January 20th, 2009

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My skin feels prickly and flushed like I've had too much niacin. It's felt like this around my belly and lower/mid back all day and now its affecting my face and upper arms and thighs. I put on lotion in case it was just dry skin but it didn't help.

Is it lupus?
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If you're dating someone for a long time (say 8-10 years) and you decide to get married, what do you think the differences are or should be between your married life and the one you had before?

Assume that during most of your dating years, you lived together and were monogamous.

I've received an e-mail

from Sgt Joey Jones <information@yahoo.com>
reply-to sgt_joeyj@live.com
to undisclosed-recipients
date Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 12:01 AM
subject Hello!!

hide details 12:01 AM (1 hour ago)


hope my email fine you well. I am in need of your assistance. My name is
Sgt. Joey Jones. I am an American soldier serving in the 1st Armored
Division in Iraq, we have just been posted out of Iraq and to return in
a short while. My colleague and I need your help to transfer out the sum
of Twenty Five Mllion U.S Dollars (US25.0M). God Bless America!!

Sgt Joey Jones

What do I respond with?
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If unnatural redheads don't get to claim as such, can we make it a rule that people who aren't naturally blonde don't get to say they're "having a blonde moment/day" and have to fess up to just being fucking retarded?

I mean, it's only fair, right?
This is so ridiculous.
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I understand the Sims to be a game in which you have control of simulated people's lives, and you have to do things like get them a job and socialize in order for them to thrive. I also see that a lot of people here play it.

What is the appeal in this? Am I missing something, or is it really just Tamagatchi, with humans, like it seems? Explain to me what you like?
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#1 - What do you think of the touch screen for the BlackBerry Storm, especially for typing? Does the haptic (key feeling/clicking) feature help? What about the predictive text?

#1.5 - What about alternatives for the Verizon network, especially those with physical keyboards? Touch or physical, which do you prefer? Tell me about ones in different price ranges.

#2 - What are good ringtones that don't become irritating after hearing them over and over? A scientific study has identified the telephone ring as one of the most noxious/irritating sounds, so clearly scienticians need to get to work on fixing this.

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What do you do to take your mind off a bad breakup? How do you stop yourself from worrying about them, or from calling, or from wondering if things could change if you gave it just one more chance?

I broke up with my boyfriend of a year today. I think I might die. My head is spinning in too many different directions.

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I'm currently staying in a hotel and while in the shower this morning, in an effort to not have the water spray me in the face every time I turned around, I accidentally screwed off the shower head. It doesn't seem permanently damaged, looks like you just have to screw it back on, but alas, I was too short to do so.

Will they charge me for this, TQC?

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hey what home remedies do you know?
what about superstitions?
did anyone have the same amount of babies that their hand could go up their arm?(see what i mean in comments)do you remember those things in school?
did you ever contribute to a slam book?
what are you doing?

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I sneeze every time I'm in my room.
Like violently 4523532 times.

Am I allergic to my roommate?
If not, what could I be allergic to?

She started straightening her hair and it's irritating my nose.

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I usually don't like cheesecake but I've been craving at least a bite for over a month.  Should I shell out $5 for a slice that I will likely only have one bite of but family might enjoy or would that be stupid and a waste of money?
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So, my US History professor is - for some weird reason - still holding class this afternoon. It's a huge 70-person lecture, and she doesn't bother with attendance. It's also a class that I can fairly easily get notes from no fewer than 3 people should I need to, and according to the syllabus today is just lecture on "The Progressive Era". I would say that I will not be the only person in my class skipping, but knowing the majority of my classmates ...  I probably will be, because half of them probably didn't know there was an election in the first place.

This said, I do not want to go to this class today. I want to watch the inauguration. Plus I woke up exhausted and I have this class right after Statistics, so I am not sure if my brain will be in the right place or not this afternoon.

Do you think skipping would be okay if I go into it knowing it's a just-once thing? Is there such a thing as actual just-once skipping? Is it fair for me to skip US History just once in order to see an equally important historic event? 

Security deposit

President Bush needs to leave the White House at noon today. What do you think would be an appropriate amount to retain from his security deposit for leaving all of his trash in the White House? Should he be charged additional fees for all of the stuffed closets that will take President Obama years to clear out?
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TQC, I need your advice. I'm going back to school and switching majors, and I need to choose an advisor, but I don't know anyone in the department I'm going to. How do I pick someone? I thought they'd assign one for me.

If you don't know / don't care, what would be your idea of a perfect way to start the day?

When you hang out with friends, do you like to have a plan (dinner at 5, movie at 7 etc) or just chill?
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I'm remembering all the historical stuff I witnessed in real time. I saw the second tower fall as it happened, I saw the statue of Saddam torn down. I saw Obama race, and win, and be sworn in.

What have you seen, TQC, that marked it's place in history, as it happened? What were you around for that one day your children may ask you for help on a report or question about said event?
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Has TQC ever been spotlighted?

I don't think it has but I only check in once in a while, so maybe I'm wrong.

If TQC has not been spotlighted, do you think the extra traffic it would cause would be a good thing or a bad thing?

How long have you been a member of TQC?

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You have a sibling or a close family friend that is three years younger than you.
They get a job at the local bank - which also happens to be where your account is.

One day they excitedly mention that they found you in the system and they were able to see your bank account info. They don't seem to realize there might be any qualm with this; they just got bored one day and started doing the equivalent of "googling" names they know in the bank system.

What is your reaction?

ETA: For those of you who would be angry or feel violated, can you expound on why you feel that way?

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If you are watching the inauguration without the sound on, or if you could choose a soundtrack to it what would you be listening to?

I am at work and have to play music since the computer's sound is broadcast throughout the store, so I am listening to Elvenking, DragonForce and Kamelot, since they're all relatively epic and triumphant sounding bands.
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it's food poisoned girl back, and while i am feeling much better and not constantly in and out of the loo, i am still not 100% better.

so my question is, do i go to school tonight? i have a philosophy class for an hour and fifteen minutes and i have spanish for two and a half hours, and while i'm pretty sure i can control my bowels i still think i'd probably have to excuse myself from class several times, thus drawing some pretty awkward attention...should i go to the doctor and get an excuse?

if you don't gaf, what is your favorite insult you've ever heard a teacher give a student (yourself or another)?

courtesy of mr. parejko, , "i could eat alphabet soup and crap out a better essay! f!"
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Will you please tell me about the last time you fell down in public? Or just the last time you really embarrassed yourself in public?

I was walking down East Houston last night and it was really slushy and slippery. I was hurrying up so I could cross the street and I slid right down where the sidewalk lowers for wheelchairs and strollers and stuff. Of course I slid right into a disgusting dirty snowy puddle. And this group of guys stopped to see if I was okay and help me up. I wanted to die. I also managed to cut my knee, which I didn't discover until I took a shower this morning. Hopefully I won't get some terrible infection and die.
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Also, is it in the constitution that the most senior SCOTUS justice swears in the veep? This is the first time I've ever actually watched an inaug was was confused to see Stevens swear Biden in.
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Poll #1334449 Because I can't forget mah gurl...

What is Sarah Palin doing right now?

Sitting on the couch with a pint of Ben & Jerry's, watching the inauguration, crying
Working off her excess energy by huntin' some wolves, goshdarnit!
Letting her grandsons Trig and Tripp get to know one another
Other-will mention in comments
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What's a "pillow book"?

What's a good way to make yourself not as hungry without eating anything? (I woke up late this morning & had to skip breakfast, have no lunch or money currently, and I'm stucvk at school until three.)

And most of all: Why, /why/ do girls say that they want to be someone's Ophelia/Bella/Juliet?? ALL THREE OF THEM TRIED TO KILL THEMSELVES OVER A GUY. TWO OF THEM DID. THAT IS NOT ROMANTIC OR SEXY, IT IS DEPRESSING.
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For Christmas, my little brother (17) asked for a bottle of Polo Blue. That shit is $45.00 for a small bottle, but I bought him one anyway, and that was the only thing I got him. A few days later I see a big bottle on his bathroom counter and ask him what the fuck that's about. He says that his friend R left it in another friend's car like "two months ago" and "hadn't even noticed" so he just kept it.

I told him that is ridiculous, and that he should have given it back when he found it, and should still give it back. He says R is rich enough that he doesn't care about it, so he's not going to return it.

Should I butt out, or should I send R a message via the dreaded MySpace and tell him? Or should I just swipe it and teach him a lesson that way?

Did you LOVE Senator Feinstein at the inauguration? I love her voice, omg, I want her to read me bedtime stories or something, so relaxing and motherly.

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I am hosting my best friend/housemate's 21st this weekend. She is a somewhat volatile person, more so at parties and even more with her own celebrations. It starts at 7, how long before there is drama? What kind of drama?

Are you a dramatic person?
What party drama have you encountered?

My keyboard keeps repeating keystrokes, please forgive it.

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1)If you were president, what would you want served at your superbowl party?
2)Do you write all of your checks and debits down in a paper register? If not, how do you keep track of what you spend?

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My boyfriend and I are looking to go on vacation at the end of February. We live in Durham, NC and are hoping to only drive maybe 10 hours max. Are there any towns/cities you could recommend on the north Atlantic coast of Florida?
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i have class till 3 - What should I get from the store for my cold?

an extra credit assignment for my one class is to take 200 pictures of one subject, what should i take pictures of? (edit: can't be people because of having to get a signature agreement thing whatever that is)

will you be my friend?

edit2: How can I get screen captures on my mac to go to a particular folder instead of the desktop?

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I posted "God Bless Barack Obama" in my facebook status, and my old Youth Leader from church commented "Did you listen to his speech? Look, I hope the guy succeeds and everything...but do you remember even one line from that speech? I proceed with cautious optimism." I wrote him back an essay that is tl:dr(though if anyone wants it, I'll comment it)

He and I always clashed on politics because he's a staunch conservative and I'm incredibly liberal. After I commented back, I checked his facebook and his status says: "Casey proceeds with cautious optimism, or, wreckless pessimism."

I want to correct his spelling of "reckless". Is this appropriate, or will I sound like an asshole?

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Do you collect anything? What?
I collect cameras and currently have at least 10, 4 of which are non-functional. [edit] I also collect greeting cards.

If you don't... what color are your bedroom walls?
pale blue.

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1)should I go to the expensive dentist and be treated for my TMJ? Pros- uh...maybe my chronic headaches will stop. Cons: it's expensive.

2)do you have a sensitive gag reflex?


eta: are you surprised any work is getting done today?

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I've googled and searched lj faq and can't find an answer. Do any of you know what the maximum size an image in a custom mood theme can be? Dimensions and file size wise (for animations)? Thanks!
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What do you think Sasha and Malia Obama will do first once they've moved into the White House? Go bowling? Watch a movie in their new movie theater? Have the chef make them beefaroni?

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I'm trying to buy a bunch of hockey tickets from a guy over Craigslist, but he is far away so when I asked how payment worked, this was his reply:

Here is how I sell the tickets so you can check them before I will receive the payment and so we can both be protected. Go to www.freightdivision.com, register with them, and get back to me when you have done that. I will start a transaction with them as soon as you agree. They will take care of the shipping and of our transaction. I will explain you how it works in steps :

1. I give them the tickets for packing and shipping
2. You send them the money
3. They send you the tickets
4. You receive the tickets and you will have a 3-30 days inspection period to check them ( i will receive the money ONLY if you agree to keep the tickets, if not you will be fully refunded by the shipping company )
5. If all is OK and you decide to keep the tickets I will receive the payment Let me know .


Now.... is this legit? I have no idea how this works, and you guys are my favourite to double check with.
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How would you feel if one of your favorite musicians went on for a good 5 minutes about how atheists have to be closeted, and how they are ~oppressed~ and said "I fucking hate god" approximately 20 times? Would this change your opinion of them at all?

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Because I'm rather foolish, I have left my studying to the last minute, and therefore I'm freaking out.  I basically have to get through ten chapters or so for a 200 question test, and I need to know how to do that and retain the most information for tomorrow morning.

Any last-minute study tips you're willing to share?

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When someone compliments you do you feel obligated to compliment them back?

Not usually.
There are a few cases where I do:
1. When a guy that I hardly know shows interest in me and compliments.
2. When a friend starts listing all of the good qualities that I have and they don't (it depends on the friend though, I don't usually feed into the skinny girl who complains about being fat just so that someone can say, "no, you're not fat. you've got a great body, I wish I looked like you, etc etc.")


Have you ever owned any of the following breeds of dog?:
German Shepherd
Black/Chocolate/Yellow lab
Golden retriever

If so will you tell me a little bit about your own personal experience with the breed?
If not will you tell me a little bit about your own personal experience with whatever breed you have?
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Should I go to the grocery store and get a Lean Cuisine or two, or should I go to the gas station and get a sandwich or salad?  I am going to the gas station (sheetz!)

New Question: For those of you watching CNN/Senator John Cornyn commenting about Ted Kennedy collapsing, is anyone else annoyed that he just had to mention how much he dislikes Kennedy's politics?

(no subject)

Have your political views changed a lot during the years? To which direction?

When I was a teenager I was a conservative and pretty much looked down on everyone who's radically liberal, and nowadays I'm pretty much left wing myself.
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Poll #1334538 Which would you rather have?

Which would you rather have?

Constant terrible heartburn, to the point where you wake up gagging and puking on heartburn every other night? But with no other side effects.
No heartburn, but the only medicine that works gives you the worst headaches that you have ever had, every single day, for 5 hours each day and nothing makes it go away.

EDIT: The only medicine that works for your heartburn ***
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first gyno visit

have you ever been seen by a male gyno?
how was the experience?

it's my first time going, and i'm a little nervous as it is. don't know if i should worry about the whole male-doctor-looking-into-my-private parts deal as well...
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How do you know if you need therapy? I think I do because of my relationship with my ex, my Mom's long term illness and passing, my dad's drug addiction, my aunt's verbal abuse and alcoholism growing up etc. I'm just not sure if I'm going to go in there and the therapist is going to laugh at me or think that my problems are miniscule. I tend to downgrade my problems and pain, but I make sure everyone else knows that they deserve better or need to seek out help. I guess that's an issue to take up with the therapist.

ETA: I'm very nervous about going. I'll be going this Saturday at 11. The only other time I've ever seen a therapist was three times with my ex and the therapist wasn't very helpful. What should I expect?

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my first class of the semester got canceled because my instructor is out of the country doing research.
i should sit here, and f5 TQC, y/n?

what is your favorite thing to do when you have nothing better to do?
i like to read and lurk forums and whatnot.
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writers block

I have to write a pretend sports article (in spanish). I don't know anything about sports. What should I write about?

I also have to write a pretend interview. Who should I pretend to interview? What should they say? Obama, of course. What would Obama say to me?

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When you're looking to book a vacation rental and it says "Cleaning charges $XX per day" is this optional, only if you elect to have the room cleaned?

ETA: These are privately owned beach houses/condos.
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What's a creepy thing that one of your older family members has done?

My aunt, who was like 40 at the time, stole my ex's 19 year old sister's picture off of my computer and pretended that it was herself. My ex's sister is very, very attractive in a stereotypical blonde/big boobed way. She had cyber-sex and then phone sex with some guy while claiming she was her. It really creeped me out. Bitch went off the deep end shortly thereafter.

I just watched Dr. Phil and that Millionaire dating club lady was on. She instructed one of the women who was on the show to downplay her success in business. This woman owned her own modeling agency and the dating expert told her to tell men that "I'm in the modeling industry" instead of "I own my own modeling agency" on the first date. WTF TQC? That annoyed me. She said it would intimidate men to talk about your business/financial success. What do you think TQC? Is that a good idea or a bad idea? TQCers, would you be intimidated if a person you were romantically interested in told you about their success and didn't sugar coat it on the first date?

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 is that katt williams in the music video for 'one more drink' by ludacris? or am i hallucinating?
 my tv is on and i looked up at the end of the video and it looked like it might have been him. 

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rar rar rar domokun.

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 so i'm in an anthropolgy class this semester. we're studying cultural anthropology. i still don't really get what it is exactly that we'll be learning but... anyways. i've only had 2 classes so far so i'm sure i'll figure it out soon.

at the end of the semester, i have to write a 10 page paper on some cultural issue. 
i have to turn a paragraph in tomorrow about what i'm going to write about. 

what cultural issue can i easily write about, tqc?? 

on an unrelated note, the new fall out boy cd is pretty kickass, y/n?
edit- don't hate! a girl can have her guilty pleasures! :)
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When is the last time you laughed out loud at something you saw on the internet?

I lol'd at adelaidejewel answers in the fat from cooking post with the center justify and all.
Eternal Sunshine

Nebris is my lover

1. If a Radical Feminist Witch focused fully upon recruiting and organizing a Temple founded to establish a polytheacratic dispersed republic of transhumanist communist multiracial lesbian cyberwitches asked you to join his Temple, would you join?

2. If someone told you they had a sick animal but couldn't find it among the filth of their trailer, would you find this normal?

3. Are you a multi-gun household?

4. Have you ever called the FBI on Livejournal people?

5. Also, are you a lesbian cyberwitch? You do not need to be a male for your answer to be yes.
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Ok, so does anyone here have any experience moving across the country?  What was your experience like

My husband has been accepted at the University of Arizona as a PhD candidate.  I have a degree in office administration/insurance billing and coding, plus about 10 years of experience waiting tables and bartending.  How do we go about finding a place to live (we'd like to rent an apartment, we have 2 cats)?  I'd like to avoid getting hosed if at all possible.  How the hell do I look for a job?  I've been looking on Craigslist for apartments and jobs, but I can't imagine that anything listed now will be available when we move in July.  What do we do, TQC?  Will you help me?
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Do you run? how far typically?

How many have already broken at least one of your new years resolutions?

How do i tell a guy that I already fooled around with that I'm not interested anymore? We have all of our art classes together so I don't wanna be a complete bitch.

(no subject)

(If you're not in a relationship, relate this to your most recent one) How long did it take til you started sleeping in your comfortable nightwear as opposed to something a bit more sexy?

How many nights do you stay with your SO? (assuming you don't live together)

What is something sweet adn thoughtful you would do/have done for your SO?

(no subject)

What fictional female badasses can you think of are badasses simply because they want to be? Like no traumatic past, no horrible upbringing that made them compensate, but just are badass naturally.

What fictional female badasses can you think of who are badasses because of past events in their lives?

Who are some fictional male pretty princesses? By pretty princess, basically a guy who is in need of rescuing by others at least more than once because he can't handle the situation on his own for whatever reason. I'm thinking like Xander from Buffy, or Mohinder from Heroes.
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mind over matter

Do you know anyone that can be considered dense/gullible? What are some of the things that they have said?

(This was crossposted at liking.)

For example, Colin Powell was on the TV for the inauguration today and my friend's sister goes "Oh look! There's Nelson Mendela!"
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What's the last thing you did that would be considered responsible and made you feel really good?

I just paid the balance off of my 30.25% APR credit card! I'm so proud of myself! I had made a late payment 4 months ago and that's how my APR got raised to the insane 30.25%. It was a WaMu card and they got bought by Chase and apparently Chase refuses to lower your APR no matter how hard you beg. That APR was killing me!

What are some really good books you would recommend to someone (female) who's been out of the dating game for some time and went through a pretty bad break up? She's 24 btw. Are there any dating/relationship/self help books that really helped you?
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(no subject)

Hi, TQC!

I just got fired so I went and bought a slice of cheesecake and a cupcake! I'm going to eat them both. Yum!

Do you ever comfort eat? Do you ever eat something just because you are bored?

How awesome would a cheesecake cupcake be?!

(no subject)

So now that Obama is officially America's president, what are women, black people, gays, I guess basically everyone except white men- what are you all going to complain about? Will there suddenly be an eerie silence?


(no subject)

 how was your day, tqc?

mine has been very unfortunate. 
in addition to some tl;dr relationship problems and lots of crying because of it, i missed math class, which is the second class in the first two weeks that i've missed. i was supposed to turn in a take-home quiz, but i didn't know how to do it. my period started unexpectedly. i locked myself in a bathroom stall and couldn't get out - it locked but wouldn't unlock!! i had to get out via under the stall. GROSS. i know i'll laugh about it later when i'm not having a shitty week. and i can't find the remote for my tv. i lost it on sunday and i've been searching high and low for it and still can't find it :(

edit, it seems like a lot of you are having shitty days. do you think it's because of the season? do you think you have SAD (seasonal affective disorder)?? do you think it's just made up silliness?
i've never really thought about it. i don't think i do, but who knows. 

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(no subject)

Who here has worked retail?

I've been looking for a canvas or cotton female wallet and all the stores I've talked to such as pacsun, american eagle, aero and everywhere has told me they don't carry them until spring.

girls » barbie
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(no subject)

Say you had loads of money, virtually unlimited amounts. You were just that famous, be it for acting, singing, inventing, writing, prostitution...whatever. You're just fucking loaded.

Which of these private islands would you buy?

and before you say Isola Marinella, save yourself the keystrokes, it's mine, k?

If you were the aforementioned fucking loaded and didn't want to buy a private island, what frivolous things would you waste your money on instead?

And, just for fun, let's assume that the problems of poverty, world peace, and all that claptrap were already solved, so you bleeding hearts can't find a ~more worthy cause~ to spend it on.


Why are some of the religious Christians on my friends list going insane with hatred for Obama? It can't just be that he's pro-choice...?

Then again the last time a Democrat was in office I was 13 so maybe their reaction was the same back then, but seriously, what specifically makes Obama so evil in their mind?

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i'm so miserable, i've been evicted, i have nowhere for my self and my dog to live, my parents are sick my sister is heartbroken, i've applied to go to uni and i find out tomorrow whether or not i got in, but even if i did i don't think i'm going to be able afford to go. the future is bleak and i can't afford my medication.

do you think i really could sell an organ?

(no subject)

I am looking at going to the art institute of seattle next year.

Have any of you gone to either this school or an art institute of a different city? Do you know people that have?

Did you/they enjoy it?

What did you study in?

(no subject)

What were your favorite musical acts of the 80's and 90's?

How about your favorite television shows of the 80's and 90's?
videos encouraged :)

Did you believe all hell was going to break loose for Y2K?

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TQC, I'm sick. Like, I'm coughing hard enough to dislodge my NuvaRing, and its pretty lodged in there, its not come loose for anything else.

Would you go to an 8am class tomorrow? Should I skip, and then vow not to do it again?

all this coughing is making me exhausted but i'm all not wanting to miss class. HALP.

also, today i was trying to get blackpete101  to tell me what we should have for dinner tomorrow when he comes over, but he was all "IDK."
So peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, right?  (and no i'm not trying to justify skipping class cause i want to get him, he has to work till 12pmish)
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For those of you in The U.S.

Hi all. One of my coworkers gave me a phone number a couple weeks ago to find out if any of your taxes are going to be withheld to pay off old debts. I lost the phone number and she's out of the office for a few days. Do any of you know anything about it? Thank you!
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Photo stuff!

Hi! What are some great photography books? I know a bit but I need to brush up on the basics - I've been relying on automatic settings for too long.

Also, best photo blogs? Thanks!
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nuts and google

I just googled tree nuts.
Because my box of 365 brand "natural" sandwich cookies tells me they were produced in a facility that also handles tree nuts.
And I didn't really know which nuts were tree nuts.

Do you know?

I do now!

What was the very last thing you googled?
And when do you think was the genesis of google being all verbed out?
Do you tell people to "look it up on google" or "go google that shit and leave me alone"?

(no subject)

You have been offered the opportunity to be cryogenically frozen. You will automatically be awoken in 500 years, sorta Futurama-style. The catch is that you have to do it right now-- no waiting till you're 70 allowed.

It's guaranteed that the cryogenic process itself is safe, and you will awake in your current state of health. However, there are no guarantees that society or the world itself will exist in its present state. Do you do it, or not?

ETA: If you have children or pets, you can bring them with you. You can't bring friends, significant others, etc., however.
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(no subject)

why does my dog always decide he wants me to take him outside right after i get out of the shower? does he not understand that it is like 9 degrees and that doesn't mix well with wet hair?!

also, alicia keys is gorgeous: y/y?