January 25th, 2009


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I'm starting to worry that school is just not working for me. I feel like I don't really learn anything. :/ Plus, this makes me want to go to school even less. I am one of those people that study the night before and just memorize enough to pass the test.

If you were like this, would you hold off on school? Or am I just doomed to be like this forever?

When was the last time something/someone pissed you off? What happened?

When was the last time you felt awkward? Why?

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Have you ever done a foreign language meet up?
(Meet with a group of people who speak Italian/other foreign language, just for conversation?)
If you have, where did you find the group?

Would it be dumb for me to do a non-credit course in Italian, even though I'm taking six classes right now?

What language did you take in school? Did your college have language requirements?
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Young, attractive professor starts an attendance sheet, includes a pen for signing. Pen leaks from tip, making it unsuitable for signing. Younger, whorey girl in the first row whines and professor intervenes, and whorey girl explains that the pen is dirty and not working. Professor scribbles with it, determines it is appropriate to use, and says "no, it's just the tip". Whorey girl says, "mmmm, I wish I heard that more often."

How inappropriate would you rate that response on a scale of one to ten (with one being not at all inappropriate and ten being extremely inappropriate)?

And in a totally different vein, which do you prefer: yellow gold, white gold, silver, or platinum?

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Will you share then-and-now photos of actors/actresses from your favorite classic movie?

To start it off, here is a then-and-now for the cast of The Princess Bride.

Also, since I suspect this debate lies in my future ...

Which movie is better?

The Princess Bride
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This room ^ bites. I hate how the bathroom's right there. And this is pretty much the entirety of the apartment: bedroom, this room, kitchen, bathroom.

If I put a couch along the back wall (top), then the TV and stereo and assorted stuff will be right by the bathroom. And, I don't want to witness any company I have over coming out of the bathroom, or any accompanying smells. Not to mention it partially blocks traffic to the kitchen.

The wall along the kitchen won't quite fit a couch plus if I put a stereo and shit across from there, then it'll be in my way walking in and getting to my bedroom. And again the bathroom'll be a problem.

So, I was thinking of just tossing everything in my bedroom. It's large enough, so.. fuck it, why not? I have a loft bed, so I can put a futon right under it, then comfortably fit TV, stereo, and whatever else along the opposing wall.

Pros: Plenty of space, won't disrupt any traffic flow. With people being in the bedroom, people using the bathroom are afforded privacy. I'll only have a window A/C in my bedroom, so it'll be the coolest room in the summer. I'd rather have my stereo in my bedroom anyway.


Only con I can think of is that people'll be in my bedroom, but whoopie do? If anything that gives me incentive to keep my room tidy.

And then if I do this, I have no idea what exactly I'd use this little room for.

Thoughts on the matter?
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What is the best piece of gym equipment for weight loss (I.e.; stationary bicycles, elliptical, weights, treadmill, stairs)?

How often a week, and for how long each session, should one work out in order to see pounds shed?
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1. Can you describe a movie using only six words and see if others can guess it?

Here are a couple;

1. An insomniac. His imaginary friend. Soap.
2. Magicians. Nikola Telsa. Ow, my finger!
3. Space Truckers. Scary acid spitting stowaway.

2. Can you describe a movie using only the ending and see if others can guess it? (Serious spoilers ahoy.)

Here are a couple;

1. The composer dies and is buried in a pauper's grave. The surviving composer curses God and spends his remaining years in a mental institution.
2. After making plans for the day, he wanders out to the tool shed to play video games with his long dead friend.
3. After saving the galaxy, the heroes return home by crashing into a convention. They then do an updated version of their old sci-fi show.
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Oh Mom...

So my mom called last night, and we chatted for a bit. The subject of kids came up, and my mom asked if my SO and I were considering adopting at some point. I told her probably in ten years. She whined, "BUT I'LL BE AN OLD WOMAN THEN!" She's 46, and I'm about 24, and shorter generations are pretty common in her family.

Do your parents bug you to start making grandbabies?


If so, when did this begin?

22 or younger

How old were your parents when they had their first kid?

22 or younger

How old were your grandparents when they had their first kid?

20 or younger

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would you put your pet down because its really old and can barely walk anymore?but hes happy and still purs and eats,or would you let it go on its own?
whats on the walls in your living room?

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Okay, here's the scenario:

You're at the national stock car champs, which are being held in the rural outskirts of a very bogan city, where such intellectual phrases as, 'White City' are spray-painted on alley walls and the Sinn Fein, Triads and Mongrel Mob have pads. You're surrounded by more rat-tails and mullets than you normally see in a year as people stand up while the national anthem is sung badly by the commentator, and packs of small children - with even more rat-tails and mullets than their parents - roam the grounds.

Between heats, some or all of the team pit-crews are gathered together for some sort of talk, and the commenter says over the loud-speaker, "We might wind up with an Indian Tea Party down there."

What the hell is an Indian Tea Party?!
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To those of you who keep track of the WNBA, do you think Lauren Jackson will re-sign with the Seattle Storm?

As for me, well, I dunno (and that's why I'm asking you). But I hope she does. I can't imagine watching one whole season without the Sue Bird/Lauren Jackson tandem.
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So, I have my interview to be a student teacher tomorrow. It's very, very important (the rest of my college career could, and does, hinge on this interview), so I'm a little bit concerned as to what I should wear.

Can you help me out, TQC? What should I wear?

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what's with all the icons with the gray hats with a bow ontop of them?

I must have missed something, but can someone explain this trend?

got it. I missed a lot of the inauguration :(

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My grandmother is in the hospital--WAIT.

Earlier this morning, I was woken up to my step dads frantic yelling of "Call 911 Mom!". The first thing that went through my mind is "What the hell is wrong with Grampa?" Then I remembered that he died in 2004. (I wake up very slowly) My mom comes crashing into my room to announce that "Gram is very sick, so we're going over there. She's going to the hospital." Imagine my suprise!

So later, my parents call to tell me that they're taking her to the hospital and that she didn't have a stroke (I'm not sure why they thought I thought that...) just that her blood pressure was very high.

So I am now in a perpetual 'WTF-mindset' because I have NO IDEA what's going on.
My mom just called to ask me if I could take care of the laundry.
No word on my gram though.

What's the last thing that made you really mad?


Let's say you organize a meetup group for some hobby of yours. You get some friends, as well as some new people to show up. Things seem to go okay, but later one of the newer people let's you know they won't be returning because one of your friends is their ex who had been abusive toward them. Hitting, stalking, and threats using scissors are given as examples. Would you do or say anything to either of the people involved?
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I broke up with my SO of nearly 6 years on Friday...I didn't think I was that upset, but today I just can't stop crying, which is pretty unusual for me!

Can you post your favourite macro to cheer me up?
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My dad fucked up his back, so I was helping him bring some of his hockey equipment to the car for the replacement goalie to wear, and dad locked the door to the apartment, and I did not have my key with me.
I was in the hall for nearly two hours before the Super walked by and asked if I was locked out.

What was the last thing that made you want to xD and D: at the same time?

Also, what's for lunch?

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I have 4 out of 5 replies from my universities.
Should I just withdraw my application from the last one so I can accept the place I want?
There's not really any urgency to reply, I just want to know my place is secure!
Or should I just wait to see if I get in, out of curiosity?
(I'm not sure how much sense this makes!)

EDIT: I'm not accepting a place there, but have to have replies from each uni before I can accept a place.
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1. Why would the Max Planck Institute use such stringent clean room conditions for extracting and testing neanderthal DNA?

O. It explains here and here. But still. What are the odds of contamination if you just wore a minimal bunny suit alone? Are there statistics on this?

No racist comments against neanderthals plz.

2. What do you think of the Dog Whisperer? Is he really that bad? What's wrong with alpha rolls, flooding and constant leash correction? What ARE those?

3. Do you also read it as large hardon collider?

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My father died last August. My mother and brother both confessed they had dreams about him early on, but I didn't. Now, however, I keep having dreams about him once a week or so... Why is it happening now?
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Pretend you are 50 years old and have suddenly and unexpectedly fallen pregnant.
You have a sixteen-year-old daughter.
Fate intervenes and says that should you choose to carry this baby, he/she will be born stillborn at 7 months due to your age. Fate then gives you a choice: carry the baby and have a stillborn, or have your sixteen-year-old carry the baby for you.

Should you choose the latter, it will still be your baby, and you will be able to care for it as if it were yours. However, your daughter will have to walk around pregnant for nine months.

What would you do?
Abortion is not an option in this make-believe world.
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My sunflowers, which have started to grow about a week ago, are drooping over. Is this because they need support, like a stick to grow around, or because they need more water? I'm not sure if the dirt is too compact to fully allow water to reach their roots or if I'm not watering them enough.

Thanks in advance.
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Searching desperately for a book...

This is going out to the big fantasy booklovers out there.
I read a book a good few years ago and fell madly in love with it. Thing is, I haven't been able to find it since.
The annoying thing is that I don't know the title nor the author. I can tell you exactly what the book looks like down to the size and dimensions of it but the important stuff? Not so much.
It was an Adult Fiction fantasy novel about a family of women (daughter, mother, grandmother) who held a connection to the fantasy world filled with mythical creatures like mermaids and selkies. From memory that men of the family were all selkies.
It‘s kind of half in the real world, half in a fantasy world. It was set on an island just off the coast of America (from what you can gather) and only the three women knew of the fantasy world that was all around them.
The fishermen would tell stories of mermaids and beautiful women that would come from the sea (selkies) and about how they would have to put things in their ears so that they did not hear their songs but no one would believe them.

I remember a mass part of the book was about the daughter having dreams of something burning or someone being on fire and it turns out that she had witnessed her father being killed; funnily enough burnt alive.

Most of what I remember is that the fantasy part of the world is dying and the family has to try and save it.

I go to the library every other week, spoken to people all around the globe and begged just about anyone who has ever mentioned reading a book if they know what I’m on about.
So if anyone can help I would be forever in your debt. Seriously.

x-posted like mad because I’m going out of my mind.


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You get to spend a day with your six-year-old self.
What do you do?
What do you tell him/her? Would you tell him/her that you're them, from the future?

Also, I'm feeling really light-headed, what should I do?
It's 12.20, and I have to go to work at 5.30, and I have two exams I still have to study for tomorrow.

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Would you give your life to save the current president?

Would you give your life to save twenty people you have never met, will never meet, and will never know the effect that their deaths had?

Would you give your life to save twenty friends and relatives, people whose deaths would directly affect you?

Would you give your life to save one person you have never met, will never meet, and will never know what effect their death had?

Would you give your life to save one family member or friend?

And last/kind of least, what is the point of getting a huge TV?  My sister wants the family to buy a big screen TV, she is OBSESSED with it, talks about it all the time, and gets mad whenever I ask what the point is.  I'm honestly interested what the draw is because...I don't know, I like our current TV.  It's normal size, it's got fine sound...I don't need to see every pore on Sean Penn's face.
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Hi all,

I'm moving to the US with my fiance next year from Australia. How much would a job in Human Resources pay in California? I don't know where to look on the net, so thought I'd start here!!



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Can anyone with American Eagle sweaters lying around give me a relative waist measurement on whatever size it is you wear? The size charts online only have bust measurements for each size.
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I'm meeting up with this girl soon (in like an hour or so) so we can interview each other for my reporting class. I have to write a profile on the "most interesting and unusual aspects" of her life. What should I ask her!?

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What's a pet you've always wanted, but still have yet to have? Think you will ever get one?

I have always wanted a rabbit, but we always had too many pets (mostly cats) growing up and there wouldn't have been enough safe room for him to hop around. I might get one within the next year or so if I can have a stable income, and I can convince my future roommate.

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If I pinch you one pinch, from your shy, protective shell can I un-inch you one inch? Will my blithesome, buxome beauty let her suitor do his duty? Though my lap ain't very large, dear, sit upon it, there's no charge dear. Will you sit?

help me TQC. You're my only hope.

Hey there TQC!

My question is this. Can anyone out there suggest some GOOD webcomics? I liked Flipside, and Xylia, and Gunnerkrig Court (Is that right?) so something along those lines would be cool.

Also, I have a five year old that I am attempting to get more into reading. She loves my com . . . Urr Graphic Novels, so are there any age appropriate webcomics out there for she and I to read together?

And, if you dont read comics or even give a crap, who do YOU think the sexiest classic Actor is?
I have had the hots for Gregory Peck ever since I saw To Kill A Mockingbird when I was 7
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What are your favorite boy names?
I tend to go for the really english sounding ones like Fred and Oliver and James. Jonathan is another good one. And Geoffrey and Jerome! I love those names!!! Jerome, James, and Oliver are my favorite names for a boy.

P.S. I apologize for the multiple posts! I just keep thinking of questions and I dont feel like editing my other entry.
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Do you think there is an appropriate LOLcat for every situation that arises on the internet?

If not, what percentage do you think you can reply with an appropriate LOLcat to an internet post or comment?
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I'm a 32A, I'm thinking about buying a bathing suit from Victoria's Secret this year. Preferably a push up one. Does anyone have any experience with them? Do they end up looking weird after a while?

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I applied for this research assistant job last week--it's a 5-month contract starting from March. I haven't heard from them yet. Should I email them to follow up, or just wait for them to contact me? What would be some appropriate things to say if I were to email them now? I really really want this job so any input would be appreciated!

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Do you eat only when you're hungry? Or at least only eat when you're hungry the majority of the time?

How do you tell when you're hungry? Is it the grumbly tummy feeling or does your brain say 'Hey you should eat some food." Or is a combination?

I've only had the grumbly feeling a few times in my life, even if I haven't eaten for a day or more. I usually eat when someone else eats. Otherwise I kinda guess when I should eat because I never know when my body needs food. Is my brain broken?

annoying family members

my brother has ocd and is obsessed with doing things in fours.
(he drinks every four hours, he eats once a day at 4pm,touches things four times)

tell me something that you hate about one of your siblings (or any family member if you don't have any siblings)
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What is the word that you use when you've designed a piece of jewelry so it's one of a kind and no one else would have it? The snow that's fallen has clouded my brain and I can't think of it. It's not created...

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In this post I mentioned a bathroom problem my boyfriend was having last night after chugging an entire bottle of sparkling apple cider by himself.

I just noticed right now that he left some fairly serious...residual damage. It is only fair that HE be the one to clean the toilet, y/y?

It's usually my job, but considering the circumstances I think he just made it his for today.
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Can anyone name me some books/films/plays/songs etc. that are about self destruction or have it as a theme?
Even characters with a self-destructive urge would help :]]]
Preferably modern stuff, but i might use Othello as a comparison.

thanks, tqc!!

Kill Bill - Elle
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Would you like to recommend some good comedies for an older (40, 50 year old) couple that still has a dirty sense of humor?

When was the last time your mother/father/parents left you at a total loss?

What is your proposed major?

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Have you ever sold or bought anything on Craigslist?

Where would I go about finding the price of an older Casio HT-6000 Synthesizer (to sell)? The only one I've been able to find with a price is on ebay for $500 and I don't know if that's a lot. :(

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Have you ever had a tattoo removed?

If so, can you tell me about your experience? Including price, pain, etc.

Google is helping me find "providers" but no one will give a price range online. I'm also concerned because I went to a website that has a provider list, and I googled the only name listed for NYC and found an article in the NY Post about him having been charged with being unlicensed, being high on coke while working on a patient, having the patient die, and having stuffed her body in a suitcase and hidden it. Um... So I'm a little scared now about weeding out the quacks from the real doctors.

Any advice??


i have a lot of scars from awhile ago when i self-injured, plus quite a bit of acne scars on my face. what's the best way to fade them? i know mederma is out there, but i read that it's not very good. is there anything that's worked for you that i could just pick up at the drugstore?

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If you plan to have children, are you going to use the same letter for their names? What letter would you use if a big mafia man was holding a gun to your head and said you HAD to do use the same letter?

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Is there any food(or combination of foods) you really like, but feel like you shouldn't?

I just discovered that I LOVE the awful Processed cheese food product(or whatever it's called) in lunchables. MMMM NOM NOM NOM.

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Dear TQC,

I am very confused. What is the purpose of this journal: se_tags ? Are they trying to sell drugs? Are they trying to sell naked grannies?

(Every so often I cruise http://www.fuzzysquid.com/LJ.php which shows me the 50 most recent non-private photos posted to LJ ... I clicked on the naked granny and it took me to the journal.)

If you saw a naked granny, would you click on the pic to see where it took you?

I just noticed that Firefox is displaying URLs of sites I've visited in red, instead of dark blue. When did this change happen?


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what are some of your favourite words?
You like to say em..
you like what they mean..
you like how they look.. whatever..

I like anomaly... it's fun to say and it means something strange
and ridiculous.
.. because it can describe most things ahah

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Pretend you have a son/daughter that is incredibly lazy and refuses to get a job because "God" has summoned him/her to Romania for a year and they tell you they want to move in with you before they leave/after they get back.
What do you do?

BTW, this is not happening with me.

referring to aunt and uncle trying to move in with grandmother. in their forties. fat and lazy. will never move out if they move in, trust me.

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A few days ago, there was a post about starsigns and the characteristics and physical attributes of the starsigns. Lots of people said very few of the the things that were listed applied to them.

Would you post a picture of yourself and let us try and guess what starsign you are?

If you can't be bothered posting a picture, would you tell us what you do for a living and a few of your favourite things to do outside work and see if we can guess your starsign based on that?

You can find the physical traits here if you want to have a look.

If you don't want to do any of that, will you tell me about your first time away from home and family (so, a night at grandma's and family holidays don't count)? How old were you, where did you go and what was it like?
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Did anyone hate Slumdog Millionaire?
I really did. Everyone loved it and I could not stand it....I feel like I am heartless! 

What type of sitcome do you prefer?
Stuff like The Office, Scrubs, & 30 Rock....or stuff like How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Seinfeld?
(laught track sitcoms or no-laugh track sitcoms).
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I had a dream last night that I was a stripper. According to the oh-so-reliable dream dictionary that I found via Google, this means I am repressing personal desires. So, what desires am I repressing?

I'm supposed to go to my mom's place for dinner tonight. Normally, I would go over around 5 or 5:30. It's 4:30 now, and she's not answering her phones, and has not returned my calls. Where is she? What is she doing? Should I pretend to be all motherly-worried about her when she does call? "You could have been lying in a ditch somewhere and I wouldn't have known!"

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1. Which musician/band represents your image taste in fashion/cloths? (Pic?)

2. Which musician/band's lyrics generally support your ideals?

3. What song represents you
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If you're going to Uni/College in September/October, on a scale of 1-10 how much are you looking forward to it?

What are you doing to calm down your excitement/dread?

I'm going at the end of September, and it's all i'm thinking about! I want to go now!
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I have suddenly found myself with cable for the first time in 3 years.

So... what the fuck should I watch? What are your favorite shows, what time are they on, and what channel are they on?
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Its it true?

Is it true that people who make nothing DO NOT have to file taxes this year?

Example FTL  - My brother recieved a W2 with a net gross of $346.10  -So this is NOT worth filing at all, is it?

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I live in an apartment complex with 3 floors. I am on the 2nd floor. The people downstairs from me have kids that constantly run up and down the corridor screaming. I have already reported these same people yesterday for animal abuse to their dog. I went downstairs to see if everything was alright [from the screaming] and the man just looked at me and said, "Yes, everything is fine." I told him that I heard a lot of screaming and I wasn't sure if everything was ok. He ignored me. The little girl that I had heard screaming looked like she had been crying and just stared at me like a deer in headlights.

My question, TQC is next time I hear screaming, should I talk to the people, again or should I go straight to the apartment manager for noise complaint? The screaming goes on a lot during the week and really upsets my dog.
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Isn't it pretty standard for an insurance company to pay for a woman's yearly? I'm really surprised that my insurance company sent me a bill for mine. We discussed no maternity and no mental health, but this just seems really crappy. Like why even have insurance?

Does your insurance cover yours?

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1. Say you have a friend whom you consider to be a very close friend (and who considers you to be a very close friend as well). You suspect this friend is dealing with undiagnosed depression, but when you talk to her about it she denies it, saying that she's just going through a hard time right now, but she's not depressed. You don't believe her. Do you let it be, or do you try to forcepersuade her to see a counselor about it?

2. Do you find that you have different results when you shave with one kind of razor vs. another? What kinds do you find better/worse? Even when I used a brand spankin' new head on my Venus razor today, I didn't get a very close shave AND I nicked myself a few times (which I NEVER do), but when I use my (men's) Mach3Gilette Fusion (I know what kind of razor I use, rly) I get an awesome shave, even with an older head.

3. Should I paint my nails deep red or dark purple (almost black)?

4. My dad has been really sick for the past few weeks (and has been in and out of the hospital for numerous tests), and my brother just told me that my mom was going to call me later with not-good news. :( Macro to cheer me up? Or cute animals? Or something?
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minnie and zeus

Who has been to Scotland or England?

My boyfriend and his mom will be in Scotland for about 10 days late June, and then I'll be joining him in England for about 10 days in early July. We haven't really started planning yet, and we need to narrow it down a bit.

What do you recommend seeing in either country?
Things we like: hiking in places with great scenery, places you can rent a bike and sightsee that way, mountains/parks/water/outdoorsy stuff, art/science museums, castles, shopping for weird unique gift type things, crafty stuff, wildlife/zoos/aquariums, gardens, vegetarian-friendly restaurants, etc.

Do you know of helpful travel books for either country that you'd really recommend?
We'll probably start at the library to help narrow it down, but the stores have dozens of options and I can't buy them all.

Any other travel advice for those countries you'd like to share?
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anyone taking lexapro for depression/anxiety? if not, are you taking any other kind of similar prescription?

how's it working for you?

my doctor just prescribed lexapro for me on friday and i'm starting it tomorrow. i'm kind of nervous.
yellow submarine

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Pretend, for a moment, that there is an afterlife of some sort but that the people there can't see what's going on here on Earth and they have no way of knowing anything that's happened since they died.

Now, you can show one event to one deceased person. It could be something personal (showing a parent or grandparent the birth of your baby or a graduation or something) or something more global (showing Martin Luther King Obama's inauguration, etc). If you want to pick something that hasn't happened yet you can, as long as it's something that definitely will at an identifiable time (for example, if you're currently pregnant with the aforementioned baby, okay, but if you're not and just know that you want to have kids at some point, no dice).

What event are you going to pick, and to whom will you show it?

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1)would you please post a stupid thought of yours?

I don't understand college acting degrees. it seems like a lot of work for something well...dubious.

2)any other thoughts?

there's a board game for everything.

eta: any important life rules you have?

NEVER throw books away, for god's sake.
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Are there any changes made in movies translated from books (for instance, key elements left out or just making shit up that was not in the book at all) that really piss you off or you think they made no sense? What are those changes and which movie?
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Poll #1337503 shoplifting

have you ever shoplifted?



all the time
every 5-7 days
every 2-3 weeks
every month
every couple months
every year
youve only done it a couple times in your life


lack of funds
its exciting
you hate the place you stole from

what did you steal?

dick, roa, blah


Can anyone tell me how to customize the "comments/leave a comment" options on my journal?

I'm having some trouble finding the option, and I don't want to eff anything up by mistake.
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what are your favorite pasta dishes?
i want to make pasta for dinner and i'm bored of what i always cook (pasta/tuna/mayo/sweetcorn) right now.

editttt im gonna ask a second question in this post because i already posted once already today:

do you think girls look weird with blonde hair and dark brown/almost black eyebrows?
i dyed my hair back to dark brown because i felt i looked like a tranny with my dark eyebrows and light hair lol. but i miss it.
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 So, I know it's completely ridiculous, but I think, for my birthday, I'm going to change my name.
Right now, it's Ember Marie M*****i. I want to add a second middle name, and I want it to be an Italian name. So it would be Ember _____ Marie M*****i.

What do you suggest?

And if you think I'm out of my mind, what would you change your name to if you HAD to?

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In a diamond, what is the most/least important to you, colour, clarity, or carat weight?

I have to write a composition (in another language) for tomorrow. I have two options. Which should I pick?
1.Pretend you are an immigrant that has come to Canada. Why/where did you leave? What attracts/bothers you about the city you're in? What are your emotions?

2.Write about your personal relationships with your family/friends.

I would rather pick number two because I really couldn't imagine what hardships someone has to go through. But, my relationships kind of suck. I don't really have too much of a problem writing about them, I just don't want my professor to feel a little weird reading about how I do not consider myself to have any family, or friends.

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If you were making a love song-based mix cd for your SO, what would you include?

What is one article of clothing or accessory from the opposite sex that you don't understand? What about the same sex?

I don't really get the whole cufflinks thing. Do guys actually wear them?? I also don't get the random across the forehead headbands that some chicks have been wearing.

If you were going to get super-important news tomorrow that would result in either extreme happiness or extreme depression, what could a friend do for you to calm your nerves?

Cupcakes or regular cake?
Radical Edward, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

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Why do soccer matches start with a kick off from the center line instead of a goal kick with players on their on half only, when every professional team and amateur team make the minimum legal forward kick and immediately pass it backward every time?

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If a pet peed all over one of your favorite t-shirts, would you try to wash it, or just throw it out?

If it makes any difference, the shirt is from a few years ago, and so I can't just buy another of the exact same one.

What's the last gross thing that happened to you?
Rogue night elf

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So, I made some monkey bread with Cinnabon icing and I made WAY WAY too much. It's only good fresh out of the oven and not really reheated. I don't really know my neighbours in this apartment complex, but do you think it would be weird if I go and knock on their doors and give them some? What would you do if your neighbour you didn't know did this to you?

EDIT: I did it and they were really sweet and loved it!
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O hay, TQC. :)

1) Can you believe it's almost February? Where did this month go?!

2) I have discovered that I'm lactose intolerant. This means, no lie, about half my diet is gone. I used to drink a LOT of milk, eat a lot of cheese and yogurt. Right now, I can't have any of it (not even a slice of cheese!) without having a stomach ache from hell and some other not-so-nice things (I'll spare you the TMI).

This is seriously, seriously, making me upset. Aside from soy milk (which isn't bad, just expensive and I can't really afford it), what kinds of alternatives are there as far as lactose-free cheese and yogurt go? I would imagine there's soy ice cream (or some kind of alternative), but I'm not big on ice cream anyway.

3) Are you lactose-intolerant? If so, when did you start noticing it? I'm only 20, so this is kind of concerning to me. :/

4) My roommate called me and said he probably couldn't come into the paper tonight to work because he kicked in a door. And that he would explain later. What in hell is he up to? I've already been assured that he didn't kick in the door to our house.

5) Do you prefer black or blue pens when you write? (Or a different color entirely?) I much prefer black pens to blue ones. But I found a blue sharpie-pen that I fell in love with...
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My friend sent me 2 bottles of Victoria's Secret perfume. One I love and the other is just ok. So I use the one I love all the time, when suddenly the spray part stops working. Like the little thing at the top was plugged I think. So I replaced it with the one from the other bottle. But it happened again, so now I can't use either one of them. The perfume was kinda expensive and there is a significant amount left.

Has this ever happened to you?
Any idea how I fix this?

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Would you ever shop at a thrift store?
Do you like them?

I used to be really averse towards thrift shopping, but there's this store in my city called Buffalo Exchange that I just recently discovered, and I really like it a lot. It also has far better quality stuff than Goodwill and Salvation Army.

Moving day

Let's say you were moving and a friend of the opposite sex offered to help you move. They offered to start in your bathroom and bedroom, and you had a lot of sorting to do still, so you agreed. Later, you go into the back to offer them a drink, when you see your friend sniffing something of yours. Which of these things of yours, if, was being sniffed out by your friend, would bother you the most?

Your dirty underwear
Your dirty socks
Your toilet
Your cocaine
Your unfinished cosplay outfit
Your cat's butt
Honestly, any of it would turn me on

You have a crush on someone at school/work, and one day, your crush walks over to you, hugs you, and then asks for a favor. "It's a really big favor, but I'll totally owe you anything. Can you help me move Saturday? I'm moving in with my boyfriend/girlfriend". Do you help?

Yes. Just cause I like them and they promised me anything and I'm going to demand oral pleasures
No. Jerk. I'm not going to help you move into another man/woman's apartment
I will do it only for a lot of money. More than what I'd charge anyone else
Naw. I won't help anyone move, unless they're friends or family, and this person is neither
I'd help cause it's the right thing to do. I'll just keep my feelings in check

You're moving and you need to be out by the end of the tomorrow. You still have a lot to do and everybody know you is busy the next day. You're going to have to do 12 hours of moving all by yourself. You resign yourself to this horrible fate when, that night, your most recent ex calls/texts/emails you and says they really want to get back together, and they'll do ANYTHING you want., just for a chance to show you how much they care. Your ex has the use of a truck. Would you be willing to humor your ex and let them think you're reconsidering getting back togther with them just so moving day will be less painful?

Sure. I'd lead them on. Let them get their hopes up as long as they give me the sweat off their brow as well as their hearts. I can turn them down later
No. That's mean. I couldn't lead them on. Better to suffer on my own then hurt their feelings
No, I don't call them. I just hire a moving company to pack it all so I don't have to
kitty + books

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what side of the bed do you sleep on?
(let's say if you are sitting on the bed, facing the foot of it.)

do you share the bed with anyone? (who?)

are you male or female?

left, yes: my boyfriend & usually 1 cat, sometimes the other one as well, female.

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My mom has spent the last four hours (two of which were spent teaching her) scanning pictures to her "facespace" (facebook) page.
I just looked and her latest album is filled with pictures of me that I HATE.

Do I sneak onto her computer and delete them? (I had no hair and looked like barney that day)

What was the last nice thing you did for someone?
What was the last nice thing that someone did for you?
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are you the kind of person who sneaks around and avoids situations for as long as possible; like hiding a report card under a mattress--knowing it will come to surface at some point or another? or are you the kind of person who likes to address things head on and resolve them as soon as possible, getting it over with, so you can stop fretting?

ETA: i just got a macbook over the weekend.. and this might sound like a stupid question but i'm new to macs.. is there a delete button? i know the "backspace" button is the delete button but i'm talking about the delete button you'd find on a pc, where you can delete things in front of the cursor. thanks! haha

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1)In RPGs with changable parties do you use some characters most of the time or do you try to balance the leveling of your team?

Balanced leveling

2)when reading, do you read in waves? like 3 sci fi books in a row and then 4 true crime books in a row?


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tqc, this guy that keeps IMing me just said "i feel like i'm boring you and wasting your time :-(" wtf do i say to that? i tend to say "oh" a lot when talking to him and he apparently doesn't like that. so wtf else do i say?

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I bought a womans magazine yesterday. It has a story in it about these two sisters who were brought up seperately (one in Reno, one in LA) and met in their twenties. Both are lesbians and they started a relationship pretty much immediately. They have been together for 7 years and now want a baby to make their family complete. A male friend who knows they are sisters is considering being a sperm donor. Do you think they should go ahead and have a baby or do you think they should be slapped into next week for their selfishness?

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I am a bit inexperienced with apartment politics and all that, so any patience and knowledge you can lend to me would be appreciated.

My boyfriend and I are planning to move in together in the summer. His lease is up July 16th and mine is up August 8th. Having him live with me until my lease is up won't work for two reasons.. a) we have a large break from school in the middle of July and it would provide the time we need for moving, and b) my roommates are a bit uptight.

That being said, I'm curious about my options...

1. My roommates, boyfriend, and I are all in the same program in school and have the same block of time off in July. There are lots of people in our program who are tired of living by themselves and would jump at the chance to take my spot in that apartment. Moving in July would give us all the time we needed to move our stuff. Is it possible for me to "end" my lease a month early in lieu of someone else moving in? Or do I have to wait it out?

2. If I wait it out, how will this work in terms of acquiring a new lease? Can he just go ahead and rent our new apartment together and put me on the new lease when mine is up?

Thanks, guys! I appreciate all the help I can get.
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Should I go party?

If I go I have to walk a long time, which means I have to bring my cane. Should I go and rock my lame cane, or should I stay home, being depressed that I am not out partying?

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Dr. TQC:

My friend is extremely poor. He lives by selling old, rare records off whenever he needs beer money or rent. He smokes cigarettes almost constantly and regularly drinks 12+ beers a night and gets blackout drunk constantly. He's been doing this for forever, and before that, a lot of hard drugs (meth, etc.), which he doesn't do anymore at all. He used to live off of food stamps but he doesn't have any anymore. He basically eats stuff like gas station sandwiches, and pasta with sauce and cheese. No fiber whatsoever. He only drinks root beer.

Recently, he says that his left side has experienced intense, stabbing pain just below his ribcage. It's been going on for 2.5 weeks and he says it's excruciating. Sharp, sudden, and unrelated to digestion or food intake. What could it be? WebMD gave me ridiculous answers.

He has absolutely no money (regularly has a handful of change to his name) and no way of getting medical care. I'm researching what free or cheap options he has but for the moment I'm very worried. Any ideas?

Edit: I'm researching what the best options would be to get him help, but he's EXTREMELY stubborn and ornery and probably won't explain himself properly if he's confronted by a doctor. He doesn't believe he drinks and smokes too much, etc., would probably not admit stuff hurts to a stranger...So I want to do my own research in order to know how to speak to a doctor/nurse/whatever best. I'm not just gonna ask you guys and then let him die, don't worry!!

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If I got another small breed of dog, should I name it Minotaur?
Which breed should I get?

EDIT:: This post was more of an "if I was going to" not an "I'm going to go out and buy a dog right now" post. Calm down. We all know pound dogs are better anyways.