, etc.) to go around the LA area? I'm open to Inland Empire and Orange County area as well.
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Poll #1338705 Make life decisions for me, TQC.

Where should I study abroad? It will be from January-May of 2010.

Australia/New Zealand.
Other, which I will tell you in comments.
Don't study abroad. Studying abroad is for squares.

Relevant life details:


I'm looking to buy a new MP3 player as my current one doesn't have enough space.

The one I am replacing is made by Creative, and I am wondering if anyone here who owns a creative MP3 player can give me a review?

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Dear fishy TQCers,

I recently purchased a tropical fish tank, and am in the process of cycling the tank.  The filter (Top Fin 10 #35902) is doing something weird.  It starts up alright, and sucks/pushes the water through, and is almost completely silent while it's doing it.  However it seems to randomly lose a bit of suction or something, causeing it to rattle and clunk and make horrible noises and only push 3/4 the water that it normally does.. If I lift it out of the tank and push it back in a few times, it starts up again.  It also fixes itself if i leave it long enough sometimes.

How do I make it stop doing that?  Did i set it up wrong?  Help!  :)
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What's the name of the ACDC song with the bagpipes? Anyone know if it's on itunes or amazon so I can buy the mp3 & show it to my dad? Aw, it doesn't appear to be up for download.

Thanks y'all.

Also, my university expected us to go to class today, despite the fact that it was snowing like crazy & the roads weren't plowed. Should I fight my unexcused absence (I missed a quiz b/c of the weather) or just accept it?

make my life decisions for me :D (TL;DR)

I get a free ride to a certain university due to my mother being a professor there. However, they don't really offer what I'm looking for (small uni) to the extent that I'd like (cultural anthropology, more specifically anthropology of myth/language).

They've got a fantastic forensic anthropology program but I'm trying to stay as far away from forensics as I can.. I'm really tempted to apply to Concordia's (Montreal) anthropology of myth program but I'm being scolded for throwing away my chance to go to university for free (which I understand)

TQC, is it worth going just because it's free even if I'm really not interested in the program!?
My dad keeps telling me to "put up with it and get your damn degree".
WTF do I do? I don't want to stay if I'm not going to be happy with the program. Am I being too picky? grarrrrrrrr

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1. What's the best news you've heard recently?

My currently long distance boyfriend just got the job he really wanted, with the added bonus of it being in the office closest to me!

2. What's the worst news you've heard recently?

I had blood work done today and pretty much all my levels were off (i.e. I'm really anemic and something's killed most of my WBCs), and my doctor doesn't know what's wrong with me. She was convinced I had mono but the test came back negative.

3. What's your favorite flavor ice cream? Popsicle?

Chocolate peanut butter and the coconut all-fruit ones, respectively
hate pimentos

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What should I make (main-course wise)  for my Super Bowl party on Sunday?

It should be easy to make or reheat well, because I will be working until an hour or two before the game and will either have to come home and cook it or reheat it.

Nothing with mushrooms, please.


Based off a previous post...

To those of you who have had friendships end out of a discussion/declaration instead of growing apart, have any of you reconciled with those people later? If so, how much later and how did the reconciliation happen?

Edit: How about wishing for a reunion? Or regrets?
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What art should I try to find and possibly put on my walls in poster-form?  (not anime or nudity)

Do q-tips really help cause ear infections, when you use them to dig out ear-goop?

Are "study skills" really that important to learn, when you're already getting straight A's?  Is it understandable for that person to get angry with people who continue to profess that being aware of study skills is the only way to succeed in just about every aspect of life?

What causes the speech impediment where people say "tree" instead of "three" or "turty" instead of "thirty"? (as in can't say the THR sound)


1. what does the room you're in smell like right now?
2. what song do you want to play/learn how to play in the instrument of your choice?

1. my room smells like sharpies, pasta salad, and breaded shrimps. mmm.
2. my bloody valentine's sometimes in an electric guitar. pfft.
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I studied abroad in June in Spain. I had to pay both tuition to my university AND to the college that is in Spain, so I basically paid twice the tuition I would have. I scanned the education section of IRS.gov, but I couldn't find anything on international school.

I'm sure this question is stupid, but when it comes to taxes I completely lose all my sense. My logic tells me I can't claim my tuition for a school outside the US, but do any of you know if I can claim the tuition for the school in Spain, or only the school in the US?

Where IS my file?

I'm not online somewhere where I could get an answerto this type of question, so please,please tqc, help!

I opened an email .doc attachment and after that I wrote pages of text in it. Went to save and close, but it only asked me if I wanted to save, not where! So now... It's saved somewhere ) or is it? Maybe in the Temporary Internet Files.. but I can't find that). I tried searching, but failed.

Help, please?

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My dad is bringing ribs home in a little while (I'd say between 8-9 and it's 6:20 now) Should I have some mac and cheese now or wait until he comes and have it with my ribs?

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why does trapped wind hurt so damn much?

*clutches belly and whimpers*

if you dont care about my pain what is something that happened to you that was traumatic at the time but now just makes an amusing story?

i fell down the side of a train while trying to board it when i was 14. like right down, my feet were touching track (not the live one thakfully) and my face was level with the step. my sister had gone on before me and when i feebly said her name she turned round, saw i wasnt there, and assumed i had vapourised (she was studying the Hiroshima disaster at school). some woman hauled me up then leapt on the train. i bruised my leg to the bone and can still feel it twinge sometimes now, 12 years later.
i still hate getting on and off trains. which wasnt good back then as i had to get the train to and from school every day, and currently take it to and from work. FYI if you are ever getting a train from platform 2 at Croy station, Scotland, take a look at the size of the damn gap. its like a foot and a half from the platform  to the train when it should just be a couple of inches :(.
This is so ridiculous.

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Someone who is better at google want to help me?

I need to know the percentage of vegetarians that exist in the country of Panama. If that's even researchable.

Help? Link?

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What's the last thing you did that you would catergorize as epic?

My dad and I just harmonized through two songs while I had one earbud in and he was in the other room.
She Had The World - Panic! at The Disco
Put On Your Sunday Clothes - Michael Crawford