January 24th, 2009


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What do you wear when you sleep at night? 

I sleep in the buff unless I'm at a friends house. I get so annoyed when the clothes get all scrunched up. I haven't worn pj's in years and years! 

If you sew do you make your own patterns? I never find a good pattern and end up making my own. Though I make plush animals mostly.
Also...have you ever sewn a maxi dress? I want to start making these as they are long and flowy and seem simple enough. Do you have a pattern for one?

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ever since i started IC Sertraline HCL (the generic of Zoloft) i have been getting really vivid fucked up dreams EVERY single night.

ex. dreams about my fingers falling off, swimming in blood, having my eyes taken out and dropped on the floor, being in a pitch black cave with monsters that are trying to kill me, running from satan, falling out of helicopters.

has this happened to anyone else on a anti depressant/anti anxiety medication?
is there a way to make it stop?

the medication works amazing but im just having a hard time waking up freaked out every night.

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For someone living with their parents for awhile after graduation, what would you say is a reasonable amount the parents should charge for rent? Should it be a nominal amount or should it reflect actual rent prices in the area?
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1. What the devil happened to Joaquin Phoenix? How does one go from this to this in the span of a year?

2. Hollywood is doing your life story. YAY! However, there is a catch, through some bit of magic, they want to go with an actor who has been dead for at least 15 years. (They can bring them back to life and need only to pay a fraction of a regular star's salary.) Which means Anne Hathaway can't play you but Audrey Hepburn could.

So, what star would you pick to play you?

3. "Stendhal Syndrome is a psychosomatic illness that causes rapid heartbeat, dizziness, confusion and even hallucinations when an individual is exposed to art, usually when the art is particularly ‘beautiful’ or a large amount of art is in a single place."

Have you ever been struck dumb by beauty in any of its forms? If so, what was it and what happened?
Rahm - damn.

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Of all of your body parts, which would you personally be most uncomfortable with being swollen?
I've got a swollen uvula, and I want to die. D: I've been drinking water literally by the quart for two days, and it's still swollen. /bitching
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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do you think dogs can see ghosts?

I don't believe in ghosts. But we've always heard weird noises in my house. Tonight all three of us heard a similar rapid set of knocks, and we all checked various doors-- my mom thought it was the cat pounding against her door, but the cat was already in her room. My sister opened her door to figure out where the knock came from. Meanwhile at the same time I was downstairs, and I checked the front and back door to see if anyone was there. So we all heard this knocking. Anyway now everyone else is sleeping and I'm in the living room and I heard some weird noises again, and then my dog just started barking, at nothing. Anyway, that is the back story to my question. I'm going to try to sneak up into the safety of my room. I don't even believe in ghosts. ugh!
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I'm searching for a book, or rather, a series of books.

They're fantasy, there's at least three of them, and there's magicians and knights and such. One of the main characters names starts with a 'J', he's a knight, very good looking (I remember that being pointed out a lot), and at the beginning of the books he's really arrogant and naive. One of the main bad guys is an old man who works for the evil king, interrogating people, and I remember that he has a badly crippled leg. Also, there's a character who's really hairy and he turns into a bear-like killing machine when in battle.

Does anyone know the author of this series?

Or does anyone know of a community that is specifically for searching for books?
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If I remember correctly LJ used to offer a free rename token to people whos usernames started or ended with an underscore. Are they still doing that?
Sorted, thanks!

If you don't know or don't care, what's your favourite breed of cat? :)

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So, I'm going to move in with my off and on  (but now off) boyfriend. I see awkward moments in the future, luckily he's said there will probably only be about 4 of them in the coming year. Is this a bad idea, TQC? y/y?

If you don't care, I just made an awesome sandwich for that asshat to take to work for lunch. What's the best sandwich EVAR?

If you still don't care, then fuck you. :)

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If you are in school (high school, college/university, whatever), how often do you put some effort into your appearance (read: dress nicely, pay attention to hair/makeup if applicable) for classes? Or, how often do you just schlub it up and go in pjs or sweats? Do you live on campus or off?

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If you have a dog, when it poops outside, do you pick it up with a plastic baggy and dispose of it or do you leave it where it is?

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My boyfriend is addicted to shooting up cocaine. He does it as far as I know, every weekend, but probably more than that. He tries to hide it from me but I keep catching him. I tell him that if he does it again, we are over. Then he does it and he begs me to stay and says that I'm the only hope he has to ever stop. When I caught him last night in the bathroom, I told him to choose doing it or me, he said that he was gonna do it and he did. I feel bad to give up on him, we have been best friends for eleven years, dating for almost a year. We were planning to move into together. I feel like if I keep staying, he will keep doing it, but I feel like if I leave, I'm just deserting him. I will be open to any advice.
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Have you ever done anything sexual while on your period?
Has anyone ever wanted to do something sexual with you while you were on your period? What did you say?

And to the guys, I ask the same thing, but obviously not with you on your period.

And if N/A is your response, then I ask, favourite kind of chapstick/lip gloss?

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I'm going through my clothes and cleaning out my closet today. What do you do when you stumble across a brand new outfit that you think you'd never wear? Do you keep it in case it may 'one day' be worn, or do you get rid of it?

Does it change your choice if it was a gift?
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1. Do you get road rage, or, at the very least, just a little bit pissed off behind the wheel? How do you deal with it?

2. Have you ever gotten a moving violation? What for?

For the poll below, when I say two lane road I mean with each lane going opposite directions, and four lane road I mean a total of four lanes, with two lanes going each direction. I hope that makes sense:

Which is worst?

Being on a two lane road, behind someone going 10 miles under the speed limit, with no passing zones at all
Being on a two lane road, behind someone going 10 miles below the speed limit in the no passing zones, but speeding up to the speed limit in all the passing zones
Being on a four lane road, behind someone going 10 miles below the speed limit, while someone is next to them going 10 miles below the speed limit, making it impossible to pass
Other-will mention in comments

3. Do you ever brake check assholes who ride on your bumper, or at least, purposely go slow to piss them off?

4. What pisses you off most in traffic?

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Do you have a breaking point with people?
Are you the type to yell or walk away or ...what do you do when you're ready to flip your shit?
Do you have any good stories about a time when you did, in fact, flip out?

I'm sitting in my room with the door locked clicking my heels to avoid killing someone. hah

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What are some things that really freak you out?

Mine: Death/the unknown, maggots/larvae, the thought of having my nails dramatically cracked or ripped off, & the thought of having a tooth dramatically cracked or ripped out

Credit check

When you apply somewhere for a credit card, like an electronic store..

When they ask you where you work and how much you make.. What if you lie? What if they find out you don't work anywhere? Do they just cancel your account or is that some sort of fraud?

Dr. Pepper

I just received my coupon for a free Dr. Pepper in the mail today! It was from the promo for Chinese Democracy.

Did any of you guys register for  the free Dr. Pepper? Did some of you forget? Is this the first time hearing about this for you?
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Can you out-shame (in whatever way you wish)  these people   everyone in your gym class, or who was in your gym class in high school? 

Are you happy now?

Approved By The Comics Code Authority

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Should I find a way to listen to Carmen or Rigoletto?

If you were a serial killer in a movie franchise, what would be your primary means of murder?

What's the closest reference book to you?

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it's probably a long shot asking this question but,

a friend of mine from work is having her baby shower tomorrow
and she asked that instead of getting her a card we get a 'baby book' for her.

does anyone know any good baby/childrens books to look for?

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How much did your engagement ring cost? 

Is it a diamond or some other stone? What other stone? 
Do you have a picture of it? 

I'm not really a jewelry person and am not sure what sorts of things to consider about one. My boyfriend is giving me a lot of options because he knows I don't care much for rings and neither of us know anything about jewelry. We've been looking at rings for a while now..and I just don't know.

My friend has this weird thing for those ball joint dolls, he was showing me his new one. It drives me crazy because while they're beautifully made they're creepy and when I see people carrying them in public I kinda always want to smack them out of their hands. I also hate anime so it might have something to do with it.

What do you think of ball joint dolls?
Do YOU have one? Why? Please tell me the appeal! 
MLP - pinkie chicken

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I have an interview for my college's cohort program (basically, the program that lets me be a student teacher in an elementary school - over 100 applicants, 40 accepted, and if you don't get in you basically have to change majors, wait a year or drop out) on Monday, and the best advice I have gotten from someone currently in the program was, "When they say 'Do you have any questions for us?', you don't fumble, you ask a good, solid question". Well, I've been thinking, and ... I've got nothing.

So, TQC, what do you think would be a good question to ask the interviewers?

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does anyone know the prices of circut cities going out of busniness sale?
Do you pee in the shower? What do you think of such an occurence?
can you come up with a hillariouse plausable name for an asian fellow?

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Have you been to a high school reunion? How was it? Do you interact with people you went to high school with? Any lolzy stories? When did you graduate?

I just joined my class' FB group... my best friend and I are seriously loling, reminiscing and creeping on all these people we haven't thought about in years. Also yesterday a kid that I don't think I've ever talked to, who dropped out junior? year, started talking to me like we used to be best friends and hitting on me. It's weird.

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1. Have you ever tried cutting your own hair? How did it turn out?

2. Should I get a hair cut now or wait till it's warmer and I won't have a hat on 90% of the time? I haven't had one in like 8 months.

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You decide to enter the underbelly of society and lead a life of crime.

But what kind of criminal are you? Petty, terrorist, professional killer, bank robber, do you organize mass suicides, etc?
me - with gun
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Okay so I was supposed to get a check for $250 from my uncle at Christmas, sent through my aunt. I never got it so I called my aunt and it turns out she gave it to my brother like a month ago and I haven't gotten it, despite the fact that I've seen and talked to my brother many times since.

He probably just forgot he had it, but on the offchance he managed to cash it and kept the money for himself or something, how exactly should I murder him?

Where should I hide the body?

Can you guys cover for me? I need a good alibi.

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I bought myself thawed seafood mix today, which includes de-shelled mussels, calamari, squid and I think clams.

My only problem is, I don't know how on earth to cook it!

I have a pot, a stove, an oven, a microwave and a skillet somewhere...the easiest thing for me to do would be to boil it but I'm not sure if you can boil it?

Anyway, help? ideas?


I am going to the bookstore tomorrow and am getting one book. Should I buy Inkheart by Cornelia Funke or Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll? What are your opinions on these two books?
Watership Down
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Does anyone here use a Raclette (grill)? I'm planning on having a raclette dinner tonight, but I was wondering if there was any way I could also use it to do fondue. Has anyone ever tried this? I want to make cheese fondue in it, not chocolate. I don't know if it would be okay to do as long as I use an oven proof bowl?

thanks tqc

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My local movie theatre offers $4.20 movie tickets on tuesdays. Normally I take advantage, but this week all that's playing is Bride Wars, Gran Torino, Hotel For Dogs, Paul Blart, and The Unborn. I hate Clint Eastwood(seriously, the passion with which I hate him will outlast the sun), horror movies, and I already downloaded and hated Bride Wars.

So, that leaves me with Paul Blart or Hotel for Dogs. TQC: Which should I see?

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im getting a pet chicken,what should i name it?i like not-boring names, but not fernando or gonzo those are already the names of my iguana and dog
what are you having for dinner?
is your metabolism slow or fast?
what song should i listen to?

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Is it bad that I don't really have the desire to watch my nephew?
I'm not a baby person, I've never babysat before and I'm totally uncomfortable doing just about anything that involves his general care.

My mom and brother-in-law just gave me a lecture about dealing with him when he's screaming.
Is it okay to just not want to deal with it and hand him over to his dad or is it necessary that I learn it?

Do you have that maternal instinct? I can't be the only one who gags and runs away when a diaper is being changed
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Is there something that you repeatedly do, even though you regret it each time?

edit: I forgot to add my answer! Dye my hair pink. I always do it, leave it for about three days, decide I hate it, and spend forever trying to get it back to brown.
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I made a golden promise that we would never part.
I gave my love a locket and then I broke her heart.

It's such a sad old feeling.
The hills are soft and green.
It's memories that I'm stealing,
But you're innocent when you dream.

What lyrics affect you deeply?
Georgie - Smiles

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1 - Are there any good games to play in the car, or should I just give up on family interaction and listen to my iPod for 4 hours?

We're going on our first family holiday (this configuration of family, anyway) and it'd be nice to have something to do together. Youngest is 12, so nothing too obscene, lol. Also this means I will be away for a week or so - do try not to miss me too much. ;D

2 - What was the last thing you ate for the first time?

I had some Twizzlers. Rainbow Twizzlers, to be exact.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how pissed would you be if your friend decided not to go to a party that they have been saying they would go to for a week?

Would your rating change if they decided an hour or less before you were suppose to leave?

Would you be more or less mad if this is something that your friend usually does?
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Is it true that there is always a better person out there when it comes to relationships?

Have you ever regretted a breakup, and had that regret be justified later?

My reasons for asking are, of course, obvious. :)

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I want to buy Wall-E on Blu-ray, but I don't know where's the best place to go since I never buy things like this. Where will I get the best deal? Amazon.com? Best Buy? Somewhere I haven't thought of yet?


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Months ago I had been talking with a friend about moving in with him in his roommate.
The one (not your friend, but who owns the house) is going to travel the country for a while and leaves in the middle of the month and wants to know if I'd want to move into her room to help pay rent while she's gone. The two of you talk about rent and bills and agree. A half rent doesn't come up at all.

You're currently living somewhere else and have to pay full months rent even if you leave early, which you do.

Suddenly after living there for 2 months she's calling angrily and harassing my roommate to tell me to deposit the "half rent" that was never agreed upon and also says she's coming back a month early because she and her boyfriend ran out of money and claimed bankruptcy on the boyfriends house.

Now I'm paying half rent (when I can't work and don't have extra money at all) that was never discussed or she's cutting off the phone and interewebz which happened already because she "forgot to pay it".  On top of that I have to find a new place to live during the month I'm giving birth! 

If this was you how would you approach her when she got back?
Would you be very angry?
Can she actually charge me for it if she never mentioned it until she was out of money 2 months later? I wouldn't have left my other place sooner if I knew she wanted me to pay the extra because I can't afford it.
I want to leave already but I know that in turn would screw over our roommate who is my friend! 

I feel royally screwed over. She was leaving mid-month anyway and told me to "just move on in" since she was headed out. No half rent mentioned at all...not even when I asked specifically about monthly rent and "if that's it".
Fight Club - plane
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Do you have any job hunting tips?
I must be doing something really, terribly wrong.

How is your weekend? Do you, too, feel like everything is a day ahead?

If you are in school, how much homework do you have?
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What are three meals that you can make?

Let's say you are in college, and they offer a "weight loss" course. How would you feel about that? Would you join, or would you get offended... or? Is that a bad idea?
omfg cookies

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i'm trying to figure out what band has a music video that takes place in a bowling alley with some kid and his new gf. then flashbacks of the lead singer of the band (a girl) on the beach with the boy. he passes her some note saying this is the best day ever or something like that.

do any of you know what video or band i'm talking about? there's a girl singer and then 3 guys i think? this is driving me crazy.

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If I go to ren faires, can I still claim to have never LARPed?

Do you own any apparel geared towards schools you/your family did not attend? Will you tell me about it and why you have it?

Should I stay home and do chemistry homework, or do it tomorrow and go out tonight?

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i'm making some ramen noodles right now... usually i just mix them with soy sauce and salt and some mixed veggies but that's a little bland. wtf can i add (that isn't the flavor mix, it's not vegetarian) to make it more tasty? i have some curry powder and i really like that flavor but i'm not sure if it would taste right in ramen...

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My parents are arguing about the energy bill for this month because apparently it basically doubled. It went from $75 to $140. My Dad is saying that this is still a really low price

Do you think this is a low price?
How much is your energy bill?

I would think it would be a low price considering we keep our house under 60 degrees usually. When I get home from school, it is like 48 degrees.

What temperature do you keep your house?

Sex and perfume.

What are some good songs with lyrics about sex/sexy lyrics? I'm thinking more like Queens of the Stone Age - Skin on Skin & I Wanna Make it Wit Chu and Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire, less like Prince or Britney.

Do you love BPAL? Which are your favorites?
Me - Valhalla

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1) What are you opinions on people who use cigarette holders?

I want one but I also don't want to look like a complete tool.

2) Also this has been bugging me for weeks. In Celebrity with Charlize Theron and Kenneth Branagh theres a scene between the two (at least I think it was those two) where he touches her knee and she gasps. She says she's aroused by all touch and can orgasm from it. She says shes a "-". What does she say and what is it called?

3) How's the weather where you are?
Take a Look

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Ok, my google-fu is apparently broken & my art skills are seriously lacking.

How can you use colored pencils to get gradients? I know layering different shades of the same color works, but I need to know how to get something like this:

Sorry to bother you guys. Not sure where else to go.
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Do you understand, from reading these assignment instructions, what in God's name I'm supposed to do for my homework assignment?

I've read the instructions twenty times and I have no idea! If you get it, can you give me a few examples of "specific software sectors" so that I know what it is and can pick my topic?

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1)What is your favorite onscreen couple?
2)If you prefer gentlemen, would you rather date someone who always dressed like Buddy Holly or someone who always dressed like Fred from Scooby Doo?
If you prefer ladies, would you rather date someone who always dressed like Amy Winehouse or someone who always dressed like Velma from Scooby Doo?
3)Of Blink 182, Offspring, and Eve 6, which would you prefer to see live?
dianna agron ;;

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Will you send out good luck thoughts for me?!?!?!
Yesterday I went to a screening for a drug trial and I REALLY WANT TO GET IN, I could so use the money.

What was the last amount of money you earnt and how did you earn it?
[Is earnt a word? It's earned isn't it? I am stupid.]

oh hey anxiety

I ordered a textbook about a week or so ago and didn't get it yet.
I need to read the first 15 chapters of Huck Finn. Do I go out and buy the book or do I wait and hope that my textbook arrives in time to read and before the next class?

My class is next Thursday.
*I know I can read the story online, but I also need something to bring with me to class.

Do any of your professors use blackboard?
How fucking annoying is it?
My professor said I'd have a problem using it since I have Vista. Does anyone know what he's talking about?
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Poll #1337026 Minesweeper

Is minesweeper the greatest game ever?


What colour is the 7?


What colour is the 8?

Light Blue
Doesn't exist

ETA: Wow, there doesn't seem to be a lot of consensus; a lot of you are wrong. ;)

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Post your best times if you're a dork like me:

Beginner - 5
Intermediate - 44
Expert - 162
Miroku Turn

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My friend recently moved to a new place. She found a bunch of stuff while moving that she no longer wears, and gave most of it to me. I'd like to hang out with her tonight, and I was thinking of wearing some of the stuff she gave me. Should I do that, or is that weird?

My back itches. Will you scratch it for me?

What did you have/will you have for dinner?

Wood Floors

I took out the large area rug from my room and replaced it with a much smaller one that is now under my desk. This left me with much more open wood floor. I regularly vacuum the floor but I haven't washed the floor in a while. I tried a wet Swiffer which helped but there are still smudges/marks on the floor (nothing bad just regular foot traffic type stuff)

If you have hardwood floors, how do you clean them?

I was thinking of trying either Murphy's or Method for wood floors, any opinions/experience with either?

School Rumours

What sort of rumours circulated round your school? Were they funny or mean? Did any of them turn out to be true? Were they about you?

At my school, when we were like 5 or 6, it was rumoured Rachel Simpson was born half girl half cat:O
odd enthusiasms
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What is your favorite (or least favorite!!) shock image?
Will you post it?
I want to show someone Goatse (straight-up goatse, like, the original image), but I can't find it on Google. What's up with that?

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1: Do you like Firefox?
2: Do you plan on going to church tomorrow?
3: Has a zit left a hole in your face permanently?
4: Have you bathed or showered today?
5: What music grates your nerves?
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What's the worst thing that's happened to you while you were travelling? (Be it on a day trip to a nearby city or on a tour to the other side of the world).

Mine: getting in stuck in Bangkok when the airport was taken over by protestors. I wasn't in the airport; but I was stuck in the city for a week and I had very little money due to my not having a job at the time.

Quinn Twin

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Ok, so I am house sitting for my best friends. Since they've been gone, I made them a really awesome piece of art as a surprize. I am having trouble deciding if I should just leave it there for them to find, with a little note, OR, if I should give it to them in person so I can enjoy their reaction. One of the best parts of giving someone something, IMHO, is in the reaction. However, I think coming home to something like this totally unexpected would be cool, too. So... ?

Poll #1337021 Surprize Dilemma

How should I give my friends' their present?

Give it to them myself, so I can enjoy seeing their reactions.
Leave it for them in their house with a small note so they get it first thing when they come home.

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Do you sometimes curse at inanimate objects? What curses do you say? What provokes you?

Me: Usually, I say "Bitch!" when it's the result of something catching me by surprise, or something not budging or cooperating with me. When I'm in a rush or it causes pain, it gets a "F***ing bitch!"

Fuck Kill Marry

In each line, who would you fuck, who would you kill, who would you marry? Select just one for each action

1. Belle, Gaston, the Beast (furry form)
2. Darth Vader, Han Solo, Amadala
3. Marge Simpson, Lois Griffin, Francine Smith
4. Batgirl, Catwoman, Robin
5. Arwen, Samwise, Legolas
toby bubbles
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What would be fun for my daughter's third birthday where it will just be 5 adults and she's the only kid?

We went to the aquarium for her first birthday and that was fun for all of us. We did chuck e cheese last year cause we invited more kids but I don't want something just kid-oriented when she's the only kid this time. It'll probably be rainy so most outdoor activities are out, like bbq or park or zoo.

This is hard.

...Does anyone know if bowling is equipped for age three?

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Should I make lamingtons for Australia Day even though I don't know anyone but my boyfriend at this BBQ I'll be attending?

When walking up stairs, do you put your weight on your toes, or on your entire foot?

Can some one please build a giant air conditioner for Sydney?  I'd like to be able to sleep tonight.

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I'm kind of obsessed with children's books. My favourite authors include Maurice Sendak, Wallace Edwards, and Neil Gaiman. I love dark themes, beautiful illustrations in oils, acrylics, and watercolour, and rhymed poetry.

Are you a freak for kid's books?
What were your favourite books as a child?
What are your favourite kid's books now?
Tell me some obscure children's books you know of.

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I am looking for cameras that have the pull out LCD screen feature, like most video cameras do. I know Canon has their A6** line, but is there any other brand that does it as well?

Collapse )

AND if you don't know, when's the last time you had a first kiss with someone?

Himalayan Cats

Is it possible for purebred Himalayan cats to come in short hair?

My co-worker bought Collapse ) cat a while ago... I just noticed through pictures now that its short haired. She paid a lot of money for it, and is also considering breeding it to make some of her money back.

Did she get ripped off?

Can you give me a reliable source to prove that himalayans don't come in short hair? I'm 90% sure they arent considered purebred unless they're hair is long to medium long, but dont want to go telling her she got ripped off unless I have reliable info to back me up and show her.

Dinner poll

Poll #1337101 Can I take your order?

What will your main course be?

Sirloin steak
Grilled halibut marinated in citrus marinade
Applesauce-covered pork chops
Personal pizza: 2 toppings
Vegetarian lasagna
Sliders (5 of them, with grilled onions and mustard)
Lemon-glazed chicken
Grilled lemon-glazed salmon
Spaghetti and meatballs
Shrimp scampi
2 enchiladas, smothered in cheese sauce and sour cream, with a side of guacamole

You're permitted one complimentary appetizer

Chicken tenders
Nachos (no meat)
Fried calamari rings with dip
Mozarella sticks
Seasoned fries
Plate of kabobs (assorted meat and veggies, 4 sticks)
Small appetizer pizza (4 slices, 2 toppings)
Buffalo wings
Nachos (with beef)
I'll pass

Your entree comes with 1 side

Mashed potatoes
Rice pilaf
Refried beans
Mixed veggies
Hash browns
Season fries
Potato (sour cream and fixins')