January 22nd, 2009

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The man I've been lusting after for a long, long time hit on me and I couldn't come up with anything clever to say.  Now that I've had some time I've got a few seductive one liners.  The only problem is that I don't see him regularly - only when he comes by my workplace to visit everyone.  His best friend is my co-worker and a good friend, so what I'm asking is, should I tell my co-worker about this whole thing?  He has no idea, and may be a bit scandalized (the object of lust in question is, well, a good amount older than I, though I can assure everyone I am definitely legal.)

That was so high school.  But keeping in the line of question - do you prefer backpacks or messenger bags?

Pens or pencils?

Binders or trapper keepers?

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Inspired by the baby post:

Have your parents ever pushed you to have kids?
What are your parents' opinions on your having kids?

My mom has always told my sister and I that she would rather we not have kids. hah She's always said how much it sucks to have a baby but that it does eventually get fun. My friend's mom is harassing her and asking her when she's going to start having kids. (My friend is 23 and single)

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What's the dumbest thing someone has said to you on livejournal lately?

Does it creep you out when random people you don't know leave comments on entries that are months or even years old?


if i go wait at ticketmaster for elton john tickets on saturday morning will i have a better chance of getting good seats than if i were to buy them online?

i am spending $400.00 to go see elton john. it is a REALLY BIG DEAL.

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Will you do me a favor, TQC?

Will you go onto Wikipedia and look up your astrological sign, and tell me if the mental/physical traits apply to you? You can list them if you want, I'm going to but you don't have to. Just tell me if you think it's accurate.

If you are lazy, will you just tell me if you believe in astrology?
I don't, but it is kind of freaky.

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I have a crush on a boy. I know he likes me, but he's one of those shy fellows and hasn't even attempted making a move, regardless of all our text flirtings or lying in his bed together. Tonight my arm was against his for like forty seconds, and that's the most physical contact we've ever had.

What should I do?

And since I know it will be said, how/when should I make a move? I never have before, I am nervous.

Ugly things, and a cute thing

1. On which date should sex be expected?
2. On which date should the guy ask 'who wants a moustache ride?'
3. On which date should ball gags, duct tape, saddle and candle wax be brought up?
4. On which date should you mention that your secret fetish is underage, recently-deceased, morbidly-obese, triple-amputee furries?
5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how cute is this video?
Behind cut
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I bought Collapse ) a few days ago. I didn't try it on at the store and when I came home I realized it's quite short on me. I was going to return it and order it in tall, but I'm wondering if I were to order it in petite do you think I could get away with wearing it as a shirt? Like if it were to hit mid-ass do you think it would look okay as a shirt? Or do you think it's entirely hideous either way?
Layout - Octo Girls

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I'm doing a printmaking project that involves a pair of (printed) skeletal hands holding an actual button. The problem is that I've searched Etsy high and low, and I can't decide what buttons to get! The color scheme is probably going to work best with brown buttons, and I'm currently deciding between these and these. The Coconut buttons are a slightly better size, I think, but it would be kind of cool if every print had a different style button.

Poll #1335427 Help me decide!

Which buttons should I buy?

The Coconut Buttons
The Assorted Buttons
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1. There are some songs that will be forever linked to certain movies. For example; this will forever be linked to "Silence of the Lambs" and this will always be linked with "Reservoir Dogs". (Bonus points if you automatically thought of said songs when you read the movie titles.)

So, what songs and movies do you automatically link, that is, when you hear a particular song you can't help but think of this individual movie?

2. Do you watch LOST? If so, what did you think about tonight's episode?

Will you never look at a dishwasher the same way again?

3. What was the last thing you created? Be it cooking, sewing, drawing, writing, smithing, tinkering, whatever. Why did you create it?
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I'm photographing a ballet dancer tomorrow.  Our location fell through at the last minute (we were going to use a stage at a local high school).

Now I have to come up with something creative quick!

Any ideas?

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how much does a dental checkup cost without insurance?

how much does a cavity filling cost without insurance?

edit: what about a root canal? i just read that once a cavity starts to hurt, you need a root canal IF they can even save your tooth. mine's been hurting when i eat sugar for three years. :/
as a kite

mmm, diabetes.

My sister and I are trying to find something desert-y to eat but don't seem to have the right things. We have:

cake mix (and the stuff to make a cake, minus icing)
cool whip
a handful of chocolate chips
peanut butter
canned peaches

what kind of concoction would you make from some-to-all of those ingredients?
matthew wig

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I met this guy, I like him, we're going on a date. When I like a guy, it becomes obvious in my face because my face turns a bright shade of red and does not go away. I noticed it when I had my last date with a different guy, I came home and looked in the mirror to see my cheeks were bright red and super hot, I didn't even know. It happens only when I'm with someone I'm interested and nervous.

HOW DO I PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING THIS WEEKEND? I am far more interested in said person than the last guy and I was a tomato with the last guy. I'm really pale so it's really obvious when I'm blushing, and especially obvious when the blushing doesn't go away :(

I'm not the only person this happens to, am I?


So, I thought I had a class today from 9:25 until 11:30. Unfortunately I don't. This means that my first class ends at 9:25 and I don't have another one until 1:40.

Should I drive home and go to sleep?

My problem is that after that 1:40 class ends at 3:05, my next class isn't until 6:15. Should I drive home AGAIN?
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Photo hosting

Are there any (paid) photo hosting services aside from fotki.com that give you an unlimited amount of space and at least in some way allow you to let your visitors download originals?

Fotki.com is becomming increasingly shitty with all of their bugs, glitches, unresponsive tech support ("Me: Your FTP service isn't working, I need it. They: Yeah, we knew about the problem, please come back in a few days.". Looking at my other support requests, it's no different, their previous response was "We are aware about this issue and it's scheduled for debugging"), etc.

I'd host 'em myself if my up-speed was better...

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How many people live in your household?

How long would the following foodstuffs last in your household:

1. A bag of honey barbecue potato chips?

2. A bag of Hershey's Miniatures?

3. A bunch of bananas?

4. A six-pack of diet cola?

5. A pound of butter?

6. A single Dum Dum Pop?

7. A regular-size box of baking soda?

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I'm looking for jobs with animals so I searched "dogs" and a job came up where a woman says she is buying an 8 week old dog today (it's up now but dated Feb 2-March 2) and she needs in home care for it in a place she could visit regularly, for up to two months. She lives with her mom who has an adult dog who isn't used to other dogs so they can't take the chance. Which opinion do you hold?

1. She's intelligent and responsible not taking a chance with the adult dog
2. She is being stupid and irresponsible by purchasing the dog when she cannot house it
3. Something else, explain

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So last night I ordered a PSP game from gamestop.com.

After I put it in my cart and did the whole checkout thing, it said that the game was currently not available online. o_O

I got an order confirmation and it is listed as pending when I check my order history on my account.

However, when I search for the game, it isn't listed anymore...

So do you think I'll get my game? The husband thinks I might have ordered the last one they had.

Should I buy an X-Box 360 or a PS3?
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2. are there any other email providers that "thread" email conversations like gmail, and that are not DOWN all the time? with gmail, an lj post with 100 comments is only one line in your inbox. if you email back and forth with someone, that's all contained in one line as well. i tried to use yahoo and not having email threading drove me nuts.

eta: i keep getting this page

Bad Request
Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request.

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So yeah... hypothetical question.

You log onto your fiance/father of your child's computer profile and look through the history. He not only googled eharmony.com but signed up and took the 20 million page personality quiz they have. What do you do?


Settle an argument for me tqc, google is giving conflicting answers - How many holes should the salt shaker have, and how many should the pepper have? If you don't know the amount, which should have more?

It is bizwac's birthday today. Should I get her erotic playing cards?
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In my weekly politics class today we're discussing Obama. More specifically, the whole black prez thing. And there's a political specialist coming in to head the discussion. It's supposed to be set up like a q-and-a thing. Marks for participating.

What questions should I ask? I'm Canadian, so obviously how it ties in to our own government, but I need other ones too.

I suck at asking questions (clearly) so I figured you fellow question clubbers could hook a brother up.
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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I've been trying to kick out this cold since last Saturday. This upcoming Saturday is my brother's AND my father's birthday celebration, and I have to take a 2 hour bus trip to get to said celebration. I do not want to miss this.

Tuesday, I was feeling almost back to one hundred percent, so I was kind of stupid and went exercising and stayed up a little late. Wednesday (yesterday) morning, I woke up feeling like shit again. And yesterday, I had classes from 8am to 9pm, so I didn't get much time to rest.

I awoke this morning feeling better, but still feeling a little crappy. I have nothing to do but work at my library job tonight. I'm debating whether or not I should take the night off. My boss is totally laid back and I know he will give me the night off, but at the same time, since I missed work on Monday, too, there goes my cash flow for the week. But I also want to get better, and I'm pretty sure lugging around huge stacks of dusty books won't help.

So, TQC, should I take the night off and try to get better or go to work?

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Hey TQC. One of my friends just got broken up with and is in the dumps something awful about it. I'm bringing her dinner tonight and hanging out for a bit. What would you like to eat if you had just gone through a pretty painful breakup? Chocolate's already accounted for.
That's Not Who I Was!

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Does anyone have any recommendations for a great hostel in Sydney, Australia?

And a second question: what do I do at the Hong Kong international airport for twelve hours while I wait for my connecting flight to Sydney? Serious and non-serious replies, please.
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Ok, I admit it - I'm a recovering anime fan and my music folder full of j-music is driving me crazy. What is one recent artist / song that I absolutely must hear - preferably not Japanese?

Grandma's Boy - awesome or no?

Do you tend to get deeply obsessed with things and then get burnt out on them quickly, or can you enjoy it without having to eat, drink and breathe it?
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I woke up early today (like 6:30) to take my dad to work because his car is in the shop. I'm still here because I planned to take him to pick it up however, he just informed me it won't be ready today. He usually leaves work around 5 but said he could leave earlier-should I stay here and mess around on my laptop/for for a walk/go to the library (college campus) and read etc. for several hours but get a free lunch or should I just screw that shit and go home which means my mom would have to come pick him up this afternoon?

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In general do you think pregnant bartenders receive better tips than non-pregnant bartenders?

If the service were exactly the same do you think you might tip a pregnant bartender more than one who wasn't pregnant?

Random unrelated questions

1.  Why do people in the "arts/entertainment" businesses change their names?  What makes Marilyn better than Norma Jean?

2. Do you like to use the overhead/ceiling light in rooms, or lamps/task lighting?  Why can't my aunt understand my complete and undying hatred for overhead lighting?

3. How do you find a good therapist?
3a.  How do I go to my new doctor in a couple weeks and not sound like I'm BEGGING for a refill of my Prozac?  I've been out for months and my brain is telling me to do stupid shit. Also that I'm worthless and would be better off crashing my car into the concrete at high speed.

4. How long will it take my overly analytical boyfriend to find a house that he likes?  I'm DYING to move out of my aunt's house. 

5. Besides wringing her cute and scrawny neck, how can I get my Bengal cat to stop yowling at the top of her damn lungs at 4 am?

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How do you deal with your SO's annoying, stinky, bitey as hell pets?! 

Ferrets and pregnant me = anger! 

Currently we're living in a place with a lot of shared space but no room for the ferrets (unitl April). They're either running around my room or supervised downstairs (thanks to my roommates cat) of in their huge ass 5 level 6 foot tall cage.

I try to love them...but I just don't. Simple as that. On a good day I'm indifferent to them and that's as good as it gets.

I love him though and that's one of the only reasons they're still here despite their lacking in bathroom manners....and plain and simple I don't like small animals as pets.

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I'm making chicken soup today. Should I use rice, broken up spaghetti, or corkscrew noodles?

Do you save a percentage of your earnings? What percent? Are you saving it for any reason or occasion?

I save 20% of all my earnings and put it into a savings account. Ideally I'd use it for another trip to Europe, but it's also there in case of emergencies.

I need some jug band music.

1. Do you re-use bottles, like water bottles, shampoo bottles, (eta:) mini travel-use bottles, beer bottles? (eta:) How about creative re-uses, like as wind-chimes?
2. What's your favorite convenience store? e.g. Wawa, 7-11, Tesco
3. What's the oddest thing you've found in your shower recently?
4. What's the biggest vehicle you've ever driven?
5. What restrictions are on your license?
6. I've never been to Spain, but I hear the ladies are insane there. Have you ever been to Heaven?

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My mom is a voracious reader so I was thinking of getting her a few books for her birthday.
Have you read any really good books lately? She seems to like just about everything. She just finished Revolutionary Road but she'll also go for those love stories that you buy in the grocery store.

Any suggestions are much appreciated! (Yes, I looked on the NYT's best sellers, but I'd like your opinions!)
Groovy Kol

Paying to attend a wedding?

A Canadian friend of mine recently wrote that he's going to a friend's wedding, and he mentioned that everyone who goes there will have to pay a certain amount of money (as some kind of entrance fee).

I was wondering... is this a wide-spread practice? Does it usually happen in your country too?

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Would a soap dish be a stupid housewarming gift? If I included soap?

What are some other ideas? They probably already have all the essentials, and candles/candle holders are a really, really trite and obvious gift here, although if I have to fall back on that kind of thing I will.

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1)what ruins your budget?

emotional spending.

2)biggest mess up today?

forgot boss' name.

3)recurring issue?

the desire to nap.

4)do you have problems adjusting to changes in schedule?

stock::moon hug

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Last night I cut a piece of my hair that got skipped over when I went to get it done in November, and I had the weirdest compulsion to cut my hair really short.

What weird urges have you resisted lately?

got milk?

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1)On average, how long does it take you to thread a needle?
2)Does your workplace have any retarded policies that are not helpful at all and seem to exist only to give you busywork that prevents you from doing the real work? Go ahead and gripe about it here.
3)What other languages are spoken in your workplace or home besides English?
im french

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You have to be on an illicit drug all the time. Like, your personality default will now just be the effects of this drug. You won't come down and it won't wear off, so you'll go to bed normally and just wake up everyday like you're on the drug. You'll still be expected to take care of yourself.

What drug do you pick? (Alcohol, pot, heroin/opiates, cocaine, ecstasy, ketamine, acid, etc.)
c is for crack

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your significant other dumped you for another person. while breaking up, they did not mention this other person, but a few days later one of your friends saw them kissing their new person at a bar. a week later, you run into your ex and they want a hug.

do you hug them or not? explain your reasoning if you like.
TBBT - Shenny Hug

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So, my work doesn't have a fridge. We used to, but it crapped out. What foods could I bring with me that don't need to be refrigerated that are somewhat healthy? I used to bring salads and yogurt everyday when we had a working fridge :(
Bandit Driving

Roommate Wants a Pet

What pet should my roommate and I get? It will most likely be hers, but I'd share the responsibility. We are both 20-something, live in a decent sized 3 bedroom house and one of us is usually home. We have a small fenced in backyard. She doesn't want a cat.
Non-serious answers welcome :)


1. Do you make sure your belt and socks match your outfit? If so, which part of your outfit do you match them to?

2. Do you think the mix-matched socks are cute or silly? It's a set of three socks which are striped in various colors; they don't match exactly, but the colors all play nicely together.

3. Do you favor a particular hand to wipe your bum-hole?

4. What's your favorite word for your posterior, that is to say, your bum?

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You are deeply in love with your SO, and you believe that he/she/whatever is also very much in love with you.

Then you do something quite sneaky, (like break into a real life journal or an email account), and discover that your SO is planning on leaving you at a certain point in the future. It's an event or time-related plan, like "I'll leave him when our lease runs out" or "I'll break up with him when our kid is 2 years old" or something similar. Your SO gives NO indication whatsoever that they are planning this, and continue to tell you things like "I'll love you forever!"

What do you do?
La isla.

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What do you think of bullying?

What do you think of zero-tolerance policies on bullying? (IE, if a high school student makes fun of a classmate, she automatically gets expelled and sent to an alternative learning center, along with the kids who get caught with weapons in their lockers.)

Are you a bully?

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In a situation where one of two single girlfriends meets a man and falls in love, why almost invariably can the still single friend not be happy for the other? Why must she be a big whiny bitch?

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What are you wearing to work today? Is it pretty typical?

Just dark (nicer) jeans, a white button-up and a brown argyle short-sleeved sweater. I usually wear semi-casual like this, yes.

ETA: Does your workplace have a dress code? What is it?


Several years ago, I was watching a movie on TV. I have no idea who was in it, or what it was called, and I can only remember one scene, but I really want to see it.

The scene is of this young Asian woman, who wants to be an actress. She is in an audition, and the casting people ask her if she can do any accents. She replies with a myriad of examples, from Western to New York and so on. When she's done, they give her a pointed look, and then she says, in a perfect Asian accent, "Do you mean like this?" or something similar.

Does this ring any bells for anyone?
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i have a HUGE zit on my cheek. its one of those cystic ones where its deep under and takes forever to go away. ive been putting acne cream on it, and it looks like all the pus stuff is pretty close to the surface. should i poke it just once to see if it drains a little, or just leave it alone?

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1)How tall are you?
2)How tall is your SO? OR if you have no SO, how tall is your mom? But if you do have an SO I don't want to know how tall your mom is. And also please clarify whether you are giving me your SO's height or your mom's.

Brand Babies

Let's say for the sake of this question each of you has a new baby and now it's time to name it.  The only resitriction is that you have to name it a brand name (Sony, Coca Cola, Ford, Merriam Webster, etc).

1:  What are you going to name your baby?

2:  Is your baby a boy or a girl? 

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Pretend that you have a set amount of money put away, and it will support you from now until your death. Food, clothing, shelter, utilities are all included in this amount, as well as entertainment. You are also unemployed.

What is ONE thing you would do with your time?
Lying around/being lazy is not an option.
happy monkey

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okay TQC here's your chance to predict my future. i rented Stepbrothers and will be watching it this evening. for those of you who've seen the movie, would i have a hilarious evening laughing off the stress of my day, OR would i be annoyed and spend the evening thinking of other things i could've wasted my money on?

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Do you prefer using the metric system or the English system? Does it vary depending on your task?

What do you usually call the English system?

How do you pronounce your username? (Don't forget the EM-fa-sis!)

eta: my answers:
I use the American/English system (which I call English, obv) when I'm in the US; when I'm in other countries which typically use metric, I'll use metric for the most part but I usually have to take a second to convert. I have memorized that there are 33 oz's in a liter, but we have determined that a liter of beer is actually more alcoholic than a 40 in the US (since they water down 40's).

I used to pronounce my username Jan (rhymes with Man) Does (the verb), but now I pronounce it Andy (the boy's name) Tuba (the instrument) You Dee (the university).
Calvin "Yay!"

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1. What did you get me?

2. I'm tired, but it's too early to go to bed and too late to take a nap, and my fiance is 'responsible for supper' tonight. He gets home after seven. What can I do to rejuvenate?

3. If he wants to take me out for supper, where should we go?

4. Without looking at my profile, can you tell how old I am?

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dear tqc brain trust,

my sister just sent me a picture of someone with this molecule tattoo'd on them.
can you tell me what it is?
Collapse )

chat figured it out.
the answer is "adrenaline".
thanks for playing, everyone!
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My neighbors are fairly new. Not even a year living there. They have a cat that they told me is around 15-16 years old. They have the cat outside. The cat obviously is not a fan of this, as she will run over and try to follow me into my house. My house has 4 cats and a big dog. It's kinda hard for me to just turn the cat away, but harder to let it in the house, even though I would confine it somewhere if I decided to let it in.
I spoke to them about this. There are a lot of FIV+ outside cats in our neighborhood, and some are really mean. We also have raccoons and coyotes. I said the cat obviously doesn't want to be outside and it's dangerous in our neighborhood for cats. And that at her age she should be curled up on a warm pillow next to a human.
Last night it was raining and I at first thought I had come close to running it over. I hadn't seen it when I parked my car, but when I got out I heard meowing. I looking frantically but the cat trotted up to me and followed me to my door. It was really, really hard to leave it outside. It's still raining and I pulled up today and saw it curled up on the porch of it's house.

TL;DR: Old cat next door is being neglected.

Should I help this cat? What can I do? Should I talk to the owners AGAIN? Should I just take it in and see if they ask us if we'd seen it? Call animal control or something?

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What places would hire at the age of 15? I really don't want to work in fast food, so I was looking into pet stores and independent places like that. So far nothing has come through. Ideas? I want to start working as soon as possible.

(no subject)

After reading this article, I'm not interested in moving to the South. Not if there's a chance of my parents or I getting hurt for supporting the President.

WHY is my uncle saying we should move to a state like Texas or Georgia?!

He's only saying it for now, but as far as I'm concerned, FUCK. NO. I'll stay up north. Sure, it's warmer down south, but that's about it as far as I'm concerned.

(edited to clarify: My uncle is hoping to sell our house, and we're discussing possible places to move to. We wrote off moving upstate since it's COLDER there than it is even here. Staying up here would be better long-term since my dad still has a good job on Long Island and my mom's on dialysis. This isn't a permanent plan, we're only discussing it.)

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Did you ever have a falling out with one or both of your parents? 

Did it result in you not speaking with them again?

How long have you gone and not spoken with a parent because of a fight? What about a sibling? 

Are you sometimes just better off without them??

My mom promised me tonight that she would never ever speak to me again...because I thought she and my sister were unsupportive. I forgot that in my family...no matter how bat shit insane the other member is, if you have a different opinion you're going to hell.
Gaga: Elegant

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Were you in Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts?
What kind of activities did you do?
Did you ever travel overseas with your troop?
Was it to earn a badge?
What did you do?
I ask because my 10 year old cousin is going to several countries in Europe this summer with her troop. I never did anything close to this with my troop. I don't get it.

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I have a blister on the pad of my foot right before my toes. So, when I wear shoes, any time I press down on my foot it hurts. I've been wearing clean cotton socks and moisturizing my feet (because it's been awfully dry here). What is the best thing to do to get rid of my blister?

My mom used to lance mine when I was a kid but I've heard that's the worst thing you can do.
dianna agron ;;

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I have to get up early-ish tomorrow to go into hospital for a screening of the drug trial that I decided to go for.
Thing is I woke up at 5am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. It's now 6.45pm and I am SO GODDAMN TIRED! But if I go to bed now, I'll wake up at like 3am or something stupid.
How can I keep myself awake for another couple of hours? NO CAFFEINE! I'm not allowed caffeine 72 hours before the screening :(
brit wtf

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I'd be an idiot to hang out at a bar with an ex-fuck buddy now that I have a boyfriend, y/y TQC?

How do/did your SOs feel about you hanging out with exs (of the fucking, fiancee, wive/husband or boy/girlfriend sort)? Do you think it's disrespectful to hang out with an ex if you're in a relationship? Would you feel disrespected if your SO did that do you?

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1)what traditional foods do you not eat?

I avoid neckbones. I will not eat chitlins, ox tails or hog maws.

2)What foods do you eat that are traditional to your culture?


3)what do your parents not understand?

My dad doesn't understand internships. 'why do you have to pay people for you to do work?'
matthew wig

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Have you ever been on a blind date?

If so, were you ever disappointed - physically - with the person you had the date with? Or vice versa, your date was disappointed with you?

Stories are also great :)

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We have to put my kitty down tomorrow :(

She is very old and very sick, so I know it's the best thing. But when we called the vet to make an appointment for her, they said that it would cost an extra $50 to be in the room with her.

Is it me or is that ridiculous? I want to be there for my cat when she goes, but I'm broke enough as it is and really can't swing an extra $50 just to see her die.

Am I a total shithead?

ETA: Thank you all so much for your sympathies. I will definitely be calling around tomorrow for a new vet. I will also be calling the current one to bitch them the fuck out about their shitty policies.

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1. What is the most interesting that happened in your life today?
2. What is the juiciest gossip you know that you'd care to share?
3. When were you most happy in 2008?
4. What's is the next most exciting event/day coming up in your life and when is it?

My answers:
1. I trained my cat to do a backflip and I ate an amazing cranberry-orange macaron from Paullette's in Beverly Hills.
2. I found out yesterday that my friend got crossed out of her grandfather's will because of who she is marrying.
3. Either on my wedding day, October 26, or the day I got a $9,000 raise [but then got laid off 2 weeks later...]
4. I hear Friday whether I get hired for a job; coming up on 3 months married and 3 years with my husband; April 25 I go to Vegas for my 25th birthday.

Crispy cake

What am I doing wrong? Every time I make a cake the top layer is totally crispy, in an undesirable way. Could it be that I'm over baking it? Or putting too much of some ingredient in?

Also I'm basically at sea level so altitude wouldn't affect the recipe.

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Will you tell me three things about yourself? HOWEVER, only two of them can be true, one of them has to be false. So I guess it's really only telling two things about yourself. Pah, semantics.

Chrono Trigger vs. Final Fantasy 6...which one is better?

Should I do breakfast for dinner tonight (hash browns, eggs, turkey sausage) or pasta with shrimp in pesto?

Should I watch Evil Dead 2 or play Fable 2?
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When you were a little kid and sick, what did you parents do that was ~special~?

I was allowed to watch tv in my room.

Bonus: Do you have an awesome sore-throat remedy? I think I've picked up some coughy/sore throat illness!
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I went to an admittedly hippie dippie church when I was young. I remember one of my Sunday school teacher's talking about a cord that connects your soul to your body. And that when you're asleep, your soul floats up above your body, but the cord keeps it from flying away.

Also, when you jerk awake, that is your soul re-entering your body.

Have any of you heard about this or was my teacher particularly stoned that day?
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Who is/are your favorite member/s of the X-Men, and why?

Personally, I can't choose between Rogue (because I really like her powers... and her hair) and Gambit (because... I simply think he's awesome), so I have to say both of them. (And I really think they're a hot couple.)
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Affordable Laptops

What is the best laptop I can get for under 600 bucks?

Can you send me a link so I can look at the specs or tell me about it? I'm looking to buy a laptop and want to get the best one I can for the least amount of money. Thanks.

I meant one you know from having a personal experience with it. Not just something you look up on google. I have already done that and looked at lots of different sites, but I wanted to know people's own experience with something. I usually like to go by that than what some store website says.
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What do icon makers mean by "give credit?" I mean, if you just use it on your LJ there are no means to give credit anywhere, ( They mean to give credit if you post it on your own website right? orz )

Sorry this is dumb question. orz
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Flat Stanley

My cousin's stepdaughter is sending me Flat Stanley this week. I'm trying to think of a cool place to bring "him". I live in Columbus, Ohio so Ohio State and/or the Shoe would be obvious. We have a really good donut store near my house so I was thinking that would be a creative place to go.

Have any of you ever received Flat Stanley? Where did you go? Where should I go? Because I know every single one of you live in Columbus, Ohio and know what's here.

Also, who is your favorite reality TV character?

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How many TQCers live in sunny Scotland?
I bet not many. Those of you who do, where abouts do you live?

I was born and raised just outside Glasgow. Currently living in the countryside, between 2 fields of sheep, with the occasional horse in the back garden, just outside of Kilsyth.

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does anyone have an industrial piercing? how did yours heal? any stories on it? should di get mine done? 

i know every piercing heals differently for everyone, but i want to hear some stories.

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Which would you prefer to have?

your own pair of wings
magic carpet
private jet but you have to send nudes to an old rich geezer every time you want to fly
something else I have thought of that I will say in the comments

(no subject)

This post reminded me of what I wanted to ask.

What do you think of people with piercings/tattoos?

I just found out one of my closest friends can't stand people with them.
I have my eyebrow pierced and a tattoo on the back of my neck.
He could careless.
What do you think that means?
(No he doesn't like me. I'm black, so he totally doesn't like me. Racist Family)

Also, when you leave a comment on an entry here, do you read all the comments first or just post yours then read?
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Big wheel keeps on turnin

Say you work under a mile from your home. Would you rather walk, bike, drive, etc. home from work? Does the weather matter?

Would your rather get to know somebody by seeing them for 5 minutes every day over a year (morning cup of coffee, chatting with neighbor en route to work) or by spending the better part of every day with them for three weeks?

eta: I just realized I was supposed to saute the rice with cooking oil before I added the water and spices, instead of dumping everything in the pot at once. Have I ruined my rice for dinner, tqc?
update: my rice turned out OK, though it's a little moist and oily. I should probably use a bigger pot next time, since this is a recurring problem.

I walked the half-mile home from work. It was nice and brisk out, quite invigorating.
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(no subject)

I know a lot of people in here hate the septum piercing, however:
Does anyone have any pictures they can show me of people with SMALL/TINY septum jewelery in? The thinner/smaller gauge the better.

(no subject)

okay, the Beatles are back and alive and will play just for you one song. What song do you pick?

Or if you could pick any dead musician to come to life and play one song for you, whom would you choose and what song?

(no subject)

anyone else feel really guilty after buying something expensive?

i just bought a new desktop, after having this piece of crap for like 10 years. i got a really good deal on it, too. and i still have a decent amount of money left over, so it's not like i couldn't afford it. yet i feel guilty as hell, like i've done something horribly wrong.

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My google skills aren't being kind to me. Would you be able to direct me to a site that lists signs that your HBC pill isn't working? *As in, I'm not sure if I'm on the correct pill, maybe there's a list of signs that the pill I'm on isn't the right one for me.* (aside from the obvious pregnancy)

If you've changed pills, what was your reason?
Any really annoying HBC side effects?

(no subject)

Do you like excessively photoshopped pictures? How much editing, in your opinion, is too much?

Do you ever edit pictures of yourself to take out anything unflattering, i.e. acne, yellowed teeth, etc.? What about if someone else is in the picture, do they get fixed too?

(no subject)

How does a person stop being a hopeless romantic? I'd like to stop.

If you get a gift certificate to get your nails done, does that include a tip for the person or should you tip them? How much does one tip someone for doing one's nails provided they do a good job?
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(no subject)

Have you seen "Repo! The Genetic Opera"?

If so, what did you think of it?

If not, what movie would you recommend to a stranger on the internet who's asking for movie recommendations?
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Dreams and Crap

So, last night I had this dream one of my teachers showed up to my friends' house. In the dream we were both like "wtf are you doing here?" and that's pretty much the extent of it.

So I wake up, and I totally want to bone him. I've always noticed he was a might attractive, but I've never though of him like that.

What's up with me, TQC?
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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I just watched The Green Mile and always forget just how much that movie makes me weep like a baby.

What movies (if any) turn you into a teary, sobby,snotty mess?
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(no subject)

TQC, I've got a giftcard to Barnes and Noble that has just over $32 left on it, but I have no idea what to buy. Could you recommend some good reads? I like pretty much any genre as long as the plot or subject is good, fiction or nonfiction, so just suggest things you've enjoyed reading a lot.
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(no subject)

Juicy Campus: Word on the street says that this website has a virus. Is this true?
[edit:] i didn't ask you to click on the link. Collapse ) you either know this website or you don't. if you don't know the website, you don't know the answer. that doesn't help me.

i have to go about asking my parents about paying for a single room at my college next year. my roommate will be gone for the semester for study abroad... my roommate is too perfect, i don't like the idea of rooming with someone else. any suggestions on how to approach the parents?