January 26th, 2009

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has anything happened in this past week that has truly sucked?

do you know anyone that has ulcerative colitis?

finally, my birthday is on thursday and im getting a piñata! have you ever had a piñata for your birthday?

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What are some characteristics/qualities that a potential partner must possess in order for you to enter into a relationship with them?

What are some dealbreakers for you?
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Do you think it would be awesome/not so awesome to be in one of those reenactments on the History channel?
If so, what part of history would you like to be part of reenacting? Why?

Does anyone else wonder how much those guys get paid?
And lastly, has anyone ever seen the same actor/actress play in two different time periods?

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So lately, I've been having heartburn before I even eat anything, as well as more cases of the hot poops than usual, seemingly regardless of what I eat.

Also, my stool was a sort of rusty color today starting around 3:00 p.m.

What's up with that?

Also, what's a good guacamole recipe?

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do i need to wrap a potato in a paper towel if i'm going to "bake" it in the microwave? we're all out of paper towels but every site tells me to wrap it in a paper towel first. what is the purpose of that, anyway?

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1. Do you think it would be easier to learn French or Italian? or is there another language you think I ought to learn?

2. If you had all the free time and the money you needed, what new hobby would you take up?

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What's your favorite kind of literature?

Chick lit (romance)
Hick lit (Jeff Foxworthy's 'you're a redneck when...' observations)
Pic lit (pop-up books)
Dick lit (gay erotica)
Fic lit (fantasy)
Mick lit (famous Irish authors, like Joyce)
Quick lit (Cliff Notes' version of famous novels)

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I am part of a three-way family plan with AT&T. I give my mom $60 every month to pay my portion. Recently, she missed her second payment so they turned off all three phones and they're asking for $524 to get them turned back on. This is frustrating because I have the money to pay my part, but that doesn't matter. We called AT&T because I wanted to find out what I would need to do to start my own account, since I pay for it anyway. They are saying that, since I'm 18 and don't have any credit, it would be something like $500 - $1000 for a credit deposit.
This really just doesn't make sense to me, is it always this hard and / or expensive to start yourself off with your own phone? What should I do?

Alsooo, when I turned 18 I got my first debit card under my name and blah blah, big kid stuff. Apparently, if you run your card as credit, it's the exact same as running it as debit, only you build your credit score up? I don't understand. Why is it the same? I thought if you ran your card as credit you get a bill at the end of the month. I guess since it's a DEBIT card being run as credit, it still just comes immediately out of your account??  So if it really is this easy, I could build up some credit with my debit carddzz and then set myself with AT&T?

ETA: Thank you, everyone! I've got the card thing straightened all out, I guess with my bank you get 'points' not credit like with a credit card.
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Have you ever been offended by someone else's icon? Not because it was politically inflammatory or offensive in and of itself, but because you some how took it as a commentary?

I personally think that is ridiculous.

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I have...

purposely gotten high and drunk before.
purposely gotten drunk but not high before, but I may try to get high one day.
purposely gotten drunk but not high before, and I intend to never try to get high
not ever purposefully gotten high or drunk and never intend to get high or drunk.
not ever purposefully gotten high or drunk before and I intend to drink one day but never get high
not never purposefully gotten high or drunk and I may try to drink or get high in the future
purposely gotten high before but never drunk but i may drink in the future
purposely gotten high before but never been drunk before and i intend to never try drinking
purposely gotten high and/or drunk before and intend to never use again.
some other answer to this question that i will not put in the comments
some other answer to this question that i will put in the comments

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1. For Americans; we have the "spider" on the one dollar bill. For Canadians; it's the "Five Dollar Spock" (Which I am extremely jealous of.)

What is unique about your country's money?

2. ITV (BBC's rival) is creating a British version of Law & Order called Law & Order: London. (I wonder if they will have the "chung chung" sound.)

With that said, What is your favorite remake?
And what is the worst remake you've ever seen?

3. This article has three kids entering a pet shop and exiting with a smuggled shark. However, the shop owner has no idea how they did it.

I ask you, how do you smuggle a shark out of a pet shop unnoticed?
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tqc, I am socially retarded.

Is it normal for you to meet a guy, give him your phone number, and then have him call and text you five seconds after he gets off the bus?

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My SO works at a fast food restaurant and he applied at a new chain restaurant opening up in our area in a few weeks. He was planning on only working there part time at nights, but the owner wants him full time since his old work gave him an excellent reference. He has been trying to get a manager position at his old work, but they won't promote him because they have too many managers on staff. The owner told him that since they are going to be brand new, he will probably get promoted to a supervisor/manager position within months.

HOWEVER, in the meantime, he'd be taking a pay cut. He'd be starting at minimum wage again. He makes a few dollars more than that now.

so my question,
1. Would you take the job for less pay at first, if there is a high chance ( but not a guaranteed chance) of getting a promotion + a lot more pay in the near future?

ETA: He'd be staying part time at his old job for a bit, to make up the pay difference.

What kind of pets do you have, and what are their names?
I have a Maine Coon (see user pic). Her name is Iris, I want to get another Maine Coon so she has a friend and I'm looking for name ideas. :)


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I just got a spam e-mail from the sender "15 minutes for Jesus?" and the subject "Strengthen your relationship with Jesus."

1:  If you got to hang out with Jesus for 15 minutes, what kind of activities would you do?

2:  What would you talk about?
thanks fulloforliness

A Common Courtesy

I'm doing an experiment for my General Psychology Class. We're supposed to go around campus and hold doors open for 4 people and see their reaction and then don't hold doors open for 4 people and also see what their reaction would be. We also have to write an essay about the experiment. Now I already did the experiment but I was wondering about the whole of the US. Does everyone seem to be doing it? Is it as common as I think it is?

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Do you ever read your significant other/spouses personal mail? (just like reading it with without their knowledge)

Do they read yours?

How would you confront your SO/spouse if they did?
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have you ever started some writing assignment, gotten a page or two into it, then realized that what you're writing about is not, in fact, what the assignment really is?

i'm at the bottom of the first page, and just now noticed that i'm only supposed to be writing about native american CULTURE. i have a page about native americans' relations with the settlers and next to nothing about their culture. wahhhh.

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Hypothetically speaking, there is a 25 year old guy. He graduated in 2007 with a BA in business administration, and did okay in school. He has never had any type of job ever. He thinks a lot of jobs are below him. His mommy bought him some interview suits and is going to help him look for a job soon. What are the chances he will find a job relatively quickly?

I don't think it's going to happen.

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TQC, I need your collective creative genius.

I need a seating arrangement for my computer that satifies the following conditions:
1. allows for cross-legged sitting.  I'm "overly plump", so no teen furniture
2. has some back support, or allows me to lean back a bit
3. allows for a smallish dog to be next to me/in my lap. 
4. is comfortable enough for extended (12 hours) sessions in front of the computer

Suggestions?  Help me become the true computer geek that I know I can be!

I'm playing around with the idea of a bean bag in a papasan base, to get it high enough for the desk.  Are there pedestal bases for bean bags? I googled, but no luck.

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1) my boyfriend's workplace is hiring. For the record, he works with homeless people to try and help them get their lives back on track. I should totally go for the lulz and apply, yes? I don't really have a chance at the job, nor could I accept an offer, but the reaction I'd get out of my boyfriend would be pretty lulzy.

2) Do you ever type out a question, decide you hate it, and then come up with a new one? Can you tell I did that for this question?

3) Do you like to shake things up a bit and see what kind of reactions you can get out of people? I do that all the time. I think one day it might come back and bite me in the ass.

4) I'm wearing a button-down shirt today, and it's black. Unfortunately I seem to have gotten toothpaste on it. How can I get the toothpaste off? I've tried wetting my fingers and rubbing it out/off, but it's not working. I have a meeting later this afternoon as well...toothpaste would not be a nice addition to my outfit. =/

5) What are you doing with your TV? Did you buy the converter thingy? If not, do you plan to, or are you just gonna chuck the TV? We're keeping our TV, but since we don't get any channels or ever watch it anyway, we're just gonna continue to use it for DVDs and videogames. This question inspired by the local newspaper, who wrote an article about the sudden increase of thrown-out TVs, and how no one's really sure of how to to dispose of them safely.
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I got one of those "You have been transferred money from Africa please claim it" scam e-mails today, and I opened it out of boredom because they are sometimes funny to read. This one takes it to a whole new criminal level by posing as the FBI... even signing the email as the director of the FBI and telling me I will be prosecuted as a terrorist if I don't fill out the docs allowing the transfer.

Is there a place I should forward it to? I just feel like it should be send somewhere based on the content and the posing as a government sanctioned email.
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Fish! TQC, I made Martha Stewarts's Thai Beef Salad at the weekend and it was delicious, however I now have a bottle of Thai Fish Sauce that I used only 3 tablespoons of in my fridge. What other delicious things can I use this to make?

Fabric! Nice print of fugly? It walks that line for me, and I cannot decide.

Hose! Females and others who like pantyhose, have you ever found a brand that doesn't cut you in two at the waistline? Know a brand that I could wear a dress with and not have the bumpity lumps in the middle? I'm *this close* to looking for bodystockings and nobody should have to be subjected to that horror.

Halp! Why don't I feel like working today???

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There is a vehicle I want and it's listed at $11,995.
Do you think I could haggle them down to $10,000 "out the door"? Is that too low; kind of insulting? (from a dealership)

Can you give me tips on haggling a vehicle purchase? I'm pretty shy and weak.

Costume Party

If there was a TQC costume party where you had to dress up as a fellow member (not yourself!), who would you go as and what would your outfit look like?

(You can base your costume around that TQCer's looks, their username etc. Open to interpretation. Be creative!)
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Do you play a musical instrument?

Have you ever wanted to learn one, but never did, if so what?

I've played the violin since I was 2 and a half, a bit of recorder, and I'm relearning the ukulele starting on Wednesday :) (I played it in elementary school). I can also find my way around a cello, viola and bass.

I've always wanted to properly learn piano. I can plunk out a few things after taking it as an elective at music camp. And properly learn double bass.


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You do wear tank-tops (or undershirts) under your shirts?

I don't really like how it looks, but I guess whoever I'm getting my t-shirts from likes them to be see through.

If you're in college, have you gone to all of your classes yet? I still have the first class for the one I have today and then two more first classes tomorrow
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I prefer them how they were originally

8:32 PM 1/12/09 · When the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1st came out they all wore red bands over their eyes. I never had a problem telling them apart, whether they were wearing them or not, which may seem even odder considering all the comics were in black & white...

...only the covers were in color.

Do you prefer them the old way or with the different color bands they wear now? If you remember that far back, did you have a problem telling them apart when they all wore red?
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Gym vs YMCA

Think I got this thing solved.

Gonna try a yoga-only place.

It's closer. AND it's just yoga and yes lots more classes. Only thing you pay (as far as I can tell) is the class. I can pay per class or monthly or even yearly.

I like this idea...ty you gothstar

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Let's say a guy friend asked for your work address to send you something, but won't tell you what the something is. Would you assume it was flowers?

Have you ever keyed or otherwise seriously vandalized someone's car? Why?

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If you wanted to get a major haircut in a very specific style, would you trust the professional stylist your work brings in for a really low price (hair cut but no, or minimal, washing/drying/styling) or would you go to a salon even though it would cost five times more?
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so you know how foods like guacamole have to be kept in an airtight container or else it will go bad & change colours. do you think the discovery of that was tied with how, when blood is in the veins, it is blue, but when oxidated, it turns red?
hate pimentos

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Does anyone else have to leave the room when those damn "Polar bears are dying!" commercials come on TV?  I get so fucking weepy at those things..

Is there anything that makes you irrationally sad?
Hell no kitty

Lunch side options

With your sandwich you have a choice of: chips, potato salad, or a piece of fruit. For $.99 extra you have a choice of: green salad, fruit salad, or soup (broccoli cheese, chili, chicken noodle, or Italian wedding).

Which would you prefer?

I had the Italian wedding soup and it was really good!
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To teach the class about foreground/middleground/background, my professor said he would draw Superman, but he clearly drew Green Lantern. He's got the lantern symbol on his chest and glowing ring, but my professor continues to refer to his subject as Superman. He is either confused, or messing with us.

Are there any superheroes that you get mixed up?

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When someone has become aware of their own (white/male/cisgender/neurotypical/insert-other) privilege, how can they step beyond it?

Is it possible?

If it isn't, is it possible for them to have a part of any meaningful dialogue regarding that privilege?
mona marx

sleeeepy baby.

my child is asleep on the couch... should i:

1) vacuum or move her to her bed, hoping she doesn't wake up?
2) continue to do nothing?
3) eat her fish sticks before they get cold?
4) colour on her with washable markers? edit: design suggestions? Collapse )


anyone else, the day after they put like crazy lengthening/separating/beautifying mascara... spend the whole day pulling bits of black goop out of their eyes? it's driving me crazy!

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Have you ever used any techniques to talk a landlord down on the rent on an apartment? What are some good things to say?

ETA: This is on renting a new apartment, not talking them down on the current rent, if that helps.

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I love making cupcakes, but all of the frosting recipes I know are pretty much the same: icing sugar, butter, vanilla, milk. As yummy as it turns out, it's very rich, thick and heavy. Does anyone know a frosting recipe that is more light and airy?

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Do you like looking for new places to live? What do you like about it?
I do (luckily)! I'm checking a place out this Wednesday! I like looking at other peoples things when we check out the place.

Does your male SO have facial hair? Do you like it? 
Mine did until last night when we got bored. When I look at him now I get all weird about it because it reminds me of when we first met when he didn't have a beard. I like his beard a lot but I don't miss it yet.

It's 1:30 pm where I am. I've been up since 9 fighting the urge to go back to sleep since 10:30. Should I just give in already? 
If not what should I do to keep busy?

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What's the best bit about eating (insert food here) using (insert eating utensils here)?

The best bit about eating chilli crab with my bare hands is that if I eat over a long period of time, after I'm done eating my fingers will have that tingly chilli feeling that I usually get in my mouth.

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Does anyone know anything about sending flowers? I am wanting to have some flowers delivered to a couple of people that I work with. Will I have to order them in the city that we work or can I order them in my city? About how much do flowers cost? Any information would be helpful. I am not looking for anything fancy.

On a different note, what was the last bad news you received? My good friend's dad died last night, and his girlfriend/my best friend's dog died today. :[

gmail oddities

every time i email one of my friends to his gmail account from my primary account (apple dot mac), it automatically bounces my sent message right back to me. he gets the emails i send to his account, and says this weird faux-bouncing thing is something he enabled, i have no idea why; it's just weird and irritating, and started up out of the blue a couple of months ago.

what the hell "setting" is this? what purpose does it serve? haha. just kind of a weird thing to do.

thanks! any input is appreciated, preferably serious. let me know if i need to clarify.
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French speakers...how do you appropriately say "you are home"? When I translate it, the only thing I can think is "tu es maison", but that's a literal translation, and not this idea of "home".

Also, when I translate "to begin with--everything", does it make sense to say "pour commence avec, chaque jour"?

if you don't know french, will you translate both of those into the language of your choice?
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What is the last thing you saw/experienced/thought/dreamed that made you want to clean your brain with bleach?

The other night, I had a dream that I was getting it on with one of my former students (I used to teach high school English). I woke up utterly horrified.

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away

1. What kind of doctor would a candied apple keep away?
2. What kind of doctor would a McDonalds' apple pie keep away?
3. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what will a radish keep away?

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So I'm pretty bad with nutrition and healthy eating and all that stuff. I eat healthy things, but not enough or not at the right time so I crash at 4pm and crave sugar and then tend to binge and stuff. I am not really interested in focusing on weight loss as my goal so much as I am interest in focusing on health, yanno?

Are there any books/websites/etc out there with detailed meal plans/shopping lists and ideas that also discuss nutrition and necessary vitamin intake that aren't like, "OMG you giant lazy fatass" and also focus on natural foods (i.e., won't recommend that I buy fat free cream cheese or something else horrendous and godawful)?
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1. SCENARIO: You are about to jaywalk across a six-lane road. You take one step into the road and look up to see a car in the second lane, headed toward you.

Which of the following do you do?

A: Take one step back onto the curb and wait for the car to pass.
B: Stop where you are (in the first lane) and wait for the car to pass.
C: Scamper quickly across the first three lanes to median so you are out of the way and the car can pass.
D: Walk to the middle of the second lane and then stop and stand there like a dumbass, staring at the car.

2. What was the most fantastic thing to happen to you lately?
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I want to make a pasta bake for supper (6pm).
Its now 2:30 pm.
Can I make it and leave it unbaked for a few hours or will it go soggy and horrible?

EDIT:: My SO has a very unpleasant picture of me taken when I was very drunk, and refuses to delete. I'm really worried it's going to get seen by someone else as it's on his computer which his family use. How can I charmingly get him to delete it?
I dont know where else its stored so deleting it secretly isnt really an option. Begging so far hasn't worked.
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What is the best Disney song?

Can we have a sing-a-long? Post the first line to your favorite and let the other TQCers help you carry the tune. :D Break up the midafternoon Monday slump!
Arrested Development

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If you were looking at a webpage with a gallery of pictures, would you prefer to see:

1. A pile of thumbnails in the main body of the page that open into their full-size image in a new pop-up window (with arrows that let you view the next/last fullsize image in this new page)?


2. Thumbnails lined up on the side of the page with the main body displaying the full-size image you selected?

Does either option seem "classier" than the other, or am I thinking about this too hard?

If that question bored you to tears, what radio station do you usually listen to? I just tuned in to the Traditional Persion Music station, apparently. x)

visitor q

1)Could you direct me to the last really good question that was asked today, besides this one?
2)What's the most fucked up, disturbing, or puzzling movie you've ever seen?
3)What is the average diameter of your balls? If you do not have balls, use nipples. If you do not have nipples, PICS PLS of your nipple-less-ness.

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I've had this page open for two days now, because I am debating where or not I should purchase this necklace. Thoughts?. It's $14.

Also, can you link me to your favorite Etsy shops?

If not, will you tell me the circumference of your wrists?

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You're invited to a costume party where you have to dress as a sexual fetish. What fetish do you go as? What do you wear?

(So far the only idea I can come up with is to go as a zombie and be necrophilia.)
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Poll #1338022 Sex questions

Your SO's ex drops off a box of your SO's stuff that had been found in a closet somewhere. He/she isn't home, so you sort of root around the box out of curiousity, when you see a VHS tape marked 'birthday sex tape'. Do you watch it?

Yes. I wanna know what they did
No. It's not my business
No. I'd only get upset.

For those of you who said they'd watch it...you put the tape in and let it play, and sure enough, it's a sex tape of your SO and his/her ex. Turns out, the sex was better with the ex than it was with you. Different positions, your SO seems more invested, and makes different pleasurable sounds that he/she has never made with you. Are you jealous?


After watching the tape, what do you do now?

Break up with SO
Cry and get over it
Get into a fight with SO. So I'm not as good as your ex, eh?
Put the tape back in box and pretend I never saw it. See what SO does with tape
Destroy tape. No one will ever see it agian
Rewind and watch it again, and masturbate to it. This is HOT
Set about filming a sex session with the SO, and taping over the existing sex tape. Then, send the dubbed tape back to ex
It's alright. I'll put it on the shelf of all the sex tapes I've made with my ex

You're having sex with your SO, and you're on top. As it's getting really good, you hear your lover fart in bed. At first, you ignore it or laugh it off but continue, but then, the noxious vapours waft upwards and up your nostrils. It's disgusting. You're thisclose to getting off, but it really does smell like something had crawled up your lover's ass and died, then escaped up your nostrils. What do you do?

Finish up my orgasm, and then leave the room. I gotta get mine first
Leave the room, don't finish getting off. The moment's already gone
Hold my breath/cover my nose as best I can and finish
Bust up laughing. It's too silly. I get distracted and maybe I don't finish
Pick up a pillow or something and start fanning the air around me. Finish up

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I have more blueberries than I know what to do with. What should I bake with them?

Why do I keep getting cramps in the toes of my right foot when driving?

What TV show do you wish would go away forever?

(no subject)

Put your hands in front of you, with your elbows bent, like you're bumping your fists together. Now spin your hands round each other in circles, like boxers do to a little punching bag. Which direction can you do it fastest, forwards or backwards?

Me - forwards.

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Have you ever had any kind of surgery? What was it for? Where you scared? I haven't had any kind of surgery except today I got oral surgery to get my wisdom teeth out. I was really scared that I was going to die because I'm a nervous nelly and they put me to sleep. I woke up and saw double all the way home, it was crazy, and now I have vicodin.

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Help me, Dr TQC.
I've been feeling sick on and off all day. I had to get up in the middle of my afternoon class to go sit on the cold bathroom floor for a few minutes because I started feel nauseous. The cold of the floor helped my nausea almost instantly, and I was fine for the rest of class, but I'm sitting here in my townhouse half-sweating, half-shivering, wrapped in a blanket in my pajamas. My legs feel really weak, and I was shaking really bad but now I'm not. My housemate felt my forehead and says I don't feel like I have a temperature, but her hand felt super warm so I don't know and I don't know where the thermometer is. What's wrong wtih me? I know there's a sort of stomach flu going around campus. Did I catch it? D:

What did you have for lunch today?
Rogue night elf

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Do you have any interesting stories of "it's a small world syndrome"?

I once went to Disneyworld and ran into someone from my art class there.

I also met this guy online from another town, to find out the next day that he's friends with about 8 of my friends in person. How I never met him was beyond me.

I made an lj friend when I lived back in New England. I was friends with him while living in the same town for 8 years and we never met. We lost track of each other and I recently moved the the DC area, to find out he lives here too, and now we finally meet.

EDIT: Some more...

I have moderated certain communities for several years for one specific lj user here. We never met, or friended each other. I am now dating his best friend and old roommate.

I added this guy to myspace and facebook after talking to him online for a while. The next thing, I get a message from a girl I went to school with asking how I knew him (he lived two states away) because she slept with him once.
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What weird things have you tried recently?

Have you (or anyone you know) ever done one of those body cleanses, like a juice cleanse or organ cleanse? Which one? How did it work out for you?

I don't usually buy into that stuff, but I'm on a "get into the best health possible" kick and was thinking of trying a colon cleanse or something. But I'm afraid I'll either faint or shit everywhere.

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i can't ask any of the people i know IRL about this because they know the girl.

when i was about 7, i walked in on my babysitter (who was about 14) standing against the wall and her older brother (who was about 18/19) with his hand down her pants and kissing her. i started crying and they told me it was a game,not to tell anyone,etc.
i told my mom the next day and she confronted them and the whole family said i was a little troublemaking liar. well her older sister told my mom a few days ago that all of their brothers raped them from when they were kids...and so did their dad. she no longer speaks to the family.
the girl who babysat me still lives with the family and is in her twenties now,she lost a lot of weight recently and ive seen her talking to herself and just acting odd. i want to try and ask her to speak to someone but i don't want to embarass/upset her in any way..
do any of you guys have suggestions on how to approach the subject without being all "OMG UR DAD RAPED U GO TO THE COPS HES A PERV!!"? because i know she has a really close relationship with him, ickk.

also: what is your favorite secret from postsecret?

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My wife and I are vacationing with two other couples next month.  We are going skiing and sharing a rental cabin.  We agreed that a different couple will be repsonsible for providing dinner each night.  I'm pretty adept in the kitchen and enjoy cooking, but I don't want to burn much of my free time laboring. 

TQC cooks, what are your suggestions for a good cold-weather, minimal-effort meal?

(no subject)

TQC, be the voice of reason for me.

Collapse )

So my question is, if someone didn't come visit your new house, would you think they were jealous of you?

Should I drive an hour next weekend to go see the new place, alone?

Is your family like this?
happy monkey

(no subject)

1. when was the last time you cried, what were you crying about?
2. if you could have one thing right now what would it be?
3. would you tell me something you like about one of your friends?

(no subject)

i gotta go to church wednesday for the first time in two years. I'm only going because my close friend asked me, and he knows how disinclined I would likely be to go, so his asking means he really wants me to be there, cool whatever.

My question is:

How do I keep from making my "what the shit" face, with a raised eyebrow the entire time?

non-srs answers preferred.

Ok, Ladies.

Per yesterday's question on gender, we now have confirmed that men are a tiny minority in this community.

So, with waterfowl season over and the sneakbox put away, how many guns do you own? What kinds? How do you use them? Do you have any you lust over? Pics are a plus. When you find out someone owns "a lot" of guns, how does your opinion change?

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does the stroke song sound a little too upbeat to anyone? particularly, "with every second, brain cells die!"

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ETA: since when is a birthday party like a talent show for the birthday boy/girl? it's so weird that all of these kids on super sweet sixteen put on "performances" for their friends, particularly since there is such a low level of talent in most of them. i loved the girl who sang and did a terrible job and got pissed at her friends about it.

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TQC, will you share with me your favorite homemade mac and cheese recipes?

Do you have a day of the week where you do something special? I go see my boyfriend on Tuesdays and we trade off making dinner each week.


Do you think it's disgusting to talk on the phone while peeing in the bathroom?

I live in a dorm that is connected by a small bathroom to another dorm room... and my neighbors ALWAYS use the phone and pee at the same time. Personally, I think it's disgusting.

ETA: Okay let me ask you this, what if the person is taking a dump? Would your opinion change?

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Poll #1338016 Make My Life Decisions For Me, TQC!

What color should I paint my nails?

Bright Green
Dark Blue
Paint every nail a different color, dumbface

EDIT: Do you have any tips for opening stubborn nail polish bottles?
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When I browse clothing websites, "dorm wear" often comes up as a category.

In dorms, do most girls wear regular clothes, or is it strictly sweats?

Do they really run around in their underwear and a camisole, like these websites would lead me to believe?

What is dorm life like, anyway? Did I miss out on an integral part of the university experience?

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If someone cooks for you and all they make are unseasoned meatballs, what would you put on it to make it taste better?  Or would  you eat it as is?

My father in law laid out raw beef slabs and I asked "Oh, burgers for dinner?"  He said "Yep."  But they're not burgers, they're meatballs.  No pasta, no salt, no pepper, no garlic, no marinara sauce... just plain ground beef. 
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I tutor fellow college students at my school. One of the students I tutored last semester was also in a class I was taking, so we became relatively good acquaintances. I don't know if I'd call us friends, since we only hung out once outside of class and tutoring, but she's a very sweet girl. She has invited me out a few times to hang out with her and her friends, but I didn't go to any of them, not because I didn't want to, but because of scheduling conflicts.

I haven't seen or talked to her in weeks, and  I just got a message on my cell phone from her. She just broke up with her boyfriend. She told me that one time we hung out that her boyfriend was her best friend for two years before he pressured her into a relationship. She also basically told me that he's her only real friend. So...this sounds like a really sucky breakup.

Anyway, in her message, she said she's having difficulty concentrating and was wondering if I wanted to get a beer with her later tonight. I'd love to, and it really sounds like she needs a friend right now, but I don't really know her that well. On top of that, I'm still with my very first boyfriend ever, so I don't know what it's like to go through a break up. What should I say to her? Any tips on how to make this situation not awkward? I really want to be there for her, but I'm not even very good at that with people I've been friends with for years...

Cell Phones + Driving.

Good Eve TQC - - -

1.) How many of you can admit you only answer a call for 5 minutes then hang up while driving.

2.) How many can agree they would love to (in the BMW or Mercedes) rip them out of the drivers seat and show them how a REAL PERSON can drive....and hang up the phone.

3.) Have you ever been in an accident due to someone being on a phone?   ....and did they acutally HAVE THEIR INSURANCE COMPANY NUMBER IN THEIR cell phone?  (or did they panic looking for it...?) 

     I would love a free car for a moron barter. Impound lots are an idea.
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What ingredients will you use in the ULTIMATE PIZZA?

Canadian Bacon